Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 22, 1912 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 22, 1912
Page 4
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lola DailF Register Index. , ..«^ ItECilSTEB POBUSHpifl CO. ' CTAa P. SCOTT. Pres. and Editor - Ktw;. MIEWSTER. i........MuMLger tttttlcd at the' lola ro!<t>fnc« aa Second- *A«wrttota «^?<S ,"'M?d^'^own on AppU-| Went of the United Slates. Is not n sIngJe slate Inlthe'innlonirlUi political condlUons, will claim he can ckrrj-. As a PreBldential possibility Colonel Roosevelt la is vooinpletely eliminated as Debs ,oi^ Xajafin. Elt^r Tatt or WUson will 1>e the ne»t Pres- catlon. i Official Paper City of lola. I -OWIclal Paper City »f BaeMtt. r- Official Paper of Allen County. .• SUBSCRIPTION RATES. By Carrier. In lola. Ga* City, Lanyon- villi Concreto, LaHarpa and Baeaett: OwTwoek ii" "SS Ona Month : .44 «»nu On* Year One Tear. Inside ounty |SM One Year, outside county IS-W TELEPHONES: ' Bualneas Orfk^ }J TCd^l ^Di'Pt.::::::.::::::::::!" 1SSI ?E OK sri'KEME IMIMUIT.IXCE i "th"c Issue of absolutely suiir*>nVo j • Importanco in Kansas is to give Taft more votes than Roosevelt." Tills is the essence of a letter written by Cha.s. F. Scot I. director of the /"Confronted by that certainty it would seem as if no Republican in Kansas could be in doubt as to his duty. M'lth Roosevelt no longer either a menace or a hope there is no reas on whr any Republican should vote for Wilson through fear of R&osevelt 'G election ,or for Roosevelt in the hope of his election. . It is the old contest between the Republican party and the Democratic party apd it lis hard to conceive of any reason why Kansas should shift her allegiance. "But even if there were a Iflcolihood that Wilson ehoitid carry the state, which I do not now admit, there still exists the stronijest possible reason* why loyal Republicans should cas* ttieir iMiIlots for Taft and Sherman Ail attempt has been made lo dissever (ho Republican party in KiUissts from the .National organization. I'sing (hr arguments that were made familial wlion state rights was an. issue, the Publicity Bureau of thu "Nat ional Re-, publican Committtv. to D. O. McCray followers of the Third Term cnndi- In which he says: "l wish you wouliJ date nave tried tq make it appear that • find some way" to let the Hepuhlican ; b.-cause in the primaries -a majority newspapers of ICansas know how cor-, "I" iwty expressed a preference diaily the naticnal committee lias ap- '• for l''ni. therefore, the party in thr predated the splendid fight they are • S'ate was not bound by the action ol making for President Taft." Mr. I the party in the .Nation, if that attl- fiill follows: Th^se Two W^^eii!^ Heid^ [(Restored by LydiaE; Pink. iham *8 VegetdUe'Com- pouiid-7-Read Their' Own'Statemonts. ; -; M-^ • • • . Chcncyville, La. — '.'Some Umo ago when in poor health, suffering froni fem- ini^e ills, I begftn to take Lydia £. Pinkham's Vegetable Compoond and Liver Pills. I soon felt better and gained in strength and flesh. Agradna] improvement continued as I took the Compound, Scott's letter in "It is without doubt through their efforts that public sentimejil w:'.s aroused which resulted in so widespread and emphatic a,protest against the attempted theft'of the electoral vote in Kansas that those who wen- responsible for that loutrage were compelled to reverse themselves and take the actipn which lias resulted in giving the Republicans of Kansas ar j opportunity to vole for thir candidates of their party. The Republican pa- Iiers Of Kansas can always be depenrt- , ed-upon to line ui> on the right side ol a groat moral isfeue and they n«vei did It more effectively than in this instance. "And'now that iwe have a Republican electoral ticket It .is ex^remelj