Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on October 7, 1889 · Page 3
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 3

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, October 7, 1889
Page 3
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in prices on f . i nf ,.-. f r."^7Jj r^f] fl"T!pj'1 r |T 9|p][fQ TJCR '-."i .';, / --'v 1 v^-JV'V-Hr V Noxt I»oor lo Unit T When you are around town looking for Please call In at the EliST 3rd STREET HARDWARE-STORE And look at my BUTCHER KNIVEB They cut keen and Uold their eifge well. Prices Always Eight. Yours Respectfully, Bight side up, LEWIS D. WYMN. Evening Gazette THB Bvmrnro O AZOTT> can be bad at all th newintando. Price rwo OBJTTS. OFFICIAL PAPER OF THE CITY. To-nlslit. tr. R., K. of P. BeacTTan Wallace Opera' House. Bowers MlnstrelB. The regular monthly meeting of the City Council will be held this, Monday evening at 7:30 .o'clock, at Justic Alexanders office, Instead of at th City Hall. By order of the Mayor. J F. Barrett, City Clerk. "T ! —John E. West was out f robo Chica go yesterday. —J. F. Shaale is home from Cedar Rapids on a violt. —Large amounts of pressed hay are shipped from here. —Henry Reitzel, residing north of town, la quite sick. —Mr. Kargar, a Morrison iclothing man, visited here yesterday. .—Geo. Mohler today sold a house and lot on 3rd avenue for 81,100 cash. —Rev. H. M. Fegers left this morn- Ing to visit a friend at Hampshire, 111. —Dr. A. T. Gait, of Chicago, was here yesterday to see his brother, John M.Galt. —The crop of corn this year is immense, and there is very little soft corn. —Wilbur Champlln, of this city, is now foreman of the Milledgeville Free Press. —T. O. Wolfe, of Milledgeville, accompanied the Sterling Masons to —Charles E. Windom hns rrturnpd rora the meeting of the American j 'ndertakers'Association at Toronto. —Jacob FiiselR. Jr., M\t n ijond joke n Editor Adams and asks the GA- KTTE to publish it. We draw the lino n publishing so stern a joke on a rotber pencil sharpener. If you want o get the bottom facts call on Jake. —Certain farmers who were fishing Rocfcford in the Rock river, ro- discovered a large hole in the ;round which they think will rival .larnrnothcave of Kentucky. Whether his is a GgherrnBn'a dream, a newspa er nightmare or a reality is not known at present. The cave will be explored oon. —Nat Smith, father of the photo- rapher, is back from Sioux City, Iowa, where he has been some months, lie was one of the first settlers of that now noted city, going there 35 years ago when there was but one log cabin on all the'prairie thereabouts. Sioux City las been quiet for some months,, s > he iame back to live in the lively city of Sterling. •Mrs. Julius Gilbert, of Jordan, was thrown from her carnage about two miles north of town yesterday afternoon she wasdrvi- ing with her daughter and a little boy to Sterling. The horse scared and over turned the vehicle. Mrs. Gilbert was quite badly bruised, although there were no serious injuries. Dr. Frank Anthony was called out to attend her —Dennis P. Boyers and Miss Jo sephine Annas, daughter of Mrs. C Annas, were pronounced husband am wife in the Church of the Sacred Hear by Rev. H. M. Fegers at 7 o'clock thi morning. The bride was attended jty her sister Annie and the groom by bis brother Joe. The wedding service was a very beautiful one. The couple have the sincerest congratulations of their -manrfriendSr-Thoy have-gone-to-ChU. cago on a trip, but will return and reside in this city. —From our own observation of what our merchants are doing, and the goods they are receiving this fall, we believe it is true that they are putting in larger and more varied stocks than ever before, They now have on their _ shelves for the fft'l ' ln(1 winter tradfl mieh stocks of goods as make it altogether unnecessary for our people to look out. side the city for what they want. Indeed our merchants are not only thus building up and extending their home trade, but they are gradually attracting new taade from the western end of the county, and all the territory contiguous to Sterling. As to prices, they are, al most to a man, selling their goods as low as the same quality can be purchased for this side of Chicago. • l!'