Covina Argus from Covina, California on June 13, 1908 · Page 4
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 4

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 13, 1908
Page 4
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The Covina Argus COVINA, CAMPORNIA. Rnterecl at the Postofficc Covina, Cal., as second-class matter. Published every Saturday by the Co vina Aryos Publishing Company, Inc. SI.50 SUHSCHH'TIONH: One Year in advance 8ix Months .... Three Months Single Copies A DVI'.KTIST'.M K NTS: T)jsplay advertiBcment at reasonable rates. Prices on application. Changes made as per contract. Twiners 5c per line each insertion. Lejfal notices SI.00 per inch first Insertion, 5.0 cents each nubsequent insertion. COVINA, June 13. 1908. City Business. All rnoriibcrH wnrr- pruKr-ril, at, flic ting of thn City Trustees on TIH-H- dny (iVfijiitiK. DeimiridH allowed : W. H. Sides, 4Gc,; C'hiis. U. Ijlackrimn, 8fi.70; A. (J. fJant, &'_•!. iiO; A. M. 1'e.nof), is'25; Curtis, Cnnninghfirn iV, Wnlch, 14. 75; JO. H. Luiifp,, S1.7<i; Korckhoff-(Jii/- fHT Co. n'o't). The Clerk was instructed to prepare a deed l.o a portion of VVciHl, Jiadillo street, for the purpose of semiring n title to the city from J. JI. AdfiniH. The City Marshfil WHS aiit.hnri/ed to build n c.i>rrnl on rear of city lots for pound purposes. Tho (Jlfrk wan instructed to prepare an ordinance for Ht.reot nnmber- The City MarHhal was autliori/ed to put a phone in his residence at the expense of the city. The Marshal was Inutnud.ed to Htrirtly enforce the ordinance pro- LihithiK the riding of bicycles on Hidewalks. (1. II. White came hefore the, Hoard and asked that Hteiis he taken prohibiting the children from roller skating on the .sidewalks. claiming the iron Toilers damaged the walks. This produced Home discussion and tho ineinhorH of the lioard neerncd to have a very tender Hpot in their hearth f°i' the, youngsters and no action injurious tu the pleasure of the ohildrfcn was taken. Tho Marshal, however, wits instructed to see that they did not presume on their privileges and become a public nuisance. G. B. Blackmail appeared and stated that the property owners cm Center street boi'ween First 'and Beifoiid would donate $100 for the oiling of said block provided the city Charter Oak School Close? Term. The Charter Oak school closed on Thursday afternoon one of the most ••mcee'wful years it; its history and the principal, Mip?s Clara Thompson. and her assistant, Miss Ada f'lnnrh- ard, are certainly to be cout'ratiilfited on the proficiency shown by the pupils. On (he closing nffornnon the tench fTM and pupils tendered a reception to the tnisteeH find patrons of the school at which over fifty were pre«cnt. There was an fwHInnt />xhibit of work done by the pupils during the pflBi, year which was mi)ch admired, and i!eH"rve lly so, by the parents. During the afternoon ice cream and cake were <-erved. i The enrollment for the year has been 01. with a percentage of atten-i dance of ',il. Charles /tig, Selina ! j 7/ng and Kdith Worrell havi- a record 'of not being ab*erit onee during the year. The work in all grades has been exceptionally good, and the 1 majority of the fulfills obtained a high standing on the final examination. List of promotions: From 8th grade Kloyd Dolcater, Lolarid Cong-don, F/lsie liell, Merle I'radshaw. 7th to 8th grade William Utter, Mary Funk, Kfile Hartley, Kdt>a Hell. nth to Oth grade Je-He Clutter buck, Hleanor Curtis, Charles /tig, Ulric Keltenherger, (,'lella Srnelt/.er, Ada Clntterbnck, C'larene.o Pearl, Nellie Heck. 4th to 5th grade Mabel Funk, Vlrmie Johnson, John Ward, Joseph Hell, Father Funk, Kdith Worrell, May Johnson, Leora Dotts, Percy Jackson. Orval Yost, Rosa Curl, Lily OH tra rider. From 3rd to 4th grade- W inn if red Howring, Matilda Dotts, Verrila Johnson, Kntella McCoy, Afla Wohl- gemnth, Minnie /ug, Sclma Xug, Frank Jessiifi, Alford 01 instead, Lowell DeflrodL Fivnn '2nd to 3rd grade Irene Kiink, Mabel Johnson, Albert Grose, Richard Jackson, John Dotts. From 1st to 'Jnd grade— Dorothy Dolcater, Kstber Dolcater, Gladys Johnson, Rebecca Utter, Edward Jos- Spring Tooth Harrows Hoeing under the trees is hard work. The spring tooth harrow will do it easier. We are selling them at $19.00. Better see u.s about it. TWOMEY & DILLER Opposite S. P. Depot COVINA T hroop Polytechnic Institute Located in Pasadena, the most beautiful city of California GIVKS A PRACTICAL MODERN EDUCATION. College of Engineering, Manual