Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on October 4, 1889 · Page 2
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 2

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, October 4, 1889
Page 2
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rey &'<!••><»•..., Sltt«t. A', Ol'TOBFU 4. W). Kr. Cha rli>s Dudley Warner want,} to jmrnv in IT'irpfT's Mac^ino whether Troronn i'i rr.'illr a l>eing oC mystery. If she i.i, it is time this mysf-rTy was Qen. IT.Tivler says ho would rnther be a TJnitod 8tatfs senntor th.iri vice president. No wonder. Compared to the awful pocinl rrvnk of a senator in Washington the dignity of a vice president la nowhere. Undoubtedly Texas is a great state. She can produce annually cotton enough to supply the world, she, raises one-sixth of all the c.'sttle produced west of the Mississippi river, and she ia also said to iraJBO . Cixnn considerably. Besides all these she will not permit a silk hat to be worn within her borders. Within the past quarter century the Protestant Episcopal church has grown to America as nt no previous period in ita history. It is mentioned as a curious fact that as the taste of the American people for artistic decoration and aesthetic ceremonials has been awakened and in- ionKiScd the Episcopal church has increased proportionally. THE OVERLAWD MONTHLY for October, Is an unusually interesting number. The opening article, an account of the attack on the white settlements at the Cascades in Oregon, by the Y a- kima Indians, in 1853, is based upon the reports of survivors of the fight. The other illustrated article, ia an account of the recent development of electrical science; Mr. Brocfe shows that the near approach of the time when the coal supply of the world shall be evhausted, renders the search for a anbatitute imperative,"" Ho then des this direction, and its possiblo extension in the f nture The death of ex- Judge Terry, renders Col. E. G. Waite's estimate of his life and character peculiarly timely. Some new light'is thrown Upon certain features of Terry's public career, and the estimate of bis inlluence in this SUte will be read with interest The poetry, editorials, and book reviews of this number, maintain the standard of the Overland. —The Frankie Jones Co. presented "Disowned" at the Academy of«Music last night in a first class manner, to a fair sized audience. The scenery and costumes were elegant and the actors were, without exception, fully equal to all demands of the play. Master Frankie Jones, aa the boy hero, pleased all by his graceful manners and clear enunciation.- Mr.-Ed.-Gardner,'- as the - old tanner, was about perfect; aa was Mr. Walter Lawrence in his performance of a cold blooded villian. Mr. Lawrence was with Qeo. C. Miln in "Haunted." The other members were all entirely satisfactory, but the great bit of the evening was made by the "Baby"— a sweet little child of two and a^ half years, who not only knew his lines but •poke them lii the proper way at tha right place. The five minutes taken up by little Willie and Master Jones were alone worth tha price of admission. A large number of ladies stayed to kiss the "baby" after the show, and voted Mm "too sweet for anything." Tonight the company will present "The Sea Waif," in which the great tank containing several thousand gallons of water is used, with boats, real rain.and handsome scenery;— As the play last night gave such universal satisfaction we predict an increased attendance this evening. "Disowned" will be repeated at the matinee tomorrow afternoon. • ' Idst of Patents. Granted to citizens of Illinois for the week ending Oct. 1st reported through the law office of O. E. Duffy 607 7th street, Washington, D. C.: C G Armstrong, Englewood, hotel electrical annunciator circuit. C Ilosshara, Trenton, car door. G B Dean, Lamoilie, wheel. T S K Dixon, Hjde Park, air brake. H F Ferris, Harvard, spring hinge. C M Gay, Onk Park, pen bolder guid ing instrument. G W Gerklng and E S Lewis, ingra- han, car coupling. E Vt Heylman, Havanna, seed planter. . A Lindgren, Moline, cultivator (a 'patent3. J Macphail, Ilockford, ferrule. N Newman. Springfield, lock fof rail way switches. B A Eoath, Maraailles, cloth measuring machine". KKugseland H T Parsons, Braidwood, automatic dumping cage. I B Sager, East St. Louis, recording device for weighing scales. J Shank, Clayton, cultivator. G B and J T Snow, Sugar Grove, earn iiarveater. H A Webber, K.