Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on October 7, 1889 · Page 1
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 1

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, October 7, 1889
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'RAPPERS (UK»E SIZE) Una receive t R-® HANDSOME VOLUME 8. STERLING. ILLINOIS, MONDAY, OCTOBER 7 1889. NUMBER 200. Goal, Lumber sod ,,rv /.'/ i> drain DARK MYSTERY. Sensational Experience of a Wealthy 3t, L6uisan.~ "" CAPTAIN SLATTERY'S ADVCNTUBE, 0, & N. W. TIME TABLE, OO»HO BA8T. A«ant;oKx 2:«2a.i Uteri Ing Psg3.-8:8B a. m. Limited Pasa. 8:52 a. m. Clinton " l:E5p. m Denver " 8-.40 a.m. GOIWO WW?T. Paclflo Ex ...... 2:228. m. Sterling Fass.SKX) p.m. Limited Pass. 4:04 p.m. CllntonPaas Denver 1:13 p. ra. 8:58 " FasioBT TBAINB THAT CABBY PABBKKOEBS. GOING EAST. GOING WEST. OOIKOBABT. t8—Passenger 6 TO-Freight. JSABT. 1 sr 6:30 a.ra.l3»—! ,...«:48 p.m. 41—: GOIKO WEST. 3»-Pas»enKer 4:20 p.m. OFrolght 6:00a.m ABRIVB FBOM KABT. ABBITK ™O« WK8T. 7» -Pa8senger...9:00p.m. US-Passenger 10 iw a.m. 77-Frelght. »;40a.nv 4a-Freight. 6*1 p.m. K Passenger No. 88 connects with trains east an* west on Clinton Branch: with O. B. I 6 P. B. B. at Kock Island east and west; with mam line for points west, Council muffs, Omaha anabt- yond and for Kansas City and points beyond. -SPECIALTIES.— The Finest, Most Durable, and holds its shape tho best of any whip In the market. Tho Easiest Dumped, Easiest Running and Latest Improved Sweeper made. Two sacks 12.80 Fancy Patent, per sack, Jl.GO. Half Patent. " l.W. " i Borne of the oldest residents of this city olalnutuis to be the best flour they ever used in the State of Illinois.! ---------- !:_';'__ Ore am Bun, X>aisy and Minn- £2oiler in stock. fan Wander* the Streets tJnoon«iclon«i Until Brotipht Homo SufT«rinjj from n XJrutnl ; AuiRnlt—A Rnloon-Kcf|i(-r'H Account of : Ihe Cnptnln'd PoinR*—tlnwrlcmno Prns- cnoo In a TVomnn'« Clinmlier—Jtyiitorl- ous Disappearance of' ftl,800 Worth of Diamond*—Hi'vornl Arrest* Made. ST. Louis, Oct. 7.—Alxmt 1-o'clock yesterday morning there nppearod nt t'm Third (District police (station, • corn-jr of Ji-fT_>rflon kvotmo and Dayton street, Ed Klosrermnu, a saloonkeopor whose place of business is located at HIO'J Coss avenue, and Alexander Hunt, a friend of Klosterman, bearing tho Unconscious body of Capt. D. P. Blattory, ono of the best known business men in the city. A Sensational Story. Klonterman toM a mcst sensational story its follows: About 1 o'clock, bo biiid, ho Started upstairs, to tho rooms occupied by himself and wife, over tho saloon, accompanied by Hunt. IIu- wife ran fro:n hor bed-room crying out that there was a inan in her room. Slavery followed the woman out and attempted to pass tho two men. He was without coat, hat and vest Hunt struck him ond he fell down stairs, Kloster- inan and Hunt then, as they claim, went town and finding Cript Slnttory unconscious immediately took him up and carried him to Ihe police Btation some two blocks away r I A short time after they arrived there an Unknown young man coma in with a gold watch and chain and some money which ha Said he had found in Capt Blattary's vest The Captnin'a Dlnmondn Gone. Bcrgt. Gregory sent immediately to Dr. Henndrlcks, who dressed tho captain's •wounds and pronounced them .very serious. He was then to ken to his home en Pine atroet, Still unconscious The sergeant then went to tho residence of Capt Slattory and learned from his daughter Maria that whon-hor father loft homo ho wore a diamond stud Valued nt $1,000 an 1 asolltniro diamond ring valued at $8/0. This property was not on him when he was brought to tho station. Mm. Klnntiiruinn'H Narrative. The sergeant then went to the house of KloBtorunm—and— rpinKtiminrt—Mrsr"KlnRtnf— man.-'—Hhn Bald- Hml elm--retired about 13 o'clock and that about half nn hour later she looked toward the door, which wns ajar, and saw a man '(landing In the hall. She watched him for several minutes and then askeJ who he wns. He started toward her door and she jumped out of bed and ran into tho adjoining room, occupied by her mother. Sho then raised the window and called hor husband, who was In the saloon below, Her husband, she uaye, ran up-stalrs, found the mnn in the room, and struck him twice with his open band.