Covina Argus from Covina, California on June 13, 1908 · Page 5
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 5

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 13, 1908
Page 5
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local Events. Miss Beatrice Wilkins is the guest of her aunt, Mrs. Jdhn Brunjes. Wanted—5 foot Kilefer cultivator. W. W. Nuzum. Itp L. H. Souther and family leave next week for Longmont, Colo., 1,0 Mrs. E. P. Rice has been visiting friends in Los Angeles and returned home last Thursday. Mrs. and Miss Myrta Sturtevant are guests for the week end of' Mrs. A. R. Evaus. Tbe Y.B.D. Club will give their last dance of the season tonight iu tbe Womans Club House. Mr. and .Mrs. J. H. Matthews have returned from a short sojourn at Catalina. A. L. Barker, an old friend from Iowa, was the guest on Wednesday of Rev. and Mrs. Paul (J. Stevens. Miss Charlotte Green of Elsinore is paying au extended visit at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Carnahan. Mr. Geo. Feuler of Long Beach was a week end guest at Orange Park, the home of Mr, and Mrs. G. A. Mounsey. Mrs. Wm. Harder of Portland, Oregon, is paying au extended visit at the borne of her daughter, Mrs. Geo. Hazzard. Now is the time to get your buggies and automobiles painted. The best of work done at low prices. C H. Kistler. It Chester Fairly, son of Mr. and Mr. I. C. Fairly, will spend the summer at Lake Tahoe, having secured a position there. Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Menefee were guests of Mr. and Mrs. B. M. Given on Tuesday eveuing and Wednesday of this week. » J. D. Moffatt has accepted a position on his old railway, the Omaha & Nebraska,and will shortly leave for the East. Mrs. Moffatt and her daughter will stay iu Coviua for the present. The baseball game on Saturday between the Covina High School alumni and the present High School team brought out, a .large and enthusiastic crowd of rooters. It was a closely contested game but victory at the final rested witb tbe alumni, the score standing 9 to 8. Mrs. H. A. Ransou of Colorado left for her home on Wednesday evening after a pleasant visit at the home of Mrs. G. N. Atwood. Mrs. Rauson, who is a talented artist, has been spending some time painting with Gertrude Este.rbrook, tho Pasadena artist. Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Bowen and son Jnincs of Goldfleld, Nevada, are Kue&ts of Mr. and Mrs. Geo. B. Mc- Laugbliri, the ladies being sisters. Mr. and Mrs. Bowen have come to Covina for a period of time to place their sou under ostoopathic treatment witb Dr. J. C, Goodell for paralysis of the throat, there being no doctor of osteopathy at their homo. W. H. Collins will commence on Monday the erection of a handsome home on his property on Cicnega avenue, near Charter Oak. The house will be a two story Elizabethan bun galow, with beamed and cement exterior, after the style of Ann Hatha- way'fi home. It will bo tho first of its kind in the vicinity and will be finished about tho first, o' September. B. A. Etcheverry, professor of Civil and Irrigation Engineering in the State University at Berkeley, was the guest of Messrs. Kellar A Thorn - asoti Saturday. Mr. Etcheverry was here studying the irrigation Hj'fiterns of Southern California and expressed himself as highly pfen.sed with the trystem and appliances used by thin firm.. The stork thin week visited deputy Sheriff Geo. W. Van V]iet and his wife and left a handsome nine and a half pound son. This bounding boy was born in Pomona, on Tuesday, June 9, where Mrs. Van Vliet is at present staying at the home of her sister. Mother and child are doing well and in a lew weeks the family will move into their beautiful new home on Navilla Place, just eonth of town. The liev. and Mrs. Harry White left on Thursday for Pasadena, whore they will be the gu.-sts of Dr. ,J. F. White, bri.thi'i of 'he ion;:<r, until Muiid;.;. in -.1. V hi I" :ii.»i nt I lit y atunded '.he ','.•••!.ii i:u v.l.irh !;,'.k place t,n Fi ill;;; at tl.e hi.n.e (;i tl.i- bri.le, Mi-a iJrxisy While. .-i -n-i >:l i ui Covii.a |:i-toi', and 'i' Par!: I'jii'.n of Pasadt-na. 'I tn- <•> ii-n.. .1, v WH*I |.i i forn.ed !