Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on October 5, 1889 · Page 1
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 1

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 5, 1889
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, \\ VOLUME 8. * WRAPPERS (URI.E 3IZE) receive a STEELING, ILLINOIS, SATURDAY, OCTOBER 5 1889. NUMBER 199. final. T.nmhrvr jvr.rl Salt ChflER N IGNOBLE LORD. Allegations Against the Ear! of Galloway. NOTABLE FEATURES OF THE CASE. LO& N. W. TIME TABLE, OOINO BAST. 'AttantloKx 2:42 ». m Hterling rasn...6::w a. m. Limited Fans. 8:52 a.m. 1:5B p. m 8:40 ft. m.' (Ulntnn Denver OOINO'WEST, Paclflo Ex 2:22a. m. Sterlliiff PM8.8:«) p. ra. LimitedTasa. <:04p.m. Cllr.t«nFass Denver 1:13 p.m. 8:58 " FBBIUHTTlUINS THAT CABBY PABBBNGEBa, OOINOBAHT. ._. OOIKOWK8T, NO. 1S....~. 8.15 P. m. No. to 6:50 a, in. No. 17— ,....7:4o a. m. ,.lO;Wa.m. CH1MBORL1NGTON&PNGYB.B. OOINQ BAST. 1 OOINO WEST. (•8—PasseiiKer 6^0 a,m. 3B—Faaiengor 4^0 p.m. 7li -Freight.....»-.15 p.m. 41—Freight B:00 a.m ARRIVE FKOM BABT. 79 —Passenger...9:00p.m. 77-Freight 8:tOa.m ABKIVB FROM WHST. 8S—Passanger 10 ;80 a-m. 42 -Frelglit......8;80p.m. KPasaenger No. SB connects with trains east an* wast oil Clinton Branch: with 0. R. I & P. B- B. tt Rock Island cast and west; with main line tor points west, Council Bluffs, Omaha and be- yond-nnd-lor K&naas Olty_and points beyond. —SPECIALTIES. — The Finest, Most Durable, and holds Its shape the best of any whip in the market. Tho Easiest Dumped, Easiest Running and Latest Improved Sweeper made. . Fancy Patent, per sack, $1.50. Two Backs $2.80 Half Patent, " . l.W. " " 2.60 Some of the oldest residents, of this city claim.this to be the best flour they ever uaed In the "." V State of Illinois.' 5 Oream of JPatent 9 n, J3aisy and. Minn. JR oiler in stock. A Tonsil Troblpm in MorM Phlloinphy Prcsont«?<1 •— WnrklilRnien Uemsimlln/j That ,7u«Hc« H« l)o?io Ilfijrtrtllps* of Pinltlon—-A Urflimt Ilnmc Iluler —Harcourt Pumping Hope Into'\tho ls- —fiiatp Knllvrny Marmcemwnt in Baynrla—Persecution of the Jow*. LONDON, Oct. 5.—Tho forthcoming trial of Enron Sluiirt, bettor known by bis titlo of tho purl tif Gnllowny, nnd «'ho l« olmrpod with having assaulted a numb.T of young girls, promises to create n sensation. Fertile as havo been tbo London crops of immorality and scandal for a score of years, the present case promise to be unparalleled, and at the clubs, OB well as in aristocratic circles generally, it is nctunlly furnishing more food for gossip than was produced by Ilia evor-ct'lebrnted Mordaunt divorce caso, when the heir apparent to tho tin-one was compelled to go into tho witness-box, and declare upon his honor, ns the future king of Kngland (in the providence of Ood), the tho usual oath being omitted, that his relations with tho wife ol his erstwhile boon companion had been in strict accordance with the ethics of honor, and that, further, upon hia honor as a man and a gentleman, his alleged attachment,for tho unfortunate wife, then pining away In a mad-house, was purely platonia Remarkable Features of tho Cnno. . Tho present caso presents tho spectacle of •no of the moat wealthy poors of the realm, with vast estates and a magnificent rent roll, living in a condition of splendor second only to that of royalty Itsalf, the brother-in- law of the Marquis of Salisbury, prime rain Ister of England, u member of tho governing boards of half odoaon of the mast ex- oluslva clubs in the country; so devout a chflrx'hmsR !^_L?J1"?-?'"? *'K-_"is"-"•- ?""•;_ tlon of bomj; Appointed Innl hl^li comuita- aiouer to thu general assembly of tho Church • of Scotland, a man of learn Ins; and an orator who has never [ailed, to command attention in the house of lords, arrnignel like a common criminal to stand trial for an of- fonaa that betrays an utter luclt of moral instinct, 1'ubllo Opinion Against Him. Naturally enough public sentiment is dead against him. His own immediate circlo, poo- pie of title who consider an appearance as co-respondent in a dlvo--co c-ise little more than a good joke, oro indignant because tho earl could not "content himself with higher game," to^juoto an expression used at a fash- Innuble club the otbnr evening; while tho working