Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on January 14, 1954 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 14, 1954
Page 4
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Stf- stAt, Men: ARKANSAS Thursday, January 14-, 0,00 10.50 12.00 13.80 16,00 SlflED DISPLAY 78c t>W lac* , 60o per inch . 6dc pet inch above are for ton- Irreeular or skip- UNFURNISHED five room house. One-TiflU bioak from Custom district. No children. Photw 7-3W2 •/ .'.'•.-•• . 1-tl UNFURNISHED tiewly decorated apartment. Four rooms and bath, Near town, 216 South Hervey. No children, T. S. McDavitt. Phonft •7-2118. I'*** BOLEY'S Court, all new "safer" Two people $3.00 Four people $5.00. Panelray heat, innersprhw, and foam pillows. Jan. MMo. UNFURNISHED 2 roomed apartment. Close-in. With private bath. Phone 7-2205. 9-« Political Announcements the Star is authorized to an* nounee that the following are candidates tot public office subject to the action of the Democratic primary elections, , Spring Hill Independents to Play Palrhos Independent bops bas ketball team will play the Spring. Hill Independents Thursday night in the Patrnos. gpmnasiurn. The game will start at 8 o'clock. Far HARRY HAWTHORNE CLIFFORD BYERS DWIGHT R1DOD1LL For County Clerk AtttfOLp. J. M1DDLEBROOKS JOLLY (AMONETTE) BYERS ARTHUR ANDERSON 0 ROOM house. Bath hot arid bold water. Furnished 3 room house. Unfurnished 4 room house near Schooley's Store. 12-31 • advising copy accepted until 5 p.m. for <h« f6ilowlntt day- reterv* th« rlqht to «>t odvetflwmenti of- for jHib'lteaticmond to ra)«« tfcholsto odvertlrinu *ul»- "of on* , or mow lettart, Of flour** , tueh 0* hou**> count oi oi>* Star will not be rwporv ttrt In #ont Ad. unto* i colled & our oH«ntion — ln»rtlon « ad °nd ILYAth* ONE,. Incorrect FURNISHED 4 room, house. $25.00 month. Located In Hope. Write Box 56, .Murfreesboro, Ark ansas. FIVE room house. Mrs. Howard Byers or Bycrs Drug Store. 13-6t NEWLY decorated 6 -room house. Garage. Connection for automatic washer'. Phone 7-2894. Miss Middlebrooks. 13-3t / , !< / 11 7-3431 ffiESTAR ef Hop* 18W;-PreM 1927 iltdo»»d,;. January, ,18,.,, !»»_ Charles Kayoes Satterfield for Shot at Title By CHARLE CHAMBERLAIN CHICAGO UP) — A revitalized Ezzard Charles dropped a bomb .on Bob Satterfield in Chicago-Sta dium last night to touch off a gigantic buildup for a heavyweight title bout with Charnpion Rocky Independent- Teams Split Doubleheader The Gale Independents Girls de» feated ihe Hope Independents Girls 20-17 in a, overtime game last night. The game was tied 17 all at the end ol the regular game. Thornton led Hope in scoring with 8 points. In.the boys game, Hope defeated HSTC Independents 80 to 54. Billy' Mitchell with 22 points led the locals, while Donn with 23 led the visitors. Both games was playod in ' the local gym. One-Platoon Favored, Sucker Shift Is Out By BE FUNK SARASOTA, Fla. — College football must keep Hr one-platoon system and must get rid of such practices as the faked injury and the sucker shift. This verdict was handed down yesterday by the Football Rules Committee of the National Collegiate Athletic Association. The committe turned down all efforts to liberalize the limited "Substitution rule Which went into effect last season and proved immensely popular with football fans. The most surprising development of the meeting was the strong conda'Tinfition of such "nonethical" practices as Injury faking to stop Henderson Cancels Games With Quachita ARXADELPHIA UP) — Henderson State Teachers College announced yesterday it hnd cancelled two scheduled basketbpll games with its cross-town rival, Ouachita Baptist College, as a result of a recurrence of paint-daubing expeditions onto both' campuses. Statues and other ornaments on groun-Js of the rival schools —including . Ouachita's • emblematic tig e f _ have been touched up by nocturnal volunteers in recen weeks, made ho effort to fix blame. It said it had cancelled the base kotbnll f.arnes "with regret" felt it acted "in the interest more \vholesom3 relations" tween the two schools. Ou;ichita spokesman said too legretted. the painting inci donts, but favored the basketbal Wanted to Buy HENS. We pnJT market price. HOLLY GROCERY MARKET 002 W. 3rd. Phone 7-9903 8-6t every kday afternoon by G CO. ,. , Hft Woihburnr" &* Tho .Star; BuiWi 14 4South/JWnlntl» .. ' For Sale FIREWOOD tor sale. 