Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on October 5, 1889 · Page 4
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 4

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 5, 1889
Page 4
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of Gollir-.m Would not have been so wise. Had they not sought for knowledge, And used their ears i , <t- THE SPANISH COQUETTE. Su-nt', tr, tv-cf. In infor- getting mation Of every sort and kind, Instead of going through the world Like men both deaf and blind. 'And you can be as wise as they, If you but choose to buy The Soap that's called the SANTA CLAUS — ---- Its^good effects- to try; Because 'Will help you through your work At such a rapid rate, ' That you'll have time to master all you care to undertake. All Grocers sell SANTA CLAUS SOAP. Made by N. K. FAIRBANK & CO., CHICAGO. Sun'! ly Miss AW^je Rlcllcnr;/, and published by permission of tl:e Author.. By JOHN de WITT. . "I " '*\'""'"""" iy 1LTT" K, . _- \ -—-'"----"--'' 1 1. In ji vil . l:ij,'i> culled An • da.- 2. This... maid - CM. ... WHH a i!. One::~ilrtv ili'isTI. lov cr tyr- s ~T * !»I 1 rf- S*12 5 For "nan-down," debllltnteil nml overworked women. 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TBey are adapted to both ~adultifand children with perfect aaTety. We guarantee they have no equal in the ure of sick headache, constipation, yspepsia, biliousness, and, as an appe 'zer, they excel any other preparation. lu - si - u, There lived a Span-Soli maid - en, And lissli- cs long they did bo • long To great co-quelto, An old " Don" wished to marry her. To his eur-priso who Inuphed at pi;;hs, And chanced to meet The aged a—dor - er in the Htrcet, Aiul, oil I the row tlmy had Borne-how A- —w ii -$=-*=$ s i_^_j===^i===j--: —'--i j. =3P Battefaction In every c::«i:. or price ($1.00) refunded. This snianmtec ins l>een printed on the bottln-wnipper, nnd lalthfuhy lUIIIl'-ii * (il.f ii' ' » '» '" ^ * ii - .- Addrtio.-*. Woui.iJ's Di»rKNSAitv MKIUCAT. N, (KB Mcln Bt,rw;t, liuiralo, N. Y. FIFTH POINT a million a month, You should read THH CHICAGO DAILY NEWS because it's a family ntvtsf'ttflfr. 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If.yen are subject to nervousness headache, morphine, or opium, habit, sleeplessness, neuralgia, backache monthly pains, sexual weakness, St. Vi tua dance, or other similiar sickness do not fail to use Dr. Miles Restorative Nervine, a valuable nerve food and the latest' and most scientific of remedies. It is guaranteed to give relief; 85,000 Is freely offered for a better -Nerve Food and Medicine. It soothes and quiets the nerves while furnishing nourishment and strength Ask for a free trial bottle at A. R Hendrick's and J. M. Blckford'a Drug Stores. Judge Maurice J. Power bas a mania for walking. ^ A Modern Miracle. Mra.J. W. Wentworth, of Elkhart Ind., was long subject to pain in the tide, shortness of breath, weakness •light cough, swelling of the ankles am other symptoms of serious heart dis ease. She was expected to die at any time. Doctors in New York, Toledo etc., filled to help her. But two bot ties of Dr. Miles New Cure for the heart cured her three years ago and .ehe has remained well ever since Heart disease can be cured. Sold by A. R. Hendricks and J. M. Bickford. """Secretary "Windoin is a great belief er in pedestrian exercise. . BHILOH'S CURE will immediately relieve Croup, Whooping Cough am Bronchitis. For sale by Perry, th druggist, and J. M. Bickford, Rock Falls' _ Gen. Lew Wallace received 845.