ellipses, and especially the socialist- domocratic element, find in tho affair good material for renewed denunciation of tho "upper classes," and are vigorously demanding that tho full measure of justice be awarded ill tho case. Let No Guilty Stun Kucupo. Such offenses, when perpetrated by one of their own number, they say, are visited with the utmost aavurity of tho law, oven in the fnco of doubtful ovidpnuo or mitigating circumstances, and no exception should be made In favor of blue blood. The maximum punishment, in the event of conviction, Is twenty years' penal sarvitudo upon each indictment. It is reported that retainers of $100,000 each have been oftored In bohulf of thij defense to Sir Richard Webster and 8ir Charles Russell, respectively attorney general and ex-attornuy general -• His Ixirdnhlp Arraigned. The earl of Galloway was arraigned before the court in Dnmfries, Scotland, yesterday, charged with Indecent behavior toward a little girl named Gibson, one of his alleged victims. He pleaded not guilty, and his trial was set down for Oct. 14. mmbiH employes IIL 2 oVUn'k yt.^t^idny nrnlnx. A union wns formed with llio ob- "nt of forcing from thoir employers a con- 'osnion of shortnr hnnri and more' eqnitsble . A Signal Man's JVHjtallo. LONDON, Oct. 5,—A collision occurred ycs- torday between a passenger train and a goods rain on tho railway from .Mat.choater to Btockport Tbo passongor train was traveling at a lilph rnt« of speed, and tho two camo tORothcr with torrinc force. Three •SOHB were killed and many injured. The collision was the result of the mistaka of a signal man. The Russian Cztir Baclr« Her. BEUJHADE, Oct. r>.—In spita of all protest* ex-Queon Natalie has deborniinpd to build a magnificent mansion in this city, mid establish a court. Tim Servian regency, nftcr unavailing attempts . to dissuade tho queen from her determination, havo given their consent, recognizing in her action the powerful hand of tho Kits-nan c?,ar. NINE MONTHS' FAILURES. taking War on the Civil Service Commission. OHAEG E THAT THE L &.W IS EVADED id Oood^jStook of Tin Tomato Cans. Very Cheap. Also a few dozen of] MASON'S GLASS FRUIT JARS AND JELL TUMBLERS LEFTj , . AT L.L.-JOHNSON'S. An Incr«n*o In lioth Numbnr and liabilities Over Lii«t Your. NEW YORK, Oct. 5.—R G. Dun & Co.'s weekly review of trade says: The business failures In the United States reported for tlio quarter rnillnpc with September, were J.Y-i'1, fhowincr a decrease of Ho, or 3.7 p:-r rent, from last, year, but, for nine months thn number has been T,H7II, slmwinit an Increase of !l H, or 4 per emit. Tho llalillitiea for tho last quarter have been swulluil by n few hirKO fallim-H to ^iii.'^T, 1 ,!'*. or 4(1 pi'r cent, more than for the same quartur lust yinir.but for nine months the awtriMato has b-.<cn S'O-V 0,V>.H<.«>. an llKM-eaTO of W^j per rent. The Inter weeks have shown a decrens > t,oth 1 number of failures and liabilities, ami the average, of liabilities to each failure in comparatively low, even for tho quarter bclns only about S17,<KM, and fur nhv months about ?l!VXm, aualnst S12,IM> las year. Tho failures In Canada show a decreas of r> per cent, in number and 40 per cent, in liabilities for the last quarter. For tho n n< months there havo been three less than but year In number, bnt 1« per pent, less In lla bllltles. For the punt week the failures reported mini berlTSfor the l-nilcd States and !)! for Can uda, -TO In all, a&ralnst 1!'.S lust.wue.k, ii'»1. tbo i : tlH+-;t Mtltto* nml Hi ill O'J'a'.la, - - .The vuimuu of uiniu'y iu rln-ulatloii is Sl. r i,- 8M,IX»I lai-urr than Sept. 1. and the Increase in three months has been SrJK.lid'l.lMi, but tlio uu- ereXttto Is reared y lurscr now than it was last December. _. THE TOURING DELEGATES. They Leave Went 1'olnt and Tnke Passage tor llostou. NEW YORK, Oct 0.