Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 23, 1912 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 23, 1912
Page 5
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- THE IOLA DAILY REGISTER, WEDNESDAY EVENING, OCTOBER 23/1912. 5 On Your Cook Stove Proposition. Buy a Combination Coal and Gas Range and He Sure and lUiy a Good One. Wi- si-ll ;i pi>i>.l. li'-avy ('iiiii)iin- .•((i <i:i. t ;-l;<>l<- i:;>in;«' l.-.i::- \v«)€nl i>r idiil lirt" 1«>\' li<:i; V irixil ;nnl oinls. IJoity i>r lic;i\: |i<i !iv !iri| btiM'i. Tin- ;ui<l li'.- ;iri> li'iivy. piiro rasl irmi T.!;IM, ;<.!•«• iciiir <ii" til"' riinr Imni.-i-,-. iiiHliT llio r(»\ii- rislil h.niil ihV-. Tli»rc is a largf lnirMtT •vii'- Mi!;ill oriiiccs runnin;; tl'-;ir U'IOIIKII tin' Ijottnm of till- tivor With this !>t;riier ycisi < :in' your ovrn in fiw iiiiniiifs wiih ni't'-f"iii"tli till' K-i--* iu'c«'ss:i> V v.-ilh ;i «)al stov<' with Kas Inirn- • r in il All ilicso liiiriicrs ;tr<'. iiiKtanily r<-ntov:ililo wlion y«ui wi>-li t.i> burn nml or wotxl. TtnTo >s also a iloiilt!" broiling aiKl toasliriR liurnor an<l tiroilifiK |);ui in tlio ii)>|»T i>;irt of tho liven. Tliis niiiK'" «loos not soi on llt« floiir but stunils on logs. • l.ei I 's Sh«« Y«ii CIIMER0N6IRLWILIBE 600D iREfOXril-KD WITH .HOTHKR AXD WILL KETUK.N HOM£. ; Willini: to Tell (innd Jary All She ' Knnns—JohnsonN SuliKin' L!c('n^e 3l»r »<> f-niirrllnl. ;SHOULD KTXG PALI. IN Bi.TTLE DANIEEO j iwOULD TxUvE KEINSvOE MOl^jmEGRO^Gay .'a) NVIV INSERTED TIPS M.UCE A rrow WING COLLARS 3rRO >:G WHERE'OTHER.S A R:1 WKAK . 2 for 3 wnta 1 KICH OSAtJK I.IIU. I'KIZK. Crown Prince Danlllo of Montenegro «nd We family. la Montcnccro-a present war with Turk«y. MngNJAolasoftho former country la taking an acUvo part on the field of batOe. Shoold he »« •lain, the reins of Bovcmmcnt would at onco faU Into tho bands « Dan- lUo. the rro-an prince. The crown prince, . 1118 ,,wU^.and _ chUdreg mf jtbowa In the accompanying plctura. Brings Solid Comfort to Old People All winter long—on the Zero dfiys and the wmdy, blustering days—the Perfection Smoke-. less on Heater gives them real solid comfort. It saves them many a cold and sickness for it easQy tvarms the rooms not reached by the ordinary heat. The Perfection Heater is made with nickel trimmings (plain steel or enameled turquoise-blue drums). OmamentaL Inexpensive. Lasu for years. Easily moved from place to place. At D»mUn E—ryttltv STANDARD OIL COMPANY , l*«n-«ls Want' Her liut f^uanlinii ) ri ;ilis WiMlilIni;. C'olunibup. Kiss-:., Oct. 22.—Jvssif . \Vyri«;k. H l~-ye:ir-old 0S:IB<> Indian pirl. (he iiossrssor of CWO .•ifrr."- of l;iiiri \ ii' LlnrohivKli'. Ok., worili many i Jhousands of dollars, and who re- coivos large aniiuUios from Osage tribal moHpy held in trust by the gov- <Tnmrnr, is the central fiRure of lii- iKiition which is kocping ail tho available courts fti Cherokrc <-ounty busy. Her paronis have applied to Judpv Sa))p in the ilistrici eourt for a writ compclllnR diaries 1.. Smith, owner of the Fiaxter S|irings X'-ws and of valuable mining prop<'rties, to siv<< th"-m poirsession of the Rirl. Tlu>y are as'kiHK .ludK"' Kllis in ilie probate lourt 1.0 s'.'t asid" Ih'' apiilicalioii of SiriiOi as t!ii> «iri'.s Kuardian on 111'' aUf-Ration tliat the a |i |ioiiitni< tit viNila'- <•(] bolli s'atf and ri «l"r:il law. Jiiid wa:^ olitniiied l>y mi.-(rotir«*.