Covina Argus from Covina, California on June 6, 1908 · Page 5
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 5

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 6, 1908
Page 5
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local Events, Mrs. L. M. Jefferies is spending a few weeks at Hotel Vendorne. "The Holy City," Friday evening, June 12, at Womans Club House. Mrs. J. VV. Crawford left on Wednesday last for a four mouths' visit with relatives in the state of Maine. Miss Loraine Bemis has been ill all the week with a severe attack of tousilitis. A. J. Wilkins of Highlands spent several days OB business in Covina this week. Miss Mary L. Oilman was a week- Born to Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Pitts, |on Monday, June 1, a daughter, Soloists from Los Angeles will assist in the oratorio the l'2th of June. Mrs. Bidwell of Los Angeles was a guest this week at the home of Mrs. D. E. Huff. Mr. and Mrs. Bert Hesseltine are moving into their pretty new home on East Italia street. The Misses Grace and Ruth Inwood are spending the week end with their aunt, Mrs. E. P. Warner. Mr. Matt Chilton retruned Sunday after spending several weeks at his old home in Oklahoma. Mr. Goo. Smith is very low at his residence on Citrus avenue and his death is hourly expected. Mrs. M. F. Myall, who has been end guest at the borne of her friend, I v!B , tlng Mra . Carnaban and (.(her W i a a IP I rt t*«» li^i«nn ivintinf W i t' «i»c: i rl a _. . . - ._ _ _ Miss Flora Freeman Riverside. Mmea. S. J. Blauchard and Sherer were guests of friends at Inglewood on Thursday last. Mrs. A. M. Seeley has been quite ill for two weeks, but is uotf" a little better. A. Anderson of Los Angeles was a week end guest at the home of his sister, Mrs. W. B. Broadwell. Miss Alice Miller of Chicago is a week' end guest at the home of Mmes. Merrill and Howland. Mrs. J. M. Bashor of Duarte and Mrs. C. I. Smith of Hollywood spent a few days this week at the home of their sister, Mrs. Oscar Miller. Mrs. Cha*. Gauldiu and sou Aubrey of Long Beach are week end guests at .the home of Mrs. J. J. Bru- naker. Mrs. Geo. B. Whiteleather and children of Los Angeles spent Decoration day at the home of Mrs. Hannah Overboltzer. Messrs. R. Howland, Chas. Buller and a college friend of the latter from the East tooK an auto trip to Riverside last Thursday and Friday. Mrs. H. Cass, with her little daughter, spent the week end iu Los Angeles at the home of her sister, Mrs. Kuukel. H. Cass and P. Miller spent a pleasant week end fishing in San Gabriel canyon. They reported fine . luck, having caught a string of forty. Mis. Carl Warner and children of San FranciscOjjo invert yesterday, on " a visit to Y.WI V" lXt -^'-'S»-J4r. and 'M,rs. J. S. Eckles. I. M. Bartley was taken to the California Hospital on last Tuesday to be operated upon for appendicitis. Mr. Jesse Calvert of Princeton, who was called south ou account of his mother's severe illness, spent last Sunday in Covina calling on old friends. It will probably be of interest to our advertisers to know that' the Argus can count among its paid subscribers 87 per cent of all the families iu Covina and those territories immediately contiguous to this city. "The Holy City," sung by the best talent of Covina, will be presented at the SVomans Club House, Friday evening, Juno 12th, under the direction of Miss Bess Matbilde Welch of Los Angeles. Tickets 50c and 35e, at Clapp's drug store. Relatives who were guests on Wednesday and Thursday of this week at the home of Mrs. F. E. Dudderar were Mrs. Clarence Duddorar and son Byron of Long Beach, and Mra. Ed L. Dreber and daughter Dorothy of Pomona. Mmos. Lardner and Denee, who have been spending tho winter touring iu California, are spending a few days at the home of their cousin, Mrs. Win. Crook, and will leave on tho tenth for their Lome in South Dakota. The Methodist Sunday-school or- i chestra given a sacred concert Sunday evening, June 7. with the following soloists: Mrs. Nuxum, so- praim; Mr. Fit/Oerald, tenor: Hubert Philleo, violinist; Walter Asohen- brenner, trombone; Mitts Ratckin, flute. A good program hiis been prepared. The Indies of the Christian Church held a most interesting and successful all-day meeting on Wednesday of this week at the church. Thirty visiting ladies were present from Pomona and ail excellent, program was provided by them. A bountiful hssket dinner was served in llie basement, the tahlei being I (••ritifiilly (Je-nrated v. it!: li'.Aei?. |)r. .Nisiri Stevens, a return;- 1 missionary from Ataki, Jai.ii:], gave an interfiling address «.n the k it:dei 'garten and other woman's v.oik in that country. i)r. St'/vcn.i i-! at (it-sent =iatii.iit-;! at (,'lui eiuont iiii'l If-ii'lic-i the missionary circle un.'.ng tl.t hi-Jy ci,l- JL>'I; OUR AOENTS: Warner, WHitsel & Co. Brown & Bohri Pomona Sanitary Laundry For Rent, Exchange, Lost, Found Miscellaneous. For Sale—Seed potatoes. Inquire j of Austin Warner, Covina, Cnl. tf i pure and Children's Day Program, Presbyterian Church. friends, left on Friday tor Los Angeles. The beautiful oratorio, "The Holy City," will be sung at t'.ie Womans Club House Friday evening, June 12. Tickets oOc and 35c, at Clapp's drug store. Mrs. H. M. Wils6n and little son of Long Beach left lor home on Thursday morning after a pleasant week's visit at the home of the former's sister, Mrs. W. M. Griswold. The Rev. Frank Buabee, assistant rector of Christ Church, Los Angeles, was the guest of Mr. and Mra. J. D. Moffatt and Rev. and Mrs. Alfred Fletcher. Mrs. Hibsch, rural mail carrier on route No. 1, who has been confined to her residence for several weeks on accouut of tho sickness of her children, was able to resume her duties again yesterday. Ladies! Take Notice! The Baby Dover egg beaters used by Mrs. Hazznrd in her cookery demonstrations are for sale at Clapp's drug store, price 15c each. There are only eighteen, so hurry up if you want one. — It G. W. Griffiths, Sr., of San Francis and Mrs. Frank Carroll of Tacoma returned home Thursday after a week's visit at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Will Griffiths. Mrs. Carroll is the wife of a prominent, attorney and son of Judge Carroll oi! Tucoma. Mrs. Bug bee, president of the Woman's Auxiliary of St. Paul's Pro-Cathedral, Los Angeles, was the Day," school. Juno," boya .Dorothy are Song, "Forward Mission Soldiers,' Sunday-school. Recitation, "Children's Charles Gammiol. Song, "Sing For Jesus," Prayer, pastor. Recitation, "Beautiful Muriel Bemis. "Children's service," five S<>ng, "Jeeus's Love," King. Recitation, "The Children's Hour" William Anderson. "Something About JCHUS," Jennie Anderson, Brewster Stevens, Eva Smith, Wallace Simmons, Helen HovJe. Address, pastor. "The Flower Party." seven girls. Recitation, "How Do You Hoe Your Row?" Mitchell Finch. Song, "All the Birds Aro Singing, primary class. Collection. Offertory solo, "Tho Meroy Seat," (Leo), Mr. H. N. Wells. "Little Blue Forgetmonots," oight little girls. Quartet, "As One His Mother Com- forteth," Gertrude Hulce, Inez Smith, Ethel Feusom, Crete King. Recitation, "Tho Junior Rally," Clyde King. Song, "Tho Sweet Rose of Sharon," Loreue Bemis. "Whtit Jesus Said of the Children," by tho Juniors. Recitation, "Helping Mother," Dorothy King. Song, "Jeans is the Roso," of girls. Recitation, "Tho Chimes," Luellu Roberts. Song, "We Will Follow," sohonl. Benediction. guest OD Wednesday and Thursday of Mrs. J. D. Moffatt and addressed the ladies of Holy Trinity Church Guild OP Thursday afternoon at the class Miss Lost—A lady's brown coat. Thursday morning, between Covina and Ruddock's.Return to Argus office. 