The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on April 26, 1892 · Page 8
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 8

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 26, 1892
Page 8
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8. HUTCHINSON DAILY NEWS, TUESDAY, APRIL 26, 1892. C"C "'XI fit , 1 ^\ |T THE MARKETS. !fl ON KV ANI> STOCKS. N KW Y ORK , April 20.— [Stock letter furnished by the Kansas drain and Live Stoelt company.)—A German bunker, who is an intimate friend of Mr. Ulee, a big owner of Reading railroad securities, said last night that the March statement of this company would be published to-day, and would be found a very favorable business showing. The April statement, when that comeK out will show still a greater increase in earnings and Insiders know this fact and have been buying the stock and bondsaupon it. President Cable of the Rock Island road arrived at the Windsor yesterday and his intimate friends in Wall street picked up more of the Rock Island stock, which was thrown upon the market yestcrdy. lieforc the year is out the old holders of the Rock Island expect to see full dividends of fi per cent, made up. It is not impossible. Hughitt of the Northwestern road will be the new president to succeed Dillon in the Union Pacific, and Spencer of Drcxell Morgan, may also go into the directory. Cammack's friends say that he is not bearing stock much on gold shipments and he is not trading very heavily anyhow. Atchison, TopcXa and Santa Pe. :!."». Missouri Maclllc. M>'«. Kock Island. N4M. St. Paul. 77-Sj. Union Pacific, 4r>!„- Western Union. Silver. S7'». ritomioK. loscd ir,r. lower: ewes solil at S4.00<(j;4.r,0: clipped sheep 5.2n<&r).?f]; wethers and yearlings So.7oiari.H0-, westerns lambs 8 (I.OO ©7.00; clipped Texans Vft.ob; In fleece Stt KnnHHH City. KANSAS CITY, April !!tl. CATTLE—Receipts 4..",00; shipments iiUO; strong at veHterdav 's dose; steers 92.40<gb 4..')">: co\vH"$'.\:iOc '.:i."-iri; stockers and feeders S3.40@3,10. HOQS-Kccclpts 11.000; shipments I.R00; strong to 5c higher: all grades i:i.7n(2H.4r>: hulk ^4.:ioa4 .Tir,. SHEEP—Receipts 2,500; shipments none; strong, HUTCHINSON MAKKBT. Produce, l'-LOUll—Highest patent, $2.40: second patent. 12.20: extra line »2.00. HUTTEK—ln demand. Creamery, 2i>c: finest dairy, 20c; llnedalrir. 15c; common, 10c. BCHJS—In demand, Oc. f'OTATOER-Choicc, 50®«5c. APPMSS—9l,00@1.2f> per bushel. ONIONS—In fair dcmancl. lSed. 75c per bushel; Home grown, Spanish, J1.2I> per bushel. CAUBAGE—Pair, lc per pound. TURNIPS—In demand. 311c per bushel BEETS—Steady. 30c. per bushel. SWEET POTATOES — Plenty. 81.00 per bushel. HAY—Haled. »5.00P,.">.."i0: loose, *:u>0@4.00 per ton. , <:rul". WHEAT—No. 2 soft 75c; soft (17c; hard tl-c. CORN—2Hc. IlYE—No. Millie: No. :l iKk OAT8-24.C. hard t !5c; No. .'I Live Slock. CATTLE—Steady; stockers s :;.S5 ®:i .80j feeders S'J.2ii(ft,:i.2r,: fat cows anil heifers ln demand S '-'.OOa -.UO: fat steers $:i.00@ ;i.50. HOUS—Steady; wagons, tops. S;il75; JU.HOSM.OO. SHEEP—In demand; S .'l.75@4.00. Poultry anil Wild Game. Chicago. ClIIC 'Aoo, April 20.—[Special advices received by the Kansas (Jraiu and Live Stock company] — W HKAT — Several bullish factors have forced their attention on traders to-day and the market lias pe.rceptably hardened under their Influences. If account is taken of the decrease in the official visible, country elevator stocks in the north west, the amount on ocean passage and the English visible, the aggregate deduction is something over six million bushels. This news falling on a market unnaturally depressed by short selling and reinforced by the. renewed floods in the northwest, stronger cables and con tinued liberal engagements for export has given us a stronger market with indications of a further improvement. Unquestionably there is a very large shortage in ilnly. Doubtless single trader is short more than the entire stock of contracted wheat in store in Chicago. The season is backward and if it continues a little longer the filling of July contracts from the next crop will be out of the question. Navigation is open at I.)u- luth audit is expected that stocks there •will rapidly diminish as they have here. The country elevator stock at the rate of depletion during April will be. exhausted by the middle of May and farmers