Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on October 4, 1889 · Page 1
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 1

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, October 4, 1889
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WRAPPERS (UXOE 3IZE) Bui receive K VOLUME 8. STEELING, ILLINOIS, FRIDAY, OCTOBER 4. 1839. NUMBER 198. A EIVER HORROR. Forty People Killed by a Boiler Explosion. THE STEAMER OOEOUA BLOWS UP. w»re token before Jud^a Bah'.T, who them In $151). 00') bonds onch. Tboy takou to jail Into yesterday afternoon. hold wora r. TIME TABLE, OO1KO BABT. Atlantic Kx 2:«2». m Sterling Fass...6:ao a, m- Limited Pass. 8:52 a.m. Clinton Denver 1 :KS p. m 8:40 ft. m. GOING WIST. Paclflo Ex 2-.2JB. m. Sterling Pass. 6:00 p. m. Limited Pass. 4:04 p. m. CilntonPass Denver 1:13 p.m. 8:53 ' FBKiaHT TBAINB THAT CABKT OOIHn WBBT. No. IB.— 8.15 p. m. No. «!...—.-..8:60 a. in. No. 85.... No. 17...~ ...-7:40 a. rn. ...10 £2 a, in. OOINO KABT. I OOINQ WR9T. 18—FaasenRer 6^0 a.m.pfi—Paasenper 4:20 p.m. 70—Freight.....*:45 p.m.|lt—Freight Brf»a.m ABttlVB FROM JtAST. 7U-Pa«senKer...9:OOp.m. 77—Freight...... »:*0a.m. AKRIVB FROM WEST. 86—Passenger 10:80 s.m. 42-Fr8ight-..,.6«lp.m. BEPassenger No. 88 connects with trains east an* west on Clinton Branch: with O. K. I & P. B. B. ' »t Rock Island east Bnd west; with main line Jor points west, Conncll .Bluffs, Omaha and beyond and for Kansas City and points beyond. —SPECIALTIES.— The Finest, Most Durable, and holds its shape the best of any whip In the market. St Tho Easiest Dumped, Easiest Eun- nlng and Latest Improved Sweeper made. Fancy Patent, per sack, ?1.50. Two sacks J2.80 Half Patent, " J.«. " " 2.00 Some of tho oldest residents of this city claim. this to bo tho best flour they ever used In the ------ i — Btato of Illinois.- ------ - — Ore am Sun, Daisy JR oiler in stock. A Good Stock of • Tin Tomato Cans. Very Cheap, Also a few dozen of 1 •• - . MWS GL\SS FRUIT JABS AB - JELL TUMBLERS. LEFFJ AT L. JL,. JOHNSON'S. Frightful DHantor on 1h« BIIs*is*!ppl— Uilll of IJcnr! and •VYonmleil— Collision at fien That Retnltn In tho Sinking of Two Ve**rl« and nn Unknown Nnmhor of Deaths—A Tartly Dynajnlte Cartridge Dons Some Fearful "Work—A lliiB Arrnr of Futiil Cannnttlon. NEW OIILEANS, Ln,, Oct. 4.—Tho steamer Corona, ot the. Ouachita Consolidated lino, •which left this city ^Vednesdny evening for tho Ouachita river, exploded her boilers nt Falsa Hirer, nearly opposite Port Hudson, about noon yesterday, causing tha loss of tho utoamor nnd sbout forty lives. Tha Anchor lino steamer, City of St. Louis, happened near by, nnd her crow snved many lives. Niimefl o'f the Lout. Tho followiug is a list of tho lost so far as known: Crow—J. W. Blanks, ciptn.ln; J. V. Jordan, dork; Chart's C. Elles, second clerk; Swimp Hanna, third clerk; Fred Djuklu and Fu-J Vornion, barkeepers; Fat Ryan, steward; Dick Curtis, firoman; Tom Shook, engineer; Honry Doylo and James Swipo, porters; Tat», barbor; Henry Davis, deck hand; Tom Cook, sailor; Billy Young, second mate; Sam Stool, a boy from Toxas; both, captains of tha dock watch, and eight roustabouts. Pnssi>nger3;~Dr. Atwell, a cbiropo-.Ust, and four negro musicians traveling with him; Scott, of Sinithland, La.; Mrs. Davis, of Stockman, Tox; Mr. Koenchj Mrs. Huff, of Opelousos; Mrs. Kaufman's nurse and oldest child. i Tlie Wounded Victims. The following are wounded: Capt B. G. Cornwall, s'lghtly j Baughman, residing en Black river, hurt in side, not dangerous; Mr. Comstock, of Donnldsonvillo, slightly; }. J. Mooridgo, of Columbia, La., slightly; Wayna, a litllo son of Honry Black, slightly hurt about fiie-i;- CiinrliM A. Peace, <tf -Now Orleans, scalded,- Nona of tho wounded ara expected to dio. Pilot Rollings is badly scalded on tho hands. Capt. T. C. Sweeny is slightly hurt by flying timbers. The Hont. Torn to Pieces. Mrs. E. W. -Roborlson is slightly hurt She says that when tho Corona arrivod opposite Falsa River landing, sixteen milcu below Bayou Sara, ono of her boilors exploded, tearing tho boat to pieces, when sho sank in deep water in a few seconds. Mrs. Robertson wns wodged in tha