Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on July 13, 1903 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 13, 1903
Page 5
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THE lOLA DAILY RKGISTEB, MONDAY. JULY 13, 1903 We Start Selling all au|npier tiisl PRICES that wilibebf Gi^iivt ii#WEREST*r6^A ied^(lii(iktoOYps. I • i ; . • ; '. : •• • j -n—••<> ' m. AS you know we are not in the habit of giving special isales of apy kind. We have: jfi|en wUli^ you :nQW fqur ^r^ and, h|ve n^r dftne any ^ sensational legitimate advertising, nor have we claimed to gi>^>ou jjfc at cost and 1^^» ^l|t ori,ifi« otheiv h^i |^i^ , andgalways stand re^dy to make gobd.^^^^^ of us if it 4o 'Mn't prove satisfactory, ^od alwaysItalked^^ttgfQ^s at now we fiiid, through being fafr with the yeople and having a host of ai>preci^^^^ that we have outgrown pur present quarters and mu|t, have morejrpom. Next week tiie carpenters will commetice to remodel the rooiti onlthe south of us and tear out the partition, which ,^ili;give li? a room jiist twice as large as we now have. This we will get in shape about August ist, and .then with a.atock twice as large as we hav^ ever h^d, we will be in fine shape to take care of your wants better than ever before. We give this sale to get the odds and ends out of the way before we tear up. ' Read the Following Items of Broken lots of. Men's Suits, fine patterns, all "wool, stylish suits, sold at 112.00 to 13.50. Clean up price $10^00 Good Underwear, black, pink, blue an^ plain colors, at 21c A lot good $1.00 work Pants, all sizes Black Clay Worsteds and Fancy Cassimere Suits, sold at $10 and 11.00. Clean up price. Homespun and Flannell Coats and and Pants, elegant |10 value. Clean up price its Good 50c Underwear, all kinds and sizes, at Boys* Knee Pants Linen-Suits, sold at $1.26 and 1.50^ Clean| up price 75 pair of'Odd, Pants, black clay Worsteds, fancy, stripe Worsteds and Caseimeres tbat sold at $2.50, 2.75 and 3.00. Clean up ppcfti- : Men 's Fine Negligee Shirts all sizes and colors at . ? JAll; 50c #rw Hats go at Unllaundried Whitfe linen bofeom andlbands, shirt fori • hj^ Shirts i-ipure a first class 50c ; Men terns Clean uj anld 's Suit8| several ::differentfpat- $had|s, sold at $15 to 17.00. price I ; 2.50 1 CLOTHING COflPANY. THE PEOPLE'S STORE Interesting: IPrlces Nice lumblers IOC a set Dainty A'^alencien- nes Laces 2cts yd. Best Matches 6 boxes for 5c V'ater Si ;ts 39 cents Dainty A'^alencien- nes Laces 2cts yd. Baby Bonnets Wui-.h up lo 50c choice 25c V'ater Si ;ts 39 cents ChiiJrens Parasols wurib up lo 4.S0 now 25c Baby Bonnets Wui-.h up lo 50c choice 25c Shirt Waists Worih a KftJit. ileal more 98 cents ChiiJrens Parasols wurib up lo 4.S0 now 25c Baby Bonnets Wui-.h up lo 50c choice 25c Shirt Waists Worih a KftJit. ileal more 98 cents REAL BARGAINS Camp Stools 25 centsT •^v•^vv <-^•^•:••^•x ~:~^•:••:••:~^v%••^•Hi• 1 1:1 LOCAL NEWS. Do Yout Feet I Get Tited ? Our Foot Powder IS A CURE FOR * Swollen, Aching and ? ; tired feet. '% 25c a Box. I I I Campbell & Borrell | 'S, lola ^ West Side Square ,Jr. Poricr, Dentist i). E. Chastain, Dentist Dr. O. R. Bushflcld, Dentist. Kodaks and supplies at Miller's, Arch WaUers rcttirncJ (o Noodcsha this morning. Northrup's quit business. A dollar for fifty cents. Mrd. Xcllic Goodlow went to Ottawa to visit friends. Mr.s. K. M. Cooi>er went to Toronto for a few days' visit No. 11 East Madison, up-stairs. Henderson & Pow.eirs office. Mrs; M. J. Rhoton left for her home in Bronson this mornidg. Mr. E. Machisio went to Yates Center to look over his farm. Mrs. W. Edward left this morning for Toronto for a few weeks' visit. DK Herschel Hendricks is ! home ready to attend old and new patients. Mr. M. Ruthledge left this morning for Eureka for a few weeks on busl ness*. Statistics show that there are 460 dentists in Kansas, of wholn six are credited to lola. Tie Genjnan-American Vadural Medicine Co.