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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 1

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 8, 1889
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"M 'i s~\ rr 7 /c\ < - - - /CN /• 61 • : WLJ YOLUME 8. STERLING ILLINOIS, TUESDAY, OCTOBER 8 1389. NUMBER 201. WRAPPERS (Unit SIZE) ani receive a e^HAHDSOME ^-i ttJSK NOT THE MAN. Granger Objections to the Secretary of Agriculture. HOT ONE 01 THE " HOBNY-EANDED" THE E.PI TT70 >COPAl. CONVENTIOf- omon 10. & N. W. TIME TABLE, aOINO BA«T. Atlantic Kx 2:42 a. m Sterling Fa8fl...8:3S a. m- limited faas, 8:52 a. m. - '1:66 p. m 8:iO&.tn.' Clinton Denver OOJNQ TTKST. Pacific Ei 2:228. m. Sterling Pass. 8:00 p. m. Ll mil .IngPi tedP: CllntonPass Denver •ass. 4:04 p.m. 1:13 p.m. 8:58 •' FBJHOHT XBAINS THAT OABBT FASBBNGIBS. OOINO BAST. _ _ OOIMO WEST. No. 18 8.15p.m. No.«...—.-..8:50 a.m. No. 17— ...7:40 a. ra. .10*2 a. m. i"-ll!f«OOI.WQ BAST. I OOINO WMT. k8—Paesenser 8:30 ».m. Sfr-PassonKer t-JUp. 7«-Frelght_....»:46 p.m.|«—Freight ARKITH FBOM BAST. ABBIVB FBOM . 7»~Pa8senger...9:OOp.m. 8S—Passenger 10:30 a.m. 77—Freight..... 9;«da.m. 42 -Freight 6;8t> p.m. BFasflonger No. 86 connects with trains east and west on Clinton Branch: with O. B.I 6 P. B. B. »t Rock Island east and west; with main line ~ tor pointswWtrComicU Blufla, Omnhft and l>e- jpoml _nd-I«r KansasCity^M points beyond. Secretary Trimble, of tho Ts'iitlniml Cirnnijp, Knlntnt a Orlevanco Agulimt thn Ail- mliilfstrutlmi — A "f nniclfliirn Fund" Man Ammymcnuly Accuses tho l~nte Serretiiry Muniilnjy— Director of the Mint Appointed—Important tiind Decision— The C nieliive of Jtlnnom. WAnHtBOiON CITY, Oct. 8.—The twenty- third i»ii.-.i:«l si :; !-'s|i)n or th« N.'itkitinl Grange, which «ill lie liol.l at Sncramonto, Cnl., on NOT. 18, promisvs to bo the most impnrtnnt mooting tho Patrons of Husbandry linvo lioU for many years, llr. John Trimbts, tho secretary of tho Ornngo, who lives In this city, thinks tho Grangers were snubbed when President Harrison appointed Governor Rusk secretnry of agriculture. In an interview published in Tho Post on the nttituilo of tho administration toward tb« Grunge, Mr. Trimblo tnys: "We do not hesitate to fay that tho administration has ignored tho rights of tho faraior and has done tin fnrm- Ing community gross injustice in pliicins? a politicinn who never was n farmer at tho head of tl]9 department of agriculture. Tho depnrtmont was made n-cabinet, office principally through the efforts of t'.ie Orange, and when the new Mniiiiistratio:) r-nma in wo felt we had a right to Huggost tho namo of the proper per- BOU to fill it. Col. J. H. Brlprhair. our mas- tor; ex-Governor Rob*;y, of Maine, and Hon. J. J. Wcolman, or Micbisjnn, WITH suggested by tho order mid their appnintaient urged, thnt of Col. liriglmm especially. Ho wns a gallant soUicr, a practical farmer, nnd a Re- w I>i<ir,.<iri Anlliorlri'd — A of !>llxq|<itmry Tnltl. Nnw YoiiK, O t. 8.—Tho first buiineo? brought b'-fnro <!»' Kpisropnl p«nnral ty>n- vention j-o^ttTilny wiw tho admission of tho diocese of O.'^gon. Tho potitt'n for admis- slon stntcd thnt Uishop Murri* had been chosen by th'? new dior:p?" > . Tlio njjrni^.iion vrns LArHed nhnn^it tmanimoualy, ruid tho selection oT Bislio]) JIoiTis was approved of. The dioco>;o of Miasonrl asked for tho erection of a new ilioccso within its limits, setting off six parishes nnd sixty counties in tho western part of tho Rtnlo for tho mw dio- ccso. Tills wan nlso ngreed to. Conisldorlnq; nliB^lons. At 11:30 tho two houses again convened with the board of missions, and Bishop Hare, of South Dnkotn-, gave nn encouraging report of the work tt.erc. Ho said ihn great need was "fiill-bloodu'd" Christian ra'nistiTa and adequate funils. Bishop Harris reported of tho work among tho colored people, and urged ihn importnnco of the field. A resolution . wns passed asking the apprcipriatlc n of $40,000 for tho work. Bishop AVulker, of North Dakota, snld tho bliz/.nrd and tho strea'n of foruign population hnd tliL'ir effjet on church prospecta in this fl'jld, but tho church was growing slowly. Ho proposed to havo a car constructed—a •jpecirs of movable chape!