Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on July 14, 1903 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 14, 1903
Page 4
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MOST At Prices Semi-Annual Clearing of all Siimmer Goods Down to 1-2, J-3, J-4 Actual WottEI Eyes blind to costi Eatsdeafto value. T|ey mast go Bottow money if yoa haven't any and take advantage of ttc Only Genoine Sacrifice ^ale. THE: DARLING OF ALL For Fine Dimities and Lawns sold for 8c (— : 29c For Fine Silk Tissues, sold formerly for 50c 7C For clioice of one lot of cliiid- rens and Infants Hose, pink, blue and white, wortli 12ic and i 15 cents 6c> For Madras Gingiiams, reffular 10c kind For Chatelaine Baj^s, regular price .^9c, 69c and 75c 5C For Fine Liiiei'ly Crepe sold everywhere for for 10c For Fine Dimities and Lawus, former price 15c 3C For all shades of 'Silko" on spool, sells for 5c all over I5C| For all our 29c and 35c fine wash Materials lie 'For Fine Swisses and Lawns, regular 20c quality For choice of any stamped Cushions, sold for 5oc and 75c. 6c For 34 .in Percales, dark blue,, black, red and light blue, cheapo at 10c / For summer Corsets. All sizes, as long as they last 25c 3C Corticelli and Belding, Romant Filo Floss, lie a skein For chc»i66 of Belts, worth 25c, : ,"{9c and 5oc .it. 69c Choice Jot' all our $1 Ladies Wrappers for ()!<c 19c For Si lit Malls. No more at this price wbieti these are sold. Keg- Hlar 35c value • . Startling Reductions in Our Readi|-Made De|)artment . . Shirt|Waists. Divided into 5 Lots Ladies/s Wasli Skirts, Greatly Reduced White Pipue Skirts trimmed in Embroidery $2.75 Skirts kor $1.50 4.50 skirts for 2.48 3.00 skirts for 1.1)8 : 5.00 skirts ior 2.90 Black Polka Dot Wash skirts, all lengths, $1.50 skirts for 75o. Linen Skirts, $1.75|skirts fc^r SHc. Tremendous sacrifice sample line of Wool skirts. 8un pleated skirts, $10 skirts for 2.08. Shirred skirts in Voile and Mohair, 8.50 and Lot I'—Pink and blue Chambray's and white ground with pink, red and black Polka Dots. ^C/, Kegular 50c as Idng as they last Lot II—White Waists with 5 rows Ein- !}Q« broidery Insiirtion. Your choice. •'^^ Lot III—White Lawn Waists prettily tucked, Embroidery and Lace trimmed,-broken siies CA/, Regular 75c and 98c kind. Your choice . .wwv Lot IV—AH our pretty White Waists, all QOp sizes, regulari$1.29, 1.50, and 1.75kind, choice^O^ Lot V—Choice of any of our swell White Waists. Regular $2,00, $2.50, and $2.85 Jl iQ kind your choice for vl»^>^ 10 skirts for 2.98. Tailor Made Mohair, Sicillian, Voiles and Knickerbocker cloths, in black and navy, worth up to 12.00, cnoice for 3 .98. Sacrificing men's shoes at le^ than half their actual worth to close. Men's drees and working shoes worth $1,50 and 1.75, youv choice 79c. Men's dress and walking shOes | worth $2.00, your choice for 98c. ' f Boys' fine sample shoes, «is |BS 3 to 4i, wortli $3.00, your choice $1.50. Men's fine dress shoes, best makes, bi-okon sizes, made to retail for $3.50, yo\j^ choice for 1.85. Extraordioary Bargains in Laces Hair inwhjiodges and insertions, { special, 15c per do/, yds. Two inch Serbontine Laces for sum- !uer Lawns, 5c per yd. White and black: Serpentine Laces. 1 1-4 to :i inches wide, regular price lpc>nd 12 l -4c. choice for ! (»c per yd. White Bishop and Val Setipenline laces, regular prices 15c, Irjc, 2oc and 29c, your choice, iQc per yd. The Big Store with Little Prices Tic Busy Stote so Much Talked Abottt-Thc Stolrc that saves You Money. Goods Sold As Advertised No Exaggef ations, No Misrepi^e^ntations, More For Yotff Money thaii Yoff Can Get Elsewhere all- the time. 0000 I 'iflflo i^oF mm The steel Mill Proposition Submitted , : to the Commercial Club Involves V a Large CapUal. r*;' ' 'As stated in yesterday's Register, the chief purpose of the meeting of the ^mmerclal Club las^. ni«ht was *o consider the proposition brought by Mr. Williams, of Kansas City, for the construction here of-- a* attarf^ rolling mill. ' , . In brief. Mr. Williams proposed to erect here « mill which would employ from 500 to 1,000 men and which would bei used In the manufacture of fish plates and other adjuncts of railroad . buildpig outside of rails. For the '• erection of such a mill no bonus was affced, but it was desired that lola shouM subscribe from $60,000 to $100,000 of tie 1200,000 capital required, the remainder lo Ite taken by outside (^italists. From the figures