Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on July 14, 1903 · Page 7
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 7

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 14, 1903
Page 7
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WE a^^^ohig to offer Biggdf Bargains t&an ever. Prices knocked down lower than ere^ before. Don't fail to dome in and take advantage of some of the Big Bargains offered. ONE PffjTr .Hiawatha on Base Ball. "Then again," said Hiawatha, "I am somewhat interested In this base ball proposition. I'm a redhot, ranting rooter. Very fond of piathers' battles, " Fond of extra inning contests. Daffy ever foxy, team work. Always out to kill the umpire When he makes a hum decision. It is claimed, my little dearies, That this pastime was invented By a gent named Father Chndwick, Who was aided and abetted By old Grandad Adrian Anpon. Should yoii ask mc who discovered And originated base ball, I woiu] dtoll yon in a jiffy It was Skin-th-Sassy-Muskrat Of the tribe of Iho Ojibways— Of the sporty old Ojibways, Who received their correspondence Where the falls of Minnehaha Gleam and giirgle in the sunlight. This young Skin-the-Sassy-Muskrat Was a thoToijghbred from way back, Verj' game was he, and nifty. He could sit in for an evening And.corral the red and blue ones, He could guzzle firewater Like a dry old dr,omedary Stocking up at an oasis, And it never seemed to touch him. After scheming for a fortnight All the braves he calleid around him And explained his'proposition; Then two teams were straightway chosen. One was called the Mighty Mud Hens, Captain. Skin-the-Sassy-Muskrat, And the other. Heap Bad Actors, Captain. Big Chief Bite-the-Features. On a level Stretch of meadow Near the sliores of Gitchie Gummie, Those two factions came together, Buck-Afraid-of-His-Reflection Vplunteered to act as umpire; Tip came Skin-the-Sassy-Muskrat, Swung at several wild pitches. Hit the O7.051C with his war club. "Batter out!" the umpire shouted, Whereupon , the mighty Mud Hens, Ledi by Skin-the-Sassy-Muskrat, Drew their scalping knives and started For the luckless arbitrator, Buck-Afraid-of-His-Reflection; Very thoroughly they scalped him. Then, they made him run the gauntlet. This, my children; is the story Of the rise and fall of base ball In the land of the Ojibways!" —Milwaukee Sentinel. Brief Bits of News. President Roosevelt has decided to appoint General Robert Shaw Oliver, of Albany, N. Y., as assistant secretary of war to'.succeed Colonel William Carey Sanger, resigned. Four thousand mil] hands at Ash- laud, Ky.', and Ironton, O., who have bcon on a strike for six months, will return to work today. Kelgrado. Servin; .luly 14.—The birthday of King Peter was celebrated BRITAIN'S POSTAL BANKS. Their A.netii Are I.ejm Than Th«l» DeponltB, But Wo Uneaatneaa I. Felt. ye.siirday and were lu'Ul throu hanksgiving services ;hout the country. Tbo long spell of excessive heat ami dry weather was broked last night by a generous fall of rain and a drop in temperature. It comes in time to revive the corn crop which was sufftr- ing. Three men killed and two seriously hurt, together iwith three buildings destroyed, is the result of an explosion at the Laflin Powder works, at Laflin, Pa., yesterday afternoon. The force of the explosion shook every house in the town of Laflin. The fact is odd, says the New York World. The post ofiice savings bani ^s of Grt 'tit Britain are technically insolvent. Their deposits at the end of the year vrere$700,000,01)0, their assets only about $670,000,000. Nobody worries about a little thing like thnt; the government is rcKpoHMble. Of course the discre^iuncy rose from the high prices the department was forced to pay f «ir •national bonds, before the Boer war. The lowerlngf of the rate of interest allowed is an obviou.s cure. The postal hanks werenuthori/cd in 1881 and nearly $10,000,000 was deposited the first year. Some later developments ore curious. By the "slip" system a sum so small as two cent* can be deposited. Deposits can be withdrawn by telegraph. School savings banks are rec- nized, but are not very successful, owing to the superior attractions of sweets as a medium of investment. A feature of "She postal banks is that, through their agency, depositors can buy small fractional portions of government bonds. EDWARD'S PRIVATE BAND. All Druggists Will Buy it Back. You assume no risk when you buy Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diar­ rhoea -Remedy. All druggists ^11 re= fund j-our money if you are not satLs- fied after using iL It is everywhere admitted to be the most successful remedy in use for bowel cobiplainrs and the -only one that never