—The delegates to the A 11-Americn congress arrived in this city yesterday, coming -down the Hudson -from West Point on tho cruider Ywrktown. Before thoy left tho academy at West Point thoy wore shown ov,;r the place and witnessed a drill of t ho cadets. CoL, Wilson expressed to Minister Romero, of Mexico, his gratification that th» minister, a near friend to Gen. Grant, had taken part Thursday in tho ceremonies at the unveiling of tho "Old Commander's" portrait Mr. Romuro said ho • was equally gratified, and remarked: "Gon. Grunt was very good tr> m n . I was glad to be present" Secretary xVoptor was present, doing the honors for the war department. Tho congress was magnificently entertained on the trip down tho Hudson from "West Point The party were transferred to the steamboot Puritan, which left for Boston last evening. The delegates joined in giving three cheers for the officers ot tho Yorktowc, and in return a saluto of thirteen guns was fired from that vessel. _1_THE CHARIVARI MUST GO. A CHANCE. '•' SUCCESSORS TO O. A. Oliver. BOOKS, STATIONERY a»d Wall Paper. "THE CHICAGO RAILWAY. OVER 7,000 MILES Of steel track In IMitiois, Iowa, Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska, Dakota and Wyoming, pemetrates the Agricultural, Mining and Commercial Centres of the WEST AND NOBTHWEST. The Unrivaled Equipment of the Line embraces Sumptuous Dining Cars, New Wagner and Puilnran Sleepers, Superb dav Coaches and _ . . . FAST VESTliULED TRAINS Running direct butwoen Chicago, St. Paul and Minneapolis, Council Bl'iJfs and Omaha, coiiivcctir.i/ for Portland, Denver, San Francisco and aii Pacific Coast Points. ONIUINE TO THE BLACK'HIUS Thrown Back Into I'rUnii. DUBLIN, Oct. B.—Whilo the authorities of the Londonderry jail were going throuib tho formality of releasing Mr. Charles A. V. Conybearo, member of parliament for the Camborne division of Cornwall, from confinement yesterday, £hat gentleman deliberately violated one of the rules of tho prison and was immediately taken back to bis celt As Mr. Conybeare bas served but little more than two months of a six months' term for offenses against the crimes act in participating in the plan of campaign, it is possible that his defiant conduct will sublet him to the necessity of Bsrvlug out tbo remainder of his term, notwithstanding the bad condition of bia health, which was the reason of his intended release. LATER.—Mr. Conybeare was released from prison after a few hours 1 detention. Uurcourt. Counting Political Chickens. LONDON, Oct 5.—Sir William Vernon Haroourt address xl a large and enthusi- aBtio gathering of Llborala at Salisbury lost night He predicted that the next general elections would bring down tho present government with a crash, aud that the Liberals would como out with a clear majority iu the house of commons of uo loss than 170. Sir William assured his bearers that tbb estimate was the result of a careful and thorough canvass of all the constituencies, aud that his own conlldence iu its correctness was absolute. State Sluuasement Not a SUCCOB*. LONDON, Oct 5.—The Bavarian council of state have decided to make a demand upon the chambers for a credit to enable the government to introduce the telephone throughout the kingdom under government control. The proposal has already excited oerious opposition, as the state management of the railroads in Bavaria has developed nothing but tho grossest imcompeUmco ou the part of tho official*. I'enrentDd Jews Iroin BiiMla. LONDON, Oct 5.—Several thousand persecuted Jews who have been expelled from Russia bavo arrived in England during the [Mist ton days, nn<l others nrj coining daily. Arraiigfinoii's have been completed by wealthy Hebrews here to colonSZ) these people in Ibu "Argentine Republic, aud noarly 1,000 sailed on«ilu> nut-goin; stuamvr to-day. Rtven Woi-Uliiitmen Killed. LONDON, Oct. 5,—All the scaffolding about the steeple of u church in course of erection «t AUfiibrU'.-b. i" Ilimovcr, fell with a crash, Thursday, and «jx«m men standing upon it vj'i'ro liurl-il a distance of lull ftot to tha grumi;!. llvt-i-y on-.» of tho unfortunates was iusuuitly killa !. Ai'KU 1 - 4m«rk'ail MtKllc-U Hoclsty. and Kugliti- •j ! an Anglo- The Iow» Supreme Court l>eclare« It a llnrbiirotin IiiHtUlltlou* DEB MOINES, la., Oct f>.