<XX for his story "Ben Hur." THAT HACKING COUGH can b quickly cured by bhiloh's Cure. W Ruaraatee it For salt by Perry, th druggist, and J. M. Bickford, Uoci Fall* liorr, of Massachusetts, 1 the finsst linguist in Congress. Mr..Spurgeon, the Baptist preacher, gradually becoming a confirmed m- alid. Wonderful Cures. W. D. Hoyt & Co., Wholesale and Reail Druggists of Rome Ga., say, We ave beeu selling Dr. King's New Dig- overy, Electric Bitters and Bucklen's Arnica Salve for four years. Have never handled remedies tliat sell us well, or give such universal satisfaction There haa been some wonderful cures ;ffected by these medicines in this city. Several cases of pronounced Consurnp- ion have been entirely cured by use of a few bottles of Dr. King's New Discovery, taken in connection w th Elec- ;ric Bitters. We guarantee them always. Sold by D. B. Strickler. j—k a, K—r^ I,. f, _. & IN—I thia dear lit - tie maid . en; And her eyes were liriplit ca stars nt night, A said you need not tar , ry, fiir; Twns said, 1'or - Hooili, a ccr - tuin youth Mado boat this innid - en sweet;"..'... And the sparks they flew from swords quite nnw, While Jessie Seligman devotes all his spnifl time and attention to the Hebrew Orphan Asylum. CATARRH CURED, health and sweet breath secured, by Shiloh's Cat- irrh Remedy. Price 50 cents. Nasal Injector free. For sale by Pgrry, the druggist, and J. M. Bickford, Falls. Receptacles for cracked ice come in cat glass bowls with iridescent lights. SHILOH'S COUGH and Consumption Cure is sold by us on a guarantee, li cures consumption. For sale by Perry, the druggist, and J,M. Bickford Rock Falls . Onyx ink stands with gilt racks add to-the list of decorative articles for the writing table. THE REV.GEO. H. THAYER, oi Bourbon, Ind., says: "Both myself and wife ewe our lives to SHILOH'S CONSUMPTION CURE." For sale by Perry, the druggist, a,nd J. M. Bickford, Rock Falls. Striking vases are of Belleek china with elaborate decoration in gold relief and chasing.' . A Lady In Mouth Carolina Writes My labor was shorter and less painful than on two former occasions; physicians astonished; I thank you for "Mother's Friend." It is worth its weight in gold. Address The Bradaeld Reg, Co., Atlanta, Ga., for particulars. Sold by all druggists. Bonn ware is decidedly decorative in effect with its tapestry and floral ornamentations. A New Discovery. Weakened and deranged livers, atonic acbs and bowels should never be acted on by irritantB like common pills, bran, etc. Mile's Pills cures liver complaint, constipation, piles, etc., by a new method. Samples free at A. R. Hendrick's or J. M. Bickford's. Flat dishes of cut glass with rolled edges are made for holding after dinner spoons' flllibard'd HtreuKthenlng untl Ithen- niacle 1'lasterH ARE A REVELATION TO THE WORLD AND ARE THE ONLY GENUINE RHEUMATIC PLASTERS. Nine-tenths of all troubles which require the aid of Plasters are rheumatic in their nature. A change of weather, or sudden draft causes a cold, which develops into muscular and that into intlammatory~Theumatism.