ladies' cabin with some of tho debris .lying across her lower limbs, but was suddenly released and found herself floating in tho river. She sank twlco, but luckily waspickol up and escaped with only a tow painful brulsea. A Pi<«aen;ter'g Statement. Hon. L, F. Mason, secretary of state, who was a passongor on the Corona, states that he was in tha cabin talking to Mrs. Robertson about 1U o'clock yesterday morning when the explosion occurred. Ha escaped with life-prosarvors nnd assisted In saving Mrs. Robertson and another lady. There was very little timo for preparation for escape, as the boat went down like lead a few seconds after tho explosion occurred. As the steamer City of Bt. Louis o ime down she was hailod and took on board all the paasan- gers and crew who were not lost in the river. No one was able to gave any explano- tion aa to tho jause of the sudden disaster. Not Due to High Preiuiire. Tho Picayune Baton Rouge special says: "Capt T. C. Sweeny, one of the owners of the line, who assumed command on tho death of Capt Blanks, says the explosion was not due to a too high prossuro of stoam. Ho just bad occasion to examine tho gaugo, and is positive there wna not a pressure of more than 150 pounds. The boat had a moderate cargo. She was In mid-stream, just, below the landing at Arbroth, and bnd just whistled to pass the City of St Louis, fortunately coming down nt the time. . The explosion had a downward tendency, and blew out the bottom of the boat, causing her to sink immediately. Tha cabin was torn tu two, the rear portion floating down the stream and bearing a number of the saved. Capt Sweeny happened to be forward, and started at once to put out the flames, which began to burn in sovoral plucjs. Ha says the boat would undoubtedly have burned had she not gone down imino lintoly. None of tha books, papers, or other valuable? wera recovered. Two Men Ouwhod to l>orttM. HAKEI.TO:!, PH., Oct. 4.—Yesterday morning whilo Martin Jnpkovitz, minor; John Slinsky and Tomuso (iimrdo, Inbor.jrs, Wf-ro prying down top rock in their breast in No. 11 colliery of tho L. H. W. U. C. Co., nt Audeureid, a inns} of clod fell u^ion thorn, completely crushing tho two former nnd, it is thought; fntnlly injuring tho latter. It took four hours' hard work to recover the bodies of tho two men from under tho mass of rock. Ntnetflon Men Probably Lost. BAI.TIMOIIE, Ost 4.—The steamship Earn- moor, Capt. Richard J. Gray, which sailed from hero for Ilio Janeiro Aug. 20, with a cargo of wheat, foundered at sea in a gale Sept. 5, and it ia feared that nineteen of her craw wore lost. A small boat belonging to tho Earnmoor, with seven men in it, survived tho gnle. Tho men made thoir way to Nassau. The Ion ; boat with ninetoou others has not since boen Hoard from. That An Unlucky Train, CHEYENNE, Wy. T., Oct. 4.—Five cars of a west-bound passenger train woro ditched near hero yesterday by tho spreading of tho rails on ace Mint of rottw 1 tics. Six persons wero injjre.L FJUI* Indies wore seriously bruised, n p irt«r'i skull was cracked and the conductor':* leg was crushed. Wednesday night tho sain? train collided with a freight train noar North Platto, Nob., and a tramp was killed. Clilldreii In 11 Powtlor Homo. CAYUOA, O.-iio, Oct. 4.—Tbreo children Hamad Walton obtained access to tha pow dor bouse of the gypsum mine hero yestor flay afternoon," nnd one of them lit a match and ignited a quantity of powd?r. of the children was literally blown to pieces and tho others so badly injured thntthoy can not recover. CHILI NOT HAPPY. All-America Conference "Strikes a Snag." HOW ABOUT THE CHAIRMANSHIP. A CHANGE, DISASTER O!>4 THE OCEAN. SUCCESSOES TO. O. A. Oliver. BOOKS, STATIONERY and Wall Paper. CHICAGO RAILWAY. OVEE 7,000 MILES Of steel track In Illinois, Iowa; Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska, Dakota and Wyoming, penetrates the Agricultural. Mining and Commercial Centres of the WEST AND NQBTHWEST. The Unrivaled Equipment of the Line embraces Sunipuious Dining Cars. New Wagner and P<itliT,»9j Sleepers, Superb day Coaches and FAST VESTJBUUEB TRAINS Running direct batweeii Chicago, St. Paul and Minneapolis., Council Miffs and Onisha, conn*c<ing for Po!tl*nd, Oeniet, ' San Francisco jnd ail Pacific Coist Points. Off Uf 11KE TO THE BUSK HILLS Vas TltifU. Kits*. MtM^ A CollUlon Caiisiss the Sinking of tvro Va»* •«li—Many I-lves Lost. ST. PIERRE, Miquelon, Oct. 4.