Covina Argus from Covina, California on May 30, 1908 · Page 8
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 8

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 30, 1908
Page 8
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Soc ft I A Visit to the Yosemite, (Continued from first Broadwell !~Reo AOtOfflODiles ofl'orlngH worn of thorn niroly The Indie*, of Holy Trinity (Juild < hold n sooinl gathering nl. the I'omi of Mr.s. Covert on Thursday after noon. ?»Irs. Win, Thome, who haa j for many years nerved 1 HH president, l presented with n bountiful cut berry bowl in celebration of her birthday. ThiH came HH 'n com jdnte surprise to Mrs. Thome, who responded in her timial witty and charming manner. Ice cream and cake i •wore served. The Y.I5. D. Club held one of their dnncirig parties on Hnf.urdny in the Womans Club flouse. Thin -vas the first dance given by the club since tho Lenten season and \\i\» well attended by the younger fft, of the valley, together with quite si number of visitors from Los An- jioles nnd elsewhere. Mrs. A. A. Neil noted IIB patroness of the oc- fusion. The Prenton-Angoloty or- I'.hcKtrti playotl the latest popular music, for tlio dnnc.ers and between Iho numbers punch and wafers were jmrtiikon of. Tho club will give one more dunce before Hummer. Tho bountiful homo of Mayor and Mrs, Lnhee WSIH filled on Wednesday stfternoon with a gay crowd of over Hlfty beautifully gowned ladies who •worn gathered together at, a reception in celebration of tho birthday of JVIi'H. WtK. Thome. Knob lady was requested to bring a bouquet for tier and the floral bountiful and many 4! x otic. The upiii rooms were filled with bunches of beautiful and fragrant, sweet, pens. Mrs. (Joldthwaito gave as her contribution a song bouquet, "The Lust. Kohi! of Hummer." Light, refreshments were nerved. An otijoyiiblo party was planned find successfully carried out by tin; c'ner^ei.l(! young ladies who are known an "Central," to colchnilo 1l;o nineteenth birthday of one of I horn, Miss Li/xio Wren. Tho affair was a complete surprise to her us H!IU VHH asked to lake duty for someone •\vhilo olhers decorat.od her home with ferns, magnolia blooms and red ucrnriiums. Tho evening passed merrily with games and music nnd tho young lady received H number of beautiful presents. Twouty-flvo of lief young friends werti present, Jcio cream and cake were served. A very pretty little affair was the 1'inrf.y given by Mrs. (J. N. Atwood on the afternoon of Friday last for Alias Minnie Hansom, and very much of a surprise to that young hidy, vvhoHO birthday it was intended to The iuvil.ed guests worn Mrs. Jlohart (,'usli- Higlieed, Mrs. (-. sen Iliirroii, Ilas- ('oiik, I'idwards, DimdiiH and J''arinor. (iaincH worn played and the prixcH IVIl In Miss Anna llcrnm mid Miss Mamie Cook. iMcnta were served on Iho spacious jiorc.h. During the past week the most) radical reductions in the whole- j sale prices of dry goods ever! known to the trade have been , made by the big four Marshall , Field A Co.. H. H. Claflin, Har-! Cfi'irting in I lie. wntor. From l;oro nlHo-finn be obtained a n»H!uif!c<'tit viow nt I ho VoHomlto fallw. On tho i-fipoiilo fiidfi of tho roadway is tho hotol