Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on January 13, 1954 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 13, 1954
Page 2
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Jfi ' t ',•«*.«* *."*, VVi 1 "*'" r" "i*"^ ' * nurt i!AR, HOPt, ARKANSAS Wednesday, JanuAty 13, 1954 MARKETS U6(,Jl9 LIVEST66K iressmen fc", S lj»- *> '•' j ' <^4 rfedf' : l *~ Tourlhg c0n- _ leaders indicated jv'beiievp both the House l»fwlll reject the flexible wt'.features of President new 'farm ^ _„„„-._ House Agrlcul- tifteefsohedure-d to hold natioh- scnti- "S/'TT"^ i f *~ftV' T "—•""! j 1OUIIU p|^ iqtiarely,, at odds' with' |||M'&|m5j&sa]s'« *> < "JC6hgrffd8"'would'' f aMor ni rigid pfice yejh'8. „,.- „...... /prttgrsutv %$>! c\e' ^ guarantees ' A> " ; " "pi shortage . produc 1 " iers 17-10; ducklings none. Butter steady; receipts 1,276,910; HogS 6,000; fairly active; wholesale buying piiceo unchanged; steady to 25 lower; sows strong to 93 scofe AA65; 02 A 65; 90 B 62.75; 68 higher'; 180-230 lb 26.00-25; S6V* 89 C 62.25; cars 60 B 63.25; 80 C loads 2&3S; iibout 00 head 62.76. a Kb. 1, 190-SOO lb 26.50; 240*| Eggs steady to firm; receipts lb 24.75(86.89; 260-300 lb 23.50- 18,414; wholesale buying prices unit so«« 406 lb doiV/i 22.25-23.5; chan/jed to V 2 hlgnef; V, S. large 46; U. S. mediums 45; U.S. stan- Records Now Tell Junior About Stork By JAMES R.BACON — Ever have Sows 21.00-22 25. datile 3,500, calves 700; active and fully steady to strong on jiteer? heifers and cows; bulls and ers steady: several loads good choice steers 19,75-23.50; one sters low dards 44 5j current receipts 42.5; ChecliB and dirties 41. GRAIN AND PROVISIONS did I HOLLYWOOD Junioi ask: "Where come from. Mommy?" If you're like most of us parents, you probably -stammered, got red irt the face, then blurted out some flears, creating a weird electronics sound reminiscent of a primitive moan. The matter-of-fact commentator starts getting a little extied when he anhounfces: "The scalp is now clearing of the hips and then the much hair." The commentator reports the clearing of the hips and thennthe bbsteU'iciah announces those famous words: "It 1 .* a boy." Next comes thc slapping hoise and the voice of the obstetrician: "Come on young man, say hello.'' i Then the star of the show comes in ine lace, men uiunea out sumei , ,,. . . j, . makeshift answer that sounded s i on stage with a whimper, followed little stupid — even to Junior. Today, Capital Becords previewed the easy way to answer those inevitable sstork queries. A rade today after going through load choice yearling M-00; few commercial and good Steer* 18.00-19.50; good choice hfclfers and mixed yearlings'^ ; \ar 19.00-21.6C; commercial and good be f or , 16.00-18.50: utility and commercial, Deavllnj? " s were adive * with short ' 0 " 1 11. 11.00-13.50; young helfery type cows j" n { h " c 14.50; cpnners and cutters 8.00-| CHICAGO WP) — Grains rallied-new record album due Feb. 1 is to Close higher on the Board of,callej "The Birth of a Baby" It is just exactly thai. The album is a 30-minute tape recording of an actual birth, which was produced for a radio broadcast with the parents' cooperation over station W1SC Madison, Wis. ^Jitwo concentrated selling waves a and nbot, half an hour close. h£ « V ing a>1 Important part ..... , 11.50; «t»ity . , . „ , commercial bulls spun Wheat closed unchanged to higher, March 116044.50; cutter bulls 10.0042.00; unchinged to good and choice vealers 23.00- |uncnmgccl l ° 50.00; cdd head priimc 33.00; merplal and good 15.00-22.00; cull and Utility 8.00-12.00. Sheeb 1,&0; steady to 50 higher on few -opening soles wool^d ; several jets choice and 2100-50; few 'mostly p irme 2lod; some just.goot} lambs 19.00; aged sheep eteady; slaughter'.ew«s 3.50-5.pO , - higher, , March ..20Vi, .soybeans <2'/ 2 higher, January $3;04'/ 2 -, and lard unchanged to 10 cents a hundred pounds higher, January $16,80-$16.70. Ca$h wheat: none. Corn- No. 1 NEW -YORK' STOCKS ''.NEW YQRK 1*1—Railroads head' e"d a jmlly jn the stock market to. day that sent 'Hi-ices higher' for the second sraight ,'sessibn. cs .Bails displayed spme of. the bet- tef 'gains', going to around a point £t wa outsidem No osection of the marke was neglected. PjOUJ-TRY -AND CHfCAGO Wl PRODUCE Live poultry steady to firm on hens; steady on yoUn^ itocjt; receipts> 568 coops; fo'.b. paying prices unchanged; t hf,»s 24^8; light' hens ,19-19; * . l i- h.^. s-i i..i_ n.4 nn . »1J *+•**,*4- , fryers, or-brollfirs 24-27; old Toost- 1.52- J ,S, oats March '/a lower to 78-79, rye The only people allowed in the delivery room were the doctors. 