gratifying to have reports fi"om al' sections of the state is goin( to be loyally supported. There was a feeling earlier In the campaign, as of course you are aware, that the on ly way to make sure preventing Roos evclt from carrying the state was ti vote for Wilson. Happily the siiuatioi responsible for that sentiment n« longer exists. Tho Republicans o Kansas have had time to think during these past two months and the} have b>en given much to think about The 8 (ectable which has been pre- seitedj by thC; Third Term candtdat< as he pas gone over the country denouncing everybody wlio disagrees with Hiiji,^ stigmatizing as liars and thie>-cs. men whose only offense has 'been to prefer another candidate., assailing the Republican party as an empty, rotten husk, advocating doc' trines, which if put Into law would disrupt the Republic, luis certainly not be^n an edifying one ^nd must have persuaded many who were his most ardent' advocates that their confidence had been misplaced. That this has . been the effect of his campaign' throughout the country generally is made convincingly evident by reports which' have come into these headquarters froni everv- state; all of which agn^ in, declaring that his strength has waned rapidly, so that now there ijrude were taken by the Ilepulilicans of every state it will readily be seen that Wo would have no National^ftepubli- can party, it i.s so lireposterous a l)roposition that it would seem as if it could meet with no aeopiance anywhere. And yet if iloo.sevclt shoald nceive more votes in Kansas than Tafi the result would promptly be construed by the Roosevelt sui)iH)rt- •>rs as an aflirmation of their con^en- ion and w-e should have the absurd jpcctacle of the Republican party In Kansas flocking all by itself and as ••ompletely out of harmony with tin Republican party of the nation as If it were a difllerent organization The isKor of ab^nlntely supreme tra- porlnnre In Iherefore, is to lite Tafl more votes than Rnosevrlt. if this is done it will, in all proh:iblli:y live Taft the state, hut even if it do< i- not do that, it will -save the Repuhi- iean parly alive; and it is the only hing that will. "1 don't imagine I am making any mggeslions that have not already occurred to you. and to the other nrw.<- >aper writers of the state, but the re•orts which have been coming into heso headquarters during the pas; ew days have been so encouraging hat 1 feel as if 1 ought to pass the:<.i )n to you. -and through you to the jther loyal hearted .men who have been making a gallant fight against Ecreat odds. It is a battle worth lighting, for the veijy existence of the Re- nublicjin party of Kansas as an inte- iiral part of thct splendid XationnI organization which has so long commanded our allegiance is at stake. I' cannot believe thi.t the Republblcans of K.'tnsas are willing to endors" (he and from 120 pounds I now weigh 155, and feel that ihy life has been prolonged. "I-deeply regret that I did not know of your mcdicino long before I did. Friends often speak of the wonderful change in my health, and I tell them that your riiedicino did if'-Mrs. J.W.S TAN- LCT, Cheneyvillc, La. : DJstressiii^r Case of Mr^ M, Gary. Chicago, 111.—"I have used LydinE. Pink ham's Vegetable Com|x>und for backache and it has certainly made a new woman of me. After my first baby war bom I was left a perfect wreck. I was so weak I could hardly do my hoosthoid duties and suiTercd with on awful backache. ; But since I have used your Compound the pains in my back have leftmc and I am strong again. "My mother used it also throuj^h Change of Life and speaks very highly cf it You can nse this letter any way you wish. I think it is only fmr for one \7ho hoa suffered as much as I, to lot -jthera know of your great remedy."