atinox, nnd in this building is found tho "<;ront Troo K"om," wlilcih is usofl fiH a residing find bil- liurd room, whoro the gnr^lH gal her j Brniind tho hlKxitiK »i''«irih in thrj These firms control the markets of the vvor:d. Since the be- < ginning- of the depression last j THE CAR OF SERVICE' Ask any of the many Reo owners McKilcrick, Carson Scott Co. <;, 'ere Tho room fukos its nnrr;o from lifindHorno Herjiifiiri tr'o, I'2 fret flintiiolor, around ivhirh tins v.all.s iho room hnvo I'c.'M built. in •celebrate, J\lr,4. Fratlir'r, niiin, Mrs. A. T. J'\ (.'lnp|i, (he iV Open fliislcal. On 'Friday evening of last week thu Amphion Mncicty held UH last meeting for the present HCIIHOII. As in c.u.stomary with (he nncicly it, WIIH n \\ D|ieii miiH'K'iil, and it WIIH held In (ilendora's nrw dpeni hall, which is the pridn of the valley. 'I'lii' pi'iigrnm was one of the high- «'st. merit, the perlormers being art- IM(H of fur more titan Im-al repute. MIHH LIHIJHI' Nixon Hilt of Los Angeles charmed and entranced her hearers in it number of nhiinieler .stiiigH, ('nlMiiiul, Srulr!) and Mddern Kni',linh. She '.H \\ born actress and is gitted with it nutgnillcent vnii-r. She recei\'(!il hmd uiiplatitio nnd her and ioni'ti would nut bu deuitul an «Mlcore. Her itcciinipunist was Mins JMay Orciitt. An especial treat was the cornet i-uhm by Mr, I 1 '. A. Kit/.guritltl, of Covina. As a cornet player this artist is nut e.vcelb'd by uiiy in tlui slate. HJH accDiiipanih' WIIH MISK l\al herinc 1'hillcn. Mr. K'rgiiiiill ('nriier lii'ining ut' J'asiidena proved himself a supreme master "I ihc piaiiu. lli.i t<\i|iiisite Clinch (mil niii i \ r h nis c\iH'Ulii)ii li lii'i I islt'iirrs .-.|,i'| I humid anil i Jli.-i ntimbers, bill fur the hWi'Hl i>f I In' j'iniiii, vnu cuiilil limn a | in drnp anywhere in the Twice I he audience iimit-trd nil rail. The cluli entertained tully liundred ^.MICSIH 1111 lliin i' Kllen lii'iicli Yaw will give a c>iii ceil in the Ti-iiMib 1 . \iiiiiinrium, I. us Angideii, mi the evening <if l-'i iday, .limn fi. She will I'e assisted by I he lalentfd yuiing N'ocalisl, I'lngene IS'ilwllUld. A.S -\1JSS \ aU lr".\e.s 'iiiiJIi ttii- Vienna air! dues nut e.xpect in tie in t'uviiiu again for thin' jenr.-. Uii-^ ii the last nppi.rtunii y n|' lu-,ii ing her I'u.' 1 sumn time. A spciiial • •ur will leave fur ('nvimi at tin- end ol Uie couei-rt. Wedding Hells. On VVorlnoKflHj 1 at hlgb ncnn at. tho borne of the hi bio's pnrontH, Mr. and Mrs. H. I), (i. Andornoti, oc- ourrod marriage of tbolr yonngont diniKhti-r, Ida fi., to Charley K. I''oHlor, of thin city. AH the bountiful strains of tho wedding march, "Thon You'll Ke- tnombor Mo," rontlorod by MJHH Ollie Culborl. of Oxniird, floated through tho moms, tho brlflal party pnHHed into tho parlor and took their place tinder a beautiful arch of palms arid KiiHter lilioH, tho room bning pro- ftiHoly doc.oratetJ with forun nnd whilo roHf.H. Hero Kldc.r O. V. (,'hemhorlou npoko tho words which united two heartu for tho roiniiitulcr of life's journey. Tho bride WHH prettily gowned in nrenrn Hilk oropo do I'aris, trimtnod in oroam law, nnrl oiirried n bntuuic.t <>< white en runt ion.s find October they have maintained that prices could