Covina Argus from Covina, California on June 6, 1908 · Page 8
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 8

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 6, 1908
Page 8
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****** ######### •<*# Social tlcws ################## Minstrel fintertalnment. Covir/a is cf"llence of her ,. ints, anrl the on. in the Womans Ci choir of Holy Trinity Chun:It WKS no Mr. and Mrs. Piffor of Los A n-t exception to the i!< 'I 'r r UIR f.-x- • C.IIM.. :ntertain- u\-.< i. iiist night n If'iiiHf! \>y tho wore luncheon K niifl Mrs. Will flrimthH "f din- V. LOH IflHt. Mr. and Mrs. Jlowbmd wero nor guests of Mr. and Mrs. ,1 Hoffman in Los Angeles on We day evening. Captain and Mrs. Peacock of Angeles we.e dinner guests of Mi Kalli and liubio on Wot (it, Hotel Alexandria, LOH Mr. and Mrs. 10. A. Cooper entertainer! on Friday evening in honor of MJHS Kennedy. Among the guests wore Mr. and Mrs. H. F, Thorpe, Mr. and Mrs. t ioldthwalle, Mr. and Mrs. Hiilloo, son and daughter, and Mr. and Mrs. Fltx.Oorald. MrH. M. N. Hinit.ii of Los (•ntortainnd on Friday last, with an i-xf|niHito IniHihnori in hr>nnr of MrH. VVrn. Thorne'H hirt.hday. Lovoly Jlnwers adorned tho tnolfs nnd Mrs. Thonm WIIH presented \vl!,li a h<:anf.i- ful tioiK|ii(!t. Othe.r gue.slH from Co- vinn woro Ouie.k. MrH. Laheo and On Monday evening Mr. and Mrs. Clifford entertained l.ho ohoir of tho JKapfist, Church with a novel and delightful New Kngland Hiipper. The ImiiHi) was artistically deeorat.p.d with Howe,™ and the fivoning waH upont in music mid game.H, chief among the hitter heing thai, of and guessing advertUiemejitH. The ref rcflhriHiiilH roiiHiNted of codllHh donhg- and maple candy. Maple nugar iid direct from Vermont was rneltud and poured inlo inrli vidiinl Kiuc.erH. wiiicli worn held over |J!OC,|<H of ice until candy was formed, ThoHti present included Mr. and Mrs, Kring and family, Mr. and Mrs Cuwtor, Mines. Wood and Kit/herald nnd the MisHCH JJui l.ha lirulmker and JJurtlui Followo.ll. Death of Charles (). Watts. The doath occurred TueHflay of Mr. Charles (). Watts, at. the home of Mr. and MTH. Maft; Chilton on Cypress avenue, witli whom ho has niadn his homo for several years. The funeral occurred tho following day, the services being in charge of tho Rev. Alfred Fletcher, rector of Holy Trinity Church. Cliiirlo.s (). Watts was born in England Den. IlOth, 18!lij, and died .June i!, H)OH, at 1 o'clock. "Uni'.lo Charley," an he was known for years to everybody who know him, nnd especially by Mr. and Mrs. Matt. Chilton's children, in \vhosc family he had lived for several yearn, was truly n grand old mini, and will lie missed by tho little children, as noil of mature yeai'H. He was never married. The deceased served four and one-half years in the Con- tederale army, and to IIIH death bore four gmiHhot wounds. whiuli he ro reived during the war. For twenty- five years lie \VIIH a mouther of the Jiaptisl, Chinch in 'IV.xa.s. He had no relatives living in this country so far as lie knew and he left few worldly uoods. He left behind him, how over, a pure record and a life which was full of good deeds. IRWINDALE. Minn Mary I'll ledge has iously ill all the week. Mr. and Mrs. lloxall of goh'H wore guests on Sunday and Mrs. Deck My or. Miss Simpson and Mrs. left today fi Canada. the hitler's An- M r. I lalchard home in MrH. linogene (iilmore of Venice, who is convalescing from a .severe illneHH, ij visiting her eonsin, L. II. Hoot, and family. MrH. and Miss I'hoelie Brown entertained a few friends on Wednenday afternoon to meet Misb Irene Wnd.v. A musical ^uertsiiiK game caused much entertainment. KetreshiiicntH were served on the lawn. Mi. and Mrs. ,1. N. Crane enlei tai'ied at dinner on last, their quests lieinj,' Kev. ami Mis. Sic \ensanil littlnsnn, Mr. and Mrs. In Mr. anil Mid. and M iss \'irginia The mir.strcl part of the perfor nninco \vriH plarined find executed by Mr. Henr.y Mnrnhnli and did gient (iredit to tl'ut talnnted y.;uiij? man. With great dignity hu p^rfrurnerl iho du!,if!H of Jiost, Mrs. John Jjtiin.jeH heing a ehartning hoite.HH. A poin- POU.H colored footrnnn f.Vlr. Hoogendyk / anrioiiiicerl the guest.", lailieH and gentlemen in quaint and pic- tnreHr|iie col jnial eristnnins. The [ilantation hands were called ii; to arniiHe the c.