Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 23, 1912 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 23, 1912
Page 3
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THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER. WEDNESDAY EVENING. OCTOBER 23,1912. Dress Goods That Will Delight You ^ Everybody who appreciates a beautiful range of fabrics and patterns from which to select her new dresses for fall wear will be more-than delighted with what she finds here. Careful selections from the foremost lines of the season enable us to present for your favor an exceptionally attractive display of distinctive fabrics. Prices $1.75, $1.50, $1.00, 75c and down to 25c per yard for all wool materials. jl New Coats and Suits coming on most every train. The new styles you will find here from $5.00 to $50.00 in all the wanted materials. II Artistic Millinery—never before have we shown so many beautiful Hats and the prices so very reasonable. Every price and style you will find right. RICHARDSON'S 113'EAST MADISON 113 EAST MADISON ALL THIS WEEK IiiMc'd Aiiiu-ifiiii'iit «o.'> 'Company C TABLOID TONIGHT I "The Grafters" 2 Reels Best Pictures iPlays Chanje Nightly More ot the NEW BOOKS l:\ .\Uirtt:rn t I!:;! a; ii r «TIIK IIOM.dW of IIKU UVVfr I'.v Oro. Www y,iVy.Xy\'.>'-w. "A IJonuijiri' of Hillj-( lliil" |!y ^^co H.Kigali IU< •• i;- .i'aik i.<'n <!'>i' •j ! .ii-.- (u<, >ii-ii.! 1 ks ill !•:• !'.T : If w Ui ;'.-,v liimk- \.\ • r- r : (wl ,liii'ir Evans Bros. KOOKSTOltK. Many l{<»"K- «ii We t vunU'x Farm I.oaii< Lowi-^t Rntrs t; li Olf-Jr..' i)f The Merriam Mortgage Co. Topilia, Kail*. Ojiiii'ii;ii i'.i> Any Timi'. Wii! I.. I "11 ; liimi VH1UI>. II! SI l.<H\ IN Vl.l.fV (dlM Y I OLA LAND CO. t PERSONAL Monml —Wave you tried Beichs? Nobli' Lontz of Sin north State sinv-t is siTiously ill with tyi)hoi<l fovor. —Ucichs Candy at MunUis Store. Mrs. C. A. Saunders, of Cherryvale. who has been here visiting friends, returned home this afternoon. - ne:r!;s. rhe finest candy made. Get Hhin at .Mundis. S. 1-. Malcom. who has hren hore vi^itin? fritnds r««turne«l to his home in Clianute this afternoon. -Iir. H. L. Hendricks. Old fonrt Iloll^e. Calls ansMerrd day or nfcht. .r. .r Kaniia went to Rartlcsvillo :h ;.-i aftornooii to work in the stnvl- ters durinc tlie winter. - $•< ?r.. $12 0". $!••..".>r.. j 'j'V'.t:., j24 9r. !'rii-os for St:it.-: at liie New Yorlc Store. Mr.- R. C. Dell, of Tiilsa. ulio h.i.s 1)11 n liiTi* \iii:ittnK friends went to l'li;iiiiitc this afierndoii. - llr. .llcMIIIen. Tlionrs 32 and '232. I! M f '.ii'.loway. of Vi-rniui ("oiinty. Mil. uliii lia.t 111.Ml h <M-i' i>ii husltiess. went Id Cherryxal.' tliis aft-'i noon. - llriiduaie .\tir.<e; terms rc.ison- i!!,- r>iinf j;:f.;{. W 11', Harlwiu of HiiiMlwilii!. \vUi> h:«i- l»n II here visiiiiit: frieinli; relurin'<l li ('iii< ariernodii. - Dr. 0. L. Cox. OrulM. Mr a:vi Mr,« K H. Arne;t of Ne <i- sl-o>. wlio i -ariie to attend till fiiii' ral of ilie late .John W. Arn.'it nturiK -d home this afternoon. For County Treasurer .JOHN T.TYLER I'res lola ColIeRe. ^'oiir Support Solicited .1 O Jones of I'olony was a biisi- \isltor here ilils afternoon. • .Mr^. <;. I-: l!arr<iv, went to Carlyle til!.- ali-rn -ion Mr a vi.^it with friend.^ 1:' veil a real auioinobilo. iei> a MawM -il. 1; .\! I'u^nninKliani, !!ie aui -ni • .Mr.~ (> iieifeniim ot N.-osl;o Kall^. wh -i has lieen liere \isitiim friends re- turneil home ilii.s- afternoon. Mrs. W". V Cliaiiitier of Carlyle wa.- a lusiiii-ss \isif<ir here thi.s afternmjii . M'EOYUE TOLOTOIIE ^IIiiiieFS KEITH rLETEXGER OF OS.IWATO- ailE Tl'BXED IT I.V Proper Zeal, >ot Malice, Inspired His let.