falla. ' It is pleasant, safe and reliable. HAMMOCKS The Finest Line in tha City Dlasolntlon o< the Hlatorlo Inatltm- tlon Thronich the Playing of Raartlme. King Edward has given orders for the dlsbandment of his private band, one of the ancient features of his court. In its present form it was established by Charles II., and some authorities assert that a "state" band existed in the days of Queen Elizabeth. It is composed of 34 musicians, under the direction of Sir Walter Parratt, "master of the mu- sick." Its members arc the best that can be secured in England, and this is the real cause of its dissolution. Unlike his miother. King Edward does not care much for state concerts by his own •musicians, and since his accession the duties of the band have be^n confined chiefly to the playing of light music, including ragtime, during roj'al dinners. This they regard as unclignified, and the king regards as extravagant. The same music can be played as well by fewer and less notable musicians. Therefore another ancient institution has been done away with. H. B. SteTenson has for rent rooms 5 iind 6 In fhii^'SteTenson building Just at the bead cf. the stain.' The lola Creamery O). the bating two new fans piit in to keep their workmen: cool. The prices Northrups* quit business sale are selling the goods fiist It's only a question ol a few daySi when it will an be.over. Dr. G. W. Cox went to St. Louis last evening on business. Be will go from there to Ohio, where &e will visit friends at Canton and other cities. Years of suffering relieved in a night. Itching piles yield at once to the curative properties of Doan's Ointment. Never fails. At any drug store, 50 cents. The rain and bad disagreeable weather has put the paving back very much,' but as soon as possible the work will be continued and pushed with all possible vigor. For forty years Dr. Fowler's Ext.'^ct of Wild Strawberry has been curing summer complaint, dysentery, diar­ rhoea, bloody flux, pain in the stomach, and It has never yet failed to do everything claimed for It. "Miss Marie Beaumont while riding a bicycle on Walnut street yesterday evening '^is violently thrown from her wheel near the crossing of Sycamore streeL Her injuries, while quite pain ful, are not cf a serious nature. "I owe my whole life to Burdock Blood Bitters. Scrofulous sores covered my body. I seemed beyond cure. B. B. B. has made me a perfectly well woman." Mrs. Charles Hntton, Bcr- vJlle, Mich. ; The K. C. Plumbing & Supply Co., located at the northeast corner of the square, will give a nick'le plated soap tray to every purchaser. of BO feet of hose. We carry a big Assortment of hose, nozzles, sprayers: and water supplies. Phone .65. Doc Bowlus and Charley Klaumann won out in tennis again last night. Jim Rogers and his Wichita friend both gave unmistakable signs of having at some time been expert tennis players btit they were sadly out of practice and the local lads won easjly. In the past twp years four Our Way employes have 'married. The fourth one wedded last night. This morning George Wilhito was called up over the 'phone. "Have you any boys left," said a female voice. "No ripe ones; will have several by fall," was George's reply. Mr. Robert Cook, one of the old tira-f- ers in lola who has beeii wandering around seeing the sights for the past four or five years, came in Monday morning. He cames now from California, where he has been for. the past eighteen months, although he has spent most of his time since leaving lola in Ohia. 'He has been in good health all the time, and his friends are all glad to see him. He will probably remain here for some weeks. . Jia^^aai^i^^ of the year is the chanige which oomea to every :;woiiia]i. And jnst as one .'antici- fetes;Uiedian^ of oOier seasons it'is - wi* to lantidpate tins changeiof tear son and prepare for it. •; In this 'my the discomforts.? and disasters suffered W many women at the period of change can be aytdded or \ ovei^ COiDW. Dr. Pierce's Pa- vorite Prescription, a ,medicine for every season of woman's life; will et^titely meet the needs of women this period of change. It Icures the phvsical ills and relieves th)B mental anxiety and depression usually assodated with this critical period. It tnuiquillzes the nerves, ehconra};cs the appetite aiid induces refreshing deep. J. R. CarlLiie, Eiq.. of ManchMter, CofTee Cp., Tenn;, writes: " I have t)ecii uslnfc your medi- ciaes for the last sixteen or eiKhteen years in my Poor-house. I am superintendent of the Ooffte County Poor-house and Asylum combined. Your' Favorite Prescription," ' Golden Medical Discovery' and ' Pleasant Pellets * are the beat medicines for the diseases for which they