(im[>rin.y and an ex-jelled'. jirograrn followed witlioul a hitch to tnar the proceedings. Mr Koherl, llowlanrl, who JH inirn iliiblo in "hlack-taee" wtis chief "end man," and hiH Hong, "And a little hit More," mot with wunn ap- Mr. Sprotle Hang, "I'm Afraid to fio Home in the Dark," and "Old Black Joe," both with hin HHiial excel lencr:. MJHH Kletoher'H "Peek-a- hoo" was a pretty Hong, which suited her clear noprano voi«:e, and was HC- cnmimnied in the clujriiH by some plmiftiug promenade work with Mr. Marrhali. Mrs. BrnnjeH was heard to perfection in "Three Little (Iroen Bon- net.H, " and FloHtdo McLeod'H "Little Black Lamb" WUH one of tho gems of tho evening. Other line HongH were "I'd Like 10 bo a Friend to You," Hiing by Mr. Iloogendyk, "In Ab- Hence," by Hmifild Taylor, "(Jollege OayH, " Mr. Chan. Bnller, "tolling StoncH, " Mr. Mnrnhall, and "Silver Bellri," Mr. McCarthy, the two latter being composed by the last named talented gentleman. Tho colonial minuet wa.s trained by MmoH. W. II. Collins and S. A.schen- hrenner and executed by oigbl, charming young ladies. The oakowalk, by colored couples, brought out, run I'M of merriment. MIHH Marian fiiven gave a chann- ing nkirl, dame and Jiuncs Hodges, Jr. , a funny clog dunce. Among tin; black faces may be mentioned tho heavyweight mammy in hoop nkirlH (MrH. Burpee), the undignified and mischievous Topsy (Mrs. (Jlarkoj, and tho funny little pickaninny (Lewis Clarke). Tho sketch, "Ebony Sharpn and Black Fiats," was well rendered by the oiiHto, of Mr. Howlaud, Mrw. Prather, and tho M insets Elliott, Devendorf, Cook and Swauaon. Miss BrunjeH and Mrs. Uamerel aiicom- pcnied on tho piano, Mr. West in on the violin, and banjo. Mr, Hodges on the Knot. MrH. Yaw ami Mrs Hen entertained the M i.-eelluny I Tuesday alteniouii, Mrs Vne v.alle and Mrs. Louis Thorpe assist ing. A very line prugiuiii was given, eon.-ii.stinu: of u paper on the life ;m<l work of Luther liurhiinl:. He\cri:l of (he lad ie.s conl ributod interesting fuels clualing with tho .-ame subject. MihS Ses.selitoli contributed two piano bnlos and a tiory by Kii/aljelh Sluait Phelpa uas read by Miss Kib ben. '1 he program closed uilh t\\n monologues by .Niiss Irene The btsl meeting of the elub \r:n will be held on .InIK- 1 (',, at t!..- i.oii.i of Mi's. Swallow. Program for (iracliinting Week. The closing week of the Cnvinti High School is full of receptions and oxcruisui.s, and to mont, of those the trustees and faculty extends to tho public a cordial invitation. The commencement; exorcises will lie held in tho First, Presbyterian Church,and i.ho address will bo delivered by Dr. David Starr Jordan, president of Stanford University. Admission to this will bo by ticket, which must, however, lie presented by H o'clock, lor at 8:10 the doors of tho church will bo thrown upon ati'l all unoccupied seals may be tilled by the general public. It is believed that the Heating capacity of thin new church will bo sulllciout to accommodate all that, desire to af- leild thi) oxurcisoH. llolow wo publish tho events in full. Tho starred events are open to the public. Faculty Reception to Clans 1IU1H Thursday Juno 11, H p. m. •Class Sermon First Prosbyterian Church, Sunday, Juno 11, 8 p. m. Sermon by Kev. W. (!. Conloy. *(irammar School (iraduatos Received High School auditorium, Monday, ,lune IT), 1 • 1 fi p. m. "Annual Musical Recital High School auditorium, Mon.lay, Juno IT), 'J p.m., High School orchestra. Junior Reception to Seniors Monday, June 1 fi, H p. m. Annual Meeting ul Student Hiuly High School auditorium, Tuesday, I J line 1 ii, - :!lll p. m. i fc Reed (iraii-rica! Conies! lli>;h jSclioid mid lli.i ium, Tuesday, June I 1 ii, s p in. i *( 'lar-s I lay K\ b -iii-e, \\ eilnet-day, in. *'Phi lomat hoi'ii Literary Society .luninr Cbis.