Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on October 4, 1889 · Page 4
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 4

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, October 4, 1889
Page 4
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of Gotham \Vo\ikl not have been so v/ise, Had they not sought -—. for knowledge, _~~ And used their ears and eyes »/ -. Tn getting infor- ~-^_~ niation Of every sort and kind, Instead of going through the world Like men both deaf and blind. "'And you can be as wise as they, If you but choose to buy The Soap that's called the SANTA CLAUS— Its good effects to try. Because 'twill help you through your work At such a rapid rate, That you'll have time to master all you care to undertakes. All Grocers sell SANTA CLAUS SOAP. Made by. N. K. FAIREANK & CO., CHICAGO. ! »«ij.-s ;,.„-«, AffSiCurSKiSV*-. ' j TV"! !'!>';* Kstlve in tho w~.rU' for Cutn, I3nr.ncri. S"ren, L'lr^rs, f-.'xlt Khenm, F^ver Sores, Tetter. Chopped Itandii, Chilbininp, Corps, and nil Skin Krujv- tlor.a, nnd postively euros riles, or no pay required. It is guaranteed to give perfect Bntisfaction, or money refunded. Frice 20 cents per box. For sale by I>. H. Stricidor. Mr. N. II. FroMichstein, of Mobile Ala., writes: I tfsko great pleasure in recoiiinif-nilmg ifr. King's JNew Discovery fo-r Consumption, having used it for a severe attack of Bronchitis and Catarrh. It gave me instant relief and entirely cured me and I have not been aillicted since. 1 also bog to state that I have tried other remedies with no good result. Have aho used Electric Bitters and Dr. King's New Life 1'illa, both of which I can recommend. L>r. King's New Discovery for Conaump- ion, Coughs and Colds. Is sold on a positive guarantee. Trial bottlea free at D. B. istrickler's Drug Store. Union jir'ttrsirtcil mr>r!.iru:R wi'l lie held nc-xfc week at I>otwf-;!f-t's hnll. commencing Monday or por- hrvva Sunday eveninpr, we not b»'UH» j"" 1 ?.. Hive which at this wrilinp. The C. Mench fnrm w;o sold Wednesday at public nueiroii to Theodore Wilson.of Talmyra, for S~:>. 50 per acre. The farm should have .brought st good deal more money, as the buildings are V"m. I'riinmrr, OFFEIIEO foran incnniblecaso of Catarrh In the IlraJ bytlu: proprii'torsol T SA8E'S CATARRH REMEDY. Syroptom* ot Catnrrli. - Hcndnchc. obstruction of nose, dischnrin s fulling- Into thron* "omctlmcn profuse, wut«;ry. and acrid, at others, ihick, tenacious, muTOiid, purulont. blood'y and putrid ; eyi-s wruk, rinjilnif In cars. deafness. dllHoiiltr of cli-urlnjr tlinmt, expectoration of olfi'iislvo miitu-r: bivnth nlfi'iisivc: smell nml tuato Impain-il. and p'ncral debility. Only a few of thra: syiiiptonm llkrl . rly to IK- pn'S- ent at once. Vlionsanils ul c-asi-s. result m consumption. and end In the crave. BT It3 ini!'! »rMit!iliiir. tiiul lii'Mllnir proprrtli^i, Dr. Sllgo'a iii'iiioily ciircg the worst CIIBI-S. Me. The Original HTT? E \ e a s axvt I IUCD DIMS wi'ftiktV'vn witniiiAo. J*"" 1 " *''<*'"Wr i HunnlfM. Leeds (England) signalmen work eight hours and get SI. CKOUP, WHOOPING COUGH and Bronchitis Immediately relieved by Shiloh's Care. For sale by Perry, the druggist, and J. M. Bickford, Hock Falls. •_ Si Whites toofe the place of itriking Chinese at Fresno, Cal. WILL YOU cough when s Cure will give you immediate relief. Price 10 cts., CO cts., and 81. For sale by Perry, the druggist, and J. M. iMckford, Rock Falls. , « CTfliest to tnko. One Pellet a DOM. Cure Slcfc Headache, BllioiiH Ilcadachc, Dlnlnem, Constipation, Indigestion, Bilious AUackii, and all derangements ot the stomach and bowels. 15 eta. by druggists. FOURTH POINT Ulbbard'a Rheumatic and Liver IMllfl These Pills are scientifically compounded, uniform In action. No griping pain so commonly following the uso of Pilla. They are adapted to both adults and children with perfect safety. We guarantee they have no equal in the cure of sick headache, constipation, dyspepsia, biliousness, anc!, as an appe tizer, they excel any other preparation. Bradfleld's Fem Should be used by the young woman, she who suffers from any disorder peculiar to her sex, and at change of life is a powerful tonic; benefits all who use it. Write The Bradfield Beg. Co., Atlanta, for particulars. Sold by all druggists. tetter Lint. Letters remaining in the Postofllce at Sterling for the week ending Friday October 4th, 1880: Smith. Mrs Delia .Strand, Tonius / Hhnnions, Rosa 524,1st Avonne Bamum, E C (ir«y, John W Halev, Annie Hawke, John Lashley. L-fWis H Picking, uarry W. When calling for above letters please say "Advertised." WM. A. MoCtrNE, I'. M. Taylor, Vr T Tuttle, U II W'olber, Mrs Barhra You ihould readTHECmcA- co DAILY I<BWS because you want /** ttslymtr tntmty mill for. THR DAILY NBW* Is a mcmberof the Associated Press. This means that Iu news service b unsurpassed. Two o( Its Mafl live in Washington the year round, and are exclusively oc- cupieti in its service. It has special correspondents throughout- the. United Slatei^and in It has n" l"-''I'le rr>;!il»rly on U>i>uy~ loll. II liik'-s lii-wren £5,500 and per week to pay them—nearly a year. Its expenditures aggregate very nearly #1,000.000 an-, nually. All this means quality. KtmtKtttr— Its circulation Is 230,000 a day--over ~ a million a \*&;k—and it costs by mail 25 cts r — • .