Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 22, 1912 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 22, 1912
Page 2
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^'1 fomorrow at 10 a. m. and^^Rvgs iK ».&.,M «4i »oni With UUIns; >t>«jil>«or m\\ jjiml »>nrv. A\lv »»«w, vlbi'tno, lYUtNvl, i\w whole from {\w Iwijii low brtHHJ; i Thv nlumit qiintl rmU iitirrtRhU'itml luid unlinrmoti; The iqutrrol r<>tiiit8 nnd in <'i*; In. bolder mood Tho (Imid flclU: mouse waits to All •ihor neBt: Thtf-wccnnt BlaRgorB off with prcc- :ioui pelf; * _And flocks of chntterlhs birds, bold highwaymen,' Take tribute from the loaded wain itself. . The Iftppy children r'dlng on the flbeaves, -.Would drive those -daring bortler- ' men away. The 'farmer, turning hastily around, With kindling eyes and softening face, says "Nay; Our bins are bursting with God"s gift. •Be still. They ure his glcanerp. Let them eet their nil." —Mary Marshall Parks in the Indc- ' pendent. A few friends of Mrs. .T. Hering pave a pleasant surprise party last night in honor of her guest Mr. John Hering who left today for his home in Missoula, Montana. The oventng was spent jwitli' music and games after which fruit was served to the following goests: Mr. and Mrs. Wooten, Mr. and Mrs. Burns, Dr. and Mrs. McDowell, Mr. and Mrs. Bills, Mr. and Mrs. Rankin. Mrs. Brown, Mr. J. B . Atchispn, Mrs. Fife, Mrs. Shapel, M ' Pancofkst, jMr. John Hering, Miss Mattie PMers, Miss Mattie Hering and Japanese Smoked Bamboo Baskets Y»ni will w«ul »\\<i> 8^n> ihent In v>uv"\s'lttt\«w, BURKELL 'Sm tht Rexiai Sim It tOILB 1- voted tivo dolturs to the school play ground fund and appointed n committee to confer with the aecretno' of the Y. M. C. A. in regard to giving n tea ihc» proceeds to go for the benefit of that organization. Music was furnished by the guest of the afternoon. Mrs. Gilbert and Mlas Beth Kwlng. and by the club members, Mrs. Martin and Mrs. Watson. After the business session deliciouo refreshments were served. The next meeting is to be held in two weeks at the residence cf Mrs. J. M. Tliomas and the leader of current e^'enls will be Mrs. R. B. Stevenson.' * * * —Remarlcs made by every one; how can the Xew York Store sell ladte.s" and misses' Suits at prices less than half usually sold for. * * * The members of the Wednesday Ku- chrc club arc to be entertained by Mr and Mrs. J. S. Turner tomorrow Light at their home south of the city * * * —Wonderful bargains in Indies and Misses Suits at the New York etore. * • • Mrs. K. K. Kelley, of Toronto, wlff of the editor of the Republican, and herself a talented newspaper writer, wiih her daughter spent Several days ir> lola. visiting Mrs. Kelley's aunt Mrs. Kucene Huffman, of 620 north Smrn Rfgrbteni T»«k Two Corree-] tl«B8 im ftaae €«m«tj. Whwr Storr CirenUifML VI lo Am la a handsome dreaa o; vtolot .VUlOb nw Bides ot the waist and Ui« •klit an laid In plalu and vdiivu in tba front and back by a ound uf dot •nbralderad aaUn. Drapvd girdlu ut black aattn. PUtn yoke aectluns on ••ai aid* of the aklrt. Yoke of shlrr- •d white iwt, enlabJu by a plastron flC white laea.- Black v.lvet button* Mm jtbe ateereai morning to — her home in Kansas City. Refreshments were served and a very pleasant time was enjoyed. • + * .Mrs. ICarl Rosebush Is here visiting iter parents. Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Lyons. * • * Miss Ethel Kline, of Gas City, and Mr. Earl F. Croy, of Kansas City, Mo., were mnrrieil at the parsonage of the First Methodist church last night by Dr. B. M. Powell, pastor of the church. The bridal couple left this morning for Kansas City where they will reside. Mr. Croy formerly resided in Gas City. *Ar>T SALLY'S ADVU'k TO BKAITTY SEEKERS Mrs.- J; Hering. • •> • —Suits' at |12.9r>. worth 9X5.00. You | Washington, and her cousin. Mrs. C V will admit that the Naw^Vork Store Cowan. They returned to Toronto has real bargains for ladies, misses today, y. andjnniora. X\ • *.•^• • • • • I What ifi popularly known as the Miss Jaunita Herr went to St. I^uls • neau!y course, has been taken up as . today'where she will enter the train-.» serious pKrt of the nurrlculum of Ing school, for nurses at St. Margaret's ti ,p Topeka high school. M'ss Lydir Hospital. l^oimer teacher of sewing and domes• •> •> i''*" science is responsible for the new —^You will lose money if you don't < work and by it sJte ho)>es:to t-.vh the buy, your Suit from the .New York pirls of ner deiinrlment how to mak" ; the best of themselves. Charts hav< * C> • beon prepared showing different style? Mr. and Mrs. Karr. who arei^f hn's. dr-ss-e and hair arrangrment guesta of Mrs. A. W. Howland. went j suited to different types of to Geneva todav for a few days visit j wom.