Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on July 13, 1903 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 13, 1903
Page 3
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THE lOLA DAILY ^EGISTEB, MONDAY, JULY 13 19031 1 ADDITION TO NELRO&E PLACE. A bcantifai site for a home on the Electric R. R., within a few minates ride of Lalftatpe, Oas City, ot lok. Close to the Smeltefs, and new Cement plant, it has the advantages of fresh air, healthftil location, street car facilities and natural gas. No place better for a home in Allen cotinty. Lots 50z { 50. PRICE, $75 to $100. Small Monthly Payments. Title Guaran^ed. Office at Terminus Electric Line R. R. HAMILTON, BUSH & LEFFLER, , Watchmakers and Opticians. Watches,' Clocks. Jewelry, Musical and Kodak Supplies. Spectacles 25c to 11.00. Watch repairing a specialty. West Side, lola, Kansas. PHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS. A. V. LODGE, 'Physician and Surgeon. Chronic diseases successfully treated. Office over "Our Wjiy" restaurant Phon» 46l!. Res. 901 East St. Office PhoHO 1-17. D. W. Reid. i Jas.T. Reid. REIO & REJD, Physicians and Surgeons. Eye, EJar. Nose and Throat. Spec! il attention given to surgerj- and all chronic diseases. Office, room 14, Northrup Building. Phone 357. . DR.B. E. JONES. Head Physician IV1. W. A. Female Diseases and Obstretrics a Specialty. Office over Barclay-Shields Clo. Co., Phone390. Residence 502 S. Washington, phone 3S9. DR. A. N. MINEAR. OSTEOPATH. Chronic and Nervous diseases a specialty. Office over "Our Way" res- ;taurant. Office phone 147. Residence phone 454. F. M. ANDERSON, Practical Architect. Plans, Specifications and Estimates on all classes of buildings. Special attention given to plodem improvements and superintend ng. Office, room 17, second fioor Nopthrup Building. B> GEN. ClkARLES KING. Capyrtcbt. UOI. by T^• Hobut Comply. •J hp snow f:! II IKK ! rcasod for a titno. Tho li^'lit \\;is f^rouiiiji;' l)!or every ; inonicnt. and pnsi-iiily .i st>ft wliistle 1 soimtJfd soiiiiwliiTo u() till' sti't'p. and Schri 'ihor Jl^ls ^v^.•^OlI. '•Ilo wantK us, sir," was Jill lie .-^aiil. nnd in livo minutes thi'v h:\il fniiiui him. sprawled on his 5-ti)iii;»fl'. on .i f )i*oj»'ctiiig' ledge. Voirrc right, scrp -e.-inf ." he jjres- ently ypuke, repressing the desife to shout, Jinil stri\inir. lest Winsur should be niovi 'fl to invidinus er >nii>nri- sons, tf) seem ;is n <itu 'hal »>tit as JCay himself. "TlieyYe o.ining hack already." Tlien d"\vn the njnnntain- side he dove ti> plan .nnil prepare •.i]>leaving Wip.sur an<l pnintiii- smitlu astuard. when-, i propriate welootiie, leaving Ix.ldiv o-.itlin •(! a-aiiist the gray of i «nd th«- glasses to keep d.mhlc-puw- the n'l.^rniutr ^kv. a hiaek an<l i)eotl!ng '. ered wateh on the situati.-n. Iireeipiee t^ueicd fiom tlie mist- , Si -V -iiftv of a glorious, keen Xovem- ureathed j-ines ^it its base. Uear CUiI ber raurning. and Co'troopers of the bevond a doubt' C. C. GLYNN, M D. old regiment were distributed .'iloug' a spur that crossed, aI:no .-4t at riglit angles, the line of the Indian trail. Sixty fur-capped, rough-eoated fellows, witli their short brown carbines in hand, crouching beliind rocks and fallen trees, keeping elt>»:e to cover and warned to utter silence. I5eliind them, 200 yardiS away, their horses were huddled imder charge? of their icllsgusted guards, envious of tlioir follows at the front, and cursing hard their luck in counting olT^s number four. Schreibcr l :ad just come slid- 'rom there. lik.-Iv. thev can see j i"?. stumbling down from Wiusor's e trail over the divide—t'ho one Lit-! P'^rch to say that they could hear e Uat is i'vuiin- the major, and. if ; sound of sharp volleying far out "How far, sergeant?" asked the caiitain, ne\cr too reliant on his powers o^ JKdiriiig (i!