Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on October 7, 1889 · Page 4
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 4

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, October 7, 1889
Page 4
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X §1 J f ;, V/v/'; *-• ' ' [*• . . .3 / t'lfin in Sp'iin. Hlb*inr:J'* iUM'TimnHc fuu! Idvrr SMH* Ttif'Si" J'ills are scifn'ineally co;n- ponmifd, uniform in Hcti'Mi. >io grip- in? pnin fo curnmonly fo!lowmg'-th« use ol 1'illii. They are adapted to both adults nnd chilclrpn withpfrl'pct n:if<>ty. \Ve guarantee they li.'ivo no equal in the cure of fiirk headache, constipation, dyspepsia, biliousness, and, as an Hppa tize.r, they excel any other preparation. •r Mr-iti' 1 '. ! r.K'iO', V," MOOl'lX'i cnrOH and i-Sroiiriiilis i-unpc-iiiately r'.-lH'V-l by !>tiil<>h"a <Y,ri>. 1'or as'-l" bv l'<-rrv, trip dni7L'ii-.t, iind J. M. Kick lord, Hock Falls. if'l C'nr ! 1 < THE The London i olicn aro now ordered to wen- India rubber or noiseless boots at night a'waya. 1WO Wanted, flJWPos pis sold by all P"a<^ 0 '\ p Grocers frflruc CHIC/Kjd And 100 men to call on any di negist for a/ne triitl package of Lane's Family Medicine, the great root and herb remedy, discovered by Dr. Silas Lane while in the Ilocky Mountains. For diseases ot the blood, liver and kidneys it is a positive cure. For constipation and clearing up the complexion it does wonders. Children like it. Everyone praises it. Large size, package, r>0 centa. At all druggists'. 1 Henry Villrxrd is p;'Mionat"iy fond of music of all kinds, and is himself a Rood performer en the violoncello. i SLKF.l'l.KSS NIGHTS, made miper- ' BMP' by that terrible cmi^ti, Shiloh's Curo i? the remedy for you. For sale by Perry, the druggist, and J. M, -Hickford, Rock Falls." President Carnot, of France, recently remarked that he was determined to visit America before he died. It. Don't stoil your Feet with CHEAP SHOES! WEAR THE See thatEVERV PAIR ia STAMPED THE .BURT & PACKARD "Korrect snape- s> deliver ohaee a , llow VOI'K denier to palm ofT iiny'itute for l«.nn "aswe have [irraaut-il to supply any orx« In. the I who cannot 8 et those a o-.dH ol «» » ne^nlH. »n<l prepay al thusbrlnainu: ihtun to your .loor wilhout extr Ku"Korrcct Shape" Shoes «rc made in four grades, vl«.. Hand-inude, Ilnm)-\v- Sewed.-whlo.h U «tamp«.l on-H» snle- In fttldiHon ID o'.ir tfaiti-iniiik^iuuy Our agents should enrrjrjjH grades in '' " "' """ Z^ B ,N STERLING, ILL. Frederick Gebhard is now known in London as the "financial adviser" of Mrs. Langtry. RncklciTfl Arnica Wolve. The best salve in the world for Cuts Uruiees, Sores, Ulcew, ijalt Rheum Fever ^oroa, Tetter, Chapped Hands. ChilblainH, Corns, and ail Skin Eruptions, and postlvely cures Files, or no pay required. It ia sruaranteed to give perfect satisfaction, or money refunded Trice 25 cents per box. For sale bv D 15. Stri<H--]pr. Over 20,000 copies of 'Lorna Doone" I were sold within one week of its publication in cheap form. CATAltmi CURED, health and sweet bn-ath secured, by Shiloh's Cat- •'irrh Remedy. Price So cents. Nasal [ujec'or free. For sale by Perry, the and J. M. Bickford. Hock A number of my Ifidycautomera have tried "Mother's Friend," and would mn dn a few not be without for many times its cost. They recommend it to all who are to become mothers. R. A. Payne, drug- els .Greenville, Ala. Write Bradlield UeR. Co., Atlama, Ga., for particulars. By all druggists, Ho \Vrcn*H to Son Thrm C! of tlio TSVf-k us •VV>-II loonlati rroicrllifl 1" "in I KroR«n-i;\n Srnft nn-.l Ih' Sj» Tronl>l<-—Ornnl Coml.ln .11. romlor-! —I.nlii^r Nut. Clllc'MO <»f " —1 "» addri's-t> 1 a cr m 1 1 mi li n i Music hill T" t«i I i) iff rm i: enoo ^vas compo*».i n^nost t-x workinirnipn nnd tlv.'ir wives bonrts. Richard Orillitln nrcst forn Mr. Powd'irly spike, (} il Ev Sltml nmon nf i 1 i I i i n r i r I- —I ii , f 1 il 1 % 1 ih it ( n i il liin 1 III and HW-^ofc- lo 1, and bo nree Rogers t ,) •!! 10 lli'l.'l V i-li -t n-<i. an 1 l ti - H i ^ I ii t f n t i Wall hi: m. «l" r w it li t i tt iiiL'iinn) nnd ' r m| \it-i 1 1 t !