The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 7, 1968 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 7, 1968
Page 3
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B1yfli«vfll« (Ark,) Courler-Nsws — Friday,Jttne T,' 15?8.-;l»ag»-TTiref. Astrological k Forecast * By CARROLL RIGHTER> «o fl««milBe join towcut, notj parajripn opposite da'es wut» Include, four birth date , SATURDAY GENERAL TENDENCIES: A Saturday to get out in the world of activity to make your mark in the world in whatever way you desire but think in terms of the cooperative arrangements you made with others the past two days and do your part of these agreements Tend to whatever obligations you would like to eliminate once' and for all time. ARIES (Mar 21 to Apr. 19) Keeping promises to associates and handling government and other matters wisely is your best bet now Once you have completed your work, out to the romantic in PM Show that you have finesse, charm TAURUS (Apr 20 to May 20) Plan what it is you want to ac- compLsh uith others, and then meet with them and talk over your plans intelligently. Cement excellent • relations. . Handle those civic affairs with aplomb Cooperate with higher-ups GEMINI (May 21 to June 21) Adept handling of duties ahead of you is easily possible today, BO get started early and get that wonderful bright feeling of accomplishment Allies you have neglected can be very cooperative Contact them early MOON CHILDREN (June 2! to July 21) A new attitude toward pleasure can bring far better results just at this time A gift to loved one can make a whale of a difference in your relationship. Increase happi- •ness appreciably. LEO (July 22 to Aug 21) Doing whatever will please km more is your best mode of operation today Look into new outlets -at your leisure that; can bring you more success Do not neglect' the' advertisements in yours newspaper. VIRGO (Aug 22 to Sept 22) Listen carefully to what regular partners have to say so that mutual operations 'become 'more successful/Then out to visit with relatives, f r i e n:d s, etc. Show that you are devoted, thoughtful. LIBRA (Sept. 23 to Oct. 22) Finding some new outlet through which' to make far more money than you have in • the : past is important so that you can buy.whatever means so much farybu. -Listen to what that important business man has to suggest. Then follow ideas. . SCORPIO (Oct. : 23 to Nov. 21) Forget about .doing what you think you have to and-do what you want-to "do 'today, >nd be with the people you really like. You have, to be more pleasant atid positive with others if you McNaurht Snoctt* IM. want to attain your finest aims. Be more dynamic. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. ,22'to Dec. 21) You have to do some tall thinking and it would be well to get off alone somewhere and come to the right decisions and dig up data you need. You get much devotion tonight from loved one. But you have to wear a smile instead of a frown CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 to'Jan. 20) Listening to the ideas of a good friend can now be the means through which you gain some impoitant desire, aim Then out to the social whera you can win new friends and have a delightful time. Be very friendly. AQUARIUS (Jan 21 to Fen 19) Handling those civic duties that are exclusively yours is best way to stamp yourself as a loyal citizen Be sure you do something to improve your credit Are you dressed properly for that party tonight' PISCES (Feb. 20 to Mar 20) Why procrastinate any 'longer to put that good idea in motion or are you going to get cold feet again? Start finding the backers you need Begin with closest ties who are in a position you. IF YOUR CHILD IS BORN TODAY he, or she, may be one of those young people who early feels that everything in life has to be a secret, even the most unimportant things have to be kept quiet, so teach earlv to open up more if'real success is to result in both personal and business relationships. The field of here, also banking and Limit the Funds PRINCETON, N J (AP) — A majority of adults'surveyed favor a-law that would limit campaign spending, -the rGallup Poll reported Wednesday. A national survey completed last week-asked, "Would you favor or oppose a law which would put a limit on the amount of money which can be spent for or by a candidate in his campaign for public office.". The poll said 68 per cent favored such a law, 24 per cent were opposed and 8 per cent had no-opinion. >mill! llffllHilulillllnllFlillnffllHiinii n^ffinlunlKf ffllttif^P New Of Mm In Service Army Pyt. Clarence F. Parka Jr , wnose wife, Mary lives in Osceola, has completed a nine- week training, course at. Ft. Polk, La: •Army Sgt. Artie Short, son of .Mr, arid Mrs: Wiley. Short of Osceola, has been assigned to the 173rd Airborne Brigade near an Khe, .VIETNAM. S Sgt Joe R. Cooper, son of Mrs. Oma- Dalton of Blythe- vilie, has been awarded the air medal for air action performed while stationed at Tan Son An Khe, Vietnam. Sgt