Covina Argus from Covina, California on June 13, 1908 · Page 8
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 8

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 13, 1908
Page 8
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**#*#*##*##***#"*** * * •Social *#*#######•######*-# IRWI1SDAI.E. Mi«i<( F.dnn Mu<iie I'M •. i UHR at. the home of Mm. I). J; ic..,mj. The Lower A/II.HH school will closo mi June Kith for the Hummer holi- HOLLAND MUSTARD. tome of the Virtue* Aicrib«d to It and One Wax *" Make It. Col. and Mrs. P. M. Chapman enl«> mid informally nl dinner on TiiRscUiy evening, their KIIPHIH being Mr. ami Mr«. Vere Onlrlt.hwfiite, Mr. and MTH. B. F. Thorpe and Mrs. Vaw. Mrs. CJeo. .). Koynolds, a.HSinl.efl by lier .langlitors, the Aliases Keyriolrfa, <;ritnrtniiiod her Sunday-'irdionl dust of the Christian Chiireli at her home «t, Irwiridale i>n Hnturday last. 'I'ho wfternoon was merrily npent by the young people in unman and various other amiiseninntB. HefrcHhmontH were nerved by the hoHles.sen. The flrHt of Uio many sueitil events in oonriec.tiuii with oomrnenc.ement. was the reception given t,n the, gnidu- atiriK nlasH by the faculty of the High School on Thursday evening at the home of Mr. and Mrs. L. L. Kutekin. Tho broad porch was the miene of a lively RontoHt, in which the partic.i- fiantfl, armed with hnlrjiriH, became expert, in spearing peanul.H. Laler, innate and dainty refreshments were ''"joyed. A chnrrnhiK little parly W«H given on Monday afternoon by Miss Lilian J)ouglfiHH, tli« guests being the Misses Ilyrd, Vif, a"d Anna Reynolds, Marie und Josephine Widney, Augnsta and I.jf.BS Sanders, iJevenriorf, HasUngH, .Klliott, and Cook. The party wns in celebration of Miss UnuglaNH'H hlrtli- day, but, her guests were not »ware <it (.lie, fact until their arrival. Tlie liuiiHO was prettily decurated with /lowers. Refreshments wore served und ". r jO(J" played. A wedding of much interest, to Covina people took place on ThiirHflay, .lime 4, at, Hanta Ana, when Kaymund Crome of Crtvirui and M!HH Mildred Frai/.er of (Jlendora, were united in marriage. The event, eame a.s a great HiirnriHG to tho friendn and nilativon of the, groorn, who, however, are well jileased with hl.s nhoice, and rejoice in blH happineuH. Mr. C'roiiKe JH an «miiloye of the Covina («a« Company and a graduate of our high Ncthool and a yonng man of sterling rjuuliticH uud ambitiuiiH indiiHtry. The hrido ia a charming und beautiful brunette o( twenty years, being three years the junior of her hualmud... A very enjoyable affair was tho Informal "High Jinks" given by tho baseball boys of the High Rchool Saturday evening in tho High School auditorium. The floor had boon cleared of Hcnts and the room \VII.H daintily decorated with rod and while, the Hchool colors. Delightful gameH were played during tho evening and the pri/on were awarded to AllsH Leighton, Mr. Waller AHcJien- tiri'iiner and Mr, Lloyd Taylor. After pnrtner.H wero uho.sen for Hiip- |ier tho giii'NtH wore Hiimmmii'd to the "I'lngli'ili Hoom," wliern a repast, of !<!(.- orcam and wafers wan served, the KiicHts Hitting down to tables gaily ndorned with Japanese napkins ami graci;t'ul boqiiet.H of flowers. Mr. ('ollinH iin'Hidi'il UN toustmaHlcr and those who responded to toanlH wi.-ro Misa IjomondH, Mrs. llursey, Miss Kistler, Misa Totts, Minn Leighlmi, Mr. N'igg, Mr. Aselionlirennor and Mr. Hursey. During tho evening ouul'ootiunory, cake, piinnii and wal'eiH \vuro siirved. .All (uiUHidtired the event an excellent, way for the hoys, tu celebrate their vlntorioiiri HOUSDII, they only having I'irit. four out ol' tourteon games. The charming home of ,Mrn. W. M. (iriswidd prcHontcd a gay MiMiie on Katurday afternoon last when a mini hor nf ladiea, tho most intimate friendH of MJHN Marie Widnoy, prn- ]iared a Hirpriuo fur her in tho form of a china shower. MIIICH. (iriswidd ninl I). M. liivon were the hostesses of the occasion and wi-'e iiHHJ.stod in t-nrvhig iiy thn Misses Ad,i!i Way ninl (lortrudo Klliotl. Mrn. \V. M. Ci.l lins Htnii'k up the wediling inari'h ninl t,\vu by Uvu tho Indies niurclicd to th« dining rouin uliere they e.