'Green mixed hardwood. Mostly oak. Phone 7-2345. 9-6t WELL cured Bermuda-Dallas grass hay. Heavy bales 00 cents. No Checks. L. L. Gordon's Farm at ~ ' Hope 12-6t ,,, C T Hotmcr, Mcch. Supf Pevl)i y /Advof»8lr"' Mondflflr at wcond eloM mattor at' ' »'•• hope,* ArkontoJ, ! Morcf. .3;, "UST received car load stock salt. $1.15 per 100 Ibs. Phone 7-2547 Hope Feed Company. ' ol/.tho Audit Bur«ou of Sandy Boisd'~ Arc Creek^ On Columbus Road. Mnrciano. Charlec, who gets a chance to become the first fighter in history to regain the heavyweight crown, pole-axed Satte'-field in the first minute of the second round with 6ne of the hardest left- hooks he ever has thrown. 'Satterfield, 1 ' outweighed 180 to 189 and !a 7-2 underdog, was set,up fpr the mighty finishing blow < by absorbing a right to the midsection. As he started to bend forward,- Charles' pistonlike left caught him flush on the chin. He went over backwards and hit the canvas so hai resin dust flew. He law lifelessly until .Referee Frank Gilmcr tolled out seven. Then he raiser! his head fee- jly, but he couldn'r get up, and he took the fujl count flat on his Braves Set New Record qt Milwaukee •NEW-.. YORK, iff).—.' The Milwau- ke success story, -how ; the Braves shifted from . Boston, finished second in the National League' -pennant race and set a .new league attendance record was voted .the Uprise of 1953 today in" th'e 23rd annual year-end Associated Press poll. All baseball watched with interest the first shift of a . . major league franchise in 50 years when owner Lou ' Pereini moved his Boston club to Milwaukee. In" 1952; the Braves finished seventh in the standings, and drew only 281'. 278 through the turnstiles at Boston, With a scrappy by Charlie Grimm, club and LATE model ford tractor and equipment. Good Condition. Reasonable. Elmer R. May. Phone ,, Texas Eastern, Bodcaw. • 14-91 Real Estate .Wanted: HAVE buyers for all size farms, Need replacements for 15 re<jej»t sales. Fast Action. United Farm Agency. 101 East Front Stroet. Phone 7-3766. * Jan. Mmo. >y ' t! """"^zzv - ;>3;66 Representatives: „,,(?,; 1602 Sterlck term., '505 Toxa» Texas; 360 N. ) Jll.j 60 E. h,"f.i 1763 „„., Detroit 2/ Mich.; igT^QfcfahonWtCity 2, . ° . • „•>' '» i •> : Qf the'Associated Press: dated Press is entlt/ed ex- i use'for republicatlon ,1 new; piinted In this well as all AP Real Estate for Sale- .4'/4 room house. Hardwood floors'. Venetian blinds nice chicken house and yard. Small orchard. Located east on Highway 4. Owner leavnig town, possession at once. *2-3t QUEENING REALTY . CO. Real Estate Insurance, Loans Phone 7-4661. . Thircy minutes later, he was still dazed 'and hnable to remember cjeariy v;hat happened. The fight y?as scheduled for 10 rounds. A national television audience, and 4,921 rin'gside customers who can't tribut'sd to a net 4ate of $13,949.24, sa.w one of'the! cleanest, and most brutal, knockouts', in ^years. Wl Notice ,'the ring line for.1954. i new. , SUBSCRIBE Texarkana Gazette. 30c weekly daily Sunday complete sports. KCMC-TV programs. Dale Hartsfield. Phone 7-4010. Dec. 11-1 Mo. with Milwaukee backing the team to the limit,' the Boston attendance figures had been broken by' May 20. At the end of the season, 1,286,397 fans had cecn the Braves' who were a threat to the Brooklyn Dodgers'' pennant aspirations right up to''the final month Of the season. ". ": '. • ' . ' '". - ' ' , "\':,i ' The'story" of Milwauke and ; the Braves v/as the „ sports surprise of 1953 on 42 6f ths 124 ballots c^st by the notion's ipbrts writers, and sportsca^ters,. and on the. 3-2-1 basis, receivedi 141) points. The sgcpnd:surpiise was the exit of lyfsnager. Chuck Pressen, who piloted the Dodgers to. straight pennants-in-1952 and 1953. Ores- sen quit suddenly after Brooklyn was beaten in the World Series by the Yankees because 'his demand PHILADELPHIA Wl — Owner