Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on March 23, 1943 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 23, 1943
Page 2
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' "7.* *<"" "" MOM SfAft, H6t»t, ARKANSAS lope Star »'ftXtftttwd «v*ry WMk-dey otfwnoon br ir , Star Publishing Co. Inc. I'IC. t Polmef find Alex. H. Woshbum) * *rtB»3ttf bulWttW. 2ta-7M South Walnut ' rtrtet, Hopa Ark. END ME YOUR NEW Oft HE- newal subscriptions for any magazine published. Chnrles Reynerson. City Hall. 1-lmch "-tJfc-M H.WAJHB . ORN, Sdltor and Publisher •« &i««ted ol second class matter at the ^.toitoffiee -of HSpe, Arkansas, under the * Art of Worth 3, 1897. , ( (AP>—Means Associated Press >, (HEA)—Means Newspaper Enterprise Ass n. ' 'Subscription "«»• (Always Payable ;A*ranc«): By City carrier, per week ISc; Hembstead, Nevada, Howard, Miller ana "ala^Me eourrties, $3 50 per year, else- wh«t* J6.50. The • Mcnibtr of Th« Asioetated Pr«s: Associated Press is exclusively entitii- theus* for repubhcation of all news dis- Oatthes .credited to n or not othervj.se credited lift this paper and also the loco inews published herein. . National ' Arkama*4 Advertising Representative— Memphis, Tenn. Stw'cTBulWingT'chic'Sso, 400 North Mich Avenue; New York City.. 1°2 MadisorT Avenue; ew or . ; Defroit Mich, 2842 W. Grand Blvd. Oklihomb Cltv, 414 Terminal IBdq , Ne«. OrleansJ722 Union St.. ' Chcwion Tributes, Etc.: Charaes will_b ntadeS tor all tributes, cards of thanks, reso luHorw. or memorials, concerning the de sorted Commercial newspapers hold to th In the news columns to protect the from a deluge^of space-taking me- T& Star disclaims responsibilit ffrVtne sofe-fceepiftg or ieturn of an "Unsofittted monscripts. . Notice Help Wanted :LDERLY MAN AND WIFE. white or colored, to milk five cows and attend truck garden. W. M. Ramsey. 20-3tc SIDE GLANCES Axis Parley Results Again in Agreement By The Assocaited press The Berlin and Tokyo radios announced with enthusiasm last night completion o£ conferences in Tokyo by i-uprosentatives of. Germany. Japan and Italy at which, it was said, complete agreement had been reached on "creation of a new world order based on justice and guaranteeing eternal world peace." . The broadcasts were recorded by i the Associated Press. While Premier Hideki Tojo was reported to have participated in the talks, the absence of any special envoys from the European Axis powers made it appear that little more than routine diplomatic exchange actually had taken place. At the same time Axis and neutral sources indicated the diplomatic pot was boiling in Europe { where German and Italian committees were working out details of a German draft on Italy's manpower and Premier Mussolini Was reported to have summoned Vichy Chief-of-Government Pierre Laval to a conference on strained relations between their two countries. The Berlin radio reported German a dn lailtnm amshcttiodee man and Italian committees had agreed "Italy will send to the | I Reich a big" contingent of skilled AND JOHNSON I workers for particularly impor- A1 s o cottonseed, tant" German war factories, and declared "a large number' 1 of Ital Classified Ads