Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on July 13, 1903 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 13, 1903
Page 2
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Continties with isaahaiei vigor. Never before have we had stich large, baying crowds since the esistance of otir store here. Then Join tne crowds while it is yet time. Ooodbyc to ail SUMMER MERCHANUiSE Regardless of Cost or value store Will be open Until •AM SHOE & CLOTBIM eO. STOKES AT lola, Pittsburgh Weir City. Largest Clothing and Shoe Store For 100 Miles Around IGLAl DAILY REGISTER TSaJEPHONH NO 18. CHAS. F. SCOTT. SUBSCRIPTION RATES: On* week - - .- - - Ten Centa OneMontfi - - Forty-tour Cents Oneyev I Five Dollars iind" Twenty Ct-s jBnterea ;at lola, Kansna, Postofflce ajs jSecond Claaa Matter. •A ^*pM .»np rates made known on appJl- i cation. Member of the Associaljed Press. •Tile Ipla Baily HegistQr is a member of the Associated Press anri re- peiyes the day. telegraph report of that cr^t news organization for exclusive afternoon publication in lola. HOME NEWS WHILE AWAY. Sul)scribcr6 of the Daily Register away djuring the cummer may have the paper mailed regularly each day "to any address at the rate of forty-five cents a month. Address changed as often ap desired. While out of town the Daily Register will be to you like a dallY; letter from home. A GOOD STORY, One of the good results of the war with Spain and the conflicts which foliowe<l In the Philippines and in jbhina. was the multitude of fine Btbrie? jit brought us of the daring ajid courage and' fortitude arid ready resources of the soldiers of America. A new;,one of.-these stones has but recently been iSublished, and it illustrate well' the splendid audacity of tie average American volunteer. ^ It" appears that a short time after the klH^ had entered Pekin a mule Btrayea away from the American quar- ,terma^ter and Private'^Jmile Gener- eaiiii; bf the Ninth Infantry, was sent iCWLt"^ hunt him. J^rocieedlng upon tite" djuty Private Genereaux left .the .beateii trail between Pekiii and the sea coast and Bet out across Country looking for that mule. j • had crojssed about five miles or mpre of fleld^, when, on rounding the crest of a low-lylngjilll. h,e four^l hlm- ;Belf fronting: a NCWnese! village of some 6,000 InbabHants. j The whole la>Y>ut.w^B surrounded by a stdno wall of' the regulation Phlnese forbidding ABpOCtj ! •] • !rhin |clQg only pf thq ;nulc, Geher- fi^iiz.pushed through the gate and, up io 'iha mandarin's house, in the t^iid-. lUe ^pf 'th <9 .This was' a lowj him brick wall. From its eaves flew the ycllpw dragon banner. For the moment he forgot the mule as he rushed forward to uer.r it down. There wa."? a crov.-d of jChinese in the streets. For a reason which he did not understand ur.til later, they kept their hands off liim as ho took his army revolver in bis right hand and with his left tore ilown the yc-ilow Hag. He descended to the little yard be- fnre the residence, and there, roounlod bc.iidc the gnfo. V ;as a machine gun aurroiir.dnd with boxc^' of ready ammunition. Near by were several rifl-ns nnd sv.-ords. .\;'>-ari;i." ii-'t Ir) nnfiro tlic gun, tJi"" V:i:i'.<ct; ."^oldi'T wn!l;(Nl oul.c.ii'o th'' wall t') a Iior.-;o wliirli sKi .jd fi-itcncd a little Chinese cart. Ti'f -n ho (icUboratcly took the hnrse's head., led the rig to the gun nnd bf>pan to load if Into the wagon. On top of that ho threw four boxes of ammunltidn. the captured standard two Winchester rifles, one SprlngfieM a Mauser and a Chinese bu.