Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 22, 1912 · Page 7
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 7

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 22, 1912
Page 7
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"I Don't Sec Where the Turks Will Have Any Chance with That Bunch,"^ys Felix to Fink. WANTS-ALL KINDS WAXTED—POSITION BY COMl'K- tent swnographor of seven years* ox- perlonc«. AiidroBs E. N., 614 S. Walnut St , lola, Kan. ' FORM LOANS WA.\TED—I AM prepared to take care ot Farm I^ans large or small, at the lowest rate to be obtained anywhere. Privilege to pay any amount at any Interest pay- In^ time. See me and get terms and rate, before placing your loan. ft. L. Thompson. Over Evans Drug Store. WANTS—ALL KINDS WANTED—MAN AND WOMAN FOR Kcncrnl work at Pinnsylvanla Hotel. WANTED—MAN TO WORK ON MV farm. I)r. W. S. Hendricks. FOR SALE—FOR SALE FOR SALE—FOR SALE | FOR RENT—FOR RENT FOR SALE— noes E KIMINISK- In^f. ruK!!> linoleums. truiikH. suit oasi's ;.nd coinbinatlon hiMt.TS Uon- uell. U N. .Icflersuu. HJtoiiu Iliyo. FOR SALK—WINTER APPLES 2 :.c : FOR RENT—FOVR* ROOM MOO- per l)\is!iel; elder apples. Sc. Tobln? i i-i n house; paved street. See M. L KrnnuT. ;i miles norlli. 2 wo.-t | Decker. 211 N. Sycamore. WANTED — CHAMRERMAlI) i„„ dining room pirl. Peiinsylvanlu Hotel, l-j^. loja. KiMJ v :\tv Iinnm.' AVI. 1 or iv' SECOND HAND 11 O r S K H O L D KOU UENT -FrRNlSHED ROOMS. — i I JiS,.'' tT;^!m''^m^^!>:,^ Xoit: S--'^' sme cheap at .01 S. Walnut.; N. ..caerHon. AND |ivvo poarches, cistern, dc. IMiunc y.'S- i FOR SALE-INREDEEMED Sl'lT ' POK KENT-SIX ROOM MODERN : cases. Vou cnu't toll them from new -$2 2r. F""" tl All kln.Is of handliaRs WANTED AT lOLA-lMI'E LINE | STOVE WOOD FOR S.\LE , ;•, teams. $4 .00 to $.'.00 ii day. C. C. Luc- ...ird dollvereil. Phone ".»!i7-22. .1. H. |-'nd trunks Illu-us Pawn Sho|. .In fruit ctick. Phono 11)4. I Fri..:ihpnmover or R. D. llorvllte. ! Phone 474-.1. i.inasc Sii2 EiLsl St. Phone 'M>'J. WANT—YOU TO KNOW AROLT the finest fruit an<\ farmlnp. section In Florida. Address H. G. Oalcs, Arcadia. Florida. P. O. Box 20. fides, we need the business and will aitprcciate your patronage. R. L W..\NTED-i;iRL FOR 1.1 fi n T 'l"""'"'""" P"""*^ "ver Evans hiiuse work. Mi-s. Ili.ksDn. :!'i2 N ""'S htorc. ^ Ooi ton wood, or phone 274. • ; FOR SALE— TK.\M. WAOaV AND >-arii ' Frank Hover, 4 miles south Store, FOR .VAI.K-I500D F.MtM IIDIISK lola Ijiundry. LOST AND FOUND. LO.ST-OOLD HAND RIMV SOME wliore In the north part of town, near KOU SA..K S..:Cf,N.. HAM. CO^.K [ '\,'''^. 1'"'^^^ to Register .,t,n,. $1 110: Star i;ur..,M- J 2,HM. n-uu- I "f"''' '^''"••"•d. R- WMa. P,;>1. Ttil Kvans, 1"! S. Walnut. _i LOST -<;i;\r.S LEATHER POCKET -.,,.