>v. F. A. Orcrrory will commence •ri"R of protruded meetings at Como thin evening. Mrs A. MacKay and fnmily v?h pent, several months at the Sprint-M his summer, have returned to Chicago. —Supt. Otto Miller and Chief Engineer iiluiit, of the C. & N. AV.. cam" out in a special parlor car to-day to nsppct tlio new depot. —The dynamo used for t'.e arc lights iag been moved into the new building. It will b« run tonight by the new power. —James C. Winters this morning revived by express a stuffed tarantula, sent him from California, by Carl Houser. —Mooney & Mee have recently added to their saloon furniture a very One bar and other fixtures, the work of Keeney & Harrison. —Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Price, of Amboy, are in town to day. Mr. Trice, is here to procure supplies for the Amboy poultry packing house. —Geo. H. Page, manager of the Dixon condensed milk factory, has purchased the beautiful Gov. Charter's place above Dixon for 825,000, and it is probable he will make it his home. —Four immense buffalo, making a car load, passed through here from the west Saturday afternoon on their way to Washington, D. C. Wonder if the Knight Templars will relish them as a delicacy. —Ilev. Mr. Clatworthy of Dakota, oc cupied the pulpit of the Presbyterian church at both morning nnd evening services yesterday, and the congregn tiori was much pleased by his able and fervent sermons. —Two complete surveys have been made for the Clinton high bridge am now the matter is resting until Con gress convenes and passes upon thi matter. The Indications are good fo w"rk t*» nomrnance this winter. —On last Saturday evening, at th residence of Alvin T. Manning in thi city, George D. Rose, of Broken Bow Neb., and Mary E. Monson; of Proph etstown, were united in marriage. Re F.A. Gregory officiating. —The Sterling Commandery, K. T No. 57, twenty men strong, marche In the roar ot the Ord division of th kicli & Bowers Tooiglil! The beat minstrel show of the season ,t Wallace Opera House tonight, 7::'.0 i. m. Splendid stove polish. Burnishing for nlckle, No. 1 niica, at P2-tf L. L. JOHNSON'S. <'rnwforrt Ilros Are on the top shelf in the stove no. Call on them and aee their large You can surely lind ? to suit you. " •'"'*!> Antnntn Hntfl. In all the new shapes and colors. 1'oeitively the finest stock to select 'rominthe city. Correct styles and ow prices. 05 to MRS. GENNIE W. ELLIOTT. Bonnet*. New and elegant at Mrs. Gennio W. W. Elliott's. 05 to the new »d of N. Carpenter ft Minstrels at Wallace Opera House tonight—25,35 and 50c. The Aladdin Hard coal heater is having a large sale and it Is not to be wondered at for aa a heater it is hard to beat. "X ou can see it by calling on Crawford Bros. 97 tO Arrasene and chenille at R. A. Carter's. . oo to To the ladies of Rock Falls and Sterling, please accept thanks for your liberal patronage in our millinery department. Ccme again and buy. good friends. Dill & Co. ' 87 tf Co. _____ __ _ Aiiot lonerr. The Dutch and English auctioneer still alive and ready to attend to city and country sales on short notice. Can leave orders at A. H. Hendrick's Drug Store or at my residence on 13th avenue north of 4th st. Charges reasonable. (Jive me a pall. 78-37tf D. II. MEYERS, Auct. E. W. Blossom has taken the agency of the "I. C." brand Spectacles and Kye glasses. These spectacles are different from ordinary glasses, in that the lenses are ground from a French Tinted Crystal that shuts out the chemical and heatraysof light.makingthem very soothing to the eyes. Be sure and try them, see that that trade mark "i. c." is on every lens. 70-d&w The old reliable Stewart surface burners on exhibition and for sale by Davis & Wilkinson The Stewart heaters, for hard coal, have stood the test of many years and today leads them all. 9910 ' Ranges! The "Bismarck" and "Sure Luck ranges are the best the market affords. Get one and see if this is not a fact. 97-to CRAWFORD BROS. The mammoth Restaurant is now open for business and when you want a good square meal, or a good lunch, at any time ol day or night, call at No. 105 East Third street and you will be sure to get a good meal or lunch. 