Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 23, 1912 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 23, 1912
Page 6
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6 THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER, WEDNESDAY EVENINO^ OCTOBER 23.1912. will speak in =AT= A. o. y. w. 8 O'clock E^verybody Cordially Invited BiiPELT HID BECIPilOGlIY INSINCERITY AND DEMAQ0GI8M OF THIRD TERM CANDIDATE 'SHOWN. WHY HE SHIFTED POSITION Ewing's \$ale! I I will >pll at i'liltlir Auction on my farm i miloN liisl Jinil lU inilo xiiilli i of lulii, iir lU miles soirtli «ii tin- Klectric K. |{, I'imcT II< IUM>, «II Wcdncjsday, Mo^er lOth, 1912 nr|E :innhi|; at 10 o'riork ii. tbp. follonin^ dosrribcd proportj: He Not Only Favored Reciprocity but Wrote Pretldent Ta« That Ho Firmly Believed In Free Trade With Canada. HVK HKAl) IIORSKS .\M) MILES. 1 T-yoar-old bay horse. \vt. I2ii0; 1 T-ycar-oId brown raule, wt.ll.'.ti; I 12- y<!ar-nlrl bay niul<', wt. lO.'.O; i l2-yo;tr- <>!(! bay maro. wt. 10r»0; 1 bay iiuire. •At. 1200. IS IIKAI) FINK HtH.STEIX (ArrKK. This istlic riRht kind of dairy ^;ll)ok for t!i>» fariniT. One i>iiro Iiri-d yoarl- iUK bull, with iMippr.-;: 1 s-3c:ir-oId Krado (•i>\v. giving milk; .1 4-yo:ir-old piiro bred cows. K'^int! milk; 2 jomini; 2 y.'sr old piiro bred heif'T.s with calf; 3 c-!iii;nu' 2-ycar-o-Id .irriidi' l.crf.Ts wi;!! '-•aK; I l<'-!i.ontlis old pure bred licift-r call; 1 l-iiK.nihs-olU luirc bn-d bull calf .Voiie of llic abovi' |ni:i- bred (•:(Ttli- art' rc?;fst<'rcd oxc«?pl the bull i!l IIFAII (»K SKI.KCT YtH Vti SlllJOr SHIKK SHKKI'. Nil".*' bvvM 'dins cwcs, coiiiiiii; yi'ai.- old; > cwf laliil's; '.\ wtithi'i' lamiis t 1IHKK >S, Trl{KJ:VS V\U m t KS. Ki>;hty-ri\i' j.uii- lr<-<\ \\'t.:t<y U.>. k ciii;-kcn»; I.". iii!.\>'d chicken-; I' IJronsi' tiirki'vs. ("Id :.nd youii:;: :i IHI:>- bri'il P«'kJn duck.-^. VKHiri.KS AM» IMri,KMK >TS. one .sprin.i; waKoti; I sinj:!-' bitiiiiy; 1 wheeled wa^-on; I li.ti.dy rariii iriick; 1 Oallo«ay manure pjiread'-r; I Moline fian?; plow: 1 walking jik w; 1 :;-.-ecti"n barrow; I di.-k .-v.r.fT.: 1 •iisk cnltivator; 1 ii->tu>vpl eiiltivator; I eorn idantor witli rods cli".-k ttire; 1 May rako; 2 bay frames; 2 old cai- riajie frames; 2 junk mowers and ! jiink Deerinfr binder; I wauon >>r sro.k scales; several Imndr-d ;;o<'d walniir posts; 2'"i-pound platform scale.-. I Km ! Mr .1. P. Van P.dt visited Sunday 1* UAYAUU. (HiiMa Hell .Norrlcki. Oct, 22.J A little ill tl MC'iil't^r this wivk d ihos<' wlm have apples icv pid, .'-e vvishiui; get-thorn taken car< ! ivie they ftwto..* , Anhiir Worly an<l ".v N,>rrick look.dinner Smulay wi. Fnd and CJydc Porter. ;Mrs.? .Vorrick .-md d^tti.chter Hulda «t".covnpani<»d Mrs. U. l" l!est (o lola to take the train (or Lamar. Colo. land Moiid:iv with his son Will Van •< IVlt. .'.ispcr .Morris .iiul «ife of Ciltuwa s"'nt the last pan of the \v<vk with 1 WiU I-,.;! irih. CIrantlpa l)unla|< spent S;'.nird;i.\ and •iiday ;:t l>ra Dimlap's. i\c>Hiri of. renter Valley schvH>! lot the I 'ionth ondins October U. l!«12 .Number enrolled :W; tintnlHr not ab- .