— rirs. M. G ARY , 2958 N. Ridgeway Ave., aiicago. III. PBKINGON^ RMDICHINE l(.>e IVrferltne Highway Engine ISc Ing Kemndcird a( the t'nited Iron Uoris. The ruction of a perfectinj; road machine not been ab:!'tdon'Mt liy tlie Bituminized lload company ai<(; at ;iriB"ni tlie I'nited Iron Works is remodeling 'he too heavy original ;;ittrrn. th" work being under the direction of Messrs. C. E. Young, of Wilkesbarre Pa., and George Ross, of Kansas ('iiy. Mo. The machine has been do^cribed in the Register. Driv •Ml liv g:isoline motors. It plows .-ilonj- ih" fiirt hiuhwiiy, -sccopingi up ih- ioil in Us progress, which it mixes v.-ith aKphaliu'ii oil, heats to a tem|>era tnrc of 250 degrees and then lays and rolls in the highway, n complete ini- liroved roadbed made in piissing The original liiodel war so lurge and ?o hi-aAv u threshing macbin< looked like a toy beside it, and ilu present plan' is to decrease the size. When ready fcr use it Is planned tt lav s'-me test road m lola City. .loctrinc of secession or to support a candidate who is making his campaign upon the proiwsition that the Republican party is a rotten and useless husk. Sincerely yours, •CHAg. F, SCOTT." 1 Thry 3fake Yon Feel fiood. —The iilcasant purgative effeit produced by Chamberlain's Tablet.- and the healthy condition of body and mind which they create make one fe^I joyful. For sale by all dealers. —Geo. T. Craddock, RJibie, Ark., says; "I was boiflered with lumbago for seven j ears so bad I could nol work. I tried several kinds of kidney medicine which gave me little or nc relief. Two bottles of Foley Kidney PUIS cured me and now 1 can do anj I kind of work. I cheerfully recominen Start Yi&ur Baby With Sound Health Regular Bowiil .VuTeniont from Childhood on! F<irestalls*-Fu(urc .Serious I>is?iise!i. "We cannot all start life wHh {he ad• vantages of money, but e«?ry child l ^m is entltleJ to the heritage of good health. Through unfortunate ignorance or carelessness in the feeding of \ a baby its tiiiy stomach may become deranged. The disorder spreads to tlse lioweis and before the mother re-jli/.es It the two chief organs ph which the infant's comfort cr.d health depend are causing it great fifferlng. • If the con- Action Is allowed to continue grave ailments often result. There is, however, no occasion for alarm, and the sensible thing to do— but it should be done Instantly—is to giya the baby a sniail ^ose of a mild la$ative-tonIc. In the opinion of a great many people among them such wrfl-knowh jiereons ss the mother of Floyd Robertson. IStJ S. 11th Street, • UncolnfKeb. aad Mrs.C.L,. Williams . Bridgepjart. Wash., the proi>er remedy Is Dr." Caldweirs ;Sj;rup Pepsin. It !s • a pleasant-tasting laxative, which every person likes. It is mild, non-grip- fng, and contains that n:ost excellent .of all digestants. pepsin. This remedy is especially Intendad • -for Infasts children, wonien. olii people ^nd'all others to whom harsh cathartics, salt waters, pills, etc., ere distressing. In fa;cl. in the common -disorders of life, such as constipation, liver trouble, indigestton, biliousnesB. •: headaches, and the various other dls- Jordefsrof the stomacb liver and bow- ;.els notbins-is-more suitable than this mUd laxative tonic. Dr. Cald«*tlr8 Syr-up Pepsin. . TwageneratioBs of people.are using -^.It :t»IIar, .and- tbottsacda of families f them to my Iriends." Store. liurreil's Dt'ii SIK'IDE. Wiih ii Revnber, Opal Burnett F'll- " lowed Her .HotherN Ksnoiplr. Channte. Kas., Oct. ^i.