Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 22, 1912 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 22, 1912
Page 3
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8 who has, been bere TiaittnK rrieads returned'home this attemoon. }f Everybody who appreciates a beautifid range of fabrics and patterns from which to select her new ^dl^es for fall wear wilF be more than delighted with what she finds here. Careful selections from the foremost tines of the season enable ug to present for your favor an exceptionally attractive display of distinctive fabrics. Prices $1.75| $1.50, $1.00, 75c and down to 25c per yard for all wool materials. ^ New Coats and Suits coming on most every train. The new styles you will find here from $5.00 to $.50.qp in all the wanted materials. !f Artistic Millinery—never before have we shown so many beautiful Hats and the prices so very reasonable, l^veiy price and style you will find right. RICHARDSON'S 113 KAST JLVDISON 113 EAST MADISON "I GRAND ALL THIS WEEK rnlteti .Vmn >«'iH «'Ut • «,*> '^Gompariy C TABLOID TONIGHT: "Ihe Morning After" vvi) 2 Reels Best Pictures Plays Change Nightly [PERSONAL MHWION.) W IsradHvltl rotuVnoil lun\w from In«l -i "':>'l"'"''t' t'''!^ artcrniM >n. -nr. McMillcn. PbunfM 82 and 232. • <5 - More ol the NEW BOOKS -A WAI.I. UK MF>~ • n .v Miircnr.-t Mill M-f -TIIK, lIor.l.OM ..f HI K II Ry tVtxi .r.Mir MiCiii. -A KoniJinri' «if.HiIlj-«;.i;!t Hy Alii o llo:i*;;i» Ki< • -,SHOKK BKI.I.t:«~ I»\ .Ia<k l .<in<!'ih "TJIK N>;^^ l 'V« IIK - liy II..v Tt-, ;..r- ••>.' .,.! r iit tiii .-i lui - 1: A. kr .iiw 1 K\*'ry ;i.irh.if •A-tiT. \ \ ir ti.-t', iiiir . 1 mi 1 !:.•;:• Evans Bros. BOOhSTOUfU MaD] ><'Tt Itiiiik.o on .*>()( .(uttBlvr Farm iXins Uranoh I .OTTI '^I ICillCS, viiU-i of The Merri^m Mortgage Co. OptKinn! I'avi.icnts, A ^iv Tiai<~. Will Lvt of U-»n<J V'.ilu.-. BEST LOAN 1> AI.I.KV ror>T¥ lOLA LAND CO. |>mbiii:iUoii Coal :io<l (ids Bot Blast and Air TJ?fatH ECOVOMT RANGES Beni^!: C«mbiii4lioii foal aad Cas * ^iUa?e—tbe «*st made. Pi-Ices Kluhtl lllieLLWishdrdHdw. IRA B. FRANTZ THE OPTOMKTRirr •T H TaM w.'iil to (';uiy|. Uiis atl- <'in>'.iti <in lni->inos!i.. • Mav." yon Jrlod Udells? A IMany w'nr tiv XorHu-oti tliis :iti.'![nvm I..;- ii Iiii..f biisiiiict'^ Visil. tia- altornoiiii <«n husinosj. • -(;::»(lu:itf Niirso; terms rcason- aii'o ri .ono i; N I{.i>'iti.« «>!' ("•iloiiy. uho has thi.- aitt 'rii "i «n. ! - l>r. 0. L. rox. Oculist. A .1. Kobins. who wa:! r>'contIy op- on at tU<? hospital, is now ro- <o\.",-inp rai'iilly. — ^ —Don't miss: ,t}!o ?iiit Sale at the N-IV y.^rk Sti >rc. , r> \' Sii. iiioiis of Wichita wh-. J l.i- i .Sn li.i" -.isiir.s; frituiil;^. won. I'o ilaiiivtt iliis afr«^rno<m. I Ur. II. U lli^ndrirks. Old fonrt I Hi>if.r. CnlN aii^wirrd daj or niidif. .'.ilm H.M-riiiK of Mis,'o;il.-i Mont who has ti«»pn lii>rt> \is«iinK Mrs. Marrio . H 'Trin^ anil trit-nds. rrtiirncii ho :ni' this aft<'rni>on. —«12 -}:,. ji.; ?*-.. 9.i. $24 9:. Prii-»s for Suits at the Now York Store , M'.sr A I.. lackson. of Top .-ka. w lio j liaf! lip .-n h 'Te \lsitinp frtonds. ro- jlnrii ^tl home this afteniiHin. ! — *S !»•'. $!2'.'•">. Jf$21 I Prufs fi >r Suits at thf Nfw York Store 1 I Mrs .1 <> ("riiiiil'. ••( Ko:-i S.-oit. jwj-o lias ti .t 'ii \i»r«-, \isltiI^u tri >-nils. •uo'ir ti> (>tt .i>\a tins' atn 'rnoon. ^ ^'•.