Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on October 8, 1889 · Page 2
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 2

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 8, 1889
Page 2
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TR JSSS . jo <S!«. .roiRBIJ HT II IYHMU. !>tC., hardware, aewyr pip" .'i tt"ilkin ! »t '> Shsttr. , OCTOBER 8, 1KR!>. ?• !'3. C'ora Ail on COT'NCIL CllAMBKK, Oct. 7til, '80. Council met in regular session in Justice Alexander's court room, .Mayor Lawrence presiding. Present; Aid. Alexander, Brewer, Conlon, Nile.s, I'latt and Werntz. 0. Absent; Aid. Uurtisen, McCurie, Miller and Wilson. 4. Minutes of the last regular meeting; of the adjourned meeting of Sept. aotti and of tiie special meeting of Sept. :)OUi, read, corrected and approved. Aid Alexander presented a petition signed by Frank Baer and twelve others praying tor the construction of a sidewalk on 7th ave. between 3rd and 4th streets, along the east side of lota 7 to 12 inclusive in block 32 west of Broadway. Referred to Com. on Streets and Alleys. , Aid.'Alexander offered the following resolution: "Resolved, That the Supt. of Streets be, and is hereby Instructed to procure 2 in.- plank and lumber for bearings, and build a sidewalk 5 ft wide along the north side of blocks jl, 22,2:1 and 24 east ot Broadway in the City of Sterling, and that he do so at once." Ayes, Alexander, Brewer, Niles and Werntz, 4. Nays, Conlon. riatt, 2. As a majority vote of all aldermen elect is requir IVvvig W Mnn .1 T Ant S:il.,7>; Pet sidewalks, S74>M;',I 1> Arcy, of which were referred to Streets and Alleys. Aid. Alexander of the Judiciary Com. reported that he hart examined the report of Police Magistrate Goltman, found it correct, and on his_motion tho report, wna accepted arid (lied. He nlso presented tho police mnpiis- trate'a bill for fees, and moved that bill be allowed and order drawn upon the Consolidated fund. Carried. Ayes 0. Aid. Niles presented the report of the City Treasurer for month of Sept. as follo'ws: To the Hon. Mayor and Cit;/ Coun<:il of the City ofSti-rling. The, undersigned. City Treasurer, would respectfully submit the following report for the month ending September 30, 18-SP: CONSOLIDATE!) FUND. 3M>t. 1, Balance * 1!lls SI Sept H, Kec'd ot J. W. Sept. 13. Ilcc'd'oVj'.''*!. Goltman, flnos and costs 10 ° M Sept. ID. Kcc'd of J. M. Goltman, fines mid costs 8010 jppt. 30, Kec'd lit J. W. Alexander, line and cost * <•> Sept. ai. Kec'U ot J. K. Unrrett, II- o censes, elr / ~ 3- UO 1 . 1 - •! n c riUy s i, t,r irT-n, vi' ir.i'-' of tf'e v ilk on tti <itr'"-r from l'.rit".'i > ' 1 ( ' ; ' • n> p'-or c 'r t i"d'i'1" * 1 tmrtii "-ay to 1- r~ - City warrants paid ....................... Overdrawn Oct. 1, 1889,- ......... .. WATKlt FUND. Sept. 1, Balance ........................... » lor >5 -•-' $2113 11 2SS 12 61) City warrants paid,, Balance Oct. 1. 1889,. - 81037 4r, MHRABY FUND. Sept. 1. Balance....™ S4S7 98 City warrants paid «" "" , j for «n approbation of money^the resolution was declared lost. Aid. Platt offered the following: Resolved, That the City Attorney be and ia hereoy instructed to prepare an ordinance for the building of sidewalks on the following streets towit: The south side of East. 4th street, from 15th Araiine to Broadway,-._ On the north side of 4th ntreet from Broadway to Int A.v«>"» From alley hetwew. 1st Av» and Locust street to L Ave. On the south side of .3rd street from 14th Ave. to Broadway. On the south aide of .'i'd street from Broadway to 1st Ave. Ou west Bide of 2nd Ave. from 4th street to 3rd street. O > both sides of A street or Avenue from 3rd street to line of C. & N. W. R. B property. All of above se- named sidewalks to be built of salt glaznd vetrided brick or tile, and in ac cordance with specifications providtd for the construction of such sidewalk?. To be built by special assessment and by general taxation. Referred to the Com. on Streets and Alleys. Aid Platt offored the following: Resolved, That the City Attorney be, and is hereby iustructed to prepare an ordinance for the laying of curbing on the following streets towit: On both fides of 1st Avenue from 4th street to 8th street. On south side of 3rd street from 4tn Avenue to 1st Avenue. On both sides of A Avenue from 3rd street to line of C. & N. W. R. R. Go's, property. On sorth- side ot 4th street from alley