—SuiU TkBii Far Total Snm of mj»». From beneath a pile of papers on a corner of the desk last evening a copy of the Osawatomie Globe was dug up which throws n little more light on the McCoy story and how it originated. Mr. Keith Clevenger, editor of the Osawatomie paper, and correspondent for the Kansas City Star In that town, was told the story of McCoy'* alleged arrest and the charge against him, and, believing it, 8ent^ It to his paper. In this connection U Is Interesting to note that in spite of all the trouble the lie has caused, .Mr. Clevcnper does not name the source of his information. On the front pas< of the Grapliic appears this story: \ Correction. Osawatomie Globe: I*as; Thursday evening the Kansas UJiy Mn- j/ub- lished a .story from Osal^atomii lo the effect that Harve McCoy of thin city and formerly of Uoulsburg. had been arrested charged with the murder of Postmaster McElheny on thi: 4tli of October. As a local representative of the Star in this city I wan responsible for that storv. and in the same capacity I assisted their oJTico force in making the retraction. .This paper, (the Graphic-Globe) was late last work, as it is this, on account of short age of labor, but we corrected our article the minute we learned the fact thai he was not arrested, and Saturday spent most of our time assisting the Star in its correction. However ttV will say that our article to the Star was sent in full faith that our informant was trustworthy. AVc do not know Harve McCoy by sight, never remember of hearing his name before this matter came up, and we assuredly had no 'ntention of groundlessly laying a charge at his door that was without truth or veracity. Our zeiil to heat other correspondents and not to slander any person was the actuating motive. KEITH CLEVENGER STOVES Conl. (ias and >U>od IleaU-r!>! Comtiinutlon Coal and C'us lint lila>l and Air Tlirbts KCUXO.MV IM.MJKS Itorn''^ Coinliinatlon Conl and HAH lianite- llie lust made. Prices UMrhC TheUi-WisbardHdw. .Mr.~ <• 11 l.itieiVliin of Clay Cen„ . , , , 'er. who lia.-i been liere viisiting with - -Doni ir.iss the Suit Sain at the, „.|., retarneil home to.lav. N'< '. .«tnre. i , ,77 . ,,. , , '"ir Kl 'i '.vns. chrysanthemums. I \Tr and Mrs Kilwaid W.its.r. ofi,..,,,,^ |;n,.n,)<>r. at $l ..-in (•h.,iuii.-. who liave lie .n I-r.- v, atiiii; i ,,,„; j.j „„ ,„.- rtc./.on PiHinc On.'.-.'. Mr .iml Mrs. .lolm IMwariis. returned ; Greenhouse lii'iiie this aft'-rricon j . I .'l \V 1; MII, wii 'i ii.i.s lieen hete on I>rs. Hull k Hull, Osteopalhs.l,,„^i.„.,^ r.turne.i h<ii:e to Colonv niejiiioiii-s Jill. C«I. '[jij^ ..fternof .n \hs rr I, Vrzir. of naymore. Mo.j .v-- ;,,|.| M,..: \ K (Irani and daiipli- V 1: . his i.iiri h<Te M-.ittnc nietnl-. I ,,.„„.,.„,,„,;,,,.„,.,, .,,,^,.,„„jp f,^,. u.'.i 11. C.ineyville thi.s alteinoon IO|., ^.j ^i, f,j,,p,,]j,. ;!tf:!>i li'e Tiiited Hielhreii eon:-r-j "11 " j ?s !t.-,. «i2 ;t.-. jie.y.-. J2II.3'.. $24.9r.. ~" . ! Prices for Suits at the New York Store. - Fain' ami City l^ians It. .M Cun- — n!ii;:lia:i: I.-c Wjlley. of fnlony who has tieen he ( on liiisiness. reliirneil homo this .Mr .-iT'c) .Mjs .laek .Mlln'li^ of .'^•iiiih i .-iit..; .loun \Va-liiii:;- J:J an- Die proud liaieiits of I — a I'aliy l.ny. I,. : n !,;st eve:iinir i -IMUMX-- I will jiio.seeule fo — , ;. •• lliiilt any pl•r^<)n found trespas.-'injr Ml- .\" M Smiih of (;;,s City wa.- . ;..r, '.uu e- „,y iireniise,- (m Hallowe'en iM!