The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on April 28, 1892 · Page 8
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 8

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 28, 1892
Page 8
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HUTCHINSON DAILY NEWS, THURSDAY, APRIii 28, 1892. THE MARKETS. MONEY ANI» HTOCKS. Nr,w YOJIK, April i!H.—|Stoek letter furntahcd l>y the Kansas Grain ivtid l»ivo Slock company.]—There were a tfood mnny Wall street people at the Windsor l&Kt evening and there was a ripple of surprise over the ltoston telegrams confirming the success of the directors' ticket at the Union Vncific election yesterday and later by the announced election of S. H. 1'. Clark as president, but Ounmnck and other personal friends of (!eo. J. Could were not in the least surprised. What the effect will be on Union Racitic stock remains to be seen, but no important movement is expected either way. There is a big short interest in the general market. The stock brokers say especially in the grangers, which have been sold largely on demoralized rate, and the bad crop prospects. There is likely to be u big light in the national cordage stocks, and powerful bears have begun to sell it for a long campaign. The Rric statement for March is a very good showing. An increase in gross of $lKl,<)f |0 and an increase in net of f .M ,00 <i. The Missouri Pacific has gained since January 1st, 8M)4 ,D00, and the third week iu April shows an increase of »12,(HI0. The Stockholder this morning says that while a rally in prices may come any day it looks ns if lower prices all around were inevitable as the market is bare of stimulating conditions and influences. Atchinon, Topcka and Santa Ke. :i4Vj. Missouri l'aclOc. Mil,. Rock Inland, H:IV .St. Paul, 77H- Union P.icillc, 4M. Western Union. H1H. Stiver. H7\v C)tu Alio. April 28.—|Special advices . received by the Kansas Grain and Live .Stock company]—WIIKAT—It is tolerably evident that the anticipated bull market hn* taken nn indefinite vacation. Certainly it has been nowhere visible to-day. The cold wave appeared cm schedule i time, but it hud little effect. A week of zero weather might temporarily arrest the short selling, but the average trader has unlimited faith in the recuperative energies of the future. Liquidation in May wheat is doubtless the chief clement of weakness. The longs don't want it delivered to them and as the short interest has been mainly transferred to July the demand for May has been greatly circumscribed. Crop conditions favor a better murket, but it may be necessary to export a good share of our wheat stock before there will be widespread confidence in the long side. COIIX AND OATS.—The May clique is thought to have sold out most of its holdings and the new syndicate that has taken a considerable share of the recent sales is thought to have dumped its line to-day. Hoth corn and oats have been heavy where strength was expected. I 'lioviRioNs. —The rally of 4U cents to 50 cents in pork proved to be the top of the market. It was doubless due to covering by shorts, and as soon as that demand ceased the market gave way. The folIowlnR Is the range of prices for actttc futures'. Open'd Higirt Low'st Clcm'g. WI1KAT. May St SO', no?; July M% m?i SUV, so;; cons. July :»i :<»•» :!«?,; :io March ail an :is« :IH>; May 41'i 41'4 40'* 40S OATS. July w 3 7 Si '•it 7i May! •MX 38H 'JS POHK. May (I B7» i I) HO » 40 ill 4'„>M July 0 711 0 80 11 HO 1) 0!!g i.Mtn. 1) 0!!g May.., • U U 2»H 0 20 0 20 July.. 11 !12M uao u :io KIBK. May r> or, (1 IIS July • ft HO •ft HO r» 7.", WHKAT-Sleav; No. caah N0«c; H0?ic; July HOXc. COHN—Lower: cash :iRV4(0/-lOc: April May 40V: June anjsi-, July :i»c. OATS—Wasy; No. -2 cash 2H>jc: May-J July 'ilhr. IrfKSSPOIIK-Casli *0.42',i; May JulySU.OSSV I/ABD-Cash K1.22W: May ta.M'i'A- IH .ao (rii().:i2«. SHORT KlUS-Oash J.j.05; May g. r >.