pre sented byi Mr. Williams it seems rca- i sohably pertain that such an institution would be a money maker, and the Commercial Club wouid use its time and'infiuence generftusly ito assist anyone who wants to Install such a plant in securing the necessary site and gas lands. It does not seem likely, how- jever, that lola capitalists will care to engage In the business to (he extent ,whi|± the pending prbposition contemplates.. , • In addition to talking with Mr. Williams the club transacted the usual amount of routine busness, but nothing , else^ of special importance , was considered. • N Pujien Not Murderer, "Word came from the stale of Georgia^ this morning that the negro beliiR held here on suspicion of bel'ug Mitch ]iiU|hc|l was not the right t>arty and lie wai turned out of jail this morning- It win be remembered that a colored ttaa pissing under the name of Tom Pullen wj|i|^ arrcstqd at the cement plant last week because ho resembled » 0 who. was wanted for murder Comml .t(d,^i Georg^if Pullcn denied his guilt and made no objection when his picti re was taken and sent to Georgia^ .Word was received from the picture today and Pullen is not^ the maa; i^h^ released he; returned at once to lls'ifork at t^e cement plant. local a4 |borities ire mourning the :|150 ri9wiu4jDtfered for Mitchel's cap- It is but farther proof that "all tore. oodiu lo^k to vaan^ people. Out of Money Orders. Tho money order department of the city postoffice is practically out of business for a short time. Late Saturday night the last domestic money order blank was filled out and since that lime none can be had at any price. The postmaster has had an order in for a supply for some time but for some unknown reason not a blank has been received. Plenty of orders can be obtained for points out of the United States but some Inconvenience is caused by the shortage on domestic blanks. The local banks are having a small run on drafts and the smiling money order cl^'k is (hinkilsg of vacation. Concert Tomorrow Night.' The regular weekly band concert win be held In the park tomorrow evening. A good program has been arranged and there should be a large attendance. No collection was taken up at the concert last week so you should come prepared to dOuble your contribution as the bojte need the money The following program will be rendered: Tlie Drummer Boy of '76 Ellis Adlyn ' Waltz Hall Gavotte Fancies Dalby Mauana Chilian Dance Misscrd Mc.lley Golden Nuggets ...Barnhouse Flirtation "Mazurka" Dalby Request number. Eureka March Schubert Real Estate is Quiet. The following real estate transfers have been recorded during H^he past twenty-four hours, showing somewhat of a decrease from last week: S. Heller and wife to Eva Tiftt, $400, lot 6, block 113, Tola. Phoebe Thompson to J, E.Kaufman, 1250, lots 0 and 10, block 12, St. Joseph addition to Humboldt. Rebecca Jonklns to J. A. Jenkins, $50, lot 1, block C4, Humboldt. Jno. D. RemHiwrg lo J. F. Klnnoy, |2ri0, lots C and 6, block 4, Ilcrasbcrg')! add. to Gas City. Jno. D. Romsberg to J. F. Adams. IIGO, lot 3, block 14, Rcmsbcrg^s add. to Gas City. More Men Wanted. Leigh Hunt Began work on the new cement plant with an ambition to complete the construction and get the mill In operation in the shortest time on record;, but he has about given it up. The reason is the apparent impossibility of securing the necessary num- l>er of laborers to push the work. "We are paying ?t.CO a day for common labor," said Mr. Huut to.a Register reporter to<lay, "but wo lack a hundred men of having as many as we could profitably employ. There arc skilled mechanics enough, but the supply of common labor seems very much smaller than the demand." All of which means tliat If you are lookias for the kind of a Job Mi*. Hunt has, you aro the kind of man he Is looking for. Taken Suddenly III. W. J. Hanley was taken suddenly III at the Cottage hotel at noon today. He has been feeling badly fur the past week and Just before dinner to.lay was seized with severe cramps In his stomach causing -Intense suffering. Dr. Dresbach was called and soon succeerled In relieving his -eufCering and thinks that the attack will cause no serious Illness. Mr. Hanley is a brother of J. D. Hanley, tin)' street and sewer contractor, and has been assisting him for some time past in his work here and at Gas City. Mr. Clarke, the opera house pro moter, states that he still lacks sonic four hundred dollars of having the sum ($5,000) sHbsrrlbed for in tickets which is necessary before tho opera house is ago. If this sum can be raised work on the new play house will bo commenced at once. Mr. Hyde, one of the street railway promoters, is In Chanute, Interviewing the council relative to a franchise in that city for the Inter-urban line.' Jt will be rank prejudice and partiality that could cause a refusal now. It's a Simple Matter ..