•jcnt IT: miniber not tan^v S'!; nuinlh'r neither absent nor tardy 17 .\11 the patrous are conlinlly invited to visit our St'.hool and inpp>'ct our schc.o! wotk—Lola 1. Stnith. teacher. PKAIKIK IIAl.l.. (Mrs Frank M.versi Oct. 22.—Sntidav school .'Xery •'The Center Valley and Osnjte Val- (j.iy. prearhini: every two weeks .ii Uy ball teams had an excitinc halljvlevtn o'clock; Kpworth l-eapiie ev- game Friday in which Osa^c V.illvy ory Sunday ntphl. Rentenil)er r.•lll.^ won by tho .<=coro of ."i to ! . day r.e\i S>.in.1ay. all d ;:y session. , 'Mrs. Donlap and two dauRhters otjCome siui brinp your d\u-,.r and be ^•tiayard attended Mrs. Dunlap's moth- '. pree;iri .1 to help. f«P*8 funeral at Oarlyle Wednesday. • D.ivis onteriaimd ilic .\liss<-s ;Martha Norrick, who has Doti U,". ..r.u Kitzpatrick of l.aHarpc. •werkJng at Georsc Warren's rettil last. week, home Sunday. . ' > tuiKPan. Sam Cain, Gertrude ;.Mr, and Mrs. Frank SigW •..:'.•;.'•. and Uussell -'Vndruss were ; SiiBday at A. P. Rijrgs. i isitiug home folks over Sunday. ' l..vdia Murruy ami Utile Shcrrill l-.f Wabnilst s |M 'nt sevenvl days last week at Frattk Myers jind other iri.'uds- in the uciRhlK>rl\wd. Kiith Keller stayed , Wedm-sday' ninhi with Mrs. l»avJs. .Messrs Keller «nd Knintjt made a business trip through iKirts of Km\- sas and Missouri Jast wtvk and tnuletl ilK'ir farm nosir Ualesburs. Kiutsjis, tor tx farnt near West VMains. Mo, and c\p<Ht to njove then- in the near future. Mrs. Venable and Mrs. .1. .\ndr\iss Were on the sick list last week. ! ANuil tweuiy-Uve friends and neijth- imrs spent f-Vidiy niRht at the home i>t .Mr. .1. Keller. The o<'casion was lh« , l-inbday of .Mrs. Kellar and also the ni'ildins attttiversary of the host and hostess. A very pleasimt evening was lit in social chat. Refreshments were served. ! Mr. -I. nuKpan and Kliuer were haul iMt coi.l for the !iclio(d hoiisi' .Monday. ' Frank Myers delivered <'orn to L JI- i Mav)ie last wet>k. i Frank Myers and family. Karnest '. .Myers and family. .Mrs. Archie Cili 'ii' ri and Grandma Myer.'? went down to .Mr. U. A. Ewings Saturday, iiut- .Mr. Van Camp's mother visited him , ii tew days last week. I .Mr. and' Mrs. Davis spent Sundav ; V iih .Afr. and .Mrs. Keller. ! Mr. Porter the Baker apent was I I raveling through thid section last week. L.ost—Beiwe<n KiMiiore and the .1. R. Andiuss home a small bundle con- W> E, Newcomb GOOD THINGS TO EAT! 1 N. Wash. Phone 161 Our Prices Are Right our flch'veries are right, our groceries arc right Call on Us Carljfle visited home folks .Suiulav and 'attended the services «t <'.c. I.;:;' I ChU8. Dicfterson and :; .iv.... sj ':;•. Saturday and Sunday with relatives in Humboldt, n. Dickcraon and son Clinton drove over to Colony Monday morning. STO.NY Ft)l>T. (L «1 R McParlnnd.) Oct. 2-'.—.Mr. and Mrs. tnias. Kitz- iiMller and Airs, .folin Tillery of Piatt county arrived Monday in .Mr. Kitsmiller's new car. Mrs. Itavmond Harland und <-bildreii laining one yard of wor.-^i.-d dress „f Western arrived last -Mon- ;oods • Finder will receive many Thanks by returning bundle to .Mrs. .1. R. Gladys .Myers called on .Mrs. Cusic .Monday afternoon. Oitoottlsemborecvi, jca. fir?otiicrsof ccvu>ticatiT0 elites, mndpr9»90t ifciiM mt ij !