Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on October 4, 1889 · Page 3
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 3

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, October 4, 1889
Page 3
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DQ •"> —...I EH Pi When you arc aruund town looking Tor Please call In at the BUST 3rd STREET HARDWARE STORE And look at my BUTCHER-KNIVES TUeycut keen and hold their edge well. Prices Always Right. Yours Respectfully, Right side up, LEWIS D. WYNN. Evening Gazette. TH» KVBJTTHO QAtaflra can DO had at »11 tti newi stand*. Price TWO OBHTD. OFFICIAL PAPER OF THE CITY. To-night. Sons of VeteranFat"7:30." Musical Soiree at Fourth St. M. E church. . « T .- .1,... . () ...f UrnM". n.,~,,.1.^ J— Uo.,"AKei Waif," M. P. Ma~B i? in Chicago on bus!- Puv —Don't patron!?.- 1 peddlers, but buy f homo rnercliantg. —Mr.find Mrs. F. P.erger went to Clii- ago yesterday on a sight seeing trip. —A newcomer was recently unsuc- icssl'ul in business here because lie did lot advertise. —The Revere House tit Morrison will be reopened next Monday by lliehard Guflln. —From {six o'clock this evening to six o'clock .torn )rrow evaning, is the Day of Atonement, the holiest day in ;he Jewish calendar. -Rev. W. II. Clatworthy, a Presby- ;erian clergyman, of Groton, Dakota, temporarily with friends in this vicinity, will supply the pulpit of the Presbyterian church in this city next Sabbath. —A. C. Grossman, who moved up here from Morrison and opened a tobacco store, has removed back to Morrison. He has rented his building to Geo. Pfiater, who will conduct a, restaurant therein. B —It may be of interest to our readers to know that the beautiful conservatory setting; nsed in "Disowned" last night, is an exact copy of that used by llobson & Crane last season in "The Henrietta." lo opin'vrry. Little "more than :i wt"-k IXRO Frank received a slicht M--ratrti on one hand whiie employed in clini-M in Ms faHiftr's fcfd store, and thi* scratch soon caused blood poisoning, which resulted in his death on Wednesday, at iO:rtO o'clock. Frank was a bright yonrig man, who had nearly reached hia mnjority, and hia death this early in his life is very sad indeed. He w,is born iu this city about twenty yp.ara and ten months ago. He attended Wallace school and also the Sterling Business College, and had many friends among the young folks. About live years ago he removed with his parents to Chicago. KxpoMltlon I Paris, Oct. 4 —(Special).—The high- eat possible premium and the only grand priza for sewing machines was awarded the Wheeler & Wilson Manufacturing Company. Miss It. A. Carter has returned from Chicago with a full line of latest styles of millinery. »o W Old government Java and Mocha 3 pounds for 3100 at J. A. Annas'. OOt-0 4'rnwford B • Are on the top pliclf line. Call on them and R assortment Von can ii-.uthiug to i-.nit you. in the stove e. their large surely find 07 to Splcndi'l stove polleh. Burnishing for nickle-, ---------------No. 1 mica, nt Oi-tf L. L. .FOIINSON'.S. Gold Coin Stoves, Autumn lint*. in all tlie new shapes and colors. Positively tlie finest stoch to Relent from in the city. Correct Btylea and low prices. ai to MRS. GENNIK W. ELLIOTT. Riverside Stovas, I,nilti'S Bonnet*. New and elegant at Mrs. Gennie W. W. Elliott's. «5 to. New crop teas at J. A. Annas'. 90 tO —Mrs. U. II. Atwood has returned t5 Rock ford. —Mahlon G. Delp went to Chicago this morning. : . -__ —Thomas A. Jewett has succeeded Charles Marsh as postmaster at Oregon. ^ —Levl B. Ilutt''sold hie 3-year-old colt, Orson J., Jr., to James McDonald, of Chicago, for $300. —Dr. M. M. Boyer has returned home from hia western trip and reports the crops A No. 1. —Lincon Canton meets tonight for the purpose of transacting business. Members are urged to attend. _ _ —The electric light company iaTiav- ing its poles painted a purpls color. It is quite a job to paint 1100 poles. —The Sterling Cornet Band has is- has Issued line Invitations for a dance to be given in Wallace Opera House on Friday night of next week. — —Aurora—real .estate - mea-.