Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois on December 24, 1968 · Page 28
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Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois · Page 28

Mt Vernon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 24, 1968
Page 28
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THE REGISTErt-NEWS — MT. VERNON. ILLINOIS lllnois 1811 Earthquake Lasted 12 Months Wilderness Tamed In 8 Big Years; First Towns Founded history as "The Great Shake" | smote the region on Dec. 16. Lake was formed overnight. Rivers changed their courses — steamboat captains swore that the Mississippi and Ohio rivers flowed upstream. The settlers feared for their very lives, and church attendance doubled and redoubled. The itinerant preacher never had it so good. Yet, because of the sparscness of the population, Uiere were few actual casualties. Following on the heels of the HOMES FOR AMERICANS quakes. The first in a series of tremb- lors that was to last 12 months! and earn the era its place in northern New Covington in Washington County was founded about 1811. When the county was for- Bv JOHN SCHOFIELD The year 1810 marked the turning point of that territory that, in eight vears, would be- 1 Within the year, a total of 172 come the state of Illinois. A' earthquakes occurred, amongifirst settlers, the population tri wilderness would be famed but!'hem ,hr most « ,vor c i» re-'ekie turned into a sizable rush not without a series of calami- i corded hislory. ties. ! Tine underground fault- line Thev began in 1S11 — earth-! first shifted where New Madrid, 'Mo is located today, and ex- ! ™ed in 1927. the little settlement tended to the region now occu-! w as the first county seat, lit pied bv Evansville, Ind., and: is "ow at Nashville.) Tennessee. Rcelfootj Prior '° 1810. settlers arrived — , in the Murphysboro and Grand Tower areas. Brownsville, later to become the first Jackson County seat, was incorporated in 1819. Located on the northern banks of the Rig Muddy River near the mouth of Kinkaid creek, it was to have one of the first four slate bunks established in Illinois, and a distillery. In its very brief life of 25 or 30 years , it produced a governor, lieutenant governor and the first president of the Illinois Central Railroad, -o- -o- -o- Two forts were built in Franklin County between 1812 and 15- 1S — one on the Capt. John Ing farm in the eastern p;irt I of the county, the other by Francis Jordan, near the Williamson County line. First known oS Francis Jordan's fort, it later became Frankfort. Charles H. Humphrey built a feiry in 1811 which he operated acioss the Big Muddy River in Six Mile Township. Goode Township was settled by Baker King in 1813 and in 1S15. Ewing township by Chamberlain Hutson and Northern Township by the Herring Taylor family. Rev. John Browning, a Baptist minister, arrived in 181-1. Rev. John Lannis, a Methodist, headed a group of settlers; best wishes for the Holidays ARTISTIC Beauty Salon Helen Talbert — Gwen Sawyers — Judy Mahan Marjorie Norris — Corolyn Payne — Lillian Henry 229 South 9th Street Phone 242-0850 STORAGE MASTER BEDROOM BEDROOM 2 <10» 13'xllU" [ Irj 10'x10 BEDROOM 3 IT x 9« •AY IjlAV DW'[S] BATH Wold r KITCHEN | CO*T DINING PORCH The trumpeter is often domesticated in Brazil, where it is allowed to associate with barnyard fowl. The first golf course in America, it is believed,, was built in Savannah, Ga., in 1736. The sperm whale produces ambergris. Ambergris is chiefly found in' Australian and New Zealand waters and along the shores of the Indian ocean. 8 18 ^ To all our friends—old and new— our warmest wishes for a Merry Holiday Season I II East Side Lumber Co. 8 WILLIAM T. ( TOM and DAVE EDMISON «, »Y*rv' '8 408 Main 242-1524 FO' with the best views to the front, the room layout of this modest ranch house Is per;:-.