-n. and these the girls are taught • with their cousins. Mr. and Mrs. John . study and compare with themselves Qj|y^ I . • then m making their garments they * . ' ^ . ' must not on?y look to the neatness • - i* *h **r. 1 . A i^nd heantj r>f iheir work but they -Eh-ery ononis talking about the! „„5t ^^ .^g, .^^^ ^^^^ thejr Bargain Suit bale at the New \ork.„^,.„ „articul .Tr type. Women who Store. " * J know have been preaching this doc* * • I trine of individuality for many yearr The Current l?venls club had one hut this is the first time the theory of the most pleasant. and yprofltable , been put to prartical test, meetings in its history yesterday af- i * * * Store. temoon when Mrs. Richard Ewing. assisted by Mrs. John ttendffl-son. en-] f-Handsome Cutaway Sult.s worth tertalned the members at: the Ewing : $.".rrnft. on sale at the New York Store farm. :They were taken^ to the "farm for $16.95. in hay racks. •The hou*< - ed in autumn leaves anr During the business sc ision the club PENDANTS and- LAVALL^ERES are to be th- f .Tverlte styles of Jewelry for llie well dressed women ihl.s :;eai;on Dame Fashion has iKsiied tiie decree and there is nothing to do but follow it. Those who love pretty Jewelry will not rebel, for there's surely no! combination of precious stones and metals more attractive than these dainty designs we show. Combinations of semi-preciou.s stones, solid gold chain- and moOntlng. Prices as lo«"aB'9((.00 RED NOSE. The nose is a more delicate organ than most people imagine. It should lie .'touched as little as jiossible. For undue redness the treatment recommended in following parat^aph will be found effective. Apply without rubbing. MUDDY SKIN. The sanest, safest tnd surest method of giving a clear nealthy. tran.<<)iarent appearance to the complexion is to apply ordinary mtfi- collzed wax every night for from one to two week*!.. This wa.v. obtainable lit any drug store tone ounce is sufficient). aetttally lakes off a-bn<l complexion by gently and gradually nb sorblng the thin veil uf surface skin The new skin then in evidence is as fresh and velvety as a young girl's. The wax is applied like cold crcnm and washed off mornings. WRINKLES. A harmless lotion made as follows has been found very effective in cases of wrinkles - and flabbincss: Powdered saxolUe^ 1 oz., dis.solved in witch hazel. Mi pt. Bathe the face in this occasionally.—Woman's Realm. ; was'decotpt- ' ^, ^ berries. The A Y. L. t. einb will be enter- •ajiu 'd tnni.irrow afternoon at the borne of Mrs. K. T. Slsck. 220 South ' Second street. •r- 4.^ ^ Mrs. Trombold and children, of Cha nufc, who^have been guests of .Mrs. Trombold"s parents. Mr. and Mrs. R. B. Stevenson, returned home yesterday. • + * Tlie l^idies' Missionary society of the Presbyterian church will meet on Thursday afternoon with Mrs. E. B. Butler on north Washington street. Mrs. Davis and Mrs. Stewart will be the assisting hostesses. * * * •Eighteen members were present at the meeting of the I'nity club yesterday afternoon when Mrs. .T. S. Sut- cjlffe entertained. The members are interested in the offer made by the Iwnpas I'niversity Art Club to bring a collection of pictures to lola. No definite action has been taken as yet but the efforts of the club may result in the acceptance of the offer. Re'! freshmeuu were served after the busi ! ness meeting. Til Woman's Missionary society of the Baptist church Is to meet on Tburs dayj afternoon with Mrs. R. S. Moore, 411 South Cottonwood street. The usual program will be dispensed with and those who attended the state convention at Arkansas City will give a repbrt of the meeting. Miss ifellii .l^al! will enterUIn the B. O. M. clnb tomorrow night at her home on North: Washington street. *• + After the regular business meeting of the Eastern Star last night there was a social.hour as a fanvwell to the treasurer, Mrs. Wilson, who left this MA JESnC THEATRE TONIGHT! PROGRAM "The Big Round-Up" in 3^ REELS- Showing ;{.000 feet of film Uken