The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on April 29, 1892 · Page 2
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 2

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 29, 1892
Page 2
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2. HUTCHINSON DAILT NEWS, FBIDAY, APKJI, 29, 18955. JOHN SMITH. JUNIOR. Left the girl face to face with two young men. The night of the party arrived. Dr. Llnlo'a houso was lit up from roof to basement, carriages and calm steadily deposited their occupants at the door, and the largo double drawing rooms were filling fnRt. Among the earliest arrivals were Mr. and Miss Fitzliardy. Frances contrived to whisper to her dear friend thivt they had been obliged to ask Mr. and Mrs. Smith, "of Smith and Trewson, you know." "Oh, dear, how amusing," said that young lady; 1 got all my frocks therel Pray don 't distress yourself, Frances; you need not mention our name to thorn. I think it is rather fun. What are they like? Aro they hero now?" "No," said Frances, delighted to see that her angust visitor took the matter BO affably. "Do yon know I am quite curious to seo them, Frances," Miss Fitzliardy wont on, with a little laugh. "1 don 't think 1 ever met people of that sort out anywhere before." A remark which, although uttered in the most innocent manner, sent a sudden flood of crimson over Frances' fair fuco nnd neck, and she was glad enough to turn to Mr. Fitzliardy and hear what ho had to say about a now collection of pictures he had been inspecting that afternoon. Meanwhile the crowd grow thicker and thicker and the hum of voices louder and louder. Some one was playing a florid pieco on the grand piano in the larger room, but Frances, at the other end of the small drawing room, could hear little of the performance above the hubbub of conversation. Suddenly she caught her mother's eye, evidently searching for her. Sho mado her way to her as quickly as she could. "Frances." whispered Mrs. Lisle, "you inuBt come and be introduced to Mrs. Smith; remember sho knows no one here. I want you to come and talk to her." A minuto later the girl found herself seated by a stout elderly lady in a rich velvet dress, adorned with lovely lace, which was fastened at the throat by a magnificent diamond ornament. Above other visitors. As soon as sho was out of hearing, tho tall young man caught his friend by the arm. "By Jove, Jack, isn't she a lovely girll We haven't seen a faco liko that in all our travels. What I a shapoly head—what rich, auburn hairl | Did you ever seo more liquid brown eyes? and tho lushes are" But his rhapsody was cut short by his companion turning on his heel with a muttered "Humphl Proud as Luciferl" Presently Frances camo close to hor father, who was talking to a tall, stout, broadly built man, with thick, curly gray hair and a very red face. "Yes, doctor," ho was saying, "he's a One young fellow and I'm very glad and proud for Jack to have such a friend. Oh, yes, he's tho wrangler—'Erbert John Moreton Josselyn. Capital name, isn't it? Now I think a good, high sounding name is a lino thing for a man. Look at n.o—'John Smith' might be anybody—or nobody. That's why I have the 'Trow- sou in the firm. When a man hears 'Smith and Trewson' be knows all about me—and that's what 1 like. But, bless you, there isn't any 'Trewson' at all really—it was my good wife's maiden name. When wo began business together wo were 'Smith and Trowson. yon seo. Then there's my boy—he's 'John Smith' too; his mother would havo it BO , bless hor—plain 'John Smith' had been good enough for his father and ought to bo for him. I wanted to put in the 'Trewson,' but sho wouldn't hear of it. Then I thought I'd call him 'Wolvercourt.' after his godfather, our good parson—a real gentleman, and no mistake—but there again tho missis, dear soul, didn't like to for fear tho old gentleman should think it presuming on his kindness. Wish we had uow, you know. 'John Smith' isn't tho name to carry a man into parliament. But there, some day ho shall buy a big estate somewhere and call himself after it if he likes. After all, it isn't tho name that matters so much as the amount of 'backing up' you can give it." "By tho way. Mr. Smith," interrupted the doctor, "I should like to introduce you to Mr. FiUhnrdy—Agustns Fitz­ liardy, you know—he is very much interested in the society wo were talking about just now, in fact, 1 believe ho is one of tho honorary secretaries." "Oh, indeed," replied Mr. Smith. 