-tanie. "ri »o miles, sir. :<t I'-'ast; yet some I t^ree or four Indians have turned olT i hj;>re and gone—sr.mewliere up tliere." i A'nd. ndling half over, Winsor pointed • ni;ain toward a wmded blurt", perhaps ' liyO fe-t higher r\v.d half a mile away. "I 'hat's probably tlie best lo<')kout tins side of t !:e "<-!i !T itself:" he con-j tinued, in exj:!:.n.ition. as he saw t !ie • izzled h>nk on tlie captain's face. ! they've m;i<K' anv time at all, the Eye, Ear, » Nose and Throat. Office in New York Store Building. DR. IVlcMILLEN, Office Phone 32.. Special attention given to the treat, ment of all CHRONIC DISEASES'and Diseases of Children. Office in. Mrs. Turner'.^ B'.dg. We?t Madison. ResidenceSo. Walnut. • Residence Phone 2"52. TREMONT LUNCH mm Anything: in the Eftting LiDe Steaks. Chops. Cut'cts. Sn-.c?witchts. Ci'.V.i Etc. Cigars. Tot.-»cco, I'ruit. ra»es. Etc. aiVB us A CALL. THE HUCCOCK Storace kai Tran«fer IJne. j Union Une. Does Ccmraet Work, flpr.^ri Transfer work. House. :;af»'..-inrt I'laun Mn-ins- Tninfca and Bagg^se Hauletl.Hyn-eS-jia <;c"j«l» Pkoked, Stored anil sUippert. OJHoe and H t.)re Boom 114 West MadL^n Avenuii Phc-a X> t lola. Kan«u. to the eastward, where tho warriors, " , . , , I k,. 1. _ f-i;(T evidently, were trvin-r to "staml oil" Fouadron ahould bo at ]!ear CUlI i • . , j., . ' ... • Webbs skirmish hnn until tho travoi.s ^"^-V ,. . 1 •„ V . *i i -wilh the wounded and tlie escort of Ihcv were crawling to him by this ' ' . i , i .. ^ -.„ , , . , ., .1 'the i)05siblc prisoners should succeed time. r. ake nn>l .<ehreib ;-r. among the • . • ', „ , , ... 3 » . .1,^ 1.1., • in getting back out of har:n s way and stunte<! cedar?; that trrew thickly' ' ^ ^^• , _ . „:i . •ui.-Jnrr icnrt'p iit\ii li:!»-lier trail into Ine sliofs—the onward rush of charginj? men—tiio awful screams of a brace of squ .Tws, broke from their leading reins; craslseil with their litter against tlie triM\<:, hurling the lnrkless occupant to earth. Ilnck drove the unhit warriors IM fore the flash of the cheering line. Down went i'lr^ one i »i ;ny, then a s(>coti(l, in his bloody tracks. One after another, litter, travois, woiiuiled and prisoner,. ^vas clufeii'.'d and j:ei/ed l)y staiw.irt h.'itids. and P.l .-ike. pntiting not a little, .round liiniself bending sfarin^r over the prostrate form liung froni the sjdijjf ere (l wreek of the litter, a form writhing inl pain tliiit forced no sound whatever from between grimly clineliiug feeth. yCt that liallled elTort, almost siijicrb, to rise and battle stiJl— n form m.TJgnificont in its pro- (iiru'ii-:, jet helpless ' through wounds and weakness. Not the form Pdake thought to see, of shrinking, delicate, daintj- wimian, but that of t 'le furious warrior who thrice had dared him on the open field—the red br.ive well-known by sight and deed within the moon now waning, but, only within the day gone by, revealed to him as the renegade Ralph Korean—Eagle Wing of the Ogallala Sioux. (To be Continued.) along the rocky ledge. Winsor, Hat again on his stuina'h. sprawled like a sfjuirrel ilose to the brink. Every moment ns tiie ski'.-s grew brighter tlio jianorama l»efore them became more e\feiisi \c. a glorious sweep of highlanrl sci TI-TV . of boldly to -jsirig ridi.'-es ea^t and soiitii and -.vest—the slopes all maTitie.!. tlie trees all tipj .e <l, Milh nature's ermine, and Ftti 'i.j.^'d n -u- with g<-:ns. 1 :,king fire at ti'• ih-.-l of T !;-^ <i;.y goii 's nii's.