- By this time John Hickoy, Klostermau's barkeeper, had arrived, and helped Klosterman to get Slattery out of tho room. They took him to tbo stairs, and when there she recognized tho voica of Alexander Hunt, saying angrily, 'What are you doing in my friend's room*' Thou a blow was struck and she heard somebody falling clown-stairs. She says aho • does not know Capt. Slattery, nor did she notida any jewelry on his person. Hunt'* Brutal Afmault. Thore 'geouis ; to be no doubt that Hunt, after beating tCapt. Slnttory.-. in a brutal mannorj threw him down-stairs. AH this time the captain had not spoken, according to the statements of his assailants. After striking ihe pavement Slattory was dragged about sixty feet by Hunt, who was striking GOTHAM FLIES THE PENNANT. Giant* "Win the Cio^elr Cont«>it».il League Fight—Other l!m« Hull N«wv CHICAGO, Oct 7 —At tno closi of_th_« LpfignG liiiSo ball " playing Friday night last tho situation wns such that it wns about an even chance whether New York or Boston should Oy the Lptigtio pennant Saturday's playing, however, sottlod tho qi fc "stion, and Now York iiios tho.ponnnnt Tho struggle was n closo one, probably tho closest in tho history of tho League, and it nmy bn said that the Giant* won on tholr nv.'rits. When the League Bfl.ison cloni'd lust year, and Chicago had to give up tho trophy, it wag for the reason tlmt whilo Anson's club had proved Itsolf b'jttor than either of the leaders, when pitted against them, it had lost so many ganv:s by some sort of "hoodoo" to tho "tailnndors" that its victories over the aforesaid loading clulw hnrt boon neutralized. But ihis year tho winning club h'as had no such luck. It not only beat the most expert of its opponents, but the "hoodoo" was absent when it played with tho weaker clubs. Another fenlure of this year's playing' is the load the New York and Boston clubs had over the others. While tho two loaders ended tho season so closo together that tha last day's playing was necessary to decide the championship, Chicago, tho third In the race, was HO points behind Boston. The fight for third place was as exciting as that for first, Chicago «"d Philadelphia closing within 18 points of each other, and tho raco requiring tho last two or three days' playing to decide. Pittsburg finished fifth, and Clovvland, whoso phiyfng was so phenomenal in tlio early part of the Reason—they were eighth at onu timo in June—bringing up in tho eighth place, — The stnntiingof the cluba at the closo of the season is given bolow: NatlonnI I.otipue. nnrott Won. New York IH'l "-_ «:i Bohton I'.!* Chlonno 1:12 I'hlliulplphln SECOND BALLOTS. The French .Elections Again Go Against Boulanger. THE GENERAL'S CAUSE HOPELESS. T,<Mt. 4:t I'lttRburp l:ili Cleveland : IMS Intllaimpolls -. in* (17 H I dl ni ,1(1 41 P.O. .(iriO :n\» (U 71 7.1 K4 .4511 .440 The scores made on the last day of Iioague playing — Saturday — wore as follows: At Cleveland — Cleveland 8, Now York !>; at rittsburg— I'ittsbuix 0. Boston 1; at Chicago Chicago 3, Philadelphia 'J; at Indianapolis — Indianapolis lf>, Washington 11— eight Innings, darkn >s.t American nssor-iation, Saturday: At Baltimore — Columbus 10, Baltimore 11— six innings, darkness; at Cincinnati— Cincinnati 8, Louisville I; at St. Louis— St Louis 7, Kansas City B; at Brooklyn— Brooklyn 3, Athletic 10— eight Republican* Dcclnlvnlr Victorious—Portion* of Italy Desolated'by n Hurricane —Many Lives Ixtst—1'arnoll Ijly« Down tlin to tho Tenants' League—An Orangeman Give* RalTour Somcthlncj to Think About—Blumnrck on tho European Situation. PARIS, Oct 7.