~And^yet, there has never bben such a thing as a distinctively rheumatic and strengthening plaster, and hundreds have died suddenly where rheumatism has at- tacied the heart, whose lives might have been saved had this plaster been applied in season. They are constructed on purely scientific principals and are purely vegetable. Prepared by Rheumatic Syrup Co., Jackson, Mich. tths -. _ .._.. _. _ .. ___. ..-.. iovn to linr inont zt'al-ons - ly, Winning her lionrt from tlio vn - ry "Btiirt, . Which filled-the Don with — BES looked on from a guJ • lo • ry Till both were dead, then »ho quickly wed A.... • Don with a lurgo CHORUS. flat - te - ry. For sbo danced with uucli grace, jeal - on - ey. sal - a - ry. In thia old Span - ish place,... Keeping time with tbe cas - ta note,. That the peo • pie would shout, Whed -9*—$?- she was a - bout,... Bra - vo I here comes Ma - de - let. DANCE. BI/BEPLES8 NKlHTS.niiuSe miser sole by that terrible cough, Shiioh* Cure is the remedy for you. For ea! by Perry, tfa« druggist, and J. M. 1'Jick tod, Boek Falta, lu Oenaaey tUa public sehuola are all taught by oiea. r'i : *•*' ' r " Vi-rr ' sf tj ,-<£3>,'j4 Very effective frames are those in pierced work, through which is shown a background of colored velvet. _ Personal. Mr. N. H. Frohlichstein, 'of Mobile Ala., writes: I take great pleasure in recommending Dr. King's New Discovery for Consumption, having used it for a severe attack of Bronchitis and Catarrh. It gave me instant relief and entirely cured Hie and 1 have not been atJHuted since. I also beg to Htata that 1 hrtffl triSHi other ruiuedt^ with no y*n v! rwuU H.»v«f a'ta lutd Kltrtrlf (SAtr-rs and i)r. King's Now Lift* llll-j, ">r lV>*t 1115 •a I -» . ^tvy—-^ Sf'-r-f- > by John do Witt. ji : rlt-$ e veryf Imaft. C iTrrn r>y tjfo ^ n ltf?ira s?*"nsrUif"-* i-f>r ^^. Cured by Cuticura J jini curtv! el n !i!:i'hsonu- di'vCit'^-.-ef.'''!:!:'!. In Tht? («i'''coVi-r.-U i:iy -s-lioli; imny (r HH t!i» t.iii of my lif'Hrt to HIP pules of iiiv feel, "'y lialr all rnnie nut, Icjiviij^iip 1 ' n rdmplr-If' rawsori 1 . After tryiii!-" evVrvi!ii:i!' 1 h'"':inl ot ynur CirrrcriiA liKMKDIF-i.'nilll afliT HS'IIK three hiittlPI »f ('H- TICItltA I'.FHObVKNT. Wit l! CU IT. 1! RA Mill! CUT/- ciiitA HI-.AF, 1 Uriel niyui-K rured ;vt ihn mil "f about $(i. I wmildnnt!«' wltliont tin! CMTc'ljllA KKMFIUI-S In my lifir-o, n^ I (1ml tlimn useful .n many ca«es. und'f think Ilicy !in.' tlio only akin and blood niedlrino^. ISAAC II. i.KRMAN, Wurtilioro, N. \. Emming; sturt StaKirag I wan r-li'lt in tlin fail of ;--?S with a buriilnR im-1 Iti'lilr.u BO bad tint In thro' v/celsi I w:w covered wllli arnsli, nml coiilil not sleep nliilit^ or work days. Some doctors thoiiirtjt It inii;!it h« salt rlipnm (eczema), and siild iiicy never scon •atryllilns lifcBit liirore. I recelven no help from anv of liicin, or from any medicine thnt I could net hold of until I tried your CUTICUIIA KT.MF-- pins. After three weeks'n?o I\vasiil) work, and kctit gelling better, until I nm now entirely cured. J recommend them to fill otiflerlnB with skin disi'iisea. 