f or a,^ 3s.vear icontract. was. jejeat- Bpb Carpenter of the Philadelphia e( j. The Dodgers offered him only Phillies and General Manager a ono , yca r .pact. This received 23 'Branch Rickey of the Pittsburgh fj rs t place votes, and 91 points. Pirates bpth had that "cat'that- Third biggest surprise was ate-tlu-cf-nary" look today: Car- enc j of the, college football t\yo pla- pente/ because he separated Rick-Upon system which killed off the cy from his prize pitcher; Rickey f ree substitution rule. This got because he separated Carpenter 12 flijst place V.otes and 44 votes. the clock and false,starts intended to pull the opposition offside. In whrt appeared to be mainly a slap at Notre Dame, the committee unanimously approved a resolution declaring that injury faking is "dishonest, unsportsman- like and contrary to the rules." Notre Dame players were accused last' season of feigning injuries in the low agame to stop the clock and gain time for touchdowns in the closing seconds of each half. These scores enabled the Irish to escape with a 14-14 '•'e. During the 1952 season Notre Dame figured most prominently in several sucker shift incidents. Last season, there were reports of such incidents in the Southeastern and Missouri Valley conferences. The Rules Committee said that, for the present, it would "rely on the Integrity of the coaches and players rather than upon further legislation" to wipe out these un- ethicnl producers. , If this doesn't succeed, Committee Chairman H. L. (Fritz) Crisler of the University of Michigan said, the rule book will be rewritten. Comrnittee Secretary E. E. Wileman of the University of Denver said minor revisions may bt made in the substitution rule in games being played. Basketball By the Associated Press Spracuse 719 Cornell 9 Penn state 74: West Virginia 68 Army 74: Warlhmore 41 Navy 75; utgers 61 Arkansas Stale 94; Austin Peavy Western Kentucky 79; Dayton 75 three overtimes) _ Bradley 76; t. Louis 59 Okla City x 0; Houston 62 ass ss s (St. Louis') 59 . San Francisco 57; San Jose State x50 ^ There are no important rivers nor lakes in Saudi-Arabia. the. future, but "two-platoon foot ball is dead as a duck Traders the INCOME Tax Service. Nearly every farmer and many otftera are required to file tax returna in January. Maybe we can help you. Phone 7-3731 J. W. Strickland, Jan. 4-3 'Hlflhway 67 West USED NITURB.CO. ¥,of City Lamfo West vind S^ll Used Furniture 0$ 7-^381 " Hope, Ark. UUvitMPC J*W O«-_t**S« **,m**+* _-—_ r , --. ij.« ^** uy 2* »*»*-!" I--TT • . • from $80,QOO in much-needed cash Other sports ,surprises were the plus xwo utility players. Kentucky, Perby. defeat' of Native The deal completed yesterday Dancer by Park Star, Purdue, s sent Pirates' rlghtha.nd.er Murry foo t b ^l 'victory over Michigan Dickaon tp the Phillies for infield-1 stft te; the Illinois fgotball team's er Jack Loh rlte « pitchpr Andy'Han " ' •--•-- " u ~ sen and the $80.000. Cohtract Worries Plague Owners By ED CORRIGAN,. . . NEW YORK; (yP) — Major league baseball club owners were in anything but a happy frame of mind today as they scanned the headlines looking for new holdouts and starwodcring just what their own : stars wculd do with the contracts they were offered. ,,..,,, Bob Carpenter of the Philadel p'hia Phillies and Clark Gru"fith of 'the'•'Washington Senators already were having .their troubles and contracts had been in the mails only a few days. Some clubs hadn' even sent theirs out; Carpenter had a fourth un signed contract — this one from Curt Simmons, his ace left-hander — on his desk- showing when the sopho- rnpres came through, Rocky Marm a .. , Carpenter promptly, declared that Ujma's, pne-round knockout of Jcr - - INCOME Tax Service. No waiting. Two accountants. Farm Bureau Office 101 East street. Phone 7-376C. 5-lmo. WOULD the party who picked up White folding truck ingate • 00 road between BoJey's Court and Long's Store about 3 weeks ago please notify Toletex Oil Co. }l-3t and RECORDING • Blinds, Picture All types Pf Floor Paints,'.yVal| Pa' Decorating. Services Offered MATTRESS renovation and inp.ei> spring work. Cobb Mattress Co, 316 South Washington • Phone 7-2622. Pec. 304mo. Carpenter pfQim»ny\ v"**""™* *••:'' cipnfls v" 1 ?