„ ,M.i.-'ii Mii'/Mi l>™>k fl-.wn town, contalnln?: $1" in cows .1. f. Mutcher. pliorif >Mi. .... ' Iici>nse. .r O McCleary. Ple.-isc leave WA.NTED—MEN TO LE ber trade. No Jimit to term. Tools ! given. W'agcs while learning. You can! join us with assurance you will sue- ' KOU SALE OR TILVDE-UOOD! at Hc^ister office. Rewanl. rami. Phone <y.i«. LOST—TARPAULIN. \N'EST OS - ' • •• •-' ' Jm — i KOR SALE AT ONCE—TWO HOUS- PE.N.V- in Io!:i eitlior with or without lots. thousands for our beneficial co\jrse. Investigate now. Molar Barber College, Kansas City, Mo. FOR SALE—FOR SALE ! FOR SALE CHEAP—ALL KINDS i of shotKuns, revolvers and rifles, trunks, handbaps and watches. Above WANTED—L^VBORERS FOR FOUN- ' FOR SALE—MY HOME FURNI- ' iirlicl.-s have boeii pawned and are un- dry work; wages $1 .7."> to $2.00 a^day; ^ sure, young cow and wl;itc Wyandotte ' redeemed, tlicrcfore 1 can so'l 'hem 3in.s. rLARK DKFENDS rilAHI'. Arose and Uenied Stnlpnipnt Made In Vlnjlta (linrch. Ki.slni; in a. lar^e nudlence In- n church atVlnltn. Okla.. some days ago. Mrs. Chnmn Clark, who was visiting in Vinitn. pointed her finger at H. T.'j^ lyiughbauui. supfrintendent of the Ok- . lahoir.a Anti-Snloon league, and told . him he dellberntely was misrepresent- . • .- - c* I r«l»*tf *#w i ~ Professional Directoiy. DB. C. M. BUSS 1 • DeaUst • Extraction -wltbout pata by Oi« . • use of Nitrous Oxide Gas. • Boon So. 1 . Sorthmp BI4». Phones—Office-553; Rea. 862 •. » ,•: ! •> MOir£T TO L0A5I . « •> Will lend on bonaeliold goodk -4 •> pianoB. • organs,-. sewing mar* ^ ^ rblnes. diamonds and Jewelry. # •> J. W.COrFET' , i • •> GiBee, So. UO Sorth StiMt • • .," - •• •> PHILLIF HEIGXU • • > • » BARKESS ANO'SABBLSBX • » eeaerai Bepalrlaf • « 110^ South Street—lola. K M, <> F. L. B. LEATELI, X. Di • « SpecialUes: DIseaaes ot the Chiut Diseases of Children Pbeaes-Once 1471 Ret. liT lola Bute Bank Bldg. • • T.O.CANATSEY Expert Piano Taninf and Repairing, TiTT ^-CHOlCE MILK COWS, town. Call 1222. Reward !'i"»ne t'l".". ^^^^^""""^^^^^^^^^^^^ • • A .Hnrrclons Escape. . 'yi\- little boy had a marvelous X?(\Xf RFXT FOR RENT '^'=Pai'<?'" writes "P. .F Ba.=tlauis ofj *^ii5Sii £liiiJ3dLa^^ Albert. Cape of Good Hope. I FOR RENT-FOUR ROOM HOUSK,i">t-^""'"' '° ^'^'^ ^ Ing the attitude of Speaker Clark toward the Shepherd-Kenyon bill that ; was i>endinp before the last session! of ('nn:;re.-'s. (..aughhnum .