& month, four months $1.00,— one centa day. •VS B«wln».M«<-hlr .To si tfoet ••l«blli . trtd* la nil p«rtn, by , plumiff oor machine* J ImA fnodi wbtn Ult p«opl« tlwm. w» will Mud rrer to on« MrMD In MCb locAllty.tbe vtry b««t wwiDf-michln* tn*do la world, with all lh* •lucbmenli. '• will al»o Mod fr«e • complete i ot oar costly and Ti!unbl« in iplM. Inrctornwi uk th»t you iw what w« tend, to tlioee who rail at year borne, end liter 9 inthi all ehtll become your own roperty. Thle grand t&fchino !• i»oeafter the Sinter peitnte. blch have run oat: tiffan patmte ni» out It eoId for S93. with the e'Uehmenu, and BOW Milt foe New York hug Chinese tailor shops. Some coats cost §200. ., Wonderful Cures. W. I). Hoyt & Co., Wholesale and Retail Druggists of Home Ga., say, We have beeu selling Dr. King's New Discovery, Electric Bitters and Bucklen's Arnica Salve for four years. Have never handled remedies that sell as well, or give such universal satisfaction There has been some wonderful cures effected by these medicines in this city. Several cases of pronounced Consumption have been entirely cured by use of a few bottles of Dr. King's New Dis- "^""r 1 /.. t^'-r^v. •!> C/^T^^O.T 1 .^ th ,.7^1 R Cric Ihttprft. We guarantee them Iways. Sold by D. B. Slilcklor. From Tamplco. Our poultry men are having a good supply of poultry at present. The Reliance are receiving coal here by the carload. It costs them S2.00 pei ton. Potatoes are cheap and no market for them at all. ~trraTrrir"cOniing in town- in large quantities. The farmers have -come to the conclusion that there ia not much chance for an advance m corn, owing to the large crop ready to harvest. •nil machine in Ine world. All U M#rte. No capital required. Pltln, t iBeunetloiu siren. ThoM who write to oe al once ean MI fro* tbt b«*l eewlDC-maclilne In the world, and the t line of w&rfceef blrncrt ever «Uown toc«therin America. - jo.. Iloi 71O., M«loe. A plain gold ring was found by a Washington, N. C., man imbedded in a arge block of ice. SHILOH'S COUGH and Consump- ion Cure is sold by us on a guarantee. c cures consumption. For sale by J erry, the druggist,and J.M.Bickford Rock Falls The best diamond per week. cutters make SCO «ood Advlee. If yeu are subject to nervousness, headache, morphine, or opium habit, sleeplessness, neuralgia, backache monthly pains, sexual weakness, St. Vi ton dance, or other simiiiar sickness do not fail to nae Dr. Miles Restorative Nervine, a valuable nerve food and the latest and most scientific of remedies. It is guaranteed to give relief ; 85,000 is freely offered for a better Nerve Food and Medicine. It soothes and quiets the nerves while furnishing nourishment and strength Aak for a free trial bottle at A. R. Hendrick's and J. M. Bickford's Drug Stores. . Australia sent $10,000 to the London strikers. A Hodern Miracle. Mrs. J. W. Wentworth, of Elkhart, Ind., was long subject to pain in the side, shortness of breath, weakness, •light cough, swelling of the ankles and other symptom's of serious heart disease. She was expected to die at any time. Doctors in New York, Toledo, etc., failed to help her. But two bot ties of Dr. Milea New Cnre for the heart cured her three years ago and she has remained ' well ever since Heart disease can be cured. Sold by A. R. Hendricks and J. M. Bickford. A Japanese tattooer makes 80,000 a year. . SHILOH'S CUflB will immediately relieye Croup, Whooping; Cough and Bronchitis. For sale by Perry, the druggist, and J. M. Bickford, Bock Indianapolis hod carriers work eight boars. FITS.-All fits stopped free by Dr Kline's Great Nerve Restorer. No flta after first day's use. Marvellous cures. Treatise and $2.00 trial bottle free to Fit cases. Send to Dr. Kline, 031 Arch St., Phila, Pa. d&w Minnesota's Eight Hour league meeU monthly. 190 JUadlca Wanted. And 100 men to call on any di uggist for zfrte trial package of Lane's Family Medicine, the great root and herb remedy, discovered by Dr. Silas Lane while in the Rocky Mountains. For diseases ot tho blood, liver and kidneys it ia a positive cure. • For constipation and clearing up the complexion it does woudera. Children like it. Everyone praises It Large size package, 50 cents. At all druggists'. 