—in which lu could prosycnta th.o work. >R?v. >fr. lV"'k», of thn Chin»=o mission, said that if China is to bo converted it must bo by Chinesn Christian ministers, while Rev. Paiilus Moort, colored dolegnto from Liberia, urged a closer union between this country an.l Liberia. Uishop Tulhot, of Wyoming, also spoke, afti'r which tho biard ndjourned, nnd.resolutions wern adoptorl ro- gardliiK the dentil of. Bishop Vail, and a tommittee appointed to attend tho funeral (t Bayn Mawr to-morrow. Tho convention then adjourned for tho day. BADLY DEFEATED. Prohibition in Connecticut Gets a Serious Set-Back. THE DRYS- BEATEN THREE TO ONE. The KntnicB "Wet" for the Secret State Profor» to Take It Awhile — Orc»t Sucrpfis of IJnllot System — Colored trtv - pi'u 1m own-r- huimn 1 v 1 it. L. L. —SPECIALTIES. — The Finest, Moit Durable, and holds Its shape the best of any whip In the market. The Easiest Dumped, Easiest Kun- iilng and Latest Improved Sweeper mode. Fancy Patent, per sack, $1.60. Two sacks 92 SO 1.40. 2.00 Half Patent. Some of the oldest residents of this city clalm.thls to be the best flour they ever used In the State of IllInoiB.'! Oream of I»atent 9 Sun, J>aisy and. Mlinn, ft oiler in stoc k. A Good Stock of TlivTomato Cans, Very Cheap, Alto a few dozen of] r MASON'S GUSS FBBIT JARS AND JELL TOMBLEBS LEFT AT L. I,. JOHNSON'S. A CHANCE. [SUCCESSORS TO O. A. Oliver. BOOKS, STATIONERY and Wall Paper. THE CHICAGO never b^en questioned. Tho others pos- nssued meritorious qnalifloations, which mnde their CAfidldiicyrqiiJilIy prominent, and yet, I very inucliTlontit if IJnrrison ever causld- erod the application mado in their twbalf. He deliberately ignored the entire order— unubbod it, in fact. The J'utroin In Politico. "Formerly," continued Mr. Trimble, "it was a rulo of tho order that tho members should not participate in politics at all. There ia whero we made a great mi.stuko. Had we boldly entered politics as an organization, or thrown our votes for those who favored tboGrauging interests we could have secured representatives In the state legislatures and iu cnngrosH who would have boon of material help to TIB in scouring favorable legislation. But wo have seen tho error of our ways, and have repented, and now it is an implied pre-requisito that a member shall put aside his political faith when tho interests of the Grange domand it. Wo do not seek to run separate candidates, but between tho two great parties our members nre obliged to voto for tho candidate who favors thd Granging Interests, whether he belongs to tho same political party or not." ACCUSING A DEAD MAN. A Contributor to the "Conscience Fund" " Nubea u Chnnfo Ag»ln»t Manning. WASHINGTON CITY, Oct. 8.—Secretary Windom yesterday, received a conscience contribution of $345, in"bills, inclosed in nn envelope postmarked St. Joseph, Mo. The sender had foldod ilia notes and then clipped pieces from them. This mutilation was done, it is presumed, to prevent the money from being of use or value to anybody but the government. Tho note accompanying the contribution, which is not signed, concludoo as follows: "About February, 1887, Secretary Manning received $5,OOJ conscience money by New York draft. .Written on tho back of the draft that it was to bo put into the United States treasury, but as that never appeared in print, it is believed by the writer, that Manning appropriated it to bis own use." Tho records of the department show that on March 28, 1887, the sum of *4,0!W was re. coived ' in an anonymous letter postmarked St. Josoph, Mo., and deposited in the treasury to the credit of conscience. Another Important I<nmt Grant Decision. WASHINGTON • CITY, Oct. 8.