>cktoa, closure for churns, E. W, Blossom has taken the agency oi the "I. C." brand Spectacles and fijre glaaaes. These spectacles are different fsotn ordinary glasaes, in that t!» Jeus«a are ground from a Frw.h T-hitttl Crystal that shuts out the chemical and heat ray* of light, waking u-em very soothing to tha eyes. Bs sure aint try then., s»a tisat Uui trade taaik "i 5* ' » on efery '.tun ' 7 i T i \ r v I <T IN IT '» r 1 ) in the history of Sfterlini; nnd Rock Falls. There hna bean more progression, more modern improvements, more work, morn prosperity. The people have wakened up to the fact that Sterling and Hock Falls can be made one of the best cities in the state and have started out to make it so. ' Permanent improvements necessary an a basis for every largo city, have been inaugurated A complete sys- em of sewerage has been begun; much work has been done in making permanent streets, and steps are being taken toward a complete system of permanent sidewalks. Sterling already has good soil aud healthful loca- iton, good schools, good local government, good churches and places of amusement, Qne waterworks and other conveniences for homes. During this year an electric light plant is being put in which will light up every part of the city; a very modern electric street railway (seven miles) is being built, with branches runnii g to every part of town. With all the advantages Sterling already has as a place of residence for progressive people, the improvements under way this year, will make this city one of the most desirable places of residence in the west. Sterling is getting all the conveniences of a large city; what she needs now is the rapid growth. New factor- 'BS will make the growth. This city and Kock Falls oiler exceptional advantages to manufacturers as regard to sites,' shipping facilities (over the two chief railroads of the country, the Chicago & Northwestern and the Chi- cage. Burlington & Quincy) and a place of residence and also on account of freedom from strikes, which are so numerous in large" cities. With our water power improved, Sterling will soon become the chief manufacturing city of the State, outside of Chicago. If our own citizens will show as much interest in Sterling as outside corporations have, our growth will-be very rapid. The Northwestern rail- ger depot hero, and spent ftbont one hundred thousand Collars- in making its yard at Sterling the finest on the road. Howland & Ellis, of Boston, are spending about fifty thousand dollars In building here the finest electric railway in the west. If our citizens make a united effort to get factories here, no doubt the railroads and the street railway .company-will assist all in their power. While we are seeking new manufactories, we must not overlook the industries we haye now, which are nearly fifty in number. Nearly all the factories have had to increase their number of workmen during the past year and ttie majority of them will have to enlarge their quarters during the next year. This will give employment to many _rnore__men,__and -increase ...the growth of the city very materially. To show that the people ofSterlingand Hock Falls have not been idle during the past year, we give below a list of the improvements that have been wrought, or are in process of construction: IN STERLING. C. & N; W. It. K. Co, depot buildings, rebuilding yard and double track in ci cy limits ...$ 100,000 U uion Street Ity. Co. 7 miles electric street railway. 