Covina Argus from Covina, California on May 30, 1908 · Page 5
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 5

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 30, 1908
Page 5
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A second-hand one-horse wagon for sale cheap. Phone H. Itp For Sale—Seed potatoes. Inquire of Austin Warner, Coviua, Cal. tf Gunther's sweets are pure and eweer. CJapp sells 'em. Mr. and Mrs. Pollowell and son left last week for Beaumont. Don Green of First street is visiting friends at LOUK Beach. Mrs. Plant and her sifter, Mrs. Smith, left on Wednesday for San Francisco All kinds of ladies' cleaning and pressing neatly and promptly done. Sohumm, the tailor. Mr. and Mrs. Enoch Overholtzer left last week for their new Lome near Modesto. Mies Anna Hodel is spending the week at the home of Mr. and Mrs. H. Damerel. Mr. and Mrs. Peter Dubois of Azusa were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Thos. Finch the first of the week. Mr. and Mrs. Leo of Lemon spent Sunday at the hume of Mr. and Mrs. I). J. Overholtzer. A valuable collie dog, the property of Dr. L. S. Thorpe, was poisoned this week by some criminally disposed individual. Mr. and Mrs. Win. Overholtzer and family spent last Sunday in Pomona, the enests* ot Mr. nud Mrs. Jcsso Miunich. Miss Beatrice Wilkins, who has been visiting lier aunt, Mrs. A. K. Evans, left, on Friday for her liouie in Highlands. Miss Louise Pomeroy returned on Tuesday evening from Long Bench and is spend ing a week at the home of Mr. and Mrs. K. M. Douglass. Mrs. Follette of Long Beach was the guest several days this week of her daughter, Mrs. W. H. Collins,-having come to attend the reception in honor of her friend, Mrs. Win. T Mrs. J. Q. Hepner and little son Glenn left yesterday on a trip to her old home in lud. She will also attend the conference of the Brethren. Church at Des Moines, Iowa. Mr. and Mrs. and Miss Florence Huehn of Ontario were guests last .Sunday of Mr. and the Misses Cocil- ter. .,.'„ H. II. Cushman and Win. Warren spent Saturday ' and Sunday fishing in San Gabriel Canyon. They hud a delightful trip and brought home a fair quantity of flab. Miss Etta Dawson, who has been nursing at the California Hospital, returned to Coviaa for a month's rest, to regain strength from a severe attack of diyitheria. Tulare land raises oranges, all kinds of fruits and vegetables to perfection. Come up with us on Friday and see them. J. H. Mathews, Covina. Phone 5008. Rev. G, F. Chcmbei'ieu has been elected to represent tho Covina I3ieth- leu church at the annual conference to bo held in Dea Moines, IOWH, in June. He leaves today with a company of twouty-rlve, going over tho northern route. Mrs. J. J. Morgan of Long Beach, formerly of Coviua, and her sister, Miss Fitzgerald, of Michigan, wore guests last Tuesday of Mrs. W. M. Criswold. It is three years since Mrs. Morgan was in Covina and she was much surprised and delighted with tho wonderful improvement in our city. Tho Hume Missionary Society of the Methodist Church will hold an all day rally at the church on Wed- ueHdav. Several prominent speakers from other parts of tho district will the meeting. A luncheon will be Nerved Ht noon for which 15 cents will bo charged to pay expenses. Kev. H. K. Clarke and his band o' workers, known as tho "Musical Revival Crusaders," will hold meetings in the gospel tent on Citrus avenue near Uadiilo street, beginning Saturday. May 30. Meetings nightly, preceded by an open air meeting. Plenty of music. Musical director, Hoy Clarke. Everybody welcome. The monthly social ro<ini.jn of the members <*' tue i>:i(.'i-^t Church took place i-n \V. >:> •,., . ; -.en;i,g. The afternoon w;t-> devote,i to Llio work of the past"!