0. K. OHMEH, Tattsvllle, vt, t('H I have used the CUTICUHA BitMEDirssuecess- fully for my baby, wtio was »fllicte<l with eczema, and had such Intense itching that he Rot no rest day or night. The ItchliiK IK Rone, and my baby Is cured, nnd Is now a healthy, rosy-cheeked lioy. MA1« KELLHKMAN, lielolt, Kan. Cutioura Resolvent The new Blood Puriner and purest and Best ot Humor Ciiren, Internally, and CUTICUHA, the urc'at Hkln Cure, and C'UTICUKA SOAP, imexiiul- slte Skin Ueautlller, externiilly. InsUintly relieve and speedily and permanently cure tlio most HBonlzIni?, itchlnK, burning, blecdlnR, scaly, cnmted and pimply diseases'and humors ol tlio skin, scalp, and nlood, with loss of hair, from pimples to scrofula. Bold everywhere. Price, OirricunA. -BOc.; SOAP, 25c.; KKSOLVF.NT, SI. Prepared by tho POTTKR DlSUO AND CliKMICAt, CORPOnATION, Boston, IS-Hend for "How to Cure Skin Diseases," 04 nagea, W Illustrations, and 100 SOAP. hlack^cads. red, rough, ctwpped and oily skin prevented liy CUTICUKA MUSGULAR STRAINS and pains, hack ache, weak kidneys, rheumatism, anil chont. pains relieved tn one minute hy tlio i'nttrnrn Anti-Pain Planter. 25 cents. A \Ve*t*;m InviMHor. Edgar F. Lincoln, of Topoka, Kan., has taken out more piitontH during tho last two years than any inini in the country. His inventions cover all fluids, and ho has patented almost everything, from an improved electric li^ht to a celluloid toothpick. LiUo a great manyjr^ventora^ hB-rhTds-rrdttttcnlt-in-irnrKerTiujiiey out of his cleverness. Other men reap the pr'olit of -his brain effort, llis'latest do- sign ' la a tobogj? 1 " 1 1'i'akiJ. It enables a toboggan to H top in llio iniddlo. of tho steepest inclini! instantly if any'obstruc- tion suddenly appear* on the chute.— New York Tek'Ki'aiu. Tlie son mid successor of tho dead Prince of Jlotuioo ia roporli-d to lu; op- poscd to ganiblin^, ntnl the inference is that ho will closi- th;' worlil (in-)fanious gambling oatalilishnir-nt in Ihc principality,.with jb.i truin.i if...I'liiiinl lives and fui'liinc.1. .~~~"- -.-.- •-..• Don't! -If a dealer oilers you a bottle of Salvation Oil without labels, or in a multilnted or defaced package, don't touch if—don't buy it a any price, you can rest assured that thern is something wrong—it may be'a danperous and worthless counterfeit. Insist upon getting a perfect, unbroken, genuine package. A striking feature of this season's season's umbrellas is an extremely long handle, though the stick remains the sa Vie. • " . ' ti'r.-i. Tiiin pr:> '-minentlv n-if-• i:n4 • I'fCli'.'i- ]t l !ll'".i> :i'.:tl t«!'.!e:;'u;l!ll 1! Init, enub!* 1 -. 1 I'IP ';y '.''iMti t (i r:;i! ; -!v h:'-'.vi' ils !i:is>.'Uilt^. I'.vc'vy piiy.M'.'iiU i.< L'unlirmcil in or rcnlorcd to n'gni.irii.y, tlin cirruhiti-'ti rintoki-n-d it Blujjiii-l', :nrl a bilinurt ti.'ibi). wiiieh nf it?"li li>- Ci'trt a prom-in'-i- tn b-ith iat,'riniUt'tii. and remittptit t.j'lx.'R of vnisliiria disvusc, where HXtrinMi'. ntmospiifvic C.'UH<M exist, piiwprfullv coutit"v;i^t«'d by thia in- imHablefottifyiiifiaiifidf io:iFive»ciMit, which IjftH..moreover, none of .tliii ilH- agreeable cliarueterHtic* of ft driisiie cathartic or an alkaloid. Fever :nni agtip dumb ague and ague ca'-'H, and the calentnra of the Isthmus, arc c.m- quert'd by it surr-iy, pleasantly. Ilhcn- matiBin, neuralgia, gout, kidney nnd bladder troubleP, constipation and indigestion yield to it. ttiis "Meet me on the, corner tonitp." ho wrote, "and dew not falo." And sh"» litiswHreri him "There id no Riicli word us'fale.'" ' , WHY WILL YOU c.w|rh vvht-.n Shin, B ('t\n< will r;ivn >on |i;m:rdl:ite relief. Price 10 cts., no cts., and Si. Krr Bale by Perry, the dnigtrist, and ,1. M. Hick ford. K'>ck l'""l's. F i-onl llonnd <>r»v< > . Oct. 4.