Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on July 11, 1903 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 11, 1903
Page 4
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&TOCK It is tlie best Oil Stock \o buy. There is nothing on the market to equal it. Let us tell you vrhy? It is only capitalized at $200,000 while, nfarly ^very company in the field is capitalized at $lj;000,000 therefore one share of the McKinlpy CRUDE STOCK is worth five] shares of the Million Dollar Company's, slock two and one half shares of the half million Company's stock. Stock selling in a million dollar company at 10 cents per share would be equal to McKinley Crudtf at oOlcents per share Every $!^000. will pay a One C mt Dividend on the McKinley Crude. We have two splendid Oil Wells now, No. 3 drilling. I ! ; standard Oil Company pipe line goes right by our wells. We believe these two'wells will pump 50 barrels per day or $1500 peri month or $jl 8 .^00^per year, or 9 per cent on par value of the stock, or 36 per cent on the price of our stock today, if we can do this from two wells now in, what can wti pay pur sharehcAders get tisn wells. ' i , For a few days only you can buy Treasury stock at 25 cents per seare, par value $10b. This is only equal to 5 cents per share in a Mi Buy stock where there is oil wljiere is now an established market waiting you. In order to buy a JPumping Plant 20,000 shares will be ?old, tlien jirices up. Honest careful and conservative management. We invite youlr. inspection of Subscriptions received by F. S. BENNETT, Prest, GEO. McKINLEY, Tm'f lola, Kansas. Humboldt, Kansas. OR THE ALLEN COUNTY INVESTMENT CO., lola, Kansas. Promoters of this Company Ground Floor Baikels Building. wnen we on Dollar Company. JOE McKINLfEYi Sec'y loia, Kaosas. WANTED! AVaiiloil Ko()in.s—Two or. three ronnis for llRht luinsukcopluK. Call or fiddroKS \m West Jackaon. J. 13. Kiiwlos. I ~.,\~ii7i7l(llo ageil woman wantod at tlic" "Our-Way" lo operate disliwash- inK machine, j "\\'anlo(J—ThorouKhly o.xpcru'ncc^ saleslady. None oilier need apply. Call at 7 :oO Monday morning. The Kcw York Store. For Sale—Two liorscs, surrey, blp; spring w.Tjson, harno.'^s and a lot of chickens. A. L. Harmon, TQl East Lincoln. . ' For Rent—A well furnished room, bath rotun on the same floor. Rcntle- mah i)refcrred. 201 S. Cottonwood. V^r Sale—A two -room house for re- [moval, 209 South- Chestnut. Wanteil—liJxpericnced girl :for general houHOwork. Oood wages, small family. Apply 20:} South State strei. For Sale—A nice east front corner ]o( in Kast lola, with .small | Some large fniit trees. Price, $275 if soli! at onee. L. Holiart. Strayed—Sorrel, weight 1,200 poundH, while face, while liind feet. Leave Howard's livery Imrn and receive r<'wani. Five room IKML-^C for renl. liuiulre l-of U. 10. Miller. .SOU Soulh .leffer.son. NERVOUS •JlsS" Catarrh, kbeumatUm and Cancer, {Latest melUotLs and mild medicines, lOJectriciiy, X-flay, Hot Air, Ozone. 117:330 AltiB.ii BIdg F IfKrt* City. MO HAMMaCKS The Finest Line in th'3 City : r'fORrH SIDE HARDWARE SoruiGOS Free Methodist Church. Services at the court house. Sunday school at 9:15 a. m.; peaching at 11 a. m.. followed liy class meeting; preaching at 8 p. ni.; prayer meeting Wednesday evening; Bihle staidy Thursday, S p. ni., suhjcct "The Ifoly Land—Its History." " The distinct cahip meeting convenes at Neosho Falls 21th insl.