—Tho trans-Atlantio steamer Geographic, of tbe Bossiero lino, Capt Paussot commanding, bound from Montreal to Southampton, with cattle, sheep and a cargo of, merchandise, which left Sydney, C. B., on Tuesday, collided with the Nova Scotian sailing vessel Minnie Swift forty milea oft St. Pierre, at 2 o'clock Wednesday morning. The Minnie Swift sank within two minut en, drowning, as nearly BB can be ascertained, two women, three children, and ton men. Tha Geographic Qoe* Down. The others, with part ot the crew of a Norwegian vessel who had previously been picked up, got ou board the steamer, which, despite all effort?,r also sauk at 11 o'clock a. m. Two boats containing about'thirty-five parsons, which put o!I from the steamer early in tho morniiis are still missing. Tho third boat with tho captain and fifteen others was picked jip by the schooner Sister Boil and brought to St. Pierre. " ".'" THE DEADLY DYNAMITE. Kxplodon of u Cartridge In the lied Jaoke t Shalt Kills Four Mou. HOUGIITON, Mich., Oct. 4.—A terrible ox- pi osion occurred in tho Red Jacket perpendicular shaft of the Calumet and llocia mino at noon yesterday. Twenty-nix miners wore working at thi» bottom of thoi shaft, ovor 1,000 feel below-th9 Burfaea. The blasts of dynamite woro fired as usual Wednesday uijjht, but on.) charge failol to oxplad-J. At noon yesterday u miner accidentally struck the dynamic i cur'ridgo withhij pick.and an explosion followed Tha men wero uud.llod U'gother, nud it U romirk^bUi th;it i-.ny escaped death. Two—AUrtxi Erickion and Otto Fliiiek~»«vo killad. outright Kelson Blaom and Ca|il. Jubn Cameron wore in- jurod^ itnd seven others were burt, &omi> of them very s.-rioasly. Killed by Molt nil Motitl. SCOTTDALK, Pa., Oct. 4.—Afurnacoin th Scottdale Iron nnd Steel company's work: exploded "yesterday atfojrnoGn;Oeorgo^Rud dor was klllod by tho molten motnl, ami Ja cob Dick and Honry Ilanaey bndly burnoc 1 Mrs. Ruddor on hcirlng the news faintet and, fulling, rcc lived probably. t fni i! -juries.- ...-.-"•- —-•' -. .. -•- • . SUGGESTIVE OF IRELAND. Chicago Evlctora "Stood Oil" by n Him nnd 1II« Wife. CHICAGO, Oct. 4.—There was quite a bit of excitement yesterday morning In the vicinity of Eighteenth and Grovo streets when Deputy Sheriff Lclbrant and a Imlf-dozon assistants attempted to evict William O'Dun- nell anil his family from their shanty on the railroad tracks. Tho houso is not much larger^tlmn a large 1co chest, an! It is not worth more than $35 probably. Tho lot, however, Is valuabio'because of its location. It has boon condemned by due process of law, and bought by tbo Santa Fa railroad company for $3,000. Cruikthnnk Has a Clnlm. The O'Donnells have not received this, however, owing to the claim of a Mr. Cruik- slmnk. who, it is clalmod, bought the property two years ago from Mrs. Kuto O'Neil, the-ttiint -oi_Mrs. . OlDonnell, dead, but it is said that boforo her death she claimed to have bouu frightened into soiling the property foY $700, and because of this alleged frau I the O'Donnells declare they will not leave thu houso until thoy get pay for tho proporty. Tue railway callod on the court, and tho court put tho mattor in the sheriffs hands. , Stood On" with nn Arsenal. When tho shorift's posso got to tho house jeatorday-jnarniug^ they_fourrd_the Jieod of tho family waiting for them with a 44-eaUber revolver in each hand. "Don't you come In or I'll blow your brains out," shouted William, as tho deputies attempted to enter. "The first man that crosses my threshold will got a ba'll ia his body." "An 1 if that one is not enough I'll send in another," cried Mrs. O'Donnoll, who stood near tho window surrounded by half a dozen guns of about tho sanio siza. Strntogem Win No Use. Various tricks woro resorted to, but without success. Not even with the help of tho police could an entranco bo off jcied, and after an hour's parley the officers drow off