~in'>s \i<ii<)r iii'ie this .ifterrioon ri'i:.r \ I. To«ns<nd .Mr and Mr^ Wilt Met.'unnew. oil Mi- ! C, Mittlel>aeh and son .1 li iie«r Kan-as CH>, «iM> iiave lieeu \is- ),;• riij- ;iu.-riii>i)ii lor K::iis:is Citv itinj: Irl.nds in Kan-:!-^ Ci^v. reV'.niiel »ii.-r.- ilu^y will visii Iiliiid> li^r :i heii:e riii- al.ier:.i/iiif •.••V. ila>s M :s .1 I". Sii:ii ;iii )li nf l-iHaipi- ^^|•nl .Mis .1 li Wl.i' tin. li I ..i i .-lei-. )o (;.iiiieM tl!i^ ai:eriiiii)n tn:- a \i.sit »Im in • ii \;>-if an<i in l.,aMari'e « isli f: iemls. -.i-jitinu liieiid-. retmiied le>me"tlil« — ..(.•;'.u-(i!i Mi - l:.-:livi \Vent«ortli. of Har- — <lel|ill. .\i li . xviii. has U-ell h!.elid:i"ir M. altil .\| i > It C .Ion.- •v.^ni In Mi>' siiiii:v..v Willi h>i' livoth.-r. \. f, K.ii:has Ci'\ ilu> ailernonn for a liiiel j Itean and friemis leiurneil Iw.ii.e tal^ \ int with liiends alie-neon — j 111 ('linti-r Cliih d;i?ie<' l.isi ni^Iit ; .Mil-. Ii C Newliy. of Tiip.|<a. wlin AM sili"- first of •' seri>s ol parties li.i- li. . n here visiting Iiieml-. retuin- iliai lias be.ii arr.ii'ged by tli.- soeial • ..I i:ii||,e lliis .itt.'rnoon. f; iltf <• \. A! Moiplav iiivhl tlier.- — '•. i!' ii.> a i;iiil jariy in tlie club i '''Jiti. .^londav. (litoli.'i- 21. l<i Mr r<>. i 'au'! Mr- .Marion WilMin. of South Oak — St net, a daujrhter. < .Io!in ''loslioMi. wl'o usid a i.artniT- j — shij. iHiomohi!.' fixV.y :n the im-rest , y,\^ y S K.-.ka!(!. who !ias l-.-i-n of 'li.' D«»niocratie ii:irty. promised ^i.-if!^:.• f;!er.ils :ri l.altarpe. returnei) (!;|iil!y fo fumigate the Kepuhliean . !o li.-r iioaie in Independenee tliis at- half of •^aid ear before re'iirnng it to j tern'")!! ill,,, ij.irat:.' this eveiiin-.:. If -lie party — 'ail-i 'o -"Mirn »roni Huinholdt. It will C A Stewart, itf Portland Oregon, be bv^aiis* tiie Siandpat motor refuses : As time passes and the news gets around, the Register learns from the Fort Scoff Tribune that the Fort Scott Republican has been sued for $.5,000 in tlic McCoy case: learns from tht Toiieka State Journal that the Toi>eka Capital has been sued for $16.0U'>. and iK.rns from the Parsons Eclipse that th«- Parsotis Sun has been sued for *.5,i">0. Adding the Kansas City Stars $?.a.(i|iO and the Register's Ja.oOO. .McCoy, of whom nobo<ly ever heard before, now has asked damages in the sum of $»)0.000, with many more papers to hear from and k lawyer fee in eadi ciise. ^ * rp to the pr.>«ent tlino tKe Register apparently is the only publication which lias informed Its readers that it has l>een sutMl. Having no "i^teenied hui loathed contemporary" to "bawMt out' and gloat over the trouble, the Keiiisiter deemed It proper to inenfioii its own misfortune, as it has mentioned unwelcome suits brought against other iw-ople. POLICE BREAK UP BAD 6M6 Mldnlu'ht Kald to En«| tlip Existence of (jnesUonablr Colored Rnort. .\ iiiidnlpht raid hy Cliief Colfield am! (iffieers .McPhersnn and Christy last night is bellevM to have put an end to the e.xistence of a nnestionaliie re .sort whieh lias been condiieted, it is alleged, some time hy l.illie Browder >n East .Monroe street With Mrs. Urowder. who is ciiargt-d with being the keeper of a disorderly ilaii. i.ouis (Irulihs. Will .lackson and Hailie Ciai:.' were arrested -as fre- ipienttrs. Jackson. Giiihlis and .Mrs Craig pleaded guilty in iioliee court this ;norn!n«; and .ludgo Smiley im|>osed maximum penalty. $.-.t» and costs, ("liable to pay. the trio of prisoners we -e remanded to jail. How .Mrs Craig may be given tasks ri'y ill order to earn the amount :the fine imposed :s a problem, but Iriil.'l.- anil J.