—Oppl Burnett, 17 years old, of Benedict, near "rere, retired to her room early today 'ay down on the bed and with iier 'ather's rsvolver pressed over hei •^earf, pulled the trigger. She was dead when relatives rushed into the room \o reason for the suicide is •••n -vvn. llcr mother committed suicide 'en years ago ty Jumping Into a cU- ern. • fSCIBKTIKIC XISCELtAlfT 4j <> • • « • Os!r<Acetylene ffeldhig — .Tkoader- 8ton»' tHMeks—Tbe Slyest 6 «m. Carrier—XehilK ' ia Ike « Wesfrm United States—Ether Stinalattota of Plaati*— CoMt of ElectrlfylBg Craps— iBsaiilty's Incrcase-i -DlffBsioB Pat' teras. The new process of welding copi>cr lind aluminum and their alibys by means of the oxy-acctylene flame has important advantages, but the experiments described to .the British institute of Metals by Prof. P. Carncvall show that it is not adapted, to large machine parts or those requiring great strength. The metal is weakened by the strains and structural alteration resulting from the rapid heating and sudden fusion at the welding iiolnt. In the case of copped tho resistencc to fracture was reduced 50 per cent, brittleness was Increased 30 per cent, and ductility was reduced about i'O per cent. The influence on urunzes and brasses bould not be accurately determined. Increase in the number of constituent metals seemed to add to the deteriorating effect on alloys, but strength could be iwrtlally restored after welding by a heat treatment t» relieve the internal strain. In aluminum, the changes—>:oiiiewhat less than in copper—can be largely overcome by hammering the weld and, by reheating to 4 IH > to rm degrees t'. With nece .Msary pre'ai:lioii.>», this welding seems app'icable to a vai;icty ol aluminum .irticlos, and is cspeciall> valunble on accoiie.t of the dilflculiy >f soldering aliiaiinuir.. Experience with (iiiite unusi'al |ilic- nomena was brougiu to pupils In th< military s-chool at Athens by u violent tiuiidersrtdi III of last .May. Iteportlng to the Farl.s Academy of ScienrcB rof. C M.iltezos states that great flames were seen, s'idden and loud noises were heard, and heavy &lio<-k:~ were reeelvi'd In t!.e Inner corridor; of the building; and he suggests that iseac wore caused by a violent clec- rlc wind. Such a stream of strongl.' onlzed air Is set up, on a sniall «al'- ly a large Influence machine. The bedbug l.a.s been found by !»• T Verjbltski,. a Itiissian. to be Kiiilly «f r-oiiveylng idagiie germK, and this with its noQfurnal h.tbits and ability to eon- •eal Itself while trailing man In every clime, gives the creatun; sudden luportance as a disease carrier. In niaiMdng tl'.e mines of the we.<;t- rn I'nited .Slates, the work of tin tco'ogical Siirvey has brought oui ome jnteresting faet .'J. In a recein luiletTn. Wnldemar l.indgren state!" hat the most easterly indications o' he metallic wealth of the Cordlllerr ire found in Western Texas and Okla- iqma. w!.eve copper ores arc thinl> icattered in certain sandstones; and 1 little farther west some ore doposlff ire found in small groups of moiin- atn.<:. such as ilie Black Mills of Soul! >akota Mttle'RSSekies of ^Montana am •'lort ranges nL Western Texas. Tin ..o.<t westerly districts lie In thi 'onst Range of California, containinp piicksilver ores and along th«> lieacli- •s of Oregon and Washington, witl : mds yielding gold and platinum. On iopofeits arc almost absent from levei md undlsturliijfl rocks, and the barrel; -eginns include not only alluvial area.' Ike the Sacramento Valley, but the 'ambrian to Eocene sediments of thr ast plateau province of southern am' eastern Utah, Western Colorado, Norti rn Arizona and Western New Mexico; md also the enormous tertiary ant' •arly quaternary basalt flows spreac >ver Oregon, Washington and adjoin i-g areas. • On the other hand.. th< lighcEt mountains arc often barren— <ucb as the high Sierras of Ca!ifornt> tnd the Cascade Mountains of Wash >;gton. The most important meta ieposits occur where tnoderate-sizei litrusive masses have pushed tlirougl •!:e sedimentary rocks, ihe sedlmenii elng usually of Paleozoic age whll< he Itltru.slves are granite.', dionte Mid nionzonite of Cretaceous or Ter iary age. The deposits' have bee: i:ostly made by ascending hot watei argely in fissiire.s. The original ore- vere sulphides of baser metals—sue' s galena, pyrite and zinc blende— inly gold bMng left as a native metal <ut in surface mines tbe sulphide 'ave been mostly oxidized to othe -.ompounds. Here is lipest^; StK)ngest,aiid Handscnnest^ made 1 i'lironlr Dyspepsia. —The folitttsing unsbHcIted tcst!