—Tho second ballots progressed very quietly everywhere yesterday. Tho followers of Boulnngor appear to havo deserted his standard quite generally, and it is intimated that qnito two-thirds of the 18<i Boats contested for the second time have gono to the Republicans. Even tho hithorto staunch Boulanglst Laguerro no longer usos tho name of his former chief in describing his political faith, but call himself a revisionist. In this course he is followed by many of the general's former supnortera, Republicans Victorious In tbo First Seine district, M. Guyot, minister of public works, is elected, and iu the Eleventh Mi Floqnot, tho ex-premier. M. Lalaant, the Boulangist, is elected in the Eighteenth. In Bordeaux two Boulangistt have b.ion returned. In this city 123 Ileuub lieans and forty-eight anti-Rjpubliuans are elected. Tho latest returns received at an early hour this morning givo tho results in 1H- dlstricls. " Of" those the Republicans havt. been successful in 10S und the Boulangists 01 other opponents of tho Republicans In forty- flvo. _ RAVAGED BY A HURRICANE. Terrible Havoc Ciiuii'd .In Italy—Many 1'coplo Killed ROME, Oct 7.—The provinco of Cagllar has been ravaged , by a terrible storm i which !i40 houses wore destroyed. Si.xteoi persons were killed and hundreds were ii: jured. Tho town of Cagliari suffered si verely. i£a ROME, Ont 7.—A terriblo inirrican swept tho entiro length of the island o Sardinia, Saturday, lovelilig many village and doing incalculable damage to property Hundreds of |>oop!o wore buried in tuo mil , darkness. _ l-tt.ijiiils i', KiniBim City 4; Brooklyn (I, Athletic i 0 — nix liming. Snndaj:__At_Bt.__Ijguis^_ lit Ui'wUlyn — r«!::. •--• of their own homes and thirty are known t ~ HE KNIGHTS TEMPLARS CONCLAVE. reparation* ut' tli« National C«|illnl f«r thfl Kvrnt—Thfl rroijrammo. IVASH'.NOTfix CrrrvOer. 7. — Preparation*" ir tho ImMing of the twenty -second trl- nnial conclave of tho Grand piicnmpmont : Knights Templar in the national capital uring ihis wreck nro complete 1. Tho gfii- •al npport of the city indicates Kn.ico-uion f unusual importnnco. Many 'if the s!roots ro in gala attire, and Ihs cUcorations used e probably the richest and most varied or soen hero on a public ocrnst<»n. Banors of welcome are stretched across tho .reetw, while everywhere Is soen the Maltose ross. The advance guards of visiting fiir •Cnights began to arrive Saturday, und for ho past twenty-four hours ovrry arriving rain raino laden with plumed knighti to at- X!iid Ihe great triennial conclave, while the onnd of martial music and thn marching ost« enlivened the air and pivsentfld brill- int sights in tho principal streets all hrough Sunday and to-dny. Scores of com- nandories, many of tho monbers nccom- tied by their wivt-s and members of their amilies and invitod guests, have already arrived, and nro sufoly an 1 comfortably quartored at the various ' hotels and board- ng-hous'-s. Ho^ IhH Wi'rk \VI11 lie S;.i-nt. The prngi-anime in brief for tlie waek is OB 'ollows: Monrtar—Reception of vlKltlnK command-, erios. Tuesday—UramI parade. Escort, (if grand rnrmnpmcnt to .Masonic temple. Excursion m I'uto'mir. Wednesday--Exhibition and competitive Irill. Kxcuiv-lmi to .Mount Vernon. i.ei-op- tiim by 1'rc Idi'iit-Harrlxon « to II p. in. ThuraOav- Vlsin to imlillr buildings and nionumc'it. Grand I'lirberne. Itully lit Mrs. I.OKun'.-* in tho ovcninu. Friday—VIsllH to public ImildlnKs. Kxcnr- Vnn.t» .Muunl Verncm. Bamiuct at Wiilard's jotoi. •••aim-day-Clo-nnij ceremonies of the" en- rarnpnumt. Devotional exercises wore hold in m my of- the churches of tho city yesterday and last hight, to whic i tho sir knights and tlifir ladies were cordially invited, and as a result many of tho churches were ,crowded with the visitor.-). ' • PRAIRIE FIRES IN IOWA. Huavy T.OSH nf liny mill Wheat—A Far- !'il>: Cutlinr mill Con- iisl HI-IT. T-.T iiin-lor r.ll-iml CoiHlrlnnp-fl. CKICAIJ.I, O-i. .'i — Tim invi-stiijiition of -the Wnshm jTi"»ii H'-ii;iiisdi's"s',er on tho Chi- cirj;", It'ick Is'.:m-l mi'l Pacific rnilwuy was r-'-innfed S.itnrdriy by ihe cri^inn! jurf in the caso. Nominally it wns a formal inquest on the bo;ly "f Midmcl O'O.mnor, tho last of the victims to die. Masttr Mechanic Twimibley acsnnn«l the entire responsibility for tho reinstatement of bis son after be had tieen discharged tor drunkenness, and the officials of tho road, in their .testimony, all threw the blame on him. Tho verdict of the jury was to tho eff-ct that Engineer S«th Twombloy, Fireman La Cloche, Master Mechanic Thomas B. Twomblny and Conductor Charles L. Kufordnro responsible for the accident, and that they ba committed to Uio county jail until discharged by duo procesi of law. _ MONTANA DEMOCRATIC. The JLi-RlnlnturB and the Governor's Chair Goen to Tlmt Party. HEI.F.RA, Mout., Oct. 7.