-'- aid by the ladies, who sot a i. i:::'. tful hopper and were joined Inter by their husbands, children and tin: other church mem bers. A line pr-/giam ot hong-> and readings ssas iii\tn in \-,i.;»i^t,- oi Mr-j. Ki ing. Rooms to rent—See Mrs. W. C. Hibsch, CottHge Drive. Mrq, F. E, Brubaker is visiting at the horn" of her son, J. J. Urubaker. Miss \V.imi if red Wilkins is the guest of her aunt, Mrs. A. R. Evans. Mrs. Anna Finch has been spending the past week at Sierra Madre. Miss Maud Blackmnn is visiting friends in Loa Angeles. Your old Panama or straw hat made to look like new at Schumm's. W, S. Sides has been suffering nil the week from a severe attack of quinsy. J. P. Wood returned last Saturday from New Mexico and left this week for Beaumont. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Clapp and daughter are visiting at the home of Mr. and Mrs, C. F. Clapp. Miss Pearl Smyth of Ontario was a week end guest of her friends, the Misses Coulter. Mrs. S. A. Walton was tho guest on Thursday of Mrs. Bnkei- of El Monte, formerly of Covina. For best dewberries and blackberries for canning, see O. C. Willoughby, Covina. Dr. and Mrs. Shoemaker spent Thursday in Pnsndena as tho guests of old eastern friends, Mr. and Mrs. McDowell. Misa Ethel McFarlane of Long Beach and Miss Lola Douglass of Hollywood were guests of Miss Anna Hemm on Sunday last. Rebekah lodge will call at 7:^0 first meeting night in June. All members requested to be present on time. Mr, and Mrs. W. II. Monde and Mrs. Sautelle were dinner guests on Tuesday evening of Mr. and Mr. Will Griffiths. The marriage is announced to take place .June 10th of Mr. Will Settle, an employee of Warner, Whitsel <S: Co., aud a charming youug lady of Norwalk. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bristow and family moved up from Los Angeles this week and have taken possession of their new home on tho San Bernardino road, west of Sierra street. Mr. aud Mrs. Herbert, Collins of Los Angeles and Mr. Lewis aud the Misses Lewis of Ontario were guests last Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Collins. A delightful entertainment of vocal selections and readings was given in the Christian Church on Wednesday evening by the celebrated singer'' Princess Long. Social Dance—A social dance is announced for this evening, Saturday, May, 30. in the Fraternal Hall, San Dimas. Mtnlc by the Forestnnu orchestra. The Rev. and Mrs. Paul Stevens and little sou returned last Saturday from a week's visit with friends in Santa Ana, Los Angeles aud Pasadena. Mr. and Mrs. K. G. Clapp and Mrs. Jenks, formerly Helen Clapp, of Los Angeles wore guests of Mrs. Carl Clapp on Wednesday, tho ladies having come for the Laliee reception. Mr. ami Mrs. Will Grifliths were guests in Los Angeles on Tuesday evening at a full uniform reception and dance given at the Masonic Hall in honor of H, E. William Stevens, Grand Commander of Knight Templars of the State of California. Miss Gertie Smith, who has beeji spending the winter at the home o! her aunt and uncle, Mr, and .Mrs. .]