Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on March 22, 1943 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 22, 1943
Page 2
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HOPE STAR, MOPE, ARKANSAS Nope Sta attwnoon bf SMr Publishing Co. inc. f>elfr*f end Alex. H. Washbum) &JlMIno. 212-2U South Wolnui «rl*t, H<«« Ark. C. I. PA1.MIR, PM«lt,«it Entered <a second class- matter ot the PoStofflee at Hope, Arkansas, under the Act of Mofth 3, 1897. (AP)—Means Associated Press . (NfA}*~-Mtaf» Newspaper Enterprise Ass'ii. Rat* (Alwoyi Payable In A*ron**)! ty eity cottier, per week 15e; HeWBitSod, Ntvodb, Howard, Miller ana Lafayette counties. $3.30 per year; else- S6.50. M«mb«r o» Th* Press: The Associated Press Is exclusively entitled to ttW use for republlcatlon of all news dis- ipatches credited to rt or not otherwise I credited in this paper and also the local * htws published herein. Sj> . NatteMl A(N«rtlslilf Rtp«*eilMr»«— jf^Artoiwej ftoffiM. IM.J MSJPtt'vTtt 1 '!;' ? * ^Sterick ButkftftO; Chicago, 400 North Mlch- .;' fcor> Avenue; New York City, 292 Mad .son ^ ;*ve.; Detroit, Mich., 2842 W. Grand Blvd.; '•Oktofiofna City, 414 Terminal IBdg.; New / Orlednt, 722 Union St.. < Ch»rg«j oft Tributes, lie.: Charges will be rrtode for Oil tributes, cards of thanks, resolutions, of memorials, concerning the deserted. Commercial newspapers hold to this Dollcy In the news columns to protect their from a deluge of space-taking me.' The Star disclaims responsibility (he »of«-iweplng or letum ot any unsolicited manscrlptsi Classified * .Ads must.be In office day before ; publication. AH Wont Ads cash in advance. Not ;taken over the Phone. ' On* time—Je word, minimum 30e . SI* timM—5e word,' minimum 75c Three times—3 W word, minimum SOe .One month—18c word, minmium $2.70 Rates are for continuous insertions only "THE MORE YOU TELL THE QUICKER i YOU SELL." Hollywood By BOBBIN COONS Wide World Features Writer Hollywood — Cheering note for Hollywood in the midst of actorshortage: there is a practically inexhaustible supply oC Severns. And very useful, too. Like the other day when I found four of i them working in the same picture, j In "The Man from Down Under." story set in Australia during the . last war, the character played by Richard Carlson appears at four j stages of growing up before Carlson shows. The Severns. with their own family .resemblances and some resemblance to Carlson besides, were the only answer. There were two more answers available — two more boys besides the two girls — at home. The acting Severns. who-were only seven last year, now number eight — and -iix-month-old Winston Franklin M-jcArthur Severn, the latest addition to the family industry, already has begun his movie career in "Phantom of the Opera." "With a name like that," says Papa Clifford Severn, "there's something wrong if he doesn't go SIDE GLANCES ByGolbrolth to town." For Sale LESPEDEZA grass bay. AN D Also JOHNSON cottonseed, The other Severns have gone to town in varying degrees on the screen veer since Clifford, the eldest boy, appeared in "Jalna" short- [ ly after the family arrived from Africa, where the father was giving so many health lectures that his health demanded a rest. "I was making a lot of money," j he says, "but I was getting very tired, and my wife suggested we ought to take a vacation, we chose California. We were living here when a gentleman from pictures met Clifford, and told us he had exactly what pictures needed in a child — charm, alertness, wareness and complete lack of selfconscious- iness." i So Clifford, who is 17 now, went | I into pictures, soon followed by the j i others — Venecia, 20, Yvonne, 11 • * Raymond. 