— Returns received yesterday give a Domocratic mnjirity of seven on joint ballot in the legislature. In several counties tho vote is very closs, but it is not believed the official canvass will make any material cliang-. Carter (Rsp. ), for congress, has a majority of about 1,200, and Toolo (Dem.), for governor, has about 700 majority. _ A B10O.OOO Klnzn nt Chlcuga. CHICAGO, Oct 7.— Fire, originating in tha basement of Johnson, Kellogg & Ca'i hardware establishment, ontirelv gutted tha building Nns. 108 and 110 Randolph street Saturday night and caused a loss of about $100,000. Tho loss will be borne chiefly by Johnson, Kellogg & Co.,"KIemm, Smith & Co., mirror manufacturers, and John M. Morria & Co , dealers In druggists' supplies. The fire caused a small scaro in the Grand opera house and the audience was dismisgod half an hour before the regular timo bocauss of t'ho building becoming filled with smoke. Tho audienoe behaved splendidly under the circumstances. BALTIMOIIK, OcL 7.—Mis. EiTjily K-^rn»' Pinitb, wifo 'A' Tnti*!n!l SKII!*!, a gflr,*r?j . conirii!'-"uon njorrhiuit rnninii*t.'--«-l r-di-*5-'?-~ ' KaUir-Jny nftorn-Kin by «!!j^ her^r^r -' in tho "li"aJ nt h-r 1.7-id on -•«, S(,\ JOli North Calvcrt B'.n-ot. Mri, Binith w»s 37 - ye.'int old tind wni th-> motb^r of thr-7«fl rbd- . ^ dron. Bho wns d nioro of J^.o'i. Tbou-^s F, Bayorvi, and wns prcilmbiy toTntxirnriiy in- unha j IJeatnn I nlHllv liy «Jli-l Ilirnli. ., pEW YORK, O L 7. —Julia O'Connor, agw) 14jyears,who wus terribly l^e^ten by a p&rty od girU of hor own ngo ftvn wtek* ago, died, j ati the Now York hospittit Saturday n!gh* v ,. Mngsiu Millor, the Irador of tho wwallauf*,. , is hold pu a char^i of mnr.lor. Tbo qunrr^l wns over a boy known as "Jack,"when gio and Julia tove<l. Jat-k cannot b3 LEAVENING POWER:: Of the various Baking Powders iliuf v . trated from actual tests. •. ROTAL(Purc)| GaABTS'( Alum)....Bra BDMFORD'S* (fresh}...* HUFOnO'S (when fruh) I CHARM' (Alum Powder).J DiVIS' * «nd 0. K.* (Alum; PIOKEER (San Fnnc-tco) turn. 08. PRICE'!. : i SHOW FLAKE (GroiTi) of reprimanding Campbell, which was done. I cont ain either alum or phosphates, or other in'- The other charges, ho said, were false, and iurioussub5ta nccs.-EDWARDG. LOVE, Fh.D.'V •rrw-J-wonhJ-boito-'proytrf-befons-s—proptrt--itmsti gating committee. THE DEATH PENALTY FOR RAPE. Ex-Priest IJoyle Fonnil Guilty anil Sentenced To lie Unngml. RALEIGH, N. C., Oct. 7.— Tho jury in the Boyle case retired at 8:80 Saturday 'night and throo hours later returned a verdict in the presence of a crowded court room. Their verdict was that Boyle was guilty of rapo. The attention of the groat crpwdjn the court room was breathless when tho verdict was announced. The counsel for Boyle made an earnest appeal for a new trial, which tho judgo promptly refused. . He also overruled a motion in arrest of Judgment, TIi« Convlotoil Mnii'a AddronT When .Boyle wan nskod if -ho had anything to say in his own behalf, he made a remarkably dramatic speech, in which ho charged that there was prejudice against him. Ho denounced two of tho opposing counsel in the most bitter language. His manner was BO spirited at times that bo was once applauded. Ho concluded by saying that he .was ready to receive tho sentence. Judge Armfleld then sentenced htm to bo hanged on Nov. 29. Boyle's counsel made an appeal Tin A Good Stock of Tomato Cans. ~ Yery Cheap. Alio a few dozen ofj . MM'S GUSS FRUIT JARS AP JELL TOMBLERS LEFT • . AT LI. Iv-JOHNSON'S. ADCHAKGE. SUCCESSOESTO O.A.Oliver. BOOKS, STATIONERY and Wall Paper. CHICAGO*™ RAILWAY. OVEB 7,000 MILES Of steel track in Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska, Dakota and Wyoming, penetrates tha Agricultu'al ' Mining and Commercial Centres of tho WEST AND NORTHWEST. Tho Unrivaled Equipment of tho Line embraces Sumptuous Dining Cars, New Wagner and PulUr*n Sleepers, Superb day Coachsa and FAST VESTiBUliD TBA1NS Running difoet between Chicago, St. Paul and Minneapolis, Council Bluffs and Omaha, connecting for Portland, Denver, San Francises? and all Pacific Court Points. ONLY LINE TO THE 8UCK HILLS ftt TlrkrUi B*E«S, M»{S». '! 