> l)i. Mrl.e'.ii, j a - tor of the Firnt f'n r!, j I < i i:ui Ch'.irii for sale. safe for quire of A good second hand phaeton for sale. $'25.00. C, FI, Kistler. It The children's dav exercises at Mu> Baptist Church have been postponed I till Sunday, June 21st. Lisk's Sanitary Roaster. Got one and enjoy tbe luxury of meat well cooked. Fabrick's Hardware. Miss Evelyn Fletcher is the guest iu Los Angeles today at a reception given by Miss Josephine Dunkellber- ger, a fellow student of Marlborougb College. First class family driving horse Useful for all purposes and women or children. Eu- B. L, Reynolds, Rowland avenue, near Azusa avenue. It is desired to call special attention to ihe faot that tbe high school baccalaureate sermon will be preached tomorrow evening in tbe Presbyterian Church by Rev. W. G. Conloy. Mrs. Grouse and granddaughter, little Norma Baker, were week end guests of the former's daughters, Mmes. Boll and Parks, of Los Angeles. A merry picnic party consisting of Mr. and Mrs. Phil loo, sou and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Cooper and Miss Kennedy, Mr. and Mrs. Fitzgerald and Mr. and Mrs. How land, will spend tomorrow in Fish Canyon. M. C. Coltriu has commenced this week the erection of a handsome five- room bungalow on his property on the Wells tract. W. Center street. As soon as completed Mr. and Mrs. Coltrin will occupy their new home. Mr, and Mrs. Gus Nelson of Workman street wish to express their sincere thanks to f,he kind friends and various church denominations assisting them in many ways during the recent serious illness in their family. The meeting of thn Auiphhm Club will be held this eveuing at tho home of Mr. and Mrs. B. M. Given, having been changed from last evening on account of the oratorio, "Tho Holy City." James Corbett, blacksmith, has erected two commodious tent-houses on his ranch property on Gladstone avenue, and he and Mrs. Corbett have moved into one of them this week. The other one will be occupied by bis partner and family, Mr. and Mrs. Trimbell, Mrs. J. O, Houser returned on Saturday from her northern trip. While absent she visited friends and relatives in \Vatsonvilfe, Santa Cruz, Stockton and other Northern California points. The trip has proven beneficial to her, returning much improved iu health. Our local dentist, Root. P. Updyke, D. M. D., who during the evenings for the nast six weeks has been preparing a large class of dental students in Los Angeles for their examination before tho State Board ot Examiners, completed th« course yesterday. Of tho class prepared by the doctor last year only one student ] failed to pass tho required examination. The annual Children's Day exercises of thn Sunday-school of tho Christian Church, held last Sunday evening, were of more than or- jdinary interest. The large audience room of the church was crowded with hearers, arid almost a hundred chairs were required for additional Remits.* About rlfty boys and girls rendered a missionary program entitled, "Cross I and Crown," and an offering of more | than 8*;0 was taken for the foreign work. Tho next meeting of the Farmers 1 ' jdubwill bo hold .June '20 at the home of ,7. J. Maechtlen, a mile. ! and a half east of town, a little north | of Puentt! street. Mr. Maeehtlen is j an earnest, horticulturist and biw I grounds aie noted for the ran: specimens of cacti and many tree*-! I and plants of uncommon oemi-ence. The speaker ;jf the day v, i! I he : Ralph 10. Smith of the Pathological i station at Whittle,'', who will give an : addrosH on "Tho A. li.C. of the Botany ot Citrus Trees. " A cordial in vital ion is extended to all, whether members of the club or not. The Woman's Foreign Missionary Society will meet next Wednesday, Jui.e IHth, at tho borne of Mrs. PittH on Cottage iJrive. at - :!!t) p.m. It. will bean open meeting, Humuiiiri/- ing the year's study. Under the general theme of "Benefits conn-m d j !>y Missions," the following ladies | will develop tho various topics "li'-athen and Christian Worship,' Mis. K. A. liich; "Condition o and Children, " Mis ;'' "I'hy.-ical fjili.