1 London bootblacks charge two cents a shine. THAT HACKING COUGH can be quickly cured by Shiioh's Cure. We guarantee it. For sale by Perry, the druggist, and J. M. Bickford, Hock Faila _ English railway conductors get $0 tt $8 par week. An English lady has left .$50,000 to be .evoted to the photographing of stars, ilanets and nebulic. "hea"Hn~and weet breath secured, by , Shiloh's Cat- ,rrh Remedy. Price 50 cents. Nasal njector free. For sale by Perry, the ruggist, and J. M. Bickford, Rock i'alls. The catch of-the-Alaaka Fur-corn- iany for the last yew amountee to ,000,000 seal skins. , . THE REV. GEO. H. THAYER, oi Bourbon, Ind., says: "Both myself and wife ewe outlives to SHILOH'S CONSUMPTION CURE." For sale by 'erry, the druggist, and J. M. Bickford, Rock Falls. The eldest son of the poet Stoddard, a promising young actor, is about to ollow the example' of his' talented ather and mother and publish a novel. A. JLady In South Carolina Writes My labor was shorter and less pain- ul than on two former occasions; pby- icians astonished; I thank you for 'Mother's Friend." It is worth its weight in gold. Address The Bradtield leg. Co, Atlanta, Ga., for particulars. Sold by all druggists. William Black, the novelist, is mak- ng a study of Mary Anderson for his next story. ' • A Huff l»lseovery. Weakened and deranged livers, stomachs and bowels should never be acted on by irritants like common pills, bran, etc. Mile's Pills cures liver complaint, constipation, piles, etc., by a new method. Samples free at A. R. Hendrick's or J.M. Bickford's. It is said that sixty-three millionaires reside in the territory between Dobb's ?erry and Tarrytown, N.Y., a distance of only six miles " Who can TonlgUt and Tomorrow Alight, And each day and night during this week you can get at all druggists iemp's Balsam for the Throat and , acknowledged to be the most successful remedy ever sold tor the cure of Coughs, Croup, Bronchitis Whooping Cough, Asthma and Consumption. Get a bottle today and keep t always in the house, so you can check your cold at once. Price 50c and ®l.OO. Sample bottles free. ': la Ovutli Iu tlio Grape Seed. When one hears of tho museum freaks who swallow jack knives, rusty iron nails anil pieces of glass without sustaining any injury to tlic-ir digestive organs, it seems imjKwsililo to believe that the swallowing of u -mere, seed of a grape coulJ place :v mau at tlio very threshold of death. Yet Btieh is tlio fato of young William Walton, nf No. 853 Eighth avenue. A few days a^o ho was taken eick after eating some grapes. An abscess arose on his bide, which, on investigation, proved to bu the result of tho seed of a i;rajx' having lodged iu the vermiform appendix. A surgical operation becumo necessary, and the young man now lies in a precarious condition and little hopes aro entertained of his recovery. Tho case is a very rare one and lias attracted much professional interval. —New York World. miser abte by that terribla cough, Care i» the remedy for yoa. For sal by P*wy, th« druggist!, «4 J. M. liilek- ftwd, liook Fails. that 1 "It is all over town," said the Arab. "What?" asked the old man, his eyebrows bristling with curiosity, "ilud" said the youngster, while hia mouth went clear around his ears in a griu. "Eight you are," said the old man. "With tho mud eouuia colds and coughs. iiusl you know Ui* reraady." "Dr. Bull's iH'>«)gh ^yruj>," rejoined the boy. "Uigut you jt "' some of Ilium weighing "00. beat it? ' The shares have all been taken, ao we are informed, for a race track here; the shares are twenty five dollars each. Ueo7U7JacKson~has^purchased a fly- rtr.or he is to be when he gets old enough. George says the only thing he judges by that he will be a flyer ia hia kuee joints and I tell you, boys, they ar eas large as a pumpkin . Nick Spencer says that it is a little dandy and ia is a boy, too. Mr. aud Mrs. D. L. Burroughs and their daughter, of Mason City, are visiting their friends here. ; ' The Baptist ladies will give an entertainment in Union hall Wednesday, Oct.O, for the benefit of the church. — Joaeph Cline, of Stafford, Neb, is here looking after his farms. He will 'eave for bia home Monday. ,) . E. Greenman went to Chicago Monday to attend the Grand Lodge of Masons, he being a delegate from this lodge. M. G. Leone, one of our insurance agents, has gone to Grundy county, to do a little special work in his line, in tho absence of the ajjecial agent. Mr. O. Benjamin and wife, an uncle of Dewitt West's, start for their home in New Jersey Tuesday. Mr. West's wife accompanies them as fat as Chicago, where they will attend the exposition. Ed. D. Griswold has rented his farm three miles south of Tampico for eight hundred dollars cash and the tenants pay the taxes. Ed. intends to move to Cbatanooga, Tennessee, where, he baa purchased a piece of land near