their forces to go to dinner. shot was fired by O'Donnell at a deputy who tried to sneak in the back way. The bullet whizzod past bis ear, and ho rapidly made himslf scarce. "Give us tho money for our home and we'll get out—not before," says William. "Yes, we'll do that same, though God knows I'll never forgot my old home," said Mrs. O'Donnell. "Twenty years ago I was married in that shanty, an 1 I had livod thoro -ton years.befare then. __Il'a mqnoy_prifeht Look to the guns, William, for tho dirty spalpeens will bo here again soon." William still holds tho fort elegates from tho Argentine Ilflpubllo nnil Chill Objort to Hlnlnn—Their Kon- sonn Tberpfoi—A Unthor Stormy Mooting nt Which thn Muttor WIM I)li- cu««e<l—tho I>l»|irnntle<l Dolrirntei llolil Aloof mill Rpfu«n to Go on tho Excursion— Tho VUltors nt Weat Point. WASHINGTON CITY, Oct. 4. —If rumor is 10 believed tlio All-America congress does not start oft in such nn atmosphere of penc) ami harmony (is represented in tin) dis- mtchns o£ Wednesday . night Tim row—nn ,t is claimed—was all about the election of Mr. Blalne to prenide ovor tho deliberations of tho congress. When it becnmo apparent Tuesday that tho secretary of etato would bo chosen to presidq tho Central and South American delegates wont into secret session, and tho proposition to mako Mr. Blaino president of tho congress was denounce! as unfair, illegal nnd unprecedented. 'VTIutt tho Chilian* Think. "Wo do not deny tho right of--Mia. American delegates to elect tho president," said one of the delegates from Chili. "Thera nro precedents for tin election of a president hy tho momlicrs from tbo country which issued the invitations to tho congress and in which the congrow is held, but there an) no precedents for tho election as president of a man who is not a member of. the congress. Tha law under which tho congress was called provides that the United States shall bo rop- rosontod by ton delegates, to bo appointed by tho president by and with tho advice an:l consent of the senate. These tun delegates havo boon so appointed,, and Mr. Ultimo is not one of them." Hkewlm ABBREVIATED TELEGRAMS. li.'iij imin I.'-.rt, ut Gale-jburjr, UK, drown...1 him ;>•[{ in a ci'-tTn Thursday mor»- fnir. M.'IIT is Y"ry -.trine;..nt ill Now TcrV. Tlnirs'lay loans v.viv m-ulc as high fli 12 p*r cent. The now rill > ndoptnd by thn Swiss government hns been exhnn lively a .id successfully tested wit h siiiMlce!"Ss powiK-r. William O'O IIIUM-, the narsmnn.arrivo 1'nt Toronto frniii England Thursday. A banquet w as tziven him Tlmr-iday evening, at \vliich the mayor pivsid-d. Tlie Russian govennnentlias ordered thirty locomotives nnd 1.0.K) cars for tbo rail- wav extending from Ali'xnudropol In Erivnn, in linssiuii Armenia, to by tnod for transportation purposes. Charles Pratt, of M"ri len, Conn., an offl- rer in several lucul orgniizillon«, treasurer of a riitirch nn I a cir.y alderman, has bean arrested for embezzling ovor $U),(I()0 from his employers. He admits his guilt. A dynamite bomb was thrown into the slaughter house of. J. & C. S'-nnlon, in Now York Tbursd-iv morning. Ni> ono wns in- jnrod, and only about $^(W worth of damiig'- 1 was dono. Tuti act i-* attributed to dis- c'mrg.'d employes. | The most rcm irk'ible •elopement i-ecent.I/ c'.irnnicle.l is that of Mrs. J. P. Kn>id, niici of the deputy sin-rift nt Little. Falls, Minn.,! who liberaied John Mitcljell, ono of the t prisoners,rind taking her husband's revolver, j k -y? a id J-M) in money skippc.1 with her jail-. ' bin!. ' | Murat IInlst"ad, of Tho Cincinnati Commercial Gazette, having stated that Jamrs K t'nmiibell, Democratic candidate for governor of Oiiio, had used his cili'jia! position to further his private i-mK tho-latter gentleman in an interview says that tho emi- ne.nt. editor is a liar. .' Col. r-crilmer, of Chicago, died a few days ngo, and was buried at Madison, Wls. Just boforo ho died lie joino.l the Roman Catholic church. Ills lunernl services in Chicago were conducted bj' a Methodist preachy Th..<t-n,i.»l (.i-:n-r:i; CoiiT.-i>tl»M M«UJn» K i;-l.l l'lllf,-l-i.w, 1 vi!!i tlic- IVir-U. ] NKW VniiK, O,'t 4.-- i'n- !•>'-•.