\r\n .mil (•|t> rjo:\n« U M C'<in- i:!t :"!;.iai .1 1 Morrison, of rmslutrt;. who has liion I '.iT'' ott hiisliii'ss. went t«) Clatnctt iliis .iit.'inooii llrs. Hull & II till. Ostra|iath!«. Trti-plioni-s 12t». lasi. : .1 A Sitiipson. of Clirrryvali^ .'Vr- ri ^.'ii li.-ro this aftctnooti tor a visit with frii-.n'ls. IS. tlii- linos! lanily iiiaiie tlot .11 A: Mitnilis ^ I 'iiis. .\ Kl'oil,-:; of l^iiHariii" w.>ni !o iiaitui: this aftetiioon on biisim'ss. O fi lioisott w.^iit to Colony flits a:; ;r:tH«n on businfss. vUiort >liiaron .-'vho jias- b<cn nork- lii^ tn I'olliiisvillo. ttk:a. r«'tiirno;I • hi .'jM' this afternoon. Yoiinp Shearon has : just ici -oiirly r-vovprwl from'a sorious attack of typhoid .1. A Walk-^r. 'list riot ilepiity f^r t?;c • M \\". A I j>>l ;:e. v. ho has h'-on horf^ ' - ;>Tisin.-ss. " went to Garnftt and I'aoia this afternoon. After visiis- •iltpre, he will return to his home in : Epivoria. ; - Hy ni'.-iake ir was statoil in the , .N"< -.v York Store ari in last BtKht's pa- pfr 'lar (Jirls' and Misses' Hats vala: w -3Hld be so-W at $.-..i>i). Ti--.- (.crrti -t price is I J. C. Buirher took a car of mares and mules \o Florrace. Ala., yesterday ov .r ;he Katy H»» will return in I atout t?n days. I K Jones, w ho has been here visiting his family returned to his work ia j Collinsville today. ,' Peter Columbus went to Independ- • ence this afternoon on business. G«=orge Wallace, of Tulsa. Ok., who has been here on business returned : ho3ie this afternoon. Car Load Potatoes We have another car of line Northern Potatoes on the Katy track and Will sell out of the car at ( 65c-tni>"K«'-65c The potato tr.arket Is higher if was a week ago and this will W your last chimce to buy yoitr winter supply a; this ptice. Bring yottr sacks GKO( KKY I'RICK .S. S Inns Silk or Lenox Soap 7 bari« White .S»ap 4 cans Corti - 4 packages Kaitltis ;> paikages O.v-- . lArge packuses t)ats . ti (Ktiinds Ittilk Oats . -. -.»'. iHinnds Pano.-jke Kloiir - „ 5 cans Pork A; P.eans . :i cans Pumpkin cans llotnlny , .. -. 3 cans Kidnet' Beans _ 2 cans Blackberries 2 cans" Raspberries . 2 cans (gooseberries l-argo jar Apple Butter. 3 cans Kraut lbs. Bulk Kr.iut (bring bucke; i .-> Ibs.i Bulk Stan h . liHi Clothes Pins . :t cans Lye ... .... . .25r 2:ir 2ir 2ir 2«k 2ic 25r .23c .2ir 25«»k ..2*c at .Sic 2-f 2 AL^ im of 2l)c KLoni: FI.OIH: Wolf s Premium. OU! C.lnry or Ttir- k>'v P.itont Flou'-. cxery sack warrnnt- ed. per sack ... *l.2« (AltBAliE! rAnBAi;K: I"/ "'10 lbs extra tine N 'lrtl'.'rn Cah- l.-ai;, p-T 1'.") Ib.s. . . . . .«l.2i ELUOTTS YOril ORDKK DELIVKRED KOK lOr .T. S. .McCormlck. of Kansas City, who has been herp on business, went to Chanute this afternoon. Mrs. H C. Stark went to JoplJn to- idayjor a visit with friends. .Mrs J. L. KIsdon. of Toronto. Can., (arrived here this aftermion.fnr a visit with h«T brother, l>r A. .1. Fulton. —MAKVIM;—I will prosecute to i the Ihnli any person found tre*p,i,»sinc i:n any of tny tirenilees cm Hallowe'en nljiiit .V 1, TowDsend ' Mrs .1 Ci. Thoinj'sou. o;' Clay ('•.•n- ;er. who has ln'cn • isifing Ifre, wetit lo Kmporia this afternoon for a visit before returning home. .Mrs. W, I). West of Totieka. who lias ih'cn Jiere visiting friends returne<l I huine this afternoon. —By tiii'tako it was stated in' the j .\"e» York Store ai! In last night's imiier f!ia: Girls and .Misses Hats value.! at $1 would be sold at $."