- raised 860,000 to have the. Rathbone, Sard & Co. stove works located tnere. and already 8100,000 worth of lota have been sold in the locality where the factory is to be built. —A train of' magnificent palace coaches bearing the Golden Gate Commander y of San Francisco Masons passed through here this morning on the way to the grand conclave at Washington. —At the Rock River Conference at Ottawa yefterday, Presiding Elder Lewis Curta gave a fine report of Dixon district, showing a marked increase in all the departments of the churches la this large district, . —A colored man made an attempt to rob the home of Mr. Coon, cashier of the Clinton National Bank, yesterday morning. He is supposed to have taken a train for the east yesterdayt and the officers here have been notified to keep a lookout for him. —Another attempt was made on Wednesday by the prisoners to escape from the Dixon jail. Will Woodyatt, aon of the sheriff, discovered the scheme as the prisoners were about to push down the last row of s'.ones between confinement and freedom. —Tne installation of five new members into the society of the Princes of the Grand Orient waa made the occasion for a .supper given by the new ones. Those installed were Messrs. Col. Stambaugh, Ed. Hoover, Frank Spies, Gus Gregorious and Frank Oppold. The supper waa given about midjnightat Keener'a. —Miss Cora Stocking was pleasantly suprised at her home last evening on her return from the New York Store. As she (entered, the house the lights were turned up, revealing to her gaze about twenty-five friends who had gathered there. The nicest kind of a time was had. —Dixon Telegraph: The shooting match at Grand Detour Wednesday was exciting and interesting. Woodford, Davis and Moyer were the only parties fiom Dixon who entered the contest. Old shots from Oregon, Mt. Morris, Aslitou and Franklin entered the Hold, but Dixon did tha beat shoot- Ing. In the four eutrlea made by Burl Woodforil (tia took first nioaey twice aad second rnouay twice. Ilia ucorv was eighteen dead binia oat of twenty. —The Humane Society can find lots of work to do in preventing ill-treatment of horses. Among things to be prohibited are jerking and whipping of horses, tying them without proper protection-iron! cold, or iti summer from files. : Using overhead check reins tortures the 'horse, because the animal cannot tnen see the ground he is stepping on. —The Uniform Rank of the Knights Qf Pythiasj)r: thisjjity Is a fine organization, consisting of over forty men. They are doing considerable drilling, and, no doubt, will take part in the .competitive.. dri.ll which, occurs MU-.'. waulifie next June, when the 1'ytlilari biennial conclave will be held there. It is to be hoped the Sterling boys will carry off the prize. —A woman with four children from Franklin, Pa., arrived on the 4:04 train yesterday to meet her husband, who has a good job here. She got into a 'bus before he could meet her, and she was driven to a house he had rented. On arriving at the house, it was found to be occupied by another family, who 7 refused to vacate. The woman then went to Stocking's warehouse, where she had bought some things, and she and children, and her brother who came out .with her, were provided quarters for the night. This morning the husband was found and the home secured; —Dixon Telegraph: O, girls, come again. A beautiful bevy of fair misses; ten charming young .ladies, came up from Sterling and lunched at the Nachusa yesterday. They came without escorts, "all by themselves," as inde. pendent and free as birds of the air, and therefore we may conclude that these are not of your cuddlesouie sort of girls who must have a beau on all occasions, for Sterling surely has plenty of gallants of the agreeable sort. Doubtless they are girls who can paddle their own canoes; and we are pleased that Dixon was so honored. The party consisted of Misses Hodges, Anthony, McPherran, Ferguson, Gait, Burton, Hubbard, Pennington, of