Gerald W Mathis, son of Mr and Mrs. John A, Delay of Steele, Mo, has been awarded the Vietnamese honor medal, second class, in cerem6mes at Bien Hoa AB, Vietnam. MARINE PFC. Gary Lane, Mrs. Ben Ray of Blytheville, is now on duty in Vietnam. Penguin Stolen BALTIMORE, Md. (AP) - A South American .penguin was stolen from the Baltimore Zoo by thieves, who apparently swam a 25-foot moat, took one of 14 penguins from an open pen, then placed concrete blocks in the four-foot-deep water so they could climb out, Arthur R. Watson, the zoo director, said. TOUGH. „. LIKE ITS BIG BROTHER COMPLETE WITH CUSTOM INTERIOR® te, Atom .ft^dtf act *+«**, MgB-*iyt« dip. NEW WTERHATWKIt POWER-PACKED PICKUPS SOLID. AUJITEIL BOOT Mora than 60 models to choose from. Your choice of: 6 engines, including new 34S cubic inch v-a 6 power lob-matched transmissions, including automMic-two or all wheel drive. New baked-on «jx»y primer.and super enamel. gives long-life paint finish. CHOOSE FKMI CO MODUS ' tntt MM om»i«H»nn»»«iti«r»iMfi»« FWM* MM M4 *H MckUP MOW*. NOTE: We Also Have a Complete Selection of Good Used Trucks in Stock! HI Eppent Center he. So. Hi-wsy 61 Ph. PO 3-6868 Airman Alan B, Whiseahunt, son of Mr. and Mrs Kemp E. Whisenhunt Sr of Blytheville, has completed training at Sheppard AFB, Tex, as an air reservist and has been assigned to Blytheville AFB. Airman Garry J. Krutz, son of Mr and Mrs Charlie H. Krutz of Blytheville, has completed basic training at Amarillo AFB, Tex, and has been assigned to Sheppard AFB, Tex. Airman Dennis E Vickers, son of Earsey T Vickers of Caruthersville, Mo, he's c6m- pleted basic training at Amarillo AFB, Tex, and has been assigned to Lowery AFB, Colo. Second Lt. -David'C. Jackson, son'of Mr. and Mrs; "David P. Jackson of Hornersville, Mo, has completed a helicopter pilot course at Ft Wolters, Tex, and has been assigned to Ft Rucer, Ala.. :Airman Andrew D. Harris, son of Dudley Harris of Driver, Ark, has completed basic training at Lackland AFB, Tex , and has..b.een.assigned to -Scott AFB, HI. JACOBY ON BRIDGE IN CEREMONIES at Arkansas State on May 30, William R. Ellis, son of Mr. and Mrs. William Ellis of Blytheville, 'was commissioned.,as an Army second lieutenant Ellis has been assigned to the signal corp and will begin serving on active duty next month. S. Sgt. Roy A..Tatei .whose wife, Betty .is the daughter of tfr and Mrs Alfred Searcy of Blytheville, is now on duty at Seymour-Johnson. AFB, N. C. Quick Quiz Q — Who put up the first of the - world-famous Christmas trees-'at Rockefeller Center in New York? A — The construction crew who were working .on the center's buildings, then known as Radio City, m the early 1930s to express their gratitude for the jobs .created by ..the project in those .depression years. . Today we will give you the South cards and let you assume are playing in the finals of a major championship event with one of the greatest players in the world sitting on your right Just to make it a trifle more fair (or is it') we are going to ass(ime that you also are one of the world's test. You make some effort to get to seven after your partner's jump raise of your spade response ; but settle for the small slam when you find one king is held by your opponents You are a trifle disappointed in the dummy because there are two potential losing tricks, but not too unhappy since you will have a chance to display your great skill You can try the spade finesse and fall back on a possible club — diamond squeeze if it loses. But there is a better line of play At trick two you lead a spade to your ace The king fails to drop but both opponents . have followed and you are ready to-prepare an elimination play. You lead a club,to .dummy-and ruff a third-club. You cash your king of hearts and.dummy's ace and ruff dummy's last'club. Now you play a low spade and are happy when. West wins with the king. The spade, finesse would not have worked .if you had tried it. You have stripped yourself of everything but trumps and diamonds and West must' lead a diamond unless he w a n.t s to make the give-up play of let-! WEST NORTH (D) AJ1073 VA4 »K98 + AK85 VJ.963 * J63 + QJ109 SOUTH AAQ86S4 EAST A3 VQI0852 4Q542 + 871 * A 10.7 + 32 •Both vulnerable Weit North East South 1+ Pass 1 + Pass 3 A Pass 4N.T. Pass 5V Pass 5N.T. Pass 6 V Pass 6 4 Pass Pass Pass Opening lead—+ Q ting you ruff a heart In one hand and discard a diamond from the other. If the diamond honors are di \nded and West leads a low dm mond you will pick up one lion or and finesse for the other :bu West leads the jack of dia monds He is perfectly capabl of false-carding • and leadin jack from jack-queen, but is euqally'capable of leading jack from jack and two small You .decide to -stick to yo.ui original plan of playing for spli honors-and rise with dunimy's king. Then;.you finesse agains East's queen and sit back f < listen to kibitzer applause. he Remember To Pay • Your Paper Boy. 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