Lookout mountain. Our painting men are securing quite a good lot of painting for this ii me of the year. . Mr. Clark, of Prophetstown, father of Mrs, John Kimball, is .staying with her at present. Lots of hay and straw is coming to town of late. Last Saturday evening the band gave our people the benetlt of»a little music. Henry M/Harris died at his home in Fairfleld, Bureau Co., of Brights disease. Mr. Holden was born at Holden Mass., August 30th, 1844 and died Sept SOth, 1889, aged 45 years and 1 month. He enlisted in 112th New York Infantry and served his country as a true soldier. He was a member of Samuel G. Steadmans' post, 491, of Tampico, was also a member of Fairueld camp, 67, M. W. A. Had a policy for 82,000, also a policy in the Grand Circle of White Men for 82,000. His camp Tampico and the G. A. R. attended the services in their fraternal bodies. Rev. Spring, of Walnut, officiated. One more of the old veterans • has attended his last roll call. He leaves a loving wife, three boya, father, mother, brothers. and Bisters to Mourn, the loss of a kind husband and father. We extend to them our sympathy in their bereavement. Charles Goodell has gone to Caaper to take charge of the telegraph office while the agent there ia having a vacation. Mr. Drew has taken possession of the rooms over J. E. Greenman's grocery store. Mr. Charles Thompson's mother is visiting with him at present. WKUNS. good nnd nt'w. S. N. Paige has already brought homo a man from Tampico to work in his place next week, in his shops, while ho takes in the eights at Chicago. Tho W. C. T. U. folks held an interesting meeting at Mary Wilson's on Thursday of this week. Mrs. R. W. Seals atartsd thla week for New York to visit amongat relatives and friends. It has been over 15 years since she left there and this is bore firat visit back to her old home. Nathaniel Eshlemnn, who has had such a terrible time with sciatic rheumatism, we are glad to say, ia on the mend. We called to see him the other day and found him just as cheerful as ever. Nat will be all right, but says that he would sooner die than to go through another such a time. Mrs. Benjamin Dunmore, who for the past few weeks baa been very sick, is up and around again. Tne Rev. Bales sermon on "Whisky and High License," at the Union church last Sunday, ia well spoken of by those who attended and heard it. J. B. Gilbert is building a shed on his creamery farm for the purpose of sheltering his colta on that furm this winter. He bus lots of feed in the timber and this shelter Is for their protection during stormy weather. The young folks had a very pleasant dance at Mr. Marshong's one night tills week, and ali;report having had an enjoyable time. Ob. Warehime. who is always full of fun and is never contented unless he is in some mischief, had hia girl out driving the other evening, calling on _aoine friends, When Ob. got her to till hia pipe, ahe filled it nearly full of aalt and put a little tobacco on top and in that way he smoked it. And now the girls aay he ia cured of all hia bad ways and will kcpp, for IIP in iv 1 *!! nnltrd, " Will HtantTer, who works "for"" hi a uncle, Eph. Hess, in IJixon, had a fall from a Ecaffold of about twenty feet one day this week, lie was pretty badly shaken up, but no great harm done : ' College, IdtR iil }"ll!'0:;, .--'"I'' 1 ). lots in Stcniurr, .1 V MoKiimi'y to ("attuuine Finn, lot In Sterling', Si'i:.". Anna M Stovena -'Heira" to Andrew Scott, lot in SterliT'R Sl,2r,n. Win. I'ietmrUson tn George W II or- meil, land in Ilahnamnn, 61. 1<S Kinney to 111. .^oldiera lot in Fulton, .?2no. Orlando Sprngue to 111. Soldiers' College, lot in Fulton, S200. \Vm L Bennett to John Younjr, lot In Erie, SWO. Simeon Bampaou to Aug Fr.iuk, Iot3 in Sterling, S3,r,00. Jno 11 Johnson to Jacob Kiaole, lots in Sterling, 8200. David 11. Lamb "heirs" to Austin T Jeuks, lota in Albany, 6:100. M D Allen to Jehlel Wright, lot in Fenton, 875. Jas Zook to II D Burch, land in Union Grove, 810,300. G W Wilson to School Trustees, 20-3, land in Newton, §50. Lucy M Anderson to F E Sande, lots in Morrison, §1,500. J H D L Miller, lot in Sterling, §1,000. '" Patrick Mannion to Town of Hop kins, land in llopldna, 835. i^l>!.\i'^niv, \\,\ Another Chnpter in the M Hatfield Feud. i iu. ::Coy- DEVILISH WOBTv AT A Marriage Licenses Jn,p A O'Neill and Julia- A Ilyan, Morrison. Win II Shanower, Chicago and Harriet V Taylor, Sterling. Elmer N IJarn, Chicago, and Bertha Jt'eldman, Morrison. Chas E. Thompson, Sterling, and Evalina Smitli, Tama Co., la. •Fred H Cule and Myrtle H Clifton Portland. Horace A Neer, Erie, and Gertrude Pratt, Fenton. Geo Fleming, Mllledgeville, and Lib bie Patch, Genesee. Slain s; Ml-irrr- j 1'ailini; Io nil in, C..n- ,1pP"--.I '<>• ll15 rKiin l-:ir,n-t. ; \V. V.i., O.