-i OUR AUNTS: Warner, Wiibel & (o. Brown & Bohri Pomona Sanitary Laundry Guaranteed piano Sheets, PomotiB, tt. tuuhiR. L. E. Por Rent, Exchange, Lost, Found Miscellaneous. ' For Sale— Seed potatoes. Inquire ! of Austin Warner, Covina, Cal. tf ! Rooms to roti!-—See Mrs. W, C. illibsch, Cottage Drive. Mrs. F. J. Herwick of Pomona j was down visiting friends this week. ! The Green family, who have boon renting the Cook house on First street, are moving today to Ontario, j Mrs. Sarah Mntney has received the sad news of the death of her aged father in the East. » The Sunday-school of tho Christian Church is enjoying today its annual picnic in Roberts canyon. Mrs. H. O. Mace of Charter Oak has returned from a visit to her sis- tor in Long Beach, much improved in health. Mr, and Mrs. John Overtoil, of Napo, Gal., are here visiting the hitter's sisters, Mrs. Martha Hibsch and Mrs. J. L. Matthews. Mrs. Thompson and Miss Margery Mono-fee of Los Angeles, spent the week end at the homo of their brother, Charles Monefee. Judge W. P. Marshall is now tho proud possessor of an automobile. Speed maniacs will govern themselves accordingly. An article of merit, (Jilmore Grater. Used by Mrs. Wheelock. For sale at Fnbriak's Hardware Store. Price 15c. Guests at tho home of Messrs. Rail! and Rubie on Sunday last were the Misses Laura Smith and O'Brieu and Mr. Gregory Perkins of Los Angeles and Dr. Radcbntigh of Pnsndenn. William Dalin and children leave on tho 16th for their Eastern home in Ohio. Mrs. Dalin preceded them several days ago. They will return next fall. Guests at tbe home of Mr. and Mrs. E. P. Warner on Wednesday last were Mrs. Carl Warner and three children of San Francisco and Mr. and Mrs, R. Baldridgo and two child- feu of Los Angeles. • The Argus acknowledges wiUi thanks complimentary tickets to the Senior class play, "Capt. Racket," in the Womana Club House on Wednesday evening, June 17, 1008. Tbe public are assured of a splendid production. Mr. BOM Thorpe will inovo into his beautiful new homo on tbe corner of Ltirk Ellen and Cypress HVODIICH shortly, as it is now about, completed. This house is built entirolv by tho owner of* reinforced concrete, in mission stylo, with red tiled roof. Tho interior has hard wood floors and every modern conwtnionco. The windows are in French stylo, opening into tho Hpacious poticos. In the rear is a terraced pergola with cement pillars and eucalyptus cross boams. Everyone should fake the opportunity to see this beautiful dwelling. The beautiful new i'ronb.vtei inn Church prc'snntf.'d (in umvonti'il KCOIH; of beauty last Sunday evening as tho soft light shone down upon tint lavish floral decorations and the bright upturned faces of tho I'O children, who gave the excellent program which was published in our issiio of last week. Every ii'imbcr was faultlessly rendered and the omigrcgat ion WIIH delighted with the solos by Mr. \VcllH, who will prove a welcome addition to (,'uvina musical circ.leH. An address was u'iven by thn pit"- tor. tilt! He\ Paul Stevens, who, t;ik ini.' as lii'-i !.(•>:! "Ai.d a littlr-child shall lead them," urged thn parenlH to copy the example of the children and he regular in altcii'lancd at the services of tho church. For immediate delivery of stable manure see F. E. Duddotar. For Sale Seod jmtatoos. Tiu of Austin Warner, Covinn, Gal. tf R. E. MissoldiiH 1 will deliver hay. call up phono (14. tf For best dewberries and black berries for canning, see O, C. Willoughby, Covina. Sl.yO per crate. Nitrate of soda in any quantity imuii'diatc delivery. A. M. Soeloy Covina. t f FOR SALE- -A wall tent, complete and whole. Used part of one summer. S. I 1 . Jcnnison. tf. Cement blocks, 8.x 1(5 inches, for sale by D. E. Stites, the cement man. Pricas tho lowest. FOR SALE--- Sweet potato plants. M. E. Zug, Irwindalo. Phone ill 17. tf For Sale — Comfortable, five room residence in lino section of town. $1800. J. H. Matthews, FOR SALE at a bargain if taken at once, a modern bungalow. Mrs. A. Merrill. 