Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on October 5, 1889 · Page 3
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 3

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 5, 1889
Page 3
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,8 in prices " !>oor to <;n!t SSoiw XeTt Hr.or to <-nlt on When you arc around town looking for IMeaae call In at the FAST 3rd STREET BARDWiRE STORF And look at my \ BUTCHER KN1VEB They cut keen and hold their edge well. Prices Always Right. Yours Respectfully, Right side up, LEWIS D. WYNN. Evening Gazette. GAZBITM can l>e had »t »11 the newsstands. Price TWO o»irrs. To. night Select Knights, A. O. U. W. -Academy-ot Music. Frankie-Jones Co. __ . —Robert Gait has returned from a trip went. —There will be no services in the II. E. churches to-morrow. -—Miss Anna Wildasin has gone to Hanover.renn., o^p.VMt.;- - —MlssA.Wlse.ofNaperville.isvialt- ing Mrs. A. A. Wolfersperger. -: Mrs. WrH. Thatcher and daughter, of Morrison, visited here to-day.. —Another case of thievery is said to have occurred at Coleta this week. —Mr. E. Fryberger and daughter are in Chicago for a few days' visit. —Mr. and Mrs. Perry Kennard have returned home from their lake journey. —Mrs. Carrie Denniek and daughter Llllie. of Clinton, are guests at Jacob ^ —Mayor Lawrence's residence is being embellished In artistic colors by painters. -Mrs. Maxson, of the First Ward, who has been very ill, Is somewhat better today. —Mrs. Jacob Belp, Jr., gave a delightful dinner party to a dozen of her friends yesterday. — Rube Ramsdell has begun the foundation walls -for his new house in the First ward. —The remodelling of David Anderson's house cost over 81,500 instead of $500 as stated yesterday. — Mr.'and Mrs. Furlough.of the First ward, will remove to Chicago next week to reside permanently. —The fifth annual reunion of the old BOldiersand sailors of Carroll county was held at Lanark Wednesday. —The Illinois . State association of — H»rmlnr drill of Company K on louiiay uveiiing. — Mr. and MM. Clark Powell will iave early on MomHy irmrninsr for a wo months trip visiting friends in lichigan and New York. —This being a prosperous Republi- •itvyear, many persons have decorated and improved their ine style, among the number being loseph Lubleiner. —Elgin is having a great deal of trouble with her electric light plant. It is only lighted in spots and generally unsatisfactory—Theclty refuses-to pay for the plant as contracted for and the managers threaten suit —The "First Ward school" under the supervision of Mr. Ebersole cannot but prosper. Mr. Ebersole Is a gen tleman possessed of a vast amount of energy. The boys know that he mean just what he says and they act accord Ingly. —A«8ubacriber writes f "It would b well for the marshal to know what .the boys on the corner of 5th avenue and lird street are doing every evening. They pile up the street railroad ties very high, and when a horse comes towards them they throw them all down and frighten the horse." —This city d'on't need any more merchants, lawyers, doctors, etc., to divide up the business that Snow exists here. All of these lines are well filled now. What we need IB more manufacturing, something that will bring money and people from the outside, to increase the trade of our business men. —The city normal class will meet for their first recitation Monday even- day evening, at 7:00 o'clock, in the Congregational church. The class represents seven different Sunday schools and all superintendents are hereby requested to give the fullest publicity to this notice. All are invit- ei. ..-.