. M. Smith, left on the Salt Lake last Wedneday for her home at Se- flalia, Mo. Sho was accompanied by her brother and wife who have been i wintering in Hollywood ami are re | turning to Denver. I Levi Howarnl of El Monte and j Nettie Uinemore of Compton were j married by Rev. Gage at the Haptint at H o'clock on Saturday , remaining as the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Gage and attending Sunday-school and church next morning. The young couple urn old friends of Mr. and Mrs. Gage. who were much rejoiced to assist in the BHcred consummation of their hap- OUR AGENTS: Warner, Whitse! & (o. Brown & Bonn Pomona Sanitary Laundry RKPOKT Ot' THE CONDITION OK THE Covina National Bank AT COVINA in the State of California, at the close of business, May 14, I'ICW. (Charter No. 8222) KRSOl IICES. Loans and Discounts Overdrafts, secured and unsecured U. S. Honds to ficcuri? circulation Premiums on U. S. Honds Honds, securities, etc Hankinsr house, furniture and fixtures . Due from approved reserve agents Checks and other cash items Notes of other national banks Fractional paper currency, nickels, cents Lawful money reserve in Imnk. viz: Specie f.522.40 Redemption fund with U. S. Treasurer (5? of circulation) Total I.IAIIll.l I IKS. Capital stock paid in SvinvhiH fund Undivided profits, less expt and tj»xes paid Nations! bank notes outstanding-.. Due to I rust companies and savings 1 liuliviiiiml deposit'.* subject to check Demand certificates of deposit- Time certilicales of deposit Certified checks Ca.-hier's cln.-cks outstanding Liabilities other (him those abovt (Capital -stock unreporti tlj $71 ,!l70.f>5 fi5ri.f)ti . .'.His.7", fi.lSii.lW fi.Jlll.yil lt 7. Ml . ..40.110 IH.itl -I.fi22.40 1,2.W.OO ri.'.lKi.K!) For Rent, Exchange, Lost, Found Miscellaneous. i For Immediate delivery of stable I manure see F. E. Duddnar, I A horse and bugt'y for sale cheap. | Phono 14. Itp For Sale Seed potatoes. Inquire of Austin Warner, Covina, Cal. tf For Sale-—liny press ot a bargain. Covina Harness it Saddlery Co. For Sale—A young, thrifty pig. A. M. White, Cypress avenue. R. E. Missoldine will deliver hay. Please call tin phone lU. tf Wanted — Girl or woman to do general housework. Mrs. J. L. Mat- j Nitrate of soda in any quantity j immediate delivery. A, M. Seoley j Covina. t f FOR SALKA wall tent, complete and whole. Used part, of one summer. S. P. Jonnisun. If. Cement blocks, Hxl(i inches, for sale by I). K. Stites, tho cement, man. the lowest. Have your clothes made to look like new by having theni cleaned and ' pressed at Schumm's,'the tailor. FOKSALIv Total 1 in.SIXJ.M'.i I I St:ifr of California, Count v of I .os An pules, ss: I.V.I) Kl!jjlisli,C;l5,hk-l of the jiliovu named hank, ilo solemnly sv\car thai ihc al»o\ i- Matt- - incut is true lo tliL- best of mv kiunvtrd^e ;tiid belief. V. O. K\(,1.ISII, Cashier. Correct- Attest: .). n. lined ) C.. H. While ( Oii-ei.-lors .1. I.. Matthews > Subscribed and sworn to hc-fo.-c me I his 22nd day of May, ISdW. E. i'. Warner. Notary 1'ublic. KIU'OKT ()!• TllIC CONIUTION OF Till': First National Bank of Covina AT COVINA in the State of California, at the close of business, May 14. 