• «^c0 wHS &tVi- e* '.i.'t'ittfbomxs asaocrtVTrc'n trt oppocil* aay atyl* ^ atOicHaauT sdectxi (T .U. C '. < J tffi the Unn* of th'- cc:t <;f r ^rkiBc'czimM AnmtlM CwitofS'.ciiecku:-. <.',c:k fc>oiui4 c.'r.rrnc::eusir 'EXPENSE itenasX •ad rccclre yccr choice if tH »e :!..--.e l>o^^: ! fff ttp fl4.0G '.--''-re i: i-tra,'; :? t*:ff snnoTJmfaiert 'sfrrirndaytoday.) M fitlfej* ' '•"""'^ ' ' • "'^^ |';!>liihid vy the oriipnal -fib- « 'iyllPmaME'll*'^J ^ •' • < Wfi • dv.ti—virv or by their soccessors, ^ .-pi;-...'-. . . , -intcli - • .-,' p:.''-:, v r-i <dt:es and cornsrs < Il " .- V •• .--s-.-nl!:t?. thrrt ' .. -'^ :'"."••"•::} 2 IS su .i.- - ' . , . 5..: ., I E«^O* - t'.e J.;: t •. - : ; • -). : . s' —• t ' | •» irecjtivc {.::- .cnr--' «.'' V---T .3 ari tha • yOlU J ••*rCMiHkd; hc-z' 9re nups acd «. ccdpr p'a'.c?, r.. ir by r ;. ! v co-.nt ihtion-by the wortd'e :.i ):!•.!!•:? I ::ivcfsi'i{^; i* bot:nd in 4] :..M-. r;..'-i<-1 H pcia on back and 2 edncationa I .at-JtlilS olHce i- ..--.t_ •'i ; '•. ' t ••J r A , i :•: r'lrn c'.jth twnd- f1 •!:.vreJ in cold «] •• ! I'i-a-: • has 'jicr ,.v. t=t s'i irtth •Onare eora. _ _ CwMficJT* Coupscs «ad tk« 3J> :--.:hK "• • •-— _. EXPCCM 48c i STAK mSTttUT. (S. M. Dickersotii Oct. Hr—Mrs. O. W. Bracli of Pifjua p. Ill a few days visiting at this place J : before going to her new home at Mc- '"ook. .\'.*b. I ri. .M. an4 L. Pickerson have re- I I overed a part of their cattle. They ' ':re located near Wastphalia. 15. Dickerson has been gathering day for a."visit with her parents. .Mr. and Mrs. S. 1). Brandenburg. Mr. and Mrs. AII MTI King of Ulue Mound visited their cousin Wallact? Hall Sunday. Or. J. C Mcl-augblin will bav. a publi'! Fale October 23. Dr. Horace McLaughlin has a n<-w car. Miss lia Broughton look dinner after church with Mr. and .Mrs. Phillip VoUmer. Mr.. Henry Vollmer spent Saiurd.i.v nighi and Sunday in Bronson wl:h his children. Wm. Rrou£:hton lK)ught a horse at .ipples on the Henry Hauna place I.j,^ Ke'cham sale ; Cclony. They have some fine ap- j vv.iy„p Thompson has moved on Hammer McLaughliii'g farm . .Mrs. L. J. Dickerson is in Kansas ' ny visiting her son Will and her brother C. F. Matlooir, 1 .Mr. and Mrs. Albert Pearson visit<>d 'MT S M . Dickerson's Sunday. Bert Payne lost a fat hog from the at last week. riint Dickerson aiid wife of Spring- i.cld. III., arrived last week for a visit v.ith the former's parents, Mr. and • /'.rg. B. Dickerson. Connty Superintendent Myler visited the school Wednesday. lAjfc and Austin McFarland were in lola Saturday. Wm. McFarland has sold his farm in Osage to Mark Cubblgon of Mii- dn>«l. This is F UJI Festival week at the iL E. church in Bronson. . Scveial from this neiciiborhood! went to Mr Stafford's to Ret apples. ! Mrs.'Francij Pavson was call <Mli of her I -Margaret and Lowell Pearson drove Over to -Veosho Falls Saturday for a | here Mcndav bv the dc.->th ^ i.sit with friend* ! brother Mr. 'Wallace Hall. Mr. and Mrs. John Wilson spent | Jr.