Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 23, 1912 · Page 7
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 7

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 23, 1912
Page 7
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THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER, WEDNESDAY EVENING, OCTOBER 23,1912. "That Was What Is Familiarly Known as *Thc Great American BuHV SaVs Felix to Fink. fWK. UT'S slOIH TVt VOUNQ TURKS, THEX ^RE GOING TO ORIUU OUT HERC IN A FIELO •no -OW ANO -TMEY •Wiuu GIVE U,» EACH OWE OP TH09E NICE RtO SUITS. Professional Directory. WANTS—ALL KINDS WANTS—ALL KINDS FOR SALE—FOR SALE FOR SALE—1 OK SALE FOR RENT—FOR RENT WANTEP—POSITION liY COMJM-:- tont stpnograiih.r of .-.'von years" ox- jiprli'noe. Atlilross I-." \, (;i4 S. \Va!- miC St, lola, Kan. FORM LOANS WANTKP-l AM. prepared to take caro of Kurm UKIH.-' IBPRO or small, at tlu? K>\vi»#t rato to! be olitalnod anywliovc VrtviloKi' to • pay any anioimt at any interest I'uy- J Ins time. Soo nie and cot terms niid j rate, before plaoinR your loan U 1. ; Thompson. 0\t>r Kvans DniK Store. ' \V.\NTi:n- -M.W TO WOKK ON MY !':irni. nr. \V S Hentlriel;.-: \V\NTKI> <:il{I, KCM5 IKMSi: umk Mi> f. f i '.l .Min. .1:' N i'.>l- I'orn ;eas... .n,I .•,.,„|.:n:.non s Iton- l-'' .V'"^ A""'"^ ' -i-iT.-t^on III."!!. N. .lelLTsoti . l>ii ..r.. l -'iV Mani-r. t.iUes north. . « >! .Mot;;ti — KOI! SAI.K IIOI sr. .\M> LOT |\ i.u 1'". 1 :| ironr. (t .\i> 11 AMI 11 !• f s K in> i. \> i-,,tr I;': NT I'liii; KOd.M iimsi:. !i •• ! "1 iiiitMi ni •••MI . Iiniiii; •• :: i"' -nnt I'.I'll.- >.'•:< WANTKll (Ml V.MHKKMAIO AM> i itinhii; rov>n: ;;irl Peniisx h ania Uoii-l . •J-J, lola. Kdi; SAI.K INUKPKKMKli stTl i;i~es Y "ii iMii'i ioU il I'll! iroiii ni>« K <>1; UK\T DK SAI.K KfKNISH- 1 ;.-lMii ;.M' ;inil • 10'1!,;:: "JlN Si'iilli WWTKP \VAS111N»; TO OO; ..K South Kirs; .st. STOVK WOOD KOU S\I,K--J2 2.-.;"1' !'•<"'!"'•'-• Sf.-! fl:..!!- WANT-Yor TO KNOW AHOKT ^ the llnest fruit ami farpiinc seetion In Klorida. Address II »: Wales. Arcadia. Klovida 1" O HON I'C , • XYANTKO MKN TO l.KAUN UAK- lior- trade No limit to tonu Touts ; Riven. Waces wliile le.Trniiiir. You <;in Join u.-" «iil! n-s"-.;inei> you will s\i('- c<'od. \V<' M;n'' :.><-ived iiraiso from thnnsanils for our lu-noliiMal roiir-.' , InvostiRate now .Molar Harhcr Co!- loRe. K;>«: Kiiy. Mo WANTKP—tllltl, KOK I. I (JUT house work .M;.' Hick^oii. :;o2 N t'ottonwood. or phone 2T4. WWTKO .M\N 015 HOV PKNN • vh.iiMa !io ;i 'l l,!;;ht «oiU: x\ In'.or J.