'Fitzliardy — Fitzliardy — no, 1 don't know the name. 1 once know a Machardy, a fellow who served in our shop. and he ran away with" "Mr. Augustus Fitzliardy is tho editor of Tho World-Wide." "Indeed! Ah, yon seo, I'-m not much of a newspaper reader, don't go in for politics and that kind of thing; like a good novel when business is over, but" "Oh," put in Dr. Lisle meekly, "it isn't a newspaper, it's a magazine—a re­ view—tho chief literary organ" But Frances would hear no more; she sought out her bosom friend. "Frances," said that young lady, "who is that delightfully handsome young man 1 saw you talking to just now? There was a littlo dark man with him whose faco interested me very much." • "It must have been Mr. John Smith, Junior, and his friend. Mr. Josselyn.' said Frances. "Josselyn—what Josselyn? 1 wonder if he belongs to the Sussex family. One step—they came in a cab— 1 was just coming in from the squaro with tho lit' tie ones. The one who had the flowers was such a handsome fellow—he snid to me, 'Are you one of the Miss > i- ksV' so I said, ' YOB , I'm Edith;' then he said: '1 have brought some (lowers for your sister; we were talking about roses last night, and B!IO said that those were her favorite sort. I told her I was suro she had never seen any to beat those at The Grange now. Theso are to prove the truth of my assertion.' So there—I've delivered my message, and 1 think you ought to give me ono of the roses for remembering it all." "You are welcomo to as many as you like," said Frances coldly. "I'm Buro 1 don't want the Smiths' flowers," and she turned awny and walked upstairs with a considerably heightened color in hor proud young face. Mrs. Lisle told her husband of this littlo incident during their usual short after dinner chat. "All I" said he, between the puffs at his cigar, "1 thought those two young people seemed rather struck with each other. Now, Milly, let nothing bo said to FranceB. Tell Edith I forbid any chaffing or teasing; she'd better not mention his name oven. That girl is a mischievous littlo spoilsport. Leave things to take a natural course. Why- it would ho a match after my own heartl I don't mind confessing, I never did altogether take to the other. Did you notice how completely Fitzliardy was left out in the cold last night?" Meanwhile Edith was by no means above availing herself of her sister's permission. "Secondhand presents are better than nono." she said, us sho pinned a choice bud or two into the front of her frock. "1 wonder if I shall havo baskets of roses brought me when I am grown up. I'm afraid not; 1 shall never bo a beauty like Frances." She might have thought differently had she overheard a remark one young man made to tho other as they left the square behind them that afternoon. "1 say, Jack—talk of that tall, pale girl last night—what do you think of the younger sister?" "Sho looks a jolly little thing," ho re- pled. "It's an indescribably lovable, happy littlo face.and quite unconscious of its own charm; whereas Miss Lisle knows her market value only too well"— "Jack! you are coarse!" Iris friend interrupted hotly. The only answer was a long drawn expressive whistle; then there was a short pause, after which the subject was changed. (TO BE OONHirDBD .l Little Judith, the 8-yenr-old daughter of Mr. Mullineaux, of the Inland Christian Advocate, Dcs Moines, Iowa, on learning that her special playmate, a c|illd of her own-age had taken the whooping cough, took a bottle of medicine, which had cured her of a troublesome cough, and wont over and said; "Yon mnst take this medicine; it will do you good. Mr. Mtillincaux was curious as to the result and on making inquiry learned that the little neighbor, who had been unable to reBt at night, had been greatly relieved in that respect. The paroxysms were neither so frequent, severe or enduring. 