-' alatioii. Bark of ih<' litigation lurk.'; romance. If Smith's appointment i.^ siis lamed, will Rive his to"seni i<> his ri<li Indian ward wt-dcfinp his .son James Smith. Tht- wtvldlnu has lieeii .set for Friday this w.-ek, and only a court ilM-ree in favor of the Wyrieks can prevent il. If they Rain Ih"^ custody of the Kirl there will be no w<»d- diiiK bells,, for they bitterly oppose the alliance which would sive youoK Ktiiitli inst<-ad of ihcnisi Ivcs rontiol of the pirls proiHTty and annuiti"s. fSVSKKT BAI.I. WII.I. TO.TIK I.ATKK. I'rnf. Ilarrlss Will No! Start Twm Off So KnVly This Year, Probably yome <;f the jdty's bai ^kel ! ball enthusiast."* are wontlerinK why llie hish sehrml team does not Ret Into shape and opi n liostitiliet with other team.--, as flioy were doihff this time last year. I'ji to this da;<> la.«t year tii- high .-leltool team had won from fanv I other hlRh schools, aside from two or \ rhree paineg between the first and si- end team <.f jhe school. When the'tini<> for tl:e toiirnanieni.(i came !a.>t year the lo.-al player.s were pra.-ii,'ally wrn out. wliile tlie other team.s- wi-re in. the best of form. Il ii the plnn of Professor Ilarrlss, dire';- lur of .-chool athletic.'.-, to 6-i»en the baskt'i ball .-:x'ason not before the first of |i<'fciiiiier. But wh?n the season opens, tiie ;;aines will come much oftener than 3'<'y- This Is al .=o thi." j^olicy of other hipii schools throuBh- out the state. .\ear!y 2110 papers have cbmmented favorably on Hie remarkable showiuK made by .\rtliur Capper, the Uepubli- ean nominee for (iovcraor. at the Au- Kust !>rl)uary and have discussed the candiilacy editorially with laudatory comments up"n his personality, his ' bui'fness atUIity and his position in , Kan.=as politics. Tie press comment.' ' shew firm confidence on the part of • ihe writers in.,Mr. Capper's eminent fitnesB for the' offlfe of chief exeeu- , live of Kansas. Ou; of more than sr.d • Republican newspapers in Kansas, les'.s than a half dozen ^re unfrienttty to the candidacy of tlie Topeka'puft- Ii.-!her.—.Advertisement, iBv til.- A*s.>-i;il-il IY.-»»> Chicaito. 111.. Oct. 2.1.—Nervous and weakened after her collapse on the witne .-'s stand yesterday. l^uclloJ'am- oron. whose infatuation for ".lack" j Johnson, the i>u;rilisf. led to a federal . Investigation and the arrest of the nc- 1 Kro on a charge of abduction, aeain api>eared before the federal grand jnry toda*- to wntlnue her ie--tin)ony. It is reiwrtcd that she is reconciled with her mother and will ilepart with her after the Investigation. The girl i.-s said to have assuretl her mother and the aiithoritie.s that she is willing to aid the investigation in every way possible. The grand jury resumed its investl- giition into the charges that .lohnson had violated the Mann white slave law by calling .loseph I^vy, the negjo 's secrcfar.v. to the stand. I^vy is an Englishniaii and Is expecti-d to throw- much light on the happenings in .folin son's c.ifc Chicago. r>ct. 22.—The testimony of Lucile Cameron, the while girl whose a.<:sociation with .lack .Iohns<m, negro pugilist, caiiseil an investigation by the I'nited lltaies authorities to a.'^certain if the .Mann act had been violated, is .said to have been the most direct thefeileral grand Jury so far has been able to obtain. It is said that the girl who has turned acain.