Ster ling, and Murdock, of Elmira, New York, and Dorchester, of Sherman, Texas. . --—The Echo, the modern Woodmen's organ, continues to rub it in to Dr. Me- Kinnie. It says he is at "the head of a bare-faced attempt to wreck the order," by trying to get a new charter, and that "its Importance and intent can not be too greatly magnified." The Echo adds: To sjate it mildly, it was a dastardly thrust at the life of the Order by one or more who ought to be its best friends and most loyal supporters. Echo congratulates the order upon the ignominious failure of the scheme. It proves solidity of the order and the good laws and faithful state officers to discourage such incendiary attempts. The paper also publishes this resolution as passed' July 22nd. Resolved, That we view with great regret the conduct -of our Head Examining Phvsician, P. L Mo- Kinnie, in his disposition to force from this order exorbitant fees, charges postage and expenses, in circulating reports inimical to the interests of this order, and derogatory to the character and standing of our head consul, and in conduct unbecoming a neighbor and head, camp officer, in, forcing, an entrance Into the head consul's office by legal process, all of which we unanimously condemn and hereby enter our protest and censure. —The remains of Frank E. Bowers arrived on the 1:16 train this afternoon and wore conveyed to the 4th street M. E church. The pall bearers were six of the young man's friends,. Harry Fondersmith, Chas. Bensinger r Frank Wiokens, Will Oltmans, George Holland and Leslie Sheldon. The funeral occurred at 2 o'clock and was attended by the young man's bereaved parents, Mr. and Mrs. M. O. Bowers, his brother, Dr. O. C. Bowers, and other relative? from Chicago, and by friemla In this city. Kev, E . Brown conducted a very irnpreaaive and sad service. The remains were interred at the beautiful Stop Ladders For house cleaning SI 00 at L. L. Johnson's. °° l ° Underwear In all styles at Oettinger's Double Front Clothing House. !)•! tO Wot "Bweh_ Bowers" Monday, Oct. 7th. Tlie Aladdin Hard coal heater is having a large sale and It is not to bo wondered at for as a heater it is hard to beat. 1 ou can see it by culling on Crawford Bros. . 97 W -Stamping done lit K. A. Carter's. 90 10 Tk Bit lank Is in place on the Academy stage and the water has been pouring into it since 12 o'clock. See the great play of the "riea Waif" tonight. Boats will be rowed all over the stage at the Academy tonightr ""~ Have You T, icnnial Conclave Knights Tcniplnr October 3d to October 5th, inclusive the C. B. & Q. U. K will sell round trip tickets to Washington, D. C. for 820.70 good for return until October 3lst. By the payment of §10.00 additional a 1 Washington, the return portion df the ticket may be exchanged f° r a ticke to New York and return, either via the same route, or via any other direc' route to Chicago. The ad of Tinned & TBowors on opposite page V Will pay you to do so. This company is on an equal with "Gorman's" and Johnson & Slavln's m'nstrels. Entirely new Urst part and a first class show. , We have examined Mr. George 11. Richardson's step ladder and ironing board and pronounce them the very best we have ever seen and they should be in every house. Mrs. J. II. Lawrence; ~Mrs. E J. Henry, Mrs. Laura E. King. 93-tO* For Beach & Bowers' famous minstrels. Better and stronger than ever. The best minstrel company that will visit Sterling this season and one of the best on the road. Seuts only 50c at G. L. Werntz'e. Auction. The city marshal will sell to the high- eat bidder for cash, the old city lookup building at Central Park, Saturday, 2 o'clock.jOctober 5th,J8n^Purchaser will be required to move building off of the ground within 15 days from date of aale. Committee on 1'ublic Improvements. ' ~ 9!