-. Wallace Hall di-d Oct. 21 at Wednesd-ty night in Colony at Ih^ir S:l<) n. m.. after a long illness. The .-on Earl's. I fi-naral will be held fi^om th.- Baptist Misses Bertha and Jeanette Payne. chur..h In Bronson Oct 24 His familv •. i.'ited with Dorothy and Ruth Dick- I erson Saturday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Pearson visited with I j friends In Neosho Falls Sunday. ' Ed Powell and family from near has the sincere sympathy of the entire community. •'•Si m * —18. 95, $12.95, J16.95, $20.95. $24 S.-. Prices for Suits at the New York Store. Although reciprocity Is now a dead Issue. It Is worth while, for the enlightenment or those who oppose President Taft for his endorsement of reciprocity, to recall the position taken by Colonel Roosevelt upon that question. Mr. Roosevelt favors free trade with Canada and was an ardent! advocate and supporter of reciprocity ! until he found that lU endorsement would not help him in his third term race. President Ta^. while he was considering the qiiestlpn of reciprocity, naturally consulted with ex-Presldent Roosevelt He knew that Mr. Roos^ velt had been president, that he waS familiar with the subject and that he was. at that time, a good and loyal Republican. When, In the coprse of a lengthy letter, he asked Mr. Rcose- vr.lf8 advice, he reviewed, both sides of the matter In Impartial fashion. Mr. Roosevelt's reply was not'Only a full endorsement but he went so far as to advocate absolute free trade with Canada. Mr. Roosevelt wrote as follows: Roosevelt for Free Trade With Canada. New Y'ork. Jan. 12, 1911. Dear Sir. President: It seems to roe that what you propose to do with Canada Is admirable from every standpoint. I firmly believe in free trade' with Canada for both economic and political reasons. As you say. labor cost is substantially the same In the two countries, so that you are amply justified by the platform. Whether Canada will accept such reciprocity I do not know, but It Is greatly to yoiir credit to make the effort. Ever yours, THEODORE ROOSEVELT. Not only in his letter to President Taft. but also In speeches Mr. Roosevelt endorsed reciprocity. At Grand Rapids. Mich., on February 12, 1911, he said: "Here, friends, in Michigan, right on the northern frontier, I have the peculiar right to say a word of con- ^alulatlon to you and to all of us tipon the likelihood that we shall sOon have closer reciprocal taritt and. trade relations with the great nation to the north of us." .\nd In a speech before the Republican club of New York city, delivered on February l.t. 1911. Mr. Roosevelt gave emphatic endorsement of President Taft and reciprocity In the following words: "1 wttnt to say how glad 1 am at the way In which the members of the club hero tonlirht responded to the two appeals made to them to uphold the hands, of President Taft. both In his effort to secur<« reciprocity wlt^ Can.tda and In his effort to tecuro the forilflcJtllon of th(<rra^.ima canal." Explanation Oot« Not Expllln. In the of this record Mr.