• 1 ' I 1 ii t! in 11 f 1 cth i 1 | U 1 1 , \ 1 1- 11 Rnlil -t M\ Hi M i u iir 1 i I I I 1, I Oyster color is u tent intended for brocades in which women will be prti sented to the qneen at the next season J.p. OVERHOLSEE rTlic Verdict UnnnimoUR. W. D. Stilt, Druggist, Bippus, Ind, testifies "I can recommend Electric bitters as the very beat remedy. Every bottle sold has given relief in every case. One man took six bottles and was cured of Kheumatism of 10 years' standing." Abraham Hare, druggist, liellvlllc, Ohio, allirms: 'jThfiJjfiaLnelU ing medicine I have ever handled in my 20 years' experience, is Electric Bitters." Thousands f others have added their testimony, s< that the verdict is unarnoua that.El jtric Bitters do cure all diseases of t ,e .Liver, Kidneys or Blood. Only a ml f dollar-n bottle nt D. B, Strickler's Drug y.erc.. A handkerchief in the possession of the Emprror of Russia is said to have cost $2,500. It took seven years to make it. An OI<1 Lmly. Mrs. Van Nostrum!, of New Brunswick, N. J., who recently celebrated her 101st.birlhdny anniversary, belongs to a long lived family. She was married in 1810 and her husband did not dio until 18C3, when he was 80 years old. Sho lias had eight children, nnd all but one are still living, sonio of them being over 70 years old. She has not been called upon to mourn a loss among her children Cor seventy-five year:;, and has lost very few of her grandchildren or great-grandchildren.—Philadelphia Lodger. Nineteen trade unions reported to the British board of trade in July on tho state of Iho labor market. Ten report trade to bo '-very good," seven "good," and two "moderate." There are 191,023 members in these societies, of whom only a,;!03 nro out of work. The proportion of out of works in 1.7 per cent, aa against 4.0 per cent, for July, 1888. What is it makes George Edmonds so fool and placid, and how does he do such deep thinking? It is beeause he never allows himself to be harassed with colds. He. taki s Dr. Bull's Cough Syrup, he does. Oscar S Straus, ex minister to Turkey, makes a hobby of coUectlnR and -BHidy4oR-bot»kB ' ~' »-<-»~— •pprectate 1U wl» nd^be gratetul for Is B monthly maga- tlne devoted to 'tho hygiene and care of Infants and young children, and all that pertains to the routine of the nursery. It It now In Ita fifth year. Tie Congregation cttit recently said of It : "Bin-moon •oemg atmort lndl«pan«»bte to tho houiehold la which there ITS young children. II li for the parmU ftnd the mirM and li packed full of Important su«- MUo'ni ot » practical character. From por- fcinl experience of Its laeXaJneM, we oom- menaltwannly." And the Chicago Advance : ," No mother but mnit •p anfloolprul >agve«tlon!i, and the «olTlng of perplcxlUos »nd the helping OTerhard places which erery ono comei to who ha. tfio care of young cli Idren. We commend it to oTery mother In Uw und." Also the New York Graphic : "Th mocen of "this periodical hai tern _____ enormotti. H makes young mothers feel that the only »nbject worthy ot attention la at lalt being recognlied." "Every intelligent father and mother ihonld read H regularly. Their children •will lie healthier and happier. It will reduce the work of caring for them, nursing them, dressing them, amusing them. Letters from subscribers frequently contain such testimonies as these, lately received : "1 am grateful to BABYHOOD; I have seen bot two numbers, but have learned so mucn from those lhat. I feel 1 should be doing my children a wrong If I should fall of the opportunity to learn more." "The hap It has Seen to us would have astonished me had It been predicted beforehand." -rhyslolan •a 1 am. your magazine l.s the most welcome periodical thatcomeatomy table, and Is the on" I read Drat." •• 1 cannot speak too nlithly of BABTHOon. During the Ibree years that I have subscribed to It. I have felt repaid a hundred times for the outlay by the relief and confidence tt bas given ma in the management of my children." Tou want a sample copy— Prlo» IS cents. Or to subscribe for a year— Tliorotl(,lilv 1 nnsi tin 1>I< ' I ^ I'""'' '» fountain nt li ultli Ii usin"-ln I nit 8 (Jolrt <n .Midirjil Hi uncij. «nil ^i oil III.CM ion fair fkin, Iniiiyaii!; Bpifirp, mid l;mlily liealtl and vliror will lw csliiMishrd. (Jolclrn Mi'illcul Disi-ovi-i-y t-urc." ;ill liiimpl-B, from the t-iininiiin |ilin|ile, i>l«u-h. or eruption, to the wurst Surofulii, or liliuid-pciison. I'.s- nf.,'iallv him It |iroven its PlJIriicy In curliiR Sait-rlionni or Tetter, Eezeiiiit, F.rypipt'laB, Kfver-sort'B, Hip-Joint IUwnsi', Scmfuloiia Sores and Swellinirs, Unlarprd dlanils, Goi- tre or Tliiclc Neck, and Eutinjf boixfl. or Oold'en Medicnl D'.soovpry piin-n Connump. tlon (whinh is Sero.'ulii of the LIIIUTP). by ita wonderful blond- pnriryltiir, Inviiroratlnir, nncl nutritive propi'rtiis, if taken in time. For Wejik I.nairp. Spittlnjf <)C U:oiiil, t-liort- nrsja of Hrcnth; Ciitarrh In .tlio llPtul, llron- chitis Severe Couijha. Asthma, nnd kindred affections, it is a sovereign remedy. it oromntly onrcs the Bovprest Coughs. For Torpid Liver, Biliousness, or "Liver 'ComplnlnV' Dyspepsia,', dud InOigpptlon, it IB an unrcinalcd remedy. Bold t>}' drugg-ista. 1'rioo 81.00, or six bottles for A Lady In Texan Writes: My case i* of long stanning; has baffled many physicians; have tried every reraidy I could hear of, but Bradfield's Female Regulator la all that relieved mo. Write The HrndlliOd Ili'gu- lutor.t'o., Atlf.ut!!, Or...