Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 22, 1912 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 22, 1912
Page 5
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i- \ DTOOT OWES IiM TO TW6 AGBNgiBSt'MAOTSCRIEjIr !CH41^B^ ;IJLrCT'SH)EGBlNDSTENOaEA:PBEE TOO-F^^ ICHB':AS^ASSEK;^ Tht^dor* BsoMT «tt mmr tbimk tini •Keacleii tliat^ :to.''aIlV* and on • rapid TMd to..«Mor«iy traa Vbm la-. Jury that Innicttd npaa blm by a mad man at MUwaukaak TlM flrat Is the maouacrlpt, ot hla XfUwaakM •peech-^^amost 100 pagaa-^hleb tba buiietitruck, and which wMkmad tba jjiaaUe's rorca^ Tha ottMr (a XUwrt E. Martin, tha atenocraphar la tha Zioosevelt party who follad tba wonldr bu assasaln betota ba bad ttma to flr* a occond Bhot Into tba ooIonaTa bodr< Murtln ia shown boldlns tba manat &k:ript In tha aooompanylnc pletUNk Bibwt E. Martin hoMIno documenu through which buUat paMcd into RooMValt'a body, and rsvolvac THE "IRON FISm Kiii|ioriii «;jizrtlr .l <Tr> ill i;fli»rt> Iiidiiri' Slultlis t" lli'jil.v (o I'AITS HKKAKS TOLD AT OXCE. Mand.iiini,'-- lias an awfully iman sound, hut wlK -n the jola prie.-i talkoil of iisinK it on the p()vnrnor, ln> foiiml that the iiori-fistod QuAor didn't fall for tlio bluff Olio singlo inch.—ICni- Iioria (jazetto. You lict tho iMisy randidato for tlii> United Stalos Sonalo wlu) i> irllir.i; all his aiidifnros how he h;iK iiiiprox fd prison conditions and how warns to pay tho salaries of tlu> piisnnors to -their faniili<><. •"diiln'i fall for tlir roKK i .K(; >vo.\ wxhh GAME. bluff." Just whv th«- talk of a nian-i'-nd ¥.r\\m^ iwUvxy ,as promptly and daniti.s suit, tho only mian.< under tho-| w itliout any other nssistanc-o or bad law to reach the noveinnr, to discovr iifi r-eflVcts as a 2 ;.-cent packaKO or the rlKhts of a prisoner .<iiou1d arouse I I'apes t :old Conipoimd, which any the ire of- the pnliticr! boDSlers of the ! i!rup>:ist can supidy—accept no sub- governor is not «lcar . .lohn Ilealy. moantime. reniain.s in the penitentiary, placed there by the S;ate of Kansa.^ for a priiiie he did not coniini;, ;ind the (Jovernor is heedless of hi> seven , years persocutinn. deaf to t"ie petition of disinterested lolans ^vho souish; months ago to know why the man could not l>e told tlie re.isim of his de- Icntlnn. "Iron ^'l^tll| Uualier." eli? Of eo\irse It Is ton niiiiii to iisk t!i"' povernor to .<l(ip Ills <:iiiipiilf,ii tor the Sennlo. In whirli lie is lirim.iinK how Kood II novernor In- is, Inn^: I 'liirii'^li to bo n fair Rovcrnur f .ir a mltiiite, T<> do that wiiuirt I)e to admit ,th;it he has Ifinored. a just appeiil .And .--o the wnnn-ho.nrted of .VlJen county • people, with no political llnce. will be iRncred This ••iroii fisted" Ki)vorn- niont l.c a fine ihlnir. K-;p"rlalIy does It please people who Il !i >»irh1 Diey were '•buslinsr the bussrs" wtioji they uplifted i!ie iron | TRADE (ArrKK FOK STflUlS. Fi^^t nose of Tape's C«W roni |M >nnd ('atrber Taieirril Kiinnrr Itiil Ite Threw Knd.s (irlppe Misery. J.eir Onto tlic I'lalif Vfui can surely end grippe and y iii'sik up the most severe cold eithcj, ^ f'anfleid. Col., O'^-t. 21.—When Albert in head, clic-st, back, .stomach or limbC niIllnK.<< kicked his cork leR across the liy takinir a dose of Tape's Cold Com- home plate yesterday afternoon In the IHiiind every two houra until thvco con ninth innini;, the score helnR already a .'• to 5 tie. the umpire called the runner safe. Then the la.'