Training Academy Norma! School of Manual Training, Art and Domestic Economy. PKKJ'ARKS KOR LEADING COLLEGES AN-D UNIVERSITIES. N>w cnmpiiK of 20ncrcs. faculty of 40, Htudrnt body of 400. Hoarding hall for boys, irymnasium, athletic uroumls; expenses moderate. Hentl for tataloir, ~ ARTHUR HENRY CHAM HER LA IN. B. S., A. M., Actinjr President. You Just Have to Visit Our Store Hiip, Piinl Oliimtead, Robert Utter, All Day Home Missionary Meeting. The Indies of the Methodist Clmrcli hold a very siiccieHaful nil clay Home Missionary meeting on Wednesday, Juno 3. At noon n dniuty lunch WBH nerved in th,e chprch ^jp At tfiti nrtdriiVfh'n'"ie88ioii kev. "Mr.' Clark, of tho Sliders, Musical Revival Cru- led the devotional exorcises. oil tho street, from curb to curb, j Mrs YnuiiK, secretary of tho Alaska Tho matter was taken under advise- MJ S C,JO,, Work, gavo a very instruc- uiont. Services in tliu Church of tho Holy Trinity. Holy Communion, 7 :!i(l n. m. Sunday School, !).4f) a, m. Morn- ; ShaU'er gave a i ing pruyor, 1 1 a. m. ; subject, "God'H King's Temple, h'evelnl ion of llinist'lf to Man. KvciiHong, 7::tUp. in, Olfertory «<> i>y Cliristiiin Church: He\'. W. G. Conley, piiNt'ir. Sniidii.y-Hchool '.': L"i. Preaching by the pastor at, 11; sub Jen, ''Is I he Hook of Jonah Ilii-dori oar.'" Junior Kndenvor '.). Senior I'lndeavor ti: If). "Union Herviee at Presbyterian Church at 7:45, All are cordially invited, Presbyterian services: Sunday- school !l:lfi. Pi'eiie.hing II a.m. by pat-tor; subject, "Am 1 KcHpoiinih!c lor ('omlil ioiih in Chinn?" Junior I'ludeavor U::UI. V.P.S.C. K. t'cllll. Jiiicciiluureatii t-crmon /it, 7 :1 f> by K'ev. Conley of the Christian Church. I'mil ( i. Stevens, pastor. Win-ship at tin Haplist Chnreh: Uible-M'hnid !i : I '• a. in. Prem-hing 11 H. m. No services in the evening as Ihe church unites with the other churohe.-i at the Presbyterian c!:uti j h. J'reaehing in the morning by K'e\. II. K. Clarli, leader ot the Musical Revival Crusiiders. The Musical Re\ i vul Crusaders also tninish the music, both vocal and instrtimenlai. H. V. J'.l'.7 p. in. .Tuple, "llnw to clmose our Life 'A'ork. " Leader, \. M. Pence. tivo and interesting talk on that fluid. Mrs. Uodkiti, corresponding conference Hecretary, sfioke earnestly of the salvation of this Mexican.s and American IndiauH. Mrs, Slephena, president of the I'.i-mdena Dinlrict, plead of young |ienple to enter the miHsimiary deacones* work, and called for a Hcanon ot" prayer along tliih- line. The inimical numbers! of the afternoon included Holon by the popular local vnoal'iHtH, Mrs 1 . J. M, Whit- H(d and Mtu W. \V. Nuxiim. Mrs. entitled, "The Mrs. 10. J 1 . Warner was 1 elected miperintendent of the MotlierH 1 Jewels 1 , and to thi.s branch of the work two new life members were lidded, the, bnby <>f Mrs. W, II. Shall'er, and the very latent arrival, the infant .son of Mrs. ,), i). Reed. to see how thoroughly well prepared we are to fill your wants in drugs, stationery and toilet articles. We are filling the shelves and cases with the best lines of clean, fresh goods. Experience has taught us how to provide best to serve you. We cater to the trade of particular people—wish to gain your confidence, and then hold it. W. W. NASH Prescription Druggist (OYINA TRANSFER HUTCHISON BROS., Props. All kinds of hauling and Furniture Moving 1 . Specially prepared to move pianos PROMPT SERVICE. PRICES RIGHT. Mike on Citrus Ave. Covina, Cal. Home Phone 108 Harness, Saddlery and Supplies for Horse and Stable The rt^ht g-oods at the right price. COVINA HARNESS & SADDLERY CO. Howell & Howell BREAD Light, Sweet and Wholesome FRESH EVERY DAY AT Brown's and Crenshaw's Cake and Confectionery Wagon through valley daily. How is Your Liver? Are you one of many who are using coffee substi- tutes all on account of said liver objecting to coffee? If so, we ask you to try a pound of the famous "Barrington Hall" coffee. It is a pure coffee, steel cut instead of being- ground, from which all injurious cellulose has been removed. Try a pound of this fine coffee and if you are not more than pleased, return it and we will refund your money. Brown & Bohri /i Exclusive Sales Agents for Covina Phone 43 Implements Wagons and Buggies Double Cutaway Discs 4, 5, b and 8 feet The best and most economical tool ever placed in an orchard. Planet, Jr., 6-foot Cultivator a cultivator that does the work with the least draug-ht Birdsell Wagons All my wagons are built from my own specifications and are specially adapted to this climate. I bny them direct from the factory. Buggies and Surreys A larsje and complete line kept in stock. | Oliver plows of all sizes. I deliver all goods on your ranch at Los Angeles prices. The largest and most complete stock in the valley. CHARLES H. MORRIS -; . ,., , TELEPHONE. 