must be In office day before t publication. All Want Ads cosh in advanca. Not token over .the Phone. •One time—2e word, .minimum 30c Six times—5e word, minimum .75e Three fimes-^3Vjc word, minimum 50e One month—18« word; minimum $2.70 Rates ore for continuous insertions only "THE MORE YOU TELL THE QUICKER YOU SELL." • ' .For Sole LESPEDEZA grass hay. D P & L, Stonewell.2-B, Rowden ,41-A .and Cookers long staple, first year from breeder. See T. S. McDavitt. SO-** VERY CHOICE HOLSTEIN DAIRY 'heifers $20 each. Non-related bull free with five head. Best of "breeding. Homestead Farms, Jloute Two, McGraw, N. Y. 18-6tp 100 BUSHELS OF ROWDEN 41-A cotton seed. One year from breeder. Also 4 year old mule, -950 Ibs. 'West Brothers, Hope, Route 3. Old 67 highway. 19-6tp ONE OIL COOK~~STOVE AND , gas .range at bargain. See me at - home, James H. Bennett, 110 N. jWashington Ave. 20-3tc SIX -SR.OOM HOUSE ^WIIH GAR- -denjt Apply ;912 East. Third Street. "''" 23-3tp For Rent .„„ OR. THREE FURNISHED ( • orf unfurnished apartments. Just i ou'tside'City limits with.city lights ( and water, garden. Mrs. R. M. | ian farm laborers wouTd be sent to I the Reich this summer. In ceturn, the broadcast said, Germany has sent "considerable quantities of agricultural products, particularly potatoes," to Italy this winter, and has agreed to the return to Italy of workers in secondary plants shut down by Germany's new total mobilization plan- Reports to neutral Bern, not confirmed elsewhere, declared Mussolini had sought his meeting with Laval in anticipation that the substitution of large numbers of Italian troops for Germans in France, as the latter were drawn off into the Russian struggle, might precipitate trouble between the two countries. Hitler was reported to have demanded the use of 22 Italian divisions in France and the- Balkans. Meantime dispatches to Swiss papers continued to indicate seething unrest and open revolt in France as Hitler's goverment attempted to enforce its draft of French labor. Private hospitals in Great Brit, . Bunkley, phone 38-F-12 19-6tp a j n rec ieve government grants for „<,•, cnTTTtr special servicies, such as the treat- 723 SOUTH ^ Q{ certaln typeg of disease • ROOM AJTO , Elm. Phone 'THREE UNFURNISHED ROOMS i The British tuberculosis mor- and bath. 1501 South Elm St. Itatility rate decreased from 1,904 23-3tp I deaths per million in 1900 to 602 2 ROOM FURNISHED APART- ment, also front bed room. 203 E. Ave. C. 23-3tpd 1938. THREE ROOM HOUSE. BATH > taclcs .and electricity. Mile east on j Highway 67, near overpass. Seej W. H. Bryant on Spring Hill Road ! near Mellrose church. 23-3tpd j One out of every seven men in the U.S. armed forces wears spec- ij ij Hold Wanted to Rent OR 4-ROOM FURNISHED apartment, with 2 bedrooms, good reference. Call Hope Star. Wanted to Buy 100 COUNTRY CURED HAMS, Highest price paid. Moore's City Market. 