^er.t ,'er, as the miirhtv khig himself hurst his h.nlu of circling Agency For the OUYER TYPEWRITERS Other Makes Cleaned and Repaired Turner's Dye Works -When you want your C !othiD «r Cleanetl and Pressed in good style brinj; it to TURNER'S DYE WORKS, 309 West street. talcing surer and higher trail into the thick of the wilderness back of I'.ear i Clili. ••Soiue of 'em must come in j sight here in a niinut!', sir," panted ' the veteran sergeant. "We could seo tliein jdainly up tliere—a mule l!tt«'r •ind four travois. and tliere must be a do2cn in saddle." A tlo .:'Mi there were, for along the litie of eroMc*- iau' men weal sudd '-n tiirill of e \(.il i-iiifiu. .-^li iiiir .iTS began to he:'M-;: n >T-. •••IS th^imiis Irnre (iowii 'm itie 1'e ;'.-y c-.-irbine haiami'rs, :iiiil liiere \\\\>. ^o;;ai; of itri.ires ^iUe , stir and iniirriiir. Diit anions; the pines, y.'.tds away tv.o mounted biridiai:s j.opped si;'iiirn !v into vir-w. Very Remarkable Cure of Diarroea. "Al'oiit six years ago for the first time in my life I had a sudden and severe attack of diarrhoea," says Mrs. Alico Miller, of Morgan. Texas. "1 got tem.porary roliof. but it camo back again and again, and for si.v long years I have suft'ered more misery and agouy ilian. I can tell. It was worse than d.^ath. My husband spent hundreds of dollars for physicians' prescriptions and treatment without avail. Finally wo movo.l to Hnsquo county, our present h;in-.c. and one day I happened to s'^f' \v.\ advertisement of Chamlierlain 's Cclic. Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy with a tc?;timonial of a man who had licon cured iiy it. The case was so similar to my own that I concluded to try the remedj*. The roi^ult was won-j derfi:!. I nmjd hardly'realize that li was wi ^ll .Tjajji, or believe it c6uld be So afi'ir i'.avii g suffereii so long, hut; th-it one bot'tie of medicine, costing' !)•;: a fi'W cents, mo." For sale! I 'V a" .ir"ggi?,ts. At the 1. K^&T. Depot lola, Kans., Jane JO, 1903. To the people c$ Tola anc^AUen Cottnty: The (in^ersigned Lt^mber Compan'y^ has opened op a yard on nbrth Jefferson avenae, adjoining the M.':JC . & T. 4epot, where yoti will find a complete stock dnl hand"at all times. ask for a share of yocr trade and hope to merit the same hy fair rrices ^d good material. Come and isee as and, get prices'before yoc btry. YoiJrs Reispectft^IIy, .SEE US FOR... > I SwellTBrnoiits and Fine Novelty Rigs Tilt- ! Ti. ^'.s at N"oni:ri:p 'j' quit busi-; r; -s ?;>:o are •Foiling tho goo ;!3 fast.j it's only a rii -osllon of a few days.' v.-hon it will a;I be over. '1\ ^ wc!!-nig!i I shaking two o;h< r> '•pee e\";a -.,.-I. •! ;> t.:.-s fe.-!,!y tiilir ^ra^'i-y. ]••• .•'^i ing ,l>.e:uis as tin-ir I'M -is j.lifi th st'iv^- . ing fpiirt or j .iMi.;! with crad h.iue; ' ciily in a [:a-!!i'i'i jttg irot eo-.dd they ^ zig zag tiiroi'-h t:;e trees. Then R.ubber Tire Ruiiabouts and Surreys, Fine ;5urrf;y and Driving Harness, jVVhips, FlyNfets, Dusters, Summerpopds aild Lawn Swings. WiSWALL KENNEDY & CO. All D.-jggists Will Buy it Back. Yr.;i a:s;',;:io no risk v.-hon yoti iuy Chnir.! ."rinin'.i Colie. Clioiora and Diar- r::-,eT i:"i:;.'.'.y. .•<:! urugiiist.s j^ill re- y;:>;r in -riv ^y it Viji; are not. sati.^- It is every wliore • NE.XT TO ciTv 0'.> or.'-ice came two v.;.r.-iirs. I.-.M •.le po!:y See Our Before Buying NERVOUS ftad CHRONIC ••ilK FOr.VD SCHRKIHKR CROUCH, INO AT THE FOOT OF A TRKE G.VZ- , ING WARILY FORWARD." cloud and came peering over the low curtain far at the ea.stward horizon. Chill and darkness and shrouding va- I>or vsinished all in a breath as he rose, dominant over counjtless leagues of wlM, unbroken, yet I magnificent mountain landscape. "Wo.-th evcrj' hour of w-atch and mile ofclimb!'*'muttered I'dake. "Rut it's Indians.-not scenery, we're after. What are we here for. \\ insor'.'" and narrowly he eyed iJay's fjamous right bower. "If the major got there first, sir— and I believe he did—they have to send the prisoners and wounded back this way." , "Then we've goi. 