-for f u .fm,-i>ir- ticnliu.i. Sold by nil drnpgists. Mr. William Steinway, of piano fame is about to colonize 800 acres of land in the Catskilla, recently purchased. nn j which ISP nwlo U50 of tlin word": "\V' V ar.> imt fishtin!» th« saloons." It w:is a Fowdi-rly m-otln '. from pit toiioni". Every titno limnamo waft inon- tionod tho au iii-rca bruko out into a perfect cyclono of nppl.uisa, and when ho strp|vd forward to b -gin tho cheorn w#ro ik''iiing. Snlihutli I>ny nnd lUtnt. The heal of tins K. of L. hogfin by snying that his first siibj -ct wns "Bibbath D.iy and Rest," and on this bo said: "I don't know whn'.hor I will bo ablo to convince yon of tlia justice of tho text, but j I can any that as a KniRht of Labor and as an American citiz'in I am lionrtily in favor of it I hope tho time will come that flvo days In. tho week will b? miflicient for work, leaving one day for ri'st and ono day for worship. Right linni I hnva ono tnine; to say about Brother R vigors' introductory remarks. Ho Bil-.1: 'Wo havo no fault to (In 1 with tho saloons.' I Inva " Hero untliml- astic applauso brotco looso. rruhililtlnn Moetrlnr. "I hope that thu S:I!DOM will bu c-iriipollod to clo?o its doors on Snudny us all other sorts ot business havo to clos.). _ . that saloon will b3 comrr 11 ' 1 ' 1 to knop closed from one riunday to the next and so on tho yi-iir ronniL It lia-s boon livr]tiBiitly sa ; d that saloon-koepnr is tho one who most largely ot any sort, of business contributes to labor in case of strike*. Out of how nmi'h doos tbo saloon keep the laborers botwm<n Btrikns?" CniiclnrtlnR Itclimrkii. Mr. Powdorly denied the currant reports about tho condition of tho order, comidl- raentod tho woni'n in the ordor, and s'liil ho had often impollo 1 to wlnh that "every man in tho order was a woman." Hi! crime back to tho liquor qa«tioa ami <1 •(••mleil his policy of excluding liquor deu'.era from the Knights. Memborj. had com 9o far ai -to-mtiko-tholr—wnros-iraHr—In—tbitt-«a<fe- the motnbera had bjcn peremptorily ordered .to either dlvoro himself from his wifo or from th» order. Mr. Powdorly's concludinp: romarlts wcrj d«- votedtoth.- HinKlrttnx. "I b.di : yj 1 '--'MX," Immdd. "As lam nv 1st, so Ifhi-i.!' "V. - •_.. j . - --•- -_••'• It is thoKiimo way with the single lix. I ilo believe that the t ir should come from tho land." - . Tho meeting was also address M! by It Mr. Withrow, of this city, and A. Wright, of Toronto. of I o whiT j lur ree.-i kept tli" 1111 . li \t i -tnr t ! 1 i i li l 11 t I I I Um 'i> vi"it.irs, nt nnd i , „, 1 h ntiii in •' am I it I 1 MM 111 i n it' » T- lh:> v < t-irs, up durin., t'i-' " l' n l n liiir.iin.'t w;n I'jv wiilch nil tb'- li.i-nl celi-britii's werw pre<--ent., nirl many sp'olv-f wopi iniulo by citizens, most of them d.aiing wiih tho advantage's to all the countries int^rcnt'-d in tho congress o. closer commercial rt'lutums. Th speeches were non-cuinmittnl and wero confined to fxprc«aifins.of »i and interest at. what they had seen thanks for the warm welcom••• Riv,.-n them. Sunday Entsrtnlnmont. • Tho delegates worn taken to D-er island ypstcrduy us guesisof Iho city, tho mayor, altlcrniPn and leading cilinns nclitig us <s- cort. After Inspectini the publ.c instHii- tions dinner was served, the mayor presiding, and speeches werj Hindu I'.V several del- o"at«s. Tho party then returneil by boat to tho city and, after a reit nt th'! H .tel Vendome, thoy w^ru tnken u ilrivo through the suburbs. Lunchemi was serve I at the residence of John L. (Ini-dii -r. s ill til on this point omli'i- nnd • tim Will' WILL YOU cough when Shut.. B Cure will give you immediate relief. Price 10 cts., 50 cts., and 81. For sale by Perry, tbe druggist, and J. M. Uickford, Bock Falls. More books and magazines in English are now read in Paris than-at any previous time in the history of th,e country. FITS.-All flta stopped free by Dr Kline's Great Nerve Restorer. No fits alter first day's use. Marvellous cures. Treatise and 82 00 trial bottle free to Fit cases. Send to Dr. Kline, 031 Arch St., Phila., Pa. d&w A recluse near London has for yean kept his coffin under his bed. He also has his tombstone, duly Inscribed, on hand. SHILOH'S CUKK will immediately relieve Croup, Whooping Cough arid Bronchitis. For sale by Perry, the druggist, and J. M. .Bickford,. Rock Falls SIXTH POINT You should read TiiECHlCA- co DAILY NEWS because,being a family newspaper, it's against the saloon. The home and the saloon arc forever opposed. There ran be no neutrals in this war. IlutTlli: DAII.V NEWS is temperate in temperance. It Isn't a prohibition organ—it's not.sure prohiUlinn is the best way of treating tbe evil—but it believes in prohibiting the saloon keeper Irom ruling and ruining in American society. If you would read, and have your family read, a newspapcrwnieh places the interests of the home higher than those of the saloon, rc;ul TUB CHICAGO , DAILY Nmvs- .. _.