not fall, and in fact had raised some lines. These firms are not selling because they need money. We think it's because they are satis- PRICES Touring- Car with top, S14.SO.OO Keo Koaf!st»-r, 20 h. p., 51KX).0() Keo Runabout, STiXJ.OO j Also fluents for Wayne "30" 4-cvliridcr and Kisselcar. Gt-t a demonstration ! Good Groceries We carry a fresh stock of staple and fancy groceries. Ouf vegetables are the best to he had. Our teas and coffees are excellent. A large stock of canned goods, pickles, olives, hams, bacon and bakery goods. Try our butter. The Depot Grocery ROBT. CRENSHAW, Prop. fl the depressii-n will continue, ' before buying. ;ind as it suits us to be pessimists; on the outlook, we .ire willing to j drop a bunch of money to get >.ome cash. We need the money. Every piece of dress goods, all our silks, all our men's clothing, all our boys' clothing, all our fine wash goods, including fine linon, I'ersinn lawns, French lawns, crepe de lisse, imported organdies, silk mulls, iinpc rted French batiste and mulls, goods from 4()c to Sl.HS per yard, COVINA AT COST Long kid gloves $2.25. S2.50 Onyx si Ik hose at SI pair. 30 in. black silk taffeta at 4()c. S2.0U Money-Bak taffeta SI. 25. Monday Afternoon Club. Tlio last mcutiiiK of Iho Monday Afternoon Club for tho HOIIHOII WIIH held on Monday afternoon, huiiij,' devolcd to IMIHUIC.HH only. Thi! chiol' hiiHinoss of the atlernooii was tint report, of the nominal ions for president, which • showed a decided majority in favor of Minn Anna llerron, the reading of the re ports anil tlio voting lo^ the board (d' directors. The llnancial rojitirt rihowed affaire to be in a llour'iHhing condition and llm report of the house commitlcn, Mr.s. Hurpee, showed an income of \'l '.j per cent earned by rents'and the addition of the recommended gallery. Tho following were elected mem hers of tin board of directors: Mis.s llerron and Hawks, Mines. KiUekin, Kei-ekluilf, 1'otter, Prat her, linrpce, I'lllinU and huighton. At the. meeting of I he bntu'd of di rectors on Tuesday afternoon the following uttlcers were elected: President, Miss llerron; vice (ircsi dent, Mis.s Hawks: (liiiincial M'cre tary, Mrs. IvaleUin; Imuse eauuuill'-e, Mrc. llnrpee; Heasunr, First Nat luiial Hank. Dis.solution ot Partaccsliip. SHOES asparagus ( 81.25 buckskin driving gloves ferns, The groom and groomsman, Mr. Roy Platt, wore the usual conventional black. The bride wan attended by her sister, Mrss Martha Anderson, who wore a charming gown of white, her only ornaments b. ing Mowers. The bride is a charming girl, always a favorite among her associates, Krom a little girl nhc has grown up in our midst, honored by old and young alike. Tiie groorn is no Ntranger, being the son of Mr. and Mis. Hnmucl Kisler ot W. JJadillo street. lie is a young man of sterling character and is highly esteems! by his employers, filling a position with the Ban Gabriel Vnllev Willing Cmnpany, Immediately after the ceremony tho redding party, composed ot relatives and I mined Into friends, wna es- curtod to the dining room, which was tastefully decorated in ferns and pink roses. Here a bounteous and dislloiouH wedding breakfast was served, Mrs. Anderson and her daughters fully