-i Pie.senlal ion of P. L. S. pills, High Si 1 In iu I and it ol iu in, '('li in s day, ,1 line IS, S p m. *('. -mmeiiccment First Prishurr bin Cbutcii, Friilay, Ad.Ires.-, by Dr. RjMlllb ,n p. in June HI, s I). S. ,li rdan. Snturda\ t\ I Good Shoes to Automobile THK CAR OF SERVICE Ask nny of the many Reo owners i ; Frionfi reduced on reliable makes. None damaged, s died nor out. of date All W. L. l)oui.'hi«, and Ceo. Hnow I 81.00 and 8.YOO men's ehnns now i All lioyn' tan oxfords now 32.00. | UO.VH' tan hhofjs 2 I. If). i Kingman g,'i, fii) tan shoos for men | now 32. fill. | Black oil grain 12 inch high top | lane bootH nt 22. 7fi. j Hroelon 8"), 00 men's plain toe lace ! fillofirt 8 1.00. All g:i. r.O women's patent colt welt o.xfordH 82. Iff). All women's comtort shoes reduced except, (i rover's. Our prices on (.jrovers are now 25 and 50 cents lens than elsewhere. We soil the only line of ELK SKIN, waterproof work shoes made they have full hollows tongue, oak soles, hlutchor cut, are very soft and pliable. Don't harden in water. Call and see them. They lit and can he had in widths. \}\:/. A; nunn cushion comfort shoes for tender feet, are sold by the Walk Over stores, Hlauh's., Wm. Kastwood & Son, Rochester, N.Y., C. F. Sellman, Buffalo, ,J. S. Coward, New Vork, A. A. Alexander, New Voik, fJnnhoiiHO, Piltshurg, Ciery it Co. Dublin, JOrioth Taylor Co., London and Sydney, Madam Htaefler, Paris, KosPTithnl, San Francisco and our- Hovles- and yet, it's naid a good shoo Is not wold in Covina. It, must be thai: all Iheso great firms also sell poor shoes. Good Groceries It \v I II | In) ,ii,l \ I !• of illti-l rsi I .1 . -in' :nlvei I i-i-i> t o know I !ml t In- Algus <:iii coonl among it.s I ill.I .-ill s.'il I i'1's ^7 i i i- o 1,1 .if all the litiij ilirs ii. Cii\-in:i and t IK .-e In i i|..; i, s ir.iuieili.tu-lN (.-nutiguniie tu Una oit\. i PRICES Touring Car with top, SHSO.OO Ken Roadster, 20 h. p., SnoO.OO Roo Runabout, 37DO.OU i Also ag-cnts for Wayne ".W 4-cvlitidcr and Kissnlcar. Get a demonstration j before buying-. REO Garage COVINA We carry a fresh stoclt of staple and fancy groceries. Our" vegetables arc the best to be had. Our teas and coffees are excellent. A large stock of canned goods, pickles, olives, hams, bacon and bakery goods. Try our butter. The Depot Grocery ROBT. CRENSHAW, Prop. J. R. Conlee Realty Co. Successors to Bradshaw Bros., 238 Bradbury Bldg-. MONEY TO LOAN from private parties at a low rate of interest. City and country property for sale. Business intrusted to us will be given prompt attenti .n. 6-21 Dress Goods .'18 inch Mchuii-H, funcles and plain, 4 Oc. 54 inch hlfiek dress goods, 45o. '36 iucli bhick silk Veil, 45c. Money Buk soft silk, 81.25. Every yard of dresn goods to be closed out. CLOSING OUT PINE WASH HOODS Porsliin Downs. Victoria Downs. Krenah Downs. Kino JJiitinhiH. J ( 'inn LinoiiH. All to go. Wo hurl nn idfiu we could sell them at a small profit. (Jive IIH oust. DOMIOSTICS. I'riou.y have declined. A [iron gini.'liiiiiiH now fie. Short ImiKlhs, -J to 10 yards, ('hanilirtsy rcinmmls 7c. Lonsdale muslin 1 Oo. 0-4 sheetiiig icdnced. Broadwell Financial Representative Wanted. A l.oi Aiiije nii; an ••M.'i'eilin ll:;>illl.'M. ilv lil'l'S .1 I.'i.ll I 'fprCiiMl ' I ' i Vt' "I Muntinii: .uui .UMII'.S t" .ict a-i its i"i- j ' iv.M' i it .i 1 1 v <.- 111 >c, -.iMit:^' ^. i: \ i -,r ri p- u MM t'"i it.i i'.i|U' »t.n'l\. p.iN.i'nk' ,U . 