(l*>; »5.7.1ffl>r..77' / 4. HYB—Weak; No. 2 72c. llAUrjEY—No. 2, nominal r>H@(loc. ,KLAX SKKD-No. l.nulct; f>7«c. 1'KIME TIMOTHY SBBB-llnil, 81.i HinTER-Stwidy. KDGS-l.'iplilVic. May 40c; BJic; I2«; July July ST. LOUIS, April 28. WHEAT—Generally lower; cash H8!*c; May 84!ic; July IDHc. COIW—Lower; caBh IlHHc; May iltl.'ic; July nnwCoauvic OATS—Kasler; cash audMuy HOr; July 27Wc. l'OHK—Kinuer; inbblug, JlO .'JIi. LAKD-Nouilnal; |(1.0.1. Kakiaatt City, KANSAS CITY, April 28. Nothing was done this morning la wheat, corn and oats. BUTTKlt-Steady: 20®2:ir. KGUS—Firm at lie. U AY—Unchanged. FLAX SEBI>-Unchaiigeil. 1.1VK STUCK. 11UTTEK—In demand. Creamery, 2">c; tlncst dairy. 20c; line dairy, 15c; common, 10c. EGGS-In demand. Oc. POTATOKK-Choicc, r.ofl,nr,c. APPLBS-Sl.006H .2ri per bushel. ONIO.VS—In fair demand. Red. 7 ">r. per bushel; home grown. Spanish, S1.2r» per bushel. CAW1ACJK -Fair. 4c per pound. TUKNIPS—In dcuiaud. ,')0c per bushel. BERTS—Steady, .10c per bushel. SWBET POTATOES — Plenty. »1:00 per bushel. HAY—Haled. S5.O0IB>r>.">«l loose, »3.00©4.00 per ton. ____ (inilti. WHEAT—No. a soft 7",c; hard «r,c; No. 3 soft (17r.; hard 02c. CORN—2Hc. UYE-No. 2 6SC-. No. 11 (10c. OATS-24C. l.lvfl Stock, CATTLE-Steady; mockers »2.2 ,">(il>a.80; feeders »2.2 .'"><aa.aa; fat cows and heifers in demand S2 .00(a"00: fat steers 83.00® a.oO. HOGS—Steady; vrRgonn. tops. Sa .7.">; car s;u>o «>4 .oo. SHEEP—In demand; sa.7i)@4.00. Poultry nntl 'Willi Game. CHICKENS-Chlckcns Sa.00@a.r>0 per doz; chickens GVic per pound; hens tic perpnund; roosters 4c per pound; turkeys 7c per pound. GAME—Wild ducks in demand SI. 00 @2 .00 per doz; pigeons In demand Sl-00 per doz.; geese Sl.OO&l.SO per do/.. OOSSIP. ^Vheat receipts in the northwest: Uuluth, 148 cars; Minneapolis, 243 cars. The weather in the northwest is cloudy and 35 degrees above. The storm' yesterday scattered the ice which until then had choked up the harbor of Duluth. Thirty-two vessels which had been lying outside for some days got into port and eight sailed out carrying between 700,000 and 800,000 bushels of wheat. The thirty-two vessels now loading will probably take about three million bushels. It is claimed most of the big stocks of wheat at that port are owned in Europe and by eastern exporters, and will be moved out as rapidly as possible. A SHorrr SERMON. Borlubbed 'mvMlern and sistera, d« •nbjectob (liselH'tiiit's discourse am nba- rici;—in other v.-ny.!.. stinginess. DarV lot-i nn stingy folks in ebery kernmnity, ln-^ \n west case of abarice obbor I been . vt wa* dat of B man in Alabama. lie tried tor pawn a coat ob tar and fvddiTH dat Imd Vieen presented ter him by his noighbors. I h.'is hcered ob auudder case dat was nios' as bad. A chile drank about a pint ob koroscno by mistake, and bis rnudder, who was a mighty close oonmn, ran a wick down do chile's froat and used dat infant for a lamp. Yes, breddern and sistern, dar's a gen- nermari ob my erquaintance who am afeared to buy a lead penceil, bekase he can't lie pullectly shore dat de lead reach clnr fru it. Dar's n man libben in western Texas who Paris greened his tater bugs ter doff, and den ho raked up dar carcass and tried 'em ont ober a slow firo in order ter git do Paris green auten 'cm ter sell it back ter de drug stoah. Do stingy man allers miserable. If he walks around be triinbles when ho remembers dat ho am wearin out his shoes. Ef he sits down he wares out his pants, and dat makes him wish he was dead. Fashionable folks am not all berry cx- trimignut. Ef yer looks into a ballroom yer kin see for yersclf dat do wimmen folks cnt things down gess ns low as possible. Some ob de rich men am as close as de closest. I read in a paper dat a faithfnl workman, engaged in some kind oh extra dangerous work, hurt his hand mighty bndly. When the doctor w»« Lendin ter de hand do foreman camo in a hurry and says: "Sam, what -.inte was it when yergothurtV I wanter know when tor dock yer wages." Man ain't de only stingy animile. Hit's true, man will run arter a dollar, but de dog will run arter a scent. Heahl Hcaht At de same time I don't berleeve in a man bein too generous, for de horn ob plenty will soon empty onless hit's corked wid ertonemy. Don't be .