sustaining their reputation in the culinary art, The young couple left in the afternoon on the Pacific, Klcelvie, amid shuwc.i-H of rice and rose leaves, to spend a brief honeymoon ut, the beaches. The love and esteem iu which these worthy young people are held was shown by the numerouH and beautiful presents which they received. J. R.'Conlee Realty Co. Successors to Braclshaw Bros., 238 Bradbury Bldg-. MONEY TO LOAN from private parties at a low rate of interest. City and country property for sale. Business intrusted to us will be ifiven prompt attenti.n. 0-21 G. W. MARSH Practical | CARRIAGE AND AUTO 1 Jpainkr Shop opposite Postoffice COVINA Harness, Saddlery and Supplies for Horse and Stable The right goods at the right price. COVINA HARNESS & SADDLERY CO. Phone Home 1170 THE NEW IRambler Women's Goodyear welt patent calf oxfords, stamped S3.50, at Men's and women's sample shoes, all colors, styles and sixes, values up to 54.00, high and low cuts, S2.45 and 62.75. Men's high cut bouts with two buckles, stamped at 65.00, S2.75; waterproof. Elkskin shoes-••-every color, weight, quality and kind—every sixe and price, from S2.')5 to S5. Our entire line of W. L. Douglas, Walkover, Geo. Snow, S4.00 and $5.00 shoes, tan, black, high and low cuts, at S3 50, and some styles of low cuts at $2.85. Misses' tans, low cuts, 1, \Yi and 2. values up to $3, at $1.95. Misses' $2.50 patent kid oxfords, sixes 12 -and 12X'. only $1.50. Old ladies' comfort shoes reduced—some styk-s at $1.45, and even to $1.00. NO KKIH'CTION IN C.KOVKKS. Boys' $3.50 patent colt shoes and oxfords, newest up-to-date lasts, special, $2.''5. Hoys' tan Kussia calf shoes, $1 45. 4 in. silk taffeta ribbons, all colors, will wash, 15c. lOc for women's sleeveless vests, seconds of 25c values, lOc. $6.50 suit cases, cowhide, $4. ( )5. $1.25 bed spreads, full sixe, 11-4, good weight, no starch, at S5c. 75c Pongee silk 38c. WOOL DKKSS GOODS. Several 5()c values cut to 25c. Special $1.50 suiting at 50c. IJetter look over some of these ; Satisfaction is guaranteed. \ allies. We are on the war path. ! ^ive us a fair trial you will not regret $2.50 all silk and pongee silk it. parasols $1.45. Better than ever. Better than any, regardless of price. \V'e can ''show yon." Sec local agent or W. B. COWAN 830 S. Broadway, L,os Angeles Agent for Southern California Covina French Hand Laundry Clarence Allison Building Contractor Plans furnished for all kinds of buildings. AIJ. Ferran & Co., Props. VVOKK DOXK HY HAND curtails, tint! silks, flannels ami laoc goods, our specialty. All work called for and delivered. Satisfaction is guaranteed. If you (> pairs men's tenderfeet hose 75c. $2.00 boys' hats $1.45. Ty(,nsdale muslin, Lonsdale cambric, all sheetings, all long cloths, all India linons reduced when purchased in lots of $1.00 and up. Men's 75c and $1.00 golf and negligee shirts at 50c. Our shirts are not sweat shop goods, skimped and pasted together. They :uv honest floods, honestly made and carrv no germs from death-infested m- teruos of New Yoi k. l.adie;, 75c silk li^le hose, plain and lancv Onvx brand 5oc. Broadwcll James Corbett General Blaclcsmithlng All kindsj of general and heavy Hlacksmithing. We manufacture Ridgers, Orange Hacks a.:ul liox Presses Horseshoeing a Specialty home Phone 63 Shop WP.SI Bndillo St, Csvina V* Notico i.s hereby civt'ii tluit >lit l>;irtiit>rshi|) hiTi'iofoii' e\i.