„ circulation i.i 220,000 a day—over B million a week—an-1 it^cusls by mail 25 cts. a month, four months gi .00,— one ctnl a day. Btortltne Physiologists state that with each contraction the heart exerts fifty -bs. of force. This amounts to 8,000 a minute, 210,000 an hour, and the enormous number of 5.164,000 pounds In a day. No wonder there are so many weak hearts and that people drop dead. If exercise makes you short of breath; if you have fluttering, pain in side, faint or hungry spells, swollen ankles, etc., look to your heart and don't fail to take Dr, Miles' New Cure. Sold at A. R. Hendricks'or .J. M. Blckfords' Drug Store. SCOTT AND HIS MINERS. On OTJI part we Trtsh to know that yon liave seen this advertisement; and In order to Induce you to mention this paper •when •writing us, We havo manned to tutra manufactured for u* * larger quantity of Hudnut's celebrated Sachet Powder, and will give a packet, free (either " Violet" 01 " "White Lilac," as preferred), (nuantllT »ntnclcnt to elegantly pcifnm* li^by'il clothing for months), to every person who tendl us either (1.60 tor a year 1 !, eub- . • aorlption or 15 ceaU for a BlDRlo copy, and men/ion* f/ii* pajwr. (A'oio tlif. tvndUinn. TncjJOwderlR m uownie a "premium," but la offered simply tonlil us la tracing there- . e>ilsa>t>f our adveeilBlnit ta various parts of the couutrv. lu retAil value Li about £5 centa.) Addrost BABYHOOD PUBLISHING CO,, 6 Beekman St., New York. I>o not ooafonnd BABTHOOD with plctur for the amusement o/ children. It u a'i magaxine —a nureery liclii, Itnltstof com on niKdU-al subjects compi-I-ips inuay eptci lite highest profiTfitlonal iitundiug. Tbtt ^prinicfk'ld (Mass.) (T/jloii naya t "It a question wbitttbo niotiicra of llttlo tmhlci ^ '-|lo iK-'foro tho exct'llent little III'Kii^lno H was p'iblihheil; No number can bo lull fctto lufid l^uil'tf ftlt-" JACOB EISELE, LEADINO t oacf l« In r o •tablitb ! P«««. l>7 r machine bctfl tbo {M them. Wf will Mad persoo ia t4Ch loeftlttjr.tlie bcu Bii . Biirtay-macbluA maile m :h« world, wllb all tho «tueliu>cn'i W* wlllaUo aendfree* eoml'l'tr I1&0 of oar cottly tad T*lit«ble en |Mmple». ID rvtunt we s*k that < i.u 'ovv what we Bead, to those nl. j ay call at your home. and anrr ^ tnoDtbialltball become your own proper!/. Tbla Kraad macblue it madeaher the HinctT paienif, which bare niu oatt before i>»l'nii run out il told for 88!k, whh tlie sad now »elU lot atniQB^at.aioel ute. nil machine in tbe world. All li _ r. No capital required. Plata, _____ _____ n. riven. Tho.e who write to Ul al once can •«- ntr* fr«« tbe Beit e«wl»ir-machlne la Ibe world, and the flnut lineof*»ur*iof blthartevrr «bown together In Ameiica. isox I 3*n<». Aueuotn. AflaUta. M.T. Duthie, botanical director for northern India, advocates the use of the (lowers of the Calligonum for food in northwestern India. A Womnn'B I>l«rovery. "Another wonderful discovery has been made and that too by a lady in thla country. Disease fastened, its clutches upon her and for seveq years she withstood its severest tests, but her vital organs were undermined and death seemed imminent. For three months she. coughed incessantly and could not sleep. She bought of us a bottle of Dr. King's New Discovery for Consumption and w,as so much relieved on taking first dose'that, she slept all night and with one bottle has been miraculously cured. Iler name is Mrs Luther Lutz." Thus write W. C. Hamrick & Co., of Shelby, N. C.—Get a free trial bottle at D. B. Btrickler's Drug Store. An English Protestant has discovered that the recent strike in London was "the work of Jesuits, plotting, as ever, the ruin of England." THE REV.GEO. H. THAYEU, ol Bourbon, Ind., says: "Both myself and wife ewe our lives to SlilLOH'S CONSUMPTION CURE." For sale by Perry, the druggist, and J. M. Bickford, Hock Falls. . 1 Love am] Law. When two fellov.-t) are in lov'o with tho eaino girl, anil ono of them happens to be a postmaster, what a big advantage tho latter has over his rival! A Maine postmaster rt-ci-ntly found himself in this situation und made tho best of hifi opportunity—or tho worst, just as you may think' The girl sent her now lover papers through the postofflcc. The seller of stamps thought all was not right, and upon investigation discovered that within the paper was a letter written to his fortunate rival. Tho postmaster reported the case and tho girl was fined $10. Tha fine was subsequently remitted. And now tho query is, doesn't the postmaster wish he hadn't dona it?