-'"^^ the addition of the 37-year-oJd Dick- sey ^ Walcott, son 'gave the Ph^ies the top — pitching staff in< 'the National' League. Rickey, Whose recent request for more working cap^l was turned dpwn by club executives, reported tha.t he was -'—with the dpEjl. , . ..„„! The Phillies hive been after Dickson ever since the 1951 soft- son whm he won 20 gumes <<w'«*. Pirates, who also finished eight | that yeat. ; . __. Carpenter vfnHgionad h»S W* pitching squtfdM consisting of players; Robin Roberts, Cut Dickson Bob Muler, | Konstanty, the Maryland football team being voted No. 1 team of 1953, the flop.of the New York Giants, wHo skidded, of fifth plac«, and the showing of the low.a football team, especially its. tie with' Notre Dame. Thornton Kipper, CALL Payne Brothers. House •movers, insured contractors, lie service commission nu m-1425, 313 Central Avemw, Stamps, Arkansas. Phone 3-4,481 Jn Stamps, Arkansas. Jan. i-lmo FOR cabinet making, bookcases, refinishing, upholstry, baby and doll furniture. Prices reasonable. Call or see E. Leverett Phone 7-3033 12-9t A fairly weak solution of cocaine c.an suppress pain or sensations of touch, put sensations of heat and cold can pc suppressed only by much stronger solutions, orn , Steve WcUft, Johnny Lindoll, Karl Drews, and bonus rookie Tommy 9l Th? l p)»ilIies' president s^id that Dickson, despite his. relatively a* vanced years, should have at least ;wo good years. "Dioksun pitches with an easy motion that doei.n t take much out of his arm," a club spokesman said 'If he can win 10 games for the Pirates his 1953 record he certainly should do as well or much butter with our defense belunq him." .. Dickson, comm{-n.tJne on the trade at his Leavenworth. Kan., home, agreed, _ Top Golfers in Crosby three-day whirl. The 54-hoJe par chasing derfey Js a show with a nationwide «p- peql. Big names are a djrne » dozen, most everybody wonts to tot in — except Bing. Per By BUS NgW(-AN0 galleries matches, exchanges B}Jg) BEACH, C^litf- (* —'Urtee. and h»s ' un in general, ling Crosby's personal contMbu- Crqpn«» Prostoy fe»ts »» w 6 tlon to ggM, the 5Jfl,0(JO pro-^upa^ b ju Si We t ur ns the profits ov»r to , op an the Monterey Peojn- SPONSQRPD BY . . -•„.„_-... v •:.':."MORNING-FRESH . Golden Royql Poiry Products i. r «> • ' "- . ' ' " "' . are the Wednesday Leaders in the B&PW BABY CONTEST Being Held in Connection with "Trippiii' Around 1. David Frgnklin Morris 2. Amelia t-everett 3. Mindy McElroy 4. Tina Martin 5. Danny Putman 6. Jgn Herring 7. Sandra Kay Starkey 8. Jimmie Susan Pritchett 9. Julie Beth Barber 10. Mary Nell Williams 11. Melissa JWe Brooks 12. John Terrell Fry GRAND PRIZE . and Fre9 Sewing Course «t the Singer Sewing Center. Clowi «r 7s3P P-M, FrWay/Jtwwiy .15 5«i Wish fcM Au*J»Hjjin. C«r«m«ny will tflke P l fl ce on th* 5t*ge mm .W* 13 MONEY SAVING At Your B&B We Give U. S. Green Stamps for Valuable Premiums GODCHAUX. 10 Lbs. Hersheys Krackle Mr. Goodbar Plain & Almond 4 - lOc Bars 23c We will Cook and Serve Grand Duchess Steaks AH Day Saturday, Jan. 16th, Come and try these Delicious steaks. Special price, Four servings to the package . . . Con Came KINGANS 2 - 1 Lb. Cans CRYSTAL BROOK Cream Style 303 Can STOKLEYS HONOR BRAND GREEN PEAS, DICED POTATOES, CHOPPED BROCCOLI, SPINACH and SQUASH-. .•....•.-' ,...:.......;...•....:.> 3 Boxes Any of These Items ORANGE JUICE FROZEN Minute Maid Donald Duck 2 A-l TSS PET and CARNATION PINEAPPLI DEL MONTE &LIBBYS dRUSHEP Flat Cans CAKI M9X Betty Crocker, Yellow and Devils Food Boxes CANDY POTATOES We have on hand .5 or 6 different kinds of Fancy Choc. Candy, Fruits & Nuts, and Assorted Creams 1, 2, & 3 Ib, boxes. This week we are giving - Pound Mesh Bag FRESH BANANA 2 -• 25c Sun VALLEY OLEO 2 Lb BACON TALL KORN Lb, 65c STEW MEAT PRISKIT 10 ONION 2 -• 9c YELLOW CABBAG 3 Lbs FRESH GREEN STEAKS SIRLOIN, T^BONE qndCUUB 45e GROUND BEEF Lb -' 33C FRESH ROAST PRICES FOR FRIRAY, SATURPAY. JAN,. SUPiR PIM

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