-l baseball Raine of tlie season broke up In a row. However, empire .lerry Carter, consulted the ruli- book, declared that there was no precedent, and hold to his decision. When the tcanis lined ui) for play, it was found that one toani was shy a man. IlillinBS, of the cork lee. volun- fr-ered and the first thine he did was to knock a two -liaj ;cer. He stole third and started home when one of his team mate.s hit to ' shortstop. The shortstop tossed the ball to the catcher ten fepl alieart of the runner, (he cork lei; flew off and cross the (dale, while Hie owner of the IcK dropped to the ground. The catcher stepped out and tajiKed the prone figure, hut the umpire was watchinK closely and ruled that (ho foot at tlip end of the cork touched the base. The opposing team :-lalined th .it IlillinKS wn;: out because the catc-her fapsed him before h« cros .sed the plate. •.eciitive doses are taken. ' " It promptly relievos the most miserable lieadaclie, dullness, bead and no;-e .>.tulfi-d up, fevori.«hness, sncoz- ins. sore throat, mucous catarrhal dis charges. runninK of the nose .soreness: .-tiffnes.s and rheumatic twinges Take ihis wondi^rlul Compound its directed, without interference with your usual duties and with the knowl- eilge that there is nothing idse in the u irlil, which will cure your cold or .-litute—contains no quinine—belongs in eve! v liome. Tastes nice. WYA.h TOLD |{y an loin , Itrsldeiit. The f<illowlnfr has more interest lor Icila residents than it otherwise would have (lecau.^e .Mr. cKIJey Is one of ours«Urs. a citizen of lola If It! prove 111' ;issist;iii:'e to hut OIK ' person In lola. It will have lieiMi well wcirth the tell- in c. W I). Kelley. li;: .s. Washington ."^1 . lolii, Kans.. .says: "I suffered off ,ind on for fifteen years from kidney ;rouble and 1 believe it was brought III; liy li;ird w:;rk. If I dld>nny sKmp- Inu or lifting, it was .•sure to cause a dull imin across my loins. 'Hearing Doan'.s Kidney Pills spoken of. 1 got a l)ox at C 11. Spencer & Co.'s llrug Store, and 1 had not used them long before I was free from pain. I continued taking this remedy and In a few weeks my trouble was corrected. I I shall always have a good word for lioans Kidney Pills in view' of what Ball Mi>o .<irrs Accused «if Calerinir 1o they did for me." (Statement given ALLEN October 23 and 24 He will speak in the Woodman Hall, Carlyle, Tues«^ day evening,-Oct. 22, and in lola, Wednesday evening, Oct. 23, at 8 o'clock, in the A. O. U. W. Hall. He has a njiessage for you. Come Out and Hear Him! m the K. C. Star. "Topekn. Oc. il. .T. S. ^r:ii';. pr'-si- denl of the Republican Party league, pointed out today that Arthur Capjier. RepjJblican candidate for governor. RepjJbiican canniaaie lor n,"„.:iVr.;.;.. ,,„,„ The cure they and William Allen White, in n.eir Oojin ^, Kidne, I^H^^^^^ eagerness to placate tiie Missouri .Time f,, lO.or..) TIMI-: IS THE TKST. Mr. Kolley wa.s interviewed on Aliril V.nO. and he said: "I willingly verify the public statement I gave some years ago. reccmimending an's Kidney I- !cieii in my case has been perman- ,. I now have no need of aj kidney -idicine whatever." i Por sale by all dealers. Price r>nc. iM ^ster-Milburn Co.. Uuffalo, X.'Y., sole -and Bull Moose Organs." the Kansas City Star and Times, which deserted Cap- )cr and have come out fori Hodges, lave ihade Mr. Capper's ptditical stat- ' • ^ tis as a null Mooser .so plain, "that no i agents for the I'nited States, onc'can iKjssibly lie dec-elved hercaf- ! Uenieniher (Lhe name—Ooan" ter.'f- take no other. • . < Mr. Dean sa>-s that "in desperation i these Bull Moose newspapers liave | THE KEr.TLAK.S J.WITED. volunteered their support 10 a T>emo-i j i crat. hoping thereby to secure Uemo-: <"(rt >rpe Ilodirci Asks Them to Join cratic support for -that P.enedict Ar-, Democratic Party, nold of the Republican party in this; ' Leavenworth. Ka.s., Oct. 22.—'Vou Btote— W. R. Stubbs." regulars." said George H. Hodges, . The president of the league also : Democratic oandldate for governor. In cUea that \\'h\\c hastens lo assure the 1 .