\ jieeted lu rtn'i'ive n-fi iishim<niri, but j ihu tulilr, dial mi n^; I v ilecoi iiled in! red ninl green, disclnsi'd nnly puck um'H which \vt«n« upt'tieti by tho gnivst of huiior uml ilisrlostnl many hand fcoriiH pieces uf chiuii. KffreHhmcnts W'»ie seivod in the living, decorated in mutch llu' refreshments, in a tjcheme nf pink anil ^ifi'ii, '1'lic ice cream, irnddud in brink furin, tlis- uloNi'd in euch slice ait uiTiiw • pieri'i'd lieurt. Much tun uu-> dccahiuiii'd Iiy the dressing of dolls, i-m-h ludy being Jil'uviiltnl \vith a ciiilhes |iiu, Uv» |m IJOT napkiiiH and a r«w ut iiius, Tim |U'i/e VUis tied buUveen Mines. Dull h'laiis, W. H. (,'ullin- und Louis Thorpe. In the evening MC.-MS Kimphiin, (iiven und d.llins their ruspi-trliv.' Indies ai'd a ' bociul uvelling uua rtpenl, ci.ll being aei vud. ' ' ' ' HMMi '.-v.-KMnE/gKBIcMHivHHHimai anrifl j! The Fraternal Aid, to tlm numKer: of thirty, came over from Covina In < a hay wagon on Monday evening and j held a reception at. the borne of Mrs. i Jrwin. A jolly evening wan spenti with garner and music and ice cream | and cake were served. The party | broke up at 'he early hour of 1 >i. m, A number of ladlen arrived at the home of Mr.i. Mensing, who i.i an invalid, on Wednesday to help the time pass pleasantly. Those present were Mrnes. Drown, Miller, Lutm, (/'i/ff- mnti, Devendorf and the Ml^senDrown and L'ev/ndorf. The renldentH o' Orange avenue are raining a very fiub8tatitlnljHubscription amounting now to 8000 towards oil- IriK that thoroughfare extending towards Walnut Center. Tho Hoard of County (Supervisors, recognizing the public Hpirit manifested by these property owners, have guaranteed additional funds out of th» county treasury to put thiH stretch of road in thorough condition. ('. T. Drown and W. H. Hawyer nre the parties who have fiecuredthe a hove handsome subscription. Every mile of good mad lending to Covina means business to the merchants of that city. School Literary Society ThoFC who were privileged to attend the meeMiig of the Literary Society nn Friday of hint, week were given an unexpected treat, when instead of the regular ptu^ram they listened to a talk on "Norway, Its Fast and l.-Vesent," by Mm. Deck- Myor, ami the close attention with which the ppeaker was followed attested their thorough enjoyment of her address. Mrs. Deck-.Myor was the representative of Denmark at the World's Fair in Chicago in IHOIj nut! liked our country HO well that she remained hero. She is a very noted speaker and it was certainly a great tioat to those who heard hor. Farmers' Picnic. The joint picnic o( the Covina and fllGtidorn Farmers' Clubs was bold iu Wnluut Urovo last Saturday, u large crowd of over 100 persons being present. Tho arrangements were in the hands of MOHHTH. Douglass and Watts but no forma! program was presented, only it .ioily old-fashioned time enjoyed by till. There was a grant abundance of provisions and it was volod by all thnt such happy social gatherings, which wervo to unite all classes in thn ImndH ot friendship, should occur oftenor. The lie.tuliful shady grounds were much admired and an informal diHcupsiuii nf it project to purchase the, site fur a city park niul picnic grounds, will dnuhtluss load to results in tho future,, A very p'.easant lime was spent last evening at the home uf Mr. and Mrs. lU'iiluti of A/.usii, the occasion being-a a surprise on the voungcsV daughter of the home. Miss Jeiuiie. The