>!> W \NTK1> \' T UK A S II I-! I{ T(l !:.v:i-It alia!!.! .\ I. Town -i 'iiil. i.hoiic J-1:' WANTKil .•. 01; t- {.-(KIM IIOISK mine off lo; Pholi-- I li'O a lotd d.!l \.Toil I'lioue '.'•.'T-'.'2 .1 II Kii~ihi-iim"\or or U l» liorxiUe IMioiio 1TI-.I. I ItKI.lM'.l.K KIKK 1NSI!I{AN( K -IN I 11'Ut'rttii;: >o'.ir iiisiiraui <•. i.l.ue some I of it Willi ;iie I sop i!i;it y.iiir Iti- serotils aio .-•.••feV.T >;iiar !id. hy wilt- InK \iiu ill a Hv.-it ela^s I'ouii'.iiiy He- sides, wo tired tlie husino'-.s and wi'l aiipveeiale y.ntr paMoiiai;o K. I. Tlioiiii's<.n. 112. lUer K\ans Orn.: Store, \VANTEn— I.AHOUKRP FOK KOKN- dry work: wace .s $1.7.' to $0.00 a d.ay: steady oniploynionf. V. S. Uadiator Corporation. Paola. Kas. WANTKP—noon .T .ATIIKUS. IN- quire Frank M. Kelly. 41" W .lackson. • Phone' S.'.fi. FOR SALE—FOR SALE KOI! SAI.K s prune .iKitsr.v ;io:ir jdus. Mar.h and .\ioil farrow i"l ,i'> :iie u.'od. iniUvidiials 'atid will ».'i:.;h from IT.". ?i> 2 .'>i' ponvd.- K .inii I' - iiUios soi:;!;'ast ol" f.iri.Nli. v.o ;'si-4 lOiC !-U\I.K Ti:AM. WAi;i>N ANP Iiaini^ss Kraiik linyer, 4 miles south • •• l.:i!!^n ;io. Ka.s M» l>i>«taiir.'int .and l.unrU Uiiom. .'.ii'i. Mlia.'. .>. i -i ';;!rs. oatiU'-d uooils L'l.'> Siiulli St Oiii 'o .-iii' .M;!Jr.stio Tlie- :i:ro II. I.vVaKoj-. I 'tcpr. and 11 store. KKU SAI.K (liinli KAKM llnivSK lo!a l .;iundiy LOST AND FOUND. IMU SAI.K. Mwo i-!;i:sii Mil.rii • w s .IK Kn'. r. i>'..i;ii ^-^o !.i sr (Kil.l) f.ANP l!I\i; S'»\tt •V : • •' ;i. ' .i- tt..;'fi parf ' r.iu::. r;. ;ii 111.'.-I. ^c. 1 Kr'iirn t.> K>''isl'T ..!!!•,• i;,-«:i-..i i; W;!,;.s I'm: s \i.K (iK Ti;\PK »;oiii)' •:.\::\\ Ph.HI." f ,:;o i .O.-l KOK s\! '; ciioifi-: .\iii.K cows T \itp.\!i.iN. WK.-;T OK iwi t;ill Il"'2 K.wtinl Sails I,os of Uoj. —s' d tliat niy H-year-oU lioy w .iMld li;)\>- to his Icfr, on ac .(Hint •'( nil i.>,y iih I'r, .< aus .>d by j !.:i,l Ir.i A rot.' P. K. Howard Nnii'iii. . N K "".Ml ri'iui-di's and tiiic- tois (Madi -'nt faihd till we trlrtl |ti;< l.|. n - \i!ii<:i Salv.'. and •••irt'd hii" wifli I. lie l'o\ •• Ciir'-s Iniriis. lioils. pkii * • 4> DB. C. M. BUSS •» •> DenUst • • Extraction without pain by th» • • use ot Nitrous Oxide Gas 9 •> Boom ?io. 1 Xorthnip Itldgr. ^ * Phones—Office 553; Res. 852 • • * > • * MOXET TO to AM • ^ Will ienU CD bousebold goods, 4 •> pianos, organs, Kwins niA-' V •> rbines, diamonds and Jewelry. • > J. w. «OFF:EY • > uniro, So. 110 Sorlli Street • • rHILLir BEIGELS 4 * BAB5ES9 A>D SADDLEBT > GeneruJ Brpalriog | • * • •> 110% South Street—lola. Kaa. * • > • > F. L. B. LEATELL, M. D. • > Spei-ialties: # > PiseagpB of the Cheat 4 , •> ' Diseases of Cblldrva • .Tufsioiis. pil.