-. ..,,,-,„-:-:-—• —Postal money orders can now be sent to a stranger and paid without dentlucatiou at the request of the sender, who instructs the postoBica department to "waive examination." The new rule will be a great convenience to commercial travelers, and travelers generally, who have been annoyed by inability t? f.»'J any in-Mon to identify them in a city whore they are not acquainted, —Mr T. G. Wright, who has the contract for painting the electric light poles, informs us that the poles will be painted two coats, and that the last coat will be olive green. This will make the poles almost of the color of the leaves of the trees, and of the grass, so they will hardly be noticed in summer. The street railway poles are to be painted the same color. The poles, when painted, will be almost an ornament to the streets; at least, they will give a metropolitan appearance to the streets. • —Rev. H. D. Dennis,, pastor of the Lanark Christain church, has accepted a call to Rockford. He is well known in this city. He had some trouble with his parishioners at Lanark, who objected to his taking the stump in the last political campaign. He preached his farewell sermon in Lanark last Sunday, and among other things it la reported that the clergyman "referred to his connection with politics and defended his action in this matter. He said he had doubtless made some mistakes, but he claimed be had a perfect right as a citizen to take a hand in politics. The time was when the people would raise their hands in holy horror if. a minister took any part in politics, but that time had passed. He had taken considerable part in politics of late and purposed to be more active in the future. He Ms,H A.Cirtcr has rrturned from OHIcsKO with a full lino of Inteat stUi'i of millinery. '"' t(l Old Hov.M-nTnuit Java ii;u! Mocha >ounds for SI 00 at,). A. Annas'. ' rrnwforrt Itro« Are on the top shelf in the stove line. C;ill on them and see their large a'portinont You can purely find ~ Black undressed mousquetaire kids it J. K. Chester's. New crop teas at J. A. Annas'. PO-tU Htep I.ndilrrn For house cleaning Si 00 at L. L. Johnson's. W> l ° •Uuderwear-in - alMrt-ylciCat -Getting.- er's Double Front Clothing House. 04 tG Amana Gunnels and blankets at Chester's. _— We have examined Mr. George R. Richardson's step ladder and ironing board and pronounce them the very bcxt we have ever seen and they should be in every house. Mrs. J. H. Lawrence, Mrs. E. J. Henry, Mrs. Laura E. King. u:Ufi* Auction. The city marshal will sell to the highest bidder for cash, the old city lockup building at Central Park, Saturday, 2 o'clock October 5th, '89. Purchaser will be required to move building off of the ground within 15 days from date of sale. Committee on Public Improvements. 9544 Floor oil cloths at lowest prices for good quality at J. K. Chester's. Boys' blouse waists for boys from 4 to 15 yrs. old at Oettinger'a Double Front Clothing HOUSP. 94 to Momcthlng Slice, If you want to make money read my "ad" in the WEEKLY. GAZETTE and Standard. GEO. W. CHAMBELIN. 88-tf ' Those cheap dress flannels-afc-J—K- Cliester's are going fast but he s'ill has over twenty five colors to select from. Call soon to secure the beat styles. Splendid stove polish. Burnishing for nickle. No. 1 mica, at 02-tf I'- I'- JOHNSON'*. Suede and Glacn kid gloves, hook, button and raousqetaires. All price?, from 50c upward. N. Carpenter & Co. Autumn Ilatw. in all the new shapes and colors. Positively^ the linest stock_to select from iu the city. Correct styles and low prices. or. to Mns. GENNIK W. ELLIOTT. Your Last thar.ce To see the Frank! i Jones Co. will be at tne Acidemy of Music tonight Everybody says this is one of the bes Cos. ever in this city. • A special bargain in black Armure Iloyai:?ilk at 81.00, worth 91.50. N Carpenter & Co. l,ru!loB l!onnet». New and elegant at Mrs. Gennie W W.Elliott's. . 9r>to See tn» new nd of N. Carpenter & 'o. The styles for misses are to be seen n a great variety, atthe ppfciat display t. Froy , r c !>^°'-. _ Plt u Auctioneer. The Dutch and English auctioneer till alive and ready to attend to city -ind country BBles on short notice. Can eave orders at A. H. Ilendrick's Dri'.R ..ire or at my residence on i:3th nve- jue north of 4th st. Charges reasonable. Give me a call. 18-37tf D. H. MEYEIIS, Auct. The First National Bank. October's s;oous . Are like the wooct^ So warm and bright, In autumn Iteht. \\i of Tin- first National Hank at Sterling, Iii Ihi. Slate of Illinois, at tlio tliwe of bujnifHS, irf.loo .. 80,8m) 07 1,276 Kt 17,700 ... 