—Lewiston Journal. ' Cooper Hewitt has one of the collections of musical" instruments in America, and knows how to play on nearly all of them I suffered with rheumatism in the shoulder for months and the only thing I found that did me any good was Salvation Oil. It cured me and I recommend it to all sufferers with said disease. N. Ulman, 1 Pearl Street, Balti more, Md. .'Mr. Sidney Cooper, the well known English artist and Royal academician. Is 80 years old. Helajn capital health and is as fond of his work as ever. Attractive vases, jugs and ewers of modern Venetian glass are cut to imitate crystal and are profusely decorated. SHILOH'S COUGH and Consumption Cure is sold by us on a guarantee, li cures consumption. For sale by Perry, t he druggist, and J. M. Bickford Rock Falls According to Tour Keeds. .«*. .JAMES MF.A7JS 84 STTOB 7,s Uxht and stylish. It tits illir n storking:, snd TtKOVIKIjtf • Is now prepared to take orders for gentlemen's suits and over- coata for 1'all and winter. Now ia stock' all kinda of cloths, eas- and overcoatings and the stock of pants goods ever shown'' in this city. Leave your orders to have them raado up in th« latest eastern (styles and at prioea. Doing his owa *ud Laving no rent tts » mwto?M4Mf« gat the feft-i>,e« I Ing perfectly easy tliii llrHt tiinr It l» worn. It will »»ti-l'y tlia w-l vfiutlilkitu. JAMK.S ftIE.\^S t 83 SHOK It ul,««.lu'j.-:y II.o \f fihoo of Its price wlik-li has ever been plncfd i-s- Unslvely on the m.iri;t-t in wblch duriilji::?/. soot- wsnl J. MEASB Sc CO., Boston. Hull linr^ of the above ebocii far mtlo by S, H. BELI. & SON Htorliua. fill) FREE STpPPED X^rtflifKt ifu i iaisn« ¥-n,.te uwa1», 'Dr. KI INI' riUUKAT NKfiVC rlLsTTORFB A thermometer set in a silver mounted elephant's tusk is included in bric-a- brac for writing desk and library . -- - A Family timbering. • Have you a father? Have you .a mother? Have you a son or daughter, a sister or a brother who has not yet taken Kemp's Balsara for the Throat and Lungs, tho guaranteed remedy for the cure of Coughs, Colds, Asthma, Croup and all Throat and Lung troubles? If so, why, when a sample bot tie is gladly given to you free by any druggist and the large siao costs only 50c and 31.00. 3a Silver clocks recently designed show Renaissance styles and are likely to prove acceptable as an artistic novelty. A 2Vew IMHe.overy* Weakened and deranged livers, stomachs and bowels should never be acted on by irritants like common pills, bran, etc. Mile's 1'ills cures liver complaint, constipation, plies, etc,, by a new method. Samples free at A. H. Heu- drtck'B or J. M, Uickford '8. Useful articles in cut glass include ic« ereiita sola ami celery truys. Tuft itttter are naucU newsr than the tail The American Dlseaae. No people in the world are so subject to nervous diseases, such aa nervous exhaustion, physical or mental overwork, headache, backache, neuralgia, (sleeplessness, dizziness, nervous dyspepsia, palpitation, monthly pains, and insanity, as the Americans. Every part of the body is controlled by Us nerves, and when they are weakened by overwork or disease the part la also affected. Now it is everywhere conceded that Dr. Miles' Restorative Ner- vine, a concentrated nerve food and medicine, is the best remedy In the world for these diseases. Ask for a trial bottle at A. Ii. Hendricks" or J. M. Bickfords'Drug Store. The pope wrote to Cardinal Manning congratulating him on the successful outcome of his efforts to effect a settlement of the dock troubles in London. A Beaatltul Sealskin Cloak Is a becoming garment to a lady. If she has an elastic step, an air ot gruce and modesty, and the glow of health on her cheek, she will always command admiration. Without these, no woman can appear to advantage. When sickly countenance, painful gait, and listless uir, she Is an object of pity. How 5,nsany American women daily drag out a wretched existence, ignorant of the blessing of perfect health I AH her weaknesses can be cured by Dr. Tierce's Favorite Prescription, the great specific for prolapsus, leecorrhea, ulceration and unnatural discharges. The only medicine sold by druggists, under » positive guarantee of giving satisfaction, or money refuiined. Kead guarantee printed OP. its wrapper. Dr. Fierce'* Pellets, or Anti-bilious Grannies; in viala, *5 centa; one a dose. An Asuortlcin Tlmt Imiiurtoil Sin" Will Bo U*od—Hl» L-il<-.t Oll'nr. CHICAGO, Oct. 7.—Es ; Cniigiv^siiinn'Scott, of Eric, Pa., catno to this city S.itunliiy to confer with the striking inlnord nt liisS.iring Valley minus. Hs o ml 1 not IMS.