-iok-^on must report to ;I :e -rreet eommissioner daily if they are railed for • Tliese tiien are p. it to lay in jail iml he supported by flie «ity.'" tlie jildce -aid. "The eity has. plenty of worl; for »heiu to do if they will do it. and we sliall adopt a new metho<l in Ht*eiii ]iting to eneoiiraKe industry among pri.soners Ew«ry day Uiat the street eommivfioner fliall eall for C.rulihs and .lackson and offer them wiivk and they rtdiise to resiKind. they shall lie fed bread and water and notli- inc more The law provides tlil.-i penal! v for indolent prisoners and 1 believe that the diet prescribe<l wilt have the desired effect. If C.nihbs and .lack son «ant a good square meal three tItniN a day. it Is up to them to make tcod and pay the city the fine im- poFed . "lust what to do with .Mrs. Craig is a pu/zle Her hii «hand. Albert Crait. Is n '.w serving time for bootlegging." .Mis Hiowder will be arraigned for •:lal tomorrow morning A serious •i 'arL'e Is pending against her and It nr-v l,e taken to the state court. The iwlice have been watching for an ojiportunity to make the arrests thar were accomplished last night but in i.^e past have been unable, to get tiie nei-essary evidence in spite of the it 'ons indication's. roA M li"HA1tfT7 who has lH?en here and in Vates Cen- to oull su( h cargo as was entrusted to IKA-n. visiting old friends, went to ji i'i)(l:iv T.«_^ToMBtH.*. ' rence this attvrnoon. - Exciudvc OUM- — Chris Hitter returned home fiwn , ^•i^ioo SiMciaUM Y Kitahura. Jajian. is registered Savonbiirg this morning, where he or-' li Hanna'a \ : at a local hotel and called on the trade gani/ed an of the Kansas Jewolry 8tor» '-'eic today Sliori. neat, polite. Japan- Fraternal Citizens. • I .'-I- rrae io tyjie. he travels for tb.? — i . i.- ~ ^jfirm of H Ohashi & Co... of .New York .Mr- f^avid Kwart. formerly of this >FOR SALE—MY HOME. VOl'.VG J C'ty At the dining table it was no- city, hut now of California, is reported icow and White Wyandotte cliickens liceaWe that his feet mL «8ed the floor . to lie -eriously ill. ill sacrifice for quick sale C^ra H j by three or four inches, but lie can ' C O Hay .of Anderson county, was Jrltzner, 903 S. Washington 1 sell goods just the same. a business visitor here this afternoon. ("has Spencer and the party, who is here visiting him, left yesterday morning In the latter's anto for a "little spin" I^te yesterday afternoon the clerk at the Spencer drug store, received a telegram .stating that the jiarty had reached Independence and was still going. "I want a suit right away quick. I want it today,! want it to fit, I want it stylish. I want it right in every detail." That's what a good customer of ours had to say here the other day, and we answered him with a Hart, Sebaffner & Marx Fall Suit, a very fine gray. It fitted,him perfectly. He didn't waste a minute's time. There was no waiting. He went out of here with a suit on his back. He made his train. We call that satisfaction and service. And we can do the same for you. Suits and Overcoats $18 to $27.50 Other Guaranteed Makes $10 to $16.50 ^ CarTT !(lit Han ScbaAcI It Mux Just received a new shipment of Boys' and Youths' Overcoats- Prices $4 to $12.50 Free — A good knife with each Suit or O'coat Men's and Boys' SWEATER COATS AND JERSEYS Prices ranging from 50c to $5 We Pay Your Car Fare WHEAT IS CLOSE TO 34 NOW .S, .S. B.\SKET B.ILL LE.ICJIE. \\\H >E>VS AMI EXPORT SALES SEM PRICE UP. Cuttir Prices Weak to Ten Lower- Hogs Steady in Clilnieo and 10 Lower In K. C. Cliicapo. Oct 23—War new .s In- IDI'CII the buying of wheat and luishcd the market higher. At the same time heavy e .