•• i^-il tri- j p-iiii.-i.i gitt. t<i hiH.n'_'.s ye^- t-T'lay, ami a 'ni-;;.; mtinlv':- of co;nMi vte 1 .- w.-re avpt.iiit.. i in tvich h.i'i-.;-—hiH'i.u 1 ^ aiid d-'pnt!-i. Thideli-^ntis from Orpgou wer-j ! mi mil .1 -.'d to S-M'S in the d ••ytitii-.-i, p-ndim; ! action on tbe question of erecting a diocresc in that. otnt". A report or. liturgical revision wng presented, but. j.en.lin^ debaio a dpp- 'iitatntlon t'rom Cnnadn wns announce.]. Tho depntatiou wns composed of Rt. Rev. Dr. Sullivan, lord bishop of Algona; Rt. Rev. Dr. Courtney, of Nova Scotia; tho reverend dean of Huron; the reverend archdeacon, of Montreal, and Juilgo McDonald. ,Dr. Dix welcomed the visitors on behalf of tho house. The lord bishop of Algona then, on invitation, addressed tlio bouse, congratulallngtho dcpi.itirs on tbe ndvnnco of tho church in tho United States, and was followed by tha. others of the deputation. Ijltnrulcnl Revision Adopter!. Tho question ot revising tho liturgy thotl came up and the first resolution adoptid at the Chicago convention throo years ago and relating lo tho order for rending tho Bible was passed. The second rcB'ilution, relating to a change in the order for morning prayer, and tlio third, relating to chances in the opening services of morning prayer, wero each approved, Tho change made in the second resolution above montionol is to substitute in place of th< first-rubric in tho order for daily morning prnyor tho following: "The minister shall always begin the morn j ing prayer by reading certain sentences of I scripture. On tho day when tho holy com I munion is immediately to follow tliu minis- i ter may, at bis discretion, paw from tho sea| tences to the Lord's prayer, first pronouncing: " 'The Lord be with you.' " 'Answer—And with thy spirit,' "'Minister—Lot us pray.'" Other Chnngim Adopt PC!. Changes wore also made in the tlaily evening prnyor, and in the rubric after tho prayer for the president ot tho United States in tbo Tho I'eabody Fund. NEW YOIIK, Oct. 4.— At the meeting yesterday of the trustees of the Penbody fund there wore two ex-presidents present—Clove- land and Hayes. Hen. J. L. McCurry, of Richmond, Va., reported a gratifying increase of interest throughout the south, aiid gave some comparative statisiics of tho progress of education in tbe states of West Virginia, Alabama, Louisiana, Texas, Arkansas, North and South Carolina, and Virginia that were encouraging. Tlio total sura disbursed by the fund during tho year ending Get 1, 1S89, was fGU,6£J. In tho evening a banquet was given, at which ox- Presidonts Cleveland and Hayes, Justices Field and Fuller, and Hon. Hamilton Fish were among the prominent gentlemen present \ Ucitswelu'» Slayor Inaano. ._ NEW YOUK, Oct 4.—Tho lunacy commission, consisting of Drs. Fitch and Field, ap- jlplnted to examine the mental condition of Christian D.-yhlo, tbe old inventor who shot and killed Frederick Gesawoin at bis ofllce in John street on Sept 13, have partially submitted a report of their work, "Dr. Fitch is of tho opinion that the old man ia insane, und it is likely that Dr. Field will concur in tho finding of his colloaguo. Oar Awnr«l« at tli« I'urln Show. WABEINQTO!* CITY, Oct-1— Tho department of state h»s r«c«ivt)d a telegram from G\>u. Franklin, United States commisniouer general tu the Paris exposition, saying that! tho United States exhibit has ba«n awarded S3 grand priz^, 1VO gold mudaU, ?7l silver medals, -IS brouzomudaUi and ^00 honorable meiitiiMis, and Indicating that the collaborator's awards, not yet announced, will in- thu. Tho Chilian delogato wasfollonod by other delegates in the sumo strain. Roqno Ivjenz Pena nnd Mnnuul Qnintmm, dnlep;«tty! from !!-.-- A :-.-..