^j expects to be here in a few days- with their medicine fihow. Another iM of linptfrteil W66Iens GOOD THE YISAR ?RO6ND Mr. J. M. Ruthledge went to Chanute on business. F. E. Hess went to Humboldt for a few days on business. Mr. J, E. Wert went to Chanutc for a few days on business. Miss Scdalia Worcks returned to her home in Astoria, Mo. M. C. Brooks returned to his home in St. Paul, this afternoon. Mr. A. J. \\-xij\zv: rrj-irro^i f. E. I). Durnbcrgcr went to Clianuie' for a few d.-iys' visit with friends. Mrs. L. A. Fryer is quite ill at the homo ojf \v:x son, Bert Fryer, 502 north Elm St roci. .Mr. J. C. Stewart left this aficr- noon for Ottawa for ^ few weeks' visit with friends and relatives. l..<)st—Ladies gold wnlch. wiih Mio u.'iriK.' "Di.Ta" engraved tln 'n.'ou. Tlio (I'uilor v.iji receive a reward of $10. Ifoilly the Uuglsier. M |i8 Ll/zie' Arnold, who lias been visiting her friends here for a few days, returned lo her home in Neosho Falls this morning. A household necessity. Dr. Thomas' Eclectric Oil. Heals burns, cuts, wounds of any sort; cures sore throat, croup, catarrh, asthma; never faii.s. Rev. Di B. Shuey, who came down for the services-at the Baptist ^hurch yesterday, has been camping out with his family at the Ottawa Chautauqua; Years of suffering relieved in a night. Itching piles yield ^at oncfe td the curative properties of Doan's Olnt -I ment Never fails. At any drug store; oO.cents. Miss Ella Funston and Bert Funstoq' were in town today, the latter leavingj at noon for Pana, Texas, where he ha^ secured an excellent position on a? cattle ranch. Oat Lasely, who has held the posit tion of Wells Fargo office man • for! some time, left yesterday for Kansas! City where he will take a route ai messenger on the Santa Fe. "I; owe my whole life \to Burdocl^ Blood Bitters. Scrofulous; sores cov-l ered my body. I seemed beyond cure,; B. B. B. has made me a perfectly well woman." Mrs. Charles Hutton, Ber- vllle. Mich. .An addition is being built on th <e CSaude Ctilbertson building on -.t ]ie north, aide ^^teia^Ing it tb. the " Dr. W. D. Cox expects to leave to night for St Louis where he will meo Mrs. Cox, who has been on an extend ed visit with her mother and sister i.r the East They will return to lola ii a few days. Born, Sunday to Mr. and Mrs. Clias; Melvin, a son. Mr. Mclvin is the niin living near the cement plant v/ho hacl trouble in guarding his garden and h; is evidently planning lo relieve his (laughter from outpost duty. The K. C. Plumbing & Supply Ci). located at the northeast corner of \.\\< square, will give a nicklc plated soaj: tray to every purchaser of 50 feet of hose. Wo carry a big r.s.sortnicnt (jt, nozzles, .sprayers and water su{»-.; plies. Phone 65. ! Half adozeri wagon loads of blow pipej were hauled today from the W. II.! Root cornice works lo iho Draun f{xx\i.\\ tur plant at I.iaUarpp. Thin i.s a nfw: plant and Mr. Root got the Job of making the extensive blow-plpo sybieni, lit; having more experience In ''that line prol)ably than any other man in tiio. state. The meetings closed last night at; the Baptist church. As a result of the' meetings many were converted. Twenty-two were received for baptism and five by letter. Since Rev. Mai com's coming January 1 of this year,. fifty-four have been received into thcj church. The Register published a note In Saturday 's issue t;o the effect that Monday the police would go after the delinquent dog owners. That settled it and at 7 o'clock this morning the delinquents began rolling in at the city hall, most of them having simply .forgotten the matter. Cherrjrvale. Clarion: Will Drake came down from