-lasting over two Sah- haths. One of our returned missjion- aries from India will he in attendance at this meeting and other workers and ministers ovOr the district. All most cordially invited. Reformed Church. The holy communion will he celebrated at the morning service tomorrow. Short sermon. At Iho evening service tiie pastor will be installed l)y a comuiitleo from Classis. Short addresses liy Uev. Bruce Grifllth, of Wichita,!and Uev. D. B. Shuey, of Enj- porin. A cordial invitation is licre- hy ej.^'iided to the luihlic. Sunday .school at '.>:ir) a. m. Morning service nl 11 o'(-lock. Y. 1'. S. C. at 7 p. m.; evening se'rvice at S o'clock. LOUIS C. HAUNISH, Pastor. First Methodist Episcopal Church. Sunday school at 0.45 a. m. Morning service 11a. m. Class meeting at 12 nj. Junior League 3:00 p. m. Epworth League 7 p. m. Evening services 8 p. m. Prayer meeting on Wed. nesday evening S o'clock. Wo extend a cordial invitation to attend all of these services. 1 John Maclean, Pastor. Episcopal Church. Sunday school at 9:45 a. m.; diO'ne service at 11 a. m. Rev. Charles Ryan. East lola Methodist Episcopal Church. Union Sunday school, 3 p. m.; preaching, S p. m. Angus M. Maclean, Pastor. Is more fascinating now than ever before.' Your Vacation is wasted without one. We keep a complete line of everything for amatures and professionals. Prices always;right. S B. LONGIEY, Write at once for Catalogue. er. D. C. PRUDEN jinsaa City, Mo. Photo Dept. 1018 Walnnt St., Kan iUftEDWHtHOlHERSfAl 1056 Winnemac Avenue. I ' Cnic .\(H), 111., Oct. 25.1902. Wine of Cardui can always be relied upon to cure when evcrjlhine else fails. Jt i.s a certain cure for female aiseasos in thci' worst forms. I suffered for years with ulceration. Intense paiug in the womb and ovaries and dreadful headacbua unfitted me for my . worik. Finallv 1 prew so ill that I bad to keep tomybe<l. Thepains were so intense at times as to cause spasms and a disagreeable discliargo drained my life forces. In my extremity after all else had failed, I tried Wine of Cardui. After using it for two weeks I began to improve so rapidly that I felt encouraged to keep up the treatment, which I did for eighteen weeks, but at tlic end of that tfme I "was entirely cured. What a relief was mine and bow neW and beautiful life looked to me when my health was restored. Only those wbo have passed through such a siise of sickness as I have will understand how much I value Wine of Cardm. It is indeed a ' boon to sick women. Secretary, North Chicago Ftaaen Veieia. Every ireak woman .needs Wine of Cardui. Wine of Cardui cures disordered and painful menstruation, periodical headaches, falling of the womb and leucorrhcea. It cures extreme cases of these troubles.' It strengthens girls aj^roaching womdnhood, helps bring cbildien to barren homes, makes pregnancjrand childbirth easier, prevents miscarriages and is t^e best medicine ever made for use during the change of life. Why permit the good women in your home to suffer another day? Every druggist has $1.00 bottles of Wine of Cardui. . IVlN&CllRllin Baptist Church. Sunday school at 9:45 a. ni.; preach-, ing by Dr. Lamkin U n. ni.; preaching .'l t». m.; young people's revival ser- vi('c 7 p. m'.. Dr. Lamkin preaches his farewell at 8 p. ni. J. T. Malcom, Pastor. BROKE EVEN WITH THE LEADERS Springfield Won First Game, So lola Had to Beat Kane Again to Get The Christian Church. Bible school 10 a. m.; church sei^ vice, 11 a. m.; ,Y. P. S. C. E.. 7 p, m.; church service, 8 p. m.; prayer meeting Wednesday 7:o0 p. m. E. N. PHILLIPS. Presbyterian Church. Sunday school 9:45 a. m.; morning service 11 a. m.; Christian Endeavor, 7 p. m.; evening service, 8 p. m.j Wednesday evening at 8 o'clock the; usual mid-week prayer service. i Henry Coe Culbertson, Pastor First Church of Christ, Scientist , Service 11 a. m. subject "Sacrament" Services 11 a. m., subject, "God,^' Sunday school 10 a." ni., testimony meeting 8:00 o'clock In the evening.