gathering included young people from C< - viua., Ar.usu and Irwiudule. Parlor Car Tu Del Honto. For tho con veil lenco of pasHengers dostinod lloiol Del Monte I ho Southern Pacific has attached to its trains leaving Los Angeles daily at 8 a.m. a Pullman Parlor Cai running through to Dol Montu without change. li-Hl) Uelinijuent Notice. < Mlice of the C'oviua Irrigiiting Company. liuMlicn of |n ini'i| place of hti^inoss, (.'oviiia, Kowlum' Township, Cuuaty (.if I,i>» Angeles, SlaU- or C',i,i fiiruiii. There are delinquent on the fullow- ing lU-ncribed .stm:k mi ai'i'oiiut uf a.-.s- i'->sun'iit Nu. 45, levieil on Mav t>, 1'MIS, llii 1 several auuumt> sei uppu^iu' tin- n.tiin's of till- i i'.-.(jecl ivc tthiircliuldofs .11 I'lllll'W.V a-'" 1 i.Mionuous ij of niii:(t;!;'(] und tlirivo on fin.' i-o:idt- Illi'llt. There !.-« i) sii;;ill spot In Ovor.VS- KC-I. I think il 1st iii'iir <',<>»r. win;r« fin- land Hiopt-H KI" itl.v «lowii to UK- river IJH«| ;i!id is ii l>rowii grity i.*l«.V. Thin (.-< fashioned Into the cutest. little jutf* you ever siiw. holding nlxxit a pint each. ninl the genuine butch must.-ird tri.'ide only in p'K-ket borough. ;i" cording to M ye. ret process li;mded down lor nuiny gisierntions, is herinet- k-fill.v Willed therein. It will keep Tor years und IH us dcli<:l')iiH ns tin- finest con fort .Ion. It is butli-r. chi><;*e uiid condiment to (he HolijinderH \v!io <-,\n a (Ton I It. And then 1 M no other [thin- on e;ir(h wlu'fe thnt iiiust:ird cnn he bought. Yon might H«l<. "'Why do the Hoi hinders eat HO much miiHtnrdV" The answer M: Tho (!<i!hin<l inushird Is u most del Ight .fill pstoinaeli Htlii'.ulant. "It mokes the food slide down." It cures the. worst eiiKt'H of dyspepsia. It keeps the liver In fine sh.-ipe. It Is on antidote for tin? most, deadly poison -cor roslve snl)llninte. It IH In birgc doses ii non-nauseating emetic. It is the only countcrirrltaut handed down to us by our grandmothers 'the mustard phis tor. Tin? Dutch glrl.s use It sparingly on their velvet cheeks to give a ro»y complexion. When n person Is down and nearly out a drink made of pure mustard and oil will fetch him around. A mustard "sloop" Is o certain c'ure for catarrh In the niinal cavity. Here Is one Dutch method of preparing mustard for the table: .Mix er|ual portions of black and white seeds and grind to a line powder. Boil this in the best vinegar till thoroughly mixed. (irate some fresh horsenidlKh, Sf|uce'/.e out tlu> Juice anil add to the mustard. Then put In a little Halt, a little .sugar, a little turmeric, a little fenugreek :md a III tie white honey. Von will this on your broad, cuke. pie, baltercakes and wa files, your meats, llsh. game and poultry. --Now York Press. Broadwell's This li'st shows a few of the Now Prices; old Price New Price PRESENCE OF MIND. A Madhouse Doctor's Experience With Hia Crazy Cooks. A celebrated Scotch physician tells a story of a madliouso doctor whose presence of mind iilom. 1 saved his HIV: "A great friend of mine was for n considerable linn. 1 the medical superlu- twnlent of n lunatic asylum near Glasgow. "One night in making hla ouatomary rounds he had occasion to visit the patients 'ti (he kitchen, who were preparing the dinner. There were seven of them, nil big, sturdy fellows, who were believed to be harmless. The keeper only looked In upon them now and again, feeling thnt his constant presence was unnecessary. "The doctor unlocked the Iron barred door of the kitchen und went In among the !unatlcs. \ ''There were live large boilers cpn- taiiilng scalding water ready for making the Uny'p* dinner for the patients. "One of the lunatics pointed at the hollers full of lint water and, laying Ills hand upon I lie doctor's shoulder, said, 'Doctor, you'll make a line pot of broth.' And the words hail