Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on June 4, 1952 · Page 14
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 14

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 4, 1952
Page 14
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P. A61 FOURTEEN ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH WEDNESDAY, JUNK 4, 1MJ to9enK.PUvf.tN cewrriM§« PIWPl.Ui/*2A,>jt»r HAAff A PIIW. AHVONt O1T flllSH .SHOOT ' FIRST IT'9 ONE THING,THEN rr's SUMPIN EL5E/SADFRV, I WONDER WHAT'S NEXT? WEL^WHATCHA KNOW.... SOLID OUR BOARDING HOUSE — WITH MAJOR HOOPLE OUT OUR WAY By WILLIAMS <*>W THAT/i!i HE KEEP£ HIS MO&E'^.'fMKT MS ORAG6EDH OM tMAT Ol.t>$ MATE 6PAOED ME OUT HERE,]\FLATVErJeD-l VMHOL6 OUTSARgASeAlNG WHAT'S; I CAM COVef? f\ glK OlDM'T WANJT DISTURB / I'VE ASKEP AMI? ASKED / BOTH OF THEM TO TAKE THE I WOBBLE OUT OF IT, AMD I > CAM'T" SO AT L.EA&T THEY'LU / TAKE OFF WHAT IT DOESN'T I MEET? BEFORE THEY'LL PACK. V IT AROUMD VE^V MUCH.' OH, I DON'T OdOW-1'VE &EEKJ THEM , DO A LOT OF TO GET OUT OF A UTTUE.' TlHAT WOULD g& K\& (JEST SET-UP «..«, w », Ml. CHAMP.' WMAT THIS CMIOC-CHACK. A60UT JUNE UAVINO AWO'HEE PUV- MATE LISTEN TO FtrrCK MUBPER THAT BAG ' The Telegraph 9 * Daily Radio Chart 5 111 11 U '6 7 40 M«w»; Rhythm td B*»W» M rWW 7 M4rtUl "«**= 148 ***<» « "«:»<«*-.. _^. r«m by fke ike «' 14 f** A) WlJfKt It4wi LaOftl 45 One tUn'i r«mlr« w H*IU ol tf» M»eterv •M Oiidenie*»e tee Guy 43 Songt af Prtut a j. »^ij apuru J Mln. with God ADae Newt HIM* Curt aUieet Thontu Nt«N •part* fttrt Nit Concert Kr. Jeelt «MU Club tl rim n«« Popular Munle Bob ooddart sue*** Matto Newt SporU Toda* family Worthl* Builnts* Report Btf Town Of ChrtfrlM Oreei) Hornet •III meKot- Oraek tfomufl atutf* f B«t ait wary -j. Ure Browns vs. Ben. Concert H«11 9 iM Silent Men :15 'flO City Portrait 43 Melody r**lter«_ Close of Day New* Open Bible MM «k»HM Blrtl CfMbf Oebrtel HeiH*f BporU tt New* r*mllj Theatre SporU Quit Dimwit Interview C«rd« vi. Brave* Addrew by Ike tun (MufMrtr rttnk CdWiM* Mutual Newtreel Oen. Ike 11 f > New* New* of VTotM Platter Penife ._ 80 Mew* •13 Platter Par** -»n New> Or«t *1 N*wi Barry Fender Music Ma«en New* Abide Wtu Me New* ma** Murrow: Sport* Health Aid* You * the World Dance Orch B. B. Roundup Croeby Show By MssUirppI Concert Favorite* N«w«: Orch. Orchestra Headline* Dance Orch. Merryma»*» Muiclal Score* New«; Patrol Dawn Patrol Thursday ^fi Mff :00 New* -•15 Chapel :3o Time it Tempo* •45 Newt Weather Town A Country Stoottev Mkt* Farm New* Newt and Weather Concert Newt and Weather Country It Sanri** Halute Mki Tom Sporu. Newt •unrlM Newt, Mud* -00 World New* •IS Weatner Teneo* 30 Tlmetablee •43 Newt Newt 9took«y Bruce Berrtnfton Stock., Concert Saered Heart Meditation Hvmnt Munleai Reveille Chapel Window Bruce Berrln»tot) Break fatt Club Nancy Newt MelodT Newt Newt: Salute Maale Newt Stock World New* Croeby «nf* New, B'rtrt CTub *' Newt Rex D*»U New* rred Moe«le Weathet ••». Bd WU«on New. Newi B'fa.t Club World New* Clock Wetcher Club Vardt Quiz Chapel of Air 1 :00 Welcome Traveler True Storr :J5 40 Double Nothing Vhltperln* Streett •49 Afalntt the Storm Rllh Adv. In Faith Human New* Student Devotion Themet of A|et Arthur Godfrey Serenaden Ihoppen' Guide 10 11 12 al 2 00 Strike ft Bleb :1S ! :30 Bob 01 Ray 4S o*v* Garroway . Lone -Toftmev Newi Treak The Bank Symphony Newt Mutle of Matter* Grain: Serenade Woman'i World Grand SUl Rotemary Ladlet Fair Queen toi a Da* Newi; Guide N»w» , HI. Nabor. Newi HI Neighbor Meet the Band Gueit Star Harmony Houie Barfaln Countaft •00 Newt Weather •15 Kate Smith .