— The Iowa supreme court yesterday reversed the decision of the lower court iu tho murder caso of the itate vs. Royal Adums. Adams vns indicted for murder in the flint degree for the accidental shooting of a person named Daring, a member of a churivuri party, convicted of manslaughter and sentenced to the penitentiary for seven years and six months. ' In re- yiewtng tho caso the court says: "The party nssembU'd on the night when tba tragic, affair took place is called a charivari. Its object is nbout as barbarous as the pronunciation of its name. What ever toleration It once had has long since passed away. Even when in vogue it was of len attended by violence' and bloodshed. If it aver was allowable to direct a jury that such an assemblage, with ail its tumult and confusion, was not a great provocation to those annoye 1 and insulted, that time has passed away." .Powderly Anmvorn Ills Enemies. ST. Louis, Mo., Oct. 5.—There was a large meeting of the Knights of Labor at the Central Turner hall lost evening. Tha prominent speakers were Powdarly,' Holland and Hayes, of tho <-x»cutiva board. Powderly made a very cff jc'tive speech. In which he reviewed all th 3 charges made against him. The majority of them he refuted with documentary evidence, and,others ho considered too trivial to answer. He was occasionally interrupted wilh questions from the hostile faction, and several of tueso interrogators were ejected from tho hall. The situation lost night showed Fowdurly on top, nud that 'Ix-Coni'r KtlgRrton rresrnH to tho President an Allowed Ca»e of Crookedness, nnd Hints nt Ollior«—Thn t.rltnr Written at Mr. IIcirrl«nii'» Hi-quoit, Who Wniitcd the Clmrge* Put Into Wrltlnjt— Thn Ilcjiortcd Tronlile in tho All-Aiiinr- !cnn ConifreBi Denied. t - % WA.IHINOION CITT, Oct. B.—The Post devotes several columns to what it calls "leaks in tho civil SL'rvice commission." It prints a letter which, it snys, t^lla the whole story, snd prefaces the publiration R* follows: On April 24, 1BS3, the following Inltor wai ndlreppnrtto I J roftitlcnt Harriftnn, and it is now no doubt on tho IllcH at thu ext'cutive munsion, cftllin^ hip attention to rrooke.lmss in the mannitoment of tho commtuMon, nnd also to the peddling out cif questions I))' parties cnnnncled with the rommift-iim. The letter is from ('x-C.'ommiFHlnncr A. P. Etl^crlnn, who hart many HmoH. n't ilnubt, recelvctl as cordial an indorMcincn' by tho National He- form ICIIKIIO an that rwi'iitiy Biven tho prcsi-nt CDmniiHsloncrfl. Tlio Pnst prints tholottiTin full. [ItiHdatod \VasliinRton, April-'4, H8!l.) "To THE I'HKSIIIKNT: Uvtcrrlnir to mv note to you of April i(), und to your request thronnh Secretary llalford, that I should pond to you in writing the Information rt 1 - forrod to ,1 now do fio, stating that I was put in poHpession (>f it only on tho evening before my notn WHS written. Tlio caHo is thifi, and it shown that wa'tfhfiilue'M Is ft necessity to exact jnsti-o In all rivll BBrvIco matters, nnd that wh^r<« \\ ruiv^-iloinu: is brought, to lipht, it should nut bu coiiiioni'ii by retontion In o "Mr. Camiibcll. aoloik in tho commission and a brother-in-law to CommlHittoner Lyman, several months n(;o wlu-n Mr. Obcrly and .Mr, Lyman wero both members of the cnminls slon, copied a set of examination papers prepared fur an i xaminatton and puvp them to p friend, Mrs. , who s del them for J:M to >lr. Klynn, tho principal of the Ivy Institute. In this city. The paper came into tin- ito.-iH . jlotl .,f ., 1«-.,.-. -..'•: -..;.•.:-..•--... --• »..«i-tu-«Si.o.-rnliril-'t.rii'y"WFr» the qllcstIrmH il)_ lih ii4«^l .nt tin* ir^nniinalloTT; "IriVr-sllKiiiliiii^ showed that tlio puperft were in thn htind- writlriif of .\ir. (^iimpboll, hut tho result of this Investigation WHS his retention in o'J'eo hy Comniissionrrs Obcrly and Lyman. bei'iuiHo dlncliwurcH would have an injurious cirpH. upon his sister, Mrs. Lyman. Sir. '('amphell has since, and very recently, b n n promoted by Commissioner Lyninn, soh; eummlrtblouer, from Sl.tXXI to SI.SW) salary. " are matttirs connoetod with tho office of chief examiner which would not he,ar a o'.oso examination, and to such an extent are they known that the Integrity tit examinations is questioned. Then is altogether Ino mii'.-h left to tho discretion of tin; commission, for throiiKh reKulntloim. which tho commission Itself has power to make, and by simple orders and varying opinions, almost any re-suit can bo secured. "1. do not tfive you this information for the purpose of inviting any m;tion upon it, but that you may bo -advised that thoro are ways of wrong-doing It is well for tho president to understand. Very respectfully, "A. P. EnoEHTON.". Comments of the Post. Tho Post mrikos tho following comments on tho matter: The above is a brief story mudo up from a very small portion of tho evidence Ifrpos.