Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 23, 1912 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 23, 1912
Page 2
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2 THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER, WEDNESDAY EVENING, OCTOBER 23.1912. Tho flying arron- knowing its path is made Go€8 iUiging Boftly at the bow'a- be- h*«t, Taking ita destined journey unafraid— In. every moment of its flight at re«t. 1 So ^peed, O soul to your divine abodp: Go singing tliru tbc sliadow and the light- Go brtvely on your high appointed road. At rest In every moment of your flight ; —Edward Markham in the Nautilus. A small but" appreciative audience heard Miss Esther May Plumb in her recital at the Methodist church last night, which was given under the auspices of the Music Club. The program was in four groups and it would be diflicuU to say just which group was the- most pleasing, for-with-her wonderful range of clear tones and Uer charming personality. Miss Plumb held her, audience from start to finish. In the first group Belshazzar, by Schumann, was perhaps the favorite and here the singer's ever>' movement seemed to express the strong feeling of the song. The second division was made up of songs from other lands and "Im Kahup." a little Polish love song by Grieg, was very sweet in contrast to the dashing "Spanish Bolero," by Ardlli." After the lafter Miss Plumb responded to an encore with a lullaby. "Rockln' in the Wind." "No One Saw at All." by I>oewe was very pleasing and the singer was twice encored. The. closing number was "Over the Desert." KelHe. and although It seemed dimcult Miss Plumb sang with perfect ease, in fact throuphout the (whole program the perfi-ct ease and grace with which so sang was charming. About twenty people frotn Humboldt drove over In autos to attend the re- rltal. besides ol number frotn other towns. The Music Club is to be con- !fratttlatcd on the success of this venture and If tho next concert is as good and there is every reason ,to believo that it will be. thiere should he no Trouble in crowding the auditorium. Miss Plumb has been heard by many,of the club members before in oth- ••r cities and her singing is compared bv critics with that of Schumann Heink. Miss Sadie JValk-^r. violinist, who comes in January has been abroad for m?ny yt^ars and is not personally known here. -:• * • . —Suits at412.95. worth $2r..00. -You will admit that the New York Store * + * Mrs. Frank Scott and daughter who have been visiting her mother in-Well Inston for tht» post week or so, returned home yesterday. * <« * —You will lose money if you don't buy your Suit from the New York Store. * • • Tbc Golden Link club met yesterday afternoon with Mrs. J. T. Kowdermilk •Roll Call was responded to with the nnmca of noted Generals, and the papers for the day were read by Mrs. T. M. Bartles, on the "Sons of Great Men.'; and by Mrs. E. S. Davfg'on "The Sons of Poor Men." Mrs. Lowder- milkS silso rjad an article, "What Consequence." The Civil Government les- yon which (he club is studying this season was led by Mrs. CP. Day after which was the round tablcdlscus- sIon,on the text, "The first shall bo last and the lost shall be first." The members who attended wert: Mes- rtnmrs Pt-ck, Hall, Snodgr»)ls, Day. Kife. Greon, Steele, Williams.'UartloH. Davis and iioitghton. The guests were Mrs. J. K. l.«wdermllk, Miss Klorencp Day and Mlas SU>t1e. The regular meeting day has been changed from Tuesday to Monday and thi- next hostess will be Mrs. I). K. Peck Miss Florence*^!!!©!! and Ma Chas, Strebo, both of liumboltlt, were (|Ulet- 1 ly married thU morning at ten o'clock at the home of the 'brioe's '|iareni*. Your Hands • •> ii -t;. •» When washing dishes or cleaning house— .1 pair of Hnbbfr fliores for only 50 eenta You can't afford to be without tbein. STORE Wben You Start OIT I.