09-$2.09>/8, corn'nurses and the mother. The baby, higher, March'the mother's first, also showed up. by a cough, another whimper and then takes over the spotlight with a lurfty yowl. Alan W. Livings) ohn Capitol vice president, said alt royalties from sale of the record will go to the Madison Hospital, where the baby was born. A whale cannot -breathe through its mouth. I in New Mexico. Moffat's father made a trip through Arkansas several weeks ago in an attempt to pick up the trail of the pair. He told Berry that Martin was in possessin of a motorcycle and a concrete mixer. A farmer spotted the equipment yesteVdsy in the ynfd of the house ,in which the two were living, and Manley Martin, 52, and Danny ' notified Berry who sent deputies Moff-it, 14, were racked U p at a to make the arrests. • small ruial house near here that' The small farmhouse apparent- had sheltered them for the past ly had been abandoned by Man May Face ' Kidnaping Charge BENTON (UP) •'-- An elderly painterj arrested along With a missiftg teen-age boy, faced return to Las Cruces, N. M. to face kid- naping charges, Sheriff fat Berry said today. ihree weeks. Berry said he was going to question the boy to determine whether or not the lad went willingly with Martin when the two disappeared Nov. 25 at Las Cruces. Kidnapping charges have been filed in New Mexico, Berry said. New Mexico officers said the disappearance followed a number ot its owner before the two moved into it. gifts the man • boy, including had presented the a She'tland pony. Charlss of contributing to delin- Iciueney of a minor also were filed Knoxville Ends Segregation KNOXVILLE, Tenn., W —The voted unanimously end segregation at City Council last night to the privately-operated resaurant a municipal airport. The action came after a Negro delegation told the council a Negro woman was refused service at tho restaurant after her flight WHS delay'ed. Mayor George Dempster said he was told by officials of Sky Chef Inc., which operates the restaurant, that the firm would end segregation if the council passed a resolu tion 'instructing it to do so. DIE3 IN FIRE FO.RT SMITH W—Harold Smallwood, two-year-old son of Mr. an:l Mrs. Bobby Smallwood, perished here last night when fire gutted the family's three-room house. Caiise of the fire was unknown. Relieves Headacfie Pain filff World's Largest Seller at high- 1 tO l'/2 yellow 156-56%; No. 2 No. 3 1.50-35. Oats: No. 1 white 81: No. 1 heavy white 84 1/2 Soybeans: none. Barley nominal: malting 1.30-02; feed ne-1.18. Field seed per 100 lb nominal: white clover 0.25-9.75; red top 57.00-58.00; alsike 15.0016.00; timothy 11.7&-12.25; red clo- vei' 21.00-26,00. NEW YORK COTTON NEW YORK u*P! — Cotton futures were stt-ady today in slow trading. A persistent trade demand provided the principal support. There also WPS some covering by traders, -nnticifeating another weekly report of substantial loan entires. New crop months were neglected Late .afternoon pripps wpre un All are anonymous, although the father was a University of Wisconsin student when the bay was born two years ago. A doctor acts as commentator and Aoef a good job on the play- ay-play, sounding somewhat like medical Edward R. Murrow describing the coronation of a queen. He even starts off in the acst broadcasting , manner, c.e.: "The obstetrician has just entered ;he delivery room.' From then on, every detail and sound of the baby's birth is recorded, building up the suspense that only nature can create. _ The album .even has a strong finish, the baby's crying drowns out the commentator. Throughout, the voice of the obstetrician can be heard, urging: "Push, mother." Thun' the mother'& breathing into the anesthetic mask becomes more and more pronounced as the birth WEST BROS. JANUARY CLEARANCE SALE! chang 3d to 60 cents a bal high than the previous close. Mach 33.34, May 33.55 ad July 33.46. ','* <{> '/•j i &^&^$ i ^ u &r'^tf u W i ^^F"'" <• - ' *\ .•>. aSlsBfeifefe 'fi^^^S^^!^^-- - , < i ( ',' ; '- ^ "'" '"';' \\ ,!/' 1 S ,^. A >, ' S ,, ' ' . :, . ^M^r^^s'^"^'^>T?^*'^l*W'^^/^"tfir 1 * '''?*'\ 'A<'* j '^,'>\ih"''"'' i <'i^''j ••- * -' ^ STARTS THURSDAY MORNING 8:30 ^, 12 ONLY Fall and winter coats that are real .... value buys. JANUARY CLEARANCE PRICE MEN'S PORTIS These are regular $5.00 and $7.50 hats. Close out numbers. JANUARY CLEARANCE PRICE 100 PAIRS Men's type 1 and type 4 army cloth pants. JANUARY CLEARANCE PRICE ALL WOOL These are regular values to $3.9.95. Men don't miss these suit buys. JANUARY CLEARANCE PRICE 12 ONLY These men's leather jackets are real values. Priced to clear. JANUARY CLEARANCE PRICE ALL FALL AND WINTER Closing out these shoes and they are values up to $8,95. Hurry. JANUARY CLEARANCE PRICE DON'T MISS THIS Boys flannel shirts, boys khaki jackets, boys western style pants. Sizes 1 to 6 JANUARY CLEARANCE PRICE ALL FALL AND WINTER LADIES SHO Another real value group of these shoes. Values to $4.95. 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