— Secretary- Noble, in the case of Childs vs. the Southern Pacific Railroad company, baa rendered a very important decision in which he reverses the for mer rulings of tho interior deportment in all such cases. Childs filed nit" application for a homcsroad entry within the limits of tho San Javintu grant in New Mexico. This grant »•«,• i'tself wrhin another grant ' The Boutlurn I'ai-illc Riilroad company claimed the land as within its granted limits, and tho secretary of the Interior holds that it was, and also decides that the Ban Jacinto and other Mexican grants are mere "floats," not sufficiently identified to withdraw tho tho land from tha railroad grant. This decision of Secretary Noble follows the doctrine laid down by the supreme court iu tho McLaughliu and Doolan vs. Carr cases. ________ The Great Masonic Conclave. WASHINGTON CITY, Oot. a—Up to a late hour lust night there was no cessation in the influx of sir knights and tboir friends. Each arriving train brought hundreds of plumed knights. There is considerable speculation bore about the next plnce of mooting of tho grand encampment Cincinnati and Denver are mentioned, and one or tho other is likely to secure the honor. Cincinnati and Hanselman coinmanderies from the Queen City are both well represented at the gathering here, and feel confident tbat Cincinnati will be selected as the place of meeting In 1893. They wilS go before the encampment with satisfactory assurance tbat all tho money needed to entertain the *93 triennial will be forthcoming—in fact more than $30,000 of tho f. r >0,000 is alroudy pledged by business men of that city. A BEAR LOOSE IN CHICAGO. He Shows Good TnstH l>y llu.clne » Vonnff Lr.nvV 1i"t <!eU K i I ltd. CmcAOO, Oat. 8.—Lulo Sunday nigbt oiiii of Urn bcors In thd Wablo & Lang side show, whichr'hasT5ceif~c:ffifbiUiig-Trt-7H—H»lst«l- Man'« I.KRcan Ors,inl7.Bil In IIllnoH— The Single Tnx Woo Advocated Ileforn n Chicago Audience—Point* from the Argument. NKW HAVES, Conn., Oct. 8.—Tho election In this city passed off very quietly yesterday. Tho citizens wero called upon to vote on tho prohibitory amendment alone, and but one- third of tho registered voto wns cnst—about 0,700. Tho "wots" polled over two votes to livery ono for tho "dryB,"so that Now Haven gnve 3,503 majority to offset rtio Prohibition majorities in some of the country towns. Tho voters hnd no opportunity to test tha working!! of the secret ballot law hero or in Bridgeport, ns there wore no offices to bo filled In cither city. CardeM Voters Deceived. Some of the voters In Now Haven wero greatly deceived. Those who read the newspapers soldoin or carelessly supposed that tile qncslicm submitted was local option, and they picked up tho "yes" ballots nnd dropped them into tin box, thinking they hnd voted "license," when they really oast a ballot for prohibition. Th-j Prohibitionists caught not n few votes this way, hut the ngonts of tlio Liquor Dealers' nnd Hrewers' association Boon learne I ot tha deception, and as soon put an end to It. How the Seerot Ballot Worked. Tho secret ballot worked admirably in the Naugutuck vulley. Tho worldng_rie»pl« tulty street^ broke O|>cn its cogj nnd escaped. Bruin started 'down the street with rapid strides. When the huge brute reached Indiana street a sight mot bis eyes which seemed to please him. A young lady was slowly walking on tho other side of tho thoroughfare, eating an app'o. A happy thought evidently struck his bearship, for ho at once. changed his course and went over to make ber-Bcquaintunce, nnd in a moment the fdct of the acquaintance having been mado was established by a series of shrieks ai tho hot breath of the big, ugly boar fanned her rosy cheeks. Urnln Wtts Too Playful. She dropped her upple, which the bear picked, up and started on a double-quick for Clark street, yelling all tho tim ^ at tho top of ber voicd. The bear again caught up 'with tho young lady, and playfully putting his big foro feet on ber shoulders trotted along on two legs. It was thus that Officers Franson and Ma- lonoy discovered the two, the young woman bordering on hysterics and tho b ?ar evidently enjoying his companion's fright. Tho officera quickly cut his career short by shooting him. His Hundredth Was