—Improvtmcuta still continue here. ^!r. Harvey H.inzy lui:» repaired liia house, puttiiiE; it in cnmfortuble order fur the winter. (). D FellowR is tiling his lot aud putting a cellar nndrr hia i-i-us!'. Henry hi>ving a m-w roof put upon hia farm residence to leave in good sliiipe lor his live'years' tec- ant. ' . . I ,Ias. Honk with his Rteaua thresher threshed tho grain upon ihrt Simoimou farm iu one day. J,530 hu. were threshed. , Mr. and Mrs. Pulmau, of lo\va, with 'their faniUyjilaMen-Xihildren, former residents of this town, were visiting old time friends and neighbors recently, Mis Chaa. Curtis and Mrs Gto. Fullmer being among tho favored uiies. All were delighted to see them after their long absfcncrt. . '* Mr. and Mrs. M.'Thompson, of Jjju-; don, were calling up'ju friends hers last Friday. Miss Edd'e Wiilki-r, who has been spending a couple of weeks with her grandmother, iirs. Oandace Sands, ex peeled .to.start on a pleasure trip in Iowa last TTlijht;. 7 •-•---—-•--' --••—-—- . - Hncklen'n Arn_ Tho best salve in the world for Cuts, Bruises. Soros, Ulcers, Salt Rheum, Fever Soros, Tetter, Chapped Hands, Chilblains, Corns, and all Skin Eruptions, arid postlvoly cures PileSj or no pay "required. It is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction, or money refunded Price 25 cents per box. For sale bv D. B. Striokler. every purchase of 815.00. THE FINEST STOCK of Plush Garments ever brought to this city. Manufactured from tho Celebrated Walker flushes, London Dye, First-class Goods at lower prices than ever before ofterod. Ladies' Nuwmarketa from 85.00 upward. Children's Cloass with Cape $1.00 each and upward. Ladles' Jersey Jackets $3 ao and upward. Crayon portrait* free IN. CARPENTER & CO- Where's tlin Aurora? The aurora boroiilis is a phenomenon that for years has been conspicuous by its absence from lhest.i nkies. Timo was, and tlint not no long ago, when' the northern heavens presented a spectacle of weird, bewildering beauty. Why this dearth of electrical display? Tho earth and tho heavens and tho nun. and the air are tho same, to all appearances. Yet tho borean horizon is innocent of Its shifting canopy of northern lights. Nor has there been any reason given byscien- tific men for this disappearance. Big spots on the sun como and go. Their appearance has been in former years found to be coeval with tho aurora, but tho rule has not held good for a decade. Have the thousands of dynamos that have come into existence in that time ground out such a lot of electrical energy that there is not enough left in tho atmos-. phere to (it out ii single'display in the northern heavens?—Htteburg Bulletin. Some people are just as croos as a bear, they snap your head oil when you happen to open your mouth. We can not excuse tnora, for the have bad colds, which makes them irritable, and are too mean to buy a bottle of Dr. llull'd Cough tjyrup, which would restore their good nature. . The girls of Alaska are ready for society as soon as they reach their teens. . Interested. People. Advertising a patent medicine in the peculiar way iu which the proprietor of Kemp's Balsam for Coughs and Colds does is indeed wonderful. He authorizes all druggists to give those who call for it a sample bottle free that they may try it before purchasing. The large bottles are &0c and $1.00. We certainly would advise a trial. It may save you from consumption. 