..0i>. The corral f iirlcc is ."I 'lc. •.T .V Kaymnnd. of Maldron. Ind . j who has been hf^re visiting .1. C. Thom • as. I".- O Farrell and o'her fri«'ndsj ; went to Pittsburg this .tftemoon. . — rOTATOKS KHiotl has another ' car on the Katy Tra.->k and will sell out of the at ij.'ic per bushel. 'V^ir last chance lo bu.v your winter supply , at this price Bring your saclre. • Sup* rintend«>nt Brown ret>ons that all bnt two of the city teachers hav*" ; s:er.>-<i '.to to a'tend the Sta'e Teach- •ers meeting at Topeka, November 7 • and 8. This'is srnde card day in the city scho"!s and all the scholars cvceptlng those,who are delinquent received ' their grade cards. J. L. Wilson of Caney, was a business visitor here this morning. Exclusive OMM- Flttlag Speeial-a« At HUDa> Jewelry 8tor> Miss Gallagher, of Humboldt, who has been here visiting her si»ter Mrs. i G. R. Gard, ri-tumfHl home this after- ncMin. Sar^aparill Acts directly and peculiar! on the blood; purifies, enrfi^f' and ijevitalizes it, a.'^d iti On way puilds up the whoIe^TT tern. ! Takb it. G<'t it to^ IT. ir.' litjuM f.irn- rr i?: .-MAi —Big Round-up of] Wyoming. Majeatic Y-6 Ranch in might, ac J. A. Mitchell and wife, of Ottawa, who have been here visiting Mr. and Mrs. J. N. Kincald, returned hometthia ilRcmoon. Mrs. F. E. Moore left this afternoon for 'Woonsung. 111., where she will make her home. Mrs. Ed Shore of Carlyle. was a business visitor here this afternoon. Mrs. D. C. Phillips and daughter, of Colony were In the city today. Mrs. R. D. Waste, of Kansas City, who has been here visiting friends, went to Gamett this afternoon. —Majestic tonight. Three feature reels of Y-6 Ranch ^In Wyoming. Any seat 5c. The Lawrence P. Xorthrup of this son. Louis at the house.' Gaiftte ?ay<< that D. ^Ity Is visiting his 'hi I>'It^ ThPta Mr. and Mrs. Chilis. Troutwine. of Carlyle are the pare|its of a hsiby IKJJ-, bom this morning. Mr. Gray, of UnmbohlL was a busi- nesis visitor »ipre this afternoon. —KlUott has another car pf Pota- tws In the Katv yards and will "sell out of the car at fi.".c ner bushel. Bring your sacks. The playthings which have been iic- citmulallng at the Wa.ohington fchoo' grounds are surprising in ' number PiactlcTlly everything that makes a play ground worth while is there. - POTATOES: Bring your sack* to je Katy yan .'s and ?et fine noithern IvTatoes at t;.--c p<^r bushel I.a.«t car his season Mr anil Mrs .\ J Servey who have l>e-'n spending the summer in the west and at iKtlnis along the PaciHc coast retunie<l home this afternoon. Mr and Mrs John Gulbi^rt. of Prince ton have purcha .sed the Hr. Bushfield property at .s:^! East B'roadway. and will make that! their home in the near future. ' Mrs. .Tohn H.nrt of Wichita, who has be.'n here visiting friends went to Cherryvale this noon. Sunday wa,« the .1."ith birtlida^ of .Airre<i Gwynne Vanderbllr and~un- dT the terms of his fathers will he then came Intoi possession, of $25.00t>.- Mi» additional inheritance He was ::h»n H similar sum wb^n 13 years old. but foxy father tied the other half up 'n provide for the gilded youth in lase he was hard up at :?."». As this nllowetl him lo cquander Jl.OW.ortO. the youth coul .d not oblwt. hu» ;'S : Mia»'-»r of fact he has all of the orlgi- iiel and IS on" of the country's richest men today.