- •uonial should certainly be suffifjSeni 0 five hope and courage to pcr.son.' •ffllrted wUh chronic dyspepsia: lave been* a chronic dyspeptic for •'err?^ end of all the medicine 1 have •akeni rhamberlaln's Tablets have lone mc more good than anythlnj >Ise." says W. O. Mattlton. oN 7 Shei nan St.. Hornellsville. N. Y. For sak ly all dealers;. MOKK BEJJINS 0\ XEW MI>E. 1 MODEL 1932, 2G Qf^rjZ TAit^Z-DOWN Hammerless Repeating Shotgun with on case an<i smoothness —- ^. . ^r,^i\v and and unload, and simple'to take down; being scpat-atcd into two P^rts easily and quickly without tools. In shootins qtialiUes, it is f 'U:"/ up Winchester standoid, which has no superior, o thj established /?- & & a quiCKiy wiuiuui. kwio. a , - s r> 4i A Winchester standaid, which has no superior. »f . A . •» l A20.GAUGE GUN FROM BUTT TO MUZZL^ IT.O per 1,000 in ISSO the increa.-'c fVate. however, having been only half I'as great In the last live years as during the entire iieriod. County Waterford had as many jis 9.2 insane per l .ono in 1911. This has been rather puzzling, but tends to prove that insanity i.s most )trevalent in agrieul- iiral and rural seel ions, it is believ- "d that tho insanity rate is little affected by alcohoiisui, which p:evai!s •Jo only a slight ev'ent in Ireland A novel method ui ntudying the eol- •»rcd iiattern.i of nature is suggested hy Dr. Hall Kdwanls. an English lus- lerinienter. He takes dyes of various olors. and drops them In regular or- ler and detinite amount on alisorbent lapi^r. the result being difi'imion ffg- res of regular getunetrlcal shaiies ard „reat beauty. The Investigation in;iy not only throw light on nat'ire's methods, but may givri' new hint.s to .designers and decorators. G. Crlswell. a painter livin,; •••i 40 "North Mulberry St.. llagerstowii Md. states: "I had kidney troiibie with a severe pain across my lock, and could hardly get up after sitting down. I took Foley Kidney Pills and soon found the pain left my back. ; could get up and down with ease. a-, d the bladder action wa.i more regular nd normal." Try the. For sale at ^urreI^s Drug Store. VE.V\ iiUKCU \ r».M K IcfiUI. r'lev;'lHnrt's Pili-her Will do Ihe Heavv liurini; (he Winler. Edmonton. Alta.. Oct. The growth of strawberry plants tf maturity has liccn hastened as muc' >s n month by irt'ins of sulpburl ?ther. In the ev- -ripients of U. Bulte" 1 French hon'-altwrlst. T: eiosing th' ilants 4S he rs ki'fran;<-^ contalnln- open pans < f the ether 'oved suffi •iont. and longer exposu. ,> showed ^Itlie or no advantage. FLOYD KOBEKT.KO-Vi keep it constantly in the house, fo: e '.'ery member of the family can usr it. It can be obtained of any druggis! at fifty cents or one dollar a, bottle 'he latter being the size bought by families who already know its value. Jf no member of yo-jr family hat ever used Syrup Pepsin and you would like to make a pentiiBai. trial of I' before buying it iiitl)>e Tegular way of a druggist! send . yptir adcfriess —a postal will dor-to Drr W. B. Caldwell, 415 Washington St., >lontlcello. 111., and a free sample bottle ^will be mailed to you. Results are always guaranteed or money, Mill be refunded. Shaft is Brina Sunk In XInr Distrirl Near BarllesvIIIr, B.-irtlesvine, • Ok., Oct. 21.