-ies- nlon of TKo Post, showing, tho .harlequin antlcii of tho commissioners Biuco tlio pas- sago of tho so-called reform law, to cover up their evasions of its provisions. , It is very ((ratifying to The Post to know now that the commissioners thomsolvcs havo wisely como to tho conclusion th'i,t an investigation 61 their mismanagement of the reform orphan asylum is necessary. The Post has niudo no charge that it does not feol It WUH justified in making from tho evidence In its possession, and it is not disposed to- ovado any responsibility that may attach to it because of this and former publications. I*et the Investigation proceed. AN IRISH'EDITOR'S DEFIANCE. ilnv.Troiilii I><T!:U<"< Tlmt tlir Clnn Ci»«mit nmlilnxe Him. _ I.'i'FKAi.n. N. Y., O-t. "i.—Sinci the mnr- ler ot DI-. L'rniiin nl'OlT'c7:v">~in —-May-last 'ri."niU nf II--V. Patrick Cronin, of this city, who, n« o.lit '• of Tho Cnthol-.n Union, lias :to'?n pjirticMiiiiriy ^fn-or,* in his (i'.'nnnolntiftil of tho c 'nipirntor--, hnvo allo^^tl thiit, ho is a nmrkc 1 mill. In this week's i^u-} of The Catholic Unkm Father Cronin editorially aiimui:C'S that ,li» bus been in n-cjipt of :lircatcning loiters, soino anonyniinis, others ilg'H'd, though labnlcd "not for iiublioiitioii." <:iinnot Ho liilinil.lnlcil. Continuing be says: \\"<: h-ivo not been reared !n the rowiuilly almospluTt 1 of Irish ier:et snciel y liinminery. nnd so an; not accustomed to tremble nt the threats of the of stK-h nririnlz ttion 0 . For over a score of yca"R, in Mood report and report, ivo bavo upliclil tli ' vt •ihih'-'S banner of In.'land. Does any' mi-K'rable n-:-aturD of a'i-inirt conspiracy ima :i'ie that wo will flinch now, or abiteono iota oC ju^f in- dlan itlon nitalns! those wl o.--> fi"i;dMi i.nsas- sinations biivo almost compa sed the ruin of boliie ru'r triumphant anitatiim ? A \Vliai-- < lit 111*- <liuu:<i PiiHro. Tin-re M re Indications that the network of murderous hiK'-nully \vhirh stran^ie-1 Dr. ('ronin has nlM> v.ound l;s ]i.u-at/7,l!i^ tct2^ ilrnat the policedrp in nieul of (.'liii-nuo. The ileve oiimcnts of tlu- are Mich an lo m«'< e ono wonder wheth-I-till * is America and this Is tbo nint'tcentb century. Men are i on- ileinned to dentil .11 a ^e-.-ret conclave of ilve- M|»)li«l>d'j and thiuvi-li scolindruK and . tlio Rovurnmrnt of the (,'i-entrst republic of history Is able neither to prote'-t the victims nor aycn^e, tlulr ^lail^hter. Are the prupk' of America 'h-i-am'l-in, or is tliis in truth n cha t- ly boin-> reaHtyV Do tbo consi Iralors or tlii-ir syoip-itiii/.L-rs. defenders. ci-eaUtriM. tools, or relatives Imagine, that any de'.-i'iit journal will bu diplomaiic. in dealing with riii-li Infvi'iiiLlli'm. llui H. li,,i,rr. !>!,-. r!. Wo, know not what other papers may ilo, but for our part. In season and out of season, we will raise our voice In demanding th-it the vlllnins who wrought C'r.inla's foul a«-a»slna- tion sball b • hunted off the face of the earth, 0:1 which they are carrion and pol utlrin. Anil fur th .s i who \\oii d endeavor to intimidate us we have icily piti'esi contempt. This Is our reply to tin- thriMieiihiK and insultlii: letter which we have'just, i-uoi-ivi'd. .Iathi'«-nv- : «!lll liion; polnliul in uiiswur to fntiirn A BBREViAT r.n TELEGnAM^. l-;iiropo tins your el nt Stow partly cov- his enemies head. have lost organization and 1 4 , 1 t ' fa t »* ox. Del. •-'. -- Auiwricaii v in Vi:'uu.i imvu foan nii Mvl'.k'il ».K-U-ty Ui t 10 Im r " nut iii IH <>f « 1 MI- 1 \'» •"» >kl " I' % 1 .1 t I II 1 >4 It (A So Stlnsry Ilo Starved to lienth. ROCUESTEH, N. Y., Oct. 5.—A Bqth dispatch to Tha Herald says: "David Brown, a miserly tramp, was fouud dead yesterday rnorrJuz in the yard^f a resident here. Coroner Button impanelled a jury, which found in the dead man's pockets cortilicaU'S of deposit in different banks.aggregating $4,000. Banker Haliock says Brown bad about $000 deposited with him, anil that ho culled on Monday and wanted 75 cants, but did not •want it deducted from his account. Browu died from exposure and starvation, being too penurious to buy food. The Montana Kluotlon. HELENA, Mont, Oct. 5.