Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 22, 1912 · Page 8
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 8

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 22, 1912
Page 8
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Price 50c and 98c The new "POLAR HOODS" for thdren; priced at 25c and 50c The Store That Sets the Pace No One Can Follow NEW Small Stores Can Not Buy at These Prices THEBBOSHEIT CtOB'S M^^^ ' liOCAIi ORGAMZATIOX I i , • ^ ITS ITKPOSE. STATi:s ' «poBteods Out .Boo««T4>I( k Itriiulili "can >'0Biii «e Tboufch Colonel Says OtherwiM-. 'J-i 'The following Btatemeiit of the atli- tUd« of local "Roosevelt Club" in ^ r^^he prei^nf campaign was submitted .ojiJtothe KcglBter for publication. In its afriffort to |be a newspaper before any- ftibJng else th© Register prints It as Alm"»f the Alen County KOOKB- . r Telt Club. ';t-s?The drganleaUon bearing the name jttsedin tti© tiUe to tbis^rtlcle has for j.parpoBe the elecUon of president dectars pledged to vote for Theo^ TBotmrtit for President At the . 'held in-Aagujst last, the H«- ilfUesn; voters elected nien-iio pledg- & maJOM^-ot 3S,000 orer candl- '^1 dates for the same position pledged to •support Mr. Taft. This organization ? Moi a club cither in the literal or the usual iioliUcal moaning of that word. l< does not have & mumbership roll, nor does it hold stated meotings. Kather it Is an organization after, the nature of a campaign commiltt«e. and ! its work Is confined entirely lo turlh- iering the interests of the Roosevelt i •'lectors. The organization was j brought about by several meetings of ; Republicans who do not approve of the methods employed to name Mr. Taft at the Chicago convention.. No good purpose can now be accomp- 1 lisbcd by recounting the acts of the ; man who manipulated' that convention. 1 Those things have gone down Into his- I tory. It only remains to be seen j whether the vqters will approve them. "All the men composing this organization are Republicans. In answer to the charge^ that they have bolted the head of the ticket attention is called to the fact that themen making such charges have, most 6f them, been uniformly refusing to be bound by the action of the Republicans in Allen county, the Second'-Congressional district and the state of Kansas, for several campaigns last past; and are now •% • _ ! openly refusing to be ix>und by the I primarjf election of last August. They I do not |;harge that any fraud or coer- jclon was use in that primary. They I base their opposition to the men nomi- I nated at that primary they refuse to j support, solely on the ground that; much from certain quarters, permits they do not approve of the political: a man to accept as many nominations principles espoused by such candi- • for the presidency as may be tendered Roosevelt And not Taft is the real Ro- mcnts will rrcognizn herein set forth ! laudable. The vague counter chr »rj :e publican candidate for President. But; one phase of the Chicago convention > jg ,hat Taft Republicans in the past It is said that he has since accepted | lanple. .Nothing is said of the admit-. , rontrrossion-i! the nomination of another party and, tedWi. that Mr. Roosevelt had over °™ t .-K r congression.i! repudiated the Republican parly. The i 100 men at hand, contesting delegates "cKcis. Which refers to the lati constitution about which we.hear so " ( to thf» convention whom his own fraudulent oJfort to elect L*. S. Guyer friends on the credentials and nation- '""s Congressman, a black chapt.-r m ill commlltrys vote«l as having no. Second district politics. " standing. With the delegates rightful- .\ll of which is ancient history. t!if> dates. That is to say, they want to | him. In fact it "does not recognize! ly belonging to Mr. Taft prevented new party whose chief claim to .sui)com pel voters and candidates to. ac-i parties at all. It Is not Republblean- I from \-oling because of these trick con, l)ort is based on the cry of 'rraud' cept the views of a minority of the j istn that t:;olonel Roosevelt repudiates; | tests, to have let the convention act as having ^ little record of its own ih;u party as the principles of the party. it is the methods used to throttle thf 1 a crodentlaie committee, wonid have ' • "Nor Is this a case of where one set of men are^glvlng the fact that another set of men have bolted or are Intending to bolt the tickef as an excuse for their own act. The writer of this concedes the right, nay the duty of every.^an to vote as his own judgment dictates. The Roosevelt organization bases its case upon the evidence that had it not been for improper methods amounting to fraud Theodore Roosevelt would have been nominated at the National Republican convention. Fraud vitiates everything It enters Into and renders It, void. It is a maxim of universal ap|>lication that, what should have beenj done is. presumed in law to have I been done. ^ tience by that rule we contend Jibat j IS ONLY ONE JIMENOMENT Itoldc lire Oneral Ticket on KoTen lur ... liirre Will Be Suffrage ISiillot Only. The Rcsi.-ter ha& been asked to state what amendment.s to the Constitution will of the Republican voters. The j robbed Taft of 100 or more votes by party should be made up of and con- j a Roosevelt fraud. But Roosevelt de- trolled by its voters, not its leaders. I mandod that the convention pass on Anything short of that Is not good for ' the credentials, only uncontested delc- the country. Armies of voters all ov- i gates voting. In other words he fav- er the nation liavc joined together in I ored changing the rules of deciding so a protest against the action of the that he woul(Abeneflt. When he lost men who gave out in advance that j'there and it was made known that they 'had the committee' and would (Hadley or some other Progressive nominate Taft. In Kansas these .votr j could have the nomination, he refused, ers are working in harmony with' the r No nomination suited him unless the party in the state and iire for the^Lnominee was himself. And so he bolt party . state ,and county tickets. The AU&a county organization is working for the entire state, district and county ticket and invites the Republicans who favor the election of Mr. Taft to join them in the work;" Readers who have followed develop- ed and has quit the Republican party and Is fighting it and asks ail his followers to leave It and fight it. And the Allen County Roosevelt Club hasj bolted the head of the Republican ticket. • " - i That, they say is Hot only right but needs a scrub broom. Voters geneniU. , -. . ... , . . . ^. ly are already set as to national arl.l.*^ ^'^^"^ ^« submitted at the state tickets, but if the contrTuiilng i Rleition on November 3. words of the Bull .Moose committee's There will, be but one and that per- communicatiou' Is an overture for tains to equal suffrage. It will ap- peace within the Republican party in pear on a srcparate sheet and will be Allen county., it should receive care- marked "Amendment Ballot-" fwf and earnest and cordial considera- The qu<-stion will be read as follows: lion at the bands of the Taft Club. As" matters stand the Republican count.v i Shall thcU'oHowing be adopted? candidates are neglected entirely while both organizations war over national and state tickets. The Taft men assert that they are Republicans; the ' Roosevelt men sa ythey are' Republl- • cans and so t^r as the county candidates are concerned they doubtless "Aniendhient to the Con- YES stitutiort granting equal' : : rights and privileges to !i women." • : NO Those favoring equal suffrage •win.;, will not question any voter very close- put thehir cross In the Yea SQnar^^-j ly about the rest of the ticket if he those opposing will place a croas lBi,.j, proffers a vote for the county ticket. , the No square. * t'-''^

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