on the V-S Ranch in Wyoming in addition we give ovr . Kegnlar Propua 5t- ADMIS8I0N Here is the complete story 6t the Register's sinning In the matter of libeling Harve McCoy, of Louisburg. As already stated, the story was written by some unknown reporter, presumably of the Kansas' City Star, at A - time ,whcn the mysterious murder of Postmaster McEiheny. of Louls- buitf. whlrh had foiled the ofBclals. made any news that promised to explain the myster}- and bring the perpetrator to Justice, eagerly deslrfd hy the newspapers. As a member of the Associated Press it is presumed! that Ihfr Star turned the story over to the A. P., which In turn sent It to all the nowspapers receiving that telegraph repcru Thus it appcareil ia the Reg- Istw on October 10. On Monday, October U, the A «»o- cmwl Preaa leatned that the story wn« unirne and the Re; later ih «i day prlutMl a porreotlon unden an (»»«- wAtomtnp rtala ^ln^ on I!* front jwise, The lawyers for MtK ^'oy say U»< Rt »n Uiet mihll»ht»d tht< «i «r.v "faUely »\\\\ wlinilly Miiil WMilleUiuiily," 01 (>»Hr»e tli»< UesUtvf'dUl tot do Huythlntt of ihi« kliiir The Ui »iiliil «»r mil I 'Uly i««»i^ piHMiMl Ww error t »l It* ni 'Hl opporluH- liy, but n rworii^r In wnoiUer utory m tH>»ol>*»v I" wi'oi»> n n'i»!»i'nio mtd iirlnl- iiitl diiiliil of MelVty's giiKt, nil iMMi'*iit'- 'lift on the front ptige of the piiiier, \rt to the "Inrue rlrrulatlon" which ihi Ueglnter iiijnys In nnd nboiii l,«mtii hui'g, the malllnR list sUbws seven ))ii- pers tolnj; "to Miami couittj-. of which three go to other newspapers, none .•^pimrehtlv lo' Louisburg. The attorneys focMcC'oy cnh accuse the Regis ler ..f "wilful, macllcious libel" with impunity, which is one of the prlvl- leget. of belnp n lawyer. As stated, legal restrictions were put on the Register to prevent Its paying any dam- I'ge.c to McCoy save tjiroilgh his lawyers. Shorfdan, Metiser & Sheridan presumably i>? a Democratic firm. Miami county Sherid.-ins usually arc Dcroo- iTats. The O'tawa Republic (Deino- oratic) yesterday nriijted a denial of its story that McCoy was arrested, and lirobably hopes to escape liability. The Fort Scott Tribune. (Democratic) last night stated that the morning had been sued for printing the McCoy story "because the Re- rub1 <ean failed to print the correction" when received. If thf Republic is immune for yesterday's correction nnd the Ft Seott Tribune is immune because of an October 14 correction why is tJie Register liable? Below is the record of the cpse. in rluding the suit and the three Regis ter items: , The .Mcroy Petition. State of Kansas, County of Allen, ss In the District Court of said County Petition. Harve McCoy, Plaintiff, vs. Tlie Register Publishing Company, Corporation. Defendant. Comes now the plaintiff. Harve Mc Coy. and for his cause of action against the defendant, respectfull alleges: That the plaintiff is a single man aged twenty-two years on the 8th day of last October, and is a laborer by occupation. He made Louisburg, Kansas, his home from and after the death of his parents at Drexel. Missouri, which occurred about sixteen years ago. Since that time he has continued to regard ixjulsburp. Miami county. Kansas, as his Iiome •.vhi)o working tem|>orarily at other places. That Ihe defendant is the owner and publisher of a daily newspa|>er under the nnrao of The lola Daily Register, and has l »een so engaged for a number of year.s continuously prior and up to and including'the date of the ifling of this petition. That tho said lola Dally Register, has during all of the said time had a very large circulation, and iiarticu- larly on Octot)er in. WIS,' the said lola Dally Register had a large circulation of its evening issue in the vicinity of lola. Kansas, ari^ in the State of Kansas, and in the vicinity of the home, vicinity of the home of the plaintill, to -wit: Louisburg, Kansas., That the plaintiff had a large acquaintanceship In Ixiuisburg. Kansas, and in that yirinlty, including Miami County, and likewise Jias an acquaintanceship in Eastern'Kansas. That the said defendant published and clrcul.nted the said lola Daily Register in its evenihg issue of Thursday, October 10. 