2a ~ "It is estimated that tofcre are no fewer than 30,000 BightMs, beggars in France. '^ ttraiiflelii'a Female llegulator Should be used by the young woman, she who suffers from any disorder peculiar to her sex, and at change of life IB a powerful tonic; benefits all who use it. Write The Bradfleld Rptf. Co., Atlanta, for particulars. Sold by all druggists. There is a mul« in Cambridge, O., that is 47 years old and ia stilt a good worker. fr H w.igon load of p.itatoes to D'ixo», which Andy Fellows had planted, here last spring. He remained until Wednesday, visiting his relatives of the Uou- densed Milk factory, and has tnu:h to tell of tho enterprise a,ud prosperity of the llrm and the .benefit to the com muaity ia wtiich they are located. He thinks Sterling missed it in not securing the plant there He brought samples of their product for hia friends to taste. ;---_-•_..;. :::::;— Messrs. Arthur Hanes and Krueat Fellows were boon Sunday. They are working upon Mr. BastilH'a new house, southwest of Morrison. Rev. Samuel Z jok, of Aballne, Kau., visited his slater, Mrs. Adam Diehl re cently. Miss Jessie Matthews is spending the wefak with his sister iu Oik Park. Mr. Johnstone, Co. Supt. o^ Schools, paid a very pleasant and instructive visit to our school yesterday. Mrs. Mary Stokes will join the excursion ahd spend the allotted time with' her son Edward ia D^nison, . Iowa. Geo. E. Fullmer is manufacturing several! barrels of line cidar weekly, which he hauls to Clinton and sells by the bbl., as he has been accustomed to do for several years past. A number are on the sieklist at present. Mrs. Adam Diehl is under Dr, Taylor's care; Mrs. Simeon Fellows and Master Simeon Fellows under Dr. Hazelton's; Mrs. Margaret McEl- rutt aud Willie Heath are being cared for by Dr. Gray, allot Morrison. Mr. Harvy Zunzy was laid up with seiatiu rheumatism last week, but is able to be out again. A party of "four families made an ex- cursl m to tbe Indian Island and "Mill Wood" last Tuesday to gather walnuss. They enjoyed the day .huaely and returned home quite late with a wagon load of the treasurers for next winter'* • long-evening's feasting. J. L. Hoak will leave the HrookQeld farm and go to one npar Gait in the spring. SEMI-OCCASIOSAL. U 1 ' r > , d *<-4a NN1NU » 1 «. Hll ,» H j *HW ^ 1'ilK! i' Forced to I.pave Home. . Over 00 people were forced to leave thuir home* yesterday to call for tt/rt'f trial piictEHgt* of Lane's Family Medicine. If your blood ia bad. your liver and kidneys out of order, \f you are constipated and have liRudae' <> mid an iiusi'khtl? coiupliixion, don't fiiil ta euil oil anv dtugxii 1 '. to-lay lUr a f'fea riam- jiln of this j!""ftnu remedy, .'rise !adif» it. Kv»>i-yon« likes it. L.ti's:*? si/ ftV*:^"""-""" BWIFT'S SPECIFIC Is a !!::;v!o vegetable com:>ill:d prepared from rooU fri.>!i. from the faruBts. ho formula was oblnlued from lliu Creek Ijcdians. . : h.-.j been usi:d i;inco 1809, i;nd 1m bcc-a the irrcat- ;t blessing to inankiiul In curing d^L-uM'ii uf thu lood, In many Instancra af-i-r i:ll ct'.itr rcim'dii'i -ii lL.'.I;-d. H you httvo or hr.-. o 1-t-l niiy !:!rxvl i'", doniit fall to si-n-1 far TtiulUo uu UlooU 3JUca*u^, Kiuilul free, rm Swirr SPKCIFIO Ci., D.-awi-.r 8, Atbnt.i, C!a. fl >,t 1, ,U H»J.rf-iJ, >.l!."lf , Mir, •>?*• is >V V.* * t*i-hi •* j &r*>.,r:t*k- TUfl Sf'Wt!*t ! 5iH*-.>r *;« ot\i4 ; i=r*« ta«i. BRAfiflOORCfilliATOt

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