Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on July 14, 1903 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 14, 1903
Page 5
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m IS "^-*"*^qsia^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^ f#^^^^^^^^ Sale Will Confinue A S you knoW we are not in the habit of giving special sales of any kind. We have been with you now four years and hav^ never done any ^ sensational advertising, nor have we'claimed to give you goods at cost and less, but on the other hand we have always talked good goods at legitimate prices, a^d always stand ready to make good any article purchased of iis if it doesn't prove satisfactory. And now ;we find, through being fair with the peoj^Ie arid having a host of appreciative cuitomers, that we have outgrown our present quarters and must; have more room. Next week theicarpenters will commence to remodel the room on the south of us and tear out the partition, which will give u^ a room just twice as large as we bow have. This we will get in shape about August ist, and then with a stock twice as large as we have everjhad. we will be in fine shape to take care of yourwants better than ever before. We give this sale to get the odds and ends out of the way before-ye tear up, Read the Following Items of Interest Broken lots of Men's Suits, lino; HIa<;k Clay Worr^teds and Fancy, patt.Tns, all ^^rool. stylisli suits, sold ;it • Cassimero Suits, Hold at $10 and Il.DO. | at ?1.2o and 1.50, Clean up price §12.00 to 13.50. Clean up priw • Clean up price ^$2.50 $ 10.00 JBoys' Knee Pants Linen Suits, sold .50, Clean u] $1.00 All r.Oc str^w Hat? i;o at 75 pair of Odd Pants, black clay Worsteds, fancy stripe VVorst^fls and ""^r, V-'T - ~ - Homespun and Flannell Coats and I Worsteds, lancy stripe vvorst^fis and Good Underwear, black, pink, blue ^^^^j eloi?ant$10 valu.'. Cl^.an up ! Cas?imeres that sold at 2.7^ and and plain colors, at - - I 8.00. Clean up pride $2.00 <izes 21c A lot cf good $1.00 work Panl«. all ; asc $7.75 Good 5i)c Umlcrwear, all kinds and sizes, at 40c Men's Fine N'egligee Shirts all sizes and colors at 45c Unlaiindnod jWhite Shirts pure; r3 linen bosom and bands, a first class 50c -31 shirt for 2 40c I 3 3 Men's Suits: 'several diflerent patterns and shade&'j sold at $1;! to 17.00. Clean uy> price ; $12.50 SHI CLOTHING COnPANY. LACE CURTAINS pecial 'elling Odd pairs and all on: stock of Cartains at closing oat prices. Come and look them over, we think we can S0it you. THE PEOPLE'S STORE PLAYED HORSE WITH MINERS. lola Toyed With the Bunch From Missouri—Should Have Been a Shut Out Game. .limmy Rouhiir. took hi? o.isf ycs- (• r.l.iy aiul l>r.t for a IwliMo wnni.l h:n.; <h \ii ilio .loitliii biincli oi;: 7<M I'. A li.ijo on ii.iii.- i :.TVo a r'lnni^r lift' .nnl In- s<S)r.'i! fri >«i ihini v.hon he ^-h•-^tl^l li:iv.- hi 'i-n roiir.'.l. but the ball wa* fiiuihk-il. I; th<-> ino.-i littles? panii" uf ilio y. an<l was iiovor cliir^". Hvil MtiMiMi, I he irrror nf irt02. wn.« loiKlml uji fur fiiiirii -.ju safe lili.r nml li>la Hcr.r.-il almni'i ai w 'ni, Karly In tlx- ji.iir'n r'.iptalii Ali'ii liijinn k\<\- Jiiir and Di'iriltik' i>\cr <'V -ry >l>';J!%i.ii» UiiM! (Vi r>l.n>iy wnn tlr<'l. What li- riMito h.-u a li^nrli t" win tliat C''!