-s. 2.0 at iill druKtrists <. Pbonrji—Oftirc 117; Be*.- 147 • •> lola Slate Uank Bldg. • • • r SI-IIPP mum mm m I o.s ;• liwii live, CONT \l\l \i; . . :;ii!i| u iji'i .-tti'l'. l.r.ii<-'i i I I'Oi; S\l .i: .\T nVCi: rWO llorS- •.un: .•>.)! f.ri.r a;!i.;.- l ..;n" a" I .-• ill-l"!;i ciri.'T with or •.litin':!! lots 1;.r . ' i, K.'waid .Mr- <;.:f?.i flu ii'- '.".1-2 M"| k A Siniplc Remedy Gives Color, , Strength and Beauty to the Hair./ T. 0. CANATSEY Expert Piano Tuning and Repairing. Witk Roberts Uiisic Co FUOjn Ml e Yoti flon't liavo to Im-?e prav hair ot'. • .1 L :r 1—•* * n-l . ' •• •:• •:• •:• •:• •:• •:• •:• <• •:• •> * •> •> •> • • * > • A I ( T I 0 > E E B 1 • A. D. tollfns • •Ol! SAI.K '^'Alli: \P l!U;il OUAPK ..ronsiiiro liroodiiii; owes; 4i> lamlis; i puri'lived Shvoj--;!iiro h:uk l':.rni 1 luiio east and '•• tiiilo .sc >uth <>f t'ar- lyle. Ka.s. I'aone y^l-4 W K. Wehor KOU SAI.K OUKAP Al.I. KINPS of sliot.mins. r<xolvers and rifles, trunks, h.-indhacs .-ind w.itolies .\!iove artie;"s iiar.- hern i^avtio,! and ar.- tin- rodo.-'ui'.l. tli"M f,i;.' 1 I soil tV.'-iii oJ'.eap. Hlf'us Pawn Siioii, In frii:t ••tore. I'liono 2:'.". -nd >..„ a ,,a,ur oy a :.:-olal .aKi-r h.-al-li and ;..-a.ity Tn' xhri.-.n:/""''^^^T-.^^^^^^ •'^•••"•"^ »' " •:r.!i:::ists. r^:nov.•> .i.ui<i,-uir. i^^aves the scalp ! UMRPE NEWS FOR TODJYI Ai) KRK>>\\ !•< noMi". I.OIIKIM; -:• WELL nKSIMTK Ilf >ESS. S TiT tjr %T tt* ST T^T Ti? %T TJ* fj? TJ* jj* \T Try "thir Own" •:• . COl.U TAHl.ETS :• Tliey cure In one day. M:AI . iti)>i) KiitsT itOY n» iAM Game Willi Erie Satnrdiiy ( al!ed <)i7- (ilrls Haskel IJall Team Port Bilej on TIiankMrh ini;. AVVTEUS & DAM'OKTH Uriiirs and .lewelry I.AIIAKPK. OCT 2;; Ad K. "ii.-.v. after finisliini; t'n' haso hall s.-:i.M'n with tlie Pliilad.';;,: ia National ! .••"nif> te-iin, ntnino.l hiri- yosi,.vday afternoon to spo;id 111.' wiiiiiT Willi his par- onts. Mr. and Mrs .1. IC Kronnan. ll \:- more than Hki-iv that Ad will ro- turn to the Pli'.lad'^lpl'.la eluh ni>\t soa soti. but owini; to a Httl.< lulsnnder- stnndtnpr the contract has not yet hoen slunoil Ueuardioss o! a numhiT of months' illness resikitiiij: from iliuh- ' V rl- rir v .s:^ned t!i.» ei 'ntrn^t and maPod it to \Ir Uaiisoiii y,.-i, .relay —.his; reooixod a >hliimont of Miin- -in--. KiKoii Suits for nion. women mUi i'!;;'dr-n Ci ir.