no sooner been uttered than the other six madmen shouted In a voice of delight, Must the thing,' and, seizing the doctor, were In the very act of putting him into one of the large boilers of scaltflug water when the doctor had the presence of mind to say, but not a second too soon: "'Capital broth! Hut It would taste better If 1 took my clothes off.' "The madmen, with a yell of delight, said 'Yes,' and the doctor asked tiiem to wait a moment while he went and took his clothes oil'. Hut-us soon us Ingot out of the kitchen he turned the key In the door and ordered the keeper to see to the lunatics being put under restraint. "The doctor's presence of mind saved him, It Is true, from a terrible death. but lie dle;l shortly ut'ter raving mad The exi>erieuce had destroyed Ills reason." Name J. U H.UI-* Jnli.i A. Krown V. C. Ciir-.-y .1. S. Km is The I'Yees ,\ tl l.nmbcr Co. \v. i;. Man SV. [1. Young, No. N. Cert. Sin--, l!ll(H> .111 >>.s5 7s .\mt. 7^ S.l o ,'U.Uil I.S.I HI pU'dg.-c of W. (.',. Hall l l > >7 100 7^.110 And in accord with Urv unit an order ot the hoard ol director-! made mi tlie 'itliddyof May, l l *M. -,o man y .-.hare* ot eacli parcel nt Mtich .sti>cl\ a > may lu- neccbisary will tie sold at public auction at the ntlice of the (.'ompaiiy in 1'iiviiiii, t'alit\jrni.i. mi the J'*'h il.iy of June, A. D., 1'inS. ji tne I'.i.iir of 2 o'clock p. in. ot .-..nil ilav. to p.iv tlie ill-1 UK [ileo t as^e-»^ ;iu-u t, lo^.-Uu-i \\ith i'o-.t ut ad vertibiug and expense <>i .-.ale. H. F. F. DWAKl'S. Secre'.ar\ . I'oviua, l.'al., June 10, I 1 "!.-.. Arnolds 24x;if> Hilk and Cotton Fancies 50 25 Galatea 20 15 pa in red Silk f>') 30 Soie Rayle oo .V) 25x2'- J fancy silks plain colors 60 30 White waistinga 50 25 Milan Tissue 40 25 Printed potted silk 60 25 Apron (ritigams 10 5 Prints • 8 6 Lonsrlale Muslins 12 1-2 10 Rajah Silk 1.25 85 All silks and all dress goods lower. A year ago wool was strong at 21c., today it is in poor demand at 8c. We presume it's a happy time for some dealers in shoddy clothing. They can now put an occasional thread of wool in their goods. Speaking of wool we are closing out some men's suits at 59.85, that have wool in them. If we had no regard for the truth and no hope of a future life v/e might say they were reduced from S30.00. They are not, but they are as good as many advertised at that price. Boys' Clothing New Knickerbocker suits $2.95 I was at the Hay wards the other day and heard a pretty good story on a woman from Azusa: Accompanied by her husband and friends, they were cast away in a launch near Cataliria. Hal*' dt_-ad frotn cold and exposure, her husband spied a craft and cried, "A sail! a sail!" Rising- eagerly and nearly upsetting 1 the boat the lady said, "Wnere is the sale and when? I must be there!" I suppose she had heard of our sale. Shoes All W. L. Doug-las S4.00 shoes now 53.50. All W. L. Douglas 33.50 shoes now $3.15. All W. L,. Douglas tan oxfords now $2.85. Children's black oxfords, 8 to 13^, $1.40. "E-Z"! Skuffers, oxfords, 5 to 8, reduced. Russia calf sandals, 8 to 2, 75c. Patent colt oxfords, ladies' welta, $1.95. Boys' tan oxfords, welts, S1.95. Wait for Our Sale Muslin underwear, 500 sample garments from Marshall Field & Co. Ivong' silk gloves, black and white, SI 25. Long 1 kid gloves 53.50 grade, $2.35. Broadwell's Reo Automobiles THE CAR OF SERVICE Ask any of the many Reo owners Origin of the Postal Card. In ISili), while Professor Knninuol [It'rnimuH «f Vlennn was seeking ;\ vast uiiuiuut of Information by correspondence for his uottilile book. " The (iiiido to the Study of National Keou- omy," the thought occurred to him thnt many advantages would result from the adoption of a means ot cor- responilenre cheaper than the sealed let tor. ()l> .Inn. -»i lie went before ilie Austrian post director with his idea, an open, stamped card, and his su^^cs- tlon was almost Immediately adopted. Within n month !!ir> Austrian postal authorities printed an I sold I.