-t 4. !li:-e:ii; of t!," old , (hr .-o in.n-._< l-Iili", llrnmr-. ^n.-I I->I-:H->HT Olio Vnllc.T. r-rfl by T.iirld nnM— Tim .llnnliT.MiH <:,.,«,, Stop n_M:irrln;{<* 1!. -I \vi-n I-'i nc.:lPil with IIic rVM'I, Donilly Hi ll.i wllll A.r JiOiiiRimo, Pi!;-! Cmrit •— Tb«?ru Ini" I-' -n nnntii-r 'm!li:-e Intfieid-Mc;l'oy f.-n-l an I at Ivv ITPS hiivi- li'cn sni-nll.-'l in th< b!*vly <">n- Ictta which \I:K now In -I -• 1 wvs>v«n j-i.-rir^. Tho place wh»'n. th-i l;ii!in; icui-rel i« rly sixty mil-* from a rui |-,i:i'l ;t;ition t<- graph offli-e, and ei'jlity-flvc- miles from iero. TiiBsho-'tin^ iifciM-r.trl at a mnrrinffo at tho farniliouin of IVti-r Mi-Coy. doughtor was tn bo nrndi tho wife of John Hand, a relative of t IIP llalfl-'lil anir,-, and members of both fartimis hn 1 sworn to prevent the union, dedaring that it would bo an outragn to the f./elim;-. of 'all who were connected witli tho ,' Klllril tlio llrlde, Groom mill Cli-rsTmnn. They we "e unnble to sloii tho preparations ' for tho weiMing. hon-evir, as neither Fetor McCoy nor Han 1 hail i vei- even been connected with tho dhpnl-3 ot the factions, and rcfn«'d to recnj;tiizj tho les-ler.s. Tuesday nighl the bri-Uil p-irty nw-mhled in McCoy's house, nnd jnst MS you, is Hand and Miss McCoy stood belore tiin minister to bo joined in wedlock, a volley was poured through tt window, which killed. bi.ti of tyiom, and fa- tnlly wounded' thii clurgynian, whoso imme Is unknown. R^-porU say that the farmers onil inounlaiiif'i-s of tho locality are hunt- Ing for the -intii'dorerii, but up t" yesterday morning m> Ira- e of t!-.ein hud been, found. nV'IFTS SPECIFIC I* .1 K!:iv'c vc--ft/.lilo com- •-.onr.rl i>ir;i;;r«l frori n»i:s fro'.i from Hie furi'ft*. Hie foniinl.'i t.a.i obt.'iinc'd from the; I'rrel; It Im.i Iwen iifcVl tinci! 1R-11, nnd li.ii been Urn £rc:il- rl bli'Bsiii:" l» mnntiml in curing ilist'nsrs of Mm 'jlnod, in nia-/ in.-lttnrrs nf:rr (ill M!HT miml!<"| Y'l fuHul. If yu iui'o or ll:lvo 1::: 'l ""? ,'' : "''' '.nmVe, do net fiiil to p.-iyl for Treatise on Buxjil ind Skin DisuiRcJ, miiik'il free. Tita BWJPT Frrcino Co., Drawer .T. A;l:in!.i. Ci. P»4atttJ 58 t •» ti^it 7- arkets. Corrected Friday roomings Cattle— «2.10 to I£OK»-*:i}!OtO* Hui?«--4 e, Wheat-Go to 70 U it< S '.; E. B. Chase. a long time resident and greatly respected citizen of Palmyra, but for the past year or two a resident of Dixon, died last Friday and was buried on Sunday at the Gap Grove cemetery, lie was over 79 years olil when he died. There was a large gath ering of his old neighbors and friends at the church to pay their last sad respects to one who, through a long succession ofyeafa, had been a kind, true and upright citizen and good neighbor Ills sous "William and John, from Dakota,, and Edward, from Nebraska, were called home by telegraph to attend his funeral. There has been a great amount of clover cut for seed, and it is turning out from three to four bushels to the acre. R. W. Seals shipped to Chicago 2000 Iba. of honey and still has more to dispose of, and says tbat alt he has got returns from he realized .15 cents a pound for, and he has single swarms that have made honey enough so that he cleared S18 apiece from them. Uetter than raising cholera hogs. John Chase, who is here from Dakota, says that Charlie and Home John have the best crop of wheat of any farmers in their section of country.and says that they had 75 acres that they cut with a binder, and the balance and all the rest of the neighbors had to cut theirs with a header, on account of its being so short. Charlie and Homo's wheat averages seven bushel to the acre, while the other farmers' wheat only goes from a peck to about three bushels to the acre.. Ira Madiaoii, who for the past year has had charge of the Deacon Sanborn farm, has signified his intention of changing his business. The boya want to know if Ob. Warehime's feet are crooked, as, last Sunday, he was helping Willie Hey drive uorne hogs tbat had broke out of the pasture, and as he was tearing around at a lively rate to head off the hogs, his feet caught into a funnel, and the boys say that he plowed up the ground with bis nose for about a rod, and say that his feet must be out of shape or they never could have caught in the funnel. At a dance a short time ago some of the boya told Frank Tillman that the iloor ought to' be waxed and handed him a piece of Ivory soap and told him to hurry up and wax it before the next set was called. "Frank took the BoSp and commenced to shave it down and then Jie would look at it awhile and then smell it and -said "this looks and smells more like soap than wax;" but the boys told him to hurry ftp ana get it waxed; so he gave the floor a good dope of soap and never found out the difference until the dancers began to slip around on the soapy floor. Eev. Wr. Ohler and hia singing class met at Mrs. Berts' on Wednesday evening to practice. Mr. Ottjer is getting up a fine choir for his church on the west side, which was much needed us they never had an organized choir at the Luthfera church before. Tlios. Jffunsteiu attended theaingmg with his girl at Mrs. Borta' the other evening and some of the bud boys Joos- euud ana of th« burra f join hia buggy wheel and had it not be«n just a» it was, BO doubt, there i.4¥s)N«<u stn iscoulont auii THE WESTERN ELECTIONS. Monliinu Still Uati!;iiiK Fire—Kftiirns from — • — "'" Oll "' r Sttttun. HET.ENA, Mont , (J7. 