00-to GEOHOE PFISTERER. Stamping done at R. A. Carter's. SO to (latest style). Washington. —J. F. Fehrensen, formerly postmaster at Coleta, has gone to St. Louis, to engage In the drug business. —A driving Park Association has been formed at Tamplco, and all the stock has been taken. —A. D. Richardson is staying at Charlie Clark's during the absence of the proprietor In Washington. -Mr. and Mrs. Gus B. Oettlnger from Pontlao, who have been visiting at Josh Oettlnger'd, have returned home. -Messrs. J. B. Gait, Alex. McCloy, and E LeRoy Gait, leave on the Q this afternoon for the St. Louis Exposition. —Z. T. Gait has gone to Highland Park to visit his son Paul, who is attending the Northwestern Military school. —Willie Gait has returned home from Orchard Lake, Mich., Military school, on account of his father's Illness. —A half dozen of Sterling bicyclists expect to start to-morrow on a wheel- Ing tour through northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin. —Charles E. Hall, formerly with the Rock Falls News, is now In charge of the advertising department of the Dubuque Daily Telegraph. —Beach & Bowers' minstrel company made a very fine parade on our streets at nooa today. Their playing is the best we have had here in many months. -The RockRiver Methodist conference will be held at Aurora next year. In 1«91 it should be held in Sterling. In fact, it might have been secured for next year, if an invitation had been extended. —Nutting parties have been quite numerous of late. The woods three miles north of town, and Gap Grove draw many parties, while some go as far away as Portland and Erie, for walnuts, butternuts and hickory nuts —Here's your chance, boys. It is said that in flve blocks of one street in Kewanee there are 53 marriageable la dies, with only a possible 11 of the op posite 86* eligible to that happy state What Is to become of the other —Tne bonus of 800,000 to buy the stove factory to remove to Aurora, was raised in a novel and also a very easy manner. A committee of citizens appointed to take charge of the matter bought a largo tract of land at the edge of town, where the factory is to be located, and divided all but 15 acres, which was given to the factory, into building lots. Five hundred of these lots were sold at 8200 each, thus raising enough money, S100,- 000 to pay the bonus and pay for the lands, and at the end, each man does not lose or give away anything, for he has his lot, which will be worth much more than what was paid for it, when the factory is built. How would that plan work here for anything of that kind? —The fire department was called out again yesterday morning to quell the flre fiend, which had begun to play havoc in a frame building, adjourning the Boynton House bulldiug on the west. A family named Baily occupied the place, and about eight [o'clock discovered a flre in thelupstairs of their building, where sparks from a defective chimney set flre to the woodwork. With the assistance of neighbors, all the household goods were removed. The upper storey of the building was wrecked before the fire was pnt out. It is the property of J. H. Boynton, who erected It 41 years ago. It was used as a store building for many years. It snould have been torn down years ago. Mr. Boynton is grateful to the Qre department for saving his other buildings. •A new game and one which will become popular at parties and social gatherings this winter, takes the form of an information party. It is begun by passing to each gentleman a card and to the ladies small pieces of paper, which should be numbered. Those who discover the same number on ,helf card and paper are (partners for ,he game. Each couple must think of a question, sensible or-ridiculous, historical or in regard to the weather, to be written on the cards, after which the cards are to be gathered together, and the leader reads each in turn, givj ing a few moments for the partners to consider the subject and write the answer, which should be read aloud in turn. This is where the fun of the game begins, as many of the answers are exceedingly queer. Those having a correct answer mark their card 10, a wrong answer 0, and if the answer is anywhere near right it is counted 5. When all are added, prizes may be distributed as in progressive games for the best