\)K )rl sales discouraged the he ,rs The opening was ij, to \\c up. Meeinher started at S3 to 9:{'» and ro.-e to a .'{»ic and OS^KC. WHEAT—Close: Pec. !>:{THTi'.'4c; .Mav <.tS.\«j t<.(., CORN—Oct. ti4Mc; Dec .'.a -'v; .May •".-';c. OATS—Deo. May 3i -;c. KnnsiiH City (<ruhi. Kansas City, Oct. 23.—Cash Wheat, market unchanged to '4c higher. Na 2 har* S7^<fi 91'.'-: .\o. 3. STV-^OOii; 2 red. J1.04 'ai .07: .No. 3'. S9»A0 in-'.... Close—Dec. V.'.'i!,: .May ft2%- COKN—Market unchanged to lie liigiier .\i<. 2 mixed, old '52. new f.S; .No. ;>. old 60. new .17»/i: No. 2 white, old C:>. new 62; No. 3, old 61fi62. new «nc. Close—Oct. 4:i',4,; Dec. i^-^; .May OATS-.Market. Steady. .\o 2 white :{4'?»3.>; .No. 2 mixed. .•I2%i?i33'/,c. !IYI%—'Tl Vic per btishel. Ileceipts'bf wheat. 14."i cars. Churches Are All Inten-sted hi the Athletic t ontesls. Delegates from me yoting men s classes of the .Methodist. Presbyterian. Trinity. Haptist and Christian churches met at the Y. M. C. A. last night to organize a, Sunday School flasket Hall I>eague. .\11 the young men's classes have desired such a league for inunths. but it w;as not until lately tlinf they got together and decided to form a league. "The llrst game of the league will he a double header hc- i fween the Methodists and (Mirlstl:ins. jnnd the Presbyterians ami Ihiptisis. ' The game will he played .November Isl in the Y. .M. C. A. One of the rules of the league is [that no member of .any of the high • school teams can comjiete in any of 'tlie league games or ever have a iilace on one of the teams. This will c.\- j dude all exceedingly fast players, who ' would so strengthen a team that the otiiers would he helpless. MAJESnC THEATRE TONIGHT! PROGRAM Vaudeville and Pictures HAYES & HAYES In "THE .\EW RECKriT" "The ConUct's Return" ••A Western Episode" "Lone St^tr's Return" .Sonir—"Cm t.'oing to Take the CIrst Tniln." 5e- -A.\Y .SEAT -r- -5* John Jacobs went to .Madison this ; afternoon for a visit with friends. - I Mrs. A. F. Simmons, of Omaha. Neb., w ho has been here visiting friends, went to Gamett this afternoon. Kansas City Lhestork. Kansa-- City, Oct 2.'! —CATTLE, re- cclpf.s ll.f»t)0. .Market steady to weak .Vaiive steers $rt.T.".*i 111.73; cows and heifers 2.".?/7 .".»; stockers and feed r- $4fiO «t7r .O: Uulls »3.73'fl.-.2:.; calves |.i.OO(g HOGS—Receipts 12.000 Market. 10 to ir .c lower. Heavy JS'.'.:.f> S.r.O; pack ers and bu'chers J.K.iPfi S.4.'; light $S le »?.<!3r. . Chfcairn Lhctwrli, f hiiaeo. Oct 2- —CATTLE, receipts i.'<'0. .Mnrker stea <ly to Hic lower. He .'Ves |.'. 40 ^1 111 .SO; stockers and feed Ts $4.2.'i'ii 7 cows and heifers $2 77. /7l'.-, HOO.*-'—He,ei |its 30.000 Market was e.ndv to a -^haile higher Light $7 !>:. -.. tiiived »SI0(riS70; heavy J8 o.-, S 70; i-lss 14 7 .*.'f>7 2:i. St its Kansas Cll.» Prodnre. Kansas City. Oct 23 - -Ill 'TTER— leamerv S^c: firsts 2Kc; stnomls 24; packing stock 23>4c EOna -Kxtras 2iK-; firsts 24c; sec- inds ISc HAY—Market steady Chidce tlm- ithv $12..'.ot; 13 0"; choice prairie 12 7.-.fil3.2.1. imoOM CORN— ».-.0 t«» $1(111 lie rton Lead and S |H >ltcr. :t Louis. Oct. 23 —Lead, market dull at 14 .90; spelter, market dull at :f.f»7 40 by Loral Markets. Product (juotations furnished daily Cfghill Commission Company: in ^TTER—21c per |»ound. ECGS—22c per dozen. POCLTRY—Henii. lO'ic; cocks. 4r; pririgs lO'ic; ducks, lOc; geese. 3c; turkeys. 10c; guineas. 20c each. HOR.SE HIDES—$2.00 to $2.7.-.. REEF HIDES—10c. The Woman of Strange Powers IS CREATING MUCH TALK AND GREAT PRAISE. Crowds are Calling on the Veiled Prophet tVhnse .Martelon^ Clninoj^aaf Poncrs, Penetrating In.sight and rnrrrlnR «(rriir:irf Cnm|iletely Baffle!