^o launder a shirt, but It's a 4 mighty difficult matter to launder one right. Not one laundry In 100 can laiin- der a shirt properly. ^ We have the most skilled .labor, chlnery that money can buy. We have the most ckilled labor. Every method is modern. Every detail is carefully watcjied. You'll is until you have tried It. May we until you have tried it. May we call' for a trial package this week. lola Steam Laoodry, LOCAL NEWS. Clias. Richards went to Humboldt on liusiness. Wanted—A dining room girl at the Pennsylvania. Mr. C. F. Hellc returned to his home in Huml)oIdt. ,T. B. Balles left for Chanute for a few days on business. For Rent—A shop 20 by 30. Apply at 217 West Madison. J. R. Rataozak and Gus ShweJa wont to Pittslnirg on business. Mr. G. W. Reynolds went to Cherry vale for a few days' visit with friends. For Sale—Full l)loo(Ied Golden Seabrlght bantams. Loralne Northrup. Mrs. Z. Guy and Mr. A. D. Glbiis went toliumboldt for a few days' visit. Mrs. Jessie Smock went to Kansas City for a few days' visit with relatives. For Rent—Four nicely furnished rooms close In. Call at Room 9, Bartela' building. Mabel Eieal returned lo her home in Humboldt this afternoon after visiting friends in this city. For Sale or Exchange—New. grocery stock and building. Call at Room 0, Bartels' building. Mrs. G. W. Overshlner and son, Howard, left this afternoon for Arizona, for their health. F. S. Bennett went to Humboldt this afternoon to bo pijesent at the slioollng of well No. ij, ;of the Drum Creek Oil Co. One of tho largest box cars ever Keen in lolu puHH<>d through on tho Santa Fo today. It had a capacity of Co.diX) poumlH, length fiO feet and a weight of 3S,:!0(I pounds. County Attorney B. Clifford loft toilny for a visit at his old homo In Aloihi, Hi. Ho expects to, bo gone al»out thirty days. Mrs. Clifford haa l )eeh III Aledo for some time, her brother being at tho point of deatli. Chester Wood, who has for I some lime past been assisting in the circulation work for the Register, has resigned his positio.n and has accepted a po .Hition as stenographdr for L. L. Pc^sler, general manager, of the lola Brick Company. Mr. Craig, of Craig, Neb., and Mr. Reece, of Randolph, Neb., are in the city attending a meeting of the direc- HairFalls 'Ayer's Hair Vigor is the most econofhiical preparation of its kind oii the market. It.doesn't take much of it to stop falHng ol the hair, to make the hair grow, or to restore color to gray .hair. j .dyer^i .tS'^our:- Bank of Aln OFFICERS! EO .A. BowLns. Prcst MRS . W. O. HARTMAN.'Vlhe-Prcst THOS . H. BOWI.DS t'ashl :A. H. OAMPBELL, A.^torney. Transacts a General Banking Business. Exchange on Kansas City, (Jhicago and New York. Makes collections in all parts of;the United States^ Negotiates first mortgage loans <oi well improved farms. Correspondence solicited. (I U We sell... Boilers, Engines, Brass Castings, Drilling Tools, Gray Iron Castings, Belting, Packing, Ida, Kaii^as. Mannfactarefi of ncdilpary ...For... ' Mines, SmeltmtaM BMPlante - WaUftar... Qood Worknanlhlp, Prompt DeUverlCs, Low Prices. • : mm oil storage;Tanks, 'Automatic and Plain Gas Separators, Sheet Iron Work, Structural Work^ Rotary Ore Roasters, Smoke Stacks, Steel Dump Cars Mads to Ordsr. Pattens For Castiifs a Specialty. EstlBttiii Fanisbfil.' Quick K^pairlirork ::C. L. WHITAKER, ........ J.Jf-Am >..'..•.. Th« rast yaii pmy will buy a kattor hoMaa thas tba ona yoa ara raatlng. Coaa uid aaa ae. Real p ^tate, Loans: and Insurance. up SUirs in Turo^i^BulIdlas. lola, Kaqsts ; Local Secretary for The Atlas elid Association. »*l I mi M IIIII r |.|M|Mn.i .n t 'ii'iriiM |MH in n IK rii 11 I'M ii!ii"i "m -»i"f<"i -«4i tors of the Tri-State Oil Co. They accompanied several other members of the company to their holdings southwest t^f Humboldt yesterday and founjl that well No. 2 had been started. They also 'report that the Owl Creek Oil Co expect a well in today. \ LET YOUR

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