Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on June 4, 1952 · Page 11
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 11

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 4, 1952
Page 11
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WEDNESDAY, JUNE 4, 1952 ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH Upper Alton Mertlcal iniMMf, o* 5308 Shof« man street 1* fWving sorttctvhat of n ptizssle to physician* at Alton Memorial .hospital. To all purposes and intents he aHould be suffering from the following symptoms: loss of appetite, Hstlessnesa, loss of weight, find yellow coloring Of the sfcln and eyes. has none of these. Ho Is regularly employed at Standard Oil Co., eats well, Is highly active, retains his formal weight, and his skin and eyes have normal coloring. A few Weeks ago Galliher said he donated a pint of blood to the American Red Cross. Several days children. They went ere*« country by back fold* frtfrn their home, 2465 Settllnftty read. Approaching U. 8. 87 over ft rough, oiled road they struck a particular bad bump, Smith heard a rattle as if something had dropped off the car, but did not Stop to see what It was. He drove on another mite and a quarter, then made a traffic stop on the highway. He waited there with motor idling for several moments. Then before he could go on, the motor died, and wouldn't start again. Smith got out to examine the car. He finally looked where the gasoline tank had been. It wasn't later he received a the organization's St, report from Louis office there! He's driven more than a mile stating that his blood contained a substance which should be causing him distress. He was advised to see his physician. Mildly surprised, the healthy Galliher entered the hospital last week and after two days of exhaustive tests was Informed that he was suffering from an unusual blood condition. The physicians could not account for the lack of symptoms. Tuesday, Galliher reentered the hospital for more tests. Again the condition was confirmed. Physicians, he said, told him the ailment apparently was arrested. Galliher was back at work today and har 'dismissed the whole business from his mind. "I'm thankful though that I sent that pint of blood to the Red Cross," he said. "It was through their work that the condition was discovered and if I develop the symptoms the doctors now will ktlovv what to do to correct it." Who Knows the Story? Since the Memorial Day ceremonies, held at Upper Alton cemetery, several curious persons have been asked about the flag that hung over the cemetery entrance. ]l: has 45 stars which indicates that it was made back at the turn of I he century before the last three states entered the Union. Miss Florence Johnson, secretary of the cemetery's board of trustees, said if the flag has any historical significance, other than the usual, no record of it can be found. She said no one now employed at the cemetery can account for the flag and the 45 stars. If the flag was bought as new by the cemetery board then it must have been purchased between 1896 and 1907. On the latter date Oklahoma entered the Union making it 46 states on the flag. Utah entered in 1896. Whatever the story behind the cemetery flag it is decidedly a relic. Only one other 45-star flag is known of in Alton and that one is displayed on every holiday and during World War I was paraded before every Alton contingent leaving for service. Out of Gas the Hard Way Delbert Smith's 1941 model car —just purchased—may be old, but he has encouraging news about that gasoline mileage. TheTother'day he was out for a drive with Mrs. ; Smith and the on the gas that was in the fuel line and the carbureter. Visit* Daughter Mrs. J. L. boyon of Pontiac, Mich, will spend a month with her daughters and sons-in-laws, Mr. and Mrs. Donald Pierce of 2326 Central avenue and Mr. and Mrs, Roy Braden of Hettick. Mrs, Doyan spent the winter In Los Angeles vacationing with her sister, Mrs. Alphonse Chamberlain. She arrived in Alton from California, yesterday, CltiM To Have Picnic , Ethel Hussey class of Upper Alton Baptist Church will s havc a potluck picnic luncheon at Trail Rangers Sunday, June 8. Those wishing transportation are asked to meet at the church following Sunday morning services. A spokesman for the class also asked that everyone bring his own table service. A "Seasick" Garbage Truck This garbage truck bets "seasick." Residents of the 1800 block of Seminary have been annoyed by it lately. They can't help it, they point out, that Seminary street has a number of dips in it—which would give a speeding vehicle much the motion of a rolling ship. It's been that way for years. "But one garage truck in particular seems highly affected by the "motion." It conies rolling down the south hill into the "1800" dip. Then the driver can be heard to step on the gas to gather speed for the next upgrade. Hitting the bottom of the dip and then the upgrade "does it," to the truck. It disgorges tin cans and garbage—wrapped and unwrapped —all over the pavement at that point. Residents of the neighborhood have reported the matter to City Sanitary Inspector Kphle, having determined that the truck belongs to a garbage hauler who lives out the Seminary road and who hauls his garbage out there for dumping. They've suggested that perhaps Kohle could administer some anti- gseasickness pills to the truck—in the form of a required cover for the hauling bed. Rev. Miller's Message The message of Vaster Rev. Howward K. Miller : in the regular Hour-Of-Power midweek services tonight it the Brown street Baptist church will be "Take ft Easy. Jehu." Fellowship Meeting Sfttwrdny The ftev, and Mrs, Howard K. Miller and members of the congre* gallon Of Brown Strtet Baptist Church will attend the Mississippi Valley Fellowship of GARB at the First Baptist Church of Roxana, Saturday, June 7, The meeting will begin at 3:30 p. m. and end after fellowship services which start at 7:30 p. m. In the afternoon there will be the annual election of officers, followed by a supper at 5:30. The speaker In the afternoon will be the Rev. Paul Smith of Jennings Road (Mo.) Baptist Church. At the evening