<t th'- negro, made highly damaging siateunmts. At the close of her hearing the girl became fiysterical and had to lie removed to the office of the I'nited States deputy marshal. She will appear before the jury again tomorrow. She this afternoon finally yielded to the pleadings of lier mother. .Mrs. Cam eron-Kalecnnet of Minneajiolis. and cimsenteil to return to her home, renouncing the pugilist. The tnoralng session of the jur>- was occupied with stories of Mrs. Cameron Fnloonnet. "Jack" Cuiley. figl.t promoter; "flank" Kcnn.v, Johnson's for- m<>r simrring partner, and V. K. Dan- lelsnn. a white saloon keeper. During the afternoon an ineffectual effort was made by Robert K. Cant- uell., .Johnson's attorney, to obtain an interview with ML^^s Cameron. .Mayor Jlnrrinon today ordered the chief of )inl|c-e to have Hto|ipqil Iniiunili- alely all the music and other forms of eniertainmeni in Jolins<m's cafe on lite south side. The city council at n meelliig held loniglit ndoi»tcd hy a unanimous vote a resolution urging .Mayor Harrison to revoke the saloon license <»f Jack .lohn son. and to see to It that Johnsim is prosecuted under all tlie charges agiilnst him. Jnhs '^on Keally Was Shot. Chicago. Oct. 22.—Search was made in Jack Johnson's cafe early today by deputy I'nited States mar.-ihals for a negro woman employed in the jdace as an entertainer, who is said to have shot the pugilist in the foot several ilays .\ rumor spread the city last Thursday night that John son had been shot and the government offi<ers declare that U was true. The womati .tlii;^- .say. did the shooting. The .shooting is salil to have followed a quarrel and the piigllisf is said to l:ave pledged everyone in tlie place to secrecy. Johnson denies the report. NOW for new Suits and Overcoats in all the new styles of the season. They are from the finest makers in America. They are— "HENLEY" Suits and Overcoats (New York) "Schloss Bros." SuibTand Overcoats (HaUiniore) And "Ederheimer-Stein" Suits and Overcoats (Chicago.) They are snappy up-to-date and genteel. They are so different in style and appearance that we want you. to see them. ^ We have a fine showing of "SU^^ERIOR" Union Suits, "Hawe.s" and "Longley" Hats, 'Must Wright" Shoes, "Interwoven" Sox—and all kinds of fine Furnishings. Barclay-Shields Clo. Co. "The House of Quality" WIMTK'S nU >T BI'SINKSS. Wauls SiibFirripiiniis |o r;iy for S.'A- OIM) 4ob Kuii. Old Hill Wliite, national commiMee- maii of the Bull Moose party is again calling for individual coiHributions from Ihe people of K.^nsas that he may be enabled to send out S50,000 sample, ballots with Inslructions as to hoH to vote. If will cost nearly $4,00i» besides several incidental ex- piuses by way of iirinling, folding, envi>lo|>es, directing etc. Jle is of- ferinir a commission of 5 per cent to collectors.'s see. Bill is running a print shop down In old "Kmiiorie." Can it be that this real goodie, goodie, conscientious reformer is making a graft for himself? :5,'',0,0f>0 ballots! A nice liltie job indeed. BUI what's the use of all this deeciillon. T''<* people are fully aware of the fact that the Roose- vfli campaign is not lacking for ftjiid.i. Mraw on (Jeorge, Bill.