-. Ail bedrooms are at the back for privacy, and the kitchen-dining areas, as well as the living room, enjoy the front aspect. The roof line, breezeway, pillared porch, cupola and bir stone fireplace give the house a Colonial feeling. Living area is 970 square feet. Architect for flA?80K is Derick B. Kipp, Room 704, 48 West 48th St., New York, N. Y. 10036. lings wore log cabins. • and departed. In 1819, Col. John Williams j Settlers in Eastern Jackson and Abner Pylo, both from Eng- 1 County grew dissatisfied with Making his way back to Kaskaskia, John Murdock enlisted a party of men who ac- ; land, settled where Du Quoin i the local Ion of the county seat | companied him back to tower exists today. j at Brownsville. When the court- rock. There they in turn sur_o- -o- -o- I house caught fire on Jan. 10 prised the In 1314, William Wheclis be- \ 1843, a commission headed by sleep and Indians in their murdered all but that arrived in Franklin County' came t | ie . fi rs t permanent sett- j William C. Murphy undertook • three who managed lo escape. | in 1817. Lannis founded the Mt. j j er 0 f p] um Hill in Washington! to select a new location. When I Murdock who seems to have, Eta Church in 1822. The middle! county The Scott family loca- i Dr. John Logan deeded the had a strong penchant Cor re -j Fork Baptist Church was found- ted at ' jxyington in 1827 soon I county 20 acres on Aug. 1, 1843 venge set out in pursuit. Later to be joined by several others. Nashville received its first scl- pliys Borough after the chair- j from 40.000 persons to about years later, Elkville almost be- j5 P00 came extinct even as it was The counties were platted and i being legitimatized. <nven names. Edwards County, An Ilinois Central Railroad di­ ed in 1818. -o- -o- -o- Islmm Harrison , a relative ^ - n Elkton in 182'' HL^^fp/^T^tT ^'okawvUle in 1825. Dubois in 1827.' >an of the commission - was '.f p.!, nto & e ;jRichview in 1828, and Ashley! founded . Thereafter, Browns- l? 1 «S i TinJS 4 and Grand Point in 1829. ville became a ghost town, uti- SreSwocS 6 ant ^rSaSs ^ -as in- -toly disappearingaltogether, settled west of the Big Muddy j fusing In the two years fol- -o- -o- -o- in the vicinity of Mulkeytown. ! owmg . lts adm f s jon to the un-: Elk became extinct in Elk Just when is uncertain. But ^ J n Population increased Township around 1835. Some 17 when the convention to draft the first Illinois Constitution was called, Isham Harrison of Mu: keytown, along with Thomas Ro- - , , . ,~, „„ ^ TT ~ . ,, berts of Frankfort were dele- lVas forme d m 1814, White in vision engineer, JJ. T. Ashley, gates ' 1815, Monroe, Jackson, Pope and | had laid the town out and desig- Mulkey Headstone Crawford counties in 1816. 1 r.ated it as a depot. But when Apparently, Mulkeytown is ol- In * e year of admission, 1818. j a train bearing the railroad's Franklin and Union counties president, Robert Schuyler, and ., were designated. J e f f e rson its chief engineer, George B. I county was created in 1819 with j McClelland and other officials, lir Mt. Vernon as its county seat. | ground to a halt in Elk Town- he p erry and Washington counties! ship 'on an inspection trip in . came into being in 1827. ! 10V ' ch ,„,io,. H™,™)^ In the resolution creating Perry County, a commission was named to select the site of the county seat. They designated a site at the geographic center. Naming it Pinckn^yville, for Charles Cotsworth Pinckney of the present county seat of Mur- he returned to Kaskaskia carry- phsyboro — first named Mur- ; ing three scalps. Du Quoin Call. WORLD ALMANAC FACTS der than many present- day residents believe it to be. A headstone in the old Mulkeytown ce metery, bearing the name Johr M. Mulkey, lists the year died as April 6, 1819. Then, too, there is the Silkwood Tavern, or Halfway House which still stands about three- quarters of a mile north, a stopping point on the Shawneetown ! St. Louis trail. The Shawneetown Kaskaskia trail forked at} about where Mulkeytwon now j Charleston, S. C, it was the stands (it was originally located ! first Pitted town in Perry about a mile east of its present I County. Jackson