\ SE.VKCII WEDDING filFT You- rarely have a definite idea in mind. Your chief concern is the art of ciitiusing some article which will Reflect credit upon your- own discrimination as well . as being useful to the recipient. We feel that we'are unusually fortunate in our choice of "exclusive wedding presents" for this fall. Many articles will suggest themselves to you as being ideally appropriate. We take a great deal of pleas- ,ure In offering you suggestions as to appropriate gifts: also in showing you through our immense assortment Mr. and Mrs. James Wilson. Only the relatives of the two families witnessed the.ceremony and R,ev, McKeever of the Metfipdist church'of Humboldt Officiated. The wedding was a surprise an dof much interest to Humboldt peo pie because both young people are well known there. Miss Wilson having taught In the city schools for some time and Mr. Strebe has been agent at the M. K. & T. railway. It is ex- p^ted that Mr. and Mrs. Strebe will go to Florida on their honeymoon after which they will be at home in Humboldt ' * • * —Every one is talking about th< Bargain Suit Sale at the New YorV Store. ! • The Thursday Whist club meot^ tomorrow with Mrs. F. J. Horton. + + • . —llemarks made by every one: hov can tho New York Store sell ladiet and misses' Suits at prices less thai half usually sold for.. * • • Tho meeting of tho W. C. T. V. thi week will be held on Friday afternooi at half past two o'clock at the resi dence of Mrs. R. 11. Stevenson. 317 E .Madison avenue. On account of th< large amount of business to be at tended to last week the program wa; not compU'ttvl and Mrs. C. O. Dolling er will read her |m|)er on Health an< Heredity and Mrs. A. E. Varnor wil give a report of the state conventloi at Saltna. One of the works in which the mem hers of the-W. C. T. f. is interested i the distribution of literature to shut ins and they will be gla;>- to obtaii any old magazines or good rcadinj matter of any kind. Many wonjci about town are cleaning house a present nad will no doubt be glatl t< give away the accumulated summe magazines. Anyone interested ma; call Mrs. C. P. Day. * —Handsome Cutaway Suits wort IS.'t.OO. on sale at the New York Stor for ?16.95. * * *• The marriage of Miss Hazel Moor- of this city to Mr. Ray Proctor, o Olathe, Kansas, was aanounccd th! morning. The wedding will occur oi November 30 at the bride's home. * * * The Chi Chi society was reorgan ized yesterday. The young men wh( belong to Miss Annabel Paddock': class of the Presbyterfan Sunday school are the members and" eacl winter they have frequent business and social meetings. * • * —Wonderful bargains in Ladles and Misses Suits at the New Yorl Store. * <0> • The Beta Hola society gave th" firs program of the year In the higU ?:hoo assembly hall this afternoon. Toinnr row iiftornoon the Chi Onifgas «!• give ihoir first program. * * <• .Mrs. Florence McMurray, Miss Mc .Murray and .Miss Pearl RHrti mad' a short plcusun* trip to lnil<'|ii<ndenc< on Sunday. <• • -I- There urc to bo two purtles for ihi girls of Ramsay's store next week. Oi .Monday night Miss Shields will en tergiln and on Thursday night tlic.\ will bo KUosiH of .Miss Chozom. « • « There will be no meeiInK of the Friday card club this week. * * * Mr. W. T. Watson went to l/one Elm today to take charge of the bank there for a week. The reason for this, ar Mr. Watson tells It, makes a prctt> llttlo story. .Mr. and .Mrs. Wilson ) wcro cashier and assisiant cashier ot tho bank but several voars ago Mr. Wilson died and a Mr. Reeves took his pince and Mrs. Wilson kept her position. Thi."? morning Mrs. Wilson and Mr. Reovos wore married and Mr. Watson will look afi-^r their business until they return from their wedding trip. •:• •> •:• Delegates from the young men's classes of the Presbyterian, Methodist, Christian and Baptist churches met last night at the Y. iL C. A. and completed the organizatibn of a basket ball league. A schedule. of games was made arid will be announced in a few days. + + * Mrs. J. S. Turner will be assisted by .Mrs. A. H. Campbell and Mrs. Charles F. Scott in entertainifig the members of the Ex-Teachers' club next Tuesday afternoon for the regular monthly meeting. * • The first dance of the seasoiL. opened last night with a good attendance, of the members of the Clinker club and their friends. The music, furnished by the Shield's Orchestra, was unusually good and everyone seemed p thoroughly enjoy themselves. Those who danced were:: Mr. and iMrs. L. J. Campbell, Mr. and Mrs. W. 8. Good, in. Mr,.and Mrs. R. T. Harrison, Mr. and Mrs. J. Ai^J4>voca, Mr. and Mrs. D. C. Morrow. Mr. and Mrs. Bruce McIlhaney, Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Palmer, Mr. and Mr«. C. H. Shtelda, Mr. and Mrs. E. D. Shields, Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Wbeaton, Misses Lettie- Woedin, JBlisa betb Apt. May Brigbam, Hattfe Frank, Blanche Goes, Elva Russell, Leah Johnson. ncrth»6wtgart.' I^ois Talbert GMce Thompson, VIca Eastwood and