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"I dare say you think it's funny for unto cull my son 'Johnny,' nnd ho such a film grown up young follow, and taken his degree uud all that, but you see -Mr. Smith is 'John,' ami Johnny he's 'John too. liis futher calls him 'Jack,' hut that 1 never could tuko to, because long ago, when 1 was u girl and lived in the country—before 1 came to London to business— 1 had a pet jackdaw and 1 used always to call him 'Jack'—-so tame ho was, too, ho would come and perch on my shoulder. After that 1 never could think of giving a Christian thu sumo name; so Johuny's been 'Johnuy' all his life, and will be now till the end of tho chapter, 1 expect." Sho paused again to lake breath and then went oil on another tuck. "So kind of your inn to ask us hero. We think everything ot Dr. Lisle, you know; thoro'B just nobody liko him. And to think that poor Mr. Smith might have been a cripple all his days through such a littlo thing as u bit of grease dropped on the stairs!" Hore Francos ventured to suggest that tho fracture might have been equally •well attended to by some other medical miui—u remark Mrs. Smith negatived at once, with a very knowing shako of tho head. Then sho resumed tho conversation by reverting to tho topic which was uovor far from her thoughts. "It so happened that Johnny camo homo today, him and his great friend, Mr. Josselyn. Thoy've boon traveling together on tho Continent over since they left college. Wo couldn't leave them at homo alone the very first evening, so we took the liberty of bringing thorn with UB . Why, hero they are, J decluro, and your ma too." "Frances," said Mrs. Lisle, "1 want to introduco Mr. John Smith, Junior, to yon, aud his friend, Mr. Josselyn—my eldest daughter, Miss Lisle." Mi's. Lislo thou sank into tho choir by Mrs. Smith which Francos vacated, and left tho girl fnoo to fuco with two young men. Ono tail, fair and distinguished looking, the other short aud dark, with a clean shaven, clever face, aud wearing double eyeglasses. The latter began tho conversation, us his friend stood by, twirling bin loug, fair mustache in some slight embarrassment. After exchanging a few commonplaces, Fiances heized lui opportunity to wove on uud speak tu of them (vus fourth wrangler last year. Herbert, 1 think ho was called—yea. Herbert John Moreton Josselyn." "This is he. There is mamma, Alicia; you had bettor ask her to introduce him to you." Shortly afterward Frauces found the tall, handsome stranger at her elbow, inquiring if ho might take her down to get an ico. She was not unwilling, aud when on their way up stairs again he remarked that the rooms wore suffocat­ ingly hot and that the tiny conservatory looked a tempting contrast, sho suffered herself to be led inBide and seated in a shady corner, on a low louugo which just held two. Tho account he gave her of his and his friend's travels must have been very interesting, for when an hour or so lator Mr. Fitzliardy hunted her up to make his adieux sho was astonished to find how the time hud slipped away. He, poor man, had some reuson to feel that he had been rather badly troated. Ho had come there that evening hoping to further assure himself that ho must receive a satisfactory answer to the question ho was now only waiting u favorable opportunity to put, and behold the lady of his love was spending most of her time sitting in u quiet nook with an exceedingly dangerous looking companion— from his point of view. Frances felt quite sorry the evening was over. When she reached her own room, beforo divesting herself of her fiu- ory, Bho stood for a inouiont or two bo- ] fore her looking glass. It was certainly a graceful reflection thut met her eyes; a slender form clothed in soft, creamy silk, a rich white neck, aguinst which lay a largo cluster of swoot Gloire de Dijon roses, u small head adorned with thick coils of shining hair turned simply oft' from a low, white forehead, delicately marked eyebrows and loug, thick lashes shading a pair of clear, brown eyes, a small, sensitive mouth and straight, well cut nose. That tho picture wus so fur satisfactory seemed evident from the slight sigh with which she turned away uud begun drawing off hor long gloves. Thon sho unfusteued tho roses from hor bosom und hold them to her fuco again und again, as if she could not have enough of their fragrance, afterwurd putting them carefully in water, lingering over the task, as if the sight und scent of them recalled something pleasant to her mind. The next afternoon Mrs. Lislo and Frances went to pay somo calls, und on their return found two visitors' curds ou the hall table, aud with them a basket of exquisite Gloire (Je Dijon roses. Mrs. Lisle took up the cards und read "Herbert J. Moretou Josselyn" and "John Smith, Junior." Edith camo flying down the Btuirs two at a time. "Oh, Francio, tho roses aro for you. Aren't thoy lovely? Two gentlemen brought tlieiu. 