III* Last. . EVANSVILUC, Ind., Oct a—A Mt Vornon (Ind.) special to The Courier says: Professor Georgo T. Rice, an aeronaut, of Lexington, Mich., employed by Wallace & Co.'s circus, while giving a public exhibition yesterday afternoon met with an-accidunt which resulted In his death. Ho mode a balloon ascension about 3 o'clock yesterday after- »oon, descending in bis parachute, which alighted with him in the Ohio river just below the city. Ho became entangled in the ropes of his parachute, and before be could extricate himsalf, or aid could reach him, he waa drowned. Ho said just before going up that it was his lOOdth ascension. Oukny Hull Entorn n I.lkul Suit. ' NEW YORK, Oct 8.—Ex-Mayor A Oikey Hall has sued James Bryce, author of "The American Commonwealth," for libel, placing his damigos at $.10,000. Tho libellous matter, it is charged, is contained in an article in that booK written by Professor Frank Qoodenougb, of the school of political science in Columbia college, entitled "The Tweed Regime," in the course of which Mr. Hall is referred to as having boon a moinbjr of the Tweed ring. The suit has been Sbroughtin London, and it is expected will come to trial about the middle of the month. iiudira- in understanding the law. Some Ig- i!"r:u;: '.".uuiurn wore" soon "pasting" tickets near tha. booths in Birmingham, but desisted when cautioned. The lino for this -offon!io-!s--$l,-0<W.--The- entire -Democratic ticket wns elected in Birmingham by a small majority. The voto in Ansonia was close, but was cnst against Prohibition. The new ballot caused no trouble there, and tlio workingmen aro satisfied with it. Key- mour, Sholton, and Nnugatuck also report that tho new law worked wi;ll. Southington last voted 2:25 against license and Monday wont ngainst Prohibition by 175 mi jor- ity. At this writing but two towns in New Haven county aro known to havo voted for Prohibition. They aro Milford and Huntington, and tho majorities are less than 100. RAILWAY. OVEE 7,000 MILES Of steal track In Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota, Nebiaska, Dakota and Wyoming, penetrates the Agricultural. Mining and Commercial Centres of the WIST AND NORTHWEST. Tha Unrivaled Equipment of the Line embraces Sumptuous Dining Cars, New Wagner and Pullwan Sleepers, Superb day Coaches and FAST VESTIBULES TBAIHS Running direct between Chicago. St. Paul and Minneapolis, Council Biuffs and Ornaha, connecting for Portland, Denver, San Francisco andVl Pacific Coast Points. ONLY UNE TO THE BUCK HIllS tor T1.46J. !UU» Map! T The New Director ol tliu Mint. WASHINGTON CITY, Oct 8.— Edward O, Leech was yesterday appointed by the president director ol ihe tnifft. Ho is a District man, although I/ is piirouts were from New York Btatp, whert> big relatives now roaiila. Mr. Loec'h ban Ut n nn employe of tho mint bureau over sincti 187;!, ihe last position— the result of a s'.'i-i sot ]iri>m<niims — having boon computer of bullion, hU«aiiir>' for thut position having l> m mnvusL'd by congress on account of hii ' Itio.eiH-y. He i» considered tho best ]>u»t«.l m,.n \n ibu United Biatos on thu roinaga of tiiis nnd fur .'ign countries, and tlio appoinlnio:!! U fi-ga'-JfU iu tho truo lino i.[ civil s^Tvio' r Tornt un-i ono of tho bc-at maili) by (1-n. Ilarnsivi. C«pt. SlHttery'/i llobtier, ST. Louis, Oct. 8.—Alexander Hunt, who go brutally beat Capt. Slattory Sunday mornine, has given . thn police a hold upon him, for tho gold frame in which tho captain's diamond stud was set waa found in tho closet of his cell When he dropped it there ho thought the sewers would receive ir, but there is a trap to catch just buch evidence. It is believed that he has swallowed the stono. Capt. Blattory is resting quietly and will probably recover. Shipwrecked Mvn lle«cue<l. NEW YORK, O^t 8.