1908. (Charter No. 5830) K KSOUKCRS. Loans and discounts $20Mr>,'i.r>l Overdrafts, secured und unsecured . l,2(iil.!)8 U. S. bonds to secure circulation 25,000.00 Premiums on U. S. Bonds 416.70 Bonds, securities, etc 17.980.00 Banking-house, furniture and fixtures. - 17.66H.32 Due from National Banks (not reserve age n ts)..- .-, 1,294,25 Due from State Banks nnd Bankers- ... 0,147.1)5 Due from approved reserve agents- • •. •; 02,61)8:06 Checks and other cash items 54.07 Notes of other National Banki; 500.00 Fractional paper currency, nickels, cents . .78.S7 Lawful Money Reserve in Bank, v!/.: Specie 10.<131.GO 16,631.60 Redemption Fund with U. S. Treasurer 5 per cent of circulation 1,2">0.00 Total . MAIIIMTlKb. Capital Stock paid in Surplus fund Undivided profits, less expenses and taxes paid National Bank notes outstanding Due to Trust Companies and Having" Banks Dividends unpaid Individual deposits suhj-.'ct to check- Demand certilicr.tes of deposit 355,41)6. 11 $50,000.00 IIO.OOO.OO 11, 1155. 5H 25,000.00 ]0.; r ,l0.2(i H50.00 227,:tH0.27 700.00 . Total ....... ;:55,4.'tfi.ll State of California County nf Los Angeles, HS : I, \V. M. Griswold, C'ii.shier of ilie .ihovu- naoicd bank, do solemnly ft\v'.,'ar that the uliove slutCMii'iit is true to the best of my knowledge ar\d helii-l. U'. M. (JltlSWOl.D, »J:i»hifr. Correct-- Attest : ('.. V. Clapp J. O. Hoimer .J. H. Klliotl SuliMPribed and sworn to before in<^ day of May, 100H. 10. 1'. Warner, Notary 1'ublic. Din-clorM this 22nd Sweet potato indale. Phone I! 1 17. If For Sale•••-ComforlaMi 1 , IH'e room residence in One seel ion ol' town. SI HOI). J. 11. MalthewH. For a stylish hair cut or an easy shave palronixn the Afiher barber shop. liatliH in connection. tf ies repainted and f i om So.Oll up. Surreys 8(1. IK) up. Autos 810.00 up. (1. W. Marsh. WANTKD-Chickens and calves. J. C. Daldridge, Covina, Cal. P.O. box 'JI17. Phono 20(10. tf Plain Hewing at my home. Mrs. Follovvell, First, and Siui Bouumlino Road. tf Jiavo your rubber tires sot by Wilson's rubber tiro Hotter, the only one of its kind in the valley. tf. For Sale or Rent—Modern bungalow on West Center, furnished or unfurnished. See Mrs. O. F. Preston. Place your spare cash in tho Covina Valley Savings Bank, a safe investment at 4 per cent. The Covina Valley Savings Dank offers you a safe, invent menl, for your idle funds. We pay 4 per cent. Start, an account today. lUmCNS WAITING -Want conn- try homes, chicken ranches, fruit end garden rrmchcH. List property for nalo or exchange. Will C. Prather Inv. Co., 518-20 Grant JJIdg. Itp WK CAN COLLKCT yur nlow and doubtful acconnlH, n" fee without, success. Address MKKCANTILK LAW CO., Iir.l Summit Ave. I.'ami- dena, Cal. 'Itp FOKSALK -10 acrcH of 1'2-ycar old navels. Good hotiHo and other improvements. A/.usa water right, ;H) HhurcH. Will take, ootlngc In Covina, Price 8 liJ,(KXJ. Terms. Austin Warner. For Sale P'ggH for hatching and day old chicks I'roin incubator from the following standard bred t'owlhl White Kock.s, While MinorciiH and White LcghoriiH. Voung pullets for Specially prepared to move pianos j 8 " 1 "' """•""" lV (;1 ' ! '""" |H ' ''• »'"»"'' ] Hi reel,. if PKOMI'T SKKV1C.K. ! Tulare County Lands: *;i() to ?;i() per acre with water. Undevel- no Citrus Ave. (ovina, Cdl. 1 "'"" 1 llm(l '" '"•"*'»» '^'""i, w> to i? 1 )!), any si/e you want, any kind of terniri. .1. II. MatllievvH, Covina. Phone r. (OVINA TRANSFER HUTCHISON BROS., Props. All kinds of hauling and Furniture Moving. THE PKICKS KKJHT. ,, Home ,, 10K Mr*. Mico Heck-Myer, a noted lecturer on literature, art and hin- tory, will speak on "Norway Jtn Past, Present and Future," at the hi»h school auditoruim, next f-'ri dny hfterooon at . :'!