'in* r*M-» «"! Ce-l Ifl^'Pi ^V " ttiv'Sy to all? T & t < >f W aiB»«>'i' t«u< t.uwms. r X» U ,t " »» ' t I }. a WS1THAT. & i Wt'tM, IS ? *'li3Jl(, tM«r«. JfesSJi f- ?!*& fcwj'* J - S"» *!*•• VV« A-* *'* the captain repeatedly, in the face of the protests of the crown which had gathered. Hurlt ordered tho crowd back with nn oath, ond lifted his victim to his feet, standing him up against a fence, and again striking him repeatedly,: Tha captain tried to speak, but could not, and by this time was a pitiable sight At this juncture parties In tho crowd claim they saw Hunt unscrew Capt-81attery'8f 1,000 stud from his nocktie. John Meehah, a teamster, Interfered, and Hunt knocked him down. Arrfest of the Aiiallants. Tho prominence of tho victim caused con- klderable excitement in police quarters, and detectives were quickly at work on. the cane. Within two hours the following arrests had been made: Alexander Huut, no occupation; Edward Klosterman, proprietor of the Cass avenue saloon; Jobn Hickey, Klos- torman'.-* barkeeper; Oliver Oarueau, a baker; Hunrf Birl.,.i, pnn T^MUIR./!-; John Moehan, teamster.™ Later Kamteruian, Gar- noau and iMrton woro released, but the others will be hold. Hunt claims that Klosterman did the beating, but the evidence seems to be overwhelmingly against Hunt, The captain's friends think he wns decoyod into the saloon for the purpose of being robbed. Slaltory'a Statement. Capt Blattory'a story which is implicitly believed by his friends and tho physicians, shows a phase of unconscious cerebral activity that has few parallels in medical annals. Capt. Slattery is a slight man whose youth was spout on tho sea. Tha vigor attained on the ocean was exhausted in accumulating millions in tho elevator and grain business, he began to suffer from nervous exhaustion two years ago and made a trip to Europe. A yeai ngo he returned and plunged into business again and was soon suffering from bis mental troubles. According to bis physicians his mental condition bordered -on the Insane, und he carried medicine which ha took when he felt the periods of aberration approaching. His wife died two uiontha ajo, ond this event gave vigor to big malady. Only Kemembors ll«lnc Hit. i After regaining the power,of speech last night ho toid t!io following story o( his adventure: ,"1 wns at work yesterday on the option that the United Elevator c-ompiny had given Hie Kngllah syndicate, and I was anxious to K»t the matti-r settled before I Bailed for Europ". At 6 o'clock in tho evening I felt one of my periods of depression ap prouchln?, and I took tho medioino as pn- Bcribod. I then started for the homo of Tom Harris, superintendent of one of tho elevators, who live* near Jefferson avenuo and Coss. 1 must htiva taken an overdose of the incdlcin?, for my brain bL^au to act quoerly. I remember leaving the street car, und that ij tuo la.,t I rememlHT until now. I hnve an indistinct rocolloction of Doing hit by si.mittiliiiiK, mul tlmt in ull." ST. IA.UIS. M«., Mack-y, of llu M h/w lr;;un Oct i'» 'V " Hi! I Mumu » H<i.vtil Tcani;». 7 iYe«, D. J.' systiitn of railway*, wu-i, pi'i-hnps, novvr iy »urh an ullii-ial. , IIU . Sat- l,o bU !n- yystt>m in to cnrry tho case to the supreme c ,urt of, the state nncl this appeal VPUS granted. TalmnRO Will Go to tho Holy Land. BROOKLYN, N. Y., CK-t 7.—Dr. Talmage openod his sermoa iu tho Tabernacle yesterday with tbess remarks: "With tho hearty consent of the elders ami trustoea of this church I leave on Wednesday morning, Oct. 80, on the City of Paria, for the Holy Land, Palestine, to bo goun about two months. I am sura all ray congregation will unite with tho oflloors in Riving their consent when I toll you why Igo. First, my object is educational to myself and congregation. I want to see the platva associated with our Lord's life and death, I believe I can make my pulpit work far more efficient when I have BOOH, with my own eyes, Bethlehem and Nazareth and Jerusalem and Calvary and all the other placea connected with the Saviour's ministry. Tuoai places cannot bo visited healthfully in thu summer and in time of usual vacation. What I learn and ses you will learn und-soj whoii-I couio bock. . My second reason fur gohiR is that I am writing the life of Curls-, and I more accurate and graphic who i I have been all eye witness of the snore.1 pbc;." Among the places at which Dr. Talmagu wiir prol.ably prvnoli during this extended trip are Rome, Joi-usa em, Nazareth, Bethlehem, Bethany, Kuiiiaria, Joppa," Athens and Corinth. NowOrUiaiin Clones the Tiger'*'Idlr. NEW OHLEANH, Octw 7.