-™, Imt it Chicago coftl dealer mi I "f him:' "IiisMu 11 month tlia Spring Valit-y .miiiM will bo working with im|mrt->.l lub-iror* . Onvorniw Fifer will be ns!;eil to furnish wlcqunte p.rti- toction to tlio tntnoi's. Tno 1-jtter u l.lreis^vl to tlio governor by Mr. Se.itt n few wooks | .ttgo was in tha liiu of this proposed artiou." Iln OITi'i'tt K'J 1-3 «ionl<. A telegrnm from Spring Viil'py fiivs: ••> At ' a oonforeii'ij lioM Satunl:iy in nhioigo" l>.;- tween W. L H :ott nnil a reprjs'.'ii'ntlvu class of miners Mr.'Soottngree.l to pay tlia iiiliieri hcr6 S2}^ cents por ton wilb thirty inches ot brusbtng a'ld two muu in n room, the mem to be fumisbud coal at tictual c;>at above ground, nnd to have tlia pries lieretoforo paid for pick slmrponins materially re luci-ii. Mr. Bcott--Btot»-that be will opiM-iiti l\i« mines on this baa's, and expresses bis d-i- tormiimtion to import men if net'cisriary. Tha leaders of tbe Miners' union hero will i not be likely to accept the tibtivo toriiu nnd ' trouble Is anticipated when the attempt tc resume la miid-). Under last'i rules tho mon took sixteen inches of brushing and were paid 00 canti This proposition rotuos the price TJ^ cents per ton an-1 nddj f.oui'to»:i inches of brushing. Secret Mcetlne of Kallroa«lor«, • BOSTON, Oct. 7.—A mnst mating of the Steam Railroad Men'd Protoctivo union was held hero yesterday. About 850 delegates were present from all parts of tho Uuit -d States nnd Canada. Tba trensurerM report showed tho order to bo 1't a flourishinsj condition. In executive tsonsion comtnlttoDS were appointed to draft remlutions regarding the question of railroniii employing experienced mon and minors, shorter bout's for employes and tho adoption of safuty appliances. It was resolved to support tin utiti- Pinkerton bil}. The employers liability bill was warmly dubatod, nii'l a law was proposed for each state, tho indemnity to lie $lO,OOd, itbuiogb»liev».l that such legislation would do much toward forcing railway 'corporations to provide safety appliances. It was decided Io enter the federation. • NEW OULEANS, Oct. .1 —Tho Time.-t-D.Mtio- .. _.. crat special from Briynti Kara Bays the bull Aye, I hopo ' o f tha ill-fatc.l Bt.'am.-r Coi'mii Inw sunk in deep wntor. The cnbln V:nsli» -n l< 'l,:n.l at the font ot Projihel's, whorj it is being taken to pieces nnd every thiig that M worth anything is b»ln; put 0:1 tho uleamor f'leon. The bnrty of I'.it hviin, tho s.cwunl, was found in iho stat-ro.nn. Aft>r an inq'.iest tho body wm buried nn.l mnrke.l ao it can bo recovered by ro'af.ves Tho bo ly of Mrs. HufT lias been foun I and R-ut to Baton Rouge. N.i other boilios_ha vo r >' J' 1 ' 6 b '-' c " .' recovered. Survivor* Ti'llliis Tlieli- Smrlnt. A number of th.i mrvlvors ot the Corona reashed tho city ymterdiiy. They wore quickly Kurround d by a crowd <it wei-j inuti im?l WLiiir;TiritirTimcidtrr-t<7—hjtirtr-tlw (atoof pom-L.v.'d ono. The scon3 was, in deed, heartrending, ii'.ul strong moil were compello.l t" Uirn a\ii.l-) their lifaiU wl some tme, in nns'-vcr i» a qu -sti ni. wul't ns,M iii , '. certaliv that tlu 011.1 hupilred fi"' w«n no prohibition-,____„,. ^ ..___ ;:.)„, ^ ;, M1I1KH - was -r, n tho Corona withb'i' sistr, Mrn. Hulf a:id two children, on routu for Columbia <'* « iH-fts'stiuid'HKin o.mpuiy wlthtny HlMor, ,„ wlthmy clil'il In my arm i, In tlio rear of the ' boat's cabin when the exp osion orimircil. The rhumb' rtii'ild c une r inn) 11! to IIB wlih |e-i>ri'som;n» ii'lilch we f .stencil on. .Kiirn ly we gnt. Into th; life-bo it. whlcli h'ul b ea HUe- cessfiilly latin bed ml \\elmnlly hail bt-on eeated w]u-n tl.o boat was a-.vampeil throwing us nil Into the rhvr. 1, my :i-.vear-old ( l, t ' It u \ i\ i i 1 i I (hilt 1 Hll I' " I K it 1 tin pi n I I - arm. 1 fun-ill In 1 '' v JO, 17'^, in wliii-li . .- ' qiK.-lf el' nil li"f l"'"i' oral flunw. It i- 1 - "'"' sho i!iil not iii" |in'--''H- Hord.'uifihU'i- »wnc:l of l:uul. v,-lii..'h at nm property anil tin 1 tlin tluit nr'c lU'W built, upon 1 H'-'U Io Konniorc linn-; • nnd tin' l':iii.ily burying ground; in f:ift. lior fnrni I'Dvi'ri'dnoiisid- erablo nrc:i not "»" cxi'.rtly Unown.— Cor. New York Herald. . PriRlitfiM'il lij \Vn* Mu'tirru. Probably Hi'-' K 1 ' 1 "' 1 '' 1 ^- C:|HO " f » llls>nl1 " fright on rerunl w:is discovered nt, the Ciriind iniiHciiin y ( -;icr(lay, Tho house was crowded iit tlie tinii.' innl llio curtain just nbont io In 1 ( for tlio illusion, when ii linblm!) WIIH lifiir.l in tin* corner when; lli» wnx lignrc:; of Hi'.'four men who wore nvi-nlly han-nl in tho Tombs arocurtaiiu-doir. Tiio utti'iitioii of tho audienti! wus 'ni'iilfrftl iinineiliatoly on t\vo I'vciteil ni'iviins. :t iniiliitti) man and a black woman, v.-liowori'Mrug'gling liercoly--he tn.^in;,', slit" s,cre:uuinK. Lci-tmvr Smith K.JO:I quiotcil thrin and then llin' reason of the cxcitonpnt was discovered. H itppctiiv that tho.negro Lt-wi-: i.< [liaeeil just where a draft from the v.'iiulow occii: ii-.