1912, wherein it falsely and maliciously and wilfully published the following printed statejnem in the said, issue of the lola Dally Register, and ee .used It to be circulated in large numbers in and about lola. Kansas, e.nd throughout the state of Kansas. The said article in words and figures being as follows: ^ FOK alHtSTXASTEirS Ml 'linEIL * jOn Your Cook Stoye Proposition. Buy a lation Coal and Gas Range id Be Sure and Buy a Good One. r' ~-„y^g^t^i We sell a good, heavy Combination, 6-hole Range with large wood or coal fire box heavy front and ends. Body of heavy iwlished steel. The top and lids arc heavy, pure cast Iron; There are four of the liest star burncra under the four right hand lids. There IH a large burner with small orlflcea running clear through the bottom of the over. With this burner you can heat your oven in five minutes with one-fourth the ;RaH iiecestmry with a coal move: with gas burner In It. All thijse biirnura are iuatnntly removi|bl« when ynit wUh to burn iiH «l w wood". There U UIIHI H 'duuhle bitiUinti itnd ttHiMiliiK biii'iipr and l>r«>|)li)K imn In tlin iipiaM' part nf ihu iiv«<n. TIIIM n«i)K«< IIIHIM IIIU HDI III) thi> I'ltHir but Htniidti lui ktin, Let Its Miinw V«N EClCi plaintiff, thereby accused this plaintiff of haviiig been arn sled charged with the murder of George .McEiheny. postmaster at Louisburg. Kansas, and further accused the plairttlff of having been placed In jail at Paoia, Kansas, and further stated in said article that tjie evidence upon which the plaintiff was arrested was largely circumstantial; that the plaintiff went to Ix>alsburg on Friday and was seen to board a train carrying with him a shot gun; and that McEiheny was killed by shot from a certain kind of shell sold in Osawatumie. Kansas, and that this plaintiff had purchased shells and had used the same In the gun to kill the said .McEiheny: that it further stated that tbls plaintiff had a dis,igreement with McEiheny over an attempt to j bootlee whiskev at the Louisburg I fair. That each and all of the said above chargra and accusations so published and circulated by the defendant, as aforesaid, in the Said newspaper, as set out in the sa^ article, arc ana were false and untrue. That the said publication and circulation of the said false and libelous statement of an concerning this plaintiff were made wilfully and maliciously by the defendant and' for the puf- liose of Injuring and damaging this plaintiff, and of depriving htm of his good name and reputation In the said above localities, and elsewhere, wherever the said paper was so circulated. That by reason of the said ]>ubllcatIon and circulation of the said article by the defendant this plaintiff's reputation has been greatly damaged, damaging this plaintiff in the sum of $5,000. Wherefore, the plaintiff prays judgment against the defendant in tiie sum of %:t.\mt together with the costs of this action against the <lert-ndanl. SHERIDAN. MKITSKR & SIIKRIDAN. Attorneys for Auto ©wners Get Your Tires Filled with 'hum iff. From I lie lola Reaisler of October II. 1P12: S0.MKIt0!>Y LIED AKOIT II. .MM OY. Somebody Slraywl From l{lehlei»us - Path- Falsified A»«MI1 Him. Osawatomic, K.Vs.. Oct. 14.—Through an error in a dispatch sent from here October lOfh' it was staled that Harvey McCoy of Osawatomie was arrested and plaee<l In j.'ill on charge of murdering George MeEihenv. • postmaster at Louisburg, Kas. .McCoy was not arrested on any charge and has not been accused ih any connection wiih the JIcElheny murder. "Sure at the South Street Garatre at 50 cents an inch. It saves puncture troubles and prolongs the life of vour tires. SGHLICK & ABTS soirrn STREET CABAGE TELEPnOKE SIS. SPEED — POWER —1 DURABILITY All These Qualilirs Are Emiii.died In FLANDERS' MOTOR CYCLES .MAONKTO-FREE K\(iI.\K ALL LATESTIMPBOVEMENTS , f'lia«^ W. Bonghlon, Acrnl nenion>tration on Request . Cravenette Boots •-, a:.j -i _L-, Welt Soles-with Tip Armstrong Hake Priced at 94.OO Harve) McCoy, Kallwajr I ,8borer Ar- n-iited oa Sasplelon of Loni^>• bnrg lUn 'ii Utmth. . ORawjitoTnle, Kans.. Oct. 10.