10, Ernest. 9, Christo- j pher, 6. Billy, 5, and W. F. MacA., I COPft. 194] BY NM SERVICE. INC. T. M. BBC. U. S. P«T. OFF. 3•z^ "The wife wants me lo help clean holisc this afternoon, Surge, so there won't be uny checkers for me, but Butcher Brown probably will be looking for a gamcl" Wash Ttibbi T ITS 6QOO TOBEAUVf.'WITHSPRIM6 HERE, AMD YOU fij INJOV I? WITH MS, P£NNXJ WON'T MINO BEIM6 TIED DoWM TO AN OLD JOB AT ALL Breaking the News 3U6TA MINUTE you T TO BREAK THE NEWS 6RAOUALLV 8UT...00T I WON'T BE HERE VERY Monday, .MarchjVjjj^ ly Ray Cr«n« ^ ' WBU., WHBN 160T MAP AT WU SOME TIME AGO, 1 APPLIED F0fc A TRANSFER TO WORTH APftlCA. Itfe BEEN ACCEPTED. I'M LEAV1M6 WITH THE Popeye "Bureau of Missing Persons.' Thimble Theater -SUPPOSE THE 4IO.OOO-'REU)ARD FOR FIMDIM6 HOLDS <&OOO ? UP6IDSt)00)M BEGTWJOON.TMAT IS ACRVSTW-f /'<•<££, INDEED, (JJHEN USED "" (^ROPfiRLV IT \*> INFALLIBLE Donald Duck Self Exertion! By Walt Dtsney FUNNY BUSINESS :D P & L, Stonewell 2-B, Rowden t 4l-A and Cookers long staple, f first year from breeder. See T. S. iMcDavitt. 30-tf 6 months. D. '& P. L. COTTON SEED, FIRST year from breeder. Also baled hay. See A. C. Monts. 16-6tc 183T FORD PICK-UP. GOOD ONE. Best cash Offer takes it. Mr. Wilson, Victory Pool Room. 16-6tp ' ' VERY CHOICE HOLSTEIN DAIRY a, heifers $20 each. Non-related bull free with five head. Best of ft breeding. Homestead Farms, Route Two, McGraw, N. Y. 18-6tp 100 BUSHELS OF ROWDEN 41-A oottfcn seed. One year from breeder. Also 4 year old mule, Papa Severn is a young-looking, springy gentleman who was sickly in his youth until he took up a degree at a Belgain'University, and launched a careeras a lecturer on sio-chemistry. He comes from an i theatrical family, and himself was I an actor and company - manager at one time. At home after lectures, he says, he found relaxation in teaching the children acting and pantomime, and they responded so eagerly that before long they were staging their own shows and skits' in the parlor. This sort of thing still goes on, making the Severn establishment the. sort of place I cam imagine W. C. Fields would enjoy. Mr. Fields is reputed to like children very much if they are properly cooked. Papa Severn and wife are, as he 950 Ibs. West Brothers, Hope Rout* 3. Old §7 highway,,, 19.-6tp pu ts "it, 'Jjust servants of the. kiddies — in the real sense." Papa manages their careers and coaches them (he's quite an actor himself, though not working at it) and Mama keeps the home front run- I ning smoothly. ONE OIL COOK STOVE AND gas range at bargain. See me at home, James H. Bennett, 110 N. Washington Ave. 20-3tc For Rent TWO OR THREE FURNISHED or unfurnished apartments. Just <V I*' *** B*** 'i^"*«"* t»U Ijf* MMi. T, ( „« 3 22 **&- I -^-"^ Blondie A Ground-Hog Sees His Shadow! By Chic Young "The firing pin got out of drclcr!" THIS CURIOUS WORLD By William Ferguson In the Middle Ages men's shoes were often more fancy than women's; many were decorated with outside city limits with city lights j precious stones. and water, garden. Mrs. R. M. j 'Bunkley, phone 38-F-12 19-6tp The Black Sea port of y a r n a ROOM AND BOARD. 