«ald thai the influence of the siieaker was used a.Kalnst the iirohlbitionleailers trying' to pel the lilll reported from the com- ; mitfoi.. •'That is untrue." declared a woman '•• who aros" in tlie iiouse. "1 am Champ ;• Ulurk'.s w Ife and I know you are mis- '< reproson!fn.e his i>osition. You have no richt to do'it and I am pleased io tell you so •• <><>«0<><><>«<><>«««« • • « uugiibaum protested he was right' • and when he continued the argument. ^ j , • Mrs. Clark loft the church. •> ACCTIO^TEEBI : •> A. D. Collins With Roberta Uualc C OL FHOirx in (First Published October 14, 1912.) REGISTRATIOX NOTICE. Office of the City Clerk. October 14th. 1912. Notice is hereby given that begin- I in me umiuiu v»i ; :\oilce is nereuj K»\CII iimi. ucfeiu- ... , ... 1"^,"^?^ ' nicht. He pot a very severe attack ; nlng October 16th. 1912. this office furni <h .d or unfurnished. inquire „f (.roun. As luck wolud have it- I ; „in be kept open during the noon — run OI CrOUO- rtS imiv »i>;iiu ti. • .will DC KCpi U|»eu uuiiuB """" H':; s t h.yinut. Phone W.\ 1^^^ ^ J,P^J,P cnamberlaln-s hour and until 10 o-clock at night for • General Farm Sales; Livestock •> a specialty. Satisfaction guar•> anteed. Address, Carlyle. • • steady employment. U. s Corporation. Paola, Kas. Radiator chickens. Will sacrifice for quick sale. : rheap. iiipus Shop, in :"iuit Cora n. C.utzner, !*o:> So. Washlnpton. ' stor«\ Phono 29:!. . i nan a i.Tr.ue uuiiie ui \..iioi"u^i*".".. nour anu uiiiii «». 1*1^**1. I MVT nn SMI.' THTRVis?? CouRh Remedy In the hon-ie. After it,,e registration of voters; and* at 10 KOK KKNT OR SAl..h—HK.Nihii- f „„o ,^.in^ .urcctions for an hour; o-clock Friday night. October 2Dth. ..,! rost;.Ti-:int and rooms; 21S South ^^^^ turntv minutes he was through |,he reiristratlon books will be closed Strr.-t. Phone 122u. nl! dancrr." Sold by all dealers. fnr the general election to be held .\ovcmber .".th. 1912. UUillRPE NEWS FOR TOOAYi THREE-POIMI MKA>S R\BY KEPT IN IMIRATOIL IS Chas. Ashley III Wilb Tuberrulosls- 22 Candidates for the h. & I- of S..llrre. I Try -thir Own" COLD TARI.KTS •f hey cure In one day. « ATKHS \ IIAXFOIITII UrniT" and .lenelrj THE DATS DOING!) AT ens Gin I ^•'iiii.i-l with Miss l.nis Wilson this ovrn- -lie Tin- -ii'.'jii-; fov d;-111. siiii! v\ill !„• ICiiufUc Wan-. !!ic Kansas imnl. Ciiarlrs r.nninutin shipinni two * r.ns o rra:tl.' at'.d lii''.;s to t:..- markets * : >.-T.-:.!ay ^ , —For tJlassos. .<i>e I. 'J Fiant/. th. •t-' (lptriiii<-tr!-<l. at .MK'lK'rry s R<-sl;iiirain ' • Ti'.osday. I'rtnIt.T l.'.sh 'S^', V f \n-'ii'r. i>r I'i'liiii.v. was iu town ; «)ii;irIiTl> Conferenri. Held at M. riiiirch. .Srhtml Hoys Onrunlze nil. AM> .Hits, HA!M.«<0>'.S i.-,TII >>i:i>l)lM; ANMVKK.SARV. LAHARPK. OCT T: \\y aii.l Mrs Fred», of south <if town, arc parents of a son l>or,n Friday Tlie child only weighed t.'tive iKiimds atiii to save iij5 life th.y (were advisi'd to raise It in an incubator This limy are doing and up t<' tiiisl writing the infant is getting alnisv: ; s nirely as c<iuld bo expectrd, C Rorln, of Yates (fVliter. Siindayrd with hl.s fauiily in l.iiHarpe. j visiiTday limKiim f r a to 1110. S- ill f.