>-t4 Call at J. ips & Go's OF?O-. of Coins. £. Philand gel tlie of N. GUI at K. W. Blossom's and g«t an •ye tpstnr free of ctinrtc. "o-d&w Nnloot At the stock" yards irdsy 51 .rs»3 Friday and <">•> t"> wl ut- The Dutch and English auctioneer rtlll alive and ready to attend to city .ml country sales on short notice. Can eave orders at A. II. Hendrick's Drug Store or at my residence on loth avenue north of 4th st. Charges reasonable. Give me a call. 73 37tf D. II. MEYEHS, Auct. The styles for misses are to be seen n a great variety, at the special display at Frey & Davis'. 00 14 PEOPLE'S COLUMN {3T—We will Insert three lines in thin imn ono time for 10 eonts, or for io cents a week. Each additional line will DO 5 cents a single Insertion, or in cents a week. 1VASTTKI*. Only io cents for j lin cs under this Heading. W ANTED—Girl for housework. 1(02 W. 3rd street. at T1TANTRD—Everybody to know that tlieplwo VV to buy a sewing machine or orgim Is at Frey & \Vhl received. ebrcad'sT Several dray loads Jim 1)5.1 ()• "\ATANTKU-Competent girl for general house- TV work. Apply at Uazetta ofllue. »»tf W ANTED—A thoroughly compel nt girl for (,'onernl housework. Good wages Mrs Elmer Crawford, corner 4th street and D avenue, FOR Only io cents for 3 lines under this Heading. F OR 8 A.LE—Butler—Parties w.inllni; goo buttor In packages of 6 pounds, and upward can Uiive It delivered, it retail price of xool but tcr nt tin) store*, by »<ldressln(? O. K. Fanning Gait, Ills. ' ««-' HAI.K—A iiood nillcli C'nv, Inquire o Arrasene and chenille at ter's. R. A. Car- 00 to To thn ladies of Rock Falls and Sterling, please accept thanks for your liberal patronage in our millinery department Ccme again and buy. good friends. Dill & Co. 07 tf Beautiful little baby caps, at Frey & Davis'. bonnets and 05t4 Go to Dill &'Co., Hock Falls, before purchasing your furniture. You can save money. 0" tf ti I il 1 OlS HALK— AnfW Kurekaroiul earl, cheap. Al-o, a soft coal heating stovp. Apply »t ' . »3-t* , DetwellerS Mueller's. rnoit SALE—Good Iowa, Nebraska Kansas ,E land, stock of goods. Business ulacea for sale und exchange. Frank W. Walzer, Academy ot Music, lloom'4 7b II "CIOII BALE—A bargain in three donees in 4th ward. fine resl- 1. Bush. 61-ti FOB HAI-E OU THAUE. Comio Monday, Oct. 7th. The Aladdin Cook stove is used for wood or coal, and ia acknowledged to be one of the beat baker's the market affords. 07-tO . CRAWFOKD BROS. Notice. .-Special display of trimmed hats and bonnets for three days, commencing Thursday, Oct. 3 at Frey & Davis'. U()t4 ''Disowned" by request will be repeated for the Matinee tomorrow. Toll all your friends to see the wonderful "baby actor." Admission 15 and 25 cents. And a §10 doll given away. See tt at the Cash Store. Boys' blouae waists for boys from 4 to 15 yrs. old at Oettipger's Double Front Clothing House. 94 to : Something Nice. If you want to make money read my "ad" in the WEEKLY GAZETTE and Standard, GKO. WVCHAJIHELIN. 88-tf • . - JLadlea Call and see the beautiful trimmed hats and bonnets. Also the very latest in misses and children's hats at Mrs. F. C, Woodruff's. OS tO You can save money by buying coffees, teas, and spices from J. A. Annas, agent for Winslow, Band & Watson. na-to&w Notice. When you are looking for good shoes or boots do not forget to call and see my stock. I have made prices lower than ever, and can give you a good assortment to select from. 93 to •'• " PHILIP NICE. Ic will do you good to take a look through our mammoth stock. Every department complete Oettinger's Double Front Clothing House. 94 to I>on't Buy any 1'nderwear Until you have looked through my assortment. Prices guaranteed right. (V.C. Keir. Monday, Oct. 7th. Only io cents for 3 lines under this Heading. TjlOR BALE—Two new brick residences cen- -IJ triilly located for sale by J.J. Mlller_or 8. J. Wlckens. B5-tU* FOll KKNT. Only io cents for 3 lines under this Heading. C10II KKNl—House lor rent In West Rock Falls. A. Morse. 0816* rX>R RENT—Homo for rent, near Jf school. L. K. Brooklield. Wallace (KM (I •JJ1OU KENT—4 hou«es to rent and a number of -C houses for sale by Adam Smith. »3-tl8* T O LEASE—rower and room formanufactur Inn purposes, In the bull ilug formerly occupied by Church & Patterson. Address B. O. Church. Duluth, Minn. ««-tl FINANVIAli. F INANCIAL-Money toloan-81,500 at 8 per cent.