5258 -,.-,., Ceil. A large line of Plows Moliue and Subscribe for the Brgus. Plume Home 1170 THK NKW A S S K S S M K NT N OT I C' K. Cypress Avenue Water Company principal place of business, Irwindalc, County of Los Angeles, State ot California N'otiee is hereby given that at regular meeting of the directors, heK! on the oth day of June, T>()M, an assessment of One Dollar (f l.oni per share was levied on the capital stuck ol Ihe above named corporation, payable at once at the ollice of the seerctary, Irwindale. County of Los Angeles, State of California. Any stork on which this assessment shall remain unpaid on the 1 till dav of .Inly, 1'Mis, shall be delinquent and ail . ertised tors,ileal public auction, at d unless payment is made lie- tore e ill be sold on the -rth day of August. piOH, at - o'clock in the afternoon at the i-llice of tin' c mipany in Irwindale. County of l.os Angeles, Stale of California, lopay the delinquent assessment ii'i;ellier with the cost ot ad- vei'ii-ing anil the expense of s.ile. L. D. Woi.ihvorlh, Secretary IRambler Uettcr than ever. Better than any, regardless of price. \\V can "show yon," See local agent or W. B. COWAN S.^i S. Broadway, Los Angeles Agent for Southern California Schedule l ; or t-lectrk Cars. Mr. lM-ed W. piirehiised ^."1 (iail, w hi' J' eeelll I.V aei es of oraiigi sol' t he Knddoeli e'-liili-, taeioU "ii J'uente hi l eel, l^ en el I n L' a I-a I'll on I he prop crty v, hieh In and his tamii \ v, ill nee i| y dui i lit.' t In bni Idiii^.' .eave I.os Angeles r:-o a. m. Leave Covina ,^:. ; 'O a. in. llil' ini-i ly a | i. mii \\aler. Minn. • •oiisists "I Mr. and M i ^. < "'ii I, '"" son, a sludet.l in ll.e hi>;li school, and a d au^h'ri n e.-nl ly li'"m <-..) li-).'e. have n.iiue I'a.-aili-iia their home lor the i as'. lour ii.ontLs. 4 ; ) - Covina French Hand Laundry Kerran \ Co., Props. ALL WORK noxK HY HAND curtail s. line silks, flannels and lace goods, our specialty. All work called for and delivered. Satisfaction is guaranteed. If you! give u.s a fair trial you will nut regret ; it. i _________ _ i financial Representative 1 Wanted. j i A Los AM^< '-•- Ci 'rporaiii >r pur.-,ne ing an exc> o>l i ng ', v sale and prut 'i table . I ill -me--. iU sii ^ S a local repre-ei 1 !a ' i ve ot .-i andin,: .viul .ibilitv tu act as its ri-Mi'esentat i ve in .securing sub.-cnp- U -us |«,| i i .-. ..i|nl.i!, pa\,ib!e at ,.nr time "l in ui^Mliily p.i\ incuts. N"t !,!! 1 \ \\ 111 1 itll I .1 1 Ci '111 III Iss], 'II - il ' j 1.1 111. \ i a t -, u- A'I -- 1 u 1 n ic n \v i ! i -< ^ , > i - v >' n r^' il |n '-,11 l. II -,. Tender Feet never g'\vc a hint that they are tender when in a pair of Menz-"Ease" Elk SkinWork Shoes for men. As easy on the feet as an old pair of slippers and for service you never saw their equal. Menx,-"Kase" shoes are made by the Menzies Shoe Co., Detroit, Michigan, the largest manufacturers of men's every day work shoes in the country— also makers of the famous "American Boy" Outing and IJigii Top Shoes. They were the first people to discover the wonderful qualities of Elk Skin leather and every skin now used in Menz-"Ease" and "American Hoy" shoes is tanned under the special Men/,-"Ease" Elk Process of Tannage. Just as soon as the Men/iies Shoe Co. demonstrated that Elk Skin leather would wear twice as long as the ordinary bark tannage, other manufacturers immediately began to put on the market rank imitations of genuine Menz"Ease" shoes. That's vvh? we caution you not to buy an Elk Skin Shoe unless it is branded Men/.-"Ease" on the sole and carries a little yellow silk label at the top of shoe—put there to protect you. Genuine Menx,-"Ense" Elk Sldn leather never »rts hard and stiff. Even when you wear a pair of Mt>n/-"Kase" shoes a year or a year and a half you will find that the leather will remain ju*t as soft and pliable as when you tirst put them on. Try a pair. You will find them all we claim. After you have worn a pair of Menx- "Kasi-" fur a few iimnlhs you will be recommending Metu-"Ease" to your friends just as strong as we do to you here. For sale by the Broadwell Store Covina, California i 1< Pre

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