—Owing to the adoption by tbe city council of a resolution requesting tho mayor to have tho gambling houses closed, all such places wore notiflpd Baturdav to closo by 0 o'clock p. m., and tho ordor was complied with in every casq, The openness with which all form-) of gambling have beon carrie.1 on of late, and the scandals growing out of tho admission of minors to the garni), led to tbo action of the authorities. • A Suit ior 81Q.OOO Uamageil. TCSCOLA, Ills., Oct. 7.—A I'.O.OOO damage suit wiis (•aiuinenced iu the circuit cnurt here Friday by Mrs. Alice M. Ilowell against Conrad Shilling, a well-known citi- lan. Mrs. Howell alleges that Shilling has been for some time supplying her husband with liquor, causing him to loso his situation, ond in conssquoncj Lio is unable to support hia family. Tho case is attracting much attention here. Flr*<l-t>y an laoendlury. EAST GUANO FORKS, Minn., Oct 7.—Tho city hall was early Friday moruiug tired by an Iticx'mlt'iry and biirnel to the ground. It was boing moved by order of the fartlrn controlling thu city council nud was standing in thj street midway between tho old location uuii the now on«. Uich faction accuses the other nf instituting tha crlms.; DUBLIN, Oct. 7.—Parnoll has .written n Thomas Saxton in which ho osks that gentleman to prosont his (PuruellV) Views to tho coming convention of tho Ton- .ante 1 league to bo hold at Tipperary. In this letter Parnoll, after explaining that, b'u health is such that he will be unablo to attend, advises that tho soopo of the now movement bo strictly confined to defensive action. The league should aim to protect tenants against combinations and conspiracies on the part os landlords, should assjrt tho right o£ freedom of speech by affording protection to such as may bo prosecuted on charges of "inciting," and should tnka" steps to secure to tcnants.tho samu facilities for combining for Innocent and justifiable purpose as are secured to Englishmen by tho trades union enactment ^______ Significant Speech, of Blsmnrok. PARIS, Oct. 7.—Tho Berlin correspondent of The Journal Des Debats asserts that Prince Bismarck, in receiving the president of the Wood-workers congress, said: "The foreign situation is so peaceful that you may set to work without tho slightest fenr. It was not always so. Not long ngo England still hesitated whether to act as a mad bull or as a fat ox chewing cud;—To-day her resolution is taken, and I can, aasure you that tho maintenance of peace is certain." An Orange Warning to llalfoar. BELFAST, Oct. 7.— Dr. Kane, grand master of tho Orangemen of tho district of Bdl- fast, in a published card, warns Balfour that he will alienate, the Orangemen if he pro- posesany furtherondowmentof RomanCatu- olio institutions in Ireland. "The government ought rather," continued Dr. Kane, "confer its privileges and emoluments upon every Orange ball in Ireland, as a sign of gratitude to tho 150,000 Orangemen pledged to maintain, the union." tli.u » .Vfo stHi »t IX. t t i .. r-.,, ii j , * t Ailssilrui I'nrtel- SortoU4ty XU. WASHINSTON CITY, Oct 7. —Informtition has b«m rotvive-l hoi;e to trio ciToct that Admiral I'ort.'i- U lying vory ill ftt his umnnwr homo at Johiwiown, H. L His family r»- gars! hi- 1 * iilurs^ na m^at serious, »wt ar« quito aju'rsfcciwivs nn t.j th-j rv««ulE, Ai"i-U«.l I3»u** from Kuri>t*&, N*W V'trt^ CX-x 7 LU Mt ^ iild^u ^r*!<n| . ^ •!«* l rt - A < n V ^ j.#as^it Tho Lord Mayor-Elect'* Difficulty. LONDON, Oct 7.