Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on July 14, 1903 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 14, 1903
Page 2
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Contiatfcs with tinabated yigor. ^Ncvcr before tave we tad sacb large, eagejr huyiag crowds since tlie ezistance of oat store here. Then join tne crowds w&ile it Js yet time. Ooodbye to all SUMMER MERCHANDISE Regardless of Costorvalu^ NOTICE LADIES 1 he greatest reduction in Ladies Shoes ever known in the history of the town. Sorosis Shoes are not included in this sale. SBOE & CLOTEINIi CCi. STORES AT lola, Pittsburg, Weir City. Largest Clothing and Shoe Store For 100 Miles Around. IQLA DAILY REGISTER "TBLBPHONB NO 18. CHA8. F. SCOTT. j SUBSCRIPTION BATES: .jOn«we«at ----- Ten Cente i One Month I One year I. - Forty-four Cents Five Dollars and Twenty Cu> •nteraa at lola. Kansas, Foftoffloe a? Second Class Matter. JutrttOKins rates made known: on appU- catlon. Member of thie Associated Press. The lola Dally Register Is a member of the Associated Press and receives the day telegraph report of that great news organization for exclusive afternoon publication in lola. HOME NEWS WHILE AWAY. Subscribers of the Daily Register •way during the summer may have the paper mailed regularly each day to' any address at the rate of forty-five cientB a month. Address changed as often as deisired. While put of town the Daily Register will be to you like a daily letter from home. THIS KANSAS CLIMATE. . These are good days to be iliankfiil that you live or.t in i\ui Kansas country and not in any great ciiy in all the wide- world. It Is hot here in Kansas. For the the next two months the mercury is Ukely to be floating around in the nineties, bubbling up to a hundrqd or more once inawhile. But the atmosphere win be drj", and it will be iii motion n ^rly all the time. Everj- day a - , .man can work out In the fields where - - the wind strikes him and be little more eshausted than he would be cf- ter the same number of hours of the . ^ wune kind of work in winter.. And ererj night It will cool oft so you can ': get 'a good Bleep. Bat think what this sort of weather : means for those who live in the great cities, it was reported from Phila- fleliAla'the other day that there had I be^ a number of prostrations from • . heat before nine o'clock in the morn• ing. And every once inawhile all ^ eammer you ^111 read of horses dropjj- jng Injthe strfeels, and of men over- Is : come by scores. ,Ono is apt to wonder at these reports, for they are ^- ' likely to be accompanied by the state- W.\.;^ • mei^t ?a»at the mercury stood at 85 or fe'!; - ij .Wr,or.some iather figure that would ^^(^^••mofJ^^y ^mtort. If not! actual coolness k^'-KuaoB. The trbijible is tliat the temperatures are taken from the Government observatory, away up over the top of some high building, while the men and the hor.=;es are down in the street, where the heat is reflected from walls and pavements until thCr unstirred air becomes like that.from 'the mouth of a furnace. And think of the poor, the people who live sometimes a dozen in two litilo rooms in some crowded tenement where not a breath of fresh air can penetrate,—think of the women and the little cildren cooped up in such black holes through the sweltering nightsi The wonder i that they do not all die. Xobody who takes the right kind of rare of himself is cvt-r overcome by the heat in Not bccaus^e it does not get hot. but because the air is dry and is always moving aroimd. And the way to take care of one's self is to not cat too much, to drink lots of pure water (and nothing else), and particularly to not worry about the beat. Observe those simple rules; thank God every day that you do not have to live in some city, and yo't will get through the summer in fine feather. Lawrence Gazette: Charley Scott wants to know why a man who is deaf insists upon walking on the railroad tracks when ho goc>s.oiii for e.vercise. We can tell Mr. Srotl who hit Billy Patterson, or the l)e.=t way to reach tlie north pole, or easy like tha,'t, but the other is an answcrless conundrum. But the other day we found out something in the same line that is of interest. A deaf friend sat in the same seat on the train. When the train started the usual tone of voice was employed to talk to him. He laughed and said, " Don't yellso; when I am on a train I can. hear as jwell as you can." That is a harder jpuzzle than the one Scott springs. Why could he diear as well as any one when he was on a train, when he had to bo shouted at when off the train? ^i:V';f^:Slll>-Mn8a8. "Ifl The announcement that the price of boal will be advanced fifty cents a ton n order to cover the advance In iwages to bo paid the miners in the Kansas field, will create more agitation In