will be too busy with their spring work to market before .lune the surplus now in their hands. A shipping house sold to-day 50,0011 bushels at 1 cent higher than they could get yesteiday for the same wheat. It goes to Liverpool direct. (JOHN AND OATS —The old clique in May have been selling quite liberally anil their sales have been absorbed largely by the party that ran the November deal. Whether there is an understanding between the. parties or not is undetermined, but it is certain several prominent houses which have been bearish on corn until to-day are advising their , customers to buy on all little breaks, as it looks as if tlie price was to be put higher. Oats steady, with rather alight trade. PJIOVISICINS —Inactive. Ryan tried to advance prices but the offerings were too free and he gave it up. The following is the range of prices for active futures: CHlClvENS-Chlckens S:!.00@:i.50 per doz chickens o'.Jc per pound: hens He per pound roosters 4c per pound; turkeys 7c per pound. GAME—Wild ducks In <lemandS1.00(&2.00 per doz: pigeons in demand JfU.OO per do/., geese SI .00(5,1.50 per doz. POWDER Absolutely Pure* A cream of tartar baking powder highest of all in leavening strength.— Latest U. S. Government Food Report. Open'd Ulgh't. Low'Ht Clos'g. WIIKAT. May OOBN. July Kl!4 SI", HIS MX HUH Rl'i HI* !Wi »1!» :it>!4 IIUK 41* 28 'Mil May OATS. July May March 41?» 27 S 2BJJ 2HSi 0 42W II 05 0 n\i 0 27 K 5 57'.( 5 7 »K 41K 28 28« 41 27'i 2H« »1!» :it>!4 IIUK 41* 28 'Mil roan. May July I.AHU. U«: July \ mas. May...July 41?» 27 S 2BJJ 2HSi 0 42W II 05 0 n\i 0 27 K 5 57'.( 5 7 »K II 55 II 7S« 11 17K ii :io r, OBK 5 75 II 4H« 11(153 0 17« (I 37 W 5 67 « 5 72H •II 55 1) 73(4 U 17 K (1 30 (1 IV.'M 5-75 GOSSIP. Wheat receipts in the northwest llulutli, 222 cars; Minneapolis, 190 cars. Chicago reports grain out of store Wheat, 02.000; corn. 184,000; oats, 040, 00«: rye, 23,000. Heavy rains in Dakota and Nebraska: showers in Iowa, Illinois, Wisconsin Minnesota and Kansas: temperature rising. Inspections at Chicago: Winter wheat, 8 out of 21; spring wheat, 8' out of 130; corn, 25 out of 310; oats, 13(1 out of 308. New corn. 315; No. 2 115 No. 3. 102. Sawyer Sketches. SAWVKII , l'ratt County, Kan.. April 20. —[Special.]—The old, old story good rain, great crop prospects, and happy people. Onr little city is having quite a boom. Doctor R. Y. Wheeler has completed his clvjrant residence, and arrangements are about completed for a first class hotel. Quitca nuiubcrof new buildings have been built during the past year, and more will follow this spring. Sawyer should boom, as more wheat is shipped from this place than from and town in Pratt county, except Pratt Tims far we have shipped about 300 cars of grain, and the end is not yet. Harlow & Finger, lumber dealers of this place have established a branch yard at Coats, this county, and are doing a hue business, which certainly shows thrift among the farmers. About 5,000 more acres of wheat, are sown tributary to this station, than last year, and the percentage is much better than at this time last year. Also a greater acreage of corn planted and oats arc sown, and breaking plows can he seen on all sides. One don't hear much politics talked as crops are looking too well, although once in while Jerry's name is mentioned in connection with nothing. We used to know Jerry down in Uar- ber. He got his oratorical ability in practicing to his old mules while plowing. Rut they were deaf and didn't seem to get offended at him. Since he went away it is said that they are pin' ng away. Rut he will doubtless get to look into their mute countenances again ere long, and hear their plaintive bray instead of airing his cheap money ideas in the great house of representatives. Jerry's a good fellow, we suppose. Rut as the old bachelor said, a hog was good,but he would not like to marry it. The people of the big Seventh not only want goodness but want ability and brains to manage its affairs at Washington, and such will be. chosen in the future. After Horse Thieves. SALT TJAKK , Utah., April 26. —A Tribune special from Hlackfoot, Idaho, says: Information is just received that a party of cattlemen from Wyoiniug, hunting thieves in Johnson Hole, the alleged rendezvous for all horse and cattle thieves for hundreds of miles, came upon the