Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on October 8, 1889 · Page 3
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 3

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 8, 1889
Page 3
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PT f-- -, ;i(J/rll #"4 Uii :- o'^viNTiozir^ * '„ s- *« in prices pi— Mi«B I,ou Ilcilmnn lias grmo to iigo on a visit of a work or ten Java. on , / M 'v^-•* •« 5j_..~.-c^ >^ ^— — — - 1 " YThcm you arc around town looking for Flreae call in at tho m\ U STREET MM STORE And look at my BUTCHER KNIVEB They cut keen Bud hold their edge well. Prices Always Right. Yours Respectfully, — _ Bight Bide up, LEWIS D. WYNN. Evening Gazette. - THB BVKimroi GAMTT» can fce had at all the uew««tande,-PrtoeTWO OFFICIAL PAPER OF THE.CITY. . (latest style). —Geo. P. WoodrufiLleft.se9terday for St. Louis. —Mrs. George Phillips has gone to St. Louis on a visit. ^MrOl. t. Wilson leaves to-day for Nebraska on a visit. ~ : —A surprise party was madeoif Miss Mary Zendt last night. —Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Hell have gone to Clark, Dakota, on a visit. —Adam Heckman Is taking In the sights at St. Loala this week. —Mrs. F. 0. Woodruff has gone to attend the St. Louis Exposition. •Mr. and Mrs. W. II. Blgelow have returned from Sanborn, Iowa. —The city of Alton, 111., has let a contract for ®8,000 worth of brick paving. . —The Sprague motor company are after the Aurora street car lines with both feet. —Mr 8.8. McBride and family, from Espauola, New Mexico, are visiting at Mr. A. D. McBrlde's. —Benj. F. Berger was yesterday afternoon conveyed to Morrison jail, being unable to secure bail. —Alderman Benj. Gurtisen and wife left today for a trip to Nebraska, to *ook after land and to visit'. ., —Fred Simonson, of Hamilton, Dakota, visited at Mr. E. G.Allen's yea terday. He left for Chicago. —Jocob Decker celebrated his wooden wedding yesterday. A number of friends were Invited and a social evening was spent. ' —A brick walk is to be built on the west side of Oth avenue from 3rd to 2nd streets, a'.so.a block on the west side of 7th avenue, from 3rd up to 4th street. • —The arc electric lights did not put in an appearance last night, as expected. The dynamo was removed to the new building and was not properly eet, so no lljfht could be produced. It has been righted to-day. ** —John P. Lawrie, Graff Hoover and Harry Fondersmitb.left^thi8_ morning on a bicycle tour of several hundred: miles. They expect to visit Dlxon, Eockford, Bsloit, Janesville, Madison, Lake Geneva, Elgin and other cities before their return, which will be in a week or ten days. —The West 4'.h street macadamizing and the last 4th street improvement (Spring Creek) are both completed, and are flrst-class jobs. m The street force is now at work laying the grade for the 1st avenue sidewalks. Permanent sidewalks can be built in many other parts of town this fall, if the property owners say so. —The following is the September report o£ Whlteside county infirmary: No. of inmates Sept. 1st, 1839, forty six (46); Ho.males eighteen (18); No, of females twenty-eight (28); No. of insane 22; No. of males .insane 7; No, of females insane IB; of the No. of insane 8 are Americans and 14 are of foreign birth. Received during the month, 2; discharged 2. No. of meals furnished during month 4,128. Geo. E. Ely, Supt. — Thirty-thme members joined tlio City Normal class lust night, and 8<>v- erni others fire expected. Jt starts out wull. —A subscriber writes, Rskinp; the mmes of some, agricultural machinery mtnufuuturera of Atlanta, Georgia. AdairBros. ami Dyer & O^ieaby are two. — 0. A. Burns and wife have removed here from Milwaukee. Mrs. B'.irria is the daughter of Wm. Murray. Mr, is employed on the electric light construction force. —Ottawa claima the honor of organizing the scheme of sellinz lots for the subscription fund. She claims to have sacured the location of a wagon factory in this manner. —It is now learned that the Kock- ford street railway was purchased by E, W. Andrews and R. N. Bijlls, capitalists of Des Moines, lowi, who re cently bought the roads there and converted them into electric roaas. —All cases ot infectious diseases should at once be reported to Hea'th Commissioner Crandall, so that cards ot warning can be posted on the houses containing the patients. This will have a tendency to suppress the spread of