^ All meetings held up stairs over post- office. The reading room of the church is open from two to four p. ni. every day except Sunday. All arja cordially invited. H. B. Adams, First Reader. U. B. Church* Sunday school at 9:45 a. m.; prcaclt- Ing 11 n. m.; Jr. Y. P. S. C. E., 2:30 p. m.; preaching, 8 p. m.; Sr. Y. P. S. C. E. Tuesday 8 p. m. Prayer meeting Wednesday, 8 p. m. Meeting of tho W. M. A. Thursday 2 p. m. F. M. Gillett, Pastor. With the Police Force. A negro who was much the worse for wear with booze was arrested last night by the police. He came to town on a Katy train it "is believed. Phil Carpenter, the Gas City restaurant man who stole his own baby from Ms own wife thcjother day, w;^ arrested about midnight last night by the police for being dlsorderlj'. He was locked up In the county jail. A call from the Santa Fc depot this morning stated that ^crc was a man nearly dead lying in the hedge west of the station. The officers went down there but could find no trace of anyone. The man is said to have been hanging about the. depot for several days and to have been a hard-looking character. ' Even With Her. That Chanute Franchise Again. The chief business of Chanute's last council meeting was to let a franchise for a street railway to Mr. Wilson. When the .council met it was surprised by Mr. Wilson's action. TXe Tribune says: "Mr. Wilson gained the attention of the council and stated that Judge Al Icn, of Indianti, was desirous of building the proposed road and in as much as the judge had investigated the field several months ago. It would only be just that he be given an equal chance in bidding for the franchise. The re- •luest almost stunned the-members r>i the council who arc unaccustomed lo anything so remarkable as seeing an ordinary franchise gobbler asking that a competitor be giv^a place In the field. Judge Allen was given a week in which to prepare and submit his franchise." On the front of the Commercial Club's'envelopes appear these words: "Ma'de in lola dally. 3,000 bcvrels of cement, 10 cars spelter, 2 cars acid 250,000 brick, 50 tons ice, 15,000 {Monds brass and iron castings." On the back arc tho four local factory plot ores. The Union Paclflp Tea Co. has just received the third wagon for delivering tea, coffee, baking-powder and spices. Phone orders' promptly delivered anywhere in the city.* Phone No. 336. Store at 112 East street. lola, Kansas^ .Geo. Gladlelter, Manager. Things looked dubious for lola nt the ball park yes terday afternoon. -It was an off day a ad a doublcheader of Ijostpqnod games, had been arranged, the liitorcst In tihom being keen be­ cause'if; we won both we took first place. There was a large crowd pros-", cht tq cheer on the boys. Fecney pitched tjio first game for Springfield and he was a puzzle to the locals Ini all but one Inning. On the other hand the Midgets hit Davis pretty hard and several errors and bum plays by Tola gave the visitors an easy victory. The game was not at all up to standard. An intermission was taken after the game and the spcond game was a fine battle. Root pitched for Tola and Kane for Springfield. Both did excellent work but Roo't got better support and It was almost a shutout. Root was very steady at critical times, and that saved the day for the first man up got safe a ilozcn limes. About the third inning Nig Pcrrlnc talked too much about a decision on a Springfield batter and Shank benched him, I lowell taking his place. Tho locals had lo fight for every run save two. With Henley on a base Wilson cracked a stinger past Kane that went past the center fielder, Wilson making a homo run. After tho first game was gone the crowd felt,'much better when It was know'i that wo broke even. The thirteenth straight victory did not come but wo began again on the fourteenth game. First game: lola 00 00 0 200 0—2 Springfield . .1-0 1 0 1 0 2 2 0—7 ' Second game: . lola 10000220*—5 Springfield .. 