^ Tojieka Capital: On account of the arge number of protest.o. U Nathanson, proprietor fff the Cozy theater, (iailed off the exhlblUon of the Johnton Elynn fight films, which were to lave been shown last night and to- liight. The objections came from different i>arts of the city, and were liiade principally by women on ac- 'ount of Johnson's conmx-tlons with Mis,- l.u.ile Cameron, the nlnctecn- vear-old white girl In Chicago —Mrrf. T. A. Town, 107 6th SI. Water town. S. l>.. writes: "My four children are subject to bard cotdx ,ind I always use Foley's Money and Tar Com- tK)und with splendid results. Some time ago I had a.severe attack of t:< grippe and the doctor prescribed •ey's Honey and Tar Compound and it soon overcame the la grippe. I can ilways d<»i«end upon Foley's Honev ind Tar Compound and am aiiro ol ;oi>d results." For s-ilc at Burrell's Drug Store. SOME MORE WANTS WANTEH—-• OR G ROO.M llOl'SK ou!o\eofflot Phone 1400. WANTED—A THRASHER TO thrash alfalfa A U Townsend, phone d»3-42. The Best Cough Syrup is Easily Made at Home CoMtB Little mad Acts Qalcklr- Xeavr Retandea' If It Falb. This recipe makes .a pint of couch syrup, and saves you about ^iOtl as conj- parcd witli ordinary cough remedies. It stops obstinate ctmglis—even wboopinj; cough—in a hurry, and is splendid- for sore lungs. asthniH, croup, hoarseness and other throat troubles. Mix one pint of grunulatcd sn^pr with % pint of «-arm water, and stir for i minutes. Put 214 ounces of Pinex (Bfty cents' worth I in a pint bottle, and juid the Sugar Srrup. Take a. teaspoonful cverv one, two or three hoars. Tastes eaoL This takes right hold of a cough and g 'rea almost in-stant relief. It Stimn- tes the appetite, and is sli|{fat]y laxative—both excellent feattire^. Pinex; ais perhaps you kpow,- is the most vainable concentrated compound of Korway 4-hite pine extract, rich in .anniacol and the other natonl healing 'ptne elements. JTo other preparat'ioa will do the work of PineX'in this recipe, altboiigh strained honey can be .nsed instead ot the stqpur wrup, if desired. ^jiEhampnds of honsewives in the tJnited ,€faite» and Canada now use this Pinex ind Sngar Svmp recipe. This plan has -•ften'bee& imitated, but the old sneeean- ifiulifomnla has never bred e<}ualed; Its low cost and qniek resuiti have made it immenselT popalar. A giurantv of absolnte satisfaction, or money promptly refnnded. goe* with this recipe. Vonr drn2in«t has Pinex. or will art it for wu. If not^ send to The rtaex Co, Ft. WajTi^ Ind. for new Suits and Overcoats in all the new styles of the season. They are from the finest makers ^n America., They are— ' "HENLEY" Suits and Overcoats CNew York) . "Schloss Bros." Suits and Overcoats (Baltimore) And "Ederheimer-Stein" Suits and Overcoats (Chicago.) They are snappy up-to-date and genteel. They are .so different in style and appearance that wo want you to see them. We have a fine showing of '-SUPERIOR" Union Suits, "Hawes" and "Longley" Hats, "Just Wright- Shoes, "Intenvoven" Sox—and all kinds of fine Furnishings. Barclay-Shields Clo. Co. "The House of Quality* WNEJtl UP TO S31 -4 TODHY SHORTS HOnJHT TO l'Ri;VE>T FIBTHliR LOSSES. lallle Kerelpl* Ijinre and Prire* l»rop - H««< Lo<>e Itt to l4 Cents ANw. iltv tlie .V-asor-intnl rre.'.i\ Chicago. O.t 22—Buying to stop lo .Hses' brought about a sharp advance In wh*at twlsy. The Balkan situation hni! ni.ide offerings scarce ' and the o| ening was a shade to a half cent hf:;!n r December started at !