'em!" broke in Schreiber, low-toned, but exultant. "Look, sir," lie adiled, as he pointed along the rang'e. "ITiey are signaling now." From the wooded height 1,000 yards away, curious little puffs of smoke, one following another, were sailing straight for ^ajth, and Blake, scirewine.-his field glasses to the j of a erippii d coi;.ra <!e. -iitMi't !:r — . don't liana tiiciu! Kali liu-k from tlie ! trail tlierc and ht tl.eiii in. Tiioy'll ! l;alt tI:o .i ti.ey see tracks! j (iet 'ein aliv,-. if po.-.-iMe:" v.-erc lil.ikc's rapid orders.for his eyi-s v.-ere e:igcrly li .xrd on otlier object.-; beyond the -i> ;loj (-,-te (l l .-aders—uj.on stumbling mules, lashed fore and aft Ijc- tween long. s])]iced sajiiiiig.-^ and iienr- ing thus tin- rude lliler—Hay 's p^ wiieelcrs turned to use. An Tmlian boy.monntid.led the foremost mule; another wat«-Ii :.Ml riie second; while, on each sitle i >f tlie ocenpaut of the Siou.'c ^aianqnin, jogg.;d a blanketed rider on jad <'d poiiy. Here was .1 personage of c<mseijner!<'e— luckier iiinch tlian these other.s following, (jragged along on travois whose trailing poles came jolting over btone or hummock alon>r the r ^igt 'ed path. It wu.s on these that Ulake';,- glittering f;ye« were f.-'.t.-n-d. "I'ounce on the leaders, you are ijearest!" he ordered, in low. telling tones, the men at his left; tln-n turneil to .Sel'reilier. crotudiing close t>'side liiih. the fringe of his bu <dv- skin hunting sliirt quivet-ing over his bounding heart. '-There's the pri /c I want." he muttered low. "Whatever you do, let no shot reach that litter. Charge with me the moment the-leaders yell. "You men to the right,"' lie added, slightly raising his voice, "be leajdy to jump wth me. Don't shoot anybody that doesn't show light. Nab everything in sight.** "•Whoo-oop!** All in a second the mcnntain woke, the welkin rang, to a yell of warning from the hps of the leading Sioux. All in a second they wlilrled tSieir ponies about and darted back. All iin tiia* second Blake and his nearmost sprang j to their feet and, flung themsel ^TS . forward >traigfat f or tlie'•ta£rUe4 cpnToy. In iil-a'.rted to • J'J the most r.'.:cce.=;.sfid; ron>r :y IT use f 'T bowel complaints; and ot:ly cr.o that, n'-^ver fails. It, :•; piea.^aar. safe and rciiaide. Nc. 11^, West Madison Ave. Your Linen Will Wear much longer if we launder it. Be­ sides doing the best work, we pay a great deal of attention to the life of the linen. Our soaps, our machinery, car methods are designed to do the very finest work with the least possible wear to the garment, if you are not a cus- 'tomer, call tis up and let us call for a trial packag^. We'll surely please you. lola Steam Laundry, 'P &Meil2. Has Put In a Stock of... NEW CARPETS ihicei tl« Uwtst We sell^ Boilers, Engines, Brass Castings. Drilling -Toolsi (Gray Iron Castings, Belting, Packing, lol^, Kahsas. Mcnula^orera oi; flaclilaery ...For.;;- %m, Smete and Brici Pibts. We Ofter. <~:-v-:-H^~:--:-v-:--H~>-K-;--:~3 I NOW FOR Oil Storage Tanks, Automatic and Plain Gas Separators, Sheet Iffen Work, Structural Work, Rotary Ore Roasters, Smoke Stacks, dood >VorkiiianshJp, steel Dump Cajrs Prohipt Deliveries, I^a^s to Order. Low Priccsi Pattenis For Casfings a SiJeciaHy, Eslffeafes Faraislieg. QBici [gepa[irVart :onF^ORT Dress Goods tliat are good and beautiful, yet cool and breezy. That is what you are looking for, the kind we are showing- Prices the lowest. I* Do Not Forget Our GRC^ERY DEPARTflENT. ko Ooa Und^rsellA Us. Dry Goods »HMHHHWi "I"l'l"t-t'I 'I"i- Shois, Groceries. •H-^' 1 1 111 i II111111 It I * * I Hi i 1 C. L. WHITAKER,

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