—Excltc- njent following the dlscjovery of tWp veins of ^ead .ind zinc on lands twelve miles southwest of here a short time 9go was intensified today when thr sinking of a shaft was begun. TTh* first vein was dlscovcreil at a dei>th of twelve feet, the second at a depth of seventy feet. Samples of tho rock discovered assay 7 ner cent zinc and 23 per cent lead. Hundreds of acres of land hav teen leased In that section In anticipation of a big find. " PETITIO.y OK .WMIO miLDHEX. Pupils in S«n Fraaclsro UW r;'"adcl- nbln for Lnanjof Liiierty Bc'l. San Francisco. Oct. 21.—.\ movement has bean startfil ty the f choo' -hiidren here to get the Liberty bell for the exposition In ISl.";. More than fifty thousand signatures were obtain•»d to a -petition, which will be sont te fbewaydr and council of Philadelphia asking for the bell., —Pall ISO'for Fire InsiiraneV; also Farm l40.ias. Mrs. Xaiinle B. Armstrong,. 91-2 W. MadlsonL The aitinclal sausage skin latel: •atented by a Swedish 'nventor Is : -:teeve of fabric stlffenc: W?.' an alum •!iim salt, and imprrt-ated with : Vecopt'ion of bacon rind yielding a glm ike substance. Figures- worked out in Germany In I'.cate. that the elejrtrification of crop •'a the farm will not be an cxpt-nslv thange and It should soon becom •ommon If the practical increase i •:eld proves as great as the exper' cents have foretold. An area of aboi- acres was covered with a nctworl •f.wires 1-32 of an inch In diameie' ttreiched aboui Vt feet above th- ground at a distance apart of 33 fee* The current wa<5 supplied at 65.00 ••'ilts. the (lositive pole being •connect "d to the network and the negative ti •Jie earth: and in dry weather of mod srate temperature the iiower consump tlon only 17 watts. Allowln' •wice' as much for losses, it was cal mutated lhat the electrification of,10< teres for three months, at an averag' orfce for current, would cost abo" t90. Tiie' chief expense would be fo wires and their maintenance, aed th' would vary greatly under dlfferlnf conditions. Insanity in Jreland seems to bav doubled in 30 jears. A report of tb inspectors of lunatics shows that a the close of 1011 the ajyloms of th' country held 24.655 insane, or 5.6.'$ pe 1,000 population—an Increase from gi:i7. OX PRESENT BAY EYEMS. I the world's b.iseball championship? '.\aine_thc otTicers of the president's fiirrrnt History Exaiiirnali«in Trimbles; cabinet. What is the date of the na- K. r. SludenK itional election? Who are the three Tho ignorance of Ihe average <oI-i cmdidates for governor of New York? 'ege students about present day his-! What ari> the Archbold letters? Name tory was demonstrated rc'inily at the! the five candidates for president I'niversity of Kansas when an exam-1-^'auie the live candidates for vicc- •iiation covering recent news; in poli-j president. What American strike Is _ — ;,. .,„,, ^.i,„ii,,r t ..i ,i,.-4-i now on? Who is I president of the Red ^^:::^::t^r;i.:Zl^n^ —y electom there? How many has Kansas? Why were the Roo.=ievclt electors withdrawn 1 from the Republican column in Kan,•> Who arc the candidates for govf- one of the students was able to answer half of the tweiity-i-ipjht i|i!es- lions correctly, and none citiild :;ivej .-.11 i:;e cani'idates for governor of s:is7 Kansas or for vii e-iir.sideiit of the emor In Kansas? For llnlted States Kriited State- I senator? What municipal row is now Wceklv t.sts of r.tulen; knowl-dg- I •'J^»^"!"''^^'-'^^' What Kamsas City of now.s iven.s wii: be ^i^en in f^K'T ""o lias won fame abroad has Journali.Mi cla.sscs during the voar^Jn^'i returned home? .When wllltho and no student will be ,.a-s.fd iu" tbe ''"f^"'-;; I'"''" f.^ '" I K ^""""'-.^l^ 1 nurses win, fails lo re id tL n-w..- l''^"!"^ law affecting the newspapers „ ] 1 has been enforced recently? Who was I .lilies Massanet and in what morith did Here are the qneslions that i.uzzled^p ^^ho is Pierre I»ti? What is the undents: Who shot Roosevelt? ,latest plav of George Bernard In city? 