epidemics. —The Sterling Lfodge, No. 174, I. O. O. F. installed the following officers last night: N. G , C. E. Windom ; V.G , Chas. L.Davis; N. C. Samuel Sigler; W.. F. A. Caughey; C., E. V. II. Alex ander. The supporters were not appointed last night. —It was John M. Kohl who bought the residence property on 3rd avenue, between 6th and 7th streets of Geo. II. Mohler- for 81,100 in cash. He will have" 'thVpIace "ntcsljrfltted-trp-next spring and will then occupy it —The Aurora papers claim that two electricians in that city have solved the mystery of the storage battery for use in propelling street cars, vehicle! and machinery. It consists in a peculiar treatment and arrang«ment of the plates composing the —Mr. A B Spies expects to have a considerable rush of work at the Ster ling Wagon Factory this winter, which will necessitate much work after dark, so he is going to have his building lit up by incandescent lights. Mr. George T.Elliott Intends to run his mill -bath night and day soon, and will have his establishment lighted by electricity. —Beach & Bowers gave one of the best minstrel performances at Wallace Opera House last night, that has been enjoyed in this city for a long time The opening part of the entertainment was very fine, the costumes rich and the scenery elegant. The audience was very highly pleased and their applause was' very hearty. Beach & Bowers company is composed of artists in their line. Come again. — Mrs. .1. 1'. Ward, of <;<M>rpf'l.osvn, Col,l"'t for Fr<>»po-t to:i;iy to visit !irr mother. Hie lias b?p» visiting here fur sHUP time. —Fire Chief Ives made n report to the council lust night of the inefficiency of the present system of lire nhirms. 'Oft times the bell is the only available alarm, and often it can not be heard in rmny parts of. town. The committee on Firo and Water were instructed to report on tho neuter of reform ;>t the next meeting. —P. T. Viinllorne has drawn plans for a passenger waiting room for the street railway, which the railway company would like to build at the intersection of their Ihree lines .at the corner of Third and Locust streets. It is to be built like a Chinese pagoda, with six sides, to be about twelve ii!et in diameter- It is to be of red pressed brick, with a pagoda roof and an electric light on the top. Inside will be a stove and a row of benches for passengers who may be waiting for cars. —J. M. Atkinson, superintendent of the Sprague]Electric Go's, construction work for the street railway for Sterling, has been transferred to Omaha, and Paul C. Cramer lias been promoted from foreman to fill his place. At Omaha the electric railway company are going to take out the Thompson- Houston motors and have the.Sprague motors put in instead. The Sprague supply wire makes that system superior to others. The Sprague folk-) have also contracts to put in their motors at Sioux City, Iowa, and Dayton, Oiiio. —A goodly number of tho male population of Coleta came down to Sterling last night accompanying Constable Dell Gould, who had In his custody a young man named Albert Conoway, who Is accused, lie and a young man named Miller, of breaking the window _of a barber shop at Coleta and also a 8h^w~case~amrBtealing several boxes-0l_ cigars therefrom. The theft was committed on Saturday night of week before last. The boys suspected eluded pursuit, but Conoway was captured after several days and brought here for trial. He was taken before Justice Wolfersperger. States Attorney Stag- or appeared as prosecutor and Charles -J. Johnson for the defendant.__Testi- niouy enough .was presented to bind Conoway over to await trial at the next term of court. The trial lasted until midnight last night, and when the officers went to place Conoway In the new city jail, to wait for the moming train to Morrison, they were unable lo open one of the new locks, and had to break it, and tie the door fast with ropes. This morning his brother came down and went his bail. tools and other articlM in while at work 'on the ro;id. -;-Mrs. .It'Bsie Soott's hniso got fri.chlpnprt at the curs yesterday afternoon and ran away, throwing Mrs. <cott nnd Miss KapmnRsen out. but no serious damage was done. -i-Tlio city council met in city ha'l hist night, Mayor and Aldermen present. T. A. Worman was appointed city treasurer, to fill vacancy caused by C. L. Doty leaving the .Slate. They audit ed a few bills and