^on farm security, I, I. Bush. Rook Kalis. 32-tI ' Farm lor Kent. The Doyie farm situated iu Section 13 in town of Hume is for rent. For information apply to Wm. Doyle of said town or to J'. E. McPherrau. 94-tOw40-t2* JAS. DOYLE. September 29, 1889. With its wonderful sea of real water —genuine . rain storm, and beautifu scenery. Don't miss the play tonighi at the Academy. A 75 cent show foi 3C and 35. _ Dou't miss the Musical Soiree at the Fourth St. M. (2. church tonight. A fine programme has been prepared b; our best local talent. Tickets for sal at Keefer's Drug store and at the door IIoriteB Wanted. On or two carloads of good soun draft and driving horaes from uve t ten yearn old, weighing 1,100 Iba. an upwards Will be at Keefer's liver stable Oct. 7 to IU inclusive. Us ti K. G, ANTKIU. JACOB EISELE, THE LEADING F October's goods Are like tlie -woods, So warm and In autumn light. Cloaks and Sacques. Heady Hade Clothing. We have lately returned from the astern markets, where every advan- age that long experience and ready ash will give were utilized in making mrchasos for Fall and Winter Stock. Our counters are being piled high with goods that we can recommend, both or quality and style. Our departments were never more complete and our long experience in the clothing ,rade has taught us the wants and ;astes of the public. We cordially^invite you to trade with us, believing"we an serve you well. J. 11. BELL & SON. Is now prepared to take orders for gentlemen's suits and overcoats for fall and winter. Now in stock all kinds of cloths, cas- simere and overcoatings and the finest stock of pants goods ever shown in this city. Leave your orders to have them made up in the latest eastern styles and at bottom prices. Doing his own cutting and having no rent to pay, his customers get the benefit. G-oods now rustle Clerks do hustle. Mtatetueut o! Jtev. Tlios. Hal linger, OF OSKALOOSA, IOWA. In the fall of 1887 my attention was called to the medical pamphlet published by the Rheumatic Syrup Co., of Jackson, Mich., advertising Hibbard's Itheumatio Syrup. The ingredients composing the remedy and known to be of great medicinal merit, led me to believe the remedy a good one and I bought six bottles. I had a soreness in my stomach and sides and a spinal affection which threatened paralysis. 1 applied two plasters extending from my stomach to uiy sides which 1 wore for a mouth. I never found any medicine which gave n>6 so much relief. 1 recommend Hibbard's HUieuniaUc Syrup uud Plasters as remedies of great merit, aud, 1 think, the greatest of the age. tths STATE OF ILLINOIS, I V/HITKMIDE COUNTY, ) In Circuit Court of Whitfluide Couuty, to October Term, A. D., 1889. Albert Beeoher ) TS. V In Chancery. Jennie Beeoher, ) Affidavit of the non-residenca"of Jennie Boecher, defendant above named, having been filed in the office of the Clerk of the Circuit Court of Whiteaide Connty and State of Illinois, notice ia hereby eiveu to tho said Jennie Boecher, that the above named complainant heretof orojUled his bill of complaint in snid court, on the chancery side thereof, and thnt a summons thereupon issued out of said court against the above named defendant, returnable on the first day o£ the term . of the Circuit Court of Biud County, to be 1 held at the Court House iu Morrison, iusaidl Wuiteside County, on the third Monday of j October, next, (188!)) asia by law required, | and which suit ia Btill pending. LAUKEN E. TIJTTLE, 7S Circuit Clerk. Carpets. Rugs. DE, A. W. BAER. OKFK'K OVKK Qetiing&r's Clothing Store. F i-mo It- ftud *'liildroi>'n IMsraspm a In Fall Underwear for Ladies and Children, in Natural Wool, Scarlet, Merind, utid Jwrrf^y (Ribbed), in Wool and Cotton, Call^ and Examine Before Buying, A Full IAD*' oj' Dry O^.,»tU uiui N.»tM!i:, alwuv "l^kx-k. , . * ^wrt «*-»-, —* «v«^« •»»•»»» «e«M«*im?'"«' ,5 r i ,„-!_•.,!, t 5 - - ,»

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