2 " t£ i Wonted TWO PASSENGERS TO SHARE expenses on trip to San Diego, California. Leaving Thursday or Friday. See Howard Lamb. 23-3tp Lost 3-23 I. Wl BY MEA tttlKl. K4C. T. M. IHC. U. ». PAT. Off "Watch where goin'! YOUNG BLACK MULE, WEIGHT | " W atch wner e you're 950, scar on right hind leg. Re- , j^ out Jor that she u hole, ward. B. F. Green, Rosston Rt. slQW down Joj . that turn .» •Four. ^-Jtp OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams By Roy Crane He thinks of Everything Wash Tubbs ByGolbraith BUT WE MIAHTBEMEAR 6MOU6H 6ACH OTHEP OltL 6O T» THE , , '5 6ETf IN6 ALON6 TO RATE WTHE5AM6 PRETTV HI6H.WITH HIM AND REQUEST THAT HE RECONSIDER HIS MOTTO SENP ME TO NORTH Thimble Theater "Swami at Work!" WELL, \t~-f PIPE DOWN, ) '//UAOUMBOXJ VOUB MffTHEK U)A6 lAST^EEM MANW VgflTOA popiiiv\7>ipe <MJ? OOUJN, V6FW UlELL, LET U<S HAVE , SILENCE, WHILE I CONCENTRATE , OM THE CRVSTAL. "BALL. By Walt Disney *'A lot of people lli'ink I'm crazy! Knight of the Garter! Donald Duck FUNNY BUSINESS 'W&tmm®® 1 ^-'*'*' • ^j-i.-**'*' ' "*" *" (OKYOU'R'E A. PATRON. HUH? WELL, PARDON ,S\E. i\\A,DAN\! By Chic Young Super-Duper Salesmanship! VEM. BUT WHERE .1 CAM SELL OME ) U ALEXANPER MAS A f ILL UMLOAC5 THEM ON HIM . AEG VOU (SOIM6 TO BAR TO MRS < SREAT BUSINESS SEWSE •• COUPOMFORTWEOME MUKJPREP BARS OF SOAP/ WHEN I SELL THEM ALL, I (SET TME SWELL MV MOTHER WILL SUVA "It's the only way I can get into my own liouse since I bbuylit lhat watchdog!" THIS CURIOUS WORLD By William Ferguson ^V^ By Edgar Martin Most Mysterious Boots and Her Buddies SCIENTISTS WERE AMONG THE tAST" TO ADMIT THE POSSIBILITY FALLING FROM THE SKY, AS INJHfcl CASE OF AND NOT UNTIL THE FIRST OF THE I9TH CENTURY WAS IT CONCEDED GENERALLY. COPR.1M3 BY NEA SERVICE. INC By Fred Harmon Two Different Viewpoints WHEN f\E (SET RICH, THIS ^ YOU YOU GOTUfA /^NONE-f NOW/ VIHT VOE NO TAKE LONG RIDE— VACATION EE-Uf^ HOW PALE FACE LIME. WHERE SUN COME UP—HUH? 1 DON'T W/Wl TO VOHISTuE EVERT ^ 1 TUR.N A CORNER.' THEN TX1CHE.5S SHE VOOR.K . HORSES ort ArtD ^^-ZZZta^jg- ^e^rJ^^^. CONNECTICUT FOREST ASSOCIATION HAS ISSUED A BULLETIN ON Q£z~£% By V. T. Hamlin A Lot of Satisfaction T. M. REC. U. S. PAT. ANSWER'- Greenland. J^gr; THERE'S BLOOD SURE7\ ON TH' MOON, I CAN SEEV THAT'S WHAT/ IT.... SO NO, POCTOR, HARDLV THAT...I'M... .._. TH' KINS...MAINLY BECAUSE OF MV POWER TO SEE IN TO TH' FUTURE fYES.THISB THE AREA ! ACTIVATED BY THE TIME- MACHINE M00% BIG SHOTS. HIS NIBS, TH' SRANP WIZER/ NEXT: The thirst of a corn crop OF YOU.. VOU'RE A MAGICIAN.' IDEA OF WHAT I'M FACIN WOULD WORK WITH US? OUR BOARDING HOUSE with Major Hoople By Merrill Blosser Compulsory Service Freckles and His Friends BUT IF THEY DON'T VOLUNTEER., V WE DRAFT THEM // J DlDANYOME ASK i , , you TD PO THIS ? I NOPE ; 1 ' ' AND VJF ON LI * CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL NEEDS FPESH MOT/HIM' Jusrr YET— BE VEGETABLES IN A READ THIS/ VEGETABLES' DUE TO A SHORTASE' OF FAR^A PRODUCE , MISS DORIS CANE, HEAD OF THE LOCAL HOSPITAL, HAS APPEALED TO THE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE T& HELP RMSE FRESH VEGETABLES OM VACANT LOTS IN TOWN . IT is--- VOU'RE CRACKED/ /AH,VOU BUBBLE <SOWMA POLE POWM \ ( TOO QUICK/WE TD TH 1 OCEAN IMTHAT \\ AIW'T THAT PUM8- THING/ WHY.TH 1 FIRST Y WE'RE GOWMA SUB TORPEDO THAT HIT 1 MAKE A LIFE THAT GOOF GALLEY >V BOAT TO GO WOULD BLOW IT TO / S O^sl IT/ TINY BITS/ >lf." «-. . ^ THE INSURANCE aASfttAaiflk

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