•30 :45 The Menjout Jack Bercn Victor Undhlu Kitchen Club Betty Crocker Melody Jutt for Wonun St Loult New* Open Bible Newt Concert Melody Lane Warren New* Aunt Jenny Helen Trent Our Gal Sunday Recalllt * Win Shopper's Guide Willis Balltnger Shoppers' Guide News Lou lee PersonaUttee Qulc New* Playhouse Party Newt John Conte Hal Frederick! Concert New* Minute Repot* Markets Master CfefM :00 Mueller, News :15 New In Store* :30 Doctor's Wife :«_Judy A J«ne_ 00 Life Beautiful -15 Road of Life -30 Pepper Vount :45 Matinee Melodies The Common toad Music Ap Hour 2nd Mr* Burtoei Evelyn Wintert Perry Maion M. Marx. McBrlde Vie Mmone Nora Drak* Piano Portrait Brighter, Hay World New* Curt Meteey News; Luncheon Ma Parkin* < commentary Luncheon Date Young Dr Melon* Bandstand Rerue Big 8)»t*)r _^ Farm Hour Luncheon Luncheon Date Newt Record Shop Curtain Calf Ladles Be Seated Sacred Heart Ask Me Another Hilltop Houee Native In rone Grain Reoorl House Party Bin* Cro«by Program for You News Frank Parker News Treasure Album C Smith Newt 4 "n Backstage Wife :15 Stella Dallas i:3o Wldder Brown :4S Woman in House Plain BIU :15 farrell -.30 Lorenzo Jonee :45 Bidder Up Hal Fredericks Moments-Hasten New* Bible songs stories Curt Ray Recital Haden family Dental Society Records Travelog Guiding Light Tom tHIJey News; Bandstand News Bandstand TODS tn Pope New* DeJtar Scroes; Bandstand Concert "td~Wll*o« Ed Bonner News Ed Bonner Chamber Music re ti ma Roaary Song Shop Child's Album Open Bible Serenade News: O'Brien Curt Ray Lee Adams Ed Wilson Scores; Bandstand News Dance Tim* Souvenir* Navy Band Melody News; Records Record Report Scores; Records Teen Time Tunee TELEVISION: KSD-TV Channel 5 WEDNESDAY 9:00 P M.- Wrangler s Club 5:15 P M.—Space Cadeta 5:30 P M.—Sportsview. WutiMr 5:45 P M.—1 N S Telenewt 6:00 P. M.—Ike's Speech at Abilene 6:.'ii P M.—Those Two «:45 P M.—Newt Caravan 7:00 P M.—Kate Smith 8:00 P M —Television Theater 9:00 P. M.—Where The People Stand 8:30 P M -The Big Picture 10:00 P M —Arthur Godfrey 11:00 P M.—T V Theater THURSDAY 7:00 A. M.—Dave Garraway 9:00 A. M.—Prologue to Future 9:15 A. M—Arthur Godfrey. 9:45 A. M.—Your Surprise Store 10:00 A M.—Garry Moore 10:30 A. M.—Strike It Rich 11:00 A. M.—The Egg and L 11:15 A M.—Love of Lite 11:30 A. M.—Search for Tomorrow 11:45 A. M.—To the Ladles; Severin 1:00 P. M.—1st 100 Vears 1:15 P M.—Homemaking 2:00 P. M.—Big Payoff 2:30 P M.—"Give & Take" 3:00 P M.—Kate Smith 4:00 P M.—Hawkins Falls 4:18 P M.—Rust David 4:30 P M.—Howdy Doody -i i^W ^ ^JSfiktO) •*& i V V "M - -f~- ^^( N^H..^ =^ yfr(^o\v<. i C4RfNIV/\L By l>i«*/c fin tier 'What I can't understand is the government talking about freedom and full employment both in the same breath!" New Zealand's volcano Ngaur- hoe. last active three years ago, ame to life early this year again ifter some weeks of gleaming and sh-laden smoke shot 6.000 feet nto the air. Read '1'elegraph Want Ads Because "there are more essential things at the moment." Australia's Postmaster-General announced an indefinite postponement of plans to introduce television there. Crossword Poker Answer to Previous Puzzle P HORIZONTAL I high straight 4 Kpuse 8 Kind fif poker 12 Not (prefix) 13 Fencing sword 14 Emanation 15 Make lace edging 16 Walking unsteadily 4 Festive occasions 5 Atop 6 Missive 7 Permit 8Old Persian coin 9 Spoil 10 Italian river 11 Shakes, a.s a dog its tail 17 French 20King of Crete (legal) 2J£ 8 .!L roatteri 23 Stepped 24 Sad cry 22 Heroic 24 Wiles 26 Haul 27 Provide with weapons 30 One who lends 32 Christmas tableau 34 Each 35 Weirder 36 Oriental coin 37 Old 39 Actual 40 Formerly 41 In favor of 42 Twit 45 Sacred tunes 49 One who screams 51 Summit 52 Ancient Syria 53 Flock 54 Age 55 Depend 56 Angers 57 Place VERTICAL 1 Poker stall* 2 Fuel 3 Amuse 25 Heavy cord 26 Lees 27 Converts into steel 28 Australian ostrich 29 European blackbird 31 Card game 33 Mistake 38 Engraver 40 Foe 41 Wades 42 Russian ruler 43 Land measure 44 Russian sea 46 In this plact 47 Learning 48 Petty quarrel 50 Greek letter IT UP 10 w BT T m w W w w 20 10 n W RT Telegraph Want Ads Click! Showing 23 makes of cars. Britain was the biggest single exhibitor at the recent international motor show at Geneva, Switzerland. A The statue of a British Comman. do will be urn eiled shortly near the spot where Commandos landed Nov. 3, 1944, to liberate Flushing.

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