000 00 10 01—2 6 1 7 4 Springfield lola ... .. Fort. Scott Joplin ... 20 21 22 24 ..39 38 39 35 Sedalia .....32 Pittsburg '. 22 Topeka 20 Leavenworth ...14 Sedalia Wins Double Header. Pittsburg, July 10.—Costly errors on the part of the locals tells the storx 40 38 46. CGI 644 639 593 582 355 34.233 of their defeat at the linnd>! of Sedalia In n doiiblrheader here today. The features of the came were lioni'! runs by E:isl and MeDill ami" tin- .'^lop of what would ordinarily have in-en ,i hit by While. Scon;—I'"inU. game: Sedalia 220 1 0020()—7 s (i Pittsburg .. . .0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 1—2 « r, Batteries—I -iaws (|i and Schrani; Baxter and McDonald. Score—Second game: Sedalia .. ...11 0 0 :j 0 4 2 0— If l!l 0 Pittsburg 03 0 0 000 1— \ Batteries—Lawson, Forrell , Schrant; Stinson and McDonahl. tola Playing Fast Ball. Chanute Tribune: lola/ is alnin.-,t in first place in the MiasnuVi Valley League column. Springfield is now in tho lead but yesterday I(da beat ilic Missouri team 1 to 0, and the mij^liiy Kane was In the bo:». Killllay l.s the pitcher Avho won the .game for lola. Do You Know the Way. Take "The Katy Flyer" from I'ar- sons to St. Louis and all poiais east. Fast, I modern, daily. Agency F.or the OLIVER TYPEWRITERS At Other Makes Cleaned and Repaired CRABB'S pRUQ STORE. I Turner's Dye Works . When you want your Clothing j Cleaned and Pressed in good style i brin}? it to TURNER'S DYE WORKS, 209 West Street. CRYSTAL ICE Supplied to the Trade ^ Direct the factory or from our delivery wn{{orVs. All delivery wagons have o ir name oa,them. Ima Ice i Cold Storage Co. \ PRAKK RIDDLB, Mgr. P (ioDeii <i> Factory, on Weit Street. See Our Boggles and Surreys Before Buying C ^OflTffSJDE HAffZ>fVA /ie • • t Wiley Potter III. nl DAVIESi Has toovedjfrom the stone barn on East Madison avenue to i I % The Star Barn on West street, where he will continue to buy your horses and mules paying at all times the I highest market price. .y I I FOR SALE A Good Chance lier^ Undertaker ^ and ' "censed Chibaiinir jTv-enty y^iirs experience in the busircsSi First class yrork ^i^ar^nteed. 4. East ^idp of Square, Phone 306. lola We Want to Figure That PLIJMBINQJOB F4r Vou: Satisfaction Xluaranteed. NORTH SIDE HARPyfARE One acre one-fourth mile west of Public square, Ipla, No {;as or oil lease, price $350. About 13 acres adjoining lola, DO gas or oil lease. Price 83300. Terms on this. 50 acres one mile east of city. Price 1865 per acre. Make us an offer oii this. , One acre on south Kentucky^ -St. Price $200. Easy terms. \ 40 aQreB". one mile southwest of lola,.nice bottom land, no ^a^s or oil lease on this. Price 85,000. Also a400 acre ranch 35 miles southwest of lola, 65 acres in cultivation, bouse, barn and orchard. Price 84,000. Terms. FARM LOANS, LOWEST RATES. • CALL ON OR WRITE. % D. \M. BOST\V^CK, loia^Kas.! We A e Not the Watch Plnmber IJut We Can Do Your % GAS FITTINa " bi I Put Up Any Stove to . Suit the Wife S.EAKIN ld25:Kefltiic](j,Fiione479 \ Upitcv-dftte iTailbr, WMt Madison Avo s . - ifc',-../*-^ ._;:-t.;- :.;-^=v .r ':i '''Is^l^

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