4 — TbaTl-jpulillcnn noBTcstinml:« tlulr in .j n-ity In tlio stnte fo governor at 100, wliiiu tlio Domoornta clain Toolu'a cliK tioii by 40) mijority. Tiie polit it-nl conii)li'.TL'jLi.or-t'.i>.l.i'i.-.:-ii.i!i-» " '*"' whii-li nlflctsnlnvu'i mn:nb' : rfi,~twtii:{ utll! In • cninploU;. Tlio ivault i i Hii3 county will probnlil.v ili'(.-iilu tho i'lfi.-tioii for governor, 03 wt-ll'iis tl'u O'liitrol cif lliu lo^iHlnturo. Cartor, K !|inli.iui!i, ia nlmoat surely elected to CHiCAOO/Dot. 4.—riorro, 8. D., boa boon "aloctod capitiil ot Hi iil •gtaco,-n'itl-lliB- people there are "wild witli cxcitomunt," of courst-. Sixty -eight thousand votes worn coat at tlio election. Hows from North Dakota ia to tho effect that tho result on Prohibition is voi-y doubtful and both sides Imvi equnl reason for clalminp; the victory. Tlio Hupublicans ni.-iltc- a clean swoop in Washington and lmv<- 11!) and out of tlio 105 members of tho •lo;i<lntiiro. Prohibition nnd woman sufTrng.? uro dofoatod two to ono. No capital sjlontol. HAUSELIN DID HIS BEST. Therefore IIe_Can_J<cop Hl» Homestead, Sny« Commissioner Oroff. WASHINGTON CITY, Oct. 4.— Tue now commissioner of Iho general land ofllco, Lowia A. GrolT, yesterday rendered his first opinion in a land ciso. It was tho case of Johannals Frederick vu. Fred Hausolin, in the Bonsdu, Minn., land district, in which an appeal waa talien from tho register and receiver. It was found by the ovidenco that Ilausoliu had not strictly complied with tha law in regard td residence on bis boino-buul entry, and Frederick sought to avail himself o( tho laches in Hauseliu's entry. Hnuselin had built a foundation for a residence, bad cultivated ground on his entry, but had not completed his house, as tho law requires, within six months. Commissioner Qroff holds, however, that good faith ia shown throughout, and as Hausolin is a poor man, and could only erect a house as a result of his labor, and has dono tlia bast he could to comply witli tho low and complete hia title.ho shall not bo deprived of hi homestead.. _ - - . .- ' - Uuourthliie u MuiuinoUi'it Hones, Vf. B. Jelly, ex-reovo of Amaranth, who lives on lot No. 9, con. 7, \vas last summer engaged in scooping out a watering .place for his cattle in a wet corner of his farm, nnd while excavating ho unearthed the ribs of an animal, which were of such a lurgo sizo that they startled him. He resolved to prosecute his work next day, but during the night it rained so heavily that ho -vos 'inablo to dig for any more of the remains of the animal. ^ , Ho exhibited tho ribs a couple" .-i weeks ago to Mr. John Jelly, of Shelburne, the result being that this gentleman's curiosity was so much aroused that ho hired men to resume the search for tho remaining parts of what ho believed to be an antediluvian animal. Mr. Jelly, assisted by David Iloey and John Anderson, a few days ago began operations. After digging for awhile they exhumed other bont'3, consisting of ribs and vertebra. These relics told their own tale. Some, of Iho ribs are four f.eet long, and the component parts of the backbone are in proportion to tho weight and size of the framework of the body. Mr. Jelly, with the eye of an archaeologist, prosecuted his search with vigor, and in a few days was delighted by the unearthing of one of the horns of the mammoth. The enormous sizo of .the antediluvian animal can he estimated from the size and weight of the immense horn or tusk. . At the butt it is eight inches "in diameter, and tho part secured is twelve feet eight inches in length. Unfortunately the workmen c'pulJ not locate the tip of the horn;' but competent scientists who viewed tho remains Bay Jhat it exumdt'd fourteen feet. Tho horn was broken in three pieces, and tiad to bo removed .in parts, one of which required tho strength of two men to elevate to u. wagon. "The middle piece itself measured eight feet, and lt»ks more like u log of wood than '.he undoubted horn of an animal. Tho work of excavntion is still going tu, unil daily riba uuil iiurtions of tha verUibrui uro IxMiigdiig up. Tlio soil isu black uuu'l;, from two to threo fi.-i.