-' wl.i'." ti.e si/.cs .iro ' M!^'''S K \l!u:i,^is'o'liinod troM. ; PU «ni TICKi:. HK.VIMTT. I'ar!i ''si I'l-' v,.s:,.ril.iy an drei»r:s N Ketcl'.mu s .,mi -w ',Ki; li.'itfr .Mrs 1. K Ilnn.Ii and Mr T P MIv> Elli< I Kline and Earl Cr.iy WviU Hun'i wii! La-.- 1-day lo join Mv ' ii<-d in lolu-.Mr«. Pook .May Snf. Piirto'i a: .Mona. Ark:'nsas Mi<s. - iVr I'.btod I'oi-oninc. Kdna and Poarl Hurtih will not •.:o ln'toro Sunday IIo\ and Mrs<'. of .Moran. woro ,. , ,.,„ , , OAS I IT^ . <i< i. 2.: Saniii.-I .-Kid cloan tiJi'l III alihy, and promotes the erowth of Uic hiiir. It i.s a JEHHIVS P \V( \Ki; H.OC K iS.lf Jiisii.!,-! Per PkK., 10 and :.'.'.r ( VKI. & m NXEK ^ wholf.somo ilri'-.'-Jnir which may be n«e(? ^ at .iny lime v.ith p. rfoct safety, • ; •Get a fifty Cfnthotl'efrom your>;rue- | < tckly it will | • October 14.1912.) SO'TlCE. Office of the City Clerk. October mh, 1912. Notice is hereby given that begin-i nint; October 16th. 1912. this office will be kept open durlnsr the noon hour and until 10 o'clock at night for tlio roclstration of voters; andl at !*• oclock Friday niRbt. October 25th. " p-=t to(I;:"% ;v;d how quickly it will | -he recistration books will be closed " restore il'o ytitli.'nl color a::;! l)<.-.iuty of I for the Keneral election to be held ••• your tirn ar.'l for' rr.d tiie t':'v.^ty | Xovember ath. 1912. ' :laiidn:'*', hot, itehy ri:ii':\) ard li'linp j hair. All .Irr";^l'stj F.At it ttn.J.-r riiar- * ttntfo that t.':o DOI.-.• v.'-li 1"' r. idoj ^ i yi>-A ::• • ;:,;;_:!•' .ifi, :> , r;:.|. Speetal A»;ent—S. U. Iliirr<d!. T. F. ZIEGl-ER. City Clerk. — Extra low prices on new and used Oas and Conl Stoves. Ed Heonlnger. West .Madison. .\d is looklnir fino will show theria and tonsilitis. and it i.s prohaldo tl^at h his form in a saii^- with lola nnd Hum boldt in which ho and .lohnson of Wasliincton will ho t!i.' oiiposini' nileh ers. .\d said the ;rame-u;i wa-^ news to him so at tlils writins h.e liad no timo to o\pr<*ss hi.s opinion The,f«><)t hall onthiisias-;s will he disaiipointfd in loarnin=; •.\.>^ Erie team will not appear here 'for the pame Saturday. The Erie manairer tolep::<>ned Mr .Unnsom statinu :i>.at hi? team was badly in need of practice now Init won'd arranpe a series of panies wi;!i l.aH:<rre within t.'ie ne.Tr fninre. —noys $" ("ivorcoa's $;'..r.o this weok ! at the Mod.l :• •> <• •:• •:• •:« •> <• •> •;• • •:• FEI.T M VTIKFSSl.S The l.ay.'r Kolt Matir«s.s is the best .sohi anyw h.-i''' W.> liavo llioju for 7.". i a>li Heavy roil hod sl>rir.