between 1st Avenue and Locust to A Avenue. All of the curb ing M be 4 inches thick by 20 inches, wide of Berea sandstone, and laid to grade To be built by special taxation on contiguous property. Which on motion, was referred to the Com. on Streets and Alleys. , Aid Platt offered the following specifications for permanent sidewalks: specillcatioua for the building of Salt glazed vitrified brick or tile sidewalks. GRADING. The city to do all grading BO far as to bring the surface of the ground on which the sidewalk is to be built to 8 inches below the established grade of the street; so that when tho sidewalk is built the surface will conform to the established grade of the street. When filling is required or unsound ground is found the contractor shall solidify the earth by tamping or rolling with a heavy roller until a firm sub- foundation shall be obtained. FOUNDATION. Upon ttie sub-foundation a layer of broken stone 4 inches thick shall be laid, and firmly packed by tamping or rolling. The stone shall then be covered with a layer of gravel or course sand to a depth of 2 inches, carefully leveled off to the required grade aud pitch of walk: TILE. The salt glazed brick or tile shall then be laid in even and uniform manner with dry joints. Each brick or tile to break joints with, the next coarse. The whole to be firmly bedded and then tamped with a pine plank or board laid on the surface, until the walk shall have been brought to uniform surface and to pitch and grade. CUBBING. The walk when laid back from stieet curbing shall be protected on each side by a curbing of brick of the same kind as the walk is built of, set to a depth of not less than 8 inches, and laid so as to break joints with the brick in the walk. STONE LURBINO. When the walk is laid on the curb line of the street, the side next to the street shall be protected by a stone curbing 4 inches thick and 20 Inches wide. The walks to be laid to t'he established grade of the street, and on a pitch of three-tenths of an inch to one foot. Ia presenting these specifications, Aid. Platt stated that the cost for a sidewalk 5 ft. 4 in. wide would cost, according to his estimate, thirty (30) cents per running foot. Referred to Com. on .. Streets and Alleys, Aid. Alexander presented bill of Miss Belie Hubbard, salary for Sept., $40.00, and moved that rules be suspended, bill allowed and order drawn on Library Fund. Carried, ayes 0. Aid. Brewer presented bill of Sterling Standard, $?, printing, aud moved that bill be allowed under a suspension of the rules and order drawn SID Consolidated fund. 1 Carried. Ayes fl. Aid. Werntz presented bill of Justus Becker for 81 for repairs to city prison, which was ordered paid. Aid. Niles presented WHs as follows: Crawford Bros, supplies, 622l.7tJ; Decker & Keefer, insurance, 827; Loaia Spies, plu .lOins?, 815.48; T. Buckley, la- tor and sand. 847.60; Peter O'Hair, la- bof, 820.75; J J Burgess, labor, $18,55; Wm. Sims, labor, 84.50. All of which wars referred to the Com. on Public Improvements. Aid. NU.83 also presented bill of P. T. Van Homo for $1,500 on contract (SJ.OOO on old coatraet and S500 on iiaw), and moved that the bill be allow»d under a suspension of the rulss sad an order draw» upon the building fund. Carried, Ayes 6. AW. CuiiJoa preMuUHl bill of N A Tivaoias for lighting lamps, Sept. 943<HI, which was referred to tl«s Cow. on liEgt.t. Aid Coutatt »lao j>r?9S«uts»d bills of M H ! iUi.rtrald.870. H S* fcuuiu £»» *i«S W H tiuwsutt %'i>), >»**» frcij j u i tajvtfd that tout* b« RjK"ftt1 u.o H-! * .»< a 5- »«:!' Balance Oct. 1, ISvSfl I.KlllT FUND. Sept. 1, Balance,....'... City warrants paid, 5441 Sis $.M)S 14 JKi (Kl 80 417 M 417 M 1S77 47 $101 01 f.'X> 50 30 60 Balance'Oct. 1, l«sn -...: SKWF.11AOK FUND. Sept. I, Balance ( City warrants |>;ii<l..... Balance Oct. 1.1880 I1KIIK1K J1ONU FUND. ;t?pt, 1, BnllllUT .....fr7,T=.7, nuiMicu Oct. 1.18»« CITY Ul:IU;:.'".' "".«" Sept. 1, Balance - $2339 08 City warrants paid - Balance Oct. 1, 1889, - MAYOB'H FUND. Sept. 1, Balance Balance Sept. 1,1889 ... SUMMARY OF CASH ON HAND OCT. 1, 188D. Water fund I'Wl Library fund,...,.,,. \ ' Light fund - • ™Jt Sewerage fund, ••- <>>™ Bridge bond fund City Dulldiug fund Mayor's fund $8077 OS Consolidated [and overdrawn '&» M $7808 76 Respectfully submitted, V. BUHAALE, City Treasurer. 