-t in depth, and undrr tlii.M is a layer of white marl, doiiiviiJin).; to a depth ia some e;i,M't) of two ft-t-t, a'ml in others of threu tuul four fevt. Umleriu-ulh tho t.trauuu is a AN EX-PRIEST'S PERIL. On Triiii for ll.ipu In N»i til Carolina %VUore Iliiili;!;]- Is the FiMlilltv. KALEIOH, N: C., Oct. ».—Father'Boylo, nn ex-priest of tht> Rinnan Catholic c'hurcli, is on trial horn for committing; n rape on Miss Oruncva Wtiitakcr, 17 yrnr.s old, and orgnnist of B«iyle'.« church at. th« timo. Tho girl in her ti'sliniori.V RIVO a r.rcmnsUmtial account ot the outni'''\ and hur evidence was corroborated by other wltnes-scs, who testified to suspicious furls. The? rnpo is alleged Id'ImvD iwen eoniiiiiltu'l i-.i tlio parson- Bon:i;;u of tho rhurcii. Tha pi-isonur WHS put on tlio sttt'sd yen'.erdajr iu his own defense. His DJtaminaUon lasted throe hours. He said Iliat he was 33 yi-ars old; wns born in -iuzern^ pou-itv, Ponnsylv.'isiin, educated in St. Francis X-iv.lur'j college, Now YorlrjTrnd .ordninod nriost in Illinois. Ho swore that OPIH.-V.I Whitakor ha I nui'lo advance to him in repented visits to his room, and that III a ;-. •.' ;; ^-- r of IrMnpl.ntinn hp Wa^nywccnyi 1 !. .. Hi? clfMtoil Unit, ho whs giiiliv orontrago. Hoylo was iimrclloMtly croHs-^xuiiilned b.v lh« prosu- cuting attorney. Th" crimo is a hanging affair in this statn. FIRE BUGS AT HELENA, MONT. . The N.-w Stnto Cnlrbrule-i Its Dlcnlty by Kcltiming to Mnl> Ii-nv Method*. - --IlEfcENA,—Mnnt,.-Oct__4.rT.Thn._fl3;urcs. "3-U-7r," the warning of vigilantes to hard casii.», were chalked on street corners .ntvl in tho evening papers yesterday. Thin cull for a return to the methods of early days,WAS occasioned by th--< discovery of four fires in as mnny houses yesterday morning in tho heart of ilio business p'-jt-iion. All the fires were put out before serious damago wna d ne, and in ench cas^ it wns found that rays had been s'-iUirato.l with oil and flrod. The iiicemliarles an;evidently tho same gang who liuvu l:eo:l in nnrihwestern towns during the summer, nnd to whom the big fln> in Butto lusi Sunday is nttribuU-d. . Th« rily wns pa roiled~liy-Kpot-ittl polieu last uij^ht, and if a firo tin;,' is caught his chances for lynchln;; will be good. Got n NHW Theory Now. CUICAQO, O':t. 3.—It in tho current report hero that tho pulico hiva a mw thoory as to tho murder of Mi 1 . Bin-'ll/tho millionaire, for whoso taking ofT William B. Tascott has boon held entirely responsible. Tho story is that certain persons do.siro 1 to gain . possession of cvrlnin paiiers 111 Mr. Siiali's safe; that thoy hired Iwo meii to go and rob the safe. T-iMjntf, presuaiably, bein'^ ono of them; that lliu conspirators Itnovv that Snell would light and thoy planned it so that a third person—on j u( themselves—should go along and help, getting poss-ssion of the papers and escaping, while Buoll killed tha two burglars nnd they ktllp.l him, thus deatroy- ing all the evidence b'lt'i to tho conspiracy and tho existence of tlu [lapors. Tho theory la a pretty one nnd t'.\o polioo, so the report gays, ars working-it up. < Sorvus tlio Kruto Klgllt. BALTIMORE, Md , Oct. 4.—John Eisen- lerger, S3 years of. .tijo, a man of Blender build, wos t-onvictc'd yesterday of brutal wife beating. Jud^o 1,'hulps sentenced him to tlfteon lashes and thirty days in jail. The sentence tool: the prisoner's breath, for it is most unusual to hill c't punishment by the lash, but his tro.ilmoiib of a frail wife was inora than inhuniu.i. CHILD LESSENS PAIN DIMINISHES BRADFIELD REGULATOR CO. , ATLANTA^ BOLD BV ALL ORUBSISrS. "' Robt. Itity Snt-H foe it Uivurou. NEW TOHK, Oct. 4 —Robert lluy Hamilton yesterday brgau an action for divorce from bis" wife, Kvangeline Hamilton, who is now at May's Lauding, N. J.,awaiting transportation tur the crime of assaulting nurse Mary Ann Donnelly. The complaint iu the suit was handed to Jud^o Patterson yesterday upon an app ication for an order for the service of the snnimuiis by publication. This order was grnnto I. Hamilton says in his complaint that ho won induced to uiarry by (also representations to the eftect that she was about to bcc-imo.a mother. » l of blark ) it ,* In tin" marl •iil.-- !!• >£ th" 1 ' i t>! ! • V it v ,T i .. v . . , £ Tho While X.1IUI Tru'lt.- BALTIMOUK, Md., Oet 4.—John Curlott, president of the Maryland \yiiite Lsal company, roturmd here 3'ostur luy from New York, whero ha has bev'n la treaty with Iho representatives of the national trmt. Nogo- tiationa havo been peiidiiig somo titne, and yesterday th« il^al wascoiHimun-Uod, It it prcb:ih!e that the trust now controls 98 p-r cent of tho corrodera of the country, ] . Geor^n Uitnct-olt 811 Yoara Old. UKWPOIIT, K I., O-'t4.