—London's lord mayor- elect, Mr. Isaacs, la brought face to faca with what seems an insurmountable difficulty. Nov. 9 is the data for tho ^iord mayor's show, and this year it falls on Saturday. Isaacs, who Is a'devout JoW T cannot lawfully cither ride or walk in tha procession, and as a lord mayor's show without a lord mayor would be something of an innovation tho outcome is watched with considerable interest Suloldo of u Conservative BI. P. LONDON, Oct.--7.—Sir William Tendall Robertson, member of the house of commons for Brighton, committed suicide at his home in Brighton yesterday by cutting his throat with a razor. Sir William had shown symptoms of derangement for some time and the act is supposed to have been committed while he was insane. He was elected to the house of commons as n Conservative. Want Soldiers to Displace Striken. BERLIN, Oct 7.—Tho harbor laborers at Flensburg have gono on a strike. Many vessels remain uuloa U>d, and the chamber of commerce has esked the commander of tho local garrison to send soldiers to do the work of the strikers. Preparing for a Strike »r Amsterdam. •~-AJCSTS«OA>l,-Oet--7;—The dock laborers.. at a mooting Friday nisht formed a union for mutual protection. When tho organization is on a strong financial basis and iu good working order a strike will ba inaugurated. . Bloat Bond Over Haro for Mont. LONDON, Oct 7.—A disease which has pra- vuiled among cattle in Germany for some time past is spreading with groat rapidity. necessitating the reliance of thj G.;rru:io market, upon America f or ,nv;ut.supplier Another Hlg Cniml Scheme. LONDON, Oct. 7.—An lullan «iglnot>r haint'd itio«a. proposes to construct a camil ! ncrtss thi; kingdom of Italy roiitiucting tha j Adriatic JUidTyrrliuuiau-S-'as. H.I fulmuitoa j Ills COHt of the worfc nt $125,000,000. \ ~ r~~~~. BPIUIT LAKE, In, Oot, 7.—Tho prairie fire that raged for two days in tun eastern part of -Dickinson coiruy, i:xtend');l over a f;reat part of E nmot county, running to the Dos Moinrs r;vrr. Hay was v^ry scarce 1lT)ir~FiTiiTrav-r in Die UtiTwn (-uiiinyrii tlln f,.....,(.,'., i<> III.. (• ii" !•*. "F lt,i..n M!>l ( y are iu graat distress. Whut litlle thoro wns Is burned. In K ninet county it is estimated that a),(K>;>. ions of hay and 50,000 bushels of grain were destroyed. \Vhilu fighting the (ire Sjturday night Mrs. A. N Garde, wifo 01 n farmer residing ill tho north ond of the comity. Inhaled BO much sinoko and flame that she cannot recover. The fire was finally checked by the railroad tracks and the changing of the wind from south tu north. Havoc to I'*anu Property. . FoRT DODOE, In., Oct. 7.—The annual autumn prnlrio Urea havo commenced in northern lown. An immonso conflagration to tho north of this city did groat damage before it was gotten under control Batnrrday afternoon. Several hnndriid acred Of corn fields and thousands of tons of bay were destroyed. Two Rp.ciaV'jtraina left hero to protect, railroad property from destruction. Tho dry season bus contributed to make cuch fires more than usuilly disastrous. StJlIKBIOK, Wis., Oet 7.—Fortst Bros are raging along the lino of the South Shore road. A heavy wind is blowing and a large amount of farming property is being destroyed. ...... Will liavo to Titclclo the Unce Ismie. BOSTON, Oct. 7.—Weduesday the national council of tho Congregational churches of tho country will begin its tri-ennial session in Worcester. Ono of the most important questions to come before it involves tho race issue. Tho Georgia Congregational 1 association, which has been reco^niz*! as the Congregational body of Georgia, is composed of fifteen small colored churches The -Congregational Methodist . conference of Georgia, an older body than tho former, and composed of white entireties, has applied for recognition, and its delegates will seek admission to tho council. Tho delicate ques- tiou for tho council to deciders whether it shall recognize two bodies of Congregational churches in one state, when the only reason for doing so is that they are composed of people of d i fferont races. Decision Iu u County Bout Caso. . TOPKKA, Kun.,Oct 7.— The Supreme court handed down on opinion late Saturday evening in the famous Gray county SL-ut contest between tho towns of Cimarrua and Ingnlla. Tho decision, which declared in favor of Ingalls,wus written by Ju Igo Valentine, and sustained by ail the judges except Chief Justice Hortoii, who tmt;m,ittod a voluminous Hntton'n Chnrgea Axiilnit Lymnn. WASHINGTON CITY, O t.'7.