--HI.M: ui postal cards and llins establish! 1 .1 this indispensable me.ins »l cuminnnuMlinn An Unconscious Tonst. Lord i'lydci>i!e day iifier dinr'-i ask i l il a rhaplain to mie of (lie rejiUue'.t'iS lii India for a toast, who, at'lei .-on- .-Idcrlnt; some time, at len^lli e\> l.iini- «d. with ureat simplicity : "Alas and alack a day! What can 1 ^i\e''" "Nothing better." replied his lordship. 'Come, neiilleiueit; we'll give i\ bumper li> the parson's (oust, 'A lass anil a lao j day.' " A lac means lOiiOiio ru|ii^>4. or .<'- > .V i)ci>. \\liich is ceriainl.v :tn income to nuiUe niie happy. I.o;ulon Chronicle. Exercising ths Dog. ".lustlii." said Mis Wyss. "Ve-s. 1 replied Mr \\'\ss "Will you speaU a Linil word to FMo and iiKiive him ua^ his tail'/ He h.tsu't had one bit ot exercise ail day."'—Up- PRICES Touring Car with top, 11450.00 Reo Roadster, 20 h. p., $1100.00 Reo Runabout, $700.00 Also agents for Wayne "30" 4-cvlinder ami Kisselcar. liet a ileaioustration before buying. REO Garage COVINA James Corbett Ql ao Icsm It H I rsg All kinds of general and heavy Blaeksmithing. We manufacture Ridkers, Orange Kacks d:id Hox Presses Horseshoeing Q Specialty Home Phone 6J Shop West Brtdillo Si, r^ Property Owners lake Notice. 1 have tut-illy uluuitd who huvo proivrty uiui casn who su.nt iicreai{e, ami m'uves front '1 tv> '20 aciea List y.,;ir jjruvos and ucn-ago \sith me. fi-r >:tle <>r txclutuge. KHANK L. FUAKV, K'o.iii' u, Stant.'is UKig., Pasaiifuu. Good Groceries !: We carry a fresh stock of staple and fancy groceries. Our ; vegetables are the best to be had. Our teas and coffees are !; excellent. A large stock of canned goods, pickles, olives, ' hams, bacon and bakery goods, Try our butter. The Depot Grocery ROBT. CRENSHAW, Prop. Patrick: H. Tally Cement Pipe flanufacturer ALL SIZE5 AND [N ANY QUANTITY Estimates furnished.—All work guaranteed. Agent for KANSAS CEMEINT Large or small quantities. Yards, Azusa Avenue, just north of San Bernardino Road « Telephone, Home 3249 Postoffice Address, Covina HOME BAKERY In Its New Home that has no equal WHOLESOME, SWEET, APPETIZING Pies, Cakes, Mot Rolls O. GRINER, Prop. COVINA MEAT MARKET J. F. KENDALL, Prop. Orders taken and deliveries made daily. Orders in town will receive prompt attention. i Fresh and Tender Beef, Mutton, Pork, Etc. Home Phone 36 WANTED All Kinds of Poultry ALSO Veal Calves and Fat Beef Cattle Send postal to Jas. H. Sanders SAN GABRIEL, Wilmar Station Moriev to Loan ^/ on real estate, privilege to pay S100.00 or multiple thereof at any interest paying-date. I buy trust deeds, deed contracts and tlrst mortgages. At Argus office afternoons of Tuesdays and Fridays; at home on Pueute St., Mondays and Thursdays. Telephone 3250. . except OSCAR MIDLER. F, E, WOLFARTH IP YOU WANT ANY ..Jeweler.. D A I IV T I N C, i ., ^^..v -».-.,,i, n f ..,,,.,-,. * A. I*, m L ^ M Mil V* Large and complete stock of every thing in the line. Repairing of all kinds. Fine watch work a snecialtv- | Citrus Avenue C n-ina. Cal. C A £» |jr For yutir property, real /Tk "^ M t>st;tte aiul business •'*•*-'*• chances, anything salable. Someone, somewhere wants it at ymf price. We have the buyer ur can ijtiicklv rind him. We a'so want to hear frurn inventors. We can help them market their |\> VPrVTIflX' ^ valuible, practical 111 T Ell I lUll O Write, us today. LOS ANdKLKS INVENTION ANli INVESTMENT Co. 4-1-2 Paciric Electric H'ulg , Uept. L'., Lo= KALSOMIMNG OR PAPER HANGING done, see me before you let your job. All work guaranteed and prices reasonable. Phone 51. C. H. Kistler U

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