are recommended, that I ever used. They saved my wife's life at the time of "change of lifel' I have been recommending your medicine {to many afflicted womeu and nave also guaranteed that if it did not cute I would pay baclr the money spent for iL I have told our dmg^ist that tf the people came back and said IXictor rierce's meaiciues did not give sattstactioB( to give thtm bojck their money and charge it to me. I have not once been calted upon to refundj I have never found anything to equal the' Pavoritc Prescription • for diseases of women." Dr Pierce's Common Sense M^ical Ad\'iser is sent /nee on receipt of stamps to pay expense of mailing only. ' Send 2X one-cent stamps for the paper covered book, or 31 stamps for the cloth bound. Address Dr. R. V. fterce, Buffalo, N; Y. DISTRICT NO. 38. I. F. Randolph and family and Mrs. Boyer spent last Friday evening.' The Fairvlew choir will meet every Wednesday hereafter for practicing singing. Mrs. Cunningham and &Vs. Burhite called on Mrs. Randolph last Tuesd.|y. Anna Jones is assiting Mrs. Chas. Gibson cook for threshers. A large crowd attended the celebration at Humboldt In spite ^oi the inclement weather.' Hari^ More was on the sick list last week. m s i m m i» m ON ICE AT CRABIfS I DRUG STORE ..Largest iLine.. : jefrifefators «if Ice Creaffl heeieif ' ; at Vahiable Time Saved. Slight injuries often disablo a man and causo several days' loss of time and when blood poison dcveloiSs, sometimes result in the loss of a hand or limb. Chamberlain's Pain Balm is an antiseptic liniment. When/npniied to cut.<?, hniLscs and burns it causes them to heal quickly and without maturation, and prevents any danger of blood poison. For sale by all druggists. • Notice. -\ Ed. v. Abdill has been elpcted business agent for the lola Central Union. See him for either help or work of any kind. Room Labor Hall, 7 to 9 a. m. and after 4 p. m. Comfort Counts ; In traveling. Get the best—use 'The Katy Flyer" to St. Louis. Fast, i modern, dally. . - • TOR SALE I \ Oood Chance Here ^: Supplied to tb« Trad* Direct At the factory or from our deUvery; wagbns. All delivery wagona harii our name on them. ilolilce&CtldStal^Co. ' PRANK RIDDLB. aiir. :. Pkoi ^ii6. Pacterr M WMt Stmt. Undertakei* and LiceD&ed Embalmet* I'. - Twenty years experience in the <• business. FirSt class. work 5* guaranteed. S - Side' of Square,: Phone 306. ^ lolB Oiie acre one-fourth mile west of Public square, lola. No gas or oil lease, price f 350. About 13 acres adjoining lola, no gas or.oil lease. Price 8350Q. Terms on this. j - 50 acres one mile east of city. Price 1865 per acre. Make us an oITer on this. I Cue acre on south Kentucky St. Price f200. Easy terms. 40 acres one mile southwest of Tola, nice bottom land, no gas or "v* oil lease on this. Price 81,000. % Als7a 400 acre ranch 35 miles- southwest of Tola, 65 acres in cul- *t* tivatio-n, house, barn and orchard. ^ Price SV*iOOO. Terms. : FARM LOANS, LOWEST RATES. CALL ON OR WRITE D. W. BOSTWICK, lpla.Kas.| We Want to Figure TbMt PLUMBING JOB ForVov. SatlsfactlOfl ' Ouaranteed. . J. M. JONBi, Up-to-date Tailor, ^ Weat MadUoflAti ^ Crude Crqde It is the best Oil Stock to buy. There is bothing on the market to equal it. Let ; us tell you why? It is only capitalized at |200.000 while nearly every company .'OCK is worth fivel shares of the Million Dollar Company's Stock or two and ^;one or 9 we in the field is capitalized at $1,000,000 therefore ;one share of the McKinleyrCRUDE STOCK ^ . -/> .t i.^ hal^ shares of the half million Company's stock.; Stock selling m a million dollar company at 10 cents per share would be equal to McKinley Ctude at oO cents per share Every $2000. will piyi a One Cent Dividend on the McKinley Crude. We have two splendid Oil Wells now, No. 3 drilling. ' .io nn ' Standard Oil Company pipe line goes right by our wells. We believe these two wells will Jump 50 barrels per day or $1500 per month or $J8.000 per yeai|, c per cent on par value: of the stock, or 30 per cent on the price of our stock today, if we can do this froiia t^o wells now in, what can we pay our shareholders wnen For a few days only you can buy Treasury stock at 25 cents per scare, par value $100. This is only equal to 6 cents per share in a Million Dollar Co^^ny^ Buy stock where there is oil where is now an established market waiting you. In order to buy a Pumpii% Plant 20,000 shares will be sold, th^n prices go up. Honest careful and conservative management. We invite your inspection of our property. Subscriptions receiyed by F. S. BENNETT, Prcst, GEO. MiKINLEY, T^'t JOE MdRINIlEY, Sec^y ^RXHE ALLEN CX)lJ^^ Fromoter» of this Co^

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