and poorest record. The instructive part of the game is the discussion which follows the questions. Saturday, and were In command of Right Eminent Commander, W. A. McCune. —Beach & Bowers' mirth provoking minstrels came up from Clinton this morning, and will give their truly genuine burnt cork entertainment at the Wallace Opera House tonight. The Clinton papers say they .gave an A No. 1 entertainment in that city "on Saturday night. —It is likely that Sterling will secure the Norcross Opera Co. which played "The Pretty Persian" 'at Havlin's Chicago Theatre for over seven weeks last summer.The expenses of this company renders it necessary for them to receive a large guarantee ($350) wherever tfiey are booked, so it is likely the public pulse will be felt before they are so cured. . . —Two of Dixon's "young bloods" walked down to this city yesterday, "Just to kill time," they said. As time is money, and they have an abundance of it—on their father's account—to kill, we may soon expect another visit They came down on the north and returned on the souti side of the river Several trips have been made to this city by the young men of Dixon who it appears, havo formed an association for exercise only. —During the performance of "Car the Outcast" by the Frankie Jones Co last Saturday evening an attachmen was made on the scenery and baggage of the company by Mr. John Lawrie to sacisfy his claim against Fischer & Hohenstien for not fulfilling the con-, tract to play at the Wallace Opera House made by Mr. M. C Rice, a former partner. Mr. Fischer, the present proprietor of, the company, at once replevined the goods and took them to Clinton where the company is now playing. A trial will be held two weeks from last Saturday. —Mike Daly, of Harmon, who has been employed on the street railway electrical construction work, claims that while he was in a mellow mood on Saturday night, an acquintauce named Benj.F. Berger, approached him in a very friendly way, and during the conversation which followed, borrowed, without his (Daly's) consent, the sura of twenty-five dollars in bank bills. Today. Daly needing the money, asked the return of the loan (?) and Berger declared he had none of Daly's wealth Thereupon Daly had a warrant issued and Berger was arrested and given trial before Justice Alexander. State's Attorney Stager being absent J. E. Mc- Pherranj Esq., acted as prosecutor in his place. On Berger's person was found two Qve dollar bills, which were found to bo like the money Daly had stolen from him. There was no absolute proof of Berger's guilt, but the suspicion is so strong that the Justice bound him over to the next term of circuit court. —At-Wallace-Opera -House.—Admis sion 25, 35 and 50c. Frankfurt and pork sausage always on hand at Al's market. * Go to Dill & Co., Hock Falls, before purchasing your furniture.' You can save money. 97 tf _ The Aladdin _ Coolc nfovfl is uBed for wood or- COH!, ..nd is acknowledged to be one ot lue >est baker's the market affords. 07.10 CRAWFORD BROS, New crop teas at J. A. Annas'. 90-tO Davis & Wilkinson, West End Stove and Hardware merchants, can do you ;ood for anything in their line. Every body invited. • 99-10 Al. does not make sausage for any other market. * Call at E. W. Blossom's and get an eye tester free of charge. 70-d&w • The Gem and Diamond cook stoves are reliable and first-class in every respect. Get one and be happy. For sale only by Davis '& Wilkinson. 99-tO Now is the time to order. your hard and soft coal of Moses Dillon. 99 12 BHIledgcyllleFlour. Equal to the best at 81.25 and 81.30 per sack. "New corn and all kinds of .feed at Lewis Reitzel's Feed Store ' 200 to The Good Luck oak heater, for sof coal and wood; cheap In price and a splendid beater. ^Fpr sale only_by Da vis & Wilkinson. _J »9-l One car fresh lime just received a Moses Dillon's^ W 12 The Hed Cross range; the mostartis tic and best working stove in the city For sale only by Davis & Wilkinson. 99-tO That I am prepared, as usual, to do all kinds of painting and paper hanging, notwithstanding my contract to paint the electric light poles. T. G. WRIGHT. saw* October's s;oods Are like tlie -woods, So warm and bright, In autumn light. You can save money by buying coffees, teas, and spices from J. A. Annas, agent for Winslow, Rand & Watson. 