(;s ;;u.n- anteod fiU' tweiit\-five MM:.'at $2 7.-.. I.AHAIM'E H UMTIIM SlOliP 11. K. .Martin. Pr(>i>. 1 !>!'"I.S;IJ:I i'.is in l.illarpo v.'stcr- ,!,,> T'.i<-->- (•'•iii.iv 1'.;.; l;in;;!i-!- Tr> ;'''!n in i^'in- < "til.v I '.-i 'k.-u-e iit W P Mit .-hiir. i -''i '\.l l'la<''v. .'rM'Tal-.. u;i; i;i l.'wa ii -s'ord.'iv iiar -ln;: .'i lo- ik. u iit't. ><•• I 'M '-d .'Is a r'--ii)i !•! j viijiii;.; irinii a train. W.iIt.T li.-K.M.>. Mf T-v"n. Okla. >''•"' >r,'\\: .Men i.i^ n ,i-!.; v-' \ir and .Mrs Uiih;;'!! \.'Ml. Ill M, \, and P .'!"'r- •.^. •, .• ir •.,. i:.- irii -tids a , |{(iy I.tiu.T sp" 111 .Sunday wiih Wm Ta\ hir of Uroiisoli. l.osi A small plu>lo Phaso reMirii lo I' iiliiii . .Ml.- II .S i'frry will l.'av.- this I 'vi 'ii i'.;- |(ir rhi:.i'.;o Shi- will ..iji in Si I.OUIS ati I al Spi' il.iiid. In! . .nnl • \- p.-iis ft I>.' fotu- si\ W'-fks t',,,- thri-.- Vfar l.:!t. r .o\,|. i .t 'I r.. :• .o; : II irom a n. .• i' . .••!..- d .•• :!i;d < Ul Hi:-"-.- la-.;. in ' ... nu'lil'i<r "! N • .lis ii'.;. ,a l.inn louiitv. h..iu Ito '>.1S 11' o^ >;iiv '11 1..I.. jdi\s;tiaii and li r. 111.' Welt W M ;N. > . <•! I'l -i!)u;.-. sp. n' .Moll ^ .!;:> ;iiid Tue-iiav wi'h iii.~ n.i'lh .'r .'r .'s>. d I W Ward. ..'r Tyri.ii. Okl.i . was in .M' - K '.'•! Kliia < f n<-r;!t of -.nnu. ;.»«!; yrsW'iday .in I.U: in .-s> i.uui.r;. ! , alio Mr [•l.irl K. Croy of Kansas ri 'y •rty hi-''.' Th,. ->ef i>-:irri.(l '.h '-.eia. •I'-iiiiiu ti .i M< th.odist I'arsoiuo-.- in Ii .I:i I'r I'ov.!! .Mr. '"lov form> I ly li>.d 'i r- i.iiuils r. •urie-il J. st.r'!a> ;o his] ilii!;i • ill l.allar!'.'. »<i»>iMM\ 11 \n iMini;. ti.wa I 'l. :rt KMION Ir I IH ••• ..i" I.IMPJ:;' ;..o- • i,;:.:s i>' Ih-' M.'uil"-r. :i is null ai'.l \.-'-'. so '..r as i' ' • •ir.-ir s I I ar,'-.- Ill- r-i'.s -.vttla.iit i!-.- coti- .-.1 III if ui.-!ii!>. rs. :;iiiiriiii>'_- to .Ju<••:>:•:.•< S Pr..d .-I. • f th.>•.:•.• divi.sii.;! d;-M- •• i ourt. in .'i-iiii*-:' !; •.Mi*'d u'u". ri lod.-'i. WITH ONLY FOUR WIVtS LEFT,-POOB OLD ABDUL TTAMTD LEADS SIMPLE LIFE hut .I'l- ih.- it is tio: tii'^u^ht *'> !.:"<n»' — Ila.Mi Lights i:\'\\< h< proi. _ ye-^. {',%: ti.-ai at .\. 11 Ilin.-.' .1 M. .lon.^s. .Ir, tho \i.iMnisr. will : ho hovi' T.'iur.-daj ..•voniiii: 'o 2:\o th.' ; s.'cond nu'iiht-r of t'.it> I.allarp.- loe- ! uir«» course. .\ few home lal.'nt nui".!- j l'( rs will hf (in tie iiro;rrani to rest :;!:•• xiolinisi No liiaraos at ihi- d.M>r. 1r<e win offerinc will ifo tak"U is ihi- niie,. iif thi.i.i. .i.-i.