—There was no material change iu the legislative situation yesterday. The Republicans claim throe »ud the itemocrats seven on joint ballot in the legislature). Toole's election is admitted by the Uepublioans so far as tha returns go, but they claim that full returns will elect Powdi-. Tlio contest for! of tho legislature promises to bo bitter. Cabinet Mooting** Resumed. WASHINGTON CITY, Oct !>.— The regular meetings of tho cabinet wore resumed yesterday afternoon, all tho members being present excapt Secretary Proctor. It is understood that the vacancy iu the pension office was one of the topics discussed. Thono Chilian Delegate*. WASHINGTON CITY, Oct. 6.—State department people deny tho story about trouble with tho Chilian delegates to the All-Amor- ican congress, and say that- the delegates said to have withdrawn did not arrive In New York until Thursday. Tho Cruiser linltlmore. WASHINGTON CITY, Oct. 5.—It turns out that tho ci-ulser Baltimore, although a remarkably spoody vessel, making 10.0 knots per hour, is deficient in horse power 'J'J. 12. This will probably cost tho builders $2,200 penalty. ^ Kpiacopal General Convention. NKW YOKK, Oct. 5.—In tho Episcopal bouse of deputies yesterday tho report on marriage and divorce was ordered printed and made tho order for Thursday next, or as soon as the present special orders are disposed of. Memorials from Maryland and Michigan protesting against changing the name of tho church were presented. Tho house then went into joint se.ssion with the bishops as a missionary council, Bishop Whipple presiding. The board of missions reported that the receipts last year wore $480,1U1, of which $00,081 wore bequests. Of the total sum, all but $141,023 was devoted to domestic missions, the latter amount going to foreign missions. A motion to build a mission headquarters at a cost ot $300,000 was adopted, and then reports wera heard from a number of biehopa in regard to the progress of their work. Tho general complaint was that the harvest was ready but tho laborers were few. Tlie convention adjourned to Monday. No Crime to SU'ul Thl» Way. CHICAGO, Oct. 5.—William Collins, a Denver sport, came to Chicago lost week and blow in a whole lot of money nt Hankius' and other gambling places. Ho had to borrow befora he got through, and one of the things ho had to "put up" was a $5,000 certificate of deposit. On going to tho bank to cosh tho certificate, Collins got possession of it aud then coolly told Hank ins to go soak his head. Hanklns had him thrown into the biistilo. The case came boforw Judge Hortou and be decided that as it wtis a gambling matter Haiikins could got no satisfaction in ths court-*. Tbe judge released- Collins. THE BASE BALj. PENNANT,_ I.ptlillMK I^Blifftio CUiln Finishing the . I'luht In a Iliiiich. CHICAGO, Oct. S.—To-lay closu* the Lu:igue baso ball season. At the close of playing yesterday tho order of position in which tho o'.ubs stoo:l was as follows: Now York,; Huston, second; Chicago, third, nn,l I'hlla- dolpliia fourth. Tiio margin was so c'.rs'i Lmwevei',-that-one game—will <.'h«n£» thi'so llguro-i nnd put BO'it'in first and Philadelphia third. Trr-dny Now York ujruiu plays tho C-luvelaiid club, Boston th.j Pitts urg, and Gbk-ago tho Philad-.-lpbia, so it can b) soon that the is^ue is"vury doubtful. It m-iy bo eoiisiilored an evou thing as to tho Cliic.igo- PtiiliuK'lplaia chuntvs, and as is woll known both Pilisburg and Cleveland havo a habit sometimes of playing like ilomoas. T.n situation givus a good opportunity for b-ttiii'^. Of tho tail-en !er.<i- I:i llun'ip'jli-i leads tha Washington club out of sight. Tbo L'-nguo Bcoros yesterday wero as follows: At Uliioijo—Chicago 3, Puiliidelphin "0; ut Pit-tsbnrg—PittibtirR 8,~~Bosr.oii 4; nt Clevelan-1—Cluvuland 1, Now Yor.t <>; at Indianapolis—Indianapolis 0, Washington 5— ton innings. American association: At Baltimore—Columbus II, Baltimore 0; at Cincinnati—Cincinnati 9, Louisville 2 AiiHon Mcttt* with n Mishap. .While the game between Philadrlpbia and the homo club n'iis going on yraU-TJay, Anson and Scbriver collided violontly. T|IL> result wiis that both wero disabled and had to be sont homo. Alison had n long cut up the side of his face, and -Schriver was cut under tho eyo and ou the forehead. The I!nso I1:>11 Ilrothorhood nt Work. MINNEAPOLIS, Minn., Oct 5.