—In reply to The Post's cbargpa against the civil service commission, supplemented by E Igerton'j letter, Commissioner Lyrrmn says the questions referred to as given nut by Campbell were ones that und. . beon previously used; v that he turned the matter over to Mr. Obor- ly, who investigate! and reported in favor 'ffltCKER'S CaUETS HiHFORD'S (None Such), when not froh 'P1ARL (Andrews & Co.) ....J I . , , HUM FORD'S* (Phosphate), when not frcih.. .«3»»B Reports of Government Chemists. , " The Royal Baking Powder is composed of •are and wholesome ingredients. It does noi A Blind Boy'a Fatal Ex.cttemont. BROOKLYN, N. Y., Oct. 7.—Frank Grost and Julius Duerr, brothers-in-law,, living nt 140 Throop avenuo, cama to blows yesterday during a family quarrel Frank Gross jr., aged 10, a blind boy, who was home on a visit from a N w York asylum, became excited, .and picking up a plate, hurled it in tho direction of the noise. The plate struck, Duorr, fracturing his skull Death will probably result The Royal Baking Powder Is undoubtedly-- tte purest and most reliable baking powder offered to the public. '•.-{. " HENRT A. Mqrr. M. D., Ph. I>.".. .' "The Royal Baking Powder is purest in qual- \ ity and highest in strength of any baking :ppw~, •ler of which I have knowledge. '• i- " WM. McMCETRlB, Ph. D.' | •All Alum baking powders, no matter how nigh their strength, are to be avoided as dan-^ oerous. Phosphate powders liberate their gsa, too freely, or under climatic changes suffer d«« ' enoration, ' x '. LOT OF 1 Grafiem Brne.' Fancy TnilEt Snaps __ just in, tb Resoldctieap. WE HAVE THI^ DAY MADE A Can now give you a flne flavored Green Jap Tea. .4 its. for 81. An elegant FROG CHOP TL 0 , usaally Bold at 65: for 60c. _ ' aoi iple Soiar Now Ripe.:-:-: Everything la our stock has been selected with care—fresh and neat MFHER CAR ;LOAD^HATAHA FLOUR Mf IN at a reduced price, v Get our prices before buying. disstntiug opinion. Tho chief justice severely condemned A. T. t^oule, tho New York millionaire who established tho town of In- gulls, for bribing und bull lozing tho voters of the county to vote in favor of Ingjills. , Klllcil His Clilldron with n Dirk B/LTIMOHE, Md., Oct. 7. —A special from Charleston, W. Va,, wiys: A tragedy was enacted Saturday in a little cabin occupied by May and Andruw Kepf, brother and sister, on tho hill back of tho western section of this' city. The fmhef" of ibo two. children, in u fit, of drunken rngo attacked tiiem wilh a dirl> kiiit'u and when Constublo Nelson UMd two or Ihree ci.izins entered tbo hut in tbo evening tho children were dead. Kepf was still armed with thu knife, but tbo weapon was secured anJ he WHS tnkun to Gave Him n KarcVvi-l! l>lnn.T. WABIUKOTON CITT, Oct. 7.—A farewell dimur was given Saturday night, ;:t Walchar's to Dr. V. T. Howe, by a number of his full.iw-workers, proviuus ti his . departure for ToU'.l'i, O., w'iK'rti he ia to ba- cojne 111:111 i^ing o litorof Tua Ilia to. At tno couaudoii of a very enj.iy.iblj niDiiu, and Bnniu siwei-h-inaktn^, the o'ldid )vitb ato-»t to Dr. llow,.'i su.'C. i ss in hU new fluid of journalism. We are now prepared to do In at .ui son w.!a ' ho\y JorJ of ultlco , Oft, 7.—Tuo oar! of Z .tl.-in.l, the li.-ut<inniit "f Irolmid, took Iha oath .(Jit It '.%tl tU« NU-<i«!? 4'i**xul. .-.ntK, t.)ov, ?. — 1'ua. Ui»ni»vi of iui- jn.> s.iii. Uv !•> uiu i. imroai IU^IICM *.t ii ViHt'u ; .Sot>.«-mit». . N, I'JL, Ojt. T.— '. F. rar.s'in.diexl. ini'io near thirf plr« • Friday. Carlt!i" -mi "f u Kw di-.ii ti.ihli'j'nati and l. «ff li-cniii- ')' In* in 'irri;»in to a ;:: i'- "P hn in'.h-'i^ e-t.a '. Ttie wmi to i;.v.-i u;> ih.- girlmi't caim i" tli« Unit'! I ^t lU'i ir i > i tu i-lii-),') ill ui.i,-U . i.i- or a yi »•;;''' >'' " '••''8 iviiic* mi, iii • r> WASIIIXOVON i li'V. 7 -1 w M h Mr i-'.ili !ren Aug. in all.the; latest styles.Q Give us a call, one and ail, and if He-itoMeriDi;lo do we- will-atteai to it-'w Reynolds Bros,, s

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