-n • :....I.H-.;.t-'i> 1"-i"!'' 1-'- 1'-' X'lr,', dollar. ^.Tial -•.r> whi.h '>•.! apr-ar "ll''•'^^ '"'^ .iltd vi. ,„ry who / : . . ;„• ', .„ ' ..r^an i/ain :h.- V.V.klv Kansas Ciiy S-;.r soon Tn.' youui- rou- .^^^i ,„ . ,,„., f" v.h.. „ews-av.'V ri.:.--»' vhi.l, -h- . v'-'-Uf, la>r .-v-roiv/or Saf ^as . oy -^^ ^ .....(..i.-i author r.M'-iv.d ?t-.«..... The ''''•n-. ;;;; l^.'-^^ ., •.;•.' a-s.....t.-.t„.n bvlaw.. The hiph srhoo! cirls mot y-storday ; j^^'j^;!;!, r,.^^. -Kor Oiass.'S. I. afternoi-n and Uiado prei.aratiotjs for' Kmntr.. tb"- an artivo ha-ker hall .-oasoji Phi^'.-rs . f,|,,„„„.,,.j^, ".,," \,\,,,,„r,-v s Kostaiiiart for two teims wor. selected. ' i'"-^ ' Pv.sdav (ii-inh.'r w.-rr-Firsi %'am- Alma Pois.-ii. i-;iva' i' r'-.iW I-".-liva! wo.-k at f:,- .^•troioh. Po.-'- Piyton. Edith Melton. \,,„dist oi.-urr-li in Cer.'or Rita Telle and Krancis Myor. S.n-ond -i-,,,,:, a-- l,.'i::h,;v ,.f l-iis litv will ho i .n learn: Heh-n .laekson. Sah-l Briie.\ ,.r„..,-i.,„ riinf-hi t., -iv- '-is .-halk :1 s^itl-riiii: froui .iir'.>iiis ti uli. Tl .• siliool children r.e.'l\.d' llMir Rita Telle and Krancis Myer. S.-ennd leant: Heh-n .piokson. Sah-'l Briiee. Edith Hamilton. "Tennie ("ru-.nh. Hel .-n Kohler. Ruth .\da:iis and Esther iieh- n:an Pharlii' .\sh!.\v is r.^po:-te,l r.'^ h.-ner Walton, son <f Mr and Mrs .\ N. , Kansoni. tijft wi'h a painful ai -.i.i .^nT [ Snnday wh:'.- whii'lini: --.n a stick. He; •' E wafl cmtinfT toward his han.l when t'e blade slipped penetraiinsr !ii« loft w .-v .A Ibnp and deep was inflicted. rnii :ias l.'ifzh.ty of lids city will ho mi liio iirom-ani tonlsiil to his chalk alk entovtainineiii. . .Miss .Maruerj wjl! iei..' this for Kin.T-.'y. Kas . to assist lar hroiher. 11 S .Se::rs. in a photo i;al- M-.'\au'-t:n re-urn. i! yesier.iay from a ten days* .-tay in Kansas City nov.Iis! has . V'-r w r'-t. II. wi'l i;..t h.- 'dsi ehureh iit (Tla 1 ,ST l-i:h'ish<il a'^ i IIKHIC e-iil ii has run .M*ss Kiv \;h)ie;;!.. < y.ri.illy in fbis tf^wspapT. The ih -'i!ie is th" Padae '.!af'a. a.i 1 atr.ili'st 'he sO,ist,.r i-aekizround »h.' •"'"'• e iv.!-- \.'>'i.|ij f<,i .•tni!i;)r ha., throw;- tlio s'-.".' i-i,'',i—.!"tu- I'iis >• rr 'i I' didn't lak.' -iu:'li .in a' -orliO.,^ ...ti<l r.iseii. ..iri:.- lii\.-joi :.ii • s ar.--'-iii!i r. ad-r 'o nil wi-., -i.iuy. Th. ..toi, w I.i!- ir-'^-i'' in toil. . I re s'llsti.,) v iTn i).,. -j,!-.,.], ~ ar.'i hlis hi;!i or, M.ri:.:hi !ii:. •-. ai-'l ae- ' "loi '.-.ri- tie' •ion ll a hi'..- f'l. I ai |. ri." d !i's pre-, !