-u-.i- ii.irlh <'! town. ••• William . M N M US. ..f i tiii.nlKv.n. ^v>-n •'• Suiidav h';- pan'tr . .Ml am' Mr- 1 I. H M.v 'lii FoiiHiull Team. • •> •> •> • •> • •:• • • •:• '> <' •> * *> KKI.T .M\Tri:i:ssKS Tlie l«iv<-r Fell Mattress i: the licsl sii'd aiivv,li >-nv \\ 1 have tliiiii for 7.'. rash. Heavy cnil l«>d s |irin =s gu;ir- antcil for tweiitj-liu' y,:^.at $:;7.-.. LAHARPK H KMTUKi: STOKI- 11. K. .Martin. I'mp, : *> • . . » . ; I Musi.- !>v :i\..-i 'i<'. (• lie-Vs'-ri. ; <• •:• •> •> •:• •:• • •> •> •:• •:• ••• •>•.••>•>-.• | • Q CIUILKY. Man . The Ijillariie iixiiiiaii le.nm wiii K« .5, y to I./»Roy. Novemln'r 2nd. and coiupete i .5, with the first team . It is prolialile the^. boxfs will play Krie he.'o .>Jafttnhn .> Manager.Ransom had a telephono call .j, forilhem at this writing. .j, S. .M .lackson was up fnMU Collins- 1^ vllle and visiteil his family over Sat- nrday and Sundav —Those I'llmax Keg Rin=l.»ts. Thy j them in soupi F^vi- cents i>ackage at \ W. R. Mltcheirs. ! jn Fort Scott. Charlie Ashley is dangerously HI at | ii„i ;!,rs ..^f Top.-ka. is the home of his parents. Mr. and Mrs 1 ,,pr,, ,io„,onstr.-iting the Po..^tum Cereal C. F. Ashley suffering from tiib.>r<-ii-,'!-- itt Park'iiirsts grr •o'-y losis. Two brothers, .lohn and Owen ; ~ ^j';; Arcliio Morrison has' refiraed ABhley. who attend The Raker Univer-, from .>Hldr.-d aft.-r an enjrvaliie «...>k sity. at. Baldwin, were c.illcd here }os- f^^, ,.arenis. .Mr. .-.nd .Mrs W. B terday. , Mg,. —Just received a shipment of Mun-i ;\,rs. F. S. Halm, wh" Imvo sing Union Suits for m.-n. wom^n adn • i„.,, xnlsa. nrw*»v and oih^r points children. Cmne while the sizes are • Oklahoma for the past te" -i"- coraplote.^ r. W. Friedley. j r,,,„rn This .^enine. Mrs I J. J. Bowiby. who has been mak 1 , , , , r ,• • ing her hoiTTe with her daughter. Mrs.! 'f^^ ^"^'"f' Belle Axteli. w»nt to Savonhurg yes-i-' M "'-I'^>'1procerv 111 V. OCT J'.' .Mr ami Mrs \ on r. Ii'|i_r;il<Ml llnir lwilil>- • IM> w .Idiiiu a•lI1^v^.r^.lry fVt, ai I'l.T JKiiiH- oil .Viirth Hohart sir<''' A i'<\v rUisf trhiids \ii r.' (>r>"-'>iii iiinl :i <'.iy Kvii.s io|Mirifd Mr ;itid Nils M:idi-<i>l1. w.T.> tin- r« «Jl«i'-tlls lit lii.iti.v I K iiiHltll gifts .Miss y.iW-.i l';im> li;i.s jtri'i'Jiti i| ii siiioii Ml th" .Morati |M».si(ifjM.- h I K:; ill li. r duli*s .Miuiflay .Mis.- .\>.irgar.i Kull (•ti'-rliii:. •! Pi.i .'nd I'.itil.ih l.dWi-r and Itiuli I'ui"- ai -lirti. r S>n-il;i> .Mrs Iv. till. It. ^fli r an i-\i>-iid« .i w'.'i n-ili I KT cr.-iijd'l.-iii::);'.T.v. M- >- •l;lnl.