—A Herald special from St. 1'ierre, Miquelon, says: The schooner Kay, Buffott, of Jerssy Harbor,' Newfoundland, arrived Sunday morning at 9 o'clock, bringing Seconl Officer Dangue.1, eighteen of tho crow, and aaven cattlomeu ot the Goographlque. Lauglais and Q.iestal, flromen; Guena, a coal' trimmer, and one cattleman are missing, and it IB supposed they were drowned when the steamer sank. •A Tr»mp'« Dcupernte I)ood. WAVEHLY, la., Oct. a—A large barn belonging to John Cox, a farmer near this irfty, was burned Into Sunday night. Shortly after the flro was discovered two pistol •hots wero hoard in tho barn, and yesterday morning tho cburrod bones of a human being were found in tho ruins. They aro Bup- posad to be those of a trainp, who had entered the barn, and after sotting it on fire committed suicide. Knrtv How ti> iluhl l',.iui..AND, I).'. , O-'t Hi" i'litol. — John tii Collision ou tho Illinois Central. DUBUQUE, la., Oct W.—The east-bound passenger train on the Illinois Central collided with a »ock train yesterday morning at the junction, a half mile below the Illinois Central station, Theengineors and firemen saved themselves by jumping. Both sxgiiiea were demolished. A postal dork was severely injured in tho back. HoulHiiger Loaves Lundon* LONDON', Ool 8..— Gen. Boulangor left London si'crotly lost, night, uccompaalod by his SDCrotnry and h is mistress. Tho party go to Jersey, whero rooms have already boon providixl for thi-in at a. hotoL Tho general's horstn ami c.irrUgtw wore shlppwl in ttd- lav More Praise for tho Now taw. STAMFORD, Conn., Oct. 8.—It is known that tho Democrats havo elected their entire ticket. A Prohibition ticket for town officers only received about thirty votes. About U,SOO votes wero polled—two-thirds of tliu total registration.-• The prohibitory amendment was defeated by 779 majority. Prominent members of both parties aro loud in praise of tho system of secret balloting. The now law makes It practically impossible to buy votes, nnd it is an open secret that an extensive trafTio of that kind was formerly done. Tho Election Goeit Very Wot. HABTFOHD, Conn., Oct, 8.—Returns up to a lato hour lost night indicate that tho voto on tho prohibitory amendment is about 3 to 1 against Only ton towns so far reported give it a majority. Tho now secret ballot law received its first trial. There was no excitement at the polls and in a general way tho plan worked exceedingly well. Hartford county complete gave 4,509 for tho amendment and 10,231 against Snino General JTluurefl. WATEUBUY, Conn., Oct 8.—One hundred nnd throe townships arid tho cities ot Waterbury and Now Haven give a majority of 24,000 against the prohibitory constitutional amendment Waterbury gives 1.970 majority against tho amendment. C. R. Baldwin <Dem.) is elected mayor of this city by 514 majority. '. A COLORED MAN'S LEAGUE. . Jfew Notir" Organization In Illinois to Se- cufe Civil and Political Rights' SPIITUGKIELD, Ills., Oct 8.—About 300 colored citizens of this stato mot in tho son- ate chamber yesterday with the obj-'ot of forming a state league of colored men for the protection of tboir political Interests. The call for tlio convention, which was road, declares that a tiino had arrivod "when load- Ing and active colored Republicans should deliberate and confer upon the pros>nt condition of theraco and the principles and measures important to their welfare, progress nnd general improvement" . All Tarred with the Sama llriuli. x John C. Jones, of Chicago, who is the leader of the movement, called tho conference to order, and tri an impassioned ad- dross recounted the wrongs heaped upon the colored people north as well as south. Ho declared that in the matter of discrimination against a man for his color tho north •was very little behind the south, and ro- forred to the occurrences at Lawrence, this *fcote, where colored men werobeatou and shot and nothing had been done to bring the perpatrators to justice. There was not a charitable institution in tha stato under state or county control, he said, In which the same treatment is accorded to colored inmates that is bestowed on the whites. Ho declared' that Fred Douglas.?, Bruce, and Pinchback had boan looking to tholr own Interests and not that of their rdco. Organized n Lotft^uo. The result of the mooting was the