90-teAw PEOPLE'S COLUMN HT-We will Insert three lines In this ool--« uBn one t mi for 10 eenta. or for 40 centu a weelc. KMh additional line will be 8 cents a Dingle Insertion, or IB centsfa week. WAHiTKO. Only 10 cents for j Un es \under this Heading. W ANTED—Two ladles or eeutlemen boarders wanted, by pjlvate Family, near-business portion. Enquire at unzette office. 200-U* Cloaks W ANTED-^Glrl for housework. Apply a »02 W. 3rd streot. W-U Miss Helen Hooker, niece of Gen. Joe Hooker, will assist in an entertainment glv^D by ttie young people of the Congregational church next Friday evening, October llth. G. A. R. members especially invited. Admission 25 cents. __________ "~ tf You are invited to attend .the entertainment at the Congregational church Friday evening, October llth. 1 See press notices and lithographs. Reserved seats 25 cents. 99-tf Miss R. A. Carter has returned from Chicago with a full line of latest styles of millinery. 90 to Card ofThauko. We desire through this medium to extend our most grateful and heartfelt thanks to all of those who so kindly assisted us through the sickness, death and burial of our beloved Mrs. Miner. • Very respectfully, 1\W. MINER, d&w* MR. Mid MRS. D. G. ELY. Old government Java and Mocha 3 pounds for Sl.OO at J. A. Annas'. 901-6 W ANT KD-Everybody to know that the place to buy a sewtujj machine or organ Is at Krey & Wuitebreud's. Several dray loads Jurt received Bl>tl * W AN TED-Competent girl for general house- wurlc. Apply at Gazette ofllce. M tt W ANTED-A thoroughly competent girl for genoriil Housework. Good wapes Mrs. Elmer Crawford, corner 4th street aud D Sacques. FOR HALK. Only io cents for j Hues under this Heading. F°b l , jtl SALE—Butter—Parties wanting good X' buttermpMkagesolbpounds.andupWiirds, can Imve It delivered at retail price of nooa but- terntfhS store., by addressing O. K. Vanning. Gait, Ilia. • 98 - 13 l^ Step Ladders For house cleaning 81 00 at L. L Johnson's. 90 to IOB SALE—Good Iowa, Nebrask* Kansas -u land, stock of goods; Business Uacei. tor sale anil exchange. Frank W. \\alzer, Academy of Music, lloouvl 70U JWIISALE-A bargain In three fine resl- ! dencea In 4tU ward. Inquire of 1.1. Bush. ol-vl Goods now rustle Clerks do hustle. roll SA1LK OK TJtABK. Only io cents for 3 lines under this Heading. E W« HAMS-Two new bilck residences cou- trally located for sale by J. J. Miller or 8. J. \Vtokens. W>\.V FOK 81K.\T. Have These mornings ? The finest line of gloves ana mittens for men and boj B can be f ound at W. C. Kier's. Only io cents for J lines I under, this Heading. noit KhNl-^-HousB for rent In WesQtock ! Falls. A. Morse. - - - -- Our JUvy's tuid Children's Clothing Is just as good in quality, fit and Un- l8h as the men's only it doesn't come so high. High enough, however, to secure the iiueat that «ny one cares for, and as low as clothing ought to be to render the right service. 200-3 J. R. BELL & SON. Scmcthloe Nice. If you want to make money read iny "ad" in the WEEKLY GAZETTE and 1 Standard. GEO. W. CUAMBELIN. 88-tf ^_ Lndles Call and see the beautiful trimmed hats and bonnets. Also the very latest in misses and children's hats at Mrs. F. C. Woodruff's. 98 to nx) Flue Millinery 1 The latest novelties In trimmed and untrlmmed hats and bonneta of choic est materials and exquisite combma tious, all at most popular prices, at Mus, GEXNIE W. ELLIOTT'S, 200-tO it RENT—House for reot, near Wallace school. L. E. Brooklleld. IWR HKNT—4 houses to rent and auumberof ' houses for sale by Adam Sniltli. W3-tl8« MHO LB ABB—rower and room formanuractur JL In* purposes, In tbc bullulug loruierly occu pled by Cuurcli & 1'attcraon. Address B. C JburcU, IJulutu, Minn. wJ-tt F lNANCIAL-Moneytoloau-51,500 at 6 pa cc-iit.,onfiirm security. I. I. Bush. Rook Falls. S 3 " DB, A. W, BA.EB. OFFICE OYKU * Oetiing&r'a Clothing Store. Female ttiirt C'hlid«•>»'» Dl«e»»«MS ft In Fall Underwear for Ladies and Children, in Natural Wool, Scarlet, Merino and Jersey (Ribbed), in Wool and Cotton. Call and Examine Before Buying Full Line of Dry Goods andNotions alwarsm^tock. «g£4. Carpets. Hugs.

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