Kat« aejr«r, Messrs Hgrrjr Btsbop, Arthur Brigham. Newton Brlgham. R. J. GoSey, a. H. DeHaven, Louis Drake, Murl Munger. C. Russ, D. F. Sery«y, Ben WIttenburg. Gus Weekly, Wm. Achter, McDonald and Harry Mc- NIel. • * <• * The Loyal Women's Bible Class of 'Trinity- church met yesterday afternoon in the church parlors for a combined bu8l ;i( sd - and social session. A prayer ciL 'cUng'^A'M^Sld in connection and tiiere was a good number In attendance. At the close of the afternoon doughnuts and coffee were served. This is revival week at the church and the meetings are very interesting and helpful and good crowds are attending. Tomorrow afternoon inste&d of the usual three prayer meetings there will be a union meeting in con­ nection'with that of the Ladies Aid Society. Mrs. John Trout and Mrs. Guy Houck, wio have been visiting their brother Mr. E. W. Arnold-for the past month returned today to their home in Orville, Ohio. * * • Mr. and Mrs. Gregory of Alexander, La., announce the birth of a daughter. Mrs. Gregory will be remembered as Miss Margaret McClelland. • * • A number of the members of th' Altar Society of St. John's churcl surprised Mrs. John P. Tremi>ola o- Monday evening. Mrs. -Trempola I leaving the city poon for Hillsbort Illinois, to join her husband and mak' her home, and tht> party was in the nature of a fareWell. Vocal and in strumenul music I was furnished; b} Miss Katherine Trempola and Mr. Ler Smith, and late In the evening re freshments were served. A lieautifu souvenir spoon wjis presented to thi hostess. Equal SnffrsKr Depart mt «nt. Proatiuent Edarators Opinions. I have always believed that woniai' sJuaild have the sjune privilege ar man in regard to the ballot—John T Denning, State Senator. • • • I have been for more years than I can remember a believer In equal suf fragc. and have no hesitancy In say ng that 1 am glad to use any oppro nrlato and legitimate opportunity tr ^xpress T\y conviction on this sub- icct ami r*w help the movement tc further it-.r suffrage amendment in Kansas at this time.—Joseph H. Hill President Kansas State Norma school. • • • I am favorable to the propositior to be submited this fall and hopo it 'vill carry, and am willing to do ;U'. I can to help in that direction.—S. L Walker, Columbus. • • « I will be willing to co -oporato ir iny way I can to forward the interests of your organization.—E. Stanley Friends University. W'ichlta. » • * I am in favor of woman suffrage- Wilbur X. Mason, President of Bakci tJniversity. • • • I have always felt that when th- women were willing to exercise thr franchise and take an interest in po litical affairs, it should be given them I am now convinced of it and" see nt reason why they should not vote. Ir ray judgment when the Kansas wo men h.ive the right to vote it will settle once and forever whether Kansac vill or will not have saloons Then is no great nuestlon so easily settled >nd- will be settled so SBtlsfactoril.x when wom»?n vote as the liquor ques tiois^—H, JI Waters. President Kansat .VgrlculturaI College. • 1 • A Democrat is one who hxlievos Ii ho rule of tho people. There uoed b- no frar of trusting the whole people It is not juHt to deny tho right of suf 'rago to any pan of our cltlzonKhlp.- tudgo Thomas Hond, Sallna. • • • Of Kansas's ton roprcsontatlvos In •'(ingroKK, nine have unoqulvoi-ally lU -liirod thomK (»lvc« in favor of woinai !iinr;.;;e. Tho only one o |>|)OBod auU \o would like to "see It tried ax ai fxporlmoni first." How can Kansni womon try It "as an cx|M>rlment first* r ilio franchise Is not given Ihoui? • • • If l.s a humiliating oxperJence foi nw to sou the women of my state beg sing and imploring lor what is iheli right. It Is not only the duty or cv- ?ry man to vote for the amendment hut It is also his duty to help the women In the campaign for the vote.— '"hlttf Justice Wm. .^.Johnston. • « • Thi' suffrage movcmoni is only an- ither Ho<<ton tea party, expressed in different way. Restriction of rights inspired the first party, and it is Inspiring the second.—John MacDonald, (Editor Western School Journal • • • ' I have always been a firm believer in the inherent justice of suffrage, and regret that I am unable to remain in Kansas to assist in the campaign.— Rev. Charles M. Sheldon. » • • If I c»)n be of any service to you. command me.—Senator Thomas .M. Potter, Pealwd.v, Has. • • • 1 am heartily in favor ot giving wo- •nen the ballot.