-.N'ew- loti Courier. Two marriage ceremonb-s were jn-r- form^d yesterday by Judue .1. It SmltlT" The <ouples were: .Miss Violet J. llQsletter and Jo<> T. I.owe. of Chanuie and .Miss .Nannie J. Daning and J. D. Ilopjier, of Hronsoti. —Call ISO for Kire InsMrance; also Farm I»ans .Vr.o. .N'annic B. Arm- si ron?, 0 1-2 \V. Madison. Mrs. Bessie Jeffords, of Dewey, Ok., ' who has been here visltlhg Mrs. Aldo ipunston, returned home this afternoon. BRONCHIAL COUGHS rcwlt frotn inflammation of the delicate bronchial tubes which clog with mucus- pnriimonia pasily follows. I SCOTTS EMULSION tvorlu wondcn in ovrrmming acute bronvhitir: it stops the cough, checks the inflan-.ination. anfl its curative. strenutKc -tiinR food-vaiu.^ flivtribul^x enrr- gy and pt»\ver throiiclxjut thft body Inaist on SCO I fSf.-.r Bn.nchitia. CATARRH SUFFERERS ASTONISHED BootbV HYOMEI. the Soolbinr. Ural- Inc. Uerm Deslroylnir Air Uhes Instant Relief. If you already own a IIVO.MRI Jianl rubber inhaler you can get a bottle of IIYOMKl for only 'lOr. The complete outfit, which includes inhaler, is $1.0'*, and is sold by C. H .Spencer on money back plan. With every bottle of IIYOMKl comes a small booklet. This hook tells how- easy and simple it is ID klU Catarrh germs an dend Catarrh by just brea'ih ing'into the lungs over the Catarrh infected membrane the poworfill yet pleasant antiseptic »ir of Kucalyptus from the inland forwts of .Australia. Thl.<; book tolls about the HYOMKl vapor treatmcti't for stubborn Catarrh, Croup, heavy Colds and Sore Throat, and other interc.-iting facts. UKKKATKII KOOrS TKA.H. The lluKhKvns Tribe Cunie Unrk nnd <iol Kpicnjtt^K) <»ne I'In. . Dick Hiishgens and his bowling or- ganizution got revenge on the Will Root team for a defeat some nights ago, administering the first defeat of j the season for the Root team last night by the narrow margin of one pin. Braden starred in tho scorin.g in this contest, roling 516, but he could not do it all. The individual iind club scores were as follows: Kools Team. Ritchie 149 1.5:? Ill I Pi Whitaker 134 154 101 47:» Kersey 132 139 179 4.-.0 Braden 1S7 isr, 1.04 .-,|i'. Root 177 ItiS 135 4Xii BLANKET AND COMFORT SALE Saturday, One Day Only You arc going to need both Blankets and Comforts, and expect to purchase both soon —why not make your purchases now, while yoii can save 20 per cent. . Cotton Blankets, size 64x78, regular $1..50, at. .$L20 Cotton Blankets, size 66.x78, regular .$2.00, at. .$1.60 Wool Finish Blanket, white with blue and pink border, regular price $2.75, special $2.20 Wool Finish Blanket, gray, size 66.\78 and 66x80— regular price $8.50, special ..... $2.80 All Wool Blanket, size 70.\80; extra heavy qiiMity; regular price $5.00, sjiecial $4.00 Children's Crib Blankets in blue, pin'l< and white— size 86x50, .sjK'cial iiiice 75c All Comforts will be discounted 20 jicr cent. Total 779 749 .SIS 2341 Itushgens' Tram Poston 137 193 153 4.'*3 Bushgens 177 152 15« 4S5 Bowlus - 146 155 141 442 Belt 182 142 173 497 Asplnall 162 143 130 4:!.-, Total 804 -HT, 753 2;M2 , Odd Marriags f;ot>cs3. . Here are some ,|ti-.iii i>,i! 'imp marriage no!ice:s .ti:i-.e du:; up by tho Spr;npt;c;i! C:;!-'n: In DfT.rah. Au;;i !-'t. .^VX .Mr J.';in Bate of Willlanist-r.:*). y.;n\>. u> .Mi-*. .Mary .\nii !'.:iss "f lU:- f:>r:ii,->r plj'-e. ifter n corrtshlp of one iioTir • Ir. net iliiv nn^riins -.•••M. I n5'<. riich tei.«!»-r (-.ui* t -i Ho c .-lUf ^lit •» n:^*' *T:I-*(I hour .t n-»»-T file llKii.;;!). .--n .^Mlhe H.-\te Married, at i'.rid:;ev .:i ;er. l><v. P; 17.SS. Captain lb'-uui< I'.;: tier e) QnUir}. !t:-v<\ s\\\:y.\-. t "Mi.-i~: Win; man of C.e- rc.r'ii;'r plicc. a^-.-d lif;; eight years, .