417 M Ilil 61 :io BO Subscribed and sworn to before mo tbls 7th dny ol October, A. D.; 1S8S). A. A. Woi.FKKsrKiiGEH, Notiiry Public. On motion the report was accepted and ordered printed and filed. Aid. Platt read the following report of the City Engineer, which, on motion, was accepted, ordered printed and Bled: STERLING, 111., Oct. 7, 1880. J. F. Platt, Chairman of Committee on Streets and Alleya: DEAR SIR: Rifa & O'Rourke, con tractors, have completed 815 (feet of 43-inch brick sewer; 40 feet of 30-inch brick sewer; 1 manhole. The work has been done according to contract, except the earth not used in refilling the excavation has not been removed and the street has not been levelled to its original grade. W. C. HOLBROOK, City Engineer. W P Palmer, Supt. of Streets, presented and read the following reports. which on motion were received and ordered printed with the minutes: JAMES F. PLATT, ESQ., Chairman Street aud Alley com. DEAR SIR:— I herewith submit to you the following report on the cost of the West 4th Street improvement: Pay roll of the roontb of June...~ ........... * 2SO W " •• •• ...... July ................. 020 OS ,, ., .i i. .i ,i •• grading and hauling gravel ............................ 117 M McCuuo ti Co., grade stakes ..................... ) 00 K\ E. Andrews, surveying ...................... 48 75 r>W» cords stone ..................................... 4J1 05 Hauilnp, quarrying and leveling sloue andgrare! ................ ~ ..................... 1802 W 80* yards gravel ......................... , ............. K2 «0 10 cords Btone, hauled .Hept. 1 ................ u uo Hauling above 10 cords atone .................. 24 00 1'ay roll for Sept .................................... W 00 ,!! f 'Ti; for PC lib a 1 ! '!» of !'h AVP, I ut leaving the last named walk out, we have, i think, :;r> blocks nnd counting the blocks aud streets or avenues, at an average of P.ijii feet to the block, which 1 think is le?9 than the actual distance.we haveSi'O plusM'iorl-J.SK) lineal feet; at an average width of r> foot walks would require'in round numbers 1:10 m feet of 2 inch plank and no rn feet of 4x4 s and would cost about-S-J,;V>0, to which add labor of building and spikes to nail down the planks would cost about S"i2"> more, making total cost S.1.075 This does not include of grading sidewalk banks, which should mont certainly be done in most of the 3*i blocks. W. P. PALIIKR, Supt. Streets and Alley?!. C II Ives, Chief Engineer of the Fire Department, addressed the Council at some length in relation to the importance of adopting some better system of fire alMrms, and asked for action on his report presented and accepted some weeks ago. On motion of Aid. Alexander the Corn on Fire and Water was instructed 11 report upon the Chiefs report at the next regular meeting. Recess. Council was reconvened by the Mayor. Aid. Platt reported approved the following bills, viz : J D Arey. 912.00; Peter O'llair, S":i.44; Rife & O'Konrk, 82,007 00; F E Andrews, S5875; A 15 Spies, $3.50; Jas Casey, SU.BO; John Rourk*. 8135 25; pay roll, 81,452 20; and moved that rules be suspendwd, bills allowed, and orders drawn upon the sewer fund for §2,010.00; and upon the consolidated fund for $1,720.73. Carried. Ayes 6. The committee on Streets and Alleys presented the following report: 1'our committee to whom was referred the petition of Frank Baer and others for a siaewalk along the east side of lots 7, 8, 0,10,11 and 12, block 32 west of Broadway, would recommend that the prayer of the petitioners be granted and that a walk be built of salt glazed vitrified brick or tile in accordance with specifications for such walks and that the city attorney be instructed to draw an ordinance. JAMKS P. PLATT, JOHN W.-Nli.ES; '•"•""' GEO. W. HiiEWEii. Which, on motion of Aid. Platt, was adopted. AyesO. Aid. Platt also presented the following report from the committee on Streets and Alleys: Your commit ee to whom was referred the petition of Norman Clark and others for a side walk oh lots 1', 2, and 3, in block 33 west of Broadway, would recommend that the prayer of petitioners be granted and that the city attorney be and Is hereby instructed to prepare an ordinance for the construction of such sidewalk to be built of vitrified salt glazed brick or tile in accordance with spociQcatlons provided for building of such brick or tile waTk 0 - T . -.,-^.n 1? OT I \ r C time C'M !'i" '1 to-ray l;"cl. ?1y bluil was badly diseased. !MX boltlra of Hibbard's Khevjmatic Syrup did nir- more good than all the other medicines 1 have tnkfiti. My friends have used it and in every ca-e it baa proven a wonderful remedy. 