'l.f 1 i Ilic' Hi ; Ii lib 'II! \\ '. V p.l \ 11.CO ta Nut i-t : -, \\ill isln-i.i'; t.' - ii: n i i -i ^ I -. • i : > tu - p.iul, Col [i< n'itii 'ii ptir.itic* im! pr Q. W. MARSH Practical I CARRIAGE AND AUTO Ipaintcr Shop opposite Postoffice COVINA , Saddlery and Supplies for Horse and Stable The right goods at the right price.' COVINA HARNESS & SADDLERY CO. Phone Home 1170 THE NEW IRamblcr Better than ever. Better than any, regardless of price. We c;in "show yon." See local agent or W. B. COWAN 830 S. Broadway, L,os Angeles Agent for Southern California Tablo linoiiH reduced. Huck towliug reduced.' clothing reducod. MOII'H clothing reduced. Long kid gloves, taiiH, 82.2'). ("ottoiiH are down and shirts are al- NO down. Seo IIM for good shirtH, all kiiul.s at ruic. 1IOSIF.RV. Wo have today us largo and well assorted a stock of hosiery a.s carried by any storo in tho state. Brands whoso worth arc known whorover good huso '"''' sold. It. doesn't pay any one t" ''»}' job lot. hosiery. Culls don't pay. Wo will sell you tho kind thht wear. We .soil Muiising Undorwoar, Mei- odo Underwear, Sehlichten's Ramie, I'ndorwoar, Porous Knit Underwear, Fovall Underwear, \VrightVs Underwear, Cooper's .Underwear and liur- liutgon Undorwear. We sell Cadet ll.siery, Onyx Ib.s tery, liurlingtmi Hosiery. Wo sell iho following brands »f shoes: Ut/ A Dunn, Ibiiiau A Sons, lii'.icton Co., (ieo. Snow W. L. 1 >ouglas and (irovi r' . Covina French Hand Laundry Ferran & Co., Props. ALL WOKK DONE BY HAND L.iee curtail s, tine silks, flannels and lace goods, our specialty. All work culled for and delivered. Satisfaction is guaranteed. If you give us a fair trial you will not regret it. Clarence Allison Plans furnished. for all kinds of buildings. Building Contractor COVINA, CAL. Shopping in lios Angeles? TAKE LUINCMEOIN AT COULTER'S CAPE You will find it very conveniently located, first-class in every respect, with a la carte service at modest prices. Coulter Dry Goods Company Broadway, Between Second and Third, L,os Anpeles HOME BAKERY In Its New Home that has no equal WHOLESOME, SWEET, APPETIZING Pies, Cakes, Mot Rolls o. , Prop. COVINA MEAT MARKET J. F. KENDALL, Prop. Orders taken and deliveries made daily. Orders in town will receive prompt attention. Fresh and Tender Beef, Mutton, Pork, Etc. Home Phone 36 WANTED James Corbett General BlaclcsmltHIng All kinds of (general and heavy Blacksmithing. We manufacture Ridg-ers, Orange Racks n:id Box Presses Horseshoeing a Specialty Home Phone 65 Shop Wesc Badillo St, Csvina All Kinds of Poultry ALSO Veal Calves and Fat Beef Cattle Send postal to Jas. H. Sanders 6-21 SAN GABRIEL, Wilmar Station .^* t3. .« : .IB »: .IB »:iyj .fe a; r& »;;, Howell & Howell BREAD Light, Sweet and Wholesome FRF:SH KVKKV DAY AT F, E, WOLFARTH , , Jeweler , . Large and complete stock of ever> Q thing in the line. . -j I Repairing of all kinds. Fine watch ?^, i work a soecialty. fj ' Citrus Avenue Covina. Cai. H ; _. .,._.. - IF YOU WANT ANY JNTING KALSOMIMNQ OR PAPER HANGING ^ . ! •** «CASH Brosvr.'s and Crcnchaw's '-, b Cake and Confectionery done, see me before you let your r or your propertv, real . • J estate and In. •;.;-.». Job. chances, anything salable. Someone, somewhere wants it at y.iur price. We have the buyer or can All work guaranteed and prices quickly tiod him. VVe also want to ! , , hear from inventors. We can help 1 redhuname. J^ them market their iMl/rATTTIAVK 65); va J.I '..i ! ll'il p,!> 111. . \iiiil i'.-- i -r i. .1 : '. li I', liKNKV M M, ! I'' 1 ' Sc^ i:t :'.> lii.ilih:..; l.o I Y'V |l> V vahrib.e. practical Write us today. Phone 5.1. . 1;. >,. . 11; M-I. . 1 rt ' t i V ^» I 11C us 100^3 . $•* Wagon through valley daily. ^ Li »S ANtlKLKS IN VF.XTMX A XI) f* W W ¥/ • A_\ : : ^:;!';,^": ksasi^seiJiSSas^ffi .'"•• : >™*£™£™*'' l w-<-- Vv. 11. KlStlCf

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