-ially i;hiilci'S the in- nnininlc ti;,nirc. aiid as urn- arm is pointed upward the !.ha!;ing I-.IIK tho ('fleet, ol giving u very (hrfUtenin;.: iippe.iranec In the iTrni.' Thus it WHS that when the colored visitors loo!:ed up iit it all their superstition c-iiincbac;k to them and they cried tint i:i a("ri..:,ht. t,!)inl:iii^rtliat Lewis Bav<!(1 „„.. i tl ,ld the I'll! d "Mohl liiihf. dnu K h- tor; God will wave us." My ul-tor, .Mrs. Huff, I saw no 1116:0 ufte:' onr lio:a eui«i/.o:l. A lt,,y» Trip TI..-..M,I. ih« Air A llttl, O-yi-m-old U y ol Mr-. Honj Blanks, who xvns Idown intoTDo air by tlu- explosion, sny-: . 1'olulci'H 111 Snritery. Tlio i-aling of lMir.iMp ; mjHjMiM_oLllula--— ttnT3-|TrrrrhrTTrTH' 7 n'7t:i a meailH of relief from-l'tuvi.'irt bovlif'M-t'i'^V.:;-.-,- ! ,.^1- ileutally t.vViillowi-il. '1'iie whole intestinal canal is thus (HhUeil proportionately und tht! f»:vi:-:i botly is carried through. Professor lliiirntli ami Or iifflrw that many sui^ieal 'o]K-rations might be avoided iii this way. Knob articles tm ti twenty gnxMino weight, n f.l of artificial teeth and n iK'filio liave been uncce.'wsful- ly removed.—New York Telegram. and had liar ily K 'I n* far us the oflU-o when wus blown intu Ihu air, anil when 1 camp down, fell Into tint i Ivor oil m 1 ,' l«e'.;; when I came (i/ I lie Kin'l.'C ' i rnujtht nn Io a sack, and an. old man was near by ho (tint: a piece of wood, howliti-; for the y iwls in cnnio and «ave him. It wa« tlii'ii that 1 was frightened, and IbCRiin to yell nlHO, when the HkitVciime and took us on their boat, the City of St. I,ouls. CRUSHED THROUGH A STREET CAR. The Connt*M-wele;lit of a lli>clioxtor, N. Y., Hrl<lgo Falls on tho' l*rtmom;er«. ROOHESTEK, N. Y., Oct. r..— A f rightful accident occurred at tho West avenue canal bridge about 3 o'clock yesterday afternoon. The bridge is what Is known us a lift bridge. Cor No. 41!, of the Caledonia avoiiuo line, was passing ovor tho bridgj in a westerly direction, whpn one of tho heavy troughs filled with piR Iron, used to assist by its weight in raising and lowering the bridge, fell from its support, nnd the l.MX) pounds of pig iron camn throu ;h tho top of the car exactly in tho middle. Tha cvir was filled with passengers. The heavy pieces of iron wero scarcely retarded in tbolr fall by the thin roof of tho street car, and several of them fell with groat force upoii persons who wore seated on tbe left hand sido. Tho injured pass3n;;ers are: John Metnler, a shoemaker, seriously, Dorlinpi fatally; Mary Birmingham, npod 18 years, perhaps fatally; Rev. Mr. Geoivjo (?o:ith, pastor ot tho German Lutheran c'info i of I'iltsford, injured upon tlici f:'C" and one \cz\ Mr. and Mrs Gonth, ( areius of Rev. Mr. Clonth, nnd residing in Albany, werd also aii.;litiy, but notsori.uisly injure!. Flr«t HUot lit lltintcrr Hill. Mr. Moody Bail'.-y, of Dexter, lie., has an old flintlock musket that is believed by Tho Dexter Gazette to bo the first gun fired at Bunker Hill. Tho Gazette says that its former owner, Benjamin Pago, was the only American soldier that fired before he saw the whiten of tho enemy's eyes, on that momentous day. This is a good Ktory nml nobody enn disprove "•• 'JO HEAL ALL BLOOD CONTAGION. THE EEST IS TUP. VOItLB. I thlnU Cwlft'B Spcclflo la Hie licst blood remedy in tlic world. 1 have known i: I o make some wonderful curt:8 of patients \vlio svf re considered lncurnW<\ i). SI. CHAYSOH, Crowvillc, Ln. Trentlaa on r.\oM and Bkln Dlwancs mailed frep. •rne SWIFT Si'Ectno Co., Drawer 3, Atlanta, ( :.»• MARY WASHINGTON'S HOME. JE^AQFiELD'S FEMALE. i'H AT H M tuccty vttrrtd U,,tantc-J; It v , ^^ K t£ ^ -i ,s UH Powdorly Goi-s to 'HiimlUon, Out. CHICAGO, Oct. 7.—Mr. I\iwder!y left bere lost night tor Hamilton, Oat, whoro bo will •peak to-night, ' Tho original programme included a series of speeches in Iho west, but these Jiave been abandoned, and after bit address iu Hamilton tho Knights of Labor chief will go to Bcrunton for a fow duys t'j work upon his report for the general a*setn- bly, which moots in Atlanta in four weeks. Tho remainder of tho exoeuiive bo:irJ ia yit in session iu 8t. Louis. A Great ILnbor Combination. OUAHA, Nob., Oct. 7. -^Tbo B.-o publishes' middle of the last century. iu full an agreement n'gtiod by a j.'int com.: ' " mittee of louamotivu rncincers und flremuti j for a federation of tbe lirotherhoo.l uf X i- j gineora, Firomon, Knights of L-ibor, tlis Bwitchinon's Mutual Aid ussoeiation, and ] the Br.jlhcrhooJ f>' Rillway Brakein--ii. T:i--1 articles of agreement are to bt> submitted to thu Brollu-rhoud or Locomotiv.- R i ;lii"er* at its meetinf,; in Donver nn Oe\^ 10. j Gut n Ui-.cklns In tlu> T>-ni-. I LONDON. Oot. 7.—The fair American, Miss Boaumont, wliilo di-scoiidinj in her p.ira- chuto lit an exhibition Sutin-.luy, foil intu tho river Tyne, but wa.i fished out 'without ^ erious luju -y. Dt-utll of Ilinlmp Vull. BBTN MASS, 1'a.. OeL ?.