—Negotiations have boi'ii -ojienu.l by tho Biso Ball lirotherhoo 1 for the silo of the Minneapolis and -St." Paul franchisL-s to them in order that they may locato ball tonrns m the twin cities next year. Tbo deal is still in embryo, but tho niHiuigemuiit of tin St. Paul toam has boen oflored $10';OUO cash for tlio franchise. ^ THE BAND AND THE LAW. A Masonic Organization Tlmt Was Bound to liiivo Crack RIuslc. CHICAGO, Oct. 5.—A curious cam coming under the contract labor law was developed in connection with the coming meeting of Knights Templar at the national capital. SL'Bernard commandery, of this city, desired to cut a big figure in tho groat parade, and to that end mndo a contract; with_ the Hamilton, Out., hand, an .organization, which ranks with Gilmore'* The band arrived at Detroit, and were mot by tho foreign contract labor law iu the hatuls of tho customs ofllcorg, and stopped. St. Bernar d was bound to have tho baud, so tho contract was cancelled. This enabled their agent to tuk'i oath that there was no contract, uud consequently, tho band was pel mittod to bind on American soil. Tho commandery then made contracts ou American soil with each player individually and will pnraile at Washington with their crack band. •• v. bi-it' IT i' ••; » ' 1)1.1 i,u-!i--!-, • !,' ,.. ML M-us-ll-M !, 1C"I l-'i'i l:n'. L)s<, ei-.-il by- i]i«,n-;inc.'. It is osttmat'il that til" G^rmin loan which will bn proposfil at tile coming s'ssion of tba irhstag will a iiount t-i ~'"0,IHO,v*W niarkl. Maj. A P. Blunt, nf tba Utri^ii ri;ah'« army, died Friday nt Manchester, N. H. Ho iad just b»ou prumot.-d, anJ was about to be retired. Mrs. Catherine Donovan, born in Ireland In I77tt, died at Lawrence, Mass., Friday. She never wore spactacles, her si^ht being perfect to tbo cud. Tho browing establishment of Shelltk & Bauen>.a<:hs, at Hasting*, Neb., was destroyed by flre Friday evening. Lnsi, $40,000; insurance, f!2Q,(UO. W. P. Johnston & Co., wholesale tea and coffee dealers of Boston, have made an assignment. They offer to Rattle with creditors at 40 cents on tbo dollar. Capt JIurrell, of thu Missouri, resounr of the Dunmark, now weal's bix gold medals and one silver medal. Tbo latest came from t-be Norwegian government A collision occurred Friday between a poi- Btmgor train und a freight, at L-nswitz, in Posen. Four railway officials wers killed and many of the pass-jng-rs wery injured. News comes from St. Louis that a British syndicate bas peenn»'l mi option oti t,h« prop- i-ny of tho SU Louis United Elevator company, thostoci being valuod at $2,406,000. Wright Durye.a, a millionaire starch manufacturer of GIoncop, N. Y., bai put it in his will that his monument must bo a otone bowlder weighing 4,000 pounds. David Naglc, the deputy United States marshal who shot Judge Terry in Caiiror- nln, visited NJW York police headquarter! Thursday in company with Cyrus W. Field, Jr., to view the sights there. A delegate from Venezuela to the All- Amorican congress—Minister Silva—says New York is Americ.i as Paris is France; therefore the World's fair should be held there. Ho haa never seen Chicago. It is now formally announced by both " ~^1". C«..ww* ..W.I uliuu TIIVIMU.J ". JLmjrtiu, fjl( Delaware, niid Miss t'lynior, ot" \VrtfihliiKtouJ will wed thlN fall. • Tho lady it intellectualj ~niid uccouiptlsbud/nud^of a"ntirabl(r"fnm1lyi: Money Sl.tll Hard to Get. NEW YORK, O.-t. 0.—Money in tho stock, exchange continues stringent and 10 per cont per annum was paid by tho majority of borrowers yesterday for tho use of money until Monday. Some of tho banko calle I iii loans early, and intimated to their friends that it could not bo helped. Tbe situation was aggravated later by the announcement of the withdrawal of ~&JOO,000 more gold by August- Bolmont & Co., making ?l,. r >00,000 taken by them so far this week for shipment to Europe. This export move caused considerable surprise, as tho rates of sterling exchange, are far below the gold shipping point, but Behnont & Co. explain it by stating that the gold is shipped to Rothschild in order to assist in fulfilliug a contract made with th» Brazilian government l.i Ih'llslny in S' fir, is ; A .llorurri* Hhop HMi-nml. , Mn--., O.'t. 5. — -Tho morocco Of I'd!, r Sim ft S-'ons, ffnir S'fl'ivn ijigh' 17.V by 4- ! > foet, ili!