1 met them cm the door- KOCH'S DISCOVERY. A remedy (Uncovered (lint la of far greater eft'lency iliau the noted lynipli. Tho tubercle bacilli were discovered by Prof. Koch, to bo constantly present in all rases of consumption. Whoro tho blood Is inipoverishwl or impure, there results that constitutional condition known as scrofuln, which is characterized by the liability of certain tissuos to becomo the scat of ebronic intlaimnatious and enlargements. 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Ofllce in Hutchinson National Bank building ^yM. WHITE LAW, * Attorney at Law, OHIce over First National Bank. Entrance on Sherman street. sleeping cars to San blego, Los Angeles, San Francisco and City of Mexico. No. 5 carries through Pullman sleeper" and chair cars to Pueblo, Coloradao Spring and Colorado Springs with through sleepers for San Franclnco and Portland, via. sa*' Lake. No. 7 carries through Pullman sleeper to yodge City and through coaches to Put*' andDenver. WEAKNESS MEN QUIOKLY, THOROUGHLY, FOREVER CURED by a new perfected Bcfcntluo method that caimut fall uulesa tho Cftao la buyond human aid. Yon feel Improved tho first dny, feel u heno- tlt every day: BOOH know yourself a UDK anions in on In body, mind ana heart. Druins and losses ended. Kvery obntaclo to tmppy married ltfo removed. Norve force, will, energy, bruin power, when fulling or lost aro restored by this treatment. AHucDallanriiveak E irtlona of tho body on- rued and strengthened. Victims of abuses and excesses, reclaim your manhood I Sufferers from folly .overwork .ill health, regain your vigor! Don't deepalr.even if In tbo last stages. Don't be dlahe art ened If quacks havo robbed you. Letusshowyou that medical sclencoaud business honor still oxtstj be re go hand In hand. "Write for oar Book, with explanations fc proofs, tnalledMifcledXree. Over »,0OO reference*., ESIB MEDICAL 00.. BUFFALO, IT. 7. "yyHITESlDK & QLEASON AttoruuyH at L.UW, Office, 1, 2, 3, 4, over No. S4 South Main St. fJIAYLOR & TAYLOR, Attorney* at Uw, Ofllce, up -BtalrB, Masonic'Temple. ODERN WOODMEN OF AMERICA No. 4 carries through Pullman and tourist sleepers, also chair car« to Kansas City and Chicago, also Pullman sleeper to St. Louis. No. 0 carries through Pullman sleepers and chair cars to Kansas City and Chicago No. H carries Pullman sleepers and chair cars to Kansas City and St. Joseph, Mo. GEO. T. NICHOLSON, G. T. & P. A., Topeka, Kan. J. W. TEDFORD, Agent Santa Fe Route. Hutchinson. 0ZMANLIS ORIENTAL SEXUAL PILLS Ban, Prompt, Poiltlr* Our* for ImpoUnot, Lota of Manhood, Stmlnat fmlulont, Sfiirmalorrhia,. JVWIKKIJIUM, StlfDIitrutt, Lou of Mtmorji, do. Will makt uouaSTHOhH, ttfor- out Man. Prlot tl.00, a Boat. $500. SBtelal Dlrtetlom Mailt* uill* «ao» 8ox. AMrtt* ItlUll luvltllaMt Co., ssia LUOMAvb _ •T. LOUIS. • MO. Meet in the hull of McClurfr's (store, at No. 2(1 South Main street, every Monday evening. Visiting neighbors always welcome. W. K. MAH8HAU., Clerk. A. M. HUTCHINSON , V. C. Kendrick & Burk, have just received a FIRST-CLASS WORK, EVERYTHING GUAHAMTEEO. S00 M^fana M B^ k . Hutchinson, Kansas S U IITTI C 9 Ot\ Established 1872 . HI. LI I I tt & UU., 188 8. WATER 8T. CSXOAQO, IZiIh, COMMISSION MERCHANTS BROOM" CORN drain CowwlMtM, ttden;;' r A OrucM*^ *• _ A. Alttn U V». ( Wiwri, *' X»ri 'h *»UA»tloii«I Unuk. " MUSIC LESSON. I will receive pupils in music at my residence,. 405 east Sherman. Vocal music taught in classes or private lessons. MRS. A. W. INNES. CTJSON & WATSON. Grocery and "-s- Confectionery, 31!i North Main. (SUCCESSOR TO WM. MORRISON.) Corner of Main and Fourth. The place to buy your beef, pork, ifcal uml all kinds of sausage, oysters, fish and game. John Hartman, cutter. Telephone 33. MIDLAND HOTEL Most contrally located hotel in the city. NEW MANAGEMENT ENTIRELJ. Patronage of traveling men solicted. , tLM, tU5, tl.MaDa), PPR MEN ONLY! 6iHB,r»l and J)lSHVOUa Bi-attiTit! Wjoknew of Bidy uii!lS{i!:.''Hj'tct« —JolErrotBorEsooiDcaui (lit -™ JiJnul. SoM» IUSII0UU four H.,lor.d. II "»10 I 4lnn ( llinnui,i :aDI !VU0PllnilKlliX9*NI > r.- lliiolololf Oftfslllne IIDaH TKUTJHICT—IViMli. u. . le«UI»ftom.tO &Uui»n4»;r »l,«t„ uol ,>.,, >(, £>r.crl»Uf•L«««i;«PlM.ll.»Md yroor., ,1 („,; V „'. ***** «w» tawioAL co.. aufivic. a.V.

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