1 t For Rent, — Furnish* 1 '! rooms with or without board. Mrs. E. E. Pitts, West Cottage Drive, tf For Sale- -Buggy and harness In good condition. Sec Marshall, the barboi, tf For a stylish hair cut oi 1 an easy shavo patronize tho Aaher barber shop. Baths in connection. tf Buggies repainted and revarnishod from 85.00 up. Surreys SMi.OO up, Autos 810.00 up. G. W. Marsh. Hfivo your rubber tiros Hot by Wilson's rubbt-r tiro setter, tho only ouo of Its kind in tho valley. tf. Place your spare- cash in the Covina Valley Savings Bank, a saf« investment at 4 per cent. Window awnings and porch curtains p'iit r nn very reasonable by C. H. Kistler, tho painter, Phone lil. It Wanted — Man to run wagon to peddle farm produce. Good thing for right man. W. S. Root, Covina P.O. (J-ti For Sale- — Rambler runabout automobile, iu good running order, nt a bargain if taken soon. Call at Argus o/Dco, fcltp Japanese man wants work HOUHO cleaning, gardening. Henry T««n- bata, Second and Badillo streets, Covina. U-'21p Strayed Away -- Ono gray mare. almost white, weight nhotit 1 '_!()(), fine made in good condition, heavy build. B. F. Miller, Chiuo, R. F. D. 1 or call Progress olllco, Pomona, ll.p Tularo land I-M'IHOS oranges, all kinds of fruits and vegetables to perfection. Come, up with us on j Friday and HOO them. J. II. Miit- , thews, Covina. Phone fiOOij. | WE CAN COLLECT .v«ir slow and j doubtful accounts, ii" fen without | success. Address MERCANTILE I LAW CO., It'll Summit Ave. 1'asa- 1 dena, (,'al. lip i FOR KALI 1 : 1(1 acres of rj.year I old liiivelH, '. in. id Imiihi' and other improvements, A /usa water right, I III) shares. Will take cnliagei in • CoviiiK.. Price # 1 '.', OUO. TorniH. ! A us! in Warner. FOR SALE fj room IIOIIHO aii'l 1 aero laud # 1 •!",(), (iood liir.iiii-sH pr'ij'O'iji ion cheap. i The MnoHi. corner in (..'nvinn for in , vestment. j Two loin DII Cenler street &li<(i(), 1 eiiH.v lerniH. j fj ac;irs iiiiU'li in good condit jfin, Sale of Milliner v. Millinery goods 1 al reduced prices to make more, room for ne c v side walk. All trimmed halt; will ho soli] per cent. Black and white fcailorn ; way from o'Oc to 81. .Mi. Children'^ hiiad l -,.i! Children's flops ti'j Flovu-ih: 'J ll the ii beaut itul fi ncre, ImclH, pood hoilK-.'-, clof-e in, el,< ii[i. Money to li;an hi lov.i-M inles. COVINA RI'.ALTV CO., < ''HI k iV / JnughiH. Woodmen Unveil M(*nunientH. Tho Cc.vina ;md "A'/uiii» fmnps, VVooiliiii-n ';i the, 'A'i,;-'l, iinil(-i) Hud iliiy in II,' n ;n,i o;il MMIIM inl MI \ li'i-r, ;it the Odko'.il' (•<-!(,'•!(•; v. l''i,nr JliOIHl !I.('|||M .',1(1: llll'."'i|l-il V.llll lip fi/i [ri;i(i- I'KiiJ ins ; 11 r. •: c(-i eiir.n jet. A i,,i,in.' Ihein v.n- I).'! 1 '.I II,i- 'Ic ci,•!,-<(! .\i-i(.;hh..r, J.. W. Ill-it' i. .'.ho diiil : loiih^ !h<- .yeiu :il I j |i ii'h.i ii, tii.iii i-i,ii*-,i.n, Jjt joij. 'J 'lit- ill ti-ndiiiH'e i.t iiiMi, hi i •, JHi'! f i i( ' ,1 I he oi 'It i !;n i -.cei'.]! ') th;jt. ot ;n,> j 11 . lon-i 2 W 5 * THE Covina Peoples Store (iNCORI'OKATItn) OUTFITTERS TO THE WHOLE FAMILY • We have the agency for the celebrated Without doubt the host ranch shoe mi. the market. Ask the tnau who wears them---ho knows. Hlack or Tan. IHncher.Ciit, low Tongue. Kionilyke ICvcle C. F. CLAPP Razors for Shavers For Big Shaders. For Little ShaOers. Razors to USK. Razors that n'ill cut fuzz or bristtas and keep sharp. Any style razor, any size razor, heaOy or tight razors. Baby razors, Safety razors, or the deader kind. EXtra blades and otttra handles. Any price Iroin ilflc to JJ.Od UKTTKK LOOK, YOU SI'K Y and MAQH SHOP MANUFACTURERS OF GENERAL MANUFACTURING Thoroughly (-Equipped for All Classes of Machine Work Ivsth nates Fiirnihhed. KELLAR & THOMASON Shop and < M'ficir opposite H. I*. Depot Home I'honc. 2H'i ('oviua, ('al. COAL The Summer l^ate for Coal is now on. Secure your fuel for the winter and avoid a possible coal famine. SAN GABRIEL VALLEY MILLING CO. BEN F. THORPE CliWIiNT CONTRACTOR Miinufiir.t nrcr of CEMENT IRRIGATING PIPE l> to ,h i in. lir-, in ili. i uii'tcr General Cement Work of All Kinds ^s a S|irr,!;i Ity I Yard, \Ve->l ( V|/K •-.-. AVMIH: TAMP V>/^/'lr ' nn '' IKM <;l TilK SA:; ( ' A|1K "- 1 - ••ANVUN SI.I.M- Ilim i.iiu'. .vloiinm i n , ;. i>- Ii nr n-^v with no troiiM«- to . .ill Ii tin- limit ol i|.,'i(. Arl-l r. ,-, <;i HI ,; ki ni^n Ki-->ort Co., A /.lisa ( .1 1 . , 01 I ' >:< k .( ud.i 1 1 ( , < , ' :->';ii i it S|<i inj; -. 1 1 > <.'t , 1 ,0.1 A u;;i p |it i.

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