-itiiiK hi- twi'i'i! K.ilwaid (ioodni^'ht iinil (i. \\ . j Woif.. ims b.-cii dbsoivrd nnd i u 111 pjnaiicial Represen ta ti ve ^ W ^111 ted. , ii nut be ret'[i"iiMil>le for any debts roiii nu'leil by tin niiiht. Howe!! & Howell BREAD Light. Sweet and Wholesome tiit-'<'i>i-i tiiiii » ...... j ••« +9 • • ^r • ••• • "^,^|'" *f * • ^r m m * *** ^ « » •* £-/tl I -1 fL 11 1- *-* *» *•» * isibli' for any debts Wanted. . i|3 and Wholesome he Mtbi Kiluiil-'l (ioo,) vj (',. W. Wolte. A Los Aiiireli-s roT-pLf-itiun pursue ,jj^ FKK.SK F.VF.KY DAY AT '111,1, an exoc-ciliii;; 1 y >.iti- .oul proftt.iiiU- jvj . -,, , «. , : tuv ^ i ues>^>, \i v si\ ivs .1 11 .,• .t. i •• prt'^eii t ;i' i Vi- • i F^r over ' v a n rl fi ~' f n-- \\ *^» i' 1 c aim > is. iiiis Nid.-on, ..' . , , ' L.. orovvi, i d.iu v^i^tunj.\ s , oi Miinilinu and .iln.uv ti> act ;i» its fr* Morn to Mi. i n \S'eiliu'-dny, May UT. a .-nil. !l"K" pi -e^t' 1 ve ill 11 HI.-, for it.i i-.ipit.»; .-li'i'l'-. pa vuMi' at II. I'. lihini'hiild. the live iiuuke ^ Vl . ,;,,,,. l>r ;,, m .,inh;y p.i \ inents. N'.'t nj.'iit lor Ihe lieu, lias iid'li i| yet lino ,n,l\ will CMIU u-.i-.-i. >m \>? p.iid, therein- to his iinei,,-y, the Kissel '"" -"' i <•>--'".1 •'»•" »'!! •-•"» .-.coirc , . . l.i sa ..1 I'H'cl pusll I !!--,. '•'"• l !s a ' i: " l!v ; ' lii ' thi n< 1-. \iiilre>- v'f v- il 1 1111.111 n.. I.i-tli T. See iiiin let' luyiii^l HKNKV M. Mclu >N A1.1V Pri'a. till alitu. i 1(1.1 aJoi-'UI'it V Huildiiif;. l.>'a AilyelosA-'al. Cake and Confectionery - f • ^* Waif ^ agoti through valley daily. COVINA, CAL. Shopping in lios Angeles? TAKE LUNCHEON AT COULTER'S CAFE You will find it very conveniently located, first-class in every respect, with a la carte service at modest prices. Coulter Dry Goods Csmpany Broadway, Between Second and Third, Los Angeles HOME BAKERY In Its New Home that has no equal WHOLESOME, SWEET, APPETIZING Pies, Cakes, Mot Rolls O. GRINER, Prop. COVINA MEAT MARKET J. F. KENDALL, Prop. Orders taken and deliveries made daily. Orders in town will receive prompt attention. Fresh and Tender Beef, Mutton, Pork, Etc. Home Phone 36 WANTED All Kinds of Poultry ALSO Veal Calves and Fat Beef Cattle * Send postal to Jas. H. Sanders 6-21 SAN ("1AHRIEL, Wilmar Station F, E. WOLFARTH , , Jeweler , . Large and i'"iiiuleti' .->t<<ck of everything -ti the line. Repairing of all kinds. Fine w.-itc 1 ,. work u »Dccialtv. ^ j*U*' *i ^ IF YOU WANT ANY UNTING KALSOMINING OR itinir. Avenue Oovina. l^a Fur your property, real estate and tiuMiit-ss chances, anything- salable. Someone, somewhere wants it at yuiir price. We have the buyer or can quickly rind him. We also want to hear from inventors. We can help them market ttieir I\< 1'F\|T'0\'^ vahntile. practical 111 f Oil llUilO Write us today. LuS AXtJKI.F.S INVKXTMX ANH INN'KSTMKXT fu. 451O I'acinc Klectric l>Uly.. Ik-pt. i.'.. LO.-J Anyelcs PAPER HANGING done, see me before you let your job. All work guaranteed and prices reasonable. 1'hone 51. C. H. Kistler

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