00,000 Sterling Gas and Electric Light Co., electric light plant 35,000 Sterling City Ball -25,00') Street macadamizing :— 10,000 Sewers 8,000 Wallace School building and furnishing 7,500 Asphalt sidewalks on 1st avenue 3,000 Store building, Harvey French. 5,000 Store building, C. Cruse -i.. 5,000 Itock Falls Mfg. Co. enlargement 2,600 111. Pipe and Tile Co., fitting up buildings > 4,000 . C. Grossman, rebuilding store 1,000 Rebuilding telephone system.... 2,000 A. Daveler, hearse factory rebuilding ; 2,000 S. C. Grubb, feed sheds. 1,000 Levi K. Butt, brick residence... 3,000 K. L. Kimbro, brick residence.. 8,000 J.J. Miller, 2 brick dwellings..'. 3,000 N. Carpenter, frame residence.. 4,000 Mrs. J. B. Ward, frame residence 82,000 Frank Baer, frame buildings 2^500 Martin Karl, frame house.... 1,000 John B,. Johnson, frame house... 1,000 Mr. Sheridan, frame house 1,000 John Ahrens, frame house...'.... ijooo S Besse, frame house 1,200 J ohn Lutz, house i ( ooo Mike Rutt, frame house 1,000 Fred Johnson, frame house 1 500 David Anderson, remodling house 500 11. M Shultz, remodling house... 500 Neil Gallagher, frame house 1,000 John Benson, frame house 1000 F. F. Reiger & Co.. poultry packing house 1,500 A. McBride, frame house 1,000 M C. Grove, frame house 1,000 Mrs. L. A. Colon, remodling house 1.000 E. Daveller, remodeling house... 1,000 .ROCK FALLS. $305,700 The Eureka Co., new brick ware, 810,000 Sterling Mf g. Co., new buildings 2 000 M . E. church, remodeled ......... 5 ooo City building, veneering , etc ..... 500 Henry Graves, residence ........ 1,000 A. J. Burdick, residence. ... ..... 2 500 Benj Teats, residence .......... ; 1,000 George Graves, residence ....... 1,000 John Hemblock, residence ...... 1 000 Macadam izing streets ........... 2,000 Ed. Mulcahy, house .............. 1,000 HossSnjitu, house. ....... ........ 1,000 Nash Kubright, house ............ i'ooo W. A. Smith, house .............. i jxx) John Ifprl. house ..... . ...... ..... 1,000 Thos.-Wo&inson, Jr., bouse ....... 1,000 iienchel Scott, house- .... ...... . 1,000 , $32,000 Besides the above there hare been hundred* of Uou»s>» that nave had ad- dit> ma b'UIt U ihoin, t>r *nr* repaired i &.i*-t'tfd Ni> uiaiter whit ,<* ,4j j ! " . ! i 1 r ' ' i ' n, ,\ "' 1 J r r \ 111 f-rr i' ^ ,,, ,r. t' 111 !) llf i mulion di'lTi w oi'h, if c ir°fi.lly < i 11 mated. Thrro is much work yet to be done this fall, and l!;;-ro -;:'•]] -tv. ~" .••,.•;-;••,.:.,- r, -:? to b 1 ! iij!" vi>'.» f.!"! 'Jrr': of Ja-.uary. In October, 1S-S, the ont- .ook for the future year vnis not very Bright, but it is turning out to be the aost year in Sterling's history. There 13 n much brighter outlook for THE YEAH ISl'O. For next year it la ex; ected that itbout fifty thousand dollars worth of sewerage will be put in; that a Sr.0,000 Rovcrnment building will be built here, (the final passage of the bill by the House of Representatives being all that is required to insure it); that the Keystone Mfg. Co., Sterling Mf'g Co. and the Eurek'i Co., will greatly enlarge their present plants and employ a hun- Ired or so more men; that a new factory building will be^irected in Sterling; that a -?5,000 solder's monument will bo erected; that the canning factory will be doubled in size; that a half dozen frame rookeries will be replaced by handsome brick stores; that the First warders will erect a $15,000 school house; that a new boarding house will be erected, plans for which are already drawn; tliat a hundred or more tasty residences will be put up; that several more streets will be macadamized; that ten miles of permanent sidewalks will be built; Luat a big fair will be held; that 2,000 more population will be gained; and that Sterling will be made the county seat. "Where there's a will, there's a way;" these things can be done if the people will it so. In view of all these things, let our citizens work unitedly, unceasingly and and untireing'y to place Sterling in the front rank of the manufacturing cities of Illinois and the west. The city has made a magnificent start forward, now let every effort de made to keep the tiwn booming. - 7 KOCH. ' +One of Jewett Buell's little girls is sick with scarlet fever. :tMre,_Jns,_Merr!tt l !