adjourned. -i-Herman Long has succeeded John Clarkson as assistant, cashier of the People's Batik. Mr. Clarkson went to Winfield, Kansas, to Oil a responsible position in another line of bookkeeep- ing. Mr. Long is a graduate of Rock Falls Hign School and of the Sterling Business College and is well fitted to [ill the position he now occupies. •4-Miss Ada Russel, of Chicago, is visiting her parents in this city. Her frlenda will be pleased to learn that she Is now the incumbent of a position with the Washburn & Moen Co. at a salary of $1,000 per year. A few years ago she graduated from the stenographic department ot the Sterling Busi. ness College. -t-Leave all proper itemg for the EVE- NINO GAZETTE with Lyle Atkins, news dealer and confectioner, in the post office building. tf The Dutch and F- still aHvn and ready and country sules on eave orders at A. 11. Store or at my reside nue north of 4th st. ble. Uive me a call. D. II. ad of N. C -nplir-h auctioneer to attend to city short notice. ».n . Hendrick'a Drug nce on l.",t'.i ave- Charges reasona- • 73 ."7tf MKYEIIS, Auct. October's goods Are like tile wood; So warm and tms. In antn.mii light. Now is the Time To buy men's gloves, hosiery and un derwear; my goods are reliable; my prices reasonable and tho variety of my stock is unequaled, replete with everything the most fastidious could desire. CHAS. A. CLARK. E. W. Blossom has taken the agency of the "I. C," brand Spectacles and Kye glasses. These spectacles are different from ordinary glasses, in that the lenses are ground from a French Tinted Crystal that shuts out the chemical and heat rajs of light, makingthein very soothing to the eyes. Be sure and try them, see that that trade mark "i. c." is on every lens. 70-d&w Tlie old reliable Stewart surface burners on exhibition and for sale by Davis & Wilkinson The Stewart heaters, for hard coal, have stood the test of many years and today leads them all. 9910 Rangca 1 The "Bismarck" and "Sure Luck ranges are the best the market affords. Get one and see If this is not a fact. 07-to CUAWFOKD BROS. Slllliedeevllle Flonr. Equal to the best at 81.25 and 81.30 per sack. New corn and all kinds of :eed at Lewis Reitzol'a Feed Store .20010 Fresh cream puffs every Wednes day and Friday atE. Eisele'a bakery. MO Home 'made hoarhound candies at I'rnwford IIrow Are on the top shelf in the stove line. Gall on them and see their large assortment You can surely find something to suit you. 07 to Splendid stove polish, Burnishing for nickle, ^ NpJrnica,.at '- ..'.::'... 0".tf" I<- Jj- .FOITNSON'S. The Aladdin Hard coal heater is having a large sale and it is not to be wondered at for as a heater it is hard to neat, "i ou. can see it by calling on Crawford Bros. 07 to Miss Helen Hooker, niece of Gen. Joe Hooker, will assist in an entertainment given by tne young people of the Congregational church next Friday evening, October llth. G. A. K. members especially invited. Admission 25 cents. 98-M You can positively save money on furniture at Dill & CO.'B, Hock Falls. • • 'tf .You arelnylteiLto attend the enter- talnment at the Congregational church Friday evening, October llth. Seo press notices and lithographs. Reserved seats 25 cents. W-tf Miss R. A. Carter has returned from Chicago with a full line of latest styles of millinery. °° to Arrasene and chenille at 11. A. Carter's. ' 90 to _ _ Itaatfiurftnt is now open for business and when you want a good square meal, or a good lunch, at any time of day or night, call at No. 105 Eaet Third street and you will be sure to get a good meal or lunch. 09-tO GEOBOlEPFISTEREn. Stamping done at R. A. Carter's. 98 tO —The party of Knox College (Galea- burg) boys belonging to the Young Men's Christian Association, who visited several towns of this county this summer, have made a report of their work. They report for Fulton, one conversion and quite a number of backsliders dealt with: for Lyndon, one conversion and qulta a general interest awakened; iMorrlson, seven conversions; Propaetstown, two conversions; Tauapico, two conversions. —The fact that 1st avenue is to have permanent sidewalks causes the people on many other streets to want sidewalks of a lasting character, also. The fact that the city agrees to pay a rebate of Bve cents per square foot for each foot of permanent walk built according to the regulations of the city. Increases this desire, because it