ser. vices Millard Sail, director of the Kings Crusaders, will give the sage. The present officers of the or ganlzatlon are: The Rev. Earl Brown, Bunker Hill, president; the Rev. Robert Buda, Alhambra, vice president;'and the Rev. Arthur Corcoran, Cottage Hills, secretary- treasurer. trial Sermon Tonight . The Rev. Wesley Pearce, pastor of Warder Baptist Church at Ma rlon, will give a trial-sermon at the Main Street Baptist Church tonight at 7:30. The service will be preceded by a potluck supper at the church at 6. The Rev, Pearce and his wife are here in connection with the vacancy left by the departure \ of the Rev. Arthur M. Ulrich who is now pastor of a Baptist church in Olney. The Rev. and Mrs. Ulrich left Alton, Tuesday. Two of their children, Shirley and Norman, re mained to finish the school year They are residing at the home o Mr. and Mrs. Wendell Jones o 2613 Krum street and are expectec to rejoin their parents at Olney next week. ' FOBS Family To Return Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Ai Foss anc their two children, Betty, 12, and Freddy, 10, will move back to Al ton next Monday.. Foss was re cently promoted to the manager- ship of Thrift Hardware store, 50C Belle street, ployed as an where he was em assistant until ill meet. Itfev, WAtMMi Appointed The Rev. Francis Watson of 2612 Judson avenue has been appointed o Melherflsl Church at Bone Gap n the Olney district of the Sotunem Illinois Conference. The Rev. Watson formerly headed the youth program at the Main Street Methodist Church. He will give a farewell message at the regular mid- veek services tonight. A farewell party will be held for the minister and his wife at 8!.10 tonight in the basement of the church. The Revi and MM. Watson will leave Alton for* his new appoint' ment, Friday. The couple have a son, Donald Watson, a senior at the University of Illinois who will reside at Bone Gap with his parents. - ; Milton Council Meets Milton Council of the GAAC held Its regular meeting at the Camp Electric & Heating Co., Monday night, with Charles Mercurlo prs siding during the absence of chairman Eli Greer. Among subjects discussed were the proposed Belt highway, rctai promotion plans for fall and i council. sponsored picnic which may be held In August. A motion picture of the Illinois State Fair of last year was shown Schmocller to Preside Walter Schmoeller will preside over the Upper Alton Council of the GAAC tonight at the regular month ly meeting tonight at the fire hal in the absence of Carroll Peters chairman. years ago when he was transferrec to the managership of.the Centra lia Thrift Hardware store. The family will return to the! former residence'at 1834 Park avenue. The property is owned by Foss' mother. Household furnishings are being moved by Nevlin. Rev. Binlord at Convention The Rev. William H. Binford of the Tabernacle Missionary Baptist Church at 2620 Amelia street is attending the General Baptist state convention at Monumental Baptist Church at Chicago. The minister is FOR TANGIER ZEST IN A PRETZEL'...QUICK! TRY A Lodge Notes Auxiliary,to the Brotherhood of Railroad Train me n, Pershlng Lodge, 648, will meet Thursday evening at 7:30 o'clock, in the Electrical Workers' Hall on Cen tral avenue. Carlin Rebekah Lodge will have a meeting in the Odd Fellows Hall on State street at 8 o'clock Thursday evening. Mrs. Georg Comstock, noble grand, has asked member^ to bring linens for the Old 'Folks Home In Mattoon. Alton Rebekah Lodge will mee Friday evening at 8 o'clock, in th Odd Fellows' Hall on East Broad way. A class of candidates wil be initiated. Gueota at Graduation Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Baker o 1100 McPherson avenue were among guests attending commencement exercises at Ursuline Acad emy, Kirkwood, Mo., last Sunday evening. Their niece, Miss Kaye Staten, daughter of Coroner "ani Mrs. Ben F. Staten was a membe of the graduating class. a state delegate to which began June 2 the meeting and will run through June 6. The Rev. Binford is expected to return to his church, Saturday. Methodist Service Tonight The regular midweek services will be held tonight at 7:30 £t the Main Street Methodist Church with the reappointed pastor, the- Rev. Carl D. Mitchell, in charge. Following the service the official board and the board of trustees NEED MORE CLOSET SPACE? LET US STORE YOUR PRETZEL STICK! OUT-OF-SEASON APPAREL A Cleaners!! FUR STORAGE 2501 STATE ST. YWCA Directors Meeting June The boar* of directors of the oung Women's Christian Asswia- ion will have an open meeting m une 9 at Cafnp Talahl to give he entire membership an oppor- unity to hear a report of the n&- lonal VWCA convention held in Chicago in May. ' Delegate's from the local assoai. ation who attended and who will give reports' art* Mrs. Dudley F. iberson, president, Mrs. Donald Bottom, Mrs, Earl Gaylord, Mrs. Donald Metzger and Mrs. J. F, Schlafly. Supper will be served at 6:30 and members attending are requested to bring a salad or dessert. Reservations should be made by noon, June 7. The pool will be open to those who wish to go to camp early for a swim. Eagles Auxiliary InstallationFriday Woman's Auxiliary, 254, to the Order of Eagles, will have an Installation of officers Friday at 8 p.' m., in the Mineral Springs Hotel. Mrs. Walter Lageman will be seated as president. Mrs. William Henderson will be installing officer, and Mrs. Walter Llnville, installing conductor. The auxiliary was organized a year ago, and has initiated a large number of members during the past few months. The auxiliary will meet, this evening, and plans for the installation ceremonial will be completed. Historical Society to Meet at Haskell House Alton Area Historical Society will meet Sunday, June 8, 2 p. m., at Haskell House. Report on the Barrett-Lincoln collection will be made. The Alton area society made a contribution for the purchase of the collection. A Flag Day observance will be a part of the day's program. A picture: "However This Land," will be shown* with Mrs. Henry J. Kranz as narrator. Meetings of the society are open to persons interested. 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