organi- sation of the "Colored Man's Stato /jo:iguu of Illinois," to further tho obj>>eU set forth in thu add'ress, and E. H. Morris, of Chicago, was elected president, and & II. Wright, of thto city, secretary. A committee was authorized to investigate Jones' charges of discrimination against negroes in e mi-itablo in- stitutioiis, A SINGLE TAX ADVOCATE. ship in (i tiling or v:i)'l? 1? '} ir to tin? in in wh"s? Thi- Liinil for Ihn Itnmnn IViro. Tho land win not pni'lticwl by any linmnii fi~L'Mcy, altli-in^'li ils riMi:nl vnlnn -is so produced. Thu land, with nil of ils resourcea nnd powor«, wns cro:\te<l and freely pivtm t» the \vhole human rn" 1 . 1 , without limitation or distinction. It is tho exclusive svirco of lif« siist"liniioo. If tlio rental value of land were tak.Mi for public purposes, regardless 'of us > or Improvements, tha present indiifiMiiaiit lo laud speculation wolil 1 bo entirely tuken away. Lllo lantU would b- eitlii-r lironglit into proJurtive us« or nbiindonnl t(i tlie government to b-j taken and us.'d by nctu;il occupants, who would bo willing; In i>ny the taxes for tho privilegt of u*in r tli"in. Mr. M»,' ronthmed in this strain for morf than ;in hnur and was frequently ap- plaudod. Kcpiili,iritn« Claim Montnnii. HELENA,!Mont., Oct. 8.—The Herald has ail- rices tunt tin- K'publicans have elected their whole li-cislntivi) ticket in Madison comity, one member for which bus heretofore been conceded totliM Democrats, nnd also that th» Republicans pain one member in Fergus county. If other Republican claims hold Rood this will nink-j the state senate a tiennd tho house R-publican by from one to four majority. THE ROCK ISLAND DISASTER. uliisler Itlruliiinlc. Tu-uuibly H-oalgna Ill» 1'nsitlnn Sllbjnct to 111! Ihqulrr* CFIICAOO, O>:t, B.—Correspondenco is made public between T. 13. Twombly, general master mu"hnnic of tho R .ci Island, and E. St Joliu, general manager of that road, which annuuiictM tins relii'jinont, for atiini at least, of tlio farmer gontlemnn. Mr. Twombly is tlio father of Engineer Twombly, -n-ho is charged with direct responsibility for Iho tuvidunt, and ha writes Mr. St wlmt he iindnnitniulu to U» thn dtiiuiiil at Hie trnvi>liiij{- pnli'lu, and to roliuvii the company from einbarraR3mont, asking thut ho may bi> relieved from the cares of his position {landing a thorough investigation into Hie mutter by Ihe company, wlieii Ms jvsjgiintinii inuy bo"aceeptod llnnlly or nut, us Mr. St Jobn deenif proper. Mr. Twnmbly says that ho feels that he hns erred, but that the error was ono of tho heai't an 1 n it of tho L^ad. In reply Mr. Ht. John approves Mr. Twom- blv's proposition, says tho resignation will bo plucvd on file ami Mr. Twombly relieve.! from duty until nn investifrjition shall ileuldu whether his retirt'munt be pjrmaneut or not Mi. St. John siys that tho sovo:vinoo-'pjrina- nontly of Mr. Twombly's relations with thu company would not be thu of tho u.i- fortunate, results of the ai-cid-nt; and in an order dnt si yesterday appoints G.-orgs. F. Wilson acting mas er moc'uunicp.-nding final action in Mr. Twombly's resignation. Mr.''T«ninbly and Conductor Buford, the latter of whom had charge of thu fatal train, gnvo bonds yesterday in $!0,(«0 eueh, to answer the charge mado by 'tho coroner'^ jury of being partially responsible for tho disaster. KT. ( i II, of noon sh' ii nlhl ^er mni-Mi'i, .1 li:iivl-i-- Iile.ce, nn t :h"li l-:i street. Dliv.ill is of Bart, m mine,. Mi^s Williams'iii recently jiliel; wounded Indy wl 1!.- I i(-:ir<1 IXilim ("r. O n •-. r — !••< \n F*vi- 'tin! v, v •••-*•':- i-i v nrf-T- ly '.Vi'llll'l;' 1 Lill'l Wl'i- y-in™ l.idy of • tliit him«-'f nn th-i public l«» (tT th" fiW:l:>f3 I!r> tho A of poi RTK! thpat journi-y. Ulnit Uisvw » StHto CorllflrRt.n. DBS MOIRES, la., O :t. 8.—The supreme court yesterday rendered a deoision susteiri- ing in t ; ie mo?t sweeping nmnnfr the nm<31- cal jiracticu net pass«d by tin. Twenty-fin* general ns^embly. • Kidnoy Mnsher, a traveling physician, claimed tho rli,'ht to practice in the state without a certificate from tho state board of modical examinors,and tho court ruloil against him. . O t and Rft..