28 IW1 72 54.20S 72 '"" Loans anil discounts.... .... OviTdrafts, secured and uimcMireu.... U S Bonds t4) secure circulation Oilier stocks, bonds and iiiort(juKcs... Due from approved reserve iiKi-nts Due from other National IJniika Iteul estate, turnlture and tlxtures.... Checks aud oilier cash Items ~ — — Hills of oilier banks •••••••• • H ' uaJ - •r.ictloual paper currency, nickels and cents Specie • iu'S«h|iti'on r luiid wit'liU'/H. Treasurer (5 per cent, of circulation). ••••••••• • • Dnelrom U. S.Treasurer, oilier than 5 per cent, redemption funii The Aladdin Hard coal heater Is having a large sale and it is not to be wondered at for as a heater it is hard to beat, "i ou can see it by calling on Crawford Bros. 97 t(5 Ladies' Jersey - ribbed vents, long sleeves 35c, worth 50. Ladies' natural wool yests and pants 75c, cheap at SI. N Carpenter £ Co. Stamping done at R. A. Carter's. 90 to —First Part Call and see the beautiful trimmed hats and bonnets.. Also the very lat- eat In misses and children's hats at Mrs. F. C. Woodruff's. 08 1° You can save money by buying o.a- fees teas, and spicefl from J . A. Annas, aeent for Wlnslow, Rand & Watson. K 00-16* W — The Good Luck oak heater, for soft coal and wood; cheap in price and a splendid heater. For sale only by Davis & WilWnspn.____ j ____ 02 - l ° Farm tor Kent. The--Doyle farm situated, in Section 13 in town of Hume is for rent. For information apply to Wm. Doyle of said town or to J. E. McPherran — 04-tGw40-t2* JAS. DOYLE. Soptembf r 29, 188!). Horace Wanwa. Oa or two carloads of good sound draft and driving horses from live tj ten years old, weighing 1.100 Ibs. and upwards. Will be at Reefer's livery stable Oct. 7 to 10 inclusive, w 08 12 E.G. ANTIUM. The Red Cross range; the most artistic and best working stove in the city. For sale only by Davis & Wilkinson. 99-tC ^_Beacb7£T3ower3' minstrels Mon day, Oct. 7. at Wallace Opera House The strongest and best company they have ever had on the road. Every thing entirely new. Street parade about noon- Imported broadcloths 52 in. at SI Of worth Sl.GO. 54 in. ladies-cloths, al colors, COc. Excellent; value 75c. N Carpenter & Co ^ .__ Trli-'iiilnl ronolnve Knlahtn Toc-.i October 3d to October 5th, Inclusive the C. H. & Q. K. U. will sell round tri tickets to Washington, D. C. for $20.79 good for return until October 31st. By the payment of 810.00, additional at Washington, the return portion of the ticket may be exchanged for a ticket to New York and return, either via the same route, or via any other direct route to Chicago. Arrasene and chenille at 11. A. Car-tert: - 00t ° Something new, nice and comfortable In ladies' Ode blioes just arrived at P. J. Unkel's. Total ......... .............................. ?523,«2_2« MAIlILtTIKfl. anllal stock paid In ....... . urpliis fund.... ................................ m tvlded profits ............ ••• ............ iitlonal Bank notes outstundlnj?.....-.. "dividual deposits BuDiect to check... lemand certificates of deposit ..... ... Total..TATE OF ILLINOIS, COUNTY O S3. Icr'of thei „, ;, lt ,s true, to the berto^mjr K— ^.d Subscribed and sworn to belbre me tills 5th ay of OCM.IMJT, W^^ Notary ruullc . Correct— Attest: _„„, ER , ' vFcTOR S 9c'liu'KMAC'HER, J-Dlroctora. EOS WELL CHAMflON. J _ PEOPLE'S COLUMN nr-We will Insert three lines In this SS one Umi tor 10 tents, or for 40 cents a week. Bach additional line will be 6 wntu » slniflo In- -sertton. or 15cents a waek. : ——- ~ WASITKW. Only 10 cents for ^ tin es \under this Heading. W ANTED—Girl for housework. Apply at 1KM \V. 3rd street. .. W ANTKD-Kverybody to know thattbc pi: to buy a sewing machine _or orsan^s Kroy & Wnlicbread's. received. 'W™ HAWAII i tiu vi. «>,,.•>« •" bereral dray loads lint 1 at tiazotte office. Si tt W ANTED-A thoroughly competent girl for ceneral houieworK. Good wages. Mrs. (fl> o. , corner 4tU street au( avenue. Please Don't f cruet That I am prepared, as usual, to do all kinds of painting and paper hanging notwithstanding my contract to paint the electric light poles. T. G. WRIGHT —The Illinois . State associauou ui ed to b ' e more ac ti v e in me mture. ue Union prisoners of war holds its next' thought ao me members of the church meeting at Springfield Oct. 16 and 17. hgd found fau i t wl u him unjustly in rc- —Mr and Mrs. Plgg, of the First gard to his political activity, and said Ward, will spend the next three mouths that he had some better friends outside with relatives and friends W the west. of the church than in it. During the ** *»** * v .1 ._.,.»