>,)s speech hiere tonlffht, "have no po- Times and Star "that C .ipiier is true |iitspal home.!after yuu get away from blue Progressive (Bull .Moose), and is 1 Taft. Hadn't you better just come or- supporting Roosevelt and. glorying in ; or into the Democratic party and vote It," and that the pointing of White 's* ;or us nemdcrats? You know where article on the front page of Capper 's ; we stand, i know thousands" of Re- paper, is cpntlrinatlon by Capper of 1 |,iiblicans over Kansas just as good as White 's declarations. j vou are who are not golnsr to vote for . , Stubbs and Mr. Capper but who A Ki >gl.t..r Want Ad. « HI (.ct It. ;;[,LfeJ°tbll"year"^" democratic can- / l.\T» THE PAW-PAW PATCH. Ill Krlendle«n Person* Bnrlcd by CommlMxionrr A brams., Why Salves Can't Core Eczema sine* lh« oW.f (U >lilene.1 t!.e.;rv nf rar- ireutOm Mst non. thnt WP can ne«m- i.irn.l hlKlvly n« tum for we know thai 1 ».I>.P. rtops tlio lleli at oner. can nrob&bly explains ttJo trcnuiirtovm nic- ?^of the well known liotild ccrrma Twnedy. on of wlnMCKreen. th .vino «r)y- ^rinc. e «e.. as corapoundoa jn ''^We^tov«"»oIit other rcmeaies for »Mn ri"t if vo« come to our «tore. wo are Pocertalnof what D.D.n. wlH ^o for you thai we otrcr yon a full this KuBrante,:--Tf r <>«<t»^»?ttmdft»t it taken away tha Itch AT OSiCE, U _ costs you not a cent. .""For Sale at Burreirs Drng Store. - n:>i! now niii.iHtKN HATE CA.STtlH Ull. T«i Clenn lljc I.IKIo (Ine's Sinmarli, l.her and Wa>tr.t'loinrrd Itowplit '• t.'i»e t.'enlle ".Syrup of FI L'>.'' I-i> .k liack at your childhood days. Kemember the physic that mother in- |Slyted on—ca.s1or oil, calomel, cathartics. How you hated thclu, bow you fought against taking them. With our children It's different. The day of har.-h physic Is over. We don't force the llvef and 30 feet of bowels now: we r:ax them.' We have no dreaded.after effects. Mothers who cling to the old,form of ph.vsic simply don't realize what they do. The children 's revolt is well-founded. Their little stomachs and tender ,bowels are injured by them. If your child Is fi:ctrul. peevls.h. half .=ick. stoniBcU pour, breath feverish and Its Utile sy.stem full of cold; has f !larri!oea, Ft."re throat, stmnach-ache; doesn 't cat' or re.-rt well—remcmiher— look at the tongue. If coated, give n teaspoonful. of Syrup of Figs, then don't worr.v. because you surely will have a well, smiling child In a few hours Syrup of Figs lielng composed en- lirel.v of luscious flgsj senna and" aro- niatlcs simply cannot bo harmful. It sweetens the stomach, makes the liver active and thoroughly cleanses the little one's wastelclogged bowels. In a few hours all sou rblle, undigested fermenting food arid constipated waste matter gently moves on and cut of the system without griping or nausea. Directions for (childrcip of all ages, also for grown-Hp.", plainly printed on the package By all means get the genuine. Ask ynur dniggi-'^t for the full name "Syrup of Figs and Elixir of Senna" prepared by the California Fig.Syrup Co. Accept nothing else. Arthur Capper; Republican nominee for Governor, is making a campaign against the stato inheritance tax, which he regards as one of tho most unjust laws ever enacted In Kansas. Ho says the present law shoulil be repealed. If an Inheritance tax ix to he collected In Kansas, be thinks that direct heirs should .be exempted (or at least •25,000.—Advcrtlscfnont. ARXETT Fir.XEK.iL •l|0.¥ORKOW. The funeral of the lat^ John Wesley Arnett, who died at his home in Elm township yesterday •mominr. will be bf Id at the resldeiice tomorrow morning »• 10 o'clock. Burial will be made In ^he lola Cemetery, the G. A. R. baring charge of the senlces at the grave. The world thnt you llvo in does not bear all the pathos, bitterness and lonely sorrow. When death lays its hand upon your loved one or your fr|,end. there Is loving sympnthy and consolation of sincere friends. When that one has been borne to the Inst earthly resting place it is after tho tears and sobs of carnetit friends hnvo exprc88e <l dceiwst (foncern and sorrow and nftor most elaborate and Inipres- sive ceremony. Aiid yet you. feel that |K >rhups morn might havo be«>n done us a mark of regard and respect. But