1 have known of some wonderful cures of dyspepsia and neuralgia. MRS. MARY Uinni.r.. 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OVERCOATS at a great sacrifice. 3807 '20 CBEDIT8. Earth sold..... ..... ...... .................. $160 55 Sewer pi pechg'd to East 4th Ht. Sower pipe charged to City Hall uccouut ...M....I.W. ................... 18 3440 $203 45 Net cost to date »3C93 75 You will notice that we have made the above improvement for about live hundred dollars less than our estimates. 1 would recommend that there be stone crossings used on the above street wherevbr a crossing is needed from the west end to Avenue D. It will require stone for not more than three crossings, iu addition to what is already on the ground ready for use.' All of which is respectfully submitted. W. P. PALMER. Supt. Streets and Alleys. STERLING, Ills., Oct. 7,1889. To JAMES F. PLATT, Chairman Streets and Alleys Com. DEAR SIR:—Below you will tind the cost of the Broadway and East 4th street Improvement: Pay roll for the month of July 10 feet 18 Inch sewar pipe W} •' 12 " " " takeu from West 4th street Pay roll for August. „ 147 cord* itoce ~ l'ay roll for September, iuclualug haul- Ing stone » 1,110 10 Powder and fuso used In quarry ' "" •J80 yards gravel JAMES F. PLATT, JOHN W. NILES, GEO. W. BREWER On motion of Aid. Alexander the re port was adopted. Ayes. 0. Aid. Platt, chairman 'of .the Streeta & Alleys committee, submitted the following report: To theMayo? and Council of the city of Sterling: Your committee would report that the estimated cost of the streets and alleys department for the next seven months, Oct 1st to May 1st, would be about as follows: . • Street Commissioner, salary $420 00 Man and horse, 7 months .... 815 00 One man, 4 months 150 00 Probable amount of material required to repair sidewalks 500 00 Total- $1,301.00 This is exclusive of expense that may be incurred in connection with the building of street railway and sewers for which no estimate can be made. Respectfully submitted, J AMES F. PLATT. . Which, on motion, was accepted,, ordered printed and filed. Aid. Niles, from the committee on Public Improvements, reported approy- ed the following bills: Crawford Bros., 8221.70; L U Spies, $15.48; J J Burgess, $18 55; T Buckley, $47 50; W. Sims, $4 50; P O'Halr.823.00; J Rourke,$1.50; P Hansen. $1 50; A Williams, 75 cents; and moved that bills be allowed and orders drawn upon the building fund under a suspension of the rules. Carried. Ayes 0 The Mayor called the attention of the council to the fact that the semiannual interest on 811,000.00 worth of the building bonds matured on October 1st. Aid. Alexander moved that an order for the amount, $27500, be drawn upon the building fund. Carried. Ayes 0. On motion the council adj lurned. J. F. BARRETT, City Clerk. Also- the Wonderful Comicality, half Pantomime, half Comedy HE-SHE-HIM AND HER, ~ With tho World Renowned Humpty Dumpty Clown, GKEO. EC. ^3Du&."k/i.S, In the leading role. . A STANOAKW SVCCEHH I* THE LARGEST CITIKH. 1*37- •• . • ' \ Gent's Yoofs Boys aod (Milrai's Hats an«l Caps. J OOO Fal1 S 'y 1o:Dorb ^ Hats at $1.35 apiece. J .'NEW YORK STORE, 3ncl F>oor South ol F»omt Office. 5002 600 34 tO 251 97 76 4 78 1SWOO •An After fa Trade! 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PALMER, Supt. Streets and Alleys. STERLING, 111$ Oct. 7,1889. James F. Platt, Lsq, Chairman Streeta and Alloy Committee: BEAK SIB:—I would most respectfully call the attention of your committee t<i the condition of the following described sidewalks: On west side Second Are. betv/een 3rd and 4th Sta. Very poor and unsafe: All the sidewalks on south aide 3rd St. from l&th Ave. to Broadway ia narrow and generally rotten. Nearly all of the walk on south side ol 4th atreet from Spring Creek or 15th Are. to Broadway is narrow and poor. Three blocks of this walk ia torn out and nearly all us**! up for repairs. I h< *'.u-HV4lk on south side Jrd street tfuiu 14-u.»JffA;r ti> ist Avct is guru-rutty m j i<ii c'-tiailiou, VI of H.o w,4l«. ou imrtii s. i* Ub st it! I Wi'jt ilf 4'.'y ijj|S to ( '.1 Ail Kxpi-rt BlliiiJ Mull. 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