-'; :: -. ;;. i .;,'. ; nL, <»mi Cuinlbtef V HfMS nnd.Toso Alfonso, of niill, Ind thn .onstiiugbt ngftliiBt lllaluo, in which thoy luul tlio snp- f portand sympathy of many of tlio other dologatoa. It wan contended that to ulect nil outsiilor president would bo to iuvito tlio ridiculo of tbo nations of tho earth, and that, moreover, Mr. Blaiuo would not bo able to preside continuously, and tho congress would thus bo left without a responsible head. A proposition was mado that tho delegates join in a resolution indorsing Mr. Bluinu for honorary president, leaving tho inference that thoy would not bo satisfied with his selection for president. -'—; A Uittor DlictiMlont Much fooling was shown in tho dobato, and at ono timo thoro waa dahgor that tho anti-Blaino element would refuse to tnke part In tho deliberations of tho congress. The discussion became so bitter that tho session continued nil tho afternoon, and at 0 o'clock adjourned for dinner, to meet again at 8. It was noar midnight before tho con-' foronco finally adjourned, and tho Blaino matter waa under consideration during -nearly all of ths session.-•On-adjouniinont several of the delegates declared thoy would not attend tho mooting of tbe congress next day at which Mr. Blaino was to bo elected president. Cbill and Argentine Stuml Aloof. Tho dolugatei from Chili aud the Argon- 0 tine Republic kopt thoir word. Thoy attended neither tho meeting of tho congress nor tho president's reception and luncheon, and havo not yot "joined tbu litcareiou wliicn-ttio—inaiiibars-ot- tho congrosi are making through the country. Whether thoy will nt any time participate In tbo sessions of tho congress with Mr. Blaine sitting as president remains to Ira seen. Efforts.were mada to induce tho delegates from Chill and tha Argentine Republic to forego thoir objections, but they wero deaf to all entreaties. It la said that Mr. Blaino know nothing of this opposition on tho part of tho South Americana when ha took tbe chair, elso be might not have boon willing to bo forced upon the congrtai THE EXCURSION STARTS. Delegates to the Couuresn Ilei;ln Their Great Railway Trip. WASHINGTON CITY, Oct. 4.— Ono of tho most luxurious trains that evor left this city pulled out of tho Ponsylvania railway station yesterday morning at 8:15, bearing tho delegates to the All-America congress on their excursion through tho United States— that is, all of tham but one, Hou. J. B. Honderson, who waa about a minute too late nnd had to follow on a later train. Ho was very much surprised when ho found tho train had gone, believing, as bo said, that it would not btart promptly. Ha was evidently very much mortified at having boon left behind. Tho morning was a fine 0110 —« perfect autumn day. Thoro was no formal loavo-taking botweou government officials and tho delegates. Many friouds of a PiWeqtnntTrrnmnryr The \V •.••:• Yin, the Ell-jlinli ll:i:nl)li-r^ I'-n".?. Jy:.vnoN, u-r. 4— TW..M-I' th-' \--^o":<.;~\ rr.em'^rH (if \\t' ('r.iT;!-i.->i.r!i r^-,h v- •?•' j.---.-.;• !«y fiin-.l i'.Vt i-'i-h, with tin- r;H< n::i- : f --H" Ihi-ee !IH:;I(|I!,' impi i!.'.n:nral, f"f iM!.n!'ii::ir. 1'wr.iitv-i.nn v.i-re Iin-"l jCHI .-'icli, n;,-i a iiii!nb?r wre r.'{'lii-e-.l to;-!.'.'!' ^;ir='..';-'-.> or £'..'!! each that tln-y iMir.irl in t. gninMs y.-iih- in six months. An Imli;iii:i ^Sstn In !,nrT<. iTON (.'ITV, (; t. 4. —Tim p'i'-t.mM- yc:^ter.l;iy ii!tp:)ii;t ; ;l D.iv: i l j fttil Llcbhnrdt, of, Ind., Miperiritaxl'jnJ ol tho dea [-lett' 1 !* i Hii-o. to suec,">d George E, Hall, of JMinne^.iin. resd^Ftf I. Packing llou-ta I»mtroyc<l by Klrc. KANBAH fiTY, .Mr.., On:.. 4.— Hollis & Co.'a pnckin^ liou.-j.j in Arrnonriiato, to^ot h?r wii;h jlar^o number of barrels and hoop*, wn.3 d»- stroved 'iy H;o 'VVf-duos'lay niyhL Ix5ss, t4i."i,<XX); liisuranc-. Sl.'i.O.n). LEAYENING POWER Of the various Baking Powdew fllits- trated from actual tests. ROYAL (P-r-imnimiroMTOiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiinnniini GRANT'S* (Alum)... .•aMBHBBBHI HIHI'll III I I ROBFORD'S* (fresh)... WBBWSaWBIWMSBBBSBW i HAHFORD'S (when fresh) liiniii:iriuiiifi«liiia»'ii.-»iiiiitaa» CHARM' (Alum Powder)..•••illMBUBMMMH* * and 0. K.* (Alum At Madison Ilia services were held in a Ro- ' order for daily morning prayer. Tho prnyor innti Catholic church, at which two Protest- j to bo used at mootings of conventions was ant hymns wero sting, and ho was burK-d in transferred to a placa inimed lately after thi -prayer for—congress.—In—the—ceremony - o conflrnintloH it ivab oril'T-'-l in-i;. LU- .J-.