>2^c to 'yi\r at and rose to \VHE.\T—Close: Dec. 92"i: Mar r CORN -Oct CS^ic: Dec r.r.Hr; .May .-•24c. OAT&-D.H- Mav KansiK City Grain. Kansas Cllv. Oct. 22—Cash Wlieat. No 2 hard. S '*ri !»lr; No 3. STTi?"; No 2 rel. $1 i'4 <-3fi l.oiiU: No. :t9<( T .o .-t; Close—Dec. STaST'^: May COR.N—Market, irregtilar. No. 2 lulved. new .-..'iV-. old 62fi«.1c: No .I, new .-.T'i. olii f>l: No. 2 white «2*it;:;; No. R2fit;24 Close—Oct 4S34fi "i: De" 49H: May 49^ 0.\TS—.Market, half cent higher. No 2 white. 34«>3.-.; No 2 mixed 32--', •7f:^3^c Keceipts of wheat, 13S cars. Kan.-as City. Oct. 22—CATTLE. r.> "e:pt.s 21.t)0i» .Market, steddy to weak. .\ptlve stivers |6 .Ki'^lO.T.'V: cows and ':e:fers $3.2 .'>*t 7 ."lO; stockers and feed ers $4.7.".(fT7 .10: bulls $3 T .">f/.". 00; cahes |.''>,rt(ifrS,.".n, llOtJS—Receipts 12.iH)ii Market luc lower. Heavy* . $S ..">0 '!ii's .7.".; packers and butchers $S .3.7 ?iS 60; light $S 1-ifi i'Mrasn Llie-ttncL'. Chicago. Oct. 22 —CATTLE, receipts ••fo., .Market steady to 10c lower. Beeve.- 4.'i <i 10.7.'.; sto«kers and fei-d ers $I20'R7.30; cows and heifers $2 HO '.17 40. . i IIO(;S ~Ri .reipts 1700. Market dull; III to Lie lower Light $S.lOffS.S.'.; mivtMl $s .2r .«f s 9.-,: heavy »8.20ff8.!>r.: pigs II 7.'.ff?7.4n. * KaoMis City Pmdnre. Kansas Cltv. Oct 22.—BPTTER - I'reatnery 2"*c: flrst.s 26c; seconds 24; i'arking stock 23Vic. l .rGGS- E.\tras 26c; firsts 24c; onds ISc. HAY—.Market steadv. CltoVe ijm- othy St2:.ofi I.':M»: choii-e prairie $12.- 7'':t i:v2:. HHOO.M COR.N—$.-."• to $|i)« per ton. Lead and. Speller. St. I.ouls. Orr 22—l>>ad. market i !iill at $triii; spelter, market dull .it t :;-.V5i7 40 l.wnl Market!*. Product i|Uotat !ons furnished daily by Coghill Commission Comifany; BPTTER—21c per pound. EGGS—22c |i «T dozen. POCLTKY-Hena. lo'jc: cocks. 4- ; -priags I''-..'.: ducks, li'-c; gee-e, Sc; turkevs. 10c: guineas. 2"c each (tOfJ.SK HIDES—»2 .<M> to $27"'.. BEEF HIDES—li>c. REPUBLICAN SPEECH Ex-Senator Gi H. Lamb «»F V VTi;S ( i:>TF.R, will a r;.)'iMi. .in l;!lk on i>olilical issiio ;if the t; .\. R. Hall toriiitiit in 1 1 'iin.''Jon with th-' meeting of the Rcpul'lican Club. A_ cordial invitation is exteniled to (he publi< to attend and hear him. and :ill niiiy f-el a-ssured of hearing a clean cut. forceful.'logical address, fi.." froiM aJiiise. but pc.sitive in its Republicanism The Republican Glub' gUY the Stove which eliminates the question mark-jits the GARLAND and it ALWAYS makes good. See the line today Strange Powers Possessed by This Remarkable Vogi Philosopher The following quotations are furnished by ibe F. Cofield Wool Commission company, fttd to 630 Live Stock Exchange. K.insas City. .Mo. Kansas Cfty Hide and Wool Prlce ^i. Green salted native. .No. I. U'-c lb Green salted native. No. 2, 13^ic lb. Si.le brandei!. over 40 lbs. flat. I2fec. '•till native. N) 1. lie lb. Part cured hides \^c. less titan cured, nncured Ic less than cured. Glue hides flat, Sc lb. Cnlf skin, deacon, 9Cc to $1 .40 each. Green horaebfdes large. $.1.7.=> each. Green horsehides. medium $3..i0. Green horsehidea. small l |2.2.-. Pry horsobides, 75c to Ill25 each. Pony and colt green salted hides 75c to 11.50 each. Dry HMM Flat Dry flint 23c per pound. Dry flint fallen 23c lb; Dry Salt, 1? cents per pound. Country Junk. $14.,>«> to $1-S.OO ton. WobI—Kansas. Nebraska. Oklaboma. Bright medium. 