-stingy wid what don't cost yer nuffin, sich as perliteness and good adwice. When you tun in de temple ob de Lawd yer should cast nsido all stinginess. Don't lv like dat feller when he is asked ter siu^ Die Hundred churns off Ninety and Nine, bcknse ho wanted ter make t per cent, anyhow dese hard times. Deacon Snodgrass will please pass do hat. Remember dat de Lawd lubs a cheerful gibber.—Texas Sittings. WORKMEN AT HARPER. Kaunas (lltr, KANSAB Crrv, April 2H. L'ATTLE—Receipts 1.H00; shipments 1.200; steers were active and strong to 10c higher; I.'l .a&®4.ri0; cows active and strong S1.U0® a.05; Blocker* and feeders active and Wrong to 10c Metier; S2 .00 (a3,80. HOGS—Receipt* 7,:i00; shipments 2,500. active, stroma and &c higher; all crades »4.10ia4.M); bulk M .aMM.W. SHEEP—Iterelpts 1.700; shipments none; quiet and steady to weak. Ohloniro. CHIOAOO, April 28. The Bvenlnft Journal reports; OA'ITLE-Kecelpts 13,000; steady; nearly entire decline of Monday regained and especially on medium grades. HOUS—KeccintH 25,000; steady to strong; rough S4.2i-KfM .6il; mixed, J4 ..-)-,©,i.(|-,; heavy |4.(i?i «il4.70; light $4 .05 (654 .70. SIIKKP— itecclntN K.00O; slow anil weak; undt-scribed lots lower. Mt. I.oula. ST. LOUIS, April 28. OATTLE-Hecelpls 700; steady. HOUS-Keccipis 2 .r.00: steady; fair to choice heavy $4 .ri54i4.70; mixedS4 .00(&4.65; vorkers 84.60®4.UO. " SHUKl'-Kecelpts MI0; steady. UUVVHlNStHI MAItKKl'. I'roduee. KLOUK-Highest patent, S2.40; second patent, f 2.S0; extra fine 12.00. A Plvannnt Trip tc Hie "Little Woadnr" l>y Memt>erif i»r No. 77. About twenty persons from this city wont to Harper last night to attend a meeting of Harper Lodge No.'sl, A. O. 17. W. The party in .'hided the initiatory crew of the lodge here, which is known throughout the state ns the crnck crew of Kansas. They were, joined at every stopping point along the line of tho Hutchinson and Southern railroad hy members of the order intent on going to the Harper mooting. The delegations, or visitors, were met at the depot by members of Harper lodge, who took them to the leading hotel of the city where they were seated nt a tabic ladcued with the fat things of which Harper is noted, preparatory to going to the A. O, U. W. hall for an exemplification of tfce degree work. At the ball twenty-eight candidates were in waiting to be led inft> the mysteries of the Workman lodge, and none of them were allowed to go away unsatisfied. Hoth degrees were conferred upon the army of applicants, which, of necessity, took until quite late at night, or rather early this morning, after which an elegant banquet was spread for the visitors. A number of toasts were responded to. and all went gloriously pleasant. There were present at the meeting, members fnvn the following lodges: Norwich, No. I'M : Argonia, No. 171; Milan. No. 340; Atchison. No. 137; Kingman, No. nil: Capital Lodge, No. 3; Hutchinson. No. 77: Cherryvale, No. ill; Anthony, No. 2U0: Coolidge, No. S21, and llluff City. No. 220. Among the candidates for Initiation were a few from Anthony, Kingman and Argonia, who wanted the degree work conferred by the crow of Hutchinson lodge, No. 77, and there seemed to be no objections ns to the effective (?) manner in which it was done. The boys returned at noon to-day, each one speaking