•^ Il.ti Sli.iikli It and •rum <; in th - MiMi-f !ui)l .n | y. si. rdjiv for hi-r horn \.-ljii!u-. (ivi'li-r 2! 1 Wiiil-i. Wash. AI>T JKMIHt'S P\>CAKE FLOIK. (.•^elf Rising) Per PkE., 1« and 25c CARI. * HUNTER ilixs, Knns. • 4--lrS-**^-**-l--> T. F. ZIEGLER. City Clerk. —Kxtra low prices on new and used .Gas and Coal Stoves. Ed Henninger, ; West Madison. —Mrs. Peter Holan, 11501 Back«ra Rd. Cleveland. O.. says: "Yes, indeed I can recommend Foley's Honey'and Tar Compound. My little i boy hkd « bad case of whooping cough some limes be was blue in the face. I cnivo bim Foley's Honey and Tar Compoucd and. it had a remarkable effect "and cured him in a short time." Cont&iha no harmful drugs. Burrell'a Drns Store. PiMiy fii:i|>iii;in is uoill'.; to .^iiiilli ; iiMiUiv III >^ii..nd til., winti r I Mr ami Mrs .1 f WIii»tii.r. of Wil-' • •V. . .s|i.iit Siiiiil.iy at tli>' .1 T Hastiui;- iiiiiiio . ('r\a' 't;-i.l ..>!>. u!-.i: i .1 111 i-!i .11 Ml- l".«r: -n. K:is . .s'tr 1 MiUf, iia. r. :urn-! • ••I lii'iiK- fur t! •• wini.r Mr- (• ,A W:iltv. r. v!.'. V:\' 1 n vi-i'iiig !!••:.. il.inui i.r. .Mr- W K Mitil'i'Ii. \\>-n< 111 t>ii:iu.l. \rs1iMl.l.\ I'lr .1 ^li'i;' . 1 -i; ii >MP \>V i- \T THE iJKAMK "His Last Rnuiidup*' Pt«*nsrd a l.nnre Klrsl Mithl Andienre, l>-sl> >olice. T'"- Iii'.i-'<•' > I i.ifi'•(!.; '"I'll li. ;iniii>uiK-i il:at i*i. v UIM ;r.>:r fivst daiii i- lulii. riiiir-l.i.. Ill - iiK I KUM 11! wiMihi 'r. com t!,, i I, 1 ; \ •• •iii.iif .1 • ,, I 's • -"X > 1. , X. •• 1.- T • ! • ' .1 . 1 v largi* , .1 • • i' V i.v • 1 t';- ... . , ii'.'.l -liis l..>s: ••1 \v.:s t'.i II >•• :"ily 1 ••- j«.«.d liv :ill in th'> aiidi'-nie ,.- ,1 1 Mls« .lu'ia l..ii:htun. as tin- Boss in waii.i J .^1^ ^ „ as tiie foronian , , , \voi< instntii favor and wer.> well suo- Mrs. M. A r R-msb-rg and dan:;!'- ..xcHlcnl cast. The i-r Miss Ksta left today for Morns. "«>k . f i daiigh ,,iss Ksta left today for Morris l-;;^;: ."^^^y „„„,5,o,^ by IWl r,.r a two w.-ks vtsn ' Tonilit'.son and Miss .lessie Lewis and ir.r an.! s:st.-r. ^Mr? M Lo.i - -^^ ,,,..,rty Boat right famuy formeriv ,i,„daus.-. The company NOTICE! STOVE OIL or DISTILLATE A full supply on hand at 409 North Jeflfer- son Avenue. Humboldt Refining Co. Tcleiifionc 725. M. Ht^ngcrford, Agent No Deliveries Made on Less Than Barrel Lots rtTnn ntimilin ^chr TI -..- Boairiglit famliy for.mriy ^^^^^^^ ^l^^,,.^^^^^^^^ The company klllM mUt -h/lNh t r'^;' "T „ M -i-r .f M-.rion Ka. inaugurate a nrw policy .it the |'wiH sHI at PnbHc J ,J|Ur OnLLLmO '-^--^ - .o,..honola,andln..le. PUBLIC SALEl Anrtion at my farm 3 miles west and IH Jnttea '.''^ east and l?i mllw soirth of ttqaa, Kansas^ oB iMi' \ft—• " fan-'. com<'dv. There ;• U I. Evans is p!