County was inhabi- 1852, Schuyler demanded to know by whose authority the engineer had applied the brakes. Ashley valiantly declared the responsibilitiy was McClelland's who, ol course was senior to Ashley. McClelland promptly denied he had had anything to do with designating an Elk depot. But Ashley stood his grounds Although "lieutenant" is spelled the same way both in England and the United States, one can recall countless British war movies in which- the rank is pronounced "leftenant." This pronunciation, found only in Great Britain and some 'of its former colonies, is a survival of certain Old English speech patterns and erratic spellings, such as "leeftenant," "lyfetenant" and "liefteant," The "World Almanac says. First National Bank OF WOODLAWN Member F.D.I.C. site), then meandered westerly • - , , not far from the present Illi- : ted, prior to 1800, by Indians. \ with such vigor he won the day, jjQJg i -o- -o- -o- j although not witout some small, ' .o. -o- -c- 'A reservation of the Kaskas- j setback. For whatever reason ^^>-^^^^^">'-^^^^5^^ During the years preceding Wa was later established neari, it was not until 1857 — five 's ' S !r...„.i r>:,i— n^^inor cmiHi. ! years later — that Elkville be- 1 ^ come incorporated. (The Post j| Office was not extablished until U 1861.) g as far away as as the American; McClelland, of course, went 55 a group of 18, including | Southwest. In the mid - '30s on to lead the Union forces for, K Negro slave, who'settled in!'hose who stayed behind ceded [ President Lincoln, until he was'w S' Perry County. Their first dwel- their lands to the United states dismissed. !« 1 :—;— ; 1 Vergenees, first called Mid- # 1818, other settlers came into modem - day Perry and Washington counties, Sand Ridge, extending southwest about two to three miles. But, even so, the natiUves began In May 1816 Rev. John H I to drift away form it, some Hutchins and William Hutchins gjled a g^sav-.^^^^.^^^J^5^^^^^^^^^ , '- , ^ 3!S55B ^ dleton, was not organized until K «... Ahk,. H\ \f) i S "buot 188&-87. Campbell Hill, Christmas is a gift that belongs to us all *. .and in our merry-making, let us not forget the true meaning of the day! KREB'S SOUTH SIDE DRUGS Christmas ... and the world is aglow with the spirit of good will! May you share in all the joys of this wonderful season and have a truly memorable happy holiday. IMIiMKVX AINTAKOWALLPAPER STORE .10 IT. ; PH. 244118 first called Bradley, was situated about three quarters of a mile northwest of its present location. Ava owes its existence to a „ JA salooon keeper whose name is j p |2 lost to posterity. At any rate, ]« he opened a tavern at the' pre-.« sent site of Ava and called his j 'A-, place "Headquarter." Gradually jg " 1 houses sprung up and the 1 $ name was changed. -o- -o- -o- Oarbodnale and De Soto were \ established in 1853 as stations on the newly built Illinois Central Railroad. .. as of course was Du Quoin. Gorham was established at a site of a former shallow lake in 1889 and was first called Leo Rock. On September 12, 1893, the name was changed to Fordyce and on Jan. 29, 1912, to Gorham. -o- -o- -o- Grand Tower has a bloody massacre in its early history. Shortly before the turn of the 19th century, a band of settlers traveling down the Mississippi neared a point of land opposite Grand Tower Rock, On the raftj a woman named Murdock sat with her eight children including one boy named John. His father 1 had been slain by Indians in Pennsylvania. As the raft approached the river bank, the entire party slid off into the shallow water, seeking a cool dip on a hot summer day. From the tower rock on the opposite hsore a small band of savages surprised the settlers and massacred the lot — all but the boy who ran away and hid. Wia sincere crppredafion tor jur loyalty and patronage during this past year ... we extend to you our heartiest wishes tor a very Merry Christmas! BEN FRANKLIN STORE and EMPLOYEES

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