723 SOUTH doubled in population within 25 Elrn. Phone ,043-W. 20-Stp ^rs af erBulgana became .nde- pendent in the 19th century. Wanted to Rent THREE OR 4-ROOM FURNISHED j apartment, with 2 bedrooms, I good reference. Call Hope Star. 22-3tdh I i Man secret war products are i made from glcerine. Hold Everything Wonted to Buy 100 COUNTRY CURED HAMS. Highest price paid. Moore's City Market. 2-tf Notice SEND ME YOUR NEW OR RE-1 newal subscriptions for any j magazine published. Charles j Reynerson. City Hall. 1-lmch Help Wanted ELDERLY MAN AND WIFE, white or colored, to milk five cows and attend truck garden. W. M. Ramsey. 20-3tc At least 90 per cent of the bicycle industry's facilities are devoted to war production, making airplane parts, bombs and bomb parts. small arms and other articles of war. OUT OUR WAY \3-n I COPB. 1941 BY ME* SERVICE. IHC. T. U. MO. V. S; >*T. Off "I'd like to get a 'Seeing Eye dog lor him!" I CO? CAN'T WAKE WIM UP/ ' I WMEKI HIS WALLET IS STICKING OUT OF HIS BACK POCKET-1 55 ME WON'T Boots and Her Buddies ? •? ? By Edgar Martin £ ANCIENT DINOSAUR, WAS SO LABGE... A&Ot/f/OOtttO, THAT SCIENTISTS' FIGURE A 7OO-J.&. &A//.Y£>/£?" ML HAVE BEEN NECESSARY TO SUSTAIN IT. QUOTING ODDS / r ~~V COPR. 1943 BY NEA SERVICE, INC. ~"> COPR. 1943 BY T. M. REC. U. S. PAT. OFF. By J.R.Williams FOLKS JUST CANT TAKE IT TO GIVE GENEROUSLY, "Says /VvARION ZARLING, THERE ARE ABOUT IIQOOO HAIRS ON THE AVERAGE HEALTHY HUMAN HEAD/ BLONDS HAVE THE /MOST" HAIRS, REDHEADS THE 3-2Z Red Ryder Strictly First Cabin By V. T. Hamfln NEXT: Scientific skeptics. QUR BOARDING HOUSE with Major Hoopie ' TOUGH LUCK, GENTS/WE RUM FROM PENNN TO A BUCK, BUT KEEP PUMCHIN'OUT TUE 97-CESrT ONES/ TRN SOLS'LL HIT A, TW 1 GRAND PRIZE: IS A NOT ME, NOU LOST SO BUCKe ON COVsl .._ . . . KlDD COUNT- /COUfON'T BE CABIN COUUTD CUP/ E'S TORE POCKET THANKS, SHERIFF-' A FAIR SIZET3 TrtAT OF W HORSES' R.ECKON TH' LOCAL. EAMK. WILL HONOR 1 TOOK. FROC\ , AND THANKS AGAIN CAPTURIN' THE.f\ RIDER.'IT soo fMLES AVJATf A.NT3 OUR PACK HORSE LOST/THAI LONG R>DE fOU SAID ft,KID-' THIS MONE-X IS BURNIN' A HOLE IN W POCKET/ HOVJ'BOUT ATRMN RIDE noME-//vsm£'' Alley Oop Old Man Gloom By Fred Harmon IT'S BE. r>ARK 'FORE WE GETTOTH' TINAE-N^ACHIME THIKiK THE <AKD WAS PLJK1- ISHMEWT EK1OOGH WELU.HECEVME AKE...KVON IF CAM JUST KftAKE COSJTACT WITH DOCTOR. VS/OMN\UG i/ C Freckles and His Friends Back in the Old Groove By Merrill Blower 'YOU SAY YOU j LOST IT IM i THERE? YES,SIR — AND WITHOUT MY BADGE i CANT BE AM HONORARY POLICE OFFICER' WELL, IT WAY SERVE- A BETTER. PURPOSE NOW .' MAYBE ITLL. BFCOME A BULLEr THAT GETS A JAP/ GOSH — MAYBE IT WILL/ NO, BOYS - ANCJ HE ISN'T EVEN GOrJNA LOOK FOR IT.'—POLICE DEPARTMENT CAN RESUME ITS BUSINESS IN PEACE, HARMONV AND TRANQUILLITY / BUY JYAR STAMPS TQ&AY

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