|.-rg a ::.<s ii...'ni I - ;^ f,,.H-ialties and pictures. , from his w..|l th" C.-org.- K-msh-rg, i;.n;l .1. Kni'PP homi s. ' terday to winter with her son. .1. H. Bowiby. Ed Danforth went to«as City today to purchase his holiday poods. Mrs Danforth .irromiwnied him for a week's visit there. Mr, and .Mrs Ciiarles .Aener. of Afn- ran. spent Saturday with Mr. and Mrs. H. P. Doty. Mrs. H. D. Smith has gone to Bartlesville to pack her household 50od.<! to move IJack to I-iHarpe. Waltifr McGlnnis has returned to .Mr and Mrs .1. M V.illiaif.s. fniuierij if this county. vi>=itetl here Sunday "n .,.,,.,,„,., _ . .•>-:••'• _Mr?. Paul w»niinp. 41 en d"ys U„., Cpype on ,4 Rnco pQ d •^"''^ ' >••""•!";•',"• Peoria. HI., had kidney : tn AM. ^.Qr nay reVer ana nU&C , uumboiai anrr a short visit with ber ,.i,h ;errlble ba Try Ely's Cream Balnii It Ifi.iar-ht.r.*. Mr* Tom Goes and Mrs. n„naB the bins. .1 Gives Instant Relief TKursday, October 24.1912 Beirinninsr at 10 o'clock, a. the following described propertr: 1 .=orrel hoTf^. wt. li'"? !h?.,- I black sorrel colt. moniis old rows. HOriiEHOLD GOODS. -Mrs. Paul W»hlinp. 316 Smith St.: i:"and liladdo- .,,,,,^„,,. „ backache and • iisht.r.*. Mrs Tom Goes and Mrs. ^j,,,, a^rogs the bips. .Tust ima?tne ; H.>u s:.;uk!«'tt V-or condition. She further savs: ; ^are with foal -vt. 11*'0 llis ; 1 fine l)r Chaudl'-r. lisirift supirint'nil-; ^j^^, jj-.^^ ycrv nervous, had headaches ' '!.T :fr;i R-v R. .M. Culll-son vv»re over .^^j spalls, and was fast getting it tuts countv. visiieti iiei'- oiiiii.i.. vvsterdav afternoon an i •'.••Id 'luarter-; ^.^j.^.^ ^-p^n I took Foley Kidney Pills. i wtt.-u — , - ^ .,^5 rf.nto to Bronson for a visit They; «'Ba]m" is just the word for this i.^n^.r^iu*-• in the church., I»r.. troubles are cured., 3 good cows giving iiulk, fresh in{jg,jjg 1 goUd oak dresser, 1 chiffonier, liv o .nt r>ak.-rsri..ld. Calif 1 soothing, healing, antiseptic G»vam. Its (.,,.,^,,11,.^ was in lola last niuhf. ! Polev Kidnev Pills have done so much ! Januarv. 1'in February. ' " I I gas range. 1 Rezaor gas heater; lj ;.^f •Cole's hot blast heater, 1 dinibg taWe;- : 1 kitchen cabinet. 1 solid oak center -^j recommend; 3J3!*«WW** 5^** forming his duties. ^ * -Pun-, wholesome and a V WHH> PRKSCIUPTION *jPci!ddors Maple ^ % \ *; .1. R. Smith a becomes utterly useless if poor « drug* are used. This is why \<.y. I 6 dining room chairs. 5 kitchen clialra 3 rockers, 1 Iron bed springs and niiat- : si tress, 1 sanitary comih and mattren.: ..