—The EL K-v. Thorn-is Hub'.Kinl Vuil, D. D., K KD., b shop of Kansas, di-.-d hero yt«UTday, nfter a Iwo weokf.' illn-'^ Twi Vt)-«»i-<i* V\r<:ckfil 111 liio X.:iUi', IKIU-KMINO, Mio'i., O.'t. 7. — A II inivr :, Mieh., s.peo!-il siiy-,: Tht' sli.-iin.'i' lle.^.-ini-i and CViKi-rt S.-Smyliill, of Cluvciao.!, wen wrt'ck^.i at the inout!i of 1 thj l.-iic,* Stiifer:(ii Present"Coiulllliill of tlm HOHSU Iu Whlcll "the Mother of tho Country'* Llvflll. Mary Washington, tho mother of our (.ountry througli ber Illustrious son Oeorgc, died here Tuesday, Aug. 25,1789, and wi« buried bero 100 years ago, on tho 87th of last month, in tbe then family buryinj; ground of tho Lewis family. This iic;;leetoil spot was a part of tho estate of her daugliter,.Bettie Lewis, who lived at that time in her largo house, very -'near-by.- This bouse now etaads well preserved, and was built of English brick brought to this country about the I walked up diaries street, ami -not far from the heart of the town was shown the home of Mary Washington, a modest frame structure fronting upon this street and abutting upon Lewis street, with its •square porticoeneroachinj^ upon the Bide- walk. The rear portion, about half way * down the sU-piJ of the roof, is of brick, dovt-tailin;.; into tho wooden structure, ! which tui^ thu idea that modern has reversed the continental style of archi- tectiiivacconliny to our forefathers' ideas of effects. The f'lmmlationsnro of stone, I abutting in an mni>K' celKtr. with a small ' door opening into u si.U; street, with an ' iron grating in a -wooiK'n frame on the front. The portio:) i>;'cii;iiei! by Mury \Vjuihin>;ton is tht' v,-ii!i; on the corner, i It was in tlii-i loom I'rontini; tl I Unit ^he livi'ilan.l ilied. Th'.' hi;-; [.;irt'lt. lia-i. it MENSTRUATION . . . Ofl MONTHUV B 1C KNESS- GRtKT QKHStH^teSUfFtRiHSVilU.BtH J300K TO"WOMAN WADFIELD REBUWQR CD. ATLANTA fit IlLlt s\, Mol t , IK »»,l»s., oflU i lit ftllll.J tliTv 1 U t but I tl niSli W--1^> E ^0 Juv^ ttii t a "• fy til if'* \»**l Ilii,; llulli.,,,. p O I r> pt 10 tl I'Ul w wu leblft' 1 « nt fri wk>. Sit n >% i * urnssl ship cunul K UUH-t**.-n iiii'li tho lif*>-ft'tvln^ y ni^bt. 'Iho cr'.iw save i. with tii'Uouity ! UDiv, with the been added i-\i I rni.-<eii tli.' fi.'elinir'of vci the K.MIM.I v.-i,, ii coltiii haii'.lli yht'i' por- I believed. ar.d I i »t* alliur WB M»y K.lcpri' I CUV, O.-1. ",. • Ths f» r i!»lu-n;;.iUi. t,,r tl; : tho old lit'::-.-) l.-nocki'i' \\-ith ii >e:', I'n.l. Ktrik 111.14 it, ni_;--','.'.,tii'<.- (i the drop of This l.m>.-!;>.-r i:> ijt-t-ul- e. ii i:j i;n ra^li 1 ivstitij: i iitnI In'lili;'i - 1 ; iu ii* rjaWs •t. Tin. LEX. " Wby, Addlo. yon needn't cry abont It I I only «Md lira. Allon WM a very well- informed woman, &ud I wUued joa would follow ber example." MHO. LEU. "Tea, and la»tweek you said you wished I could manage to look u etyliih SB Jlri. Alum,—and ihc makes «11 her own clo&ei. But •he tins what 1 haven't." MB. LIB. "Whatlsth&tf" Mu«. Li*. " Well, Bho ceU all of her Information from the Magazine they tako. 1 admit thai ahe known all that is going on, oud is bright and entertaining In converantton: but I could do in well aa »be don If 1 hail the sumo sourco of information. She lent rao the last number of tier Magazine lately, and 1 learned more la one hour's reading, about various social mutt^rB and tho topics of the day, than I would pick up In a month hy my occasional chats with friends. It certainly cover* every topic of Interest, from the new,' of the day down to the details of housekeeping; and everything ia so beautifully illustrated, too. Every time Matnle goes over to the Aliens 1 eho comee back and teageg nio to £<-t you to tako rJemorest'8 Family Magazine, ns tun etories are BO good. Even thu bojn watch Tor It every month. Ha a place IH fnund for Iheia also In itu pa^es: aud Mr. Allen awears by it. Jt Is really wonderful how it fiulta tvory member of tho family 1" Mil. LKB. " Well, pMhspa I had betterit'nd fora SpiiClmenCopy; for, If itlsan>-thtnj;liko\vhntyou *aylt is, it will arause and inatruct tlm wholo uf u.«." HK*. I.SK. "I IMW that W, .leuiiiDmi Drmorrat, iliu publisher, 15 Jiist Mth Suvet. Kuw Yo(k. la tiiforins to eund s Spt'clmen (,'upy for 10 cents, 110 we cau't lose iinytbU-.j;, a« tich ouinher conifcisa a 'Tatlem OriK-r' eniltlini; ia« UoKl;-i u> ncjf I'tttteni who may cliciost', and in au? sir.e -which cliniti ^iiikc* each cojir worth »' c*nt« • atuS I just want a lack"! |>»tiftu liko Mr». A!li-ii'*. TU« fiabririiptwtj jjrjie td only %,* iJO a >.-HT . iui.! I liitiflt say i can't J&H' how they can '^ibUia IHJ »U'«.oii.t a ila^ar-Uy ful ey iictla £aoi*t>. •' vr S

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