« Scientltir lutestlifatlaii—The .Harvelous Test* sill- iliis Prrfnrme)! in the lM>t Fen Days Prove the Xagnltude <if Her Sirantn* and Mouderfnl Power—She Uoes Surh Thlnrs Tfaul taller* Look Ipiin Her us a Visitor from au CndWrovered World. T. O Can.nisey made a drive out Fcnth nf l.aHarpe this afternoon In bis auto. .\ local Democratic candidate who funiiing for Repnblican votes oat in [ C 'arly:e recently has turned In the re -i port that that is the Bull 5IooBeyIest I tiei^hborhood he has found in this! county so tr.v. ITIn opponent is 9 'Bull Moose and he could make no headway at all in roundins up support. Mine L <ltli^e Pi 'iin. the noti-d p .<y- choloj;ls1. who is visiting for the first time is iiroving a genuine sensation She'is one of the favored pcr- .-ou?. to whom by the gift of nature has heun grantt^d the dominance of the Koul-mlnd Through her wonderful ability t.> draw asiile tjje curtain w'lidr hiile.< the \l >tu <>t the luture (roin our view, as well Bs h<>r ability to reaif wh .Tt has been written In tlie archives of ti— past, she can read ymir life as the pages of an i<|ien lK >ok The faculty that the .Madam displays in accomplishing through her «.'wn methods tliat which seem.> impossible to others, has been the talk of lolai for the pajst few days; and many who have heretofore been skeptical have Eone to Mme. Perin to test her power^ and all seein convinced that s.he is ail that she''claims to be. ITor lnstan<e. she unhesitatingly and accurately tells each caller the past, present and future, and In such a convincing way as' to leave no room for doubt. No other psychic who has visited this section can lay claim to a-- niany successful readings and there are many of our best citizens who cian vouch for .=uch claims. Those who have heretofore maintained, that there I nothing in clairvoyancy are ready to acknowledge their mistake and now put the same confidence in what she tells them In regard to the future that they hare been com|>elled to show for her readlngiv in trhat has pai<.<ed. Do you wisli to learn the truth, concerning your business, domestic or h>\e affairs undecided., in i!;iuiit. unhapt >y or in trouble? la there any matti r of human Interest that perplexes voii? fall on her and she will teil yvu jU8t exactly that which you wish to know of and advise you Cu the ultimate outcome of your present difficulties; so far aa It U In her l"iwer to do .she will aisibt you Her knowledge (.f life is broad, deep and profound and conibi ««d with her marvelous psychic (lowers and her superior knowpMlge of the occult forces, enables .her to not only read your life, pant, present and fiiture. but to aluo advise and attsist yoU; Through her marvelus power and advice the separated are brought together, foes are madCi friends, lost property is re<-overcd. the mist is brushed away from business ventures, the earth's surface Is .explored, her treasures are laid bare to her mysterious perceptive ^ind, and while' she gives dates, facts and figures her visitors sit dunibfounded at the revela- tion.s she makes fo them. You are advised to call on this remarkable woman, who is at present located at 212 West Madison avenne. 3he is giving her full life readings for a few days only for the nominal smm of 3i* centK . She ia takins this low prce method of introducing herself and work to the people of this vicinity. Office hnur^ from 9:20 a. rn. until s l>. m

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