-if^i-r a Ion;: niel tripnu. •-ourts!i:p iif r '>;-;.v ci ;:*>t vrti:'-^. wliii.i Ihcy Imth ?.u-t.ii.'iiMf iv;(li i;iir o:iitiii.:> rorlltU'le In Holt'»l. .\piil. I^JI. 1>.T the i:ev \Villi:ur .'^nl.;;.-. Ji^-;.:i Willi.m 1.. .Miss Su.>ai';.. afli-r :i ttMli"';. cuiirtsliip "f t;ii!i,-i-ii -l.iy.i. .-••ts'l I-i? thirty five il.-iy-s af;. r the death of I;i forn)er wife, Tlie l* woy. it *'*i'n-.!«. :i drrp pnrrou- t- Kor th" to5s «».* a wjf-* is—to ni'arry ari oi her. Heatstroke •nd Sunstrske. neatstri«!;e mid siin.>-in>ke are term usually applied Inditfcrcntly to eirhe: of two quit;* dis;!!i<t conditions, f- each of which only one of the unine properly a|ipti»s. Heatstroke, ns it- name implies. Is ;t condition c.TU-sed b; the nctioii of e.ijces.^ive lieat. either the torrid beat of summer or the artififla: heat of a foundn.-. a furnace, the stoke hole of a steamsliip. etc. It occurr- With almost .IS great frennenry :;• night as 1)1 the d:iy. iiiid its victim- may be overcome on a cloudy day oi without havius ventured from the'r homes. The other form, properly call ed sunstroke. l-« due to the direct ac tlon of the sun—probably of its ultni riolct or chemical rays rntlier than <>: its boat rays. Only those who have lieen long expo^l to the din-ct rays of the sun. such as soldiers on the march, harvesters. Kill p.'a.ver-«. efc are the subject!! of true sunstroke.—Dr. T. I. Stedman in Good Huusekeepiug. HARVARD FOOTBALL' CAPTAIN HAS "TIN EAR"; PLAYS WITH HEAD IN BANDACJir FOR SALE—EARl^Y OHIO POTA- toes, 55c per bushel: bring sacks. M. P. Jacoby. Phone 995-31. 1 mile west of lola. Caputia iter WnadaU .uid Has<l Owub C «R7 H*asktaa. Captain I'cxcy WenCcll U one ot the latest addlUons to ~~£[arTJtrS^^ Hat at lujured." Be receiTed a seTent |.bIo-«r on the head dnxlnc floot «4 ball pracuce last week and is su'Serlh^ from what the pUoren cell m , "tin ear." Thta Is ratnful although Hut serious, hut Wendell vQI Hat*} to iM; CHrrfhi for some ti:ie and'wlQ bava to plajr eaardedly. 'Wltta Mai bena swathed In tiaoda^ and protected by an capif^aUzJ^TXjSm meu He did not play la laj»» Satodsy's eaae, ' ' ^ SUNNER SKOi DiSEASEi During the ^jn»mer most persons'are annoyed with pimples, boils,' rashes, or eruptions, while others iftniltr more severelj' with Ec-. zema. Acne, Tetter. Salt Rhtum, or some kindred skin disease. A perfect condition of the skin exists a.s lonj^as^the bloo<l is normal, but when it becomes contaminated with humors and acids its .siipplj- of nutritive proper- ti« is greaUy lessened and it livcomes a sharp, acrid fluid which diseases instead of pre.s^r\in«r the natural health and textnr«i oi the skin. The eruptions may be glossed-' over and inllammation reduced by the application . of washes, cosmetics, waives, etc, but no skin affection can ever be pemianentlj* cured, in this - way; jonly pure bhxxl can make healthy skin. S. S. S. • cures Skin Diseases otjeverj- kind by neutralizing .i the acids and removing the humors from the blood. S. S. S. builds the circulation up to its normal ; strength, increases its nutritive.powers and adds to 1 , _ its purity in ever}-way. Then the skin instead of. bdng ircitated with acid humors antl impurities, is nourished and healed r| • bv a plentiful supply of ric^i, pure blood. Book on Skin Diseases and an^^l medical advice free. jg£ ^^jfj SFECmC CO, ATLAHTA, CA,^

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