£who_ha3_been sick for some time, is improving. -t-Mr,.Ben Teach is building: on his l"t in LukeuB : Huuili<;u. "~~::: ~ +Mr. Henry BuruuBi, of Motitmo ri-ncy, is building a new barn. -)-Mr. Gilrqy, of Propnetstown, has moved his family here. -i-The Keystone Mfg, Co. are replacing one of their wooden bridges across the race with an iron one. -i-Mr. and Mrs. Rodgers, of Sand- witch, are the guests of Geo. W. i'ack- er. -4-All the rails for the~ street car track are distributed on the Rock Falls branch. -i-The Eureka Company have a~gang of men at work clearing off the ground preparatory to putting up their new building. _jtii_9ave_ all proper items for the EVE- NINO GAZETTE with Lyle Atkins, news dealer and confectioner, in the post olllee building. tf -i-Morrison Sentinel: While Horace Kelly, of Morrison, was visiting with liia brother in Rock Fulls on Monday of last week, he got into trouble with a young man at that place or Sterling, and in the racket which followed, Kelly was struck on the back of the head with a car coupling pin, and so severely injured that his life is despaired of. Kelly has a wife and'one child. It is suid that he is improving. -(-The following persons have built new houses here this year: Ed. Mulcahy, Henry Graves, George Grav*s, Ross Smish, John Hamblock, Wash. Rubright, W. A. Smith, John Harl, Andrew Burdick, Thos. Robinson, Jr., Hershal Scott, and J. V. McCarty, jin office. Buildings, as follows, haveJbeeQ remodeled: City Hall, M. E. church, A. J. Liudsley's house, E: G. Stevenson's house, and Robt. Manship's house' Those being built at present: Mrs. Kate Eberle, Ben. Leach and the Eure ka Co's warehouse. F. F. Sheldon is having several hundred dollars worth of repairs made on his residence. All -New tiooda. Now we need winter underclothing and the only place to buy it, in all grades and styles, is at CHAS. A. CLARK'S. MILWAUKEE BEER, "Select" "Export" "Bohemian" and "Lager Seer." '(Also the ~ "Best" Tonic extract of malt and hops) WAUKEGAN ALE AND PORTER, in kegs and cases. Opposite C. B. & q. Depot, lx>co»t' Street, A CHANGE. TO H!' .5,'. i. ',t O. A. Oliver. BOOKS, STATIONS EY Wall CV. V JJO\\ Cltt -FAMOUS- Ij- "„ rantic Jones" I PRIESTLEY & Co's SILK WARP HE |f ["Varnished Board," Every 5 yards marked 13. Priestley & Co. We place on safe This line of goods, all warranted to be Silk Warp Henrietta: 4:2 inches wide at $1.25 per yard ; 40 inches wide at f>1.15; 38 inches wide at 95c. Colored Henrietta, silk warp, 40 inches wide, 75c. Black and Colored, all wool Henrietta, 40 inches wide, nt 48c. 40 inch, Silk Finish, Mohair at 40c per yard. 38 inch Brilliantiues Alapaca, 42c. 54 inch, all wool, Dress Flannels, latest shades. 49c per yard. 40 inch Tricots at 37o per yard. 40 inch, all wool, Ladies' Cloth at 25c. • Silks! Silks! Silks! Colored, all silk, Qros Grains at 75c per yard. The best wearing Black Gros Grain Silk, 20 inches wide, 90c per yard. Colored Rhadames at 83c per yard. _ . — AlUSilkJuirahs at 59c per yard. I Missus at In Prices, as NEW YORK STORE, 2nd. T>oor Sovith of I»ost Oillce. "Am After Your Trade! AND IF LOW PRICES AND GOOD GOODS mean anything, I am sure of It. I AM MKL.LIIVU MOItK UOOUH FOH THE »AMK AMOUNT OF MON- KY THA!V ANY HOIJ8K A look through my stock will convince you of of this tact. I amjiotlglrlnz away goods, but do know that " My Prices are Lower than others that Advertise Low Prices. Pure Sugars and Syrups at rock bottom prices. Clioice Coffees, Teas, and. Unadulterated. Spice.*-. Plug Tobacco 30 to 50c per Ib. Fine Ont and Smoking at lower prices than yon have ever bought at before. Fine Cut Chewing at 35 to 50c per pound. The Old Time Fine Cut at 50c, that others are selling at 65 to -75 cts.