in the most commendatory terms of the cordial reception given them by the members of the various lodges present, particularly the members of Harper lodge. Along the line of the Hutchinson and Southern road between this city and Harper, is to be seen the most beautiful prospects and satisfactory conditions, as pertains to crops, etc., that has been seen at this season of any former year. Eveything looks promising. Lndles' Columbian Club. At a meeting of the executive com mittee of the Ladies' Columbiau club, yesterday, the following committoes woro appointed. If theso ladies named will meet with the club on Wednesday next ut 2:30 o'clock p. m., the work will be explained to them. The committees are: Decorative Art Needle Work—Mes- dameH ,1. L. Penny, Hoffman. Cremer, (ien. l.'pdcgraff, Whitclaw. House Furnishing—Mcsdaiucs James Redhead, C. II. Winslow, D. S. Alexander, Gleason, Frank Colladay. Fine Arts—Mesdames 11. W. Underwood, Templer, Beard, E. II. Yi'ilcox, Miss Xfallowell. Antiques—MeHdames Alice Myton, McKay, McKec, Anna Zimmerman, Miss Malcolm. Patents—Mesdames L. A. Bunker, Dr. McKce, Fontron, nr. Hutchinson and Sowle. Press—Mesdames W. VJ. Moore, Else Hart, K. M. Watson, Henrietta Wall and Fletcher Meridith. Literature—Mesdames Paul Richardson, Wilkinis, Lovcl-.tcc, Will Daggett and Miss Tina Adams. Statistics—Mrs. James St. John; Modern llolieiDla. "Worse luck to it; hero I've gone and taken a room, and now I perceive that it hasn't a fireplace." "Oh, that's simple enough. Come and warm yourself A my lodgings. All you have got to do is to send your coke here. That will anyhow save you the espouse o£ a stove."—Nouvelles a la Main. Speed. "Baptiste!" "Monsionrl" "Whut's tho time?" "Half past 2." "Saperloto! Go (mick and fetch cab. Train starts at 3.85." "A cab? But there won't be timo!" "Two cabs, thenl"—Charivari. Notice. The following named ladies uro earnestly requested to be present at the meeting of the Ladies' Columbian club, on Wednesday next at 2:30 o'clock p, in: Mrs. Somorvillo. Miss Ll7.7.ic Digger, Dr. Comstoek, Mesdames E W. llouscr, Saddle Lewis, Hoaghvud Kate Urooks, Fontron, M. Watson McKiustry West and Uowmau. Notlc'M—Teaeli«r«. The county superintendent requests those living in tho city, who intend taking the examination Suturday, to come to his oftlce to-morrow and register unit pay the required fee—one dollar.. Ho expects a large number of applicants to be examined Saturday, and to register to-morrow will insure an earlier start. Mat Hawkins, fire chief, went to Wichita with the Woodmen to-dnv. RAW AS BEEF-STEAK Baby's Fearful Suffering from Skin Disease Covering En Uro Body Cured by Cutlcar*. > Hy baby win takin very ilck when h* «w thru ni-jutha old, wid la • feir aa/a began breaking out. U r a employed bath of the £ome doctore, ana Uicy i' mid do nothing for hlra. Then we eent for the jjit doctor In IbtoD Baplde, Ulch.. and he doc~. i , ^ tored him for two -week*, and h« B"t woree all the tlmc- Absolutely Purs. A cream of tartar baking powder highest of all in leavening strength.— Latest U. 8. Government Food Report, Miss Fannie ttannga, Mesdames — E. — M, llouscr, W. F.. Hutchinson and Bordeaux. Live Stock (including Keen and silk worms)—Mesdames liadley, D. .1. Cole, Frank Martin, A. L. Forsha, tieo. Cole. Dosmestic Affairs—Mesdames Irwin, E. S. Handy, Frank Mitchell, Charles Collins, Chapin. Charities and Church Work—Mesdames J. 11. Vincent. Chas. Hall, C. L. Uowmau, 3. It. Talbott, Sadie Lewis. Music—Miss Lizzie Bigger; Mesdames Somerville. F. Wolcott, Humphrey, Hlascocr. 