—Harve .Mi-Coy. aged twentv-two, a railway , laljorer, was arrested here today jcharaed with the murder of George McEiheny postmaster at I.oulsburg. last Friday. McCoy was placed In the Jail at Paola. The evidence upon which he was arrested is largely olr- cnmsUf.itlal. It is alleged that he went to Ix<uisburg on Friday and was seen to board a train, carrying with him a shot gun. Investigation is said to have shown that McEiheny was killed by shot from a certaln-lrind of shell sold here and McCoy bought a box of thotf? shells. McCoy is said to. liave had a disagreement with McRlhcny over an attempt to "bootleg" iwhlskey at the lx >ui6burg fair. That the said defendant in so publishing and circulating the said libelous article of and concerning this From the lola Dally Register of October 17: • LOriSBI'IMi .HIKDEK MYSTERY. Rev. Johnson S»v* TJien* is no I'lue to the rrfminal. Rev. and Mri». Johnson, formerly in eharg<-- ol the lola M. E. church here, but now of l^ouisburg. spent the day here visiting their son and friends They hart been attending conference at Neosho Falls and Rev. Johnson has a date at Pleasanion tomorrow, so •hey tintiroved the opportunity to stop here. Mr. Johnfon says the story of the arrest n railroad man at louis­ burg for the killing of the postmaster was not true, he not being arrested. I'p to the present time liot the remotest clue has been found tc the assassin who fired a cowardly shot at night through a window, killing a postmaster. .N'obody is even suspected for the l>ostmnstcrWas not known to have^an enemy. ' >VORKLN<) 0^ THE JIROR.S. SoelallstK Send Phamulets lo Men Who'll Tnr Warren. In order that they may l>e well informed on the objects of Socialism, and have a working knowledge of the objects of the new party before they are called into court possibly to fry one of the leading members of the imrty for an offense' alleged to have been committed against the I'nited States, each Of the men drawn as a Federal juror for the coming term of that court In this city either has by this time or will within a few days receive Socialist literature. The nature of this literature, wbnther is is pertaining to the party in general or the.Warren case in particular is not known, but it is known that agents for the party have been busy for some days past, going over the territory and visiting In the vicinity in which each juror resides, making it certain that he will come into IMJS- se^sion of the literature intended for him. The wor^c has not yet been completed but It will be in ample time for the Jurors to inform themselves if tliey should read what Is left for them. This same policy was pursued last yei:r preceding the Warren trial, each of the jurors summoned for duty at that time, receiving Socialist literature soon after being drawn for jury duty. l.«arning that this had been done government representatives also visited them, the game being one of hide and seek between representatives of the eovercment iMid the. Socialist party.—Fort Scott Tribune. J - The SaUntion Army. We will have Rummage Sale at 214 W .Madison street on Friday and Saturday. All kinds of clothes. Come and we will ifidp you. The Commanding Officer. LIEl-T .A. PEDERSOX. Assent Delos Clark. An Emporia dispatch to the morning papers says that because Contractor J. H. Petty of lola. made a mis Uke of $7,925 in his figures on Emporia'.s new $135,000 high school building, he will lose ihe contract. Mr. Petty is from Paolu, not lola. PHEASANTS FLOCK TO CITT. Retter Proterled than Hundreds in the City. Wliether Cliina pbtrasants know that they will be better protected if they take refuge imiiide the city 'limits or wbeilier it i.s just because they are so numerous in the city limits, on the Rice road that residents have com- •li.Tined to tlie police -alKwt hunters .shooting the game birds there. It seems that never before were China pheasants, so numerous and liundreds frctn the city either have gone out for a day's hunt or are planning to go goon.—Portland Orcgonian. DON'T ENVY A i GLORIOUS - ; HEAD OF HAm \ Your hair may not be as 'heaVy as other women's. Young l.ady: It may not radiate its liistrous- splendor; it may not "be free from dandroff; but that's no reason why you shoiild worry. *• ' In Paris all women who care baTS. fascinating hair;. In America all iSro- men. young ladies and girls who know about PARISIAN SAfiE have a weWb of brilliant hair and give credit %Mre credit Is due; to w-onderfnl. deligUt- ful PARISLA\ SAOE, the Ideal hair tonic. grower, dandruff remover and beautifter. •< • - . , .Sold by dealers everywhere far only: ,=>0 cents. C. B. Spencer ft Coi.«eUs it' ou money back plan. ' It stopa^nadp : Itch Instantly and preserrea the mtt -i' ural coder and beauty of tb« biilr,.^ - >^ -.1

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