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Gregg started his ggraggy. just moisten a cloth with' treatment—that's ail—vou surely can professional career In the northwest- 1 Danderine and carefully draw if have beauUtul hair and lots of U it -rn states, playing with Spokane inj through your hair, faking one smalt I vou will justjry a little Danderine. 1909, when he was caught by "Stub"! Spencer. Ho was with Portland in; (he Pacific Coast league in 1910. when j his work attracted the attention ofi the Cleveland scouts and he was grabbed by the American Leaguers. His pitching In 1911 was the sensation of Ban Johnson's circuit. Gre)»g led the American lcagu)e that year but did hot equal his perf irmance last season, due chiefly to a sore arm early In 'he summer. .• h e was in good form at the —Mr. Jas. V. ChurchUI. 90 Wall St. .\uburn. N. Y., has been bothered with serious kidney and bladder trouble ?ver since he left tl:e army, and scV-": T'declded to try Foley Kidney Illlt- as they had cured so many peojde 5in>: ' I soon found they were just the thint j My kidneys and bladder are again in; a healthy, condition. 1 gladly rcco -i- ; nend them." For sale at Burrell's '• .">rus Store. i Emimria Gazettej "The esteemed | Kansas City Star Is the most livleiicn- !ent paper In"the| world. Sometimes t leans backwards^ It seems to be dong so In setting forth no distinction letweea .\rfhur CE^^lper and Senator 'lodges, as gubernatorial candidates. .iToJd Sedative Congb Xedlrlnos;' If you want fio contribute directly o thie occurrence o^ capillary bron- ?bltls aqd pneniAonla use cough mcd- 'diies that cotitain codfne. morphine, 'leroin and other sedatives when yon lave a cough or ifold. An e.vpector- <uit like Cbambei-lalh's Cough Remedy is what la needWd. That cleans out the cnlture beds or> breeding places for the germs of pneumonia and other eerm diseases. That is wht^ pneumo- iiia never results from a cold when Cbunberlaln's Cough Reinedy is used. It has a world wide reputation for Its cures, i It contains no morphine or other sedative. For sale bjr all dealers. The I>aily Re5i.=;ter. October 22. 1912. _ _ ••six->'' Cat «rt llbe •bar* ceapeo. wiili (h -o o&cn of csa«acBd*« dOM^ aad a«a •£ llnb office «ril]i th* expeeia bocm* annst I «9cia Ktopperfia aoy alyfa of Dktkmarjr sckctwl twIiSeb ccrcrs Cia itdtetaflhrn cast ofpM^S. IJUH^M fcooi tlio fwrtsrr. cKoddnc. cirri: hint and a:h3r IwcaM «7 EXPENSE JbaaXJ •ad ncmm yoor clwica ef lliess ^^irea boots: ~~- 1 The S4JJ0 (Like iHustratior s in the anncnT>>-ement5 from day to »By.) S4 IJO (Like iHuEtratior-s in the annotim-ement-! from day to day.) 21 This dictionarv i> HOT rublished oy the ongmal p*- 51 liihcrs '{ Webster's dkrli'-nsry or by their wcce^^ It IS the o%i -Y entrrr! .• KLW compilation by tile world's 41 Newr WEBSTERl'^ crc3l''.Vaiith'^ri:icsfr<,;'n Ica-Jing roiversities"; ^^l^omut in IHCnONASYiuli Unit> Leather. PcrJM-, sta-.nptd in gpjd on. back ?nd Iltastrsted <-\cs, printed on Hibtc pcrvr. w^ith red edges, and eomsrs M " • ' general contents'. thSere-Jli arc n »ps c.d over exx> siiiviris or ^itiaiy lun^ir^ed by three-; color platci, ncm-rous snb>ct- hv r-r ^noloTifs. i6 pa^rs c,t 1912 mcnoi groandcd; bca-j^if-.l. slron .5. :r:r..:-le- K • K!c? the general eontei K arc n»ps c.d over 600 s-.M^ts ori-rt.idly s}h:;tr.;ted by three-; B color platci, ncm-rous snb,<ct- hv- r-'>n K educatio.n.i'^ charts rri-i the htr:t o^f '1 .-t It at this ofTr-e 5!X Co-.secr'*ro Ime S3.G0 i: « r^"^"^r^^ ^--^^ tcsfcnju". Prcsert ———^— • . .-i .V '—3. ctsnpod li ^J ^IAH V-^^^-^^--^ ---•'-"'^^ 11 1912 iSSf:?''"iV.'^nS i5^;;£ii--f"^ ....

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