habitation of two par- tics known as Rtiruett and Spencer, and in their efforts to arrest them both Burnett and Spencer were killed. It wns found that they had been in possession of over fifty stolen horses. A Itiirc Treat. Professor Win. Getz's band of thirty- three piece's heard here yesterday with Cook & Whitby's English circus, was without exception the finest we have ever listened to. The rendering of the classical overtures of "William Tell" and "Serairamide" delighted thousands at the afternoon performance and in the evening the magnificent strains of Wagner's tremendous "Tnnnhauser" filled the immense canvas, packed to the ring bank, with enraptured auditors. , Professor Muller, our Albany maestro, states that there is but one other band in America capable of playing this music at all, and that 1B Uil- more's. To musicians we have only to say that this matchless organization is composed of five clarionettes, two flutes, two piccolos, out; sololetto, two saxophones, two French horns, two bassoons, two oboes, live cornets, two altos, two baritones, two tubas, one double 1! bass, snare and bass drum and bell player, and every man an artist. We have not space to mention the performance in detail, but will say it was a century ahead of any other circus that has ever visited Albany and easily made good its claim of being the "formost show of all this world." A visit to it bestows a liberal education on its patrons.—Albany Enquirer. This band can be heard in Hutchinson May 12, the day the show, spreads its canvass here. WHEAT—No. Firm; cash HlH<&81Kc; May SVi&Hl%c; July MW OOHN-Flrm; cash 40®41»c; April 41»c May 28«c: May 911,55; July May 41 S(c: June aUifcuJurr iWic. OATS—Na 2 steady; cash '-'tic July SHijc. luly SHiic. MESS PORK -Cash ( »ll.72H<f&!l.75. LiAUO -Cash IH.20: May SU.20: July JU.30 SHOUT HIHS-Cash $5.U2M; Mav S5.02IJ July J0.75. RYE— No. 2 unlet 72MC BARLEY— No. 2, nominal 5B@00c. FLAX SKEn -No. l, steady; »Hc. PRIME TIMOTHY SEED— Firm SI.05. BUTTER— Jim. KCiGS—Firm. St. I.ouln. 2(1. ST. LOUIS, April WHEAT—Cash easier. HOc; options higher; May 83«c: July 70H@7»Mc; August 7l)c. CORN-Hlgher; cash :i8!4;i8Jjc; May II7X ©Iin .c; July 30?ic. OATS-Cash lower. IIO^c; May lower. 110c July higher, 27«c. PORK-Hetter; lobbing, J10.12K, LAltD-Nomlnally fO .ai). KHIIHUS City* KANSAS CITY, April 20. WllEAT—Entirely nominal. Ing. 28V4; OATS—Dull; April HAY-Unchangcd. FLAX SEKD-Unchanged. HUTTEH-Steadv: 20(&24i: KUOS-Flrtu, UH4c. July 25S4C I.IVK STOCK. St. I.OlllH. ST. LOUIS, April OATTLE-llecelpts 1.500; market steady at a decline. ROUS—Receipts 5.000: market active and slrong; faliito choice heavy $4.4519)4,, US; mixed f4 .00Q4.6U: yorkers$4.454j)4.55. SHEEP-Receipts UOO; market strong. CMvuffO. CIIICAOO, April 20. The livening Journal reports: CA'PHLE-Recclpts U.500; steady, but 25c lower than last week; official receipts yesterday !I2.077: sales- 28,000; the biggest days business ever transacted la these yards. HOUS-Keceipts 17,000; Steady and about every_t|ihlf£_s_oIil out early; rough a Charles Smith In Limbo. OtUeer S. V. Davis left this morning with Charles Smith for Kansas City Kan., where he will be tried upon the charge of embezzlement. This is the case recently mentioned wherein the Smith boys were taken at Kingman upon the charge of stealing a horse and embezzling a large sum of money. at 10:15. Returning you can leave Wichita in the evening or at 4:30 a. m. the following morning. One and one- third faro for the round trip. Rate open to all. 1 -28. Notice. The Ladies Columbian club will meet on Wedncsdtvy at 2:30 o'clock p. m., at the Santa Fe hotel. Rusiness of importance. A large attendance, not only of club members, but all Interested in the good name of Hutchinson, is desired. M RS . L. H OI;K , President. Mns. W. L. Moons, Secretary. Notice. The meeting of the Woodmen of the World has been postponed until Friday night, on account of a number of the members going to Wichita on the excursion. The meeting will be held at the A. O. U. W. hall. Ry order of A. M. J KWKI.I., C. M. L. F. CAIN , C. ——. I ONE NIGHT ONLY, ELOCUTIONIST. At the Episcopal Guild Hall, under the auspices of the Ladies' Guild, TUESDAY NIGHT, • • APRIL 26. The following are a few selections from Miss Shontz' repertoire: "Witch Scene," Macbeth. "Sleep Walking Scene," Macbeth. 