^L^- Muiii present io-tiio blsht*[i Jiiose who aro about to bo coii'flrmod, saying: "Kevorond father in God, I present unto you those children (or these persons) to receive tho laying on of hands." Tho proposed relegation ot tho Nicone creed to certain occasions only, causo.l considerable discussion. Huntlngton was In favor of its use. In tho midst of discussion tho convention at 5 p. m. adjourned for tho day. Tho house of bishops adoptod thoflrst throe changes of the prayer book in concurrence with tho houso of deputies, and also adopted CXEVELAHD'S PKJREEB (San Fnnd'sco) CZAR 08. PRICE'S i SHOW FLAKE tGroTs) i COHGRESS HtCKER'S dilm-HC IlHiilMtci- I'renefi*^'!,- :..,... -..», uc.l. -i. — 1'nllt Kwn minister plenipotentiary and envoy ext raurdinary of th») emperor of China to the United Stat'-s, with tour members of his stiiU-, was formally presented to the presi- d.-n'. yesterday. The minister's credentials, which lio carried in his hand, consisted of a long roll of papyrus wrapped on a stick and e-ncli S'.-d in yellow pap-r. The bund e WHS inoro i linn a foot an J a half lone and several inches in diameter. After presenting tho roll to tho president tlio minister, through his int-i'proter, made ^a -complimentary speech, to which tho president replied with the usual expressions of nood wi I. The five Cliine«< were attired in their silken rbbes of state, which aro worn only on olTieical occasions. Each wore r* precious titouu iu tho top of his hat, all of difr.jiviit colors, according to tho rank of tho \veaivr. i The Itiisti lliill Uecurd. CHICAGO, Oc:t. ' 4.—Following are_ the scores at baso b.-i 11 made by Longuo ' clubs yesterday: At Pittslmrg— Pittsliurg 'J, Boston 7; at Chicago—Pnil;i lelphin o, Cliicngo Ji—ninci inning-, d-irk less; at iiings, d.'U-knesi; nt Cleveland—Cleveland C, No'.v York U. Ant'-ru.-ati nssocintiou: At Brooklyn—Brooklyn 17, Athletic 0; nt Cincinnati—Cincinnati 14, L'Miisvillo 3—night innings, darkness; rit liiiltiinotv—Columbus !5, Biilti'niorn 11; ut Sr. Louis—St. Louis 7, Kansas City 5. They Will <iii t<i Wont Point, TVAHIIINOTON CITY, Oct. 4.^-Military ca- tho remaining fifteen o'clock adjourned. changes, and nt 4 Good Mun to" Have Around; LONDON, Oct. 4.—Dr. Von Riedel, Bavarian minixtar of finance, announces that during the fiscal year of his administration jusfi inded bo has saved the government 35,000,100 markii. Flandurs, Kandiyohi, Minn., Third district Minnesota; Jnm»s J. McFarland, ly-'banon, Fourlli district Teniiiii'sm-e; Edward Percy (Mlchrist, Fort Madison, First district Iowa, nnd James B. Alk-u, Palestine, Second district Texas. . Ytdlow Fever In New. OrlcllDH. NKW Oni.KANR,'Oct. 4.—Knriquo Devilln, Colombian consul, who nrrlvo.l hero from Livingston, GnaUim-ila, by tho steamship City of D;dli|H on Tuesday Insf, died yesterday, morning. Phyniciana pronounce it n case of yellow fever Tlie board of health announces that th-To is no causa for alarm. Wlmt'n thn Mutter with Burke? QDEENHTOWN, Oer. 4.—E. A. Burke, ex- state treasurer of Louisiana, sailed froir Liverpool for N-jw York on tho stoamei Teutonic, but upon tho arrival of the vessel bora yesterday ho turned to London. disembarked and ro- Tho Wrntlinr Wi> Muy Kxpee.t. WARniNdTON CITV, Oct. 4.—Tho followln : aro the weather indications for the thlrty- Blx--li<mw-from •«-!>.• m, -yesterday:. For Iowa- Fair, warmer weather: winds becoming southerly. For Indiana, Illinois and Micul gun -Fair weather, preced by ruin In MIcliI gan; conler; northwesterly winds. For \Vis. cousin-Fair weather Friday and Saturday; Btalionary temperatnrt' in eastern iiortlon, slii;htly warmer in western iiorlion;_variablu PS*Mt, (Anclrcwi & Co.)......;. :v....'.. Rl'HFORD'S * (Phosphetc), when not froth. ..( Reports of Government Chemista, "The Royal Baking Powder is composed of jnre nnd wholesome ingredients. !t does not contain either alum or phosphates, or other i:i iurious substances.-EDWARD G. LOVE, Ph.D." " The Royal Baking Powder Is undoubtedly tt.e purest and most reliable baking powder offcred to the public. " HENRY A. MOTT, M. D., Ph. D." "The Royal Baking Powder is purest in quality and highest in strength of any baking pow- •Isr of which I have knowledge. , „ \VM.