greatly lessens the cost to the individual property owner along whose residence such walk is built. This city has sunk hundreds of dollars in repairing rotten board walks and building new ones, which require renewing- every few years. If a complete system of permanent walks can be built, which will last forty or fifty years, with little repairs, and at about the same co»t as plank walks, the sooner permanent walks are built the better. Alderman Platt, Chairman of the Streets and Alleys Committee; has found a vitrefied brick, of which permanent walks can bejbullt for_30_cents_a running^ foot. ThisIs very"ch6ap, and the cost to the property owners Is very slight. Mr. Plait offered a resolution in the Council last night, authorizing the building of about thirty blocks of this walk on streets where the board walks are about worn out and need rebuilding. He also offered specifications for building this kind of walk. The matters were referred to the Streets and Alleys Committee, to report upon at the next meeting. Street Superintendent Palmer made a report on the condition of about thirty-five blocks of sidewalks in prominent parts of town, the report showing them to be in very bad condition. It is not safe to have snch walks In our city, where the least accident is liable to result in a damage suit, nor it does not seem to be wise to sink large sums of money every year in patching up these walks. The best thing that can be done is to build permanent walks as fast as possible. Asa permanent vltrefled brick sidewalk will be a big improvement to the properly along which it is built, and as the cost is so very small to the property owners, no doubt most people on the streets affected by Aid. Platt's resolutions will want permanant walks built soon. Mr. Platt's resolutions are not to be understood as meaning that such walks are to be built at once, but are but preliminary legislation necessary to accomplishing the improvement, whether begun this year ov some other time; also, to learn the sentiments of the public in the matter. —The Rock River M. E. conference has closed its annual session, which was held at Ottawa, and the appointments have _beeu_ made, The only change of pastors In this city is at 4th street church; Rev. J. B. Robinson, D. D., having withdrawn from the active ministry for the present, and Rev. G. P. Clark, of Harvard, 111., sent here in his place. Rev. J. R. Hamilton is returned to First Church, and Rev. M, M. Bales to Rock Falls. Presiding Elder Lewis Curts, D. D., has been elected to the famous Western Avenue church in Chicago to succeed llev. Dr. Mandeville, who enters another line of Christian work. This change to a large and promiuent church is but a just recognition of the talents of the able Dr. Curts. The following are the appointments for Dixon District: G R Vanllorne, presiding elder; Albany, William HOtjen; Amboy, R A Marley; Ashton and Franklin Grove, G M Barrett; Bethel, M E Dix; Coleta, W H Post; Cprtland, C W Ferguson; Ores ton.E Breem; DaKalb, G F Young; Dlxon, C A Bunker; Elburn, J II Alling; Erie, SO Olds; Fulton, C Davis; Genoa, F F Farmilo; Hampshire, W FLock; Harmon and Walton, W H Tuttle;Kaneville,E S Holmes; Kingston, E D Hull; Lee Center, J II Soul; -L-tghthouserM--L--Norrlsr-Sydatn-,—E Holt; Malta, J M Phelps; Maple Park, Robert Bell; Milledgevllle, William Shambaugh; Merrison, W J Liberton; Mount Morris, R Brown; Oregon, J C Bigelow; Plate Center, E K D Hester; llocheile. AT Horn; Rock Falls, M M Bales; St Charles, J B McGriffiu; Sharon and Spring Hill, E M Baxter; Sterling First Church, J R Hamilto-; Ster ling Fourth Street, G C Clark; Steward, W H Carwardano; Steward Circuit, W U Tibles; Syeamora, II T Clendening. J>o You Value Money f If so, don't delay but call at once at Kier's and secure some of those wonderful bargains in underwear. The Aladdin ' Cook stove Is used for wood or coal, and is acknowledged to be one of the best baker's the murket affords. 07-to CRAWFORD BROS. New crop teas at J. A. Annas'. 90-tO Davis & Wilkinson, West End Stove and Hardware merchants, can do you good for anything in their line. . Every body invited. »0-tO - Dill & Co, Rock Falls, htve all the leading styles in millinery. tf Call atE. W. IHossom's and get an eye tester free of charge. 70-d&w The Gem and Diamond cook stoves are reliable and first-class in every respect. Get one and be happy. For sale only by Davis & Wilkinson. 