* only Jiiii |n Iwri panic*. Tlif^v Ki>< thr<o Sniiflay nii,l fnnr .Slonday, Wilpon crrt Umr hitis out of five tiiiios up. Armstrnnc cam*? next w(th fhref? ami nrarly all the boys clobtfd the ball. Thip game hrcamc a farce and Bouldin dolibcratoly placed the fielders! stuck the ball over and 16t Wilson and Scroppin "cat 'enj alive." They ?MASONS BALM '*<r^^^&TA GUARANTEED Cp^^^ PiLE.CATARRHandECZEHACURg -'cav.s PRICEaSand SO<^*<t-f^' Mz -r-t^ HOWEU MFC.CO..-JOPUN.M0» never faik'd and li.-id nlno pui-onis acrolein mado t\v,> sonsaiiunal ciichos. one c]>j~%^ in and tli-- DIIKT in d-:-op left. It ravoil a three-bajxper. It \va.s an excoileut jiractiLc came for the !i )ca1s. The score by innip.K.= : .Joplin n (HI I (MM) n—1 4 .", lola LM 1 iH.O 2 1 *—7. 14 1 Springfield 5. Leavenworth 3. Ueavenwoitih. ./nly 1.".—Sprin^fielil sh'.i! Loavenworili oni air .iin today in a f ^.^ltllrolo ^Js i:ainf.'. makias five runs. Tonidrniw'.-^ f;ain>' Ix^ railed off In 'irdi.T M .i;iv<' L< .Minv -oriii a rli.incp 111 riiciiri' a llrs! and : ocond lia.-^etnan. SiMrij; l.i 'avcn \\i)ri li . no ii u o ii ii IMI—<t C, .s'(<rln»,'flild ... } ti It I 0 1 II I) 2 ~ .•, ^ I II.'iti<'rl <M ~.IonrM ami Itidniond; Ki cMi y atid Srhinidt Pittsburg 14, Webb City 3. .Joplin. .July i:!.—The pnnrpsi exlii- bition of baseliall \viini!».'«'d in .Joplin (hi.c season wai« pinyod today by I'ilt.s- bnrg and Webb City. Th" la:ier by the score of 14 to .1. ^.le Webb City team will be stren?rtheQ.ed in a few days by four crack players. Piits- bu.-g made four home nms today. Shanks pitched the first two innings, '.vliec Wiliard was snbstitut^d and finished the garoc. Score: Webb City , .0 0 1 1 0 0 0 0 1— .;j 7 7 Pittsburg 15520010 0—14 13 1 Batterlesr—Webb City, Shanks, Wil- Another Lot of Imported Woolens I GOOD THE! YEAR 'ROUND •\- lard ami Foley. I'li'.-l.uru'. l -awimT and ."Mfi><)i!.iid I'mj.-irc—Ibis/ii. Sedalia 3, F.ort Scctt 0. , Fori Scott. July I"..—hiiji-ir; lal hini decisions liy I'nipiri- Vni;ii - t':r;i(..l 'o- day".~ ::aini' inro a farci' and li>r ; UM nml a h.ilf lumrs fu.s.- alter o->- cnrr^-d. In ibe third innin;4 tatciur Sciir.ini bis ti 'Uipt.T :ind wa .s lak .a off ili>> Ecroiinds l.y art otficvr for fen.^ivf lan.:;i:a.::e. Sbli>k<.\ wa^ l>.'ni lied by iho Jinipin' for eritic !;^:nir a di- cisiim at :third ::a :L- in I 'fiVti^iiivt? Lin- ,i:uai ;c. Senrc; Fort Scot! .. .0 r» u 0 II i) —c J •, Sctlalia 1 1 •> o n :j n o_s \n 4 rJatteries—Woodbury and Chccl:; Cates. Schrant and Leo. i^prinsiitid . lola ... ... Fori Scot I .. .Joplin ... . Sedalia ... . I 'iMsburi: ... Webh City . Lea von worth 10 n . "0 .15 11 M 40 r,4.-. nil .".'lit CHEAP TRIP TO ST. LOUIS. Missouri Pacific Will Run an Excursion Train From Yates Center on the 18th —Fare From lola 54. One of the eheape:t exclusions L-V- r rim out of lola to St. Lotii.^ '.vill bo vnn Saturday nl«;hf, July l^''h. Tb" I rain will I .MVi; here at 7::M ami '.vill leave SI. I.oiijrt on ibo ri 'tiirii irlp riiinday niKlit abiHii '.i ::;n. Tin- aitract i(in.< in Si l.onU af' ni.tiiy. A b/fif bAll jiann- lii'iv^<i'n Si, Loiiis aluI llriMiklyn l.c on«- of ;li 'Mn. and ilien'there are Hie coii '-ert .-i .ind niailnecs at nil the park -i and L -ardei;^ and the world'.^ faix bnildin::.^. Pa.i.senper.s will bo picked tip al every station belu-ecn Yater; (Vntsr an<l St. Louis and the Ira in will .lonbl- less be pulled inu» St. Louis with a big crowd on it. Claude S. Culbfrtson went to Wich ita on bnsiness. James 0"Mara k-ft this mornin.^ for Eureka where b.e will visit; friends for a few days. Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Hiiffard and children left this morning for Hot Springs, Ark., where they expect to spend the summer. Rev. H. ,C. Culb'erlson. of the Presbyterian church, has /^een grantecl a month's leave of aKsence, and ho and Mrs. Cnlbertson started last night for Chicago wbere they will visit friends for,awhile'and then probably go to , some (tf ^ih^ lake fiKOrtsi. During Hr. (•|ii!'ei-r.^-.i::s .il.:-e;u'.- il'..' ivcnini: SIT- vicc:; ar'ih..' i''V 'i rii-n cliiireii will ill- dis;'onti!i;ird. in. L. 1. Hraiu- will liil iln !>i:lpi- ai liii' ;iiijriii!i;^ boiir SILVER LEA.-, .^li.--,-; .M .irv VoMrli-•• > Int.- ('o;ui:'ilii b-r li>;il ;!i And iu -r ni.Mi}- l':i. Ills will lu- i .i bear of a :-!>•.•. .|y n Tuvv ry ,un\ wi -h h «.r a ;;alV- j<>:irn<'y ^ -Mrs. ClKUlie l<"asf V,M;:;i .-Ifld liiilf iiif hard .ii-.' vis'iin^' n.!aiivi.s in IJonriiv.") i>),;j :iy. -MifS Cry;-!;il Ka.-;:\v(i,)d t lueriaiiicd ii -r cousins. .Misse.- .Mac ami Alta Walker, of Gas, one day this week. Mrs. Urno. of Yates Center, ha.= been tlio lines! of hor parents. Mr. and Mrs. Daniels, l.nst v.-ocl;. .Mr Kn.'nivr b;;s .i: .>•;•,<"•VvJi); a load oi •rZn-.-.ii- (iKiv. .li;nc;io;i (.'iiy. Col. and will ri rum O:HL- for ih-"" baliinue of !iis u .io .l- ;ind I'liniiiy. Mr. Fnlmer toll some 'hrlllini^ evc-nts of the K :i'.\ river rtoud. a.s was one of the victims. T 1,. ROCK CREEK. Mo.;i lit' ihe Mvopl.- in (his nc'ir:.'! boriiorid .s!Knl fli<; Fo'irth iti • ' .Mrs. C-.iieman ironi Oii.iwa. sp; nt Iho Fonrtli v :\'.h bi-r !iareii:s. .Mr and Mrs. Fi.-ber, ani liiM- sister .Mis.: Orac«;. riinint'i! luinii' with heT to Spejul ;i r,.-,v ' '.Vec-kS, .\Ir Mnnis l-a.s^d to Ida work acain ai <.Ur .-nn ih r al'i.-r a t -'v woekn' v;i.':'.i ion .Mr .ind Ml.- Uo^:• iiliei^; .ipi'nl ili'.' Foiii:!i Willi III r d^ii-r. Id! Fiidier :^pi III ilie Foiirih .ii Se. d.t'iia. Mfi, Siitiday. Tilly IL' tt.,s Uev. Kirki»ar rlrk'a re-ular «pl'"'ii'""^'it .Mi.~s Mary rowell went up to Kan.=:ns City la^i Sunday to vi.^it her br'>- ther, Charley. Notice." Customer.^ may drive into our yard from the wer.t side, near Standard Oi! Co. while .Madison avenue is closed for paving. Northrup Lumber Co. .:..:,.:..%.:..x..>.>.%.>>.x..>.:.-:-v.^-:-:--x%-^^ t ...SEE lis FOR... Rubber Tire Rupabouts and Surreys, Fine Surrey, and Driving Harness, Whips, Fly Nets, Ousters, Summer Goods ^nd Lawn Swings. ;_1 WISWALL, KENNEDY & CO. .NE.XT TO CITY Q*5 OHHICC • • • No. i 17, West Madisbn Ave. t VVM. LANVON, sr.. Pres. J. B. CASE, VIce-Pres. A. B. ROBERTS, Casli lola State 1 Capital SCock, $50000. DIKKCTOKS: ^ Win l.-iiiyiin ».r . i;. J Jowl, lit/, i. Nio(ii»l>i>ii.i M. .\ J A. tCobliiMou. J II. CaM n. L llriulcrwin, l-"ri<iU UHIUli-. A. »l llul^Cft*, -•-V - ' STOCKjIOLOERS; .J. II ''u'.n. Win l,.-ijon, »r , i:. ch'iion. J. A. Kobinvjr, J-'nink Ili(l|dfo, A- L. T«>lor \V. }<, Ucndrlck'i, M.I. llrii »''T '4<.ii. LJ I-. roiiMor,'fl. KlaniUttn. J. ^V. CbuUDt, Dovltl Kwjrt. h« r i^^i-cii. A. Jictifitrum, W.-iltscr. Calria Hood^ • .%t. A. Low. I(. A. Trt-irl'. A-W-' J. \V. Bdwards, R. U. Ui-nnrt:. Kv^ns Hros., A U, lioberta. I • When You Want a Fint'CIass Job of TIN OR CORNICE WORK See Joe, The Tinner S I NOW FOR COHFORT Dress Goods th^t are good and beau-; tifuf, yet cool and breezy. That is; what you are Rooking for. the kind; we are showing! Prices the lowest. ; I Do Not Forget Our (^OCERY DEPARTHENT. |^ No Oae^biidenells Us.

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