1 tp home of Mrs. A. R. Evans. Mr. and Mrs. Juo. F. Owriby and daughters, the Misses Frank and Kit, of Salisbury, Mo., spent several days this week with Mr. and Mrs. McLaugiiliu, the former being an uncle of Mrs. McLaughlin. Durinu a par! of their visit hero tho Misses Ow'tiby were guests at the home .ot 1 Mrs. Geo. J. Reynolds. Mr. and Mrs. James Boiihan: and family returned from Modesto and are looking for a locution in tho Sun Gabriel valley. Mr. Bonharn expects to go into tho cement pipe and concrete business. Ho i.s an expert in this line, having had many years experience in laying pipo in | Covina, Cal this valley for Contractor Elliott and others. Their sojourn in the North bus been a very pleasant one, but they think there is no place utter all like tho San Gabriel vallov. Assessment Notice. Covina Irrigating Company, principal place of business, Coviua, Rowland Township, County of Los Angeles, Stateof California. Notice is hereby given that at a meeting- of the directors, held on the sixth flay of May, 1908, an assessment, (No. 45) of 75 cents per share was levied upon the capital stock (as increased October 22nd. 1886) of the above named corporation, payable at once to B. F. Kdward.s, secretary of said corporation, at the secretary's office at Covin a, County of Los Angeles, State of California. Any stock upon which this assessment shall remain unpaid on the 'Jth day of June, 1W8, will be delinquent and advertised for sale at public auction, and unless payment is made he- fore, will be sold on the 2 ( Jth day of June.l' 2 o'clock in the afternoon, at the office of the company in Covina, County of Los Angeles, State of California, to pay the delinquent assess incut, together with cost of advertising' and expenses of sale. B. F. EDWARDS, Secretary. Among the now urrivnlN aro Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Wftdgwood of LOH AugeleH, who recently purcliaBed an orange grove on Cienega uvonue, just west of (iraud HVOIUKS. Mr. Wedgwood in already arranging for tho erection of a baiidHonif! two story bungalow on liia new purchHNu. Mr Wedgwood IIHH Ijcun a builder and contractor for twenty yciirs and aftfr lin UHH completed his own residence will enter on that line, of IJUSHIOHH in Covina. The following Children's Day program will be given by the Sunday school of the Cljri.stian Church : Hong by congregation. Sony by primary department, "I'll lie a Sunbeam. " Hcat'ing Scriptures and J'niyer by the pastor. Kong by Irene CafcH. Song by bchool, n ess. ' ' Kxeroine by ' 'Crown .Jewels. ' ' KecitatioD by J'aul Lewis. Kxcn-ise by Mrs. Kellar's "SuMicrs of the Cross. " Recitation by Flcta Ilisbee. Kxfi'fi.-c L> Misi Nora K<- cla-s, "l,i\ ing I.ihkr. " lii-cilation by Vlis. ' 'Tin.- Change J Cn.ts. HDII_' by Mr-.. Th ''Wear th(- C'ro.-M t>,r llxcrciTf ly M i •.•.. ' '( 'f .-.s aij'i ( .'row, u. ' ' Ofl *-i ing ti.j M i-.-i Cl°j':ii.g I'r.MijT, '• "The King's IJusi Priri'Hry classes, (OYINA TRANSFER HUTCHISON BROS., Props. All kinds of hauling- and Furniture Moving-. prepared to move pianos SKKVICK. PKOMI'T PKICKS office on Citrus Avc. Covina, Cal. Home Phone 108 llar' licitha Heath, 'jiiirinon s caii. ile PROVIDENT MUTUAL BUILDING AND LOAN ASSOCIATION PAYS on I y ear Term Deposits on monthly balances Assets. 51,4^7,047 SECURITY- fl.s on Improved K'i:al Tru.->t Ks ate J,. \V. J'.li 1^. J. Xil«-.s I'c; M. H. JHKKCTOHS n. I'r.r,. \\':u. \>. U;it«. Guntbor's aweots sweet.. Clapp soils 'cm. Itooms to rent — Soo Mrs. W, C. Hibscli, Ctittngo Drive. For Immediate delivery of stahlo niauuro see V. E. Duddernr. Wanted Honest lioy to learu trade. Coviua IlarucHS it SaddloryCo, For Sale Seed potatoes. Inquire of Austin Warner, Coviua, Cal. tf K. M Miasdldiue will deliver hay en^e call up phone 04. tf For best, dewberries and blank berries for canning, see O. C. VVil- loughby, Covina. 81.00 per crate. 'Nitrate of soda in any quantity immediate delivery. A. M. Reeley Covina. t f FOR SALE — A wall tent, complete arid whole. Used part of one summer. S. P. .IciiniHon. tf. Lost— -Ju or near Covina, a laprobe, dark brown and yellow. T. A. McCormick. Itp Cement, blocks, 8x10 inches, for iale by D. E. vStites, the cement man. 3 ric3H tho lowest. FOR SALE- -Sweet, potato plants. M. E. Zug, Irwindalc. Phono !)117. tf For Sale — Comfortable, five room osidonoo iu fine section of town. 81800. J. Ii. Matthews. For Sale- 13uggy and harness in good condition. See Marshall, the barbei. tf For a stylish hair cut, or an easy shave patron i'/.e the Asher barber shop. 13atbs iu connection. tl' Buggies repainted and revaruishcd from Sfi.OU up. Surreys $0. 