^:t ^r : th work, ir.^fi L ln'.t night. L-ts-, ^li.W.iXjO; «tteU Brotro tlin 3-\>nr-Old neronK. FRESNO, Ca!., <_)i-L 5.— .Senator StnnforiS's H-yoar-oM Suiml troitcd a ni k* hen^ yest^ dny in -:1-">Y, breaking nil pruvloa'i ntporilt fori! -vcar-i.l U Thl» powder never varies, A mtuTDl strength and wholoHomeness. More eco th*n the ordlr.ury kinds, and con not b« ttoM competition with the multitude of low test, abort weight, Rjiiinn or iitioaphate powders. Bold o .ily I u caus. HOT At BAKIWO FOWDKB Co.,«08 WallHt,.>r-w iork Joaaid-wly thrnngh my \rnrV to-day T-I-fed mlimrnnto, haa^U ---- Mhy, tlr«d,paln in kny b»olc,«iy food »otf\ di(ij««, toy vrliolo Body neemi out o t order. We »n«ir« that It is BO urouder you ere In saoh. A orokttn aoWti condition, and you vlll keep Rsttlng von* «nl«s» <rou can cure your LIVEIt. Thl» ImporUrat orgxa if) out of order and you. murt cure It byproHs^iy using those never &^UitgesettS!IKIWSIKSKSIMXSSt Or. C, McLano's Celebrated Liver Pills. they will restore you tntl give vigor and health t» ! rour whole system, making you strong and Trail. Only 25 cents a box, anil they may gars yonr UaB). &jsk your druggist for the genuine CELEBRATED LIVER PILL® — UADK BT— FLEMING BROS., Pittsburgh, Ft. oat for CouNTEEFKrra vaS» in St Ltaila. PEEFtTStES THE mtKLAJTH. * " LOT GratiBm BrnB.' : Fancy TeilEt BDBPB Just in, to be sold cheap. WE HAVE THIS. DAY MADE A Can now give you a fine flavored Green Jap Tea. 4 ibs. for 81. An elegant FROtt CHOP U. 0 , usually sold at 653 for 50C. . ml. We Sip Now Everything la our stock has been selected with^care—fresh aud neat MOTHER CAR LOAD 01 HATANA FLODE JUST 1 " ' at a reduced price. Get our prices before buying. fr-nu Au Octogoiinrliftn Suicides. EACTON, PH., Oct 5.--John Heokman, of Nasuji'tib. iiuxd s6 committed, suicide at " ' *• ', . ' uociu yesterday by hungsiig to th bis l>f>d-rwm. Herkninu Htt«m|'toJ suicide in ins L-ui n bfwral weeks ngo, but -was cut lown by his »»n in tinio to save his life. Ths cuuni ifliB n..-h m't in uitributm] to illuiws Some Mor«> Fust Tiuin. WK.ST CHKSTEII, PH., Oct. fi.—Tho rnoing ~'d""r "f ^ at ^ c "'''' s l^ 11 ''' 'Uvelopi'J soino more fust time fur short distance yestcr.lay, Fanl- 1mm run % mil i in 0:f>it; Miss Annie, filiy, ^ niilu in LOii.V, ni ; d 't't| aUilt ^ irilo in 1:11. On l',ii£i-i' u i* i u i ci-is* Ihi-iv \\us nuthin^ V l <)• t 5 1'a (-1 Ua Started a Costly lilnze. ST. PETER, Minn., Oct. 5.— Dostruclivo fires raged a few miles west of this city yesterday afternoon, burning hay, wheat and pastures. The fire originated from Arther Nutcbo setting fire to a straw pile. The principal losers are: C. F. Brown, wheat stacks; H. Loomis, K'O tons of hay and 80 acres pasture; John 'Meyer, I!0 tons of hay; John Hoffman, 'i") Ions of hay. Loomis uu<l seventoen tiorsoj in thu pasturo thiit cuniioL be found^ -supposed lo iw suffjt.vit'.'d. H. Gilbortson lost some buy and a granary full of wheat, reported to be burned. Tne fired ai a till raging. Tlmt Suell Murtlor 1'aUe. CniCAOO, Of:t 5. — Mr. A, J. Stone, son- in-law of tho murdered millionaire, Snoll, says tho story printed in thcsj dispatches yesterday is a fuke, und wna to In- jnro Mr. Sncll's family. He s;iy.s there is f5i),(KX) awai in;} tho liian who will put Taa- cott face to fuco with him, und that, Tatoott himself cnn h:iVrt it if be will como forward of his own volition. A Little Fortune for Somebody. NEW YOHK, Oct. 0 — Tin) Norwegian bark Preya wasesipsizjl nit Cajm H'>nlop.!ii Sapt. Ml. In her hoi I tliern is STii.iiiJJ north iurpvii:ine, »'«' •*•>'' '» driftiiig b Ihe Atlantic, knutvs We are now prepared to do in all the latest styles.Q Her HuiliA'ii limit Ki>r« Snuiter. \V i ,1,, t' i* .< i , f«n H »WI .. vj ,iua V»!s, f ! H »Ii uff -r a \' j of of mi.'wb«ra on whew. Ttitf $-'o,OOj for us a f4 ooe and all, and" if pa te -aoy Re-npholsterinj to do we will --attend, to her L\>U Reynolds Bros.,

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