'The Foxes Tails." "Rells of Shnndon." "Old Actor's Story." Moan of Are's Farewell." "Lady Clare." "Second Trial." "Herve Riel" The best talent of the city will fur nish vocal and instrumental music during the evening. 1 will sell my stock of Shoes FOIt, 70 CENTS DOLLAR 1 I Mean just what I Advertise. Call at my store and convince yourself, make a grand clearance sale of shoes, as I carry them in stock in future. 'I am going to do not want to We are going to give away ajhandsome dinner set of dishes to someone. Come in and see them. The Golden Eagle Clothing House. • No 4 South Main. A. MINCER, PROP. PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH. APRIL 27. Charming people, these exceptional people! Here's u medicine—Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery, for instance, and it has cured hundreds, thousands that are known, and thousands that arc unknown, and yet yours is an exceptional case! Do you think that that bit of human nature which you call "I" is different from the other parcels of human nature? "Rut you don't know ray case." Good friend, in nine ty-ninc out of hundred cases the cases arc the same—impure blood—and that is why Golden Medical Diseovery' cures ninety-nine out of every hundred. You may be the exception. And you may not. Rut would you rather be the exception or would you rather be well? If you're the exception it costs you nothing, you get your money back- but suppose it cures you? . Let the "Golden Medical Discovery take the risk. Mr: .1. R. Pond has the honor to announce the first and only appearance in this city of the most universally popular American Poet and Lecturer. SURJECT: "The Drama of Human Nature." Interspersed with Reading from his Published and Unpublished Poems. During the evening Prof. Will Davis will render several selection of music on the pipe organ. Price of admission, '5 cents. Lecture room, r.oe. SEATS OK SALE AT AN HONEST MAN'S OPINION. .,„.., , . , „, , MOLINE, Kan,. April s, inn:;. New } ork and London Electric Association. Kansas City, Mo. i,„,.»OHNTt'EMEN: You ask uiy honest opinion of your treatment. ' I answer 1 fully believe It to be all j-ou claim for it. and one of the most marvelous dlscovejles of the age of progress, my afflicted eye, that was to be cut out by Prof. Tiffany or De Lap. has been entirely free from pain since I first used "Actlila" ln your office two months ago, and is beln"- 1 "— 1 * - 1 *- ' • - • - ance. The sight of the other eye 1 for Catarrh and UronotiitiF with most satisfactory results. ig slowly restored to its natural sl/.e and anucar- fs better than for years past. 1 have used "Artier, tip several attacks of the asthma with It. with"ltperfccUy>ciieved"hlH~cy 'eVfrfmpaTn three weeks' exnerlmenting, completely removed from her eye an .ilmonnoai £owlh whlJh an^ccillstof high re'pute {old her must be "move, by the to fe 5t ™ tiiipnse of *"00 Through these wonderful results of "Actlna KC^- «IU said to me: -Their Influence is as marvelous as that of the 'Actlna. lw .lKcupin «"e ''^^JV^^^^^U^Vr^sr said: •• -Actlna' astonishes me. U ^ve ml 'd ^umKds'ofXllars n. have my Catarrh ^^=d Jw suedahst s in Louis and elsewhere, but 'Actlna has done for me In a weeks more than all. Mr Calvcrtiisis'ttisiied with his ••Actlna." and will soon order Uarments. Many others have used ••Actlna" with like satisfactory results. Yo ..„ ,. tc . If desire to' publish this or any part of It you are at l!bcrt> '"^"Q^Q"^^. REFERENCES TAKEN FROM lit. Rev. Louis M. Fink, O. S. 11., Kansas City; Kan. Iiishop tlssher, Reformed Episcopal church. City. Uenjamin F. Holmes, ex-Mayor, Kansas City, Mo. Judge Honry P. White. Criminal Court, Kansas City, Mo. Scott Harrison, P. O., Kansas City. Lon V. Stevens, State Treasurer. Jefferson City, Mo. Rev. M. .1. O. Dwycr, Kansas City. Sisters of St. Joseph, 1)31 Tracy, Kansas City, Mo. Charles Raird, Manager Midland Hotel, City. AMONG TEN'S OF THOUSANDS. Dr. Lewis, City, Physician. Charles Moore, Rullene, Moore, Emery & Co., City. Col. L. E. Irwin, Irwin ,t Eaton Crockery Co., City. I. P. Randall, M. D.. .