_ l __ Ty «w T\nr\\\ta FOR HAL.K. H^MI^MM^WMMMM Only 10 cents for J lines under this Heading. 1OR. SALE^Butter—1-arties wanting good i' butter in paclCRKesolft pounds,andupWHrds, Sin bLve It delivered M retail price of *«>a butler at the store-, by addressing O. K 1'»<"}!"«> Ualt, Ills. -. ________ F moK SALK-Uood Iowa, Nebraska Kansas _T land1 stock ot goods. Business ulacea for s^le and exchange. 8 Frank W. Watter, Acad- emyol Music, Uoom'4 (uu F OUBALE-A baraaln In three flne residences In 4tn ward. Inquire ol 1.1. BusuX or tne cuuiuu tuaii *« »«• ~ » — -Mrs. Ella Hatch, who has been vis-1 last presidential campaign Rev Dennis itiniTher parents atd other friends tor stumped Carroll county for the Eepub- Hing ner p»« j _ ,.„.,,„„„ I UcaQ tlcket and wa s a prominent candidate for the Lanark postoffice." Al/llJU UD* J*Wfcv***™* «••••• . — -— a few weeks, has returned to her home at Diion, —That big pearl which was telegraph ed all over the country as being worth 83,500, waa sold the other day at Al bany, Wia., for 81. —The Rockford street' railway has been sold to a Chicago syndicate, of which millionaire C. B. Holms is said to be at the back. —Arthur King Uas bought the Abram Landis property on 13th avenue and intends to remodel the house and occupy it next spring. —The electric light construction men ar« making swift progress hanging the electric lamps. The plant will bo in operation within ten days. —A social hop was given by Fred Coe at the residence of his father, 8, M. Co>e, Esq., in Jordan last evening. A number from this city wore present. Call at E. W. LUoBsom's and get an eye tester free of charge. 70-d&w The Gem and Diamond cook stoves are reliable and first-class in every respect. Get one and be happy. For sale only by Davis & Wilkinson. 0940 Now is the time to order your hard and soft coal of Moses Dillon. 00 t2 E. W. Blossom has taken the agenc; of the "I. C." brand Spectacles and Eye glasses. These spectacles are different from ordinary glasses, in that the lenses are ground from a French Tinted Crystal that shuts out the chemical and heat rays of light, makingthem very soothing to the eyes. Be sure and try them, see that that trade mark "i. o." is on every lens. 70-d&w The old reliable Stewart surface burn, era on exhibition and for sale by. Davis & Wilkinson The Stewart beaters, for hard coal, have stood the test of many years and today leads them all. OOtG Ranges I The "Bismarck" and "Sure Luck ranges are the best the market al Get one and see if this is not a fact. 97.10 CBAWFOUD Bitos. For Beach & Bowers! minstrels at G. L. Werntz's. Nothing extra for reserv- .ng same. ^ • ' To the ladies of Rock Falls and Sterling, please accept thanks for your liberal patronage in our millinery department. Ccme again and buy, good friends. Dill & Co. 07 tf I'lease call and examine the large stock of ladle's flne shoes just arrived at P. J. Unkel's. . Go to Dill & Co., Rock Falls, before purchasing your furniture. You can save money. . 87 tf The Aladdin Cook stove is used for wood or coal, and is acknowledged to be one of the | beat baker's the mhrket affords. 07-to CRAWFORD BROS. FOIl HAI.E OH TKAOE. Only 10 cents for J lines under this Heading. E TORaALK-Two new bilcfc residences centrally located for sate by J. J. MUltr or tt. J. Wickens. — Cloaks and ^ Sacques. Only. 10 cents for j lints under this Heading. F IUB KbN l-House for rent In West Hock Falln. A. Morse. ""^ TX> r s jR RENT—House for rent, near Wallace school. L. E. Brooktield. «"•'» _ F OB EENT-4houfC9 to rent and a number ol bouses for sale by Adam Smith. V3-U* Tlic Mammoth Restaurant is now open for business and when you want a good square meal, or a good lunch, at any time of day or night, call at No. ICG East Third street and you will be sure to get a good meal or lunch. T c\ TRARF—Power and room lormanufactur In* punmcs. m the bullulng tor•raerly occupied by Oburcli & i'actaraon. Address B.C. lliurch. Dulutli, Minn. T G-oods now rustle Clerks do Imstle. Notlcr. Special display of trimmed hats and for three days, commencing y, Oct. 3, ut Frey & Davis'. F INANCIAL-Moneytoloan--*l,*xX> at 0 per ceut.,ou farm security. I. I. " U3n<3 £°f Falls. TACOB EISELE, THE LEADING «. A. K. Attention I Miss Helen Hooker, niece of Gen. Joe Hooker, will.asslst in an entertainment given by the young people of the "Congregational church next Friday evening, October llth. Come and hear her. Admission 25 cents. 