lola today to visit his sister^ ivirs. B.,F. Scott. * * * Mrs. Harry Glore and . little- daughter, Jenave, returned home from a visit with Mrs. D. H. "oiore. of lola. • • • Miss Babel Monroe went to lola to attend the wedding of her friend. Miss Maude Stotes. ; Drs. Reld & Reid have recently been ^ippointed company surgeons for the lola Portland Cement .Company. They .will receive a fixed salary from the -company and will attend, all the men Jiurt or disabled at the plant The^ duties do not Include looking after ihe siclcn^s, however. It is a good >n't<» hold and the friends of thi? itu^|*(L:|a9miiiuifl A game of tennis has n arranged for tonight at the North Side courtsi Jim Rogers and a player fr^m Wichita;^ will play with Doc, Bcwlus ' " Klaumann. Lice to marry was issued-Satur-I (lay tc I'r.oou G. Hodges, o Pa., and l.ila Horsc-ly, of Tho eracm is traveling saj an - nil siir.ply house. There is a f.'llow here in is a. rir^. .-A ;o thf onij every moriiinK: "Is this 1 yo'i?" This one aski how is ilie jramc going todav. Piltelftir.^i Plurnboldtij esman foq town v.ho who asks ot c;nuugh rWeil.; ^.^cv. If yoit say that lola v/iU w^i he /ill loTli wise and in case you missed ^our • giioss will jiiMj) f.'-i you the ue.vti day. \hi ouyiii lo be nin in. | Complaint of chicken thieves has^ l)Ocn so common of late d ()wn in tho Fo'irth waru that .sovornl (men liavi^ fl .xo'! Kliol g 'ins .so that tlioj- will perforate any (uio entering llio.lion house. It may Iiurt Konioont', but tlijo prevoca- tion Is great, and the Wrfornted thieves will make .gooci 'co )y fn hot| weather, so here's hoping. Mr. (i (.'orfie A. Fry who has been experimenting with wheat aising on prairie land, had some fit e sample wheat in town today from i mo of his farms in Salem township. The quality of the grain Is fine, but he was disappointed in the yield. Last year he got over twenty bushels to the acre, while this year it will not run over fifteen. The base ball managemenj asks tlve Register to express their apipreciation of the assistance rendered. i:i furnishing the ball grounds with polica pri> tection. There has been no'rowdyism or trouble on the grounds anc the ^plea^ sure of the same has been^ muqh increased thereby. Officer Fte lerickspnl has been detailed as police pia^ and his presence has been very - lelpjful. Mr. H._ F. Rhoton left for.Jiis liomd in Humboldt , -. . A Perfect Wall Coating Combines Cleanliness and Durability Any one can brusfi If tin No one can rub ilt off PiZotlco is a pure, poraaiiest and porous ;,vrall. coating,' and does not require iajdng off to reneWa$ doall kaUooiines.'Iti3 a dry powder, read; for nse by adding cold water ind can be easily Imished on bjr ahyohe. Made m whitie- ana fottrtcen fashionable tints: r: in = J AMT|.KAL$OMin 00. €IUN9 iUPI08, IPICH. Per full parHcoli'ri and ufliptccarduk CHEA/^ TRIP TO ST. LOWS. Missouri Pacific Will Bun an Excursion Train From Yates Center ,| on the 18th—Fare From lola $4. One of the cheapest excursions ever run out of lola to St Lohls will be. Saturday night, .July iSih.; The traiii will leave here at 7:30 »nd,^will leavci St. I.ouis on tho return trip Sunday night abo'it , . .... ; The - attractions in, St. .Louis are many. A base' ball ganie between Sti Louis and Brooklyn 4s <>ne. of th^pa/ and then there are I tbei concerts and matinees at all the park^ an^: gardens and the world's fair buildings. Passengers will be -picked ui»..^t every station between .cYatep Center and St Louis and the train, wjlldwhlf less be., pulief^. into St Louis with big crowd on it ' •• Wiley Potlel Has moveid from stone barn on &ast fcdi- J son avenue to ' The star B^rh oin West streb, wh^ie he will contmuertp, buy | y^ioi^c^M; mid^s alt ^ I

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