~MclIURTRIE," Ph, D. ', *AI1 Alum baking powders, no matter how nigh their strength, are to be avoided as dan- fjerous. Phosphate powders liberate their 0as loo freely, or under climatic changes suffer do* Melioration. .A LOT OF 1 Graliam Bros.' Fancy nilet Bnape Just in, to be sold cheap. - - WE HAVE THIS DAY MADE A on Can now give you a One flavored Green Jap Tea. 4 ll.a. for 31. An elegant FKOG CHOP U. C, usually sold at 05s for coo. Maple Syrup and Maple Sopr Now Everything in our stock has been selected with care—fresh and neat. CAR LOAB 0! HAYAHA FLOUR JUST' IS a t a reduced price. - Get our prices before buying. -. -.- --.- 8e»e« Vietiti l.'mc.uio, of the Kuofc I*l«ud Dl»»»tart. -I. — "V'oa coronur l»e!d ais iu- ii • tb» Ixtdj of Mk-ha«l tho delegates accompanied thorn to tho station, and for half an hour boforo tho train started tho scene was an animated one. ~ Tho first place tho train stopped was at West Point, whore the excursionist) attended the coromonios of unveiling the portraits of Goos. Grant. Sherman, and Sheridan, presented to tho military ucadomy by George W. Childs. At night a banquet was given iu their honor. Guv. Fowlo la Still Facetloun. WASHINGTON CITY, Oct. 4.—Governor Fowla, of North Carolina, called at tho war department yesterday to soo tho secretary in relation to tbe proposed removal of CJoronlmo and bis band to North Carolina. The secretary was not in. Later Governor Fowlo called at tho executive mansion. Ho told the president ho was going to withdraw his suggestion to send the Indians to Vermont, and proposo to send them to Boston, where thoy could bo cared for by Mr. Bullivun. The presldeut told him that tho government would not send tho Indians auy whore t hat thoir presence would bo objected to. SlttJ-rlagaof Ex-Secretary Kndloatt'i Son. LCNOX, Mass., Oct. 4.—Mis3 LouisTluiron, ot Boston, was married hero yesterday to William C. Eudieott, Jr., son of ex-Socre- Uii-y Eudieott. Among thoso pres.-nt were Mrs. Cleveland, ex-S crotarlea Whitney, Endioot.t, uud F (rchild with tnoir wivos; tho Turkish, Q«riiuiu t »nd Belgian t; and many jiromiiumt siv.-uty pjopl.) from B, stun, Now V't.rk. au-1 obiuwhero. A grand ball w«4i givuu Mr*. Wtiitiuy iu Hut evwi- ing. Tb« G. A. Iw. I'emtun Couiiultto*. V>B^K<>tT, U. 1 ^ 4. —-U^il. Al^vt', com:tulZlil- THE MARKETS. CIIICAQO. Oet. '!. On tliehonrd of trade to-day quotations were as follows: Wheat— Nn. -' October, opened Me, closed Hl.Sc; December, optined K.MKC, clo-oi 8-'c: May, opeiied K r >Kie, closed Hl->vT-«c. Corn—No. -t)c:oher, opened. Ulf-jc, closed. 1!^-; November, opened yi>«e, closed ill!4"%c; May, opened ^'U-', closed It : i9iic. Oats-No. 2Oclobu|., opened and closed l^ci November, opene I ---, closed liijic: May, opened ~i'4C, closed ^-5sc. I'ork—October, opened Slti.T-i. closed SI'l.Tll: November, n)wii«(l and chised : (i.-IO; January, opened anil closed S.i.-"-'!-u. Uird—Octolwr. opem-il SJi.iti. closed Live, Mock—Following were tho I'nion stock yards prices: Ilo/s-Mnrki-t open d hlow «ml wea'c, with p. i -'e.-i ln.'i, A. lower; ll^lit mixed'lot-<. i-:i.'.'.".v;.|.lii ; lie.ivy packing und whipping lot.., ? : t.H '",4.!."> Cattle—Hood to choie. 1 , sti uily, ;l.~rr.'.4.s.l: pom* to fair, dull. £l.l> (ji/l.T.V. c iws, f 1.•:.">..-:>"); stoekers _ and feeders. Sl.Kkv.1.1;!; Tex 9 steers. $-.MOo_.Vl.i 0: cows. Sl.:"it>ir,S.Ol. 5-heep —Market steady; lioor to good natives, g;l.lK>,5l.:n; west rns, £i.riti : 6l.:.'..); Texans, S'l.(»)iit.HI-, liimlH, S' ~*sl> u.l'Jl. I'rinlucc: Butter—Fancy Kluin creamery, "t Cj•'-><• per Ib: best dairy, U».ft.i'o; packing " l i'.(.. s .''je. tVvja—Strictly fresh, JiU-v:,[j'T per do : le • bous',-, l'xi>;K» v u:'. Poultry - Live belt- re i> >r Ib. rt'O^tei-s. ."»•: turk >vs. It) •: due ; s. H >«i'-: i;wsi-, S<!.ii..VI if-rdnj!. Total 1-1 ---\ Lkic p -r tm un ti-.te!; -ue.-t p,.t it.-.•.-*. S'.T i.^.'.* |«T btilj ApliU-. ti'.>i>d to laney.. «si..Vi^.t U pt r bbl. , '*j pjr bbl. Reynolds Bros We are now prepared to do in all the latest styles. D Give lisa -call, one and all, and if you lave Re-BpholstefiDi lo do we will attend to it pit

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