~ forno" better. I"have" the exclusive sale of this tobacco in Sterling. The Best Combination Coffees at 30 and 35 cts. per Ib. Cheaper grades in stock. Make no mistakes In buying FLOUR! I am si'lll'iH the boat tbat U sold in Sterling at Sl.iiO 1311.10. A uooci second grade Flour at ti.oo per satS. Winter Wheat Patent at (MS per sack. Dou't pay J1.60 to tl.tWfor 90 called Fancy 1'at- cut when you ran gat the name »t $l.ijt> Good Japan Tea at 30c per pound, A Four Wheel Express Wagon jjivfln away wits isne iwiuvl Hiking I'uWil^r. A Chhi.i IV* ('up ;u>4 Mducor wlla oue fHfUISd i>( CliOit'li i'f^ If you, u.'i.ih to Sm'ti Monty on itl' yuu, buy, t'ull tjti it, i.,,, i£i»t:»if o. Well done with good materials for Harper's, Century and all other magazines and periodicals. Fine binding for works Issued in parts. All kinds of blank books made to order and satisfaction guaranteed. Fine lea'her work a specialty. WM. BOEHNEU, GAZETTE Office JANTELS TILE FLOORS AND FIRE PLACE GOODS AT MOWKIIATK PIUCES. W" miry the largo! and """" COMPLKTIi stock 11 nd I " ol ''' 1>r ISS''"'l nrtUtlc nml KKS't <lc- In thl» We shall he plensed to correspond with Intend' IDK purchaser* or Invite jnupectlon of our complete Block. Wo aru manufacturers C.J.L.ieyefgSonsCo. 307-309 WABASH AVE.. CHICAGO, ILL. Finest Uniform 1 , d Band —IN— 25 25 25 TWENTY-FIVE DISTINGUISHED ARTISTS. 25 25 25 I Carl, the Outcast; I Disowned and A VAST ORGANIZATION. r.pyonil (|in>stlon Ori'.it^r, Hotter mid Hupi-rlor to all Minstrels of HID Past :inii 1'ics nt, making It an Moal.iml Itval Moti- llratlon ot all ftlonarcliH of (lit* Minstrel World. The Sea Waif. Absolutely an entire change oj since our last visit. Wntrhforonr <Jrand Jvclcry-llnl- iornu'd Hand. i Special Scenery! * Elegant Costumes. STREET PARADE AT NOON. ADMISSION, 25, 35 and 50 cents. Reserved Seats, 50 cents. Low Prices, 15,25,35c. I'I'.H UN 15. ARE YOn READING THE Small Ads Valuable Information th UiinrdtnK ISonftc Keepers, Do you want boarders V If you do you can easily secure xhem by putting a "want" in the EVENING OAZETTK. It will r.ost you but 10 cents for 3 lines. WALL PAPER BARGAINS. Remnants as Low as 3 cts. a roll. White Blanks as low as 5 cts. Nice Gilt Papers at iOcts. Ingrains 10 to 20 cts. Very handsome Gilt Papers 15 to 25 tcs. Borders equally cheap. Thes&--price.s..pniyJp^maJce_room.tor..njB.w goods, AT STRICKLER'S. isrzo-2a:xs, Engagement of the favorite little artist MASTER FRANKIE JONES, supported by an excellent company in . ' .\3--GKE A-T.--DR AM A3--3 Thursday Night, Disowned, Friday Mght, The Sea Waif. . Saturday Night, Carl, the Outcast. GRAND LADIES'AND CHILDREN'S MATINEE SATURDAY AT 2s30, T :-:-:-Aloll Car Load of See The Great Fire Scene in disowned. See The rescue from the surging sea in The Sea Waif. See. The Leap for Life in Carl; The Outcast. QQQ The^Qreat Vault Explosion in Disowned. CJ-..- The Great Railroad Scene k5UC in Carl; The Outcast. The Magnilicent Ship Scene Wait 1 .- Qy-i/S TheMagnil 066 inThe8ea SEE3 THE GREAT TANK DRAMA. The Sea Waif—A mammoth tank containing 40,000 gallons of water used la the production o . Ibis beautiful drama. i'rices reduced to 25 and 35 cents. Reserved seats now on s>.le. Men's Scarlet and White Kibbed Vests and Drawers 60c each, sold everywhere at 75c. Men's Heavy Tuxedo Ribbed $1.25, cheap at $1.50. Ladies'Long Sleeve Jerseys, Ribbed 35c, worth 50c. Children's Scarlet 25c, worth 40c. . Ladies' Regular made Brown Fleeced Hose, 25c . Ladies' White Fleeced Merino Vests and Pants 40c, cheap at 50c. ' 20 inch Rhadame Silk 75c, worth SI.00. ! 54 inch Tricots 50c, worth 75c. English Cashmeres, $ wool, lOc. • - . ; Ladies' Directorie Jackets, $5.50. Ladies'Seal Plush Jackets, $13.00. Ladies'Sealetto Cloaks, $22.00. Ladies'ltO inch Seal Plush Sacques;"$19.00. ---.-— — .-.._...•.. Ladies' Reversible Beaver Shasvls, $2.50. . . Childrens Cloaks, with Cape, $1.25. ; We carry the Largest Stock of Dress Goods, Cloaks, Underwear, Shawls, <§-<;.•; in Sterling. 35 years experience makes the TRICES RIGHT. • Crayoo Portraits with every purchase of $15,00 * Bl'.TTKIUCK'S

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