00 up Autos $10.00 up. U. W. Marsh. Have your rubber tires set by Wilson's rubber tire setter, the only one of its kind in tho valley. tf. For Ssle or Rent — Modem bungalow on West Center, furnished or unfurnished. See Mrs. G. P. Preston. Place your spare cash in tho Covinu Valley Savings Bank, a safe investment at 4 per cent. Japanese man wants work Molina cleaning, gardening. Henry Ten- bala, Second and Badlllo Htrool.n, Coviua. 0-2 Ip For Rout- A five room cottage furnished for 8 15 per month. Also electricity and gas, -Mrs. M. W. Johnson, Cottage Drive. Itp. As J am going Kant soon I will sell my high grade upright piano at, a great bargain. Address A. W. R., Covina Argus. 1 tp Tularc land raises oranges, all kinds of fruits and vegetables to perfection. Come up with us on Friday and sen them. .J. II. Matthews, Covina. I'hone 5008. WK CAN COLLKCT ynir slow and doubtful accounts, IK> fee without success. Address MERCANTILE LAW CO., .'ifil Summit Avc. I'asa, Cal. 4tp FOR HALE 10 uc.res of 12 -year old navels, (iood house and other improvements. A/.usa water right. ISO shares. Will take cottage l/i Covina. J'rice 812,000. Turms. Austin Warner. For Sale Eggs for hutching and day old chicks from incubator from the following standard bred fowls: White Rooks, White. Minorca* and While Leghorns. Young pullets for Hall;, llenson >V. (Hcmenls, E. liadillo street. if Tu hire County Lands: *. r iO l< $!MJ per acre with water. L'ndcvc! oped land in artesian district. *'-0 ti 840, any si/e yon want, any lurid of terms. .). 11. Mattheww, Ci.vina. Phone .>OOH. FOR SALE fi room house ninl oni- acre of land. .Just outside city limiis. Price 8 1 IJijO. Easy lerniH. (°ioo(j fj-ro'iim house, bath, toilet, gas, electric lights, close in, in good locality. Price 12100. Kas> terms. t (iood pitying and prosperous biisi ness with stock complete. Hatisfac toiy reiison for helling. Moni-y to THE 3 Covina Peoples Store | ^J (INCORPOKATKll) 1^ * * * * (INCORPOKATKll) OUTFITTERS TO THE WHOLE FAMILY We have the agency for the celebrated Without doubt the best ranch shoe ou> the market. Ask the man who wears them -he, knows. K. A. \Vil-, Hellinan i for tjo M. HUNTER, Manager l',r'in<lwi\v 1. 'ii Ant'c n this bu *1500 will dance of es allaltii water. t,e fiuid buy it. inncti v.ilt, al Splendid slaud ',\iintii lo tfel :i('Ci.Ulll (if health. To Exchange fj'j ai'ie-i raii'-h ] fi.i jiiC'/n;i- pn.j.i-ri.v in Covina covi\ s RI-: M/I v co Clmk i\ l>-jii|.;lu- Hlack or Tan. niiielier Cut. Hollow Toiiguo. Kiourlyke Eyelets. C. F. CLAPP Razors for Shavers For Big Shatiers. For Little ShaOers. Razors to USE. Razors that n'i// cut ftisz or bristles and keep sharp. Any style razor, any size razor, heaOy or light razors. Baby razors, Safety razors, or the clearer kind. Kiltra blades and ottra handles. Any price Irom 'JSc to $3.00 HKTTlik LOOK, YOU SI'H MANUFACTURERS OF GENERAL MANUFACTURING Thoroughly Equipped for All Classes of Machine Work Ksti mates Furnished. KELLAR & THOMASON Shop and Office opposite H. i'. l>cp:it I lomi- I'hone 2H'» Coviua, Cal. COAL The Summer Rate for Coal is now on. Secure your fuel for the winter and avoid a possible coal famine. SAN GABRIEL VALLEV MILLING CO. BEN F. THORPE CEMENT CONTRACTOR M ii nil fad urcr of CEMENT IRRIGATING PIPE to ';<i im:h<'i m (liii ini'lrr General Cement Work of All Kinds K<'jjifonli'<l Com n-tt: li Y;ir'l, W'--.t (. vrn-,-, Av-M'ie a Sjiri:mlty e 40.!7 ' < SAN (; <M J KH''i« *:ANYON.- w willi no f*AMP PINf'ON ''"'' " <M '" ' ll "' < SAN (; <M J KH''i« * — '**> •• IX It » V> V_7 1 1 SI .1 ;;<• M:III m n><, ,tl< >u n I ;i i n i air I] or no i'<iiM<- to c.iii h ili'' limii '/I ii'iiil A'l'lri"i-. <'.ini|) Kim. -<n Kfvirt ('.»., A /.u»a i ,ii , <>r i'ci.k-.Iii'l.jli I 'i., . i v<utu SjjiJi.i; -.11 :<:l, l.'i: A 11;; <:!<;,•>.

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