1 iiiprovDiiients. There is to-day more bnilding going on in this city thau there has been for the past two years. If any of our readers will take the trouble of driving over the city they can see new buildings going up and old ones being remodeled on nearly evcrj§ street. A NEWS reporter called on Mr. DePry today and found him up to hiB eyes in work, drawing plans for new buildings. The reporter noticed plans for a handsome cottage to be built by Judge Fontron, on Fwelftb street and a large two-story house by Mr. Pet Nation on Sherman east. Mr. DePry informed him he had several more new buildings under way and also plans for the remodeling of several houses that arc already erected. If improvements have any significance Hutchinson is in a prosperous conditiou. "OUR PLEASANT HILL ROUTE." The MliMuuri Pacific llallroatl Com- Attention is again called to our Pleasant Hill route, the opening of which was announced in July 1890. The new line reaches some of the richest and most productive portions of the east, and furnishes to the public facilities and advantages not obtainable elsewhere. An unusual number of the leading cities of Missouri and Kansas are located on this line and the counties through which it passes in Missouri have, a population of more than one-third the entire state. To those desiring to take a pleasant trip east our Pleasant Hill route offers un- cquealed facilities. We beg to again call attention to the fact that we have the most direct line to St. Louis, and all points east. Our train service is excellent and avoiding all transfers at Kunsas City. Our rates are always as low as the lowest. Information cheerfully furnished. 5-5 P. J. LEIMBACU, Agent. CATARRH CURED, health and sweet breath secured by Shiloh's Catarrh Remedy. Price 50 cents. Nssal Injector free. For sale by A. <fe A. Drug Co. Mile.*' Nerve and Liver nil*. Act on a new principle—regulating tho liver, stomach and bowels through the nerves. A new discovery. ' Dr. Miles' Pills speedily cure billiousness, bad taste, torpid liver, piles, constipation. Unequalled for men, women, children. Smallest, mildest, surest. 50 doses 25 cents. Samples free at A. & A. Drug Co. A beautiful head of hair is tho pride of women. And person can obtain this by using Jicgg's Hair Renewcr. Sold and warranted by A. J. Raum- hardt. and then I took him to Jackaon, to a doctot who attend! especially to akin dlaeaaea, and tben ha aot woree than ever. Then I told my huiband wehad better try the ODTICCRA lUnmia any way; did not hare any Id™ they would do any good, butinleeethi,!, two monthe frora tlio It ma wa be ran (trim them to him ha waa entirely wall, and not a apot on htm. Ilia hair begun groitlni right off, and we thought he would ulwaya be bald-headed. There waanotaapot on lila whole body, face, and head, only hie noae and cyee, but what wae aa raw aa beef.steak* Bo poor tliore waa not anything but bonee, and ao weak be could ralae neither hand nor head. Use. FitAHK BABOBTT, Wlnfleld, Mich. Call at my store and convince yourself, make a grand clearance sale of shoes, as I carry them in stock in future. We are going to give away a handsome dinner set of dishes to someone. Come in and see them. The Golden Eagle Clothing House. No. 4 South Main. A. MINCER, PROP. I will sell my stock of Shoes Kg 70 CENTS ON' THK DOLLAR illf^fi i I Mean just what I Advertise. I am going to do not want to Important to the Invalids of Hutchinson and Neighborhood, During my stay in your city I have taken those who have been blind, or partly so, and restored them to sight. One old man 70 years of age was made to read without glasses which be has used for thirty-five years. Any persons calling on us we will give names and introduce you to those people who have been cured by "Actina" when all others failed Remarkable Core or ffrigiita I>l*ejaao ami Rlinniatlam, After Twenty-three yearn or Gonetant .Seflerlnlr, HIMI CSlven oyer to lite ur Heversl rhyalalane—Let the OoctorH Anawer. HlQOINSVlT.i.K, Mo., March 31, 18H1. To the Suffering