09-tf One car fresh lime just received at Moses Dillon's. 8U t2 {latest style). iimoer nu"» ^" io ""j ••«•- «- i You are invited to attend the enter—Joseph Orr, Jr., who left for Dako- ^j^^t at the Congregational church . n^« vnara aofo. has sold out his pos-1 Friday gybing, October llth. See press notices and lithographs. Reserved seats 25 cents. --09-tf - , ., ta five years ago, has sold out his pos sessions there on account of the poor crops, and has returned to Sterling. —Mr. aud Mrs. Abe Krleder will return from St. Louis about the 15th, when they will have a sale and move to Burlington, where he has been employed some time. —Two street railway syndlcatss want to construct electric motor lines iu i)u- buque. Each want to buy the plant of tha present street railway company, [ and will then apply to the council for a charter. The ladies' white knit vests and d rawera that J.K. Chester is selling at 88 eta. beats anything offered in the city. Call jmdjiee them. follow tiie Crowd To Kler's and you will uad the nicest aasortment of Fall and Winter ui.der- ware, gloves, hosiery, etc., all for gee- tletuen, boys aud youths, that is to be gaeu this side of Chicago. Statement ot Hev. Thos. OF OSKALOOSA, IOWA. In the fall of 1887 my attention was cailed to the medical pamphlet published by the Rheumatic Syrup Co.. of Jackson, Mich., advertising Hibbard's Rheumatler Syrup;—The-- ingredients composing the remedy and known to be of great medicinal merit, led me to belitve the remedy a good one and 1 bought six bottles. I had a soreness in toy stomach and sides and a spinal affection which threatened paralysis. 1 applied two plasters extending from my stomach to my sides wh^h I wore for a month. I never found any modi- cine which gave me so much relief. 1 recommend Hibbard's'Rheumatic Sy rup and Piasters as remedies of great merit, and, I think, the greatest of^the age It will do you good to take a look through our mammoth stock. Every department complete. - Oettinger's Double Front Clothing House. 04 to Heady Made CloUilnff. ' We have lately returned from the Eastern markets, where every advantage thilt long experience and ready cash will give were utilized in making purchases f or Falf* and Winter Stock. Our counters are being piled high with goods that we can recommend, both for quality and style. Our departments were never more complete and our long experience in the clothing trade has taught us the wants and tastes of the public. We cordially invite you to trade with us, believing we can serve you well. J. R. BELL & SON. Is now prepared to take orders for gentlemen's suits and overcoats for fall and winter. Now in stock all kinds of cloths, cas- simero and overcoatings and the finest stock _of_ pants goods ever shown in this city. Leave your orders to have them made up in the latest eastern styles and »t bottom prices. Doing his own cutting and having no rent to pay, his customers get the benefit. Carpets, Rugs. Davis & Wilkinson, West End Stove and Hardware merchants, can do you good for anything la tlwir line. Every body invited. ^ I J. K. Chester has in stock over thirty different styles of corseU including Warners, MudamFoy's.Uoya), WorcfB | ter, and others. Youcau save money by buying of him. DR, A. W. BAER. OFFICE OVEH Clothing Store, Female «nd Children'* IHaeaBea a Specialty. 81-ms i Me Toil for Ladies "and Jersey (Ribbed), in Wool and Cotton A Full Line of Dry Goods andNotions Scarlet, Merino, Call and Examine Before Buying. 1U

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