09-te Dill & Co. have one of the finest trimmers in their millinery department in the west. Call and see her work. tf - The Good Luck oak heater, for soft coal and wood; cheap in price and a splendid heater. For sale only by Davis & Wilkinson. 09-10 The Red Cross range; the most artistic and best working stove in the city. For sale only by Davis & Wilkinson. 99-tO Please Don't Vorftt That I am prepared, as usual, to do all kinds of painting and paper hanging, notwithstanding my contract to paint the electri?iight poles. T. G. WRIGHT. »9ta* Cloaks and Sacquea You can save money by buying coffees, teas, and spices from J. A. Annas, agent for Winslow, Rand & Watson. oe-te&w Old government Java and Mocha 3 pounds for §1.00 at J. A. Annas'. 90t-0 PEOPLE'S COLUMN HTWe will Insert throe lines In this col-' „, umn one time tor 10 eents, or f or *0 cents a wee*. Rich additional line will bo B cents a single Insertion, or IB cents a week. WAMTKD. Step JUaddera -For- liousa-cleanlng Si 00 at L. L. Johnson's. 0010 Homcthlng Nice. If you want to make money read my "ad" in the WEEKLY GAZETTE' and Standard. GEO. W. CHAMBELITN. 83-tf , . L,a<lleH Call and see the beautiful trimmed hats and bonnets. Also the very latest in misses and children's hats at Mrs. F. 0. Woodruff's. 6816 Only 10 cents for 3 Un es \inder this Heading. ,,.ANTED-Two ladles or gentlemen board~YV- era wuiited,-by private Famllyrnearbml. ness portion. Enquire at Gazette office. 200-t3* W ANTKD—Girl for tiousework. Apply at IXW W. 3rd street »<•»_ W ANrED-Competcut girl for general housework. Apply at Uazette ofllce. »* tt W ANTED—A thoroughly compet nt girl for general housework. Good wages Mrs. Elmer Crawford, comer 4tu street and D a * FOR HALK. KOCH. FA I' -t-.Wm. Adair is moving here from Sterling. -*-Rev. M. M. Bales will keep his place in the M. E. church. -v-Mr. Ed. Coe has returned from a trip to Mt. Vernou, Iowa. +Mr. F. W. Wheeler leaves this evening for Sioux City, Iowa. -t-Rev. Wm. Tuttle has the appointment of two places, Harmon and Wai- ton. -t-Mr. Henry Werrea of Sterling, has resigned his position as clarionet player in the Keystone band. +Mr. Herman Panneubacker, who has been visiting here left this morning for his home in Amboy. -t-Mlsses May L. and Evelyn M. Montague left this morning for a visit In Jo Daviesa andStepheaaon counties -«-Tbe street railroad men huve ed tbe Deacon Aray building to store Find Millinery I The latest novelties in trimmed and untrimmed hats and bonnets of choicest materials and exquisite combinations, all at most popular prices, at MIIB. GENNIE W. ELLIOTT'S. 200-16 7WR 8ALK—Bargain In good house on W fill ? street and C av«.; B rooms and kitchen, city water and other Improvemeuta. $01 down aiu 10 monthly ou balance. K. W. Walzer. l-l i^l Oar Boy's and Children 1 * Clothing Is just as good in quality, fit and fin ish as the me.n's only it doesn't come so high. High enough, however, to secure the finest that any one cares for, and as low as cloniing ought to be to render tho right service. . 200-3 J. R. BELL & SON. Dr. Hriaud, a distinguished youiif Fix-nub physician attached to the liospi tul nt Villojuif, i* reported to have effected SOUK', wonderful euros -of con sumption l<y me:in.i of tlio cold air euro wliioli consists mainly i" gradually uo customing tho patients to exposure unti thev urn nbie to sleep out in Uio opeu. ilir, ivK<irdles-» of tho. weather.— change. Only 10 cents for J lines under this Heading. 1 0B 8ALK-A bargain in three flue res Uences In 4lh ward. Inquire of 1.1. Bush. 61-u KOH KKStT. Only TO cents for 3 lines under this Heading. G-oods now rustle Clerks do hustle. Carpets, Rugs, IOH BhN 1—Uousu for rent In West Bock Falls. A. Morse. lOB RENT—House for rent, near Wallace school. L. K. Brooklleld. W- te TT1OB KKNT- -4 hoates to rout and a number ol A) liouacs lor 8iJ« oy Adam Smith. '.o-uo- riVo LE ABB—Power and i-oora lor mauulacwr JL Uig pun>n!ies#m tlio Uull>;liig formerly occupied tiy (Uiureh & 1'attenwn. Aduresii B. t>. Churcli. iJulutn, Minn. , **•" l.~Mwi.>ytoloan-*l l 5iX> at « per cr-ut., ou Carm security. 1- 1. liiwti. I!<H* Iii~Fali Underwear for Ladies and Children, in Natural Wool, Scarlet, Merino, J and Jersey (Ribbed), in Wool and Cotton. Call and Examine Before Buying, A Full Line of Dry Goods and Notions al

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