Public: I feel it my duty to give my testimony in regard to my ease, that others that arc to-day suffering what I hnve suffered, may, if they will, live again. About 18fir> 1 begun to surfer pains about the kidneys and with rhuinatisra and have gradually grown worse. I have been under doctor's care for over twenty years, but (rot no relief; instead grew worse all the time, and I was finally advised by my doctor to go to Hot Springs, as they could do me no good, and, in fact, gave me tip to die: and I felt that I could not last much longer, as my case had developed into Bright's disease of the kidneys. I was losing my mind; I could not cat; in fact 1 was dead on my feet, when I happened to read Professor W. C. Wilson's "ad" in the Kan- in less than ten hours, aud the next day I did not have a pain. I slept well and ate heartily. My bowels worked freely, and to-day after a trial of only one month, I am a well man. Thank Uod and Professor W. C Wilson. Yours very truly, A. J. MAHHV, Higginsville, Mo. Subscribed and sworn to before me this illst day of March, 1801. [Seal] E.NOS FOJUSMAN, Notary Public. REFERENCES TAKEN FROM AMOI^TENsl)i r THOUSANDS. Rt. Itev. Louis M. Fink, O. S. 11.. Kansas City; Kan. Bishop Gssher, Reformed Episcopal church, City. Benjamin F. Holmes, ex-Mayor, Kansas City, Mo. Judge Henry P. White, Criminal Court, Kansas City, Mo. Scott Harrison. P. O., Kansas City. Lon V. Stevens, State Treasurer, Jefferson City, Mo. Kcv. M. J. O. Dwyer, Kansas City. SisterB of St. Joseph, Ml Tracy, Kansas City, Mo. Charles Bnird, Manager Midland Hotel, City. f will give 81,000 to any physician who will produce such references. Listen to your i doctor and die. Wear Magnetic-Conservative Garments and live. Dr. Lewis, City, Physician. Charles Moore, Ilullene, Mpore. Em- cry & Co.. City. Col.'L. E. Irwin, Irwin 4, Eaton Crockery Co., City. I. P. Randall, M. D., S31 Or7i!lestrcet Kansas City, Kan. .1. .1. Helm, lielin Brewing Co., City. Kev. I*. Mnurer, Church of the Sacred Heart, Sulinu, Kun. L. E. Downs, Gage, Downs Co.. Chicago. ,1. L. Bedfern, University Club, Washington, D. C. Br. L. S. Skinner, 41 Bourbon street, Now Orleans, La. A VALUABLE BOOK FREE On application. Contains treatise on the humon system, its disease and cure, and thousands of references and testimonials. Tew York and London Electric Ass'n, Manufacturers. DR. F. B. ROBINSON, Manager. BRUNSWICK HOTEL, HUTCHINSON. HIGH GRADE FURNITURE AT LOW GRADE PRICES.) Cutlcura Resolvent Tho irtw blood *nd Skin Purifier! and great*!t »t Humor Remedial, cleaniea the blood of nil lmpurl- ;iua and poUoooui elemeDU, aud thus remove* the c 411*0, while CUTICUIU, the great iktn cure, aud V.''JTICUIU HQA,» va exquisite akin bcBUtlQer, clear :hu skin and acmlp, and restore thelmtr. Thus the '.;VICUHA IIBXBDISB cure every speck* of itching, •nuiUugjtcrily,pimply,and blotchy akUi,*cttlp.ttim Mood alieuee, from plmplee to •croful*» from niawj to *ge t when UM but phyalcUai tall. Hold ererywhere. Prlee, Otrrxotnu. Wo. J BOAV, :"<;;.; KiiOLYixf, 01* Vibp*rcd by tho POTT*a \r_WQ *tNV CaiXICAX* CoaPORAT'OW, Boitnn. **f Seud for " Bow to Our* Blood l>ia*aaei. Ill DV'C Bkin and Boalp purified sad bettuUQod DAD! 0 by CUTIQTJBLI. UOJJT. AbwluUljpure. RHEUMATtO PAINS la cw« mlamta thai Ootleara Antl- Fala VUaaat nliara* rhaomauc act- atlca, Up, Hdaaft ehaai. aod maanlai paluud waakaaaaaa. Wai,Ma. Buy Furniture At M an uf act u r ers* Prices, At Home. Bed Room Suites, Parlor Suites, Folding Beds, Dining Room Tables, Side Boards, Rockers and Chairs, Picture Mouldings. IN LATE STYLES AND LARGE ASSORTMENTS The grandest improvements of the age. Do>'t fail to see them. Gunn Combination Folding Bed and Windsor Upright BeA, H.W.WILLITT. Corner Main and Avenue A

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