-,31 Orville street Kansas City,. Kan. J. J. Helm, Helm Rrewing Co.. City. Rov. P. Maurer, Church of the Sacred Heart, Salina, Kan. L. E. Downs, Gage, Downs Co» Chicago. J. Ii. Redfern,.UniyersityClub. Washington, D. C. Dr. L. S. Skinner, 11 Bourbon street, New Orleans, La. I will give $1,000 to any physician who will produce, such references. Listen to your idoctor and die. Wear Magnetic-Conservative Garments and live. A VALUARLE BOOK FREE On application. Contains treatise on the human system, its disease and cure, and thousands of references and testimonials. New York and London Electric km, Manufacturers. DR. F. B. ROBINSON, Manager. BRUNSWICK HOTEL, HUTCHINSON. light I4.fi0lfjl4.05. KecclnM and com a 4.50(8 weights 8,B0O; slow, weak and mon $4.0U5J4')!6; mixed and packers 4.50(8 "•.fin; prime heavy and butchers' ' f4.0t.MM.H8 4 SHEEP Hamethlng [Imisuul. NKW YOHK , April 2«.—Considerable comment has been caused in Catholic circles over the fact that Archbishop Corrigan officiated in person at the recent wedding of Mme. Barrios and Senor de Roda, in the face of the fact that his grace is known to be strongly opposed to Catholic weddings in private houses, and has always impressed upon the priests of his diocese tho fact that members of their congregations should be married in church and that the usual mass should form a pur tof their nuptials. It is now explained that the archbishop received a cablegram from Cardinal Rainpolla. secretary of state of tho holy Bee, stating that Pope Leo XIII, at the request of the consul general staying in Now York, had accorded his blessing to the couple, and by special dispensation had authorized the archbishop to perform the ceremony. To Teueh tkt Stanford University. The United StatOB has just received an important acquisition in the educational hold in tho person of Dr. Edward Flugel, who lias been engaged as professor of English in the now Lelond Stanford, Jr., university, in California. Dr. Flugol is a man of remarkably fine scholarly attainment*. He is well known in Gorrnaiiy us a professor of English philology, and throughout Europe as tlw cultured editor of The Anglia, a periodical devoted to English Btudies. A Slight Krror Crept lu. Colonol Ingeraoll'u recent tour of the west seenia to liavo had the effect of i "mixing up" somo of the nowapaper men badly. For instance, it Kansas City daily, in iU report-of a Methodiist conference, attempted to refer to the Scriptural "mint, anise and cummin," • bat instead got it "miit, arnica and oin- I namon." Happy llooglcrs. Wm. Timmons, postmaster of Ida- vllle, Intl., writes; "Electric Hitters has done more for ine than all other medicines combined, for that bad feeling arising from kidney and liver trouble." John Leslie, farmer and stockman, of same place, says: "Find Electric Bitters to be the best kidney and liver medicine, made me feel like a new man." ,1. W. Gardner, hardware merchant, same town, says: Electric Bitters is just the thing for a man who is all run down and,don't care whether he lives or dies; he found new strength, good appetite und felt just like he hit d a new lease on life. Only .10 cents a bottle, at any drug store. . To Old Soldiers. * I shall open in a few days a real estate, locating engineer's and surveyor's office at the now town which will be located at Red Rock, on the. Santa Fe, thirty-seven miles south of Arkansas City. I have J . O. Stewart and others of the original surveyors of that land in my employ. I will locate claims, re-establish corners, do the necessary improvement and filing for 8!iS apiece. Forward power of attorney, and send me discharge or duplicate, and I will select good claims, and furnish diagrams of lands showing water and other advantages, with HI Ing papers. Send check for 825 with power of attorney to me at AViufield Kan., until tho strip is opened. CArr. J AS . W. H AMILTON. Ou the 28th inst., and following th 1. O. O. F. meeting at Wichita, the Woodmen have a meeting to be, fol lowed by a banquet and ball in the evening. Leaving on the Santa Fe at 8:10 a. m. enables you to reach Wichita HIGH GRADE FURNITURE AT LOW GRADE PRICES. Buy Furniture At Manufacturers' Prices, At Home. Bed Room Suites, Parlor Suites, Folding Beds, Dining Room Tables, Side Boards, Rockers and Chairs, Picture Mouldings. IN LATE STYLES AND LARGE ASSORTMENTS 'The grandest improvements of the age. Don't fail to see them. Gunn Combination Folding Bed and Windsor Upright Bed * \ Corner Main LJ \k§ I All I I IT""¥and Avenue A. Tl. W . W ILLITT.

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