^ riding cultivator. ^ 1 set lace curtain stretchers and many liif^ : top buggy, 1 sec g^jigr things too numerous to'tnentloii. "^^ set single harness;' •ater tank. i 200 bushels of corn in crib. g^SnS/'i ^d ^^i^tai.SJpaiVHay' . - "ucket is a "Standpatter" Pn. FeverSeaswn. ,reiuruMl from .i UOCKS .it .M.ip . ,^,,5 ,5 p^ld for by his op- Hay Fever is do* to an irritated, in- ' |>onont. Mr Pav.son might eop» that flamed condition of the mucous mem- Ira !.;.r..l!s is rrcovorinp from an at- • ; run it in Allen county to his i on business : brane (inside skin) of the nose and tivck of tonsilitls. ' advntiti.?.-. used. This Is whv ft 1 .\ class of tweniv-two were taken .Uiroat. Strong powders, snuffs and W. M I 'sury and family ar.> mo\in;;. . * we ask vou to show your doctor •"«* into the K. JC- 1. of S. lodge fjaturday sprays dmply aRgrn »v«t® t™"'*'*'- «'arly!e to be pear .Mr I sur> s • ,M:,nv ,\U«-n county r>eople knew Ho. » Ibis Prescriptions as'we com- * nlsht Fifteen more were hallotted h\it Ely's CreamBalmsoothes, healsar.d uorl ra Heio<l. who was for many ,v.-(irs « pound them. We are proud of * for tlje next meetlnc. .Vovember 2rd sfaxmjfWenB the raw, sore raerobranw, . \rr- P. rkiiis is r.-.-."i>i 01 .. I«frer!fir«» chief at ClmniHe .-ind widely « our ability and stock Our prices * Mr. and Mrs. H. .1. Xcllson tusd Mr. and >« this way not only relieves the from Vrs. Wm. L-iughenberg.r. form-j i«nown as a hors«mHn. >H<' di."l Mon* are reasonable. * and Mrs C. T. Harris were Sunday trouble but pravcnts its return. ;<.rly of this city, now ri-sldin,!; in i day afternoon in a hospital at Alva. « * •.iiests of Mr. and Mr.'^. Glen BlUbe of. All drugjosta sell and recommend it. spriuiifleld. Mo., staling that thf f»m-; Okla. The remains will be takeit to « * F. .V. rOOKSET * norTbofGa=. ; Get a fifty cent bottle to-day-nse uy (g just recoverlpp from .1 sever.'j Chanute for burial. » r Preticrlptlon Dminrist. * Th-M O O F lodse pitt on second . it according to directions-get ywi .^^ . » * decree work last niphf. , money back if you are not satistiea Mrs John Coger was shopping in -4S. 9 .S, $12.95. |16.9r., J20.9.';. $24 9.i *«««3-*«S«*$ The Mutual Improvement Club wlllj Special Agent—S. it Burrcll. l .aHarpe yesterday. • | Prices for Suits at the New York Store. TEiUfS OF .S.ILE—All sums of $I(i.t)0 and under, cash In hand. AU atima ; i I over $10.00, a ci-edit of 12 months will be given, purchaser glTiss note wUh v'^ [approved security, bearing 6% interest from datii If paid whWTflBk-*1Bf|W>t p-jld when due to draw 10% from date of sale. 4% discount for caiali ^on:t| credit sales. No property to be removed until settled for. roL. r. S. BISHOP. .Inctloneer. ^ yug LUNCH ON THE GROUNDS. ^ \'^c4^ Have you a house for rent?"Have you^ethi^^^ll want to trade? Tell your wajnts through the Itegi^^V|l^

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