other quarters, doubtless, than It does in the gas l)elt, which is sc- t-enely indiff9rent to the price of coal. It would seeim, however, as if nearly anybody wotjld prefer to see this advance rather than a long fight to keen down wages. There have been fewer labor dlBturhjances in the Kansas coal fields than in any other, probably" for the reason khat: better wages have been paid. And the announcement that these good wages are to bo made better yet will be noted with general satisfaction. Topcka papers make the gratifying annotmcement that every business building in Xorih Topeka, with a single exception, will be saved. There was a time when it appeared as if more than half the business houses would have to be torn down and rebuilt. It is certainly pleasant to know that the situation is so much better than was hoped. The finst time Col. Bryan spoke at .ihi» Ottawa Chautauqua his share of the gale receipts was something over ihe last lime it was a irifle over ?]00. If his- popularity declines at the rate of six to one in five years, how long will it be until ho is coining silver at the rate of one dollar now lo si.\te£n then? A "respectable" saloon has been opened in Morgansville. What kind of a saloon is a respectable saloon? A Rosodale boy successfully opened up a torpedo with a hatchet and now his mother is writing "school e.xcuses for. him. Just like a woman. A Leavenworth man beat his wife and "was fined |10 in police court and his wife walked up and paid it. Harmon Wilion must be off on a vacation and Deacon House doesn't seem to be working very hard judging from recent issues of the Capital. Three members of the Hutchinson Bachelor Girls' Club were married in Jime. That's breaking up a trust in a way satisfactory to all parties. The boomerang fad has struck Kansas. Some of these days one of them will strike somebody's child in 'the eye and then the game will be passed along for something else equally daur gerous. The important question with, some of the newspaper writers right now seems to be the question: "F^w are you going to tell whether a woman is wearing half hose or whole hose or holy hose." The Salina jail is without an occupant for the first time in two years, which can be explained for by 'iho fact that farmers In need of fiarvest hands have been bailing tramps out to work in the har\-est fields. Two Atchison giris are reporter* to have shocked the wheac .in. CTeir father's field. My, they must have done something terrible. ]At the Yale law school this year the highest prize was taken by a negro akd the highest honor by a Chinamani B^t the won the boat race ail right, all right. " i A household necessity. Dr. Thomas' Ecleciric Gil, Heals burns, cutSj ^^vjounds of any sort; cures sore throat, croup, catarrh, asthma; never fails. te|n Those college students who came lo ho Kansas harvest fields in order, as hey said, to .get plenty of exercise inrl i)ur»! air so as to be in good trim for the fall athletics, have surely come to the right place. Exercise and pure air are two of the main features of a Kansas wheat harvest. AVTien the Pope dies,—if he ever does,—fifiy million Catholics will bi> calleil to.their res|)cctive churches on the same day. and at the same hour ;o pray for the repose of his soul. It will be the biggest congregation ever gathered. and please remember the satisfaction, the ease ojf mifld in knowing that when you buy a package of Unoedd BiSCUit you get them clean. No handling, no dust^l no germs—and Please The President of the University of Minnesota has threatened to resign if his long over-duo salary is not paid soon. Kansas has been pretty skimpy with her University at times; but she was nevijr quite as mean as that. remember the feeling of security in knowing that you will always get them fresh. The package yoti buy'to-day and the one you buy next week, next monthj-'wilUbe equally good—and phase Morris coimty stands by Governor Bailey. It declines to accept the tho;is- and dollars of aid assigned to her on accoimt of her flood losses, and will take care of herself. Of. such is the kingdom. Newspapers are already printing advertisements of '•the only authorized Life of Pope Loo xill." This is rather a swift age in which we" live. KANSAS NOTES. Mr. Cherrj-, of Salina, travels for a fruit house. Wihfleld girls will quit "wearing "rats" :in their hair. The next wall to come is the one about a shortage In freight cars. the health, the pleasure, the real enjo3r^ent-" in eating clean, fresh, good biscuit. Just as the bak^r baked theip— never soggy, or stale or rancid. You relisl| them^ th^ more, and the more good they do you. And pleas^ remember In the In-er-seal Packag Also zu GINGER SNAPS —thegreati^ >IATIONAL BlSCUrr COMPANY

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