—T H. .Albright. Winfield. Alien County Equal Suffrage .-Vss'n. :W .\IT FOR THE BIG $11.98 Suit Sale $11. :FRIDAY AND SATURDAY^ The One Big Suit Sale of the Season. See Our Ad. in Tomorrow's Register. QUEEN HELENA' AND PRINCESS ALICE MAY NURSE WOUNDED L\ BALKAN WAR LOADED SHELLS "StEEL WHER-: STEEL BELONGS" la tli= HEAD and RIM. Inst what f-rvry JlscHaiaaUeil cportsmaa If looklail Cor. tJc-:c;li3lcd cither tor TRAP OR FIELD' ("IDEAl," "TARGET" ' Loaded with Hncli Smokeless "PREMIER" "HIGH GUN" Loaded wttb Dense Smokeless The "CLASS" ot tho Aasaaitlon World. SPEED — POWER — DURABILITY .\II ThiM- <|i:aliti«N in- Km:«>dic(l in FLANDERS' MOTOR CYCLES !i:i;.-.->i\t;M:T0H5i:E K><;I\K LATKSr nilMSllVrMOTS <ha-. n. lloiii:hlon. Aj .-fi!! Deniim'itnitiiin on Request Italy and there is no doubt how tlf ; ijcnt-ral public would .-stand on the- j question of siding with Montenegro if! tliat problem arose. j Princess .Aiico, of Grcc^-c. who is one j .. of tiip pcrpular members of tho i loy countrymen, the .Montenosrin .sol- royal faniil.v, has announced her in-j diers. The queen iS"«i very practical, tention of juiuing a •band of nurs-es | .lumans woman, with a big hcirt. au'l who will »iwn go to the front.. She in] lie poitplo of .Montenegro adore her. , the wife of Prince Andre of Croece. ?he Is a:: poptilar witii the people of • who \» thcsccind i-on of King Keorgiv j Two women members of European royalty may KO to the front to nurse the wo\inileiI soliiiors of the allies in •he Halkan war. (lunon Holona or Italy longs to bo of service to her fol- OXKf HAND^OACE TO BE A MALE PERSON Not lee. -The loUi-Cas Cily |ian>liiK Cliili 1 >CK to announco lh;il they will RIVO !hclr first in tlio ,\|(i(i.'.c hall at tola, Tliur,'!i|»y i '\<i!liig. Drtobor 21 • tiy ri\i-nh'ci' oi-clicwtiii Kicrv- li liy ln\li.,! t) CIIOt.KV. Man :'',;ir NOTICE! STOM: OIL or DISTILLATE A full t ^upply on hand at 409 North Jefferson Avenue. Humboldt Refining Co. Tek'plione 725. .M. Hungerford, Agent Nil Deliveries Math' on,s Than 1 ^-irrel Lots I Rev. I. B. Prather left for Coffcy- ville this morning to attend the Annual Neosho Conference of the 1,'nlt- ed Brethrjen church. Rev. Prather will deliver an address at the conference oil "Brotherhood Work." R. H. Bennett, treasurv-r of the conference will goi toi CoffeyvlUe tomorrow. Freckles. Tan. aanb«nijSr ochw •poll -i :^ ii V - Zlmaor St. Claim, Oirla. urouldn't Jt b« fins If every j Toung man wero as handsome as ttils ! picture? But. of course, that wiu ! never be. In fact, the person In tbe picture Isn't of ttie masculine persuasion. She's too handoome. The picture represents Mls3 Eleanor St. Claire as abe appexra in ZlrKfcld^ "FolMes of 19iJ." now plajrJns at a Broadway theater. It probably won't be necessary to edd that she's msk- iBC 'a craat biC TO OPEN IP TILSA FIELDS. Frackle li tKequicksd. iVrtM Ma JtUsr toMnra. Harmlen lo the aoM-dsltoats '^skia. Otni grow Hair. • Remom fnckl«i aad Ucara conpleshM. or loar unaii (iacki. For Mle at Burreli'* Oruf Store. «ai< Comitanr Ask> I'ermiit>ion to Ex-j tend .Mains I'nder Kerelrership. { Kansas City. Oct. 22.—^The receivers t of the Kansas Natural Gas Company' wilt ask Judge Polock of the Kansas federal coun to auihorize them to ex- I tend the gas mains into new fielda tin- I der the reelversh's 1 <i«- ip' • • \ is said, would not meintion the price oC gas to consumers, it is inieuueo, u the court gives consent to extend the iwrdally canipU-t<-<rniain to the Tulsa Held. Its cost is estimated at |«i(K) goo. Now wm Be a Good Time For You To Pick Out That FaU Suit for cial I am .-howing the lines that will a})i)cal lo you as ch)thes that deserve credit beinsr uj) to now on style, tailoring, patterns and (jualiiy. My three spe- !•• are--— $18.00-$20.00--$25.«0 an^ they are made for me by SOi'HOMORE PERFECT CLOTHES iJUILDERS i and Ar.FRED BENJAMIN cVc CO., CORRECT CJ.OTHES FOR MEN. ^•(»ii tion't want to miss the demonstration of these clothes this evening'at 7:30. I will take the Automaton from the window and will attach one hundred feet of electric wire and turn him loose, and he will parade—or rather promenade—from the front of the store to the rear. Don't miss it! You will enjoy the demonstration. Tonight is the last appearance of. the Mechanical Man and the .Sophomore Girl dressed iii Her Brother's Clothes. I want you aU to come early and remain for the finish.

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