--Thu Hon. George Bani-Tofi, th'j his'.nrinn, observed tha 89th auniyer.sury of his birtu very quiotly at his cottage heru yesterday.. He n-ceivod many callers an.I a largo iinnib-rof congratulatory letters and telegniint. Ho is in good health and posseicsus -'ill his fueuiti'js. MHO IViKoim III \vltli Tilc'.ilniiiln. FALL Riven, J!a»s., Oct. 1. — A Swedish family 11:1111-d Andt*i-son, nil•nb;riiig niii* persons, atj jmrk ot'Unner Ins'. Kun-lay, and lluriuj; the i-vining >• ero t.-ilc'.-n sick, and have teen in a thing iMnn ci Jiulition ever since. TU^i ult.-ndiii* p ivsu-ian a'.ti'ibutea tho illnesj tii irt'; -,i 11 l'nsl(i<Ki.-«i i, a^titi «j.4liit),s CHICAOO, Out. •! —Tu-j clu^eiifiu. of tha racu for Lhu i.i-a'.;'.:« uuUed tbo tnioa- tU>n ot |»-rttp>iit<il 4.HIH-.S »( ii:c.-i-i>r. JM tilia ct'lineoti'.'ii tiun-o wt-i o Iwu |ios f jjoitt^t bo- twtvn the N»iv York und I'li-v l.ind clubs, and tliiTu is'mlk cf p »y 111; Lluun oil' liul'om the toiittt'ii t.'ti Is Siuirltty. 1C played, and if tho playing is Jv^iit Uu LMI^HO fhanipioii- bhip tuny tx wlttt',1 by t',;.'ni. 1 ho truuivs all i 1 f i *. f According to Tour Seeds. ^.TAMKS MEANS ©4 STTOK Jin ]ii,'htaiiclstvl!.sh. It fits ]iK<-A B*nrliln{?, nmt I^ICO^UiKri , NO " IUtEAKlNCriN,"W- 1 hiK pcrlcoUyonsy tho. flrst tlnio It la worn. It will satisfy the mo«.t ' 8HOi£ JB abaulutvly tlio mlv shoo of Us price whJcli haa cvct 1 been placed PX- malvcly on tlio nmrlcrt In which durability considered bcfora mere ont- A(*fbrlhiiJiimc Hean»}i61iocfurBoy» J. MEANS * CO., Boston. Cull linos of tho abovo slioc'u for nnln by J. R. BELL & SON Mtprltng. llli STOPPED' FREE '- , nsano Persona Re o to re 3, r. KLINE'S GREAT NERVE RESTORER — „.. * NERTB DUIABH, Only nn 'ear* for fitrvi Jflectwrit, fi(j, £pi7r»tfj, e«!» KFALUBLB It Ukcn M dlrflctod. Jfo Flti ajtff In* dap'« MM. Trtntff* and ft trial bottl* fro (• 'ItpAiltnU.thtjr poring e*proii chargM 00 ttpx wtira r*r»tv*d. Bend nnmei, 1'. O. »mt eiprvil ftddraw «f t*d to DB. KUNK. Kit Arch 8t., Is a monthly magazine devoted to the hygiene and care of Infanta and young children, and all that pertains to the routine of the nursery. It ia now hi 1(3 nfth year. Tho Con<?rtgatio»- aliit recently said of It : "BABYHOOD BMRII nlmoat ludlspsnasblo . to the houaehold In wlilcb tliero ore youny children. It 10 for tho tj&ronU and tfcn nurae; and la packed full of Important gug- gestloiiB of a practical character. From personal experience of Md usufuln&sa, wo ooxu- xnend H warmly." And the Chicago Advance : /" No mother but must appreciate IU wlBft • and helpful iiugKestloDR, anu bo irratorul for the solving of perploxltlon and the helping over hard placwa which every ono conies to , • •who hna tho oaro of young children. \gt eozmneiul It to every mother In the Ifcnd." Also the Nevr York Qraphie : 11 Th . ttioceftl of this periodical hu been ' eiiormou*. Ic makes young mothers feel that the only subject worthy ot attention U at lost being recognized." • Every intelligent father -and mother' should read it regularly. •. Their children will be healthier and happier. It will reduce tho work of caring for them, nursing them, dressing them, amusing them. Letter* from subscribers frequently contain such testimonies as these, lately received : " 1 am pratef ul to PABTHOOPI Ihavcnccn but two numbers, but have learned so much from Uioao I bat I feol 1 should tin doing my children a wrong If I should full of tho opportunity to Iwu-n more." "Tho help It bui been to us would have ostonlohcd mo had It been predicted beforehand." "I'Uyelclau M 1 am, your moKaslnu la Uie most, welcome periodical that oomen to my table, and la the . one I read flrut." "I cannot flpt-aktoohUihly of BJUIYIIOOD. Curing tbft Ibree yearn that I bavo subscribed to H, I have felt repaid a hundred times for the outlay by the relief and confidence It has given mo In Uio man- . agomeat of my cuUdrea." You want a sample copy — • Price 16 cent*. Or to subscribe for a year— On our part we wish to know that you have seen tills advertisement ; and in order to induce you to mention tliis paper when writing us, We havo arranged to have mfijmf aoturfid for us a large quantity of Hudnut's celebrated Sachet Powder, and will give a packet, free (either "Violet" or " White Lilac," as preferred), (<iiiautlty BufBelcnt to elefiuntly perfume - Baby's cloililug for months), to everv person whoaemliui either S1.60 for aycnrsmib- . scrlptlouor ifi cents for ft aiEfrlo copy, and wmifionj tht.1 ijUfier. (tfatA the tuntiitli>,t. The i>mvd<-r in In imeenB0a"pre::tlum,"ljut luonvn»i simply tnulilut In trncliiK theru- ulw nf our iulvorUaiiiK la vurlom imrl-i uf ubout 25 tbd com. try. Iu rulail value is ceutg.) Addra* BABYHOOD PUBLISHING CO,, • 6 Baeknian St., Now York. Do not coafiiund lUaninou wllh I>U>UM-I. h.>oV« fur Ilia utniiu-moit ,./ rltiUrrn. U U'H i,, ;p.»' ,•-.113- I.-.INK. ^

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