-rr.-,'inU ory F;!rsTirTH Arrr 1 ''"^. J Oct. K—Thirty fnrnu-n's, ti'iranfg ! on tin? Smith Bnn-y i-stut" in Tii'i^r.-iry.wsra , Rrre^t^d 3'r^jordiiv fur n'fsi^iiig t-) pay ni^f- ket tolls to their iun.ilord. 'j I'lrnt Knlii of tlm 8«?mnn. I HAW Fi\vsnisf.'0, Cnl.. Oct 8 —Ths> nvn-ih-j em and i-ential s"i-liiiiw i>r f'nlifurniA wers'? yesterday Trailed by tb« Prst raiiifaU- of f tho BOUNCED HEADFOREMOST. A Train . A Vl*lt to Admlriit Torter, PROVIDESCE, R. I., Oet. 8.—A reporter who culle-1 at Admiral Portjr'j residence in Jamestown yesterday founl tie almiral sitting in nn eony chair bafore a grate fire. In response to a query as to his ht-iilth the admiral said ho felt better than for a long time post, and expected to return to Washington soon. A terrific gale prevailed Monday throughout the British isles, blowing with tromen- dous forco in the Irish channel. Mnny shipwrecks wero Tcported, telegraph wires were proati-atod. ti-oca wero uprooted, and tho Holy head breakwater demolished. It was currently report-d in Chicago Monday that Mike McDonald had received a letter from his wife, post-marked Paris, and thatjhe said she just took a sudden notion to go to tho exposition, and wont She says nothing about tho priest The report could not be confirmed. President Harrison has pardoned Mormon Bishop W. H. Mangban and Charles K. Hull, who worn noii'l to thn prniituiltlnrr on charges of unlawful cohnlvl'.utioci r.r:-', cfli-1- tory. Tho supioiue cuui t uecidoil that a Mormon could not be convicted of both crimes with the same plural wife. On«i tioixl Tarn t>e»erve» Another. NewYouK, Oct a.—Mayor Grant's mall yesterday was filled with conlnlunicationB^i^ reference to tho proposed big International •exposition. Tho mayor of Cnicago wrota: "If congress should select New York as the site for the exposition I think I can give you tho assurance that Chicago will do its utmost to make it successful and worthy of tho nation. We will look to Now York confidently for its generous aid and co-operation it the exposition is given to Caicago." a Jolinntown Not Tat Oat of Trouble. JOHNSTOWN, Pa., Oct a—Typhoid fever is on tho increase here. Twenty-on* persons are sick with the disease in the hospitals and two died yesterday. The cold weather is causing great Buffering. The distribution of $1,000,000 relief money is delayed, and but few of tho people have tboir winter clothing, while tho homes many live in are shanties into which the snow will drift Two more bodies were found in the debris yes- tordav. This powder never varies. A roarr*! of ports* strength and wholeaomeness. More ecoiiomlsalI than ttiB ordinary kinds, and e&n not bo mso lai competition with toe mnltitmla allow test,short} weli/lit, gnmmnr i-itwt**'* powrtoff. i Holllo ilvl-i ClllH. KnVAL JUAKtHO POWOM'V ro.. loo waii-Mt., • •:••.•: i i-i. - • Ja«i;a v.:>^ —*****+m~**mu*itnUKtumtwmmmi t 1 throngh my work to-dny? I fee! ml»rtM«, ho** ichr, tired, pala la my buck, my food w«>^ als*»t, my whole body setina out of order. W»«aw*r that i t is no wonOler yoa sra In sach • broken down condition, and you will keep setting worse anleM *ou can cure your LI VEK. This ImporUat m^ 18 out of order nnd yoa tnprt GOTO H b? P*^*^P|i*T asliig those never uUiaiJUUMHIIIWMVBMHMHi Dr. C, McLane's Celebrated Uver Pills. they will restore you and give vigor end health to four whole system, making you strong and weu. • Dnly25 oeoU a bei.and they mey »ova your USB. ask yourdrngglst for the genuine O. GELEBRA TED LIVER PILLS , — MADR BT— FLEMING BROS., Pittsburgh, Pa. ffloiik. out for CormrKKTsm made In fit Loals, PEBFU5CES THH BBBAXH. KoMiol Rec^lvoii Very Vlsorom und Corrert Treutmunt. IXJUISVII.I.B, Out H.—Two masked HK'ii bour.led north-bound piiasonger train No, 'JO on the Knoxvillo branch, of the Louisville anil Nuslivillo railway, half wuy between East Bernstudt and Altamont, at 3 o'clock Sunday morning with the intention of robbing. Oiie of them went in the sido door of the combination baggage, express, and mall, while the other tried to break in tho front door. Sort of Surprised Him. The hi tier did not succeed, anil Postnl Clerk 13. P. Morris and Express Messenger Clarence P. Brachoy, afu.