thore's another world that knows deeper sorrow than you have ever known. It Is the world whoso dwellers are pinched by iwverty; a world whose people never feel" the warmth'of your greeting or your word of cheer;, a world that denies its Inhab Hants even the necessities of life to say nothing of the little delicacies t(iat most of :^ou enjoy. It's the world that a social caste outlines, forming a barrier that perhaps will never be effaced. In this little world as it exists figuratively in this county, there have been 14T deaths within the five years. You never heard of them. They were paupers. They were friendless. When death came and wafted the pain racked bodies into the unknown realm, there were no consoling words of part- Iniy there was no loving hand-claps; there were no words of comfort and Anally no mourners, no minister, no hymn and no prayer. Al Abrams, County I*oor Commissioner stood by the on- en grave as the only witness when the undertaker lowered the cheijp pine coffin Into the earth In the potter's flelil or as often' called as "Pawpaw- patch." Atid so when It seems that your little world holds all the bitterness, all the pathos and all the sorrow, a thought of the dying poor may Inspire you with n sincere feeling of thankfulness that things arc as Well with you and yours as they arc. r.r.m ran DAXDRIJFF. Vou will Bo Surprised to Scv How Quickly It DlNapiiciu-ii. No more dirty coats from dandruff heads. Zcmo stops dandruff. Apply it any time with tips of fingers. No smell, no smear. Zemo sinks Into the pores, makes the scalp healthy, makes thci hair fine and glossy. Zemo is prepared by E. >rV. Rose Medicine Co., St. Louis, Mo., and is regularly sold by all druggists at per bottle. But to «uibla you to make a test and prove what it will do for you, get a S^-cent tdlal bottle fully, guaranteed or your money back at Morris & Howard Drug Store. The MofrsQ Bible class will be held at the Y. M. C. A. building this evening at 6:20 o'clock. XTT business men and high school studcAts are urged to attend the classes. EET«TEN GENT BOXOF-GIISGIUIETS Insures Yon for Months iAgaluHt a Sick llciiilnrhc, KlilonHness Constipation or » Bad Slomarli. Put aside—Just once—the Salts, Cailiartic Pills, Castor Oil or purgative waters which merely force a passageway through the bowels, but do not thorough ly cleanse, freshen and purify thehse drainage or alimentary orgauH. and have no effect whatever upon the liver and stomach Keep your inside organs" pure and fresh w.ith Cascarcts. which thoroughly cleanse, sour and fermenting food , and foul gases, take the excess bile i from the liver and carry out of the I system all the constIpated_^ wast^' mat- j ter and poisons In the intestines and i bowels . . ftja .\ Cascaret tonight w-ill make you • feel great by morning They work i while you sleep—never gripe, sicken iand cost only 10 cents a box from ; your druggist . Millions of men and i women take a Cascaret now and then jand never have headache, biliousness. : coated tongue, indigestion, sour stom- ;ach or tenstipated bowels. Cascarets bel(jhg In every household. Children jjuat love to take thefam . Should Use I T'S diJEferient from others because mora care is taken in the mak< Ing and the materials tued ara ot^ higher gmde. <• Black Silk Stove PcjUdi M«kc»BbriUIant.«nkyix>ll»lrtotdo«iot tub off or dust off. and tb* sbsb. liuu low, tiram as Ions a» ottliaary «|toyo P^i^! i ;sed on cample stoves MdsoM Of vour parlor suna or yoar cw.maa*. lty«f j««r <lMlcrJ» Mtjwrara to.Tjf Md yw Iiwlrt on Btock bUk Mm PotHlu.. Itod* la Uquld or fUm -cm vIMl. BLAOC SOX STOVE POLBH WORKS Milf— •••••} oe «il teaaTlt hM iw oqaml lor ow OB WMOMMM. Get a Can TODAY IB. THE PAPER BOTP FAI I LS TO deliver your paper, call 18 and we wlH? sendVeu a paper by a special carrier the same evening. CHEER*UP, SPORTS,,THE WORST IS YET TO COME.

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