^le. And all before the watching Chinese could catch their breath. But, as he swung into the cart they recovered and rushed him. He had only six cartridges and those in the chambers of.his revolver, "and I sdving them until the fighting com menced," says Genereaux.' But nearby lay a hardwood club as big as a man's arm. He seized that, vaulted into the cart, tOvOk the reins, dealt the horse a blow and broke through the astonished Chinese, beating them right and left away from the horse's head Outside thie wall of the mandarin's house he met a horde of Chinese. He set up the American yell and swung his club as a lumberman ^wings an ax. With e^ch blow a, Chinese went down.stunned. He thinks 1 now that his yel§ saved his life. The Chinese thought that he w<is shouting to some one outside the Wall, and so hesitated to shoot. His enemies massed at the gate; but: the horse, maddlined by blows, plunged through and over them and dowp the well-kept roadway.: And then the Chinese saw their mis talce—saw that there was no supporting force outside, only ono American soldier, who bad beaten them all. They rushed to their rifles, and the next moment Genereaux, beating his horse down the road, heard the "slzz" of bullets about his ears. But ho had a big.start already; aud bis good luck and poor Chinese shooting, brought him through untouched. A half-mile down the road'he stoppW to wave his army hat to his baffled enemies. He had not used even one of his six shots. It was late in the afternoon v,-hen Private Genereaux and his confiscated assortment of articles of war reached the lines of the Tenth- Royal Bengal Lancers, and the dare-devil soldier immediately reported to the your..^ Enn;Ii3h lieutenant commanding the post. V.'hon he told his story that p.r- ficcr l.')0!:oJ at him in silent amazement for a scc.-;:;d and thoa chouied out: "Sr.y, r.rc there any more at ho?ho !ii;p yn;:?" and ho added. "If you v.-cro in our -s-rrvirc : r/.;'d en;l as a major I'Tonc-ral or a dead rlan." "Yc^?-. pir." .".aid nnnorr.iiix. !>aliilir.:.:. 'TJnn'l yon kiunv that a ir ~;iii uf cava!rv nwX half your company have ):r.on InoUiag for you over .'^incc noon?" went on th.? K.'ilish ofilcer. ".\o, sir," F.aid Genereaux. salutinc;. T!io Lancers had boon asked to report if they saw anything of the missing private from the Ninth. They reported that they had found not only the private, but a machine gun, .t wagonload of ammunition and sundry properties of the enemy,' all captured by him. With it, they reported the matter to the credit of Private Genereaux. Back came the order from Chaffee: "Send on man and gim." It was a long story, but the short of it Is that when asked to name his reward Private Genereaux .said he would "kind of like to have the old gun." And so Gen. Chaffee cut yards of red tape and Emil Genereaux, private, will hand down to his posterity a Gardner rapid fire gun, capaiile of firing 200 shots .1 minute, which he took single handed out of a waljcd city', guarded by five thousand men A New Road Grader. the dirt from the plow is carric^d tea; j-oad might te made at trifling ex- r„„- fi,„* K„ ,..„..fjg feet ponse that would bear Ioa,ds the year feet away, so that by startia article represents a new road machine,can be deposited in the m which has recently been mycnted and and by coniiaains on eac h su.'c thd?: four horses. The cut which accompanies this ivom the center of the ro:^d the dirt around., The machine is sipple In ddle'of it;' construction and can be operated with It is not*^ expensive, ! fohstrucle-.l by ilr. V| G. Smith, of 2o/a. As will be seen, the chief features of the machine are a plow and an elevator. By means of the elevator grade of the road can be rkpidly ral8{| either,- compared with-orther road ma- ed. With aggrade thlis.cLnstructedi chines, and the Register hopes Mr. firmly rolled and covered with jaroken Smith will realize handaomejy from rock or gravel, it would sejem is if a his tayention. i • a "dry" platform, has repignpd be)n sjtaying what to do with the bole in the north side of the Kaw river bank. We see; cause the town insists I very clearly now that we have set a "wet,"—and he is being vej ^r proiiei;l)| bad example. If a few mo;^e of the boys follow, it, the reputation of the \ craft for omniscience will be gone. roasted all over the State aj Mr. Weirauch doiibsless fully the task that was tj 3 a (iiiitfer understood efoA^s bio^i This ofllce