-Roose , velt now explains hi* antaKonIsm to ! reciprocity by snying that he did no*. I fttliy understand the proposition and I endorsed it under & mlsreprtaentatlon I of its details. Mr. Roosevelt's explanation Is un- i worthy of consideration for two rea- I sons. In the first place, a man In I his position from whom advice and suggestion had been sought by the president of the United States ought not to admit having hastily endorsed reciprocity without knowing what be was doing. As'a matter'of fact, Mr. Roosevelt's letters and speecJies ^ above quoted are exactly in line with ; his record. i More than this, Mr. Roosevelt's explanation Is an insult to the intelligent voter because In his letter to President Taft he says, "I firmly believe In free trade with Canada." This Is going farther than President Taft ever went, because Mr. Taft's idea of reciprocity was to obtain valuable consideration in return for concessions granted. Roosevelt's free trade proposition if enacted Into law would break down all the barriers between Canada and thf? I'nlted States and would cause tremendous tliiancial loss to An.erican farmers. The fact Is that Mr. Roosevelt was heartily In favor of reciprocity and of free trade wUh Canada until be made his tour of the west J^efore the Republican national convpntlou. when he found that reciprocity was unpop ular. Then he shifted. His pres- «'nt attitude demonstrates his xitter insincerity and shows that be Is ready to do anything to catch vote<^. He Is ready to endocve anything that he believes is popular and to coi^demn | that which he thinks Is tinpopular '•. without regard to his twn convictions I or wise governmental policies; The [ manner in which he has snddeitly re- > versed himself in the hope that by; so doing he would gain a few votes Is 1 an example of demagogism thoroughly typical of his character. It Is also Important to remember, that If a Democratic president should be elected rectprocttyi with Canada would soon be an acqpmpllshed fact Inasmuch as t^e Democrats in the house of representatives«voted for It and also voted against-repealing the law which had been passed: Democratic reciprocity - Js the'kind that the Olinailian nei«si>ap«ra° are hoping ' Canada will secnrt, bepansa It will, jir. and Mrs. G. W. Adams to mean that Canada wfl] get everything Coffcyville this afternoon to attend from the United States and give noth- \ I'nited Brethren conference. Af- Ing in retnm. . i ler the conference they will go lo —. r— —During to visit a daughtr. ^ HAKNK .S.S. ETC. Two ^e;s fioiibiu work liarness; 1 set. sinsie (irisiir.; baines.s; 2 saildb's and bridles; e.xtra collars, straps, etc. IKHSL'HOLI). ItVlltY AMI IITIIKK A KTK I.K .x. • One Majeslir r,-!nle steel range; I largo ice ;io\: I liarre'i ;inirn; 1 wa.^li in.i; niacliine; I .\o. ( .Sharpless separator; 1 -i-boitl"' I'.abeeck milk le-t with acid and sample bottles, complete; 1 ^-^al!'ou niilk enn; 1 l-pallon :nilk lan; f 21<'-cg.c Cipiiers ilpcnbator. 1 Cipiiers brooder; I liielessbrocwler;- wire feedini: crate.-; 1 2-borse power Demsfer sas engine; 1 block and tackle and 7.". feet 3 ,-inch rirpe; 4 hay slinks: ITT. feet ^^-Inch l.ay rope; !7.'.- !b dinner bell; 2 feed tnmiihs; 1 sickle triiid.r: I apple parcr: I foot-pow- 1 ;• i;rind ,-'Mn.