-r a despjrtit) struggle, overpowered tho other, and hurl id him him bond foremost out of tho c.<\r. The train was on a fill of fifteen ffot and going twenty-five miles an hour at the time When it wasstoppoljtbo other robb.-r fl)d from the front platform. Baswjoinan. G-'orge Chnppell fired on him, and ho fell, but scrambling to his foot, escaped in the darkness. Oloil a Horrible Death. KASSON, Minn., Out 8.—James Johnson, an employe in McDonough & Goss' stono quarries, Wntervillo, was amusing himself yesterday by playing with a coil of rope which was attached to some machinery in the mill whore they saw stonea He became tangled in some manner, and was whirled around violently, tearing hisshoesoft, breaking his legs, anil tearing ono arm so badly as to necessitate amputation. He survived the operation only a short time, dyin» in groat agony. Kobbed B itliill Currier 111 l>nv!l|;ht. MODILK, Ala., O^t. 8.— Yust>rday afternoon, b'tween Lakesville nnd Palatine, Miss., Willie Lott, the Is-year-old mail carrier, wns held up by two masked men heavily armed. They posii>sso;l themselves of tho mail pouch and blimlfoldo-1 the bay, leading him into woods where the suck was cut open and contents secured. There wore but two registered pac-Ua^es in tho bag. Their contents aro unknown. Tho boy waa then released and tho empty bag win given him. A Itl(f Tiling for JUuluth. Doi.UTH, Minn., Oct 8.—The final transfer of tho Minnesota Oir company property to tho Minnesota Iron Cur company took place yos'tenluy.' This will make Duluth tho most important manufacturing point of Iron curs in tha world. The capital stock of tho company is ?:i,OUU,OOU; cash paid in, $1,000,000. "Tho works, which covor many acres, are of the most modern construction nnd filled with tlio latest improvements of machinery. GUESSY OF GrBham Bras." Fancy Toilet Scope Just iu, to be sold cheap. WE HAVE THIS DAY MADE; A Can now give you a fine flavored Green Jap Tea, .4 tt>B. for 81. An elegant FKOG CHOP U. C, usually sold at 053 for GOc. ;-;-:Maple Sjrup aod Maple Sofar Now r v f ^ Everytbing In our stock has been selected with care—fresh and neat CARLOAl) OFWAJi FLOUR JUST' IS at a reduced price. Get our prices before buying. We are now prepared to do Judge Majs_lr«, ot fi«n Francisco, Speak* lot- George's Ideu. CUICAOO, Oct a—Judge James 0. Maguire, of &ui Francisco, who has boau prominent in California politics, is in the city, the guest of tuo Single TUT club. He loutured last night at the MadUou btreut theatro upon tho single tax theory, und was ijreoU'd by a largo audieiico. In the eourso of his speech be said that land values should bcnr tho burdens of govoninwtit i'or several rem- bons. They aro in all uiaui tho result of Ui« presvuto and virtue*, ot thu general iu.itwtry iiinl otitiTpris-, of the i>al ttit-n of nu\ i l iiutunnitv ur st it», iivit rt.nult i;-'in lilu His ..shnaly,_." DUBLIN, Oct 8.—John MucCornmck, who formerly lived in America,hut who ruiurned to Ireland somu years ago, took a cinull holding in Bligo, and was reo.» illy evicted for non-payment of ivir, was accidentally liurnu-I to death yesterday by Ihe burning of a shanty which he ha 1 b.iilt upon tuo estate from which ho had lievn evicted, and which he occupied ftith his wiC< NKW (Jii'.K.vNS, O.'t. 8 —It wua reported to tho gi-Miid jury yi sterd:iy that the missing bonds, kiiutrn ns tlio constitutional buntlii, jmv>i l ti< tlio litlorni t-il anu'init IV i'X|H.'i'li.'.l iliu abo c-jia- in. i rui-ov-jrcil nnd tu<*noJ ovel I'li-riU "! tli • htnt'i Tho tu- D ' • I i-i ^HJIjUOl), anil it h:t J'i i.OJ'J oiiutaiiiliiig wil :li . .• : • < 1 -c ion iu P*>- tticy tn iu bt.miati ! , 1'urm in all the latest styles.O ff- Gl?e us a call, one aoi ill lo to we it Reynolds Bros.,

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