is just in receipt of the Proceedings of the Kansas Editorial Association, held at Topeka. The pamphlet'is from the press of Grant Harrington. Hiawatha, and la>o;ic of the most interesting and valuable of the series. The program comprised a l|st; of uncommonly interesting" subjects, discussed by uncommonlj' able men, and this pamphlet yrhlch prints the papei^s Ifi full deserves a permanent place In the library^pf any. ICan- sas man who Is Interested In thd making [of newspapers. Tho iola Register admitted the other day that It did* not know, how to pro- noupco B'nal B'Rlth, or what" tho worlis meant. (It has since found out): And now comes the Lawrence Gazette and confesses tli^t If It had the authority to act It would not know For the information of a great many people who are interested in the installation of a rural free delivery system for Allen county, the following extract from a recent letter to the editor of this paper from Hon. J. L. Bristow is published: "I have not lost sight j of j'our Allen county rural delivery service but am waiting until I get through with this investigation so I can take my bearings on the rural de-] livery and know just where I am at. I will give it attention as soon as ppak- sible." • and unless he was; preparqJ to go to The: fact that^ Go\'erno It will take a lot of Christian grace for the newspapers to forgive His Holiness, the Pope, \\ he fails to die thi3 time. . At least three times within the past two years every enterprla- Ii g newspapers in the world has set up cdumns of typo sketching his life and career and hold it,ready to shove lu tl 0 forms at a moment's notice, when tlljo word shouldcome that ho was gone. The venerable pontiff's astonishing vitality is. mighty hard on the newspapers. : . / audience got up and left h he was reachisg the climax tion af Ottawa on the Foiirth,; to gfS out and see the balloon as< ensipn^jexe plains why the man who ha& once been through the ordeal wjuld rather take t0n days in jail than LO ba "org^j tor of the day" at a Fouijth of July celebration. the enjl of the furrbw he otightrnot t ^pBUllE jt»3tt as \aeon as harvest jis over have ijut his hand to the p low. Bailey'a m, Just ,a^ of his orai' The ten dollars that Joh^j-Doe actual? ly gives to soiye poor .wldo v Is a good deal more than the bund ed dollar^ which Richard Roe Roe \:ould ha*.-^ given if he were as rich aH Old Do^; Tho Eldorado Republlcanj thiftks thf limit is reached' In a man from tb|t town who' Is 60 stingy that when |o goes fishing ho ties iho V al^Pn t^Q hook. The Mayor of Great Bend, Mr. Welr- aucb, who was elected last spring on You can slide to fallur have to climb to succeasjj KANSAS NOTjEfl. The Wichita Star shouh look otit' m It is opposing free for Ed. Howe, band concerts. ,Th|^^roy" band is made' up [of both sexes which doubtless embarrasses the l^aSer a great many tilnea during ^ach .practice night. ' '• "Two circuses. will visit the •wheat and it witl 'not be dangerous'! to get their men in sight of 3 a day jobs. ' Coffeyrille' is wrestling; with the •J9int rqy^^tion but owing tq^ the defective memory of the witnesses sub- ponaed none of the jointists hkve 'yet ^|j^^_.^^^rbcrt admits thai theria were'fourteen-kegs and sixteen cases of "bfeBl^ TfBTeaded there on the : rd, bat claims that;most of them were intended for Sabetba. It's a big;hovse that a man can't get around. i', A Leavfehworth man who l-efu-'* to admit that it was', warm j hac '..^ drean^ the^ other night inwhich no breamed'that he went to •the loiter regions and when be awolie he •wjis wot all ovier. .He now adnjlts ithat lif Is warm, • • 1'he jjt/MCLh.ot the man ^bo tho barbs on his wire fencei when bo heard thvUtRn] was coi^ilng qndbaui^i; ;i flab &nou^to lasi'hlii'a life, time' laj|' ^t]|r^t^l^,pa.5ier8 again. The ^odj is re- apjjonslhlo for a lot of s'^ale Joked .9\ehp. . . • " r ' .All other games hare' taken ^t ibr %iiW (^.A^nW j baited

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