>; 2'. gallons vinetar in lai'.el; 1 ;-.i .^.crat.'; t wa.:;(m !:o,t crate- 1 lull.' sl-.r'.te: rlar-^o iron-t overed le,-i l-nv; v><"ii. iiiinher. l.i'Mer. woven wii'- ;'en>in.e; T"'' fe.'t and 1 and 2-inch iron pipe; iron l:i'<!i V'-st.-. ,-iniI railiii--., :<^)ls; oti; laint; 2e-i;;'.Ui>n eopver lie;- rie; cralii sacks; iiiail-l">x; clamps fur sireleliing woven wire feni!e. roiie arid ;ii{iley: wire stretcher and many olbe; lis.'fu! articles. BFK .MATKUI U.. .\b (:i ;r $2ii w <i -r!!i of .\ I. Hoot'.-, b'-.. Tii.-iteri;'.;. iii.Iudic:; d'<ve tailed hive-, siipe.!:. li^'.e s !ari'.-. -f.'e.brs. iranies ' n :i:!i. II\v \M> «vi:\iN. ' bales 1 lover l.ay: 2 " l :a !es a!- iiay; tin bales tow-'ea iiay; 2'" ti'Ps eace in i)!^ -.i(ic!<s; 2.''i i>:isliels eiirn in fi<''i!: I'.-l'.i-<-k? VA: alxmt t arre.- stain.ill;: a 'ia.Ta to be cut ioiirtii lime TKRMS OK SM.K—-Ml sums of $|itini and under; ca: h in h.:nd ..Ml sum.-! ovei- $10.00. a credit of 12 mouil.s. will I)e given, piiif-luis- r jzivitij; note with approved security, bearing t!'; interest from date it' I'Uid y,!i.!i •'.•M.-. "if not paid when duo to draw lb'- froi:i date of sale. I di.-"":;i; l«r lash on credit sales. No property to be reiiioved until settled loi (01,. niAS. KI^iHOP. AHclioneer, J. 11. CA-MPRKLL. Clerk. LUXCK ON Till-: GROt'NPS WAUIS EWING J. 1). AKNKTT. President JOK .llrUlM.KV, I'ii.shler J. K. .Vn.'ll, Vice-President. K. V. Mtt'LMN. A>M. Cash. COLO.VKL J.A.YYO.Y. 2nd Vicc-Prc-idcnt. State 8avjn§;.«<i CVPITAL S2 .-.,0IMI SUKPLIS *2..-.f.O lOLA, K.VNSAS Wo Pay Iiitorest on Time Deposits and .Savings Accounts. Safely Deposit Boxes Free to our . . , I Customers.. ——• I I ' I I — lOLA STATE BANK Capita] Stock $25,000.00- Surplus $r2..100.00: WE PAY INTERlkST ON TIME J )i:POSITS L. E. RORYII.LR, Pre*. Xf. S. RArF.WAN. ^n<i TIee Pr**. • J. H. r .l.HFRELL, r .i^Mer. A. W. BErR, TIre.Pres. F. «. BF>SO.\. Jis«t Carklor !• JBIFETI, OEl'USIT BOXES FOB KKST. xnoa H. Bomrs, rmident J. r. SCOTT, CnAltr Allen County State Bank lOLA, KANSAS ESTAKLI.SRKD A QUARTEB OF ,l^(E-NTCRT. Capital . Sarplus . Deposits . $30,000.00 . $40,000.60 $550,000.00 niTEBEST PAID OX TI.tTE DEPOSITS SAFETY DEPP.SIT BOXES jt'UR^^^fZ m NORTBRUP NATIONAl lOL.l, KANSAS OVER FORTY YEARS OF lONSERTATlYE RAXKI.\0 IX fOI.A Deposllory for the I'nlted Stutes State of Knnsa.'i. aqd Allen Cotinty OFFItEKS: •E J. -MILLER, President L. LI NORTHRUP. Vicc-Prest .MELVIN FROXK. Cashier F. .\. NORTHRITP. Vice-Prest U. J, COFFEY Asst. Cashier D P. NORTHRLP. Vice-PresL CAPITAL $50,000.00 SURPLUS $20,000.00 YOFR nrSlXE.SS SOLICITED IiitQrci>t PaM OB Time J>«po.«its . Safety ]>rpostt Ii <Nce» fori. Beat The SalT.ition Army. We will have Rummage Sale at 214 W ..Madison .«freet on Friday and Saturday .Ml kinds of clothes. Come and we will help you The C^'minand- :n^ Officer. LIEt'T A PEOEKSON. .\st--ent Delo.s Clark. Oectric Wiring! Done by e.ti«?rienced men. Prices reasonable. Canfield &«Thontpson With "the L. H. WHshard Hdw. , Phone 39. A BesbhT. Wiuit Ad. Wfll fiettt.

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