•- - N. W, II-'.n ii.-.u i.s o 'li kilii; hi: vitiii.; f-'ir'. ss! s. • 'ic.-'l yoo'ls :'r'-i'-'v ifory Ut mo^- "Tli.- .Net" will he 1 .>r'ir,u'"l 'n lib- ini; 'o Kdmond Okh . oral inst illi>n"-'s ea. h w.-k. v iMi tit-, rii-orc. .M-'xn. !! is <»lf imin work te .-n vow.'r 'i:' iI'ti-.-Mr lo :!,.,•-':- r.--nit -•rrl Oih's T'.,' hseri' I!•-h ] ri:-. • • th-' K'ltis IS {'-ij W...kly S' •? :'• V tits a y. ar. [,-1 :i.'.-'.• M :s 1 RUOSt of terday. H K P Welker. ef l.iia. was a Mr. and Mrs \v S Ki >rd ye-- Onen has ri'turn-d to New* » 3- * ^> 3- * * * • -> * * w r? •? Castle. lidlana. A iJoon rnEsciMi'Tiov !,e -oiKes -.itter'y useless if ])oor diufts are used This Is why We ask you to show your doctor Ills Pre-criptions as we com- ponnii tlietn We are jiroud of our ahlliry and Ktock Our I'rice.'' ar.c reasonable E. A. rOOKSEY rre>.rrlp(i«n DniinrlKt — lor .Marr's Purity Bread at \V. S Fird-s .\!;-s Khu Ml (K.-sslian .of .Moran. \i-i'.vi in l..;illarpe .Monday II K. I.iiiiese. of this <':"ry. and I.e- lino--, of Partlesvi.-le. have eone to K"it Sill. Okla . til vi-i; C P I/.t'te-^ aii.l to enj ly a iiii:: Lunt on t:;.' re-er- va'ion there Mr.-. II K Piiiti-rson. <>' \li.iona. !•< liisest of .Mr and .^Iis H .1 .Neilson thlo week. Every one make prepar.iiions for •Jie bis foot bail game on Thanksgiv- aftH-}-* 3-ins day. The Fort Riley manager 1 I.iu bolt ijw his faee \\-.....- Il-Ke:-: i.f Tv-e;;. 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I *i j.ssfirt i' 'I .1 Mr .'.h.!-. d-..ll viil. :h. -h.-.irv n: ••.lii'-: .'III at;.;- th.- di--:- si- i: Ur H:'s'i-.-i-. .rad:- .t ;-w r-m.-ti!;s •ipijv, •.-.ha' had ie-i'ii .said. . c. MCCARTY &SON rh »iir 'ilK Stii Sualii St. Carriajje and Automobile Painlinjr. I'i;t on lviibeH .'r Tiiv? :i!.ii dti all kinds of rci p;;ii' work. AMut Hamid and soma ot t.a dlvarslofia. Xf Toa hare any plt^ or sjmpathy lo spara. br all meana gfv* It * IB poor old Abdul Haini4. one-iitue s.iican o< Turkey, wbo- waa diivaa troza hla ttarona and laj now in rL -tirutnent. Don't pity bim tor ^belns ; M> loBsar rular of Turkey. He deserv.«>s consratulationa for tkac But : feel aomr for Um because of th« vast collection of wlv«» wblch ta* I had, bnt fbor now remain to comfort bim In hla old •(•> ' I >1)dal la Uvlns.qaSeUr now. and b-.^ become an axponeot of th* aim- I Ite lUab Vrobabty because It's the least exi^^nslve. Re whllea away hla •tlin* WWMnc ta K carpenter shop, and smokvs tv>r hours tofathar la

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