22 to 24s per lb. nark medium. 19 to 2lc per lb. L'-zht fine. 17 to 19c per lb. n'n«l: fatorado, yrn Vexiea k Texas Light medium. 30 to 33c;per lb. Ugbt medium. 20 to 23c per lb. I iizht fine. 17 to 19; per lb lleivy fine. 14 to 17c per. lb. .xagora mohair, 13 mo.. 2". to 2<5c lb. Wool markH Tery quiet Mm*". I^uiise fVrln. the noted psy- •hologisr. i<j)o Is vl.-titing loia for the fit St lime is proving a genuine .sensation slie is one of the faiored por- son.s I I w;,o:n by the gift of n.i:iire has been ^ranted T.*ie dominnnce of ti<.c £;;ul-mind Throug'a her wonderful ability t- i !:aw aside the curtain w'.icii hirte- t':;e vi?ra of the future from our view. .IS well as her ability to rea»I what hns i'• n written in tlie archives of the l^ct, she can r'-ad yrmr life as inc ;i2gej of ail open book. The tarulry that the .Madam 1!:.=plays in ac-oaipUshing tbrou?li her pwn meUiods t'nai which seems im- ro'sible to o:hei^. has beeii the talk if lola for the past few days, and many who have heretofore been skeptical hare gone to Mme. Perin to test her merit and all seem convinced that sine Is all.that she claims to be. For Instance, she unhesitatingly and accurately tells each caller tite past, presen- ?nd future, and In such a con- >-iE;in? way as to leave no rcom for dr:tbt. No other psychic who hais Aisr ited this section can lay claim to as many successful readings and there are many of «?nr best citizens who can vouch for snzYi claims. Those wao have heretofore maintained, that these is nothing in palmistry are ready rto acknowledge their mistake and iMMr pi!t the same confidence in what she 'ells them in regard to the fntnre that they have been compelled to show for her readings in what bag passed. Do vou wi-h to learn the truth, con- cernin,? your busin »?ss, domestic or affairs .\re you undecided, in i! It .:. unhappy or in trouble? Is there any matter of numao interest that perplexes you? Call on her and she will T'^Il you j:!St exactly that which yi.n wis a ;o know of and advise yon to the nltimate otttcome of your pres-* eat difficulties; so far as it Is in her power tn do she will assift yjji. , Her i knowleii^e <^f life is' broad, deep anfti 1 iir-ifeund and combined with her mar• veloiis psychic powers and her super; ior knowledge of t'oe occult forces, en- ableii her to not only read yoiir life, paaf, present and future.,bot to also advi .-e ?t:d assiet yoa. Throngh her marvelus power and : advice the Eet >arared are brought t«>- geTh.;r. foes are made friends, lost pjoperty is recovered, fae mist is brushed away, f rom ibnsiness ventures, the earth 's surface is explored, h^' treajnreg are had b^r^ to her mysterious percepttive mind; land while she gives dates, facts and figures her visitors sit dnmbfcunded at the revelations ?he makes to them. Vou are advised to call on this re-', maritabie woman, who ia at present located at 212 West Madison areooe. S'ce Is giting her full life readings for a few days only for the nominal snin iof "0 cents . She is taking tills lorn prce aeth(>d of introdocing hersdf and work to the people of this Vidii- ity. Ofrice hoars from 9:30 a. m, oatn- p. m teD yoar Wants to 20,000 People throagh the

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