(J, under I »ie uuspice 1 ' of the literary hociety. The li-i'tine is . !•(• iiinl all phtroitfi and trii-Lil.- are iiuiteij to altend. No om- .••liu:i|i| iiii-i thi- entertaining atifi iti^tjuelive le.'ture. .Nirs. iit-ck M\<-r vci.- .-if-ut trom lJ;-nii;Hik a* \\,<- IT|,ti--(-iit ;it i M' I'j Ilii- C.iligie^s ul Nation's Hi Ihfc V.-.tli]'-. i''i;i; at. (,'l.i- I'.illHl ill 1 */.>'.!. PROVIDENT MUTUAL BUILDING AND LOAN ASSOCIATION PAYS on I year Term Deposits on monthly balances A*M:U il, 41,7, 017 SECURITY" Tritit JJcedii on Imprxved Ki:ul Kb ate UIKKC'i'OIVS L. U'. lllii.'ii, I'rc-,. V.'ui l>. J',.-it.i-,,i-k J<. .1. Chrisloplicr, \'i<.i--l'ri-->. Niic, I'c;i,<: i'.. A. U'iUon M. !!. H'.-ilniaii X. .-,« mi fi/i ''t'Kikli.: 1 .'"•'/. '.'I J. M. HUNTLR, Manager . 'Oli SA LK A ,i acre nnap on and one ipiat'ler mile cant of town. ValenciiiH and tiav>'l>t, hall and half, ucll t>rt i I i'/i-il, liiinigat('d and in llrHtcla.-H condition. Price and'lei'iiiH reasonable. See owner, W. I 1 '. Uiranlee, linv, lanil avenue. If | fi-room hoiihe ainl one ucn- of land. .Just outhirli- cily limils- 1'iice I 1 (I'jd. I'ii^y tf.IIMH. Good fj-room IIMIIHC, bath, loili-t, gas, electric lightn, do-in in, in good locality. Price, 4 J ^1()(I. Kasy ! (ioorl paying and [u-osj errjiis l<usi nr'hh v,it.h Htoek eoii.plcte. Hiitihfuc tory leasuii fur helling. Moi.e.\ to l,e r/iadi: 0:1 thi'i * I r.UO will Covina Peoples Store ft (iNCOKPONATKn) OUTFITTERS TO THE WHOLE FAMILY \Vc have the agency for the celebrated Nopa-a-Ton Shoes Without doubt the best ranch shoe on. the market. Ask the man who wears them-- he knows. Hlack or Tan. Hliicher Cut. Hollow Tongue. Kiomlvlu- Kvel Those tv>/io /laiJi! triad Our Fountain Service sti.v it is. per feel. Our Prescription Department and the other brunches of our n>ill be found just as complete anil your n>ants n'ill rnvetOe courteous attention. BRASS HHIDOT dlU NJUWE SHOP MANUFAdURERS OF GENERAL MANUFACTURING Thoroughly Equipped for All Classes of Machine Work KELLAR & THOMASON Shop and Ollioe opposili,: S. 1*. l)epit llomcr I'honc 2H'J Covina, ('al. COAL The Summer l^ate for Coal is now on. Secure your fuel for the winter and avoid a possible coal famine. SAN GABRIEL VALLEY MILLING CO. '!') iieieh alfalfa lanch 'Ajlli aliiin dance, '.t waler. J-| iiMliil h!>mil at a Lririiiiiii. <>Atier •.(•.ml-, (i, v.i:t "'H on arcooitt. lit heaM h. fi.i inc'.i/je |,i i.j.ei I v Hi Ci.viija. Ct^/INA l;l.AL'I V <.</ , Ciaik .'. h-;iu:ld-.. BEN F, THORPE CI:MI:NT CONTRACTOR ,'vlii nil fai:t uri-r of CEMENT IRRIGATING PIPE (< to to inches in ilia uiHi-r General Cement Work of All Kinds KViiifonlril C'diu retc l>tnl(liti((s a Spi-cialty Yanl, U'i-.-t (',v|jn-i-, Avenue '1'i-lephoiti: 40(7 